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There are 159 calories in one ounce of cashews. Between 16-18 cashews make up one ounce, or a serving size. Cashew nutrition benefits include copper, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, and tryptophan.

They have a lower fat content than most other nuts and are fantastic for heart health. The above-mentioned benefits of nut nutrition for health clarify the significance and impact of regular nuts intake in our overall health and lifestyle. So, ensure long and healthy living with a mixed handful of nuts and save your money that you might have to expend if you fall sick due to any severe disease. Now more than ever, nuts are recommended as the ideal snack. They are known for being high in fiber, protein, healthy fats, and a variety of vitamins and minerals, much more nutritious than a bowl of potato chips, and—if eaten in moderation—can help you lose weight.

Eating nuts also improve heart health and have been shown to lower cholesterol. Nuts, acorns, dried Nutrition Facts & Calories For best results, be sure to enable the option to PRINT BACKGROUND IMAGES in the following browsers: Firefox ( File > Page Setup > Format & Options ) Internet Explorer 6/7 ( Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Printing ) In Internet Explorer 7 you will need to adjust the default “Shrink To. And for the same portion, are lower in calories and total fat than other familiar nuts (i.e. walnuts, almonds, cashews) and higher in protein, carbohydrates and fiber.

They are an excellent source of fiber and vitamin E and a good source of minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc along with antioxidants. Here are the nutrition facts for 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of raw peanuts: Calories: 567 Water: 7% Protein: 25.8 grams Carbs: 16.1 grams Sugar: 4.7. The researchers found that adding nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds to an unhealthy western diet can improve sexual desire and orgasm quality.

Apart from being filling and delicious, nuts are convenient and can be easily added to a variety of dishes. 5 most healthful nuts – Nutritional facts and their health benefits Almonds. While all nuts contain heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, walnuts (14 halves contain 185 calories, 18 grams fat, 4 grams protein) have high amounts of heart-healthy alpha linoleic acid (ALA), a.

Other key nutrients in pine nuts include potassium, calcium, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, folate, choline, and betaine. The following is a comprehensive pine nuts nutrition chart for one cup, or 135 g, of pine nuts. Walnuts are rich in omega-3 fats and antioxidants, offering many health benefits.

Here is detailed health and nutrition information about walnuts.

List of related literature:

Nutrition research has demonstrated that as little as 30 g of nutrient-dense nuts per day can have a positive effect on health.

“Tree Nuts: Composition, Phytochemicals, and Health Effects” by Cesarettin Alasalvar, Fereidoon Shahidi
from Tree Nuts: Composition, Phytochemicals, and Health Effects
by Cesarettin Alasalvar, Fereidoon Shahidi
CRC Press, 2008

Overall, nut consumers have a significantly higher nutrient quality score than non-nut consumers, which can lead to overall better health and wellness [138].

“Dietary Patterns and Whole Plant Foods in Aging and Disease” by Mark L. Dreher
from Dietary Patterns and Whole Plant Foods in Aging and Disease
by Mark L. Dreher
Springer International Publishing, 2018

However, because of the high energy content of nuts, advice to include them in the diet must be tempered in accordance with the desired energy balance.

“Human Nutrition E-Book” by Catherine Geissler, Hilary Powers
from Human Nutrition E-Book
by Catherine Geissler, Hilary Powers
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

Hence, the incorporation of edible nuts, around 30–50 g/day, in the typical diet would be advisable to ensure various health benefits, without the risk of body weight gain (Vadivel et al., 2012).

“Handbook of Food Processing, Two Volume Set” by Theodoros Varzakas, Constantina Tzia
from Handbook of Food Processing, Two Volume Set
by Theodoros Varzakas, Constantina Tzia
CRC Press, 2015

To control calorie intake, moderate quantities of nuts should be substituted for other foods, because 1 oz of nuts (approximately 1⁄4 cup) contains 170 to 190 calories.

