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How to Do a Russian Twist

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Doing Russian Twists For Your Core? DON’T You’re HURTING YOUR BACK!!

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How to Do a Perfect Russian Twist | Female Bodybuilding

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How To Do The Russian Twist Properly & The Best Progression For Beginners

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How to Do a Russian Twist | Ab Workout

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Here’s how to do a Russian twist: Sit on your sit bones as you lift your feet from the floor, keeping your knees bent. Elongate and straighten your spine at a 45-degree angle from the floo. Sit on the floor, holding a pair of dumbbells in front of your chest, and balance on your butt with your knees bent and Keeping your back flat and core braced, rotate your torso to your right and lower the weights toward the floor outside Return to the starting position, and repeat to your. The russian twist is a challenging abdominal exercise that incorporates all the muscles of the core: low back, abs, obliques, diaphragm, and inner thighs.

Unlike crunches in which your rest your back on the floor between reps, the russian twist forces you to hold your spine off the floor the entire time. 1To begin, sit with your feet on the floor and knees bent and your torso at a 45 degree angle. The Russian twist is a valuable addition to your training routine that can help build a strong core, but are you sure you’re even doing the exercise correctly? For. The Russian Twist starts with you taking a seated position on the floor or on an exercise mat.

Start off with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. You can choose from two variations at this point. Russian twists are a truly versatile exercise.

If you lift your feet off they floor, they’re a full-body exercise. When they’re done at a high intensity, they can boost your heart rate and burn lots of calories. When performed slowly, they can be integrated into a warm-up.

This Modification Makes Russian Twists Way More Effective (and Safer!) The Russian Twist is a popular core exercise that improves oblique. The Russian Twist is performed with the trunk and thighs lifted off the floor to create a V-shape; you then twist the torso from side to side. This is not a good idea.

Bryce Hastings, physiotherapist and Les Mills Head of Research, explains What are the main problems with a Russian Twist?You probably know what the Russian twist looks like: Sit with your torso leaning back at a 45-degree angle, knees bent, and your feet either on the floor or elevated a few inches. In most. Learn how to do the perfect technique for the Russian Twist, the different progressions, and the most common mistakes people make.

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  • the difficult thing about this is not about getting tired and not the stomach hurting, its keeping the balance with your tail bone in pain

  • Hello, whenever i do this exercise, my tailbones feel really bad, is this because of my structure, form or my ass is not strong enough (no pun intended)?
    And great video, i found it really helpful.

  • Looked up “how to do a Russian twist workout” and this guy came up that has my same last name.. Planets have aligned. Just need my abs to do the same ��‍♂️��‍♂️��

  • I pulled my abdominal muscles doing these because I was holding my breath. It was literally one of the most painful muscle strains ever. Don’t forget to breathe!

  • Y’all who keep saying, “don’t skip leg day” clearly don’t see the size of his quads, hamstrings, and glutes….he obviously works his legs.stop being ignorant.

  • The main ones who says he skipped leg day dont even have a upper body themselves..legs are hard to grow if you workout you will already know..legs is all about genetics

  • This was a much better explanation than the women’s one they did, but I guess it’s because some women just want to get toned and not really muscular, but still, he gave sooo much more detail on how to breath and how to position your body. No hate and I’m NOT A FEMINIST, by any means. Lol I just wish that the women’s one was explained in as much detail as this one, cause he did AMAZING.��

  • Why not just keep your feet on the ground? Then you’ll feel it more in the obliques, and can add more weight without harming the form.

  • I usually watch Youtube without signing into my Gmail account; but took that extra effort now just to dislike this video. This is completely misleading and the action is nowhere related to Russian twists. This can be used as a case study to teach what a Russian twist should not be like! Thumbs up for that!

  • ok guys please dont do what this woman is doing if you want to see the russian twist type in ab workouts by CHRIS HERIA he has the best workouts and the correct form of the russian twist.

