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i tried *BODY POSITIVE* workout classes in LA!

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What to Know About the New Crop of Body-Positive Gyms. Gyms can be intimidating places causing otherwise motivated people to avoid them. From feeling like everyone knows what they’re doing to feeling like everyone has a perfect body, there are a plethora of reasons to pass.

Most body-positive gyms take time to fully expose beginners to their body forms, as well as to make them comfortable in it. Exposing people to their body types helps them know more about their bodies. It also helps beginners stick to a fitness regimen, as some might have been inconsistent in the past.

As body-positive gyms become more trendy, here’s what you need to know about finding a safe space that’s truly inclusive. Newsletter. I Love Working Out with Bodies Like Mine.

Healthy is the New Skinny is a wellness brand founded by Katie Wilcox that hosts workshops and retreats promoting more self-care. Bodyweight Gurus is another example. Founded by mixed martial artist Ricky Warren, it’s a group of trainers in the U.K. focused on personal growth and discovering potential through movement. Treating your body well isn’t just about the exercises. You can use clothing to stay body positive at the gym, too.

Ditch the old sweatpants and worn out tee shirt. Invest in some workout wear that you look forward to wearing. Make sure to choose styles that fit your shape best, not just what everyone else is wearing. Here are our tips for body-positive fitness.

Follow the links for more information about each tip! Rather than forgetting about fitness, try forgetting about fatness. Go into your fitness regimen with no assumptions about what effect exercise will have on.

-Be mindful of the way that you talk about your own body as a trainer. You are the example. -If you have your own training space, place encouraging posters or notes with quotes that encourage body satisfaction and health. -Celebrate your clients for achievements that aren’t related to their appearance. New life goal: Be like Alyssa Royse. And yes, she really does believe we can transform the problematic aspects of the fitness world. “We can fix this,” she says. “We can fix this with our actions, our fat rolls, our stretch marks, our raw humanity.

We can fix this with our words to ourselves and others. The Body Positive Fitness Alliance stands in solidarity with intersex, transgender, non-binary, and gender-expansive athletes*. We believe that if a competition is divided into men’s and women’s divisions, individuals should participate in whichever gender division they most closely identify with. “Sex testing” athletes is an undue. This inclusive, body positive campaign is what gym culture today so desperately needs.

As a part of “Every Body Happy,” Blink Fitness recently started the “Mondays Without Mirrors” initiative at its various locations throughout New Jersey and New York.

List of related literature:

A welcome development has been the appearance very recently of gyms geared specifically to individuals who are not in good shape.

“Dr. Melissa Palmer's Guide to Hepatitis & Liver Disease” by Melissa Palmer
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Health and fitness clubs will continue to change to address the public’s ever-changing tastes.

“Occupational Outlook Handbook” by United States. Bureau of Labor Statistics
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When I visit gyms across the country, I see trainers mismanaging clients, not taking the time to teach clients the right form and technique, and worst of all, selling unnatural products which can cause harm to the body.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
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In addition, working with community fitness partners such as YMCAs, civic recreation facilities, or private gyms provides the opportunity for program subsidies to reduce economic barriers to participation.

“Handbook of Sport Psychology” by Gershon Tenenbaum, Robert C. Eklund
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Different neighbourhoods will need different types of health trainers and in developing good practice we will learn from seeing which models work best for different communities and individuals.

“Choosing Health: Making Healthy Choices Easier” by Great Britain. Department of Health
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Fitness clubs continue to be challenged by economic uncertainty, more competition, changing demographics, technology, new research, and whatever the latest exercise fad seems to be.

“Health Fitness Management” by Mike Bates, Mike Spezzano, Guy Danhoff
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Participants also reported improvements in body esteem after the program.

“Eating Disorders: Understanding Causes, Controversies, and Treatment [2 volumes]” by Justine J. Reel Ph.D.
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Nothing changed until a few good friends of mine told me about an all-women’s gym that was going to open in our area.

“See-Through Marriage: Experiencing the Freedom and Joy of Being Fully Known and Fully Loved” by Ryan Frederick, Selena Frederick
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This was also in line with our fieldwork as CrossFitters in general stated they were quite positive about their bodies, including the individuals using PIEDs.

“Deviant Leisure: Criminological Perspectives on Leisure and Harm” by Thomas Raymen, Oliver Smith
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Many larger communities now have size-friendly gyms where overweight individuals may feel more comfortable and accepted.

“Nutrition, Exercise, and Behavior: An Integrated Approach to Weight Management” by Liane M. Summerfield
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  • Can you not minimize yoga as an exercise? Breathwork is an important skill that helps you flow through exercises and expands your lung capacity and air intake, strengthening your lungs and heart. You often make microagressions towards things that you personally don’t like (and often don’t even have personal experience with) and it alienates me as a viewer. I paused the podcast at 24:07, and probably won’t finish it.

  • wow! you literally posted this right when i needed it. i am 14 and in love with health and fitness, but sometimes become obsessive. i have been struggling with orthorexia the last year and am trying to get better!! i still eat healthy, but don’t restrict myself from the food i love���� i am super allergic to dairy and gluten so i just like to eat what makes me feel good rather than counting every single thing and having a obsessive mindset. i even wanted to not go out and be out. thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your story. i relate to every single thing you said����������

  • Sophie I really appreciate that you’re so true and been sharing your journey! I honestly have been feeling literally exactly the same and been experiencing the same thing. I’m also trying not to be too hard on myself in health/fitness. Being open to accepting that our bodies change as we grow and intuitively listening to my body. It’s work in progress but def agree with you that it’s FREEING! ��

  • Thanks to you I had the courage to buy a size up on multiple clothing items as I was sick of feeling uncomfortable just because I wanted to stick to “my size”. I ordered some skirts in a bigger size than normal ( after being so scared for so long to do so ) and I bought some shorts in my normal size. Two of the skirts fit perfect and the other was a little tight whereas the shorts which I bought in “ my size “ were loose. It proves like you say “ it’s the clothes, not your body “
    Thank you for inspiring me to be more comfortable and confident rather than worrying about the number on the label.

  • You know enough about calorie intake to know whether to navarage over a week you are eating enough. You look thinner than is healthy for your height but whether your BMI is in the anorexic range or not, your mental health seems to be in a good place from what you have said. Take time to plan your meals and aim for 1700 calories a day as a good average.

  • I feel like this class is just trying to profit off the movement. I realize the gym and fitness classes can seem intimidating but most of them focus on strength, moving your body, and there isn’t pressure to keep up. I’ve really gotten more involved in fitness classes in the past few years and every instructor has been super encouraging. I’m not a thin girl and need my modifications and THAT IS OKAY. My instructors give me safe modifications that still help me get my full impact and love seeing me try new things. I get not wanting to focus on calories and some classes do that but most don’t. Most classes focus on getting stronger and knowing your boundaries while listening to your body and your needs. A class like this is doing the exact same thing as other classes just now they are pretending to do something different…and probably charging you a lot more. I’d love to see the Body Positive Movement stop bashing fitness classes and gyms because most of them are amazing and not judgmental.

  • Omg Ben you’re so right. I know I am beautiful at any size, but the tole being heavy took on my body, health, mobility and even happiness as I aged left me with so many regrets, but worse, so much long term damage that I will never be able to reverse no matter what I am doing now to fix this. Not to mention the fight back is insane, so much harder when you’ve been abusing your body for so long. I think a lot of this body positivity talk comes from people under the age of 40 because you don’t have that luxury to talk about your body as an aesthetic experience when you are older.. instead you’re having to face the consequences of obesity that actually mean something.

  • My gosh how can u do these workouts in gyms right next to other people?? Honestly respect for that cause I’d feel so uncomfortable ����

  • was it a huge shock to you coming from such a rainy, cloudy grey area to living somewhere so bright and shiny in Australia?! If so, how has this changed your workouts, moods, and energy?

  • I have always struggled with my weight, ever since I started high school I’ve been too aware of how I look to the point I didn’t even want to go shopping for clothes because I felt SO self-aware of people supposedly looking at my “ugly” body. Now I’m 26 and I’m still having problems with my weight, the way I eat and incorporating an excercise routine into my life BUT I don’t feel as self-aware as before, so now I’m able to go to a gym without body shaming myself.