“Integrative Medicine E-Book” by David Rakel
from Integrative Medicine E-Book
by David Rakel
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

Although high in calories, the nutrients in nuts provide the body with an excellent source of protein and energy (see Table 11).

“Heal Your Leaky Gut: The Hidden Cause of Many Chronic Diseases” by David Brownstein, Jodie Gould
from Heal Your Leaky Gut: The Hidden Cause of Many Chronic Diseases
by David Brownstein, Jodie Gould
Humanix Books, 2017

“Nuts are good for you,” as an FDA-approved package label “qualifies” the health claim for nuts: “Scientific evidence suggest but does not prove that eating 1.5 ounces per day of most nuts as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease.”

“Foodservice Manual for Health Care Institutions” by Ruby Parker Puckett
from Foodservice Manual for Health Care Institutions
by Ruby Parker Puckett
Wiley, 2012

Scientific evidence suggests, but does not prove, that eating about 46.51 g (1.5 oz.) per day of most nuts as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease.

“Handbook of Food Products Manufacturing, 2 Volume Set” by Y. H. Hui, Ramesh C. Chandan, Stephanie Clark, Nanna A. Cross, Joannie C. Dobbs, W. Jeffrey Hurst, Leo M. L. Nollet, Eyal Shimoni, Nirmal Sinha, Erika B. Smith, Somjit Surapat, Fidel Toldrá, Alan Titchenal
from Handbook of Food Products Manufacturing, 2 Volume Set
by Y. H. Hui, Ramesh C. Chandan, et. al.
Wiley, 2007

In addition to this economic importance, peanuts and other nuts offer nutrient (e.g., protein content) and health benefits (e.g., use of almonds in reducing risk of coronary heart disease [108, 109] and the use of nut and peanut butter in lowering risk of type 2 diabetes in women [110].

“Handbook of Food Science, Technology, and Engineering 4 Volume Set” by Y. H. Hui, Frank Sherkat
from Handbook of Food Science, Technology, and Engineering 4 Volume Set
by Y. H. Hui, Frank Sherkat
CRC Press, 2005

However, soy-derived oils and foods and most nuts contain large amounts of ω-6 fatty acids that can reduce some of the therapeutic benefits of the ω-3 fatty acids, so finding a prudent balance between ω-3 and ω-6 fatty acids is suggested.

“Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
from Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book
by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2020

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  • Peanuts are legumes. And very moldy ones at that. In fact organic, less processed peanuts have the highest amount of aflatoxin. Not to mention high temperature roasting oxidizes the fats. They are also high histamine foods. Peanuts are terrible for health. Try walnut butter. Raw sprouted walnut butter. You can thank me later 😉

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  • So a calorie isn’t a calorie? No wonder people are so confused what to eatwe have this abundance of food, seemingly almost limitless, and despite the internet we have this lack of knowledge. Even in the WFPB you tubersthey dont eat nuts “cuz of the calories”! I guess the answer is eat healthy foods, unprocessed as much as you can and dont eat too much…which brings me back to portion control…yaduh yaduh. I know Dr. G doesn’t want to be anyones Guru but….

  • Thanks to Dr Greger for evidenced-based presentations. “Medical science is only in its infancy, yet it has shown that our natural diet is that which grows out of the ground.” Bahai Faith

  • In regards to peanuts he said that commercial peanut butter doesn’t count does that mean they don’t have the health benefits he’s talking about or that they wern’t trialed?

  • It depends on how much you like nuts. My Dad got really fat eating nuts. That’s because he couldn’t leave em alone. Don’t generalise. Humans are individuals.

  • I believe some of the fat in the nuts is locked in the fiber and is not absorbed.. the fiber also pushes everything through the digestive system quicker. The nut fiber is also more slippery and lubercates the colon..,

  • (I might have made this comment below somewhere). It could be that nuts contain mitochondrial ‘uncoupling’ compounds uncoupling calories burned from ATP produced. Instead the calories are converted to heat. This extra heat production would essentially increase one’s basal metabolic rate (BMR) and calorie expenditure. Maybe squirrels find this a convenient way to keep warm in winter. Such an uncoupling agent has been isolated from cashews.

