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Now is the ideal time to make mobility a focus, especially since many of us are spending more time at home than ever before. Ahead, fitness experts argue the benefits of investing in a mobility practice — from better workouts to fewer injuries — plus share some exercises to help you start from home. MOBILITY IS NOT FLEXIBILITY. You need to practice often but you also need to practice PERFECT. Using too much resistance or pushing too hard will result in form and technique that is far from perfect and won’t benefit your mobility nearly as much or may actually result in worse mobility.

Daily mobility practice with a lower to moderate intensity is key here. If you haven’t done mobility work before, now is the perfect time to start. It takes a while for your body to adapt to new practices, which means that you’ll be able to get a lot of those muscle knots out and make some serious gains in your flexibility and.

Why Now Is The Perfect Time to Mobilize Your Employees. By. Craig Ross October 13, 2017. Facebook. Twitter.

Pinterest. Linkedin. What do you think about the state of civility in our world right now? There’s never been a better question to ask your organization. And not for making chit-chat, but for showing others you have heart—and the.

Strategic mobility program management means creating value for the organization through utilizing policies that maximize value for both your international assignees and your business. Here, you’ll find a summary of some best practices that will help you appropriately manage assignment compensation. Luckily, it’s never too late to develop a mobility practice to get your full range of motion back. Extreme training leads to extreme fitness, but it also leads to a higher risk of injury. These four exercises are absolutely necessary for any guy—from SEAL to CrossFitter—who trains hard.

Hand-cut dovetails: Now is the perfect time to practice This past weekend, I did just this. I need boxes for a mid-sized tool chest I have been building. I spent much more time than I normally do because, well, I have more time.

I really spent time squaring up the stock in all directions. Start. 9 Reasons Now Could be the Ideal Time to Start a Business As the saying goes, “Out of crisis, comes opportunity.” If your client has an idea to start a new business, don’t just shoot them down.

If your answer is yes, then, the best time to start your preparation is NOW! Many of you have completed Class X boards and joined the conventional streams in Class XI, mostly arts or commerce. So, we believe that this is the right time for you to begin CLAT 2021 prep, instead of next year.

List of related literature:

This strengthening should begin as soon as the physician believes that the older adult has recovered sufficiently to consider walking.

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Thus, a child learning mobility should first learn to crawl with both his legs and arms before learning to walk in an upright position.

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Finally, unless there are specific needs that require an athlete to perform sprints, jumps, or changes in direction in a fatigued state, SSC exercises should be performed early within a training session and appropriate rest given between subsequent training sessions.

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Early introduction of mobility aids is recommended to enhance independence and reduce the load on the degenerating muscles.

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The physiotherapist expects that Rakesh should be able to regain the ability to climb stairs independently after 8 weeks of therapy, but anticipates that Rakesh is still likely to need to use a stick for support.

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Thus, the therapist must cautiously progress ROM exercises to restore optimal shoulder mobility; however, aggressive stretching beyond 90degrees should not begin until at least 12 weeks postoperatively.124

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When the decision is made that the patient will participate in a plyometric program, an adequate systemic and local tissue warm-up should be performed to help prevent injuries and prepare the neuromusculoskeletal system for the demands of the training.

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Early mobility is important to prevent weakening, stiffness, loss of balance and confidence, especially in the elderly.

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Rather, all mobility problems should continue to be worked on until a measurable change is noted.

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It is recommended to initiate mobility exercises within the first week of a humeral fracture managed conservatively, but it is unclear if these need to be supervised by a physical therapist.

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  • Ankle mobility can be a major limiting factor for doing deep squats. Even my stronger male clients can’t get into a full range of motion squat if their ankle movement is restricted.

  • One thing that helped me with my ankle mobility was high top converse. Now when I wake up every morning my ankles do not pop any more.