  • Ohhh, watching this brings back so many memories of my trip in 2015! Watching you going to places where me, myself has been is so exciting:)))
    I love your style of vlogs at the moment:)

  • Plug for trying pole dancing! I’ve been pole dancing for years, and it’s an incredibly inclusive community, although it may take finding the right studio but LA has a number of them. Check out @rozthediva @thefamousvegas and @curvygirlspole for all size pole inspo.

  • Taking fitness classes helped me be more confident in the gym. Instructors help you with form and new things to do so that way you know what you’re doing:)

  • Working out is not all about weight, it is about feeling good mentally. I enjoy spinning class because I forget that I have a shitload of homework that is waiting for me whenever I get home. Also, Carrie, you look amazing before and after a workout!

  • Love this vlog so much! Thank you for your honesty and sharing such vulnerable feelings but it helps so many of us and for that i’m super grateful:D if you dont mind me asking what size do you wear in Gym Shark? Just so I can figure out what sizing to get:) xx much love xx

  • Hi, I am literally going through the exact situation right know. I constantly think about food that have too much carbs and sugars so that I limit the intake. I do exercise because I enjoy it and it makes me feel better about myself. I want to tell you a big Thank you for this inspiring video.. I will try to work on having more freedom and stop that constantly worrying about what I eat in order to avoid certain foods. However, I am stll working on loving my ‘new body shape’ and I still have some ‘fat’ I wish that I reduce.

  • Travelling solo is soo difficult when eating out is marketed as a social thing! Weight isn’t just a number on a scale. It can be an emotional thing, especially if you are using it to have more control when your routine goes off. I’m glad you are trying out new food it’s part of the adventure if you can relax into it and not worry!

  • I am really proud of Ben for talking about the issues with his weight! I wish I change like he did, but I can’t, I’m lazy and I need lots of change to keep going, I am a 14 year old girl and I’m 6″,weighting 140-142 kg and my weight just keeps growing because I still live through the bullying in school and abuse+fatshaming at home so I stress eat a lot,so at this point I feel like there’s no use, I am really close to type 2 diabetes so I might as well give up and die. I’ve had health issues my whole life anyway, something’s wrong with my hormones, I have psoriasis and because of bullying my spine and muscles in general are so messed up that I can barely do anything without being in pain and having cramps every couple of minutes

    Edit: fixed the spelling errors

  • How did she slim out her face so much?? I’m 19 right now and on the underweight side but my face has some stubborn baby fat that never goes away not even at my lowest weight:( I wonder if it was her losing weight or just getting older?

  • Thank you for saying this, it’s so refreshing to hear. Sometimes you just need to let go and not obsess over body image and working out and diet. More people need to share this message.

  • Are people in LA really that beautiful?! ������ It never clicked to me that they literally are the off-spring of actresses and models.

  • THANK YOU FOR BLURRING IT OUT FOR OTHERS PRIVACY. I saw you recording and for a second and I was like “oh no that’s so awful she’s recording people in such a vulnerable time!”
    Thank you for blurring it! Soo many people on YouTube don’t think of others privacy. Especially with kids.
    It feels so good to move your body! It’s not about the number on the clothes and your scale. It’s about the strong and capable feeling.

  • Would love to see more videos like these.
    Side note: I’ve been to a pilates type of class before and I can tell you the instructor did not single anyone out. She was very motivating and encouraging anyone who was struggling, she even showed the same pose but would make it easier. I know I would feel so self-conscience if someone did that to me. For a place that claims to be a safe place, that would make me behind anxious.

  • this is so relevant, this year was the year i’ve been my heaviest but somehow felt the most confident because i’ve realized that i do have more to offer in this world than how my body looks:) keep it up, Ash! stay lovely as u are ��

  • First of all, PLEASE make this into a series! I adored this video and loved hearing the way you talk about exercise and movement.
    But also, if you ever go back to Ratio Cycling you should ask why they even have the weight question on their sign up! There’s a good chance they don’t even realize it’s there and maybe they would remove it!
    I love love love this video!!!

  • Super idea, Carrie! I found a similar idea when I thought I was ready to start moving my body, but then I got injured and developed a blood clot in my leg. I am still recovering… keep up the great work

  • I do pregnancy yoga classes (I’m not pregnant haha). I like low-intensity and zero judgement. But I found that Total Woman gym in LA was pretty good, and very inclusive of all body shapes and ages.:)

  • if you enjoy dance-based classes, you should try a pole class! i’ve been doing pole for almost 2 years now and it has been an amazing body positive exercise for me. every class is always filled with people of different body sizes and it’s all about feeling your oats and having a good time. it’s really taught me to focus on what my body can do, not how it looks.

  • Aw, this was the perfect video to end my night on, thank you for being so open and honest and kind you touch the hearts of so many people and young women like me ♥
    Love from NZ!

  • Thanks for talking time to speak about something that we all suffer but not all admit. Since I wach your videos, I realize about real women all around the world and that the fact that you appear on YouTube doesn’t make you any different than me. Thank you for your compromise, great job��

  • Thank you so much for this. I’m in recovery from an eating disorder and I can’t wait until I can eat intuitively! You’re really inspiring xx

  • Is amazing the way you enhance your physical health with exercise, but for me, the greatest change that made for me was my mental health, cause I realized that my tummy and little imperfections didn’t stopped me from doing something… But my mind… When my mind is altered it stop me from doing anything.

  • Do you stand by the saying “everything in moderation”? And if yes what does it mean to you? I always hear it and honestly don’t know what it means or how to apply it bc I feel like moderation is different to everyone and I’m curious what your thoughts are

  • okay if someone has an answer for me i’d love to hear it, but why was the instructor so mad when carrie was getting a clip on her phone? like she wasn’t filming anyone else… but yeah if anyone has an explanation

  • A balanced meal isn’t balancing the amount of food out per each meal. It’s about eating a variety of food groups in a balanced way that your body needs to thrive.

  • Thankyou so much for talking about this Soph! I can 100% relate and feel like I’m slowly coming away from my bad relationship with food. Having influencers talk about it and normalising changes in our bodies is so important! Good for you for having the confidence to speak out about it ������

  • Eventho the sunscreen is hard to put on and makes you pretty white I just wanna point out that you’re actually quite tanned atm… exciting! ;))

  • Are you parents.baby boomer age fit? Are.they fit at 50? I’m.struggling as a late.50s.dude. happy new year from.Mel Bourne.australia

  • I’ve always been surrounded by larger or heavier people to say all my life and I feel like I’m entering that kind of place. The beginning of the podcast really made me feel better about myself and gave me ideas on how to lose weight over the years. People tell me that I’m young I can’t be that heavy but it doesn’t change the fact I’m still self conscious about it. So thank you Cristine and Ben, I needed this.

  • Wow. I can so connect to you. I exactly know what u mean cause i went to the same. It nearly feels like u know me and Talk about me. So weird but… u Help me a lot.

  • I guess what I don’t understand is that here in Australia, it’s very vegan friendly and there are countless cafes which have amazing food, but you only ever eat like you eat at home and don’t try anything else Australia has to offer. Unless it’s gifted, you’re not really trying things here. A big part of travelling is food and trying new things.

  • This means a lot. I’ve had anorexia and have been recovering for a year now (well damn I think today is my anniversary actually!) and stuff like this really helps reinforce a more positive attitude to food and exercise. Now I think about it, I was the least confident, most miserable and most obsessive I’ve ever been when I was starving myself. Just shows that the health and fitness industry isn’t always a good influence. Thank you so much for your insight, it really helps to normalise body image and eating issues.

  • The sad thing is that body positivity started as “Be kind to yourself and your body, and no matter what you look like you deserve respect.” And it started being seen a few years ago as “being morbidly obese is perfectly healthy Bethany!!1!” When no one was saying that in the first place.