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  • A person who consumes nuts, nut oils, nut butters, and nut milks gradually developes plaque in all tissues. Cyanide, which circulates nutrients in plants, cannot be separated from saturated fat in nuts even with cooking.

  • the title is misleading. i thought you were gonna say nuts made you fat. boy was i wrong lol love your videos! helping me be more conscious about my eating habits

  • Is it a true allergy if a nut causes ulcers in your mouth like a minute after you eat them. The fun only starts in the mouth……

  • Salt won’t hurt you, plus every”best nut” declaration has them in different order or includes different nuts entirely. Therefore forget this video and all the rest. Standing in front of a camera and declaring an opinion doesn’t establish a fact. Overeating nuts can be a problem, therefore drop the salt even if it’s good for you and make walnuts first, peanuts second, macadamia third, pecan fourth and cashews last. Or just eat a small amount of mixed nuts. There, saved you many hours.

  • Quite luckily I have never been a fan of cashews. As for almonds, I soak them overnight and that should help with antinutrient reduction.

  • Keto diet is the worst! I eat more like a Vegetarian only eat very little meat in holiday or on bday, no Dairy products no processed food and I eat plant-based whole food for all my life over 44 years. I am a fit and active Asian women. The Keto diet it caused my healthy number all went bad!! Cholesterol went up from 98 to 140 then over 250!!!! Lost few lbs in the beginning then gained 5lbs! And body fat increased to 29%!! I stopped that and went back to my plants base eating life style, this month and everything starts going back to healthy range. High fat Keto diet promoters are all sponsors by meat /fat producers! And butter is back research was sponsored by the industry producers too! Plants based Whole Foods eating life style is good for environment and less animals diet, less land used to grow animals feed!!! Animals Fart hurting the ozone in atmosphere. Eating less meat will result in less waste of food& pollution! If people eat less meat products this world would be a much better place and no more Global warming. Less demand on meat and processed food, more eating healthy plants based food will make the industry producers make positive changes based on our demand. WE ARE the key for the change!!

  • Hi Thomas, what are you medical credentials? I appreciate all the info. What background do you have to be at this level of providing detailed nutritional information to the masses? I’m trying to get the best of my keto diet, so this is something I’m concerned about. You go into detail about aflatoxins, pytates, hydroxybuterate, acetoacetate, etc. No normal viewer would understand this unless they were a doctor, specifically a doctor specializing in nutritional health. Are you a doctor of nutritional health? Do you understand the recommendations you are making?

  • Every time I try to be educated and live a healthy life style, I find myself shocked by the the amount of contradictory information throwing at me by many different athletes, nutritionist, or healthy-related contains creators. Every day I realise what I was thinking I was eating healthy is not healthy at all! Since when almonds and cashews aren’t……. ����‍♂️

  • Is this going to STOP, ever??? The never ending “new-fallen-from-grace food video” hell? Please…!, we need some common ground for once and for all, or the health we will end up losing is the mental one…

  • After some questionable(!) scientific research, I found Almonds to the healthiest, with walnuts in 3rd place. I stand by my findings, see my channel for the details.

  • Of course the idea that nuts don’t contribute to weight gain is important.
    However, given that the beginning of the video suggested the focus was to answer the question of what happened to the calories, 10 minutes of fairly redundant examples without really answering that question was a disappointment.

  • Christopher Walker says, Macademia nuts, brazil nuts, tiger nuts, horse chestnuts: support testosterone.

  • Hi there!,

    Thank you so very much for all the info you provide to us.

    I think the Keto community would like a detailed video on Peanuts and why they are a very lightly consumed food it all food.

    I love Nuts and have found like you have said its easy to eat a ton and not know it.

    Thanks in the off chance you read these.

    YOUR my KETO Jesus!!!