  • With the joint mobilisation test, does it have to be kneeling? I can get further when I’m standing and kind of sink my hips down and forward. Great content, thank you ����

  • I’ve had poor ankle mobility most of my life, presumably from bad ankle strains. Your mobility exercise with the flexibility strap is exactly what I needed. I have been doing it for a week and have less pain and more mobility already. Thanks!

  • This is really very informational. I am really grateful for the minute details in explanations and the pros and cons part and the skeleton:)

  • Another adventure with Shona <3 It's absolutely fantastic and addictive, I guess! Such a challenge, both mental and physical. Guys, this only looks easy, try and see for yourself.

  • Finally someone who explained the benefit of using that band at the beginning. I did not get why it had a function in the exercise except for increasing needed dorsiflexion strength, but this seems useful to me now. Thanks!

  • Thank you for the video! Do you perhaps have any other tips as to how to release the impingement in the ankle? I have a resistance band, but it is not as thick and I don’t think it will have the desired outcome.

  • Lol I had 3 fractures in my foot and wasnt allowed to move my foot for 7weeks, now I cant walk properly bc my ankle does not allow me to move past 90 degrees.

  • Hi Jo! I was diagnosed with SI Dysfunction some years back and it’s much better these days. But every now and then I’ll get a more or less intense flare up. I tried these stretches and exercises this morning and seemed to experience some relief, but then the pain came back. Do you recommend doing multiple sessions of this segment in one day?

  • I have sprained my ankle in the past repeatedly and, doing the band exercises for 1 month or more, I still cant see any progress in my ankle mobility. Could you recommend me something else? Thank you, great video

  • Hey Doc,
    I had a car accident about 12 years ago in which I damaged my right ankle severely. Ankle has recovered over the years but has understandably lost mobility in it on the dorsiflexion front. My squat range is decent but my right foot points slightly more outwards then my left but I can live with that. My only limitation which concerns me is that I cannot perform a pistol squat on my right side.
    I’ve started doing these banded drills and it’s definitely helping. You think I can get my mobility back on this side or is the injury too old now to be corrected. My ankles do hurt after I stretch them with the exercises in this video but it seems like range is improving

  • I’m walk and stand on my toes can’t touch my heel to the ground unless I’m sitting down would I use these exercises to fix that I never noticed the issue until I got into working out and realized I couldn’t squat or even start to squat.

  • Isn’t there a way to do the first exercise without a band? I swear I had someone teach me something similar only no band but you could get more and more flexibility with each rep.

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  • I teach anykind of mobility to to my clients I get THE WORST looks and openly mocked from my fellow “colleagues”… apparently if you think mobility is even a thing… you’re a pathetic loser… I hate the garbage gym I work at… please help.

  • Thank you very much! You helped me like gain my ankle mobility back, after I almost gave up on it. Had pain in my knees from squatting like forever. And really helpful with the anatomical explanations.
    Best wishes!

  • Holy crap. This stuff is amazing! Well explained, perfect length of time for a video, and functionally sound info. Helped improve my repeatedly sprained ankle to now be able to hold a correct squat position. Thank you very much.

  • Thank you! Your direction is so informative, and clear. I am feeling better already. I am in decent shape, and do mostly cardio and weights. I’ve done yoga on and off over the years. Did some yoga last week, and have had SI pain since then. Could the pain be due to lack of flexibility? I would like to continue yoga to become more flexible, but only if it will help and not hurt. Also, how many deep squats should we shoot for? Thanks!

  • Hi! You are amazing! I’ve been following your lessons for 4 months now…I can’t miss them every week! They are wonderful and you are an excellent teacher! Thank you! ����

  • Damn I tried so many things and this banded joint mobilization helped me crazyy.. i went 1,5-2cm more on one side which was very limited before!

  • I’ve had left ankle issues for years after an injury in high school, I’ve done lots of different exercises to help but every once and a while it bugs me. Thanks for this video I hope it’ll help me shake it for good!