  • Hey Anthony..Its amazing the way you explain the techniques through better words to understand… but would you mind explaining about the breathing technique such as exhale and inhale while performing the exercises… Thanks. cheers

  • I was literally doing everything you were saying not to do. Just decided to add this into my calisthenics routine and thought i rememberd how to do it from gym class back in high school �� thank you great video

  • I always crossed my arms and swung them side to side, but since using this man’s advice, I’ve found that this method is much more effective. Turns out I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time. Ha! Thanks for the advice, sir!

  • You move the upper body with your core in order to do it right…try it; not as easy as it looks. She’s not moving her shoulders back and forth; it’s the core she uses. Imagine a bar across your chest that can’t be broken from deltoid to deltoid now go…crossing the legs is up to the individual as well as speed. She’s assuming anyone advanced enough to watch this type of exercise knows about core training

  • Does this help engage and activate the lower abs? My upper abs are already well developed, it’s lower part that I am having a hard time tightening up.

  • amazing, didn’t know the Russian twist gives your core such an optimum workout, thanks for the proper straightforward instructions as well as all the sets and reps.

  • Excellent content from beginning to end. Sharing useful and effective information in all your detailed and well explained information about the Best Progression For Beginners.

  • If you are using that weight for this no wonder u are fucking up the spine. U are supposed to do it with 2kg or nothing and rotate in a controled way, dont lean that much and do like 20 reps, u will feel it. Those abs are made for rotation exercises, do more reps with less weight that’s the key. When u feel the burn, start counting until u are tired.

  • I did it from the start of when this guy did it to when he finished, but I mostly feel my lower back and not my abs when I do this. I only felt my abs start to burn a bit afterwords. is this normal? are you supposed to feel your lower back? I mean I’m doing exactly what is being shown in this video. But I’m feeling my lower back. I have a strong core aswel as I can hold handstands and do press to handstands etc. But when it comes to any kind of ab exercise like a situp or crunch. its always my back where i feel pain and i don’t no why. its furstrting.

  • Elevating your heels off the ground is better for contracting the lower abs into the movement though. I guess if you’re just starting out, don’t lift the heels?

  • Rotating your spine is not dangerous! Jeez. It’s one of the spinal functions. Use a lighter weight, put your feet down on the ground, control the motion with your abominal musculature and don’t do 100 reps. Also, why on earth do you replace a rotational movement with an anti-rotational?

  • i woke up and i went swimming and i could barely move my arms from crazy back pain and guess what… i started doing russian twists 2 days ago

  • 1.First incline to a point so that you can feel your abs working
    2. Try maintaining that posture
    3.Now slowly twist your abs to the side of your weight (ex left side)and make sure that the opposite shoulder tries and aligns to the midline or atleast hips
    4 hold position momentarily and then repeat it on the other side
    During the whole time maintain position

  • May sure your back is straight, and legs are at a straight angle because it will mess with your back and spine if you don’t do them correctly

  • This is great and amazing video tips of the Russian Twist properly. So I like this very much. It is useful method for us. Thanks for sharing this video.

  • Russian twist is not a good exercise to do. You’re sitting in an uncomfortable position without any support on your back and as you twist you’re putting stress on the lumbar spine. People should never do Russian twist. This is why people experiene lower back pain after doing Russian Twist.

  • We had to do this exercise in pt one morning it really worked my core when we were done I went to release my bowels lets just say I was literally was 4lbs lighter afterwards. “More pt! More pt! Make it hurt first sergeant, make it hurt!”

  • Not accurate really, but maybe there’s a difference in doing these twists for men and for women. Because your body should be twisting a bit and not just waving your arms around

  • A can of frozen orange juice??? That leaves me out of options. All I have is a coca cola zero plastic bottle with Thai characters, filled with sand from the Mojave desert, still wet with Mearns Coyote urine and weld shut with an alloy of Chillean copper and Chinese Zinc at a precise 50/50 ratio?? Does that work?