  • Hmm did the studies for the 40% decrease in mortality risk, control for allergies?
    Could it be that people who dont eat peanuts are allergic, and their increased risk of mortality is to do with their allergies not their lack of nut? Correlation does not equal causation.

  • Videos to detailed. Make them shorter and I’ll watch more. More simple photos of products on the screen longer, please. I’m 71 female.

  • I bought ‘How not to die’ when it came out, recently started seeing the videos and have subscribed.

    Most of the videos I see come up somehow then I select, or I search a topic. However many videos like this one end with a promise for something to be tackled in the next video. But i dont know how to find those next videos. Are there serial numbers or dates, could someone suggest a way to find succeeding videos? Thanks.

    Of course the book and the videos are wonderful, I shared the book cover and information on facebook and WhatsApp when it was new and again recently. Incidentally, speaking for myself, I don’t like the title, otherwise of course the book is great.

    My regards and good wishes to Dr. Greger. More power to your… mind, pen, video cameras. And thanks very much for sharing the lifesaving and life enhancing knowledge and ideas.

  • Before: all the nuts were affordable.
    Now thanks to corporates, the costco, walmart, and the likes….. have them in their shelves stale.
    And the rest of us can’t afford it because these motherfuckers are selling it for fucking 25dollars for any size.
    Like you know how I hate white people right now? I’m furious! specially the whites who go to third world country buy anything for 25cent and sell it for 25 dollars without giving our third world people the profit. and they keep everything.
    This is no different than slavery.Intentionally putting the third world people living under poverty line so they make profits.
    So fucking wrong!!!!

    I stopped shopping in any of these corporate giant stores for this reason. I never buy anything because they own slaves everywhere in the world India, Philippines, all Africa, all South America, Central America like sugar cain industry slaves did back in the days to make the whites richer…
    This is history repeating itself.

  • Everywhere I turn people are saying peanuts are bad for you. They are not even Paleo. Are you sure about the peanuts being good for you?

  • My wife is on the keto diet and she loves Dees nuts, she says they’re slightly salty, low in calories and filled with protein, she swears by them. You should try Dees nuts too ����

  • Is it true that peanuts �� causes inflammation, and should be avoided? Please help as I enjoy �� peanut butter as a snackaroony ����������

  • For years I have eaten insane amounts of (mostly raw)nuts and seeds. Handfuls of them, spoonfuls of butter out of the jar, multiple times a day… I’ve tried to reduce my nut intake for fear of gaining but I love them so much. My weight is pretty normal. I’m 5’4, 110 lbs. I’m glad I watched this.

  • How we will know if the peanut �� butter, roasted peanut etc, are safe to eat? What if the peanut �� are infected of “toxin” that may cause cancer?


  • CB’s nuts. Only peanuts�� it is organic and has no additives.
    16g fat
    5mg Sodium
    0 Cholesterols
    6gm Carbs
    2 Fiber
    3 Sugar
    6 Protein

  • Im confused because all of the docs that you associate with at the conferences of health say that nuts and nut butters are bad for your health. How is this possible? Thank you.

  • The producers of some healthy nuts, like Brazil nuts ( which my family brought only during Christmas and called them “Ni**a Toes” want to help you remain healthy but at the same time they want to help you remain broke as in give us all of your money for a pound of deez nutts. I can’t stop eating Cashews when I can afford to buy them. Making them probably unhealthy…

  • Thanks to Dr Greger for evidenced-based presentations. “Medical science is only in its infancy, yet it has shown that our natural diet is that which grows out of the ground.” Bahai Faith

  • Its insulin, not calories. See Jason Fung’s lectures if you want to understand this “paradox”. According to Fung, calories dont matter, insulin drives weight. Nuts are higher in fat than carbs, so they are unlikely to add weight due to the lower effect on insulin. And the fiber acts as a protectant against insulin. I have found I can lose weight simply by eating more fats than carbs each day (no need for something as extreme as keto unless you are type 2 diabetic maybe), and restrict eating time to 8 to 10 hours a day. Both keep insulin low. But I dont pay attention to calories. I only worry about avoiding food that will have an adverse effect on insulin, like sugar. The low fat fad is a losing strategy. You will always be hungry unless you have the discipline to eat completely unprocessed food. The continuous eating keeps the insulin high. And even some people will struggle on high carb eating unprocessed. Some people are just more insulin resistant it seems. Gregor can’t give up on the calories in/calories out model just yet.