  • This exercise looks insane, can’t wait to try it out
    Would you recommend having the knee float above the toes during squats? I thought you always had to drop your butt like you are sitting

  • Wow, what a great explanation.. easy understanding! For client who ask if it’s safe to allow the knee travel over the toes on squats (thinking about the patela compression on the femur bone)… what do you answer? Cheers

  • Case study: without a question my soleus is too tight. My calves are likely in the 98 percent in so far as size is concerned. (purely genetic) I’ve always “solved” my squat ankle mobility issues by throwing a small plate under my heel. I’m writing to post that foam rolling my lower calves does not work… That is…Until, I extend my foot pointing forward. For whatever reason that’s the only way I can feel the fascia stretch. I’m posting this in case others have this same issue. I’m currently throwing the kitchen sink at my lower body mobility issues… My squat will be fixed! (Albeit over a long time) Thank you Aaron.

  • Interesting video… I have bone on bone (need full ankle replacement) of my right ankle. I tried your ankle mobility screening, and my left knee could reach easily, however, my right knee could not get anywhere close to the wall. I was a D-1 VB player in college with multiple torn ligaments in my ankle. I am an avid tennis player now (with BREG ankle brace), and do NOT want to get an ankle replacement, however, my mobility is getting worse and worse. Any other suggestions for me? Thanks!

  • Hi, great video thanks! I’m in that restricted category by about 1-1.5 inches. Quick question, I have some hip issues (possible impingement) so a really deep hip flex can irritate the front of the joint. Do you have any adaptations to your first stretch exercise to reduce this? Thanks a million!

  • Do these exercises still apply if I have an extreme case of limited dorsiflexion? Doing the hand + thumb test, I can barely move my knee passed my midfoot without my heel lifting off the floor. However, I’m able to do a decent stretch by doing the standard calf wall stretch or by stepping on the edge of a step with the balls of my feet and driving my heel down. Do I have a more serious condition that requires a physician’s visit?

  • Good day AskDoctorJo
    I am from Philippines
    I would like to ask for your opinion on what should i do to my problem
    When i am doing leg raises or sit ups, my spheroid joints sometimes snap at i can feel my bonds rubbing
    What do you think should i do about it?

  • Thank you so much! This is soooo useful and I do need it right now. Recently I’ve felt muscle tightness after lifting weights and tried to find ways to alleviate it. Amazing content! Great job. The internet has enough of fat loss and diet content, but we need more on improving joint health. Please keep it coming!

  • I spained my right ankle a yearago. I have no ankle mobility in this foot as was revealed by me learning pistol squats. When i try these exercises my right heel always lifts and subsequent knee pain in that leg. What should i do? Stop pistol squating?

  • Hey Dr. Horschig
    Im tackling my squat problem one at a time but im unsure which one to tackle first:
    Ankle mobility
    hip flexor pain on the way down
    and quad tendon pain

    which one should i focus in first? thanks love your instagram!

  • I get the anterior pinch REALLY BAD. had a history of inversion sprains in my 20s. That’s cleared up with orthotics and proprioreception work and core control work. However, I’m left with gummy ankles and poor dorsiflecion, like really poor, 5cm on the wall test. As a result, i strain my calves constantly.

    I’m not concerned with loss of power output at the moment, what volume of these exercises should i aim for to hopefully see big improvments in dorsiflexion?

  • Wow this made me sweat! Great class. It definitely challenged me. So grateful that you put these videos on here. I do yoga with you everyday!

  • Rolled my right ankle years ago and it still won’t go as far as my left ankle, I’ll definitely try this…is it really possible to fix my ankle? I can barely the knee past the toes whereas I can for the left ��

  • I have been doing the banded joint mobilization but even with a strong tension on the band I can’t seem to get rid of the blocking sensation. Could I see an improvement if I continue to perform this exercise or is it more likely that the problem lies somewhere else? It is bad enough that I cant even perform the second exercise since I feel a pinching pain before I even get to a stretching sensation in my calves.