  • the struggles and intrusive thoughts you’re describing is how I am feeling every day and I just hope I can work on myself enough to get to the mindset you are in now. It feels good to know I might get to a point where I don’t analyze my body every day and feel like I have to either eat perfectly or just give up and binge on candy and pasta. We’ll get there!

  • Thank you so much for talking about this! I feel so much more confident in my body and I have gone through the exact same thing as you and now am on the same page as you! I don’t restrict myself anymore and I’m just so happy! Thank you x

  • i dont mean to criticize you and i love you but here’s another point of view on the subject, if you think you have so much to offer this world than how your body looks, your looks (fashion-wise) shouldn’t be as important as well. and this is what this channel is based on. i’m not judging anyone we all love fashion but if we are capable of saying this to ourselves, then maybe we could put as big an effort to show our capasity as human beings as we do in fashion. we are more than just our outfit or fashion taste and i hope that we all can overcome our fear of “not being stylish enough” some day.

  • Spinning would be my preference. I can’t cope with the sound of pony. I didn’t realise until just now that I need structure in my workouts!

  • Why do you not bring some nuts etc whilst doing tours? at least you get some calories better than starving! and in general you would need much more to eat since you are too sooo sooo active all the time

  • Omg I luv this vid �� I wish there were classes like this where I live:(
    Also I NEED that blue outfit that u wore to the second class lol. Ily �� thank u for taking the time and filming this vid:)))

  • This trip has been so good for you Holly. It’s so obvious how much you’ve grown and RELAXED omg you’re so chill compared to the UK (obviously not being under the pressure of coursework really helps too lol) but yeah, you’re radiant!

  • Seriously, GO GET FREE THERAPY if you’re a college student!! I really would have benefitted if I had taken that more seriously. It would have saved a lot of time and money!

  • Thank you for this vid! Been struggling with weight and body positivity my whole life. 2018 is when I really want to try to love my body.

  • As a person who has had significant anxiety about working out (go to gym, have panic attack in change room, go home) its good to see this move towards inclusive spaces and classes. Personally I now go to a women’s only gym, because I have found it more age/ability/size welcoming. Of the classes you went to I’d pick pilates, but then again having experience of mat and reformer pilates I’m confortable with the format and methods those classes have for correcting faults. I can see how that could be off putting…. Maybe pilates should have red/green mats like those shopping baskets ive seen on the internet, red meaning you only want safety critical communications and green means you are looking for form correction and comment.

  • It’s really sad cause I was diagnosed with depression when I was 12 and when I hear things like “having depression in your 20s is sad cause you are so young” and I’m like yeah it is young imaige being 12 and having hard depression. I’m not saying this to have attention or something, just life experience. If you have depression I’m really sorry and remember there are people for you

  • i started weight training mainly because osteoporosis affects women pretty badly in general
    it was pretty easy for me cuz my brother a dad already had a sorta gym set up in our garage but i just feel better and more motivated to eat healthier now that i exercise regularly
    i now exercise because i enjoy doing it
    its nice to have constant short term goals to work towards

  • I understand this is a late comment, but this is a very relatable and beautiful message/story that you have spread into my world today. Thank you.

  • Heyy Holly, I just loved this vlog and each time I watch your videos I just get vey motivated��
    I adore all the videos that you post����

  • Thank you so much, I feel like I needed this. I’m only 14 and I have a lots of trouble with eating and stuff, because I was counting my calories around a year ago. Since I stopped that, I was having trouble with eating attacks/ binge eating etc. Now I’m in therapy and it helps a lot. I’m focussing right now on doing what I love, keeping being busy and not thinking to much about food. Of course it’s not easy, but it goes uphill. Your video makes me feel less alone withall that. Thank you ❤️ (sry for my English)

  • Would love to see you do a full week of this! Love this video! One thing I think would be helpful to add is the price of each class:)

  • I hate how some people just dont wanna sound too egotistical and so they say they dont have perfect bodies but then some jealous people will say negative things like “oh stop flexing and saying that so people will tell you you’re skinny” and i just?? skinny people can be insecure about their bodies just as much as fat people boo

  • Ok this video really inspired me to search for body positive classes where I live. I didn’t think I’d find any, but I found one 30 minutes away that I’m gonna try!!!

  • The first time I took a yoga class, the instructor kept calling me out about my form too. it was my first time doing yoga so I had no clue what I was doing. I know it’s to prevent you from hurting yourself, but I was the only person she kept calling out! it kinda made me upset haha so I know how you feel

  • Just curious, how can you find it hard to feed yourself when you are in a city (I know that you went to more deserted places too and that’s understandable ). Surely there will always be a shop open, or you could just stock up on food in the morning, even if it’s at least cereal bars and raisins or some vegan yogurts

  • I hate that you have to justify the fact that you want to exercise. We were made for movement but are living in a sedentary environment. If your body is able, celebrate that!

  • This got me into exercising and got me motivated! I feel so much better with my body but also I changed because I hate going out and now is a better time to start living myself and care for my body thank you for everything ����������

  • This is such a great video. I currently weigh more than I want to and I’m looking to eat healthier and lose some weight but instead of looking at it like exercising or ‘I’m going to look bad’ it’s more trying to find a healthier relationship with food and not binge or eat excessively shit food (I did still eat an entire loaf of garlic bread for breakfast this morning but I’m getting better lol)

  • senior year of high school has rly fucked with my mental health and body image, but it was really nice to just sit down and hear about your experiences and how you’ve grown since then

  • thanks queen for this amaze video��i’ve had the same struggles for the past 8 months and i think i’m slowly getting out of it as well and it honestly feels sooo good. it’s so encouraging to hear other people’s stories about it as well as just giving you a good feeling knowing you’re not the only person struggling with finding a good balance.

  • Gurl when I saw “I don’t have a perfect body image” I was just like
    thinks how when I first saw you I thought you looked so much like a pretty skinny legend

  • I absolutely agree with Ben and Cristine on this 1:16:49 because whilst you can be skinny and very unhealthy and you can be a bit bigger and be very healthy, it definitely depends on genetics and your own bodies physical makeup. It’s a case by case thing. However, the larger people who celebrate being overweight / morbidly obese and say that it’s fine and they love themselves whilst eating a very high fat and high carb diet whilst getting minimal exercise, that is not okay to spread that message. That is damaging because the more fat you carry around your middle puts you at a higher risk for developing type 2 diabetes, the more fat you carry around your heart and other organs puts you at risk for atherosclerosis (plague build up in the hearts arteries and veins) and cardiovascular disease in general. It’s a very touchy subject and one which people love to jump down others throats the moment they mention any concern for a person who is celebrating being overweight. But medical and scientific facts cannot be ignored and it’s important people get the whole picture and not just the feel good one.

  • another negative to the social media fitness thing, which sort of ties into the oblivious state you described through highschool, is the idea that so many more young teenagers, even preteens are being exposed to diets, models and fitness plans. it’s part of the sexualisation that happens online, and makes teenagers feel like they hAve to work out etc. sure, fitness is a net positive, but often plans look more like ‘booty and abs that’s all’, and ultimately, the scrutiny of body image in such a young age group causes negative body image, obsession and even ED

  • This was so refreshing to sit and listen to! I relate so much to this. I hope to achieve this mindset one day. Thank you for sharing ������

  • Totally agree with you on internalizing other issues in life into a “weight” issue… I definitely do that haha. Like looking back I realized my confidence level had nothing to do with my weight / figure at the time, I had time when I was very skinny and felt insecure, and much heavier but felt like I was the king of the world haha. But I realized that once my real life started to have issues I couldn’t resolve immediately, my anxiety would always come down to me thinking “I am so fat” “if I loose weight my life would get better “. It’s good that we all realized it but battling it is a constant struggle ahaha.

  • This video is awesome and has inspired me to look for inclusive fitness in my community! I love being outdoors and using that as a way to move my body, but I also live in a place where it’s snowy like 5-6 months out of the year so I tend to get myself into a rut of staying in and not feeling great during those times. I think taking classes like these would be just what I need to have some fun!