  • Just read whatever little excerpts of studies were shown (especially titles). The majority of cited studies are not about ‘nuts and weight’ but about ‘nuts and cholesterol’; in studies about cholesterol subjects under no circumstances would be allowed to gain weight, since weight gain itself would affect cholesterol levels and discredit the results.
    As to the review: it was funded by the nut industry of Australia.

  • Thanks to Dr Greger for evidenced-based presentations. “Medical science is only in its infancy, yet it has shown that our natural diet is that which grows out of the ground.” Bahai Faith

  • Had to stop watching this video after two minutes your singing and attempted jokes are so annoying. Couldn’t even focus on the facts. Thumbs down!

  • I have feelings of guilt�� about buying (let alone eating) fatty foods, like nuts. I understand the research but my brain cant go there yet.�� I might have to practice fierce��️‍♂️��️‍♀️��️‍♂️ ninja skills and sneak a handfull in the kitchen at midnight..

  • I love almonds,peanuts, cashews just about any nut! I worry or should say worried about the calories. The good thing is they fill me up so I don’t really overeat. Great video! Thanks

  • After some questionable(!) scientific research, I found Almonds to the healthiest nut. I stand by my findings, see my channel for the definitive list of the healthiest nuts.

  • Love the silly puns!
    Thanks for presenting the topic in a fun and light-hearted way��
    If I wanted some professor lay out facts in a monotone and dull voice I would watch some other channel.

  • These studies are based on the falsehood of “calories in calories out” regarding weight gain.
    Not all calories are created equal because not all foods are, in fact, foods…
    Anything processed is not true food. True food that nourishes is provided by mother nature.
    So 500 calories of cake with frosting is far from 500 calories of nuts or fruits because they are not utilized in the body the same way.
    Also, processed food leaves acidic waste behind… the more you eat the more waste that backs up because you can only dispose of so much a day while eating crap. This is a major reason why we are faced with epidemics of obesity and sickness in today’s world.
    Go back to eating real food and you will be really healthy….and never gain any weight.

  • Just FYI…
    Peanut is not a nut, it’s actually a legume.
    Peanuts are legume, which are edible seeds in closed in a shell or pods. They’re in the same family as Peas, beans, and lentils. Just saying ��….

  • Im less than 2 minutes in and I cant even finish this video because of the constant cut to these stupid unnecessary jokes. Im your 35th thumbs down.

  • Hi… you constantly talk about weight LOSS…HOW about weight GAIN? I’m 5’11″and I weigh 145#. I would like to weigh 175#. So, I want to eat HEALTHY FOODS that will allow a RAPID weight GAIN close to that 175# GOAL. YOUR insight and KNOWLEDGE will be Greatly appreciated. THANKS IN ADVANCE….����✌��

  • But peanuts are high in omega-6 which is very heavy on the liver. I heard there’s one type of peanuts that are good I forgot it’s name tho

  • 1:06
    They have “76 Kilojoule (320 Calorie)” in the title, but 320 kJ is about 76 kcal, not the other way round, which means they got it wrong in the title wtf?!

  • The Question is, what weight did they gain? did the meat Group gain muscles because of incresed Protein intake? weight gain doesnt mean fat gain. they only Show calorie intake but not macro Ratio. so the more meat the more Protein you consume with higher Protein Synthesis and more muscle gain. would be interesting to see Protein AND calorie matched Trials.