  • Thanks appreciate this video demonstration, especially during COVID. I have embedded in my ab core exercise article for my athletes and the athletic community.

  • This is just my opinion tho, I’m having no problem when doing the exercise.

    Of course russian twist will hurt the spine, if you don’t execute it properly, many beginner people do russian twist with weights, start by doing no freeweight and then do it with maybe 2 or 4 kg dumbbell, the key of the weight is only to assist which means more range of motion and also more balance for the body, not to make the obliques more shredded. 0:27 What I mean is when you do russian twist with that kind of weight, of course it hurts your spine, a lot of stress at the back and hard to balance the body and also when doing russian twist (in my opinion), don’t flatten your back, make your upper back a bit forward and lock your abs, when you flatten your back it means you let your spine do more job that the abs (obliques), but when you make your upper back a bit forward it means you let the abs (obliques) do the job more, if you do it like in the video, of course it will hurt your spine.

  • wow this is a really bad instructional video. the point is to work out your core but shes not even doing that, shes just moving her ams side to side

  • lol is this a joke? Why isn’t she moving her core? And why on earth is she doing this on a bench? No h8, just curious about this novel way of doing russian twists.

  • During my new daily workout, I had to spend five minutes searching up the last exercise, the Russian twist. This was helpful, I appreciate it.

  • This isnt a russian twist actually. Your supposed to keep your arms close to your body and move your waist side to side not your arms lol

  • i just had my first personal trainer session this weekend and she made me do this with a medicine ball.  but no crossing the feet, and you have to go slowly, not quick like that.  its a LOT harder going slowly!!  and keep shoulders square and move the whole torso, not just the arms.

  • Perfect timing for this video, I was just about to head to the gym when I saw your video notification, and today is ab day so this is perfect lol. Really like how you showed how to slowly progress with the exercise showing the beginner and advanced techniques. My goal is to be able to use the weight plate by March!

  • When I tried to do this after watching this video, there was no weights around.. and the most suitably sized object I had was a bottle of lotion. Now I call this ‘Lotion Twist’ and always use lotion bottle.

  • I don’t get.. Why is it a common mistake to lift heels off the ground?? I disagree with that statement, b/c lifting feet while doing this exercise is simply a PROGRESSION of this exercise. So in other words, you make it more challenging on your abs & you balance by lifting your feet up. There’s no negative impact on your body while doing it.

  • Also look up the woodchopper excersie I like my Meal for 6 pack abs just posted it great little meal and I eat it like 3 times a week –

  • I believe what you’re saying but how come every big youtube fitness influencer and trainers does these if they hurt your back, surely they’d know that if they’re health focused?

  • I saw a guy do this on YouTube…..��…looked very easy….and I said I CAN DO THAT!….. woohoo….and I did….but it was not easy!

  • And what do you do if you don’t have the option of doing this at home? Can what i do for home exercise that is better and safer than russian twists? cus russian twists are easy to do and at home even. So i would love some other suggestions to replace it, than this:p

  • I did these a couple years ago and then fractured my l3 vertebra and I wasnt sure that this is what did it. Now during quarantine I started doing them again to stay in shape and I’m having the same pain from when I fractured it.


  • Ok ok that this is gonna sound like a dumb question, but is it ok to do Russian twists if it’s only 30 seconds a day for a 2 week program I’m doing?

  • Yh I had a feeling this exercise was trash, everytime I would do it, my spine felt like it wanted to divorce me for someone who would treat it better.

  • hey coach Nestler, I think your own supine P. press is a very good exercise but the russian twist has a different outcome. the most movement is rotation from the thoracic spine with is used much more in sports like boxing and other mixed martial arts. Also golf, tennis, and many racket sports are in need for dynamic rotation and explosive power also needed form thoracic rotation. Don’t you agree a standing barbell rotation with a landmine with close chain and lighter weight would be a better alternative? regards Lesley

  • Russian twists are fine, and an effective rotary ab exercise. As with any excercise, if you use a weight (in this case it was also cumbersome) above you lifting range then it’s going to hurt you. This is like saying bench-press will destroy your throat.