  • I’ve just started going to Reformer Pilates after wanting to for months and I love my instructors. I was so scared I’d be out of place and there’s so many times I have to stop and rest & they encourage it so much. Thank goodness! So important to find a place that makes you so comfortable you’re excited to do it again and again.

  • if you liked pilates but not the instructor there you could try to find a pop pilates class or just do blogilates here on youtube, I have been doing her workouts for 5 years she is really inspiring and big on building strenth not focusing so much on the weight loss.

  • My husband and I are recovering addicts. I’m fat and have always been overweight. He’s skinny and has always been at a healthy weight, if not a little underweight. (Just for reference, I’m around 5’10”, he’s 5’7″) We both enjoy food quite a bit and are both pretty lazy. It’s hard for him to gain weight, like…hard. I look at food and gain 10lbs. Anyway, when we went to detox a little over a year ago and I weighed around 240-ish pounds, which is the least I’d weighed in a long time. He weighed 120lbs, which was his lowest weight. Since we got clean, I’ve gained an IMMENSE amount of weight and he’s back to his normal weight. So, I do think that some people get a slightly similar feeling from food as they do from drugs. I mean, obviously not a mind altering reaction, but a type of a “high”. ��‍♀️

  • For me, when i am jogging once or twice a week, It makes me feel so much more happy. Obviously I don’t get amazing physical “results” but my mind can LET GO of negative and toxic thoughts through out the week. I work in customer service, and when I’m jogging that week, my mind can recover so much more quickly from a negative or weird encounters. if I’m not jogging that week, i brew on “things i should have said.” and i replay annoying scenarios. but like i said if I’m active, the bad junk dissolves more quickly.

    sorry about the audio. its happened to me too, and good for you for just KEEPING IT GOING haha sometimes you have to:) thanks for sharing

  • I WANT to stop weighing myself! it becomes a vicious cycle of self hatred and it takes SO much place in my head I don’t want it to take. but I can’t:( I need to keep my current weight as I won’t grow anymore (I’m a teen)
    and I hate it!

    I’m ranting it a podcast comment section haha

  • I love how popular it is right now for women to be fit and strong, but I wish so much of the material wasn’t about building a hot booty or whatever.

  • You have to try the vegan cheeseburger from grill’d it’s way better than Lord of the Fries. If you’re still on the Gold Coast you should go to Burleigh Heads or Coolangatta they both have amazing views of Surfers Paradise and the beach.

  • I go to UCLA too and relate to so much of your struggles from last year (so grateful for the good food on campus but wow did it take a toll on my body). Luv this video and luv your channel I hope I run into you on campus one day and embarrass myself!!

  • Love this video, thank you so much for sharing it’s nice to know other people can relate to something I struggle with daily. BTW I LOVE warm avocado too! ❤️❤️

  • Loving the hand motions when describing the active wear haha I totally get that cinched motion. Huuuge congratulations on the Gymshark partnership!! Much love

  • Try ORANGE THEORY! I’d love to see you go there but also places that are available all over the country. Even my fiancé’s grandma goes to orange theory. The studio I go to is really welcoming and supportive.

  • This is so incredibly important. I remember excersizing and pushing myself to the point where I would throw up. It didnt make me happy, and when i didnt get fast results I would hate myself. I love this video, you should make more of the sit down chat sort of videos!! xx <3

  • this is such an important topic and thanks so much for addressing it. You’re right that it’s really hard to internalize this stuff “until you’ve been through the shithole and back” as you so aptly stated. For me, that shithole was my senior year of high school. I was really into fashion vloggers and Asian fashion at that time, and boi were those models/vloggers skinny in what seemed like a really nonchalant, effortless kind of way. And so I starved myself, and tried to act all nonchalant about it. It’s like that dog meme where he’s sitting in a burning building and saying “this is fine.” It was not fine, and I didn’t really realize that until I started talking to other recovering anorexics. So moral of the story: please, please be careful guys. Don’t ever let the media trick you into thinking that you have to play a sick game between mind and body. It’s so not worth it.

  • Thank you so much for speaking about this, after following you for a while I feel like we’ve had similar experiences with food, health, and our mindset towards them. I used to struggle with binge eating (it wasn’t extreme but it was becoming problematic), then I tried to get “healthy” but would constantly be thinking about food and as you said, it was exhausting. At the time I was always thinking about when the next meal would be, what I would eat in order to be the most healthy, and I was never satisfied. This way of living was so restricting and even when I thought I was doing everything right, I was still unhappy because I was basing everything on my physical appearance. In the past few months, I decided I needed to change my way of thinking, so I started to eat what I wanted when I wanted it, regardless of whether it was considered “super healthy,” if it made me happy then I would do it. It has taken a while but I finally no longer constantly obsess about food and how I look, just about what makes me feel good on the inside. And what’s crazy is that I’m probably the most “fit and healthy” that I’ve been in years, without even really trying. Thank you again for discussing topics like these so openly, your videos have definitely helped me along this journey and I will continue to support you and your channel. <3

  • Girlll thank you for talking about this! I used to be stressed out about how I looked and keeping up with an “ideal” weight. But I figured that people have their own ways to stay healthy and going to the gym just doesn’t work for everyone. Love you and your videos <3

  • I love the fitness healthy exercise affirmations but the fast ponging sounding is highly activating not able to relax too much.
    But thank you for your great works Mr. Stephenson! My husband and I appreciate you for two years. Best wishes. 2018 ����������������������������

  • I LOVE YOU JASON STEPHENSON!!!!!! I listen to your voice every morning and I fall asleep to your voice every night. I cannot afford to be a subscriber but none the less I am a HUGE fan, you’ve helped more than you could ever know. Thank you, my friend:)

  • I used to workout at the gym and had a great body but I spent too much time there. Then I discovered Yoga so I stopped the gym and have gone through an awakening. Been wanting to get back the fitness body that I had before but have no motivation. Will this help me more motivated?

  • I’ve been put on a diet the past few months because I was discharged from hospital, and it’s really forced me out of my comfort zone. I have to eat low fibre, so no fruit or veg (apart from boiled carrots and potatoes, no skin) so I’m eating lots of egg and fish, and yoghurt galore aha. Previously, I wouldn’t cook with oil, wouldn’t touch dairy yoghurt, but I had to let that go after hospital because of the limited variety of foods I could actually eat. And now I’ve been cooking my food with butter, having and enjoying my dairy yoghurts, and it’s actually helped me feel full and I haven’t suffered much with binging urges since I’ve been eating in this way. I realised how all of these food rules I had with regards to dairy and butter and certain foods were arbitrary, and weren’t actually a reflection of how my body reacts to the foods I’m eating. They were other ppls rules that I’d just adopted bc I wanted to emulate someone. This video was great soph, u articulate urself so well. Big love ❤️❤️

  • Sometimes Yoga can be a little sedate for me! Sometimes… a mega boost of aerobic mania does me the world of good! And when I start to flag? I’ll be listening to you! (and I’ll also be concentrating on the cover photo! lol ummm! lol). Thanks Jason for this motivating lift tonight, although I’m not sure if I’m athletic and muscular.. keep affirming Lise! Keep saying it! Much love! xxxx

  • Such a great idea for a video! Exploring what’s out there to see where you feel comfortable and what you love is so positive. I never would have thought that I would love weightlifting, but I really, really do. It took me until I was 40 because I have always felt awkward and out of place in exercise spaces.

  • It’s so frustrating that there is such a lack of body positive workout environments! I used the website shown in the video (I live in Sacramento, not a small town) and only 2 results came up within a 50 mile radius, one of which is a super expensive personal trainer and the other is a roller derby ring.. while I guess that is technically a form of work out I feel like that’s more of a skill/specialized hobby..

  • Ben: you look great…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….sweetie

  • I found the food/weight chat sooooooo inspiring and helpful. I have some health problems and as a result I find it hard to keep my weight up (it drops rather quickly when the health issues resurface). I’ve never struggled with an ED but every doctor that I’ve been to has always tried to tell me that I do and poked at my weight for minutes at a time then try to make me say I don’t eat even though I eat three balanced meals a day plus snacks. It is definitely hard having people make surface level judgements about weight when they don’t really know what’s going on. I really appreciate you opening up about this!