  • You confusing someone here because you said three years ago cashew milk is the best and now here you saying cashew is the mother of all evils

  • I Have just seen a video that said cashew a nd almonds a nds walnuts are very bad for you make your minds up this is wrong telling us one thing is good for you and then very bad for you shouldnt give out false information

  • UGHHH, what an obnoxious blonde. Clearly she doesn’t know anything about this topic, so she ought not venture her idle input it actually reduces this clip’s credibility: 2:28. Trying to have a categorically “cute” chairperson is typical, but when her comments are clearly personal, it’s more appropriate/ credible if the comments are rooted in a verifiable foundation unlike this demo.
    The guest speaker clearly had the expertise to be teaching the “cute-ish” host should have let her present the knowledge in plenty. In short: highly unbalanced clip and distractive from the material intended for display.

  • Learned a ton in this and often eat almonds and cashews. No more will they be consumed like they were being. Picked up some pecans with my grocery shop this time.

  • Guys! I’m vegan and my boyfriend is not. He is very skinny and wants to gain weight healthily, so he had been eating cashews a lot since they are fatty, but turns out that won’t make him gain weight… 😉 So how could he healthily gain weight?

  • 01:02 Rich in Nutrients & Antioxidants
    01:50 Improve Immune System
    02:33 Weight Loss
    03:11 Promotes Healthy Brain
    03:50 Good for Bones

    Also, make sure to SUBSCRIBE if you like our videos 😉

  • This is easy; I’ve eaten handfuls of peanuts and seen whole peanuts come out in my stool. Can’t say the same about Chips Ahoy or french fries.

  • I did whole food plant based high carb low fat diet and I had as well really bad days stressful days with full of anxiety and I quitted from plant based because i felt so tired from all.

    For 4 months i was eating animal products and i realized that I lost my sixpack and I felt more heavy.

    I treated my psychology with lot of deep work and when I finished I started again to eat again whole food plant based but with high carb and much fat too.
    Because I feel to run better my mind and my body like this and I feel to my body to coming back to fit again is almost done.
    I eat 4 handfuls or 5 nuts.��

  • Lol! Adding chocolate to ruin all benefits. And btw why only walnut? I though you might be mixing 5 or 6 different kind of sry fruit. Well such a waste of time

  • Come on! You mentioned peanuts, cashews and almond all sketchy for having molecules that also compromise health. You, for some reason, left out pili, hazel, pecan and macadamia!��

  • Almonds:

    Blanching the almonds to remove the skins is helpful, then soaking overnight.

    It may be this explains the prep for using ground almonds in a recipe.

    If true, it would be good prep for making almond flour.


    What is the special problem about flour?

    YouTube Dr. Gillaspy mentions flour is a special problem.

    Maybe I should ask her?

  • Started video seeing your sign saying dos and donts and which nuts were behind the sign.. stopped video right away.. fuck you man.. your gonna at least let me eat cashews

  • Holy guacamole!!! This reminds me of a study they did of nurses in Europe who ate the most nuts. They had a significantly lower rate of morbidity compared to their non nut eating nurse counterparts. I’ve been debating planting english walnuts on my property. Its a debate no longer. I’m going to check out the choices walnut trees Thursday.

  • has anyone thoroughly chevked these studies to make sure none of rhe researchers are linked eith the nut industry?..did dr gregor does anyone know?
    .bc id be very surprised if these results were accurate? weight gain with all that saturated fat??..

  • That’s unfortunate. Pecans and macadamia nuts have a nauseating texture, and macadamia nuts specifically taste just awful. Cashews and almonds taste the best, but are the worst for you in ketosis. Oh well.

  • I have found that I can eat an incredible amount of raw sprouted walnuts of fresh cashews without any weight gain issues. When I say incredible I am talking up to 9 pounds a month. I have since cut back but still eat a significant amount. I also think there is something going on with how much of the nuts are actuality digested. I don’t think we can count the full amount of calories when eating them. Chewing does not break them down all the way and many small pieces pass through undigested. I would be willing to bet that 1/3 of the nuts are not digested. I would also be willing to bet that nut butters would cause more weight gain

  • Cashews, walnuts and almonds aren’t true nuts either. They’re the seed of a drupe. You can’t eat cashews raw either. Ones labelled as “raw” are usually steamed.