  • I actually dislike doing Russian twist because the sitting position itself hurts my tail bone. But I see so many people doing it and it is incorporated into lots of workout routines. Really appreciate that you come up with alternatives for this exercise. Thanks for the tips!

  • And 10 thousands+ people actually thumbed this video of a robot Workouts up. Don’t know which is smarter, the people or the robots doing the Workout?

  • You can do a Russian twist with or without the weights. It’s clearly up to you. I don’t have weights but I still participating in this exercise.

  • thanks a lot for the great video! What about reverse bicycle crunches (no weights, lying facing up reaching your elbow towards the knee of the opposite leg, twisting your spine in the process)? Is that okay for the spine?

  • I think any exercise with too much weight or without perfect form will do damage. Russian twist performed with light weight to start and using your core is safe. I do think it’s a good video to say beware of the Russian twist though. Improper formation would obviously lead to injury. Thank you for the warning.

  • The first exercise my trainer gave me with this with a 10-pound medicine ball. I don’t work out don’t exercise and she started with this. I’ve only done it twice.And I have cervical,lumbar in all kind of sacrum problems hoping on from car accidents but you know what the one thing that messed up was my right elbow on the outer right side of the elbow and not getting any better.

  • Why the hell are you using 45-lb plate for Russian twist??? It’s not the actual motion that is gonna mess up your spine, it’s the momentum from the heavy plate where you can’t control it… Go lighter weight!

  • Sorry to say so but the girl’s russian twists look really ugly (and incorrect), no wonder her spine hurts…i believe the proper ones should have the pressure exerts on the core muscle instead of the spine?

  • I did Russian twist for 3 week and getting numbness sensation on my toe, studying further I highly suspect Russian twist to be blame for hurting some nerve on my lower back.

  • the girl is twisting with 20kg plate, leg on air, banging side to side, leaning back too much, and he said people do this even up to a hundread reps which is kinda exaggerating.
    well obviously that is the fastest way to fuked up your spine like obviously, and he replace the excercise with an anti-rotation movement which is pretty irrelevant because russian twist is supposed to be a rotation excercise.

    body weight with hand on chest or added weight 2.5 to 5kg, knee bent but heel still touching the ground, don’t lean back too much, and controlled movement (no banging), and do it for about 12-20 reps is good, like real good.

    core muscle isn’t made to be loaded with that much weight for twisting and crunching anyway. this video is comparable to a video about deadlift mistakes with a rounded back so they replace it with squat.

    but hey this guy is likely a pro and im just a cat so you don’t have to believe me alright

  • I love how this guy knows the A&P and kinesiology! Whenever I go to the gym and watch people doing Russian twists or sit ups makes my eyes hurt!

  • to say this exercise is bad for your spine is horse shit flat out. i could name drop my sources and theyre much, much better than anything heard here but in the end i would still be another dude on the internet you can’t simply trust because he says so.
    lesson: get your information OFFLINE from actual professionals if you really want to know.

  • Please concentrate on full range of motion for best results. You’d be better off alternating between the boat(boat pose) and real Russian twists. 3 sets of each (6 total) for 20 counts (or more)

  • Thank you for this information! It is very helpful!:)
    Should we switch sides doing the exercise? I mean: she’s doing the exercises with the band on her right side; does she have to do the same exercises for the left side, with the band on her left? (maybe this is a dumb question)

  • Russian twist wad what Trump did with 2 Russian hooked. Nothing beats a good golden showers after a good twist. He did so much he s spineless now.

  • If Russian twists ruin your spine then why is mine fine and I’ve been doing russian twists for years!! I’m 25 years old and I’ve been doing them since age 16.