  • I hate being singled out with anything. I really like our gym instructors at my building. They don’t single you out if they see you doing something wrong in a class setting, they just address everyone as a group and show the proper and improper forms. They also give us 3 different variations to each exercise in case we want low impact, or more challenging sets and offer to help with other variations if folks have limited mobility or injury. And they always stress quality over quantity of reps. Don’t sacrifice good workout form for more reps. I work out to strengthen my body and stay healthy, and I’m such a regular that I love seeing new faces come to class. It’s so fun to get new people involved and I love encouraging others during class.

  • sugary drinks used to be everything to me lol. Then this past lent I gave up soda and I have maybe had a sip of soda twice since then

  • i think this is one of my absolute favorite videos of you. thank you so much for the body positivity talk, i feel so much more understood when i watch your videos, just because you share so openly with us that you’re struggling with your diet and body image as well sometimes. amazing message, thank you so much xx

  • i just turned 26 and i yave anxiety. a year ago i had cerebral surgery to remove a tumour and after the aurgery i had a cerebral infarct and a few hours in a coma.I woke up lrfy-sided paralized and since then,because I ammost of the time in a bed and I also eat more due anxiety and medication…Ive gained a lot of weight

  • You should have to explain why you’re working out. Exercise is amazing for so many reasons beyond looks like health and overall feeling (endorphins anyone?). You deserve to feel and be healthy and happy. We should move more and judge less. LOVE YOU AND YOUR CONTENT!

  • Insecure people at the gym bother me…only because I want to yell at them that they don’t need to worry Nobody’s judging you, you don’t need to be scared! As long as you’re considerate of others nobody cares what you do or look like in the gym, at least that’s been my experience. I will say that all the people changing in the stalls (rather than out in the open) do bother me because I have to poop

  • You may want to invest in a good pair of padded cycling shorts or underwear to wear when you go to your cycling classes! I ride bikes on the road and without a good pair of cycling shorts it would be miserable. Your body will get used to it/adjust after awhile, but when you aren’t planning on doing it regularly your body won’t be able to. So wear some padded shorts and you’ll feel SOO much more comfortable.

  • Recommend Sierra Schultzzie for a good perspective on Body Positivity in my opinion. You can be beautiful at any size, it’s separate to health.

  • I was tearing up watching this. as a 16 year old girl that is always eating healthy and exercising (& freaks out when i don’t), this is so important for me to watch. you have such a pure soul, honestly thank you x

  • Wow, the way that Cristine painted a picture of what it’s like to go to the gym for the first time as a woman (around 40 minutes in) was so incredibly accurate. I feel so seen

  • I think that you should try pole fitness. I have been going for a little over a year and it is the most empowering thing I have ever done! I love it. You do have to find the right studio but honestly I have seen polers come in all shapes and sizes and do incredible things. If you love dance I think it would be amazing to try. I love the regular gym, that is my “me time” but when I am at the pole studio, I’m home and that is the best feeling.

  • I know im months late to this podcast.

    I just wanted to share my personal weightloss journey because while Ben IS right. Calories in/ calories out matters… there’s a lot more too it that he as a male likely doesn’t understand.

    So, a few years ago, I changed my eating habits and lost 50lbs in 8 months. It was AMAZING. I worked really hard dieting and exercising. I felt great. However while all this was happening I was also struggling with my non hormonal birth control and decided to switch to a hormonal one.

    After that I couldn’t lose anything. I restricted my diet more. Exercised more. Cried. Struggled. Felt like a failure. Talked to my doctor. Got blood tests (100% healthy even though im still clinically obese) they said im doing everything “right” and to keep doing what im doing. And yet i continue to gain weight.

    Crazy right? Then i realized… this all started when i switched birth controls and likely the hormones weren’t allowing my body to lose weight.

    So…to Ben. You’re wonderful and i can tell your heart is in the right place, but you can’t just say eat less exercise more and you’ll lose weight. It’s not that simple especially for women. The hormone fluctuations throughout the month just don’t allow it to happen that way.

    Anyway… love the podcast. I like to listen while I work.

  • Oh lord I’m struggling with this podcast. It is not as simple as calories in and calories out. That can be really triggering for people with eating dissorders. Also “eating better and LESS”. You cant generalize it to be as simple as eating less. Again triggering for people with ED.

  • I understand your message but as a person who just eats what i want and doesn’t thinki’m borderline hitting overweight and my body does not look good in anything. I have fat in the places you dont want it and i should be like 30 pounds lighter and so many other people just do not relate. If anything I appreciate LA fitness & healthy eating culture because it gives me resources on sort of how to adjust it to my life and hopefully lose the extra weight that makes me feel ugly.

  • Technically, I’m considered obese. My BMI is 33. I feel like I carry my weight well, but I’m at risk for diabetes, I may have PCOS, and when it comes to dieting, I have terrible teeth and need to cut more sugar it in general.
    I’m trying to lose weight for my health, but I have an issue with motivation and…willpower I guess. Mostly because I feel like I carry my weight well and look decent.

  • After filming this video, I discovered that Pony Sweat has a workout video on their YouTube channel from a couple years back!! It’s pretty similar to the class so if you want to get a taste of what it was like wherever you are in the world, check it out HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMAKVaHknVg

  • Me a feminist admiring cristine talking about strength training like shes the best role model ive seen in media*

    Me also watching ben support cristine like hes the equally awesome role model for men in media*

  • so well said and I think I’m in a similar place now where I can look back and see how unhealthy my body image used to be (not that it’s perfect now but it’s a lot better), and realize that my happiness comes from other things and that there are ways to eat better and work out without it becoming an obsession or a way to change myself because I don’t like how I look. anyway, thanks for this! I would actually love if you made more chatty vids like this:)

  • You should try a jiu jitsu class in LA! There are a ton of great of gyms in the area that have inclusive classes, specifically for women and LGBTQ+ folks. It’s a sport that encourages people to find what works for them, regardless of their size, gender, or ability, and the self defense aspect is really great for building confidence.

  • Nobody:
    The guy in the ad: PIZZA… or salad. Which one do you think I’m having for dinner tonight?! points to salad Well it’s definitely not this. I’m not gonna eat this RABBIT FOOD-

  • I started going to the gym with my brother and let me tell you. I know it seems scary but trust me it’s all in your head, 9 times out of 10 nobody is looking at you. If you don’t know how to use a machine don’t be scared to ask someone even if they look like a scary gym bro, most of the time they are happy to help and will make sure you are okay and aren’t hurting yourself. Also often there are workers that you can ask if you don’t want to just go up to a random person. One time I was lifting weights way to heavy for me and I couldn’t do it, I simply asked the person by me if they could help and they quickly came over and helped me out. No rude comments or anything like that.

  • So glad you had fun. I am loving that phrase I workout because I love my body not because I hate it. I belong to a gym that is very size inclusive and I am so glad. For 2019 they did a naked calendar to raise money for cancer research and I wasnt turned away for having wobbly bits or not being the right gym body, and none of the other women criticised each other it was a really great feeling. Keep doing you Carrie, that’s what I love about your videos, have a great week x

  • Though I think it is great to encourage health i think its very important to dispel the myth “its easy to lose weight” Its actually VERY hard to lose weight for most people (women specifically). Women’s bodies hold onto fat more and for some women its hard to even lose weight with less food and more exercise. Some women (20% actually) will have a condition called PCOS which can cause very fast weight gain and painful periods. 5% of people over all have thyroid issues which makes it near impossible to lose weight in the standard way.

    ADDITIONALLLY, all the weight loss science that currently exists in the world is based off the body of the average European male….which means its not directly applicable to women or any BIPOC groups.

    Like i said originally, its great to encourage personal health but i think its also important to note that losing weight is not simple, not easy, and honestly is not a science for most people. Working out should be about increasing stamina and strength not losing weight.

  • The set you wear in the cycling class is soo cute! Also, thank you so much for the body positive content! I’m a smaller person, but I still have some weird workout fear from years of hard core ballet that caused me to get down on my body on a daily basis. It’s great to know there are places out there that help you focus on having fun and loving yourself instead of just weight loss or “getting in shape”.