  • The info in this video is not very healthy at all. EVERYONE KNOWS nuts are good for you-but what this professional SHOULD have mentioned is the importance of SOAKING the nuts before consuming them. SOAKING RELEASES THE ENZYME INHIBITORS IN THE NUTS-MAKING THEM MUCH MORE HEALTHIER FOR THE BODY AND EASIER FOR DIGESTION. Toasting the nuts also isn’t a great idea.. anything heated over 118 degrees starts killing off the enzymes in foods. Check the science. My apologies and respectfully, but I have to disagree completely with this video.

  • Finally this guy must have gotten a speech coach, to help improve his style of speaking! Yay! Because, while he has some good information to impart, it has been painful to listen to him speak, in previous presentations. This was much easier to listen to!
    A fixed amount of (insert a food here), given to different body sized, different metabolisms, etc., will have different responses. Do the so-called studies done, factor that?
    Did this doctor mostly read the research summaries, or did he dig into the bodies of the studies, to better determine the veracity & accuracy of how research was set up, done, and assessed? Or look at WHO really FUNDED it?
    He talks about single foods, and mentioned how sugar is worst, but only cursorily mention of how combining sugars with near fiberless grains screws health.
    Just curious. I kinda like one doc’s advice: “eat food; not too much; mostly fresh veggies”. I’d add: “mostly organic” & “intermittent fasting”.

  • Oh! My! God! Didn’t know us pigs had been given a free pass in the nuts (my favs anyway)! Will continue loving nuts but now totally guilt-free. How much do we love this good Doctor Michael Greger? Let us count the ways! ��

  • Cheers for the Video! Excuse me for butting in, I would love your thoughts. Have you heard about Niyaden Niybigail Blaster (just google it)? It is a good one off guide for understanding how to strengthen shoulder and hips without the headache. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my close friend Aubrey at last got amazing success with it.

  • How do people in the arctic get selenemium? Are you saying on ly rich people can get nutrition? This is bull shit! I can find a balanced diet without these nuts.

    Also… it’s pronounced “All-monds” not “Al-monds”!

  • This is nonsense. I struggled to get my weight down on a WFPB diet to a perfect BMI. The only thing that got me to my goal was removing nuts and vegetable oils. The fat you eat is the fat you wear. Read the nutritional value of nuts. That are fat, fat and fat. Yes, maybe they prevent some of the fat from being absorbed, but why not eliminate all of it. Another thing, nuts have become extremely expensive and in many places are destroying the water table as they use massive amounts of water to grow. After a while you don’t miss them at all.

  • Mr. Michael Greger ought to make a separate video, clearing all the contradictions in all his videos. In one video, he says that high cholesterol and saturated fat intake is bad, while in this video he is advocating for nuts which contain both in high quantities.
    The more I watch his videos, more confused I get.

  • I can assure you that if you’re a normal person who can’t stop at one handful of nuts, yes you will gain weight, I couldn’t stop eating peanuts when I quit smoking, and I gained a lot of weight

  • I had bad candida (fungal/yeast overgrowth) Peanuts can have mold but can you get unmoldy ones? not sure, mold keeps on growing inside you so i am too scared now to eat it.

  • Walnuts kinda look like my testicles hehehehe �������� respectfully, and cashews like the head of my penis, professionally speaking

  • It’s the same like with diet drinks. I don’t drink diet soda because it tastes better. I choose it instead of regular one because I already have weight problem. The same is with nuts I love them but I try to eat things that are lower in calories.

  • So what happens when you DO restrict calories AND add the nuts? I’m currently lifting weights and I’m in a cutting phase, I’ve reduced the amount of nuts I eat in a day (10 grams of almonds) but being such a fan of them, I would seriously love to add more without sacrificing the weight loss and definition I seek.