  • I love this video so much!! all of your videos are so enjoyable to watch, but i also loved the body positivity and active wear haul!

  • glad you touched on this:) I was wondering during your last videos if your eating problems have creeped back in which is common during changes/travelling/being out of routine. No criticism, just worried for you xxx

  • love the video, but gotta say: I used to do pilates like 6 days a week, as much as it can be uncomfortable, you WANT your instructor to correct your form EARLY (obviously it matters how they correct you). It’s way too easy to injure yourself or cheat yourself out of the workout if you’re not doing it quite right. My neck hurt so bad when I started because my form was wrong. Obviously not all workouts are right for all people, but I’m sorry to hear you didn’t really enjoy yourself, glad to hear that pony sweat class was good though!

  • I’m not sure if you read the comments on this channel but, I had a question that I feel was sort of touched on. My biggest concern when going to the gym is when I notice a guy staring at me. My favorite workout is the squat bar, a couple of times different guys have came up to me, flirting with me. And I’m not sure if other women feel the same way about this but it really upsets me and makes me feel like I shouldn’t go to the gym unless I want to be ‘hit on’. Do you have any advice for being more comfortable being hit on at the gym?

  • You’ve helped me so much because I’m 13 and tiny, but just moved from kids clothed to adult cause I’m starting to grow. I was soo upset that I wasn’t gonna be a tiny skinny girl anymore, but now I know that doesn’t matter! Thank you times a million

  • Love this. It’s real and not to glossed over. I like how you acknowledged through your journey going to the gym was bad because of your mindset!

  • Ben you hit on something that most obese people never get a chance to figure out. There are some amazing courses on Food Addiction here in Canada. Sandra Elia is my favorite (she has a Youtube Channel I believe). Aside from that there is a ton of resources out there that discuss that dopamine and serotonin link to overeating and what long term effect that has on our brains and bodies. I’m recovering. I’m down nearly 70lbs and have kept it off for a couple of years so far, still going down on the scale as well.

  • 15:22
    This is so true! Since a couple of weeks I decided to eat healthy, like eating more fruits and veggies, but also having more balanced meals. Months before this decision we ate almost always fast food out of habit and laziness, I guess. And I ate everyday chocolate in big amounts. In the mornings, in the evenings, somewhere in between as a snack. The change between fast food and healthier meals wasn’t that difficult. I enjoyed it even. No problems. But I always had this itch of craving something. And I thought I just want something sweet. So ate smashed fruits or yoghurt with fruits or berries. It didn’t satisfy shit. A couple days a go the sickness in my stomach settled in and I decided to eat a tiny little bit of chocolate that was laying around. I felt complete satisfaction and realized that I was probably addicted to chocolate. I didn’t start eating more chocolate though. We don’t buy it in the masses we had before, so I also couldn’t give in to the need most of the time, because there was and is no chocolate in the house. And the sickness is still there and won’t go away for a couple of weeks probably. Maybe even months, I dunno. But it’s better that way for my body and I know it. I already started losing weight and don’t feel the need to eat all the time. ✨

  • Thank you SO much for this video/all the messages you’ve been sharing. This is the message that everyone needs in the fitness world.

  • If you like yoga and you have the space in or outside of your house I always recommend Yoga with Adriene here on youtube. Her slogan is “find what feels good”. It’s all about listening to your body and doing what is best for you, she encourages to move in a safe way the way you want. I always leave the mat in a better headspace and just feeling better all around.

  • as a poledancer, hearing Cristine saying “it’s pole fitness, Beyn” really made my heart jump!
    so many people joke around when I say I do poledance, but when I say “come and try it” they suddenly don’t know what to say.

  • 1) this is a great video thank you for this
    2) also idk what part of maryland youre from but my area is like perfectionism this and skinny that idk

  • do you restrict? and there is nothing wrong with eating gluten! I notice you never eat bread, or many carbs… is this due to restriction or do you not like it? I have an ED, and I restrict certain foods as in I am not allowed them.

  • Love love LOVED this video Sophie! These honest chats are the best! You’ve brought the focus back onto doing something because it makes you feel good, not to make you look skinnier x Thank you for this xxx

  • Hey Holly! I love your videos, especially this one! by the way, I would love to see a video of what you eat in a day in Australia, since I’m curious on what you can eat while traveling! Thank you for your wonderful videos!!!!

  • gold coast… An other awesome place.. try going to queensland as well.. Thats all the places my brother stays and studies.. cheers Holly!! Hope you are having fun… And yes High SP Sun screen takes time to blend in.. you must rub in for a while and let it be 40 m ins before you step out. I faced this issue too the first time when I looked like a clown… Different shades over face neck and hands. But….. we learnt through that now.. hehehe.. you are enjoying the Sun there in the Australia.. and we are waiting for Sun here in the US.

  • I realize this is 3 months old, but I really needed to comment re: body positivity, some people are overweight because they have a health condition. I have a friend with a serious heart condition that means they can never do any cardio or lift more than 20lbs. They get coooonstant shit about how they should skip the elevator and skip the stairs. They’re as healthy as they’re capable of being. Some people are overweight because of personal choices they’ve made, and I think that’s fine. I weigh more than I should but i will never get on a motorcycle, people are allowed to make trade offs about how they live their lives and use up their body. We’re all gonna die no matter how much exercise we do. But for a lot of people being overweight is a symptom of an illness or a side effect of a medication and those people still deserve to feel good about their bodies. That’s what body positivity is about.

  • thank you for this episode and being very honest about your struggles:) I can relate as I am overweight and this year I decided to change my habits:)

  • Omg!!!! Hearing you talk about pole made me so happy. I’ve been doing pole fitness for 2 years now and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. (Hi I’m Niks girlfriend Bella, we share a youtube account ��)

  • I’ve been using the zombies run family of apps to start running, and i use a run pattern of running for 20 steps and walking for ten steps to keep my heart rate up throughout. Now my next step is to switch out from sodas to more sparkling waters ya feel?

  • Everything you said in the beginning was amazing! Couldn’t have done it better myself. Thank you for your honesty and openness to your health and emotions through everything. It’s truly inspiring and helpful. It’s so nice to be able to have you to relate to and feel like you’re just having a conversation with your best friend or sister. So happy for you Sophie! Glad you’re in a good place and finding balance. I needed this ❤️����

  • UGH sometimes (ok most of the time) I hate living in Oklahoma. The nearest body positive one to me is down near Dallas, and that’s an hour and a half drive. I can’t drive at all, and right now we don’t even have a car. I hate this.

    I relate so much. When I moved states for college I was super depressed because of college, barely any friends and having to live away from home so long. I dropped weight like crazy and then randomly gained way moreee than before. I ended up hating my body as half my clothes wouldn’t fit and I started comparing my body to other thin girls. It’s been a tough time. Final year of college was worse as I stress ate so much and nothing was working our well.
    I am still battling severe body image insecurities but this helped so much. To know that others go through the same! Loveeee

  • I recently had both the Vegan Cornetto and Magnum (I still have to try the Almond Magnum though)… They are both yummy but i must admit that i do LOVE the Magnum more. I think that it is the Soy in the Cornetto that i don’t absolutely love.. BUT if Magnums had the ‘cone’, that would the Ultimate Ice Cream! �� ��

  • I have always been clinically VERY UNDER weight since I was 5 and I’m now 14 and man are teenagers or more per day 12-18 year olds ASSWholes (Ive been called Twig/Twiggy, Pretzel stick, Bones, Ext.) and I have No clue why but hey what can I say.
    Also I’ve noticed Im quite like Lil’ Cristine �� I’m not athletic, I’ve done Dance and yeah anyways Love you guys ❤ lol Bai!!!!

  • I’m really glad I clicked on this video, tbh I’ve had to stop watching for a while because I felt like I was developing a more restrictive mindset (which isn’t on you, I’ve had an ED for years and food videos can be triggering which is my fault) but I’m so happy for you that you’ve got this kind of mindset ��

  • I feel as though I can relate to you a lot. I had orthorexia (eating disorder where you obsess over eating only ‘healthy whole’ foods which turns out to not be healthy at all as I missed on so many nutrients) and anorexia. I lost my period and still waiting but doing much better mentally and nearly physically. It feels/felt as though all day everyday revolved around food and when will I workout. Such a waste of time. I missed out on so much �� but now I try to accept it, not focus on it and distract myself with other things. For me, when I cut out dairy, my skin went SO bad. My bones were awfully weak and they say I have a high chance of osteoporosis in the future because of it☹️ so as soon as I brought it back I felt and looked 100000x better! Just proof that everyone’s bodies are different and react to things differently. Sometimes we overthink things way to much and follow the crowd when really it’s simple: listen �� to��YOUR��body. And it will thrive so you will thrive

  • I love listening to these podcasts while I work on online school work. I love how Ben isn’t scared to tell millions of people how he struggled with his weight. Their so real. Love these podcasts!

  • I was just like this last year with calorie count and literally computing calories I lose on treadmill and elliptical but when I started doing functional training with a proper coach, my goal changed from losing inches off my waist to just getting stronger and being able to lift the heavy stuff and getting more intuned with my body. I actually started eating more (and without worrying about the calorie count) and just continued working out and soon enough I just noticed my body losing the body fat on its own and I only have to alot 45 minutes every day to working out and letting my body do the rest instead of the whole day I spend before worrying about how many calories I’ve already consumed. My advice is just do what feels best for your body that makes you feel happy. Self care and self satisfaction are more important than some projected image of what is perfect and desirable.

  • We don’t have anything like that in my town/ country! Would love to try! Here it is more about go hard or go home and I feel like there is just no possibilities to try different classes ( when you begin you either take a full year or at least 10 classes!)

  • Improved Health and fitness are good things to strive, not overly consume oneself with. The quest for abs can really take a person down a dark road if not mindful of not letting food control you and realizing that the body ebbs and flows throughout the day, week and month.

  • I recently started “working out” since not having been active since I was in high school. I do it because it help my mental health and gives me more energy. Thank you for sharing Carrie!

  • Thank you so much for being so honest, raw and vulnerable. Im so happy that you are feeling at peace and free now. So encouraging and aspiring for me to be balanced and free one day with my diet too! You are such a gorgeous girl inside and out ��

  • You r helping me through my ed recovery and u r soooo inspiring ��❤️I am struggling with not comparing my food intake with other’s, especially because I am stuck in my house.But your YouTube channel is motivating me so much!

  • I used to work out all the time but I got depressed and lost the motivation for going to the gym. I’ve been trying to find ways to motivate myself again. this video has helped me a lot and now I am on the track to building my body and strength back to Where it once was. thank you

  • i know (or i think) you have no control over the ads on your videos, but i got one that was about how bad it is to eat caloric foods and how to lose fat faster and it was very ironic lol. i feel like the videos u make, especially this one, are so relevant for people to see to be able to recognize how food is something all of us need and the stigma that surrounds weight and goals and calories. thank you, from the bottom of my heart

  • It’s funny that you guys picked up on Shane’s negative relationship with twitter this many months ago, sometimes I think he needs to have more mature people influencing him more often.

  • Hey Sophie, I feel like we are on the same journey:D Lately i am prioritizing how I feel over how I look since it is just not worth it to become super shredded and not enjoy life anymore. I went to a restaurant the other day and had 3 courses, felt so full and in stead of binging after, I just skipped dinner (since I wasnt hungry) and had some yoghurt with fruit and nut butter just because i was craving some vitamins!

  • Thank you for making this video:) I think something that could make it even better would be some sound insulation in your room to make it less echoey

  • U can really tell Ashley changed a lot over the course of one year. she’s glowing w/ confidence now and I really look up to that. �� btw her body is beautiful

  • Hi! First of all I love you so much, Holly❤ I’m currently in recovery from anorexia and you inspire me so much�� I wanted to ask if you had any trouble with your period during your ed? I still can’t get mine back and it’s scary.

  • When it comes to food & healthy eating,balance is key❤️ Satisfying your cravings by eating “unhealthy food” (fast/fried food,desserts…) every now and then won’t make you unhealthy
    Simply,eat what makes you feel your best without restricting yourself or worrying too much

  • I have terrible anxiety when going to the gym but I still really love to move my body. Loved this video and I’m currently looking up body positive workout centers in Dallas as we speak. Fingers crossed! Also, I recommend blogilates with Cassey Ho if you’re willing to give Pilates another try. She has beginning classes on her channel so you can practice the form and grow from that!

  • I do a very intense style of dance called disco freestyle which needs a lot of strength and stamina, I also have an incredibly fast metabolism and are 13 years old and developing slightly slower than all of my friends. I remember when I was in year 6 and these nurses came in to talk about our height and weight. After they had taken mine everyone asked me what I got like it some kind of test score. I’m very confident about my body and didn’t really care what they thought so I said 4 stone. For my age this is a healthy weight tho just barely. Ive have always had a healthy appetite so I wasn’t worried. When I said that I was 4 stone and that that was a healthy weight they all laughed and one boy even said ‘don’t worry Becky u can tell us that ur underweight’ again this didn’t bother me. My mum has always been worried about my health to the point where I used to have checkups every month to make sure I was healthy. I didn’t put on any substantial weight during ages 4-8 but the doctor always said I was fine. My weight didn’t start bothering me until a few months before quarantine when a friend asked me how I stay so thin yet eat so much junk. Before I could say that it’s just by body type mixed with a fast metabolism another friend said this ‘ oh Becky’s soo thin bc she’s seriously seriously A N O R E X I C’ that rattled me. The fact that people would say that I have an eating disorder bc I’m thin AND say it as a JOKE. I still love myself and know that I am healthy but that’s never stopped bothering me ever since. Just knowing that all through my life people will think that I have eating disorders bc I’m slightly smaller.
    It’s not just plus size girls that get body shamed.

  • Thank you so much for this.i like your honesty. Such a beautiful person, not only on the outside. Your body is perfect. I like the thing you said about ‘our body is changing while we get older’, its so real.

  • This is such a FANTASTIC video!!! Also, In case you are interested they do make bike shorts/leggings just for bike/ cycle classes or bike riding that have AMAZING padding built right in for comfort!! you will have to look around there are plenty of styles etc. THANKS AGAIN for another great video!!!!!!

  • gurl honestly i can relate to u so much. like every time i workout in the morning i like wake up the next morning great. but like when working about both morning and evening i feel so bloated the next morning. and honestly i haven’t be putting pressure either, and i have been eating general healthy food and never doing everything special. just eating healthy and never restricting myself either. because ur previous vids have kinda helped me to get out of that bad space. THANKYOU!

  • I fucking hate my body. I want to go back to them time when I had anorexia again. It’s not worth living if you don’t have a pretty body. No one cares unless you’re beautiful or dead.

  • thank you for sharing! this was so motivating and helpful i can’t wait until i get at peace with food and my body. it’s just so hard sometimes:(

  • Ration cycling probably asked for weight because those bikes have weight limits. So maybe it wasn’t that they cared for weight loss reasons, but more for practical reasons.

  • Hey Holly!!! Cannot actually believe that this is already the 30th video I am watching from you being in Australia time runs sooooo quickly and I will miss these Australia vlogs!! Anyway, as other people have said you can be so proud of yourself how much you’ve grown on this trip! Could you talk in another video about the more “girl-things-related” topics such as having your perdiod while travelling and also shaving (especially when one is camping without proper bathroom facilities). Das wäre super! Ganz liebe Grüße aus Berlin:)) xxx

  • thank you so much for this video! makes you even more sympathetic talking about „not being perfect“. i hope you understand what i mean. lots of love❤️

  • Yeeees Queen. Why am I so emotional rn. I can’t��❤️❤️ sending so much love and light and happiness. Anyone else think she is glowing her most rn and just the friggin best? I truly love seeing all these influencers come to the realisation that it’s not all about trying to be “perfect”.

  • Being a simp for ashley then this showed up in my recommendation, okay okay let’s pretend it’s still 2018 but actually 2020 owh gosh

  • Literally went through the same thing last year. MyfitnessPal and calorie counting wasted SO much of the time that I could have been using to study chemistry lol. Eat happy and exercise because it makes you feel good!

  • I think people should take yoga more seriously. I’ve lifted heavy weight for work and loaded trucks for very big equipment many times but my only serious injury was from one instructor-supervised yoga class. I thought I could go further than I was able and ripped into my hamstrings. Couldn’t do tree pose for a year after.

  • I love this:) I’ve been doing pilates for a little over a year now and it’s been the best exercise for me! Only very rarely will there be any kind of comment about changing your body shape/losing weight, the instructors always just focus on teaching you the moves and pumping you up.

  • Heyy all!

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    I’m a qualified nutritionist, so I can confirm that the recipes in this eBook are actually healthy,! They also legitimately taste really good (in my humble opinion ��).

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    Enjoy ��

  • This is exactly the video I needed! I feel like we’re going through the same struggles. Next week is my birthday and I want to be able to eat cake without being guilty!

  • Around 1:13:28, this discussion starts to move into facetuning. I would like to recommend this 2011 documentary by Jennifer Seibel Newsome to you both it ties to what you were saying here, Ben.

    This is the trailer. YT has both a ‘buy’ version and a free-English-language-subtitled-in-Portuguese (I think) version. Really important messages about media and disenfranchisement of women. https://youtu.be/u7KEisjEG3M

    Content warning: in terms of “younger or more sensitive viewer” to watch this hard content, I fall into the “sensitive viewer category.” There is a stretch of conservative media talking heads being sehhhhhhhhhhhhxxxissst AF. Rage inducing sexism. What’s considerably worse is one of the worst offenders shown received a Presid I can’t even type it.���������� Just saying as you watch, you may find you need a moment to scream.

  • Carrie you NEED to try a barre class!! It is a combo of yoga, Pilates, and ballet. It is so so much fun!! A yoga studio does it in my area and I feel that it focuses on overall well being (mental and physical!) and emphasizes that YOU are doing this for YOU. for me that is really important because I am notoriously bad at not taking time for myself. It’s such a good way to just let go of the outside world and be present for yourself!

  • I’m 5’7 and 123lbs and I still don’t like my body, why tho? Cause I have no confidence thanks for asking… AND BEN PLAYED VOLLEYBALL KING

  • Somehow your journey to this point is so similar to mine, as we all started at the place when we really restricted and exercised a lot, then tried to heal our relationship with food. We all had small relapses here and there and wanted to “back on track”, but then realized we’re so over the need to be perfect in the way we eat. I have to say it’s a constant struggle, we will never be sure we won’t have another relapse. The most important thing is that we know how to handle it once it comes.

  • You r ltrly glowing ����, I needed this so much thank u for ur beautiful words they just hit my heart differently, I’m so proud of u ����

  • this is a late comment but props to u for addressing how exercise and dieting that is healthy in itself can be a part of a much bigger, much unhealthier mindset! the end does not justify the means, and if it’s a horrible relationship with ur body image that is motivating you to eat a certain way, or work out, that is definitely not healthy overall!

  • this is a such a BIG topic and there is a lot I would have liked to say. However, I just wanted to address a few things that may have been confusing or not mentioned:

    Being vegan has not been an issue at all. In particular, the tours have been so good with catering for my dietaries. The only times I’ve been stuck with food have been because I’ve not been as organised as I should have been. For example, I mentioned the Coles had shut on the evening of Australia Day. I still had food to make, but just not what I’d planned. Also, in an airport once it took me a while to find food but eventually I got something (a rice-less burrito if you remember that video)!

    Secondly, it took me a while to get used to being here alone and during that time I was worrying about food and what I was going to be eating. Hence I didn’t branch out as much as I could have done. Eating out is also expensive, and personally, it is something I usually see fit for special occasions. Hence I don’t do it that often. But yes, travelling is about trying new places and new food, so I’ve tried to branch out a bit and get used to going on solo ‘food dates’ on my own!

    I hope this makes sense and sorry it was kind of random, but I’ve just been having a few (well, lots really) revelations recently! Also keep in mind that there’s a lot more than goes on behind the camera which you all don’t see!

  • This video honestly made me come to a small conclusion of why people watch YouTube. I think that many young people like me come to youtube to hear people older than them not experts, but people like them, just older talk about sensitive or untalked about topics that they feel they can’t discuss irl. Just a lil thought:) ty ily

  • ben: hello i’m ben and i identify as a larger person

    me: hello i’m this is for rachel u big fat and i identify as a depressed medium weight person

  • yessss i went from a size 4 to a size 12 in the last 7 months and feel the strongest i ever have, despite being the largest + heaviest I’ve ever been:)

  • I’m a mid sized girl and I go to Planet Fitness! I see all ages and all sized bodies there. I understand going to the gym can be scary at first but I quickly realized no one is paying attention to anyone but themselves. Maybe it’s different in California? These workout classes seem fun but also way too expensive for the average person:(

  • i am still going through the whole process of restricting and overeating, but this video pushed me to put even more effort into becoming “normal”, because I don’t want to keep going like I am right now. thank you so much for being so open, you and your journey and process really inspire me to get better!

  • i needed this! i’m in my summer vacation, and i needed to lose weight because of health reasons and ever since i started dieting and working out, i’ve become happier! but it came to a point where it’s becoming unhealthy for me. thank you for this video, ashley! xoxo

  • thank you for this. truly. the message you’re sending to all of your viewers, including me, is so reassuring and uplifting. i’m going through my own personal struggles with my relationship with food and exercise and trying to heal/feel free like i once was years ago. you’ve made me so inspired to recover!!

  • Wow this video is great. My brother works out almost everyday and calls me weak since that’s not what I’m into (I’d rather write and listen to music). Sometimes it makes me feel down ’cause my parents always compare his fitness to mine. So this video helped:)

  • Eating while traveling is a tricky one! You don’t want to eat the same thing every day but you also don’t want to carry a load of food around with you all the time. It makes it hard to vary what you eat so I totally get why you eat oats all the time. My go-to was bread and some sort of dip:D

  • I actually watched this video just before going to a spin class, where they’ve just started showing the class’s metrics on the main screen. That was something that I felt was daunting at first. What I’ve found with that is that it actually helps you know what you should aim for in terms of different paces and resistance levels, which can be kind of mysteriousand I don’t mean aiming for the RPM of the dude that never increases his resistance, so he can go 130 RPM throughout the whole class! I understand what you experienced about feeling targeted for feedback on your form at the Pilates class. I am all about getting the proper form, because I want to get the maximum benefit and I am not at all interested in risking injury, but sometimes it has seemed like the instructor has gone overboard in the feedback department. The times when I have felt targeted for feedback have been: when I was new to a class; the instructor was new to a class; the instructor was trying to get me to the “next level”; the instructor felt I was one of the few that could actually handle feedback. Hopefully, it was just one of those scenarios, so you can feel comfortable going back to more classes. I am definitely all about people exercising for the love of their bodies, rather than the hatred of them, so I am glad to see more gyms moving beyond damaging fitness tropes!

  • This is sooo helpful and so eye-opening. i’ve been going through the same thing and if you ever want to talk about it with someone who can relate or vent and talk about how great it is, shoot me a message. id love to talk about it with someone similar!!

  • I think Ben makes a very good point, you should never judge someone by the way they look. It’s wrong and damaging to self esteem… but being obese isn’t a good thing. Of course all body types are different and I respect that but if someone is unhealthily obese then don’t shower encouragement on that person. I think it’s better to support starting healthier habits than telling them they are fine the way they are.

  • I’m doing catch up on these. But I’m enjoying the health talk and personal achievements. I know it’s not easy but I do feel it’s always worth sharing real stories on weight and mental health. Ben is right they both do work together no matter what. Thank you for sharing. Proud of you guys taking care of yourself. It’s never too late to start. You both look great.