  • wow….just finished doing it…great experience a little advanced for me but anyway i tried and it was really different sensation…thank you!!!! have a nice day!!! <3

  • Trying these tonight, I broke my ankle years ago before I got into lifting, hopefully this helps because I need to squat like that ��

  • shouldn’t I still do some exercise involving squeze of this muscle after? Because i heard something about it. Im glad if you respond

  • Thank you! You made something which in other videos I’ve found a bit dry and inaccessible really fun and totally understandable. Love your honesty whilst you’re demonstrating and you’re just generally quite fab. Cheers!

  • Hey Shona,

    I bloody love this routine, I’ve been doing it every morning before my yoga practice and it has helped me feel stronger at my end ranges of motion!!

    I also wanted to ask you which mic do you use to film your real time videos? I bought a crappy one off amazon for my yoga vids and I really got what I paid for!! Your audio sounds so good.

    Thanks so much

    Natalie xx

  • Omg I can already tell this is going to be so good for me. One session and I’m hooked! This is going to be amazing for my long list of old joint injuries! Thank you so much for this free resource shona! So much love to you!!! ������

  • I’m not sure how I skipped over this practice amongst all the other great classes you’ve posted lately…but wow �� this one really made me feel amazing. Starting my mornings off with boho beautiful has changed my life! Thank you thank you ����

  • Oh this felt so good! I have been sick for a bit, so I felt a bit stiff after getting better. This was indeed a lovely wake up routine for the body! Im gonna start doing this more. Although I gotta say, not a big fan of the backround music. But besides that, youre my favorite like always!!

  • Hi Mam. I am having pain in SI joint.I am following your exercises. I am feeling relief from pain.Please advise whether hot massage or ice massage can be taken? Please specify.

  • Hi Shona, thank you for this! I started today and it was disconcertingly hard hahaha I was wondering, I hear a lot of cracking when doing this, particularly on my wrists. Is that normal? Does it mean anything?

  • I know it helps for most people, but the pinching at the front of my ankle doesn’t get relieved doing the resistance band stretch. I did tear my ankle ligaments when I was younger.

  • Hi Shona! Shoni here ;). I JUST joined the Vertue Crew. Did my first workout today! Yay me. I wanna incorporate this mobility routine into my daily life as well. Do I do this first thing in the morning before the workout? Is it ok to do both?

  • This helped me so much! I can’t see my Dr for OMT until end of Aug. This worked for me! I have spondylolithesis grade 1 l4/l5 & si joints.. I’m sure I left something out I’m not a Dr lol. But thank you Dr Jo! I’m am relived in on my right SI! Now… if my ribs & pelvic wouldn’t be so tight lol
    I know I’ll be able to sleep now. Thank you!

  • I just watched the intro of this video on my break of studying, I am soooooo going to do this after my study session for my stiff students body

  • This video need to say ‘intermediate’ or even ‘advanced’. I have noticed some of the ‘all levels’ classes also are strongly intermediate. I truly try everything and push my edge, but rolling back into chair, I smashed my tailbone twice before I had to give up. Lowering into a squat with one leg extended? I have never even seen that, and it is very advanced for me, without the ‘advanced’ modification because my knee won’t point out like that. I’m just saying, while I am enjoying exploring yoga here, please label classes accordingly. I’d like a satisfying class in the morning that I can accomplish, and feel good that I accomplished, not a class where I couldn’t even push my edge in postures that weren’t in my range. I didn’t have time to find another youtube class before I began my day. It was frustrating!

  • How many times a week do you recommend this is done please and will it help with arthritic joints? Love the Deep Forest playlist xx

  • Oh YESSSS!! Can’t wait to do this. Thanks for sharing such an important part of keeping the body healthy and functional over time x

  • That was the most profound online practice I’ve ever had got quite emotional at the end there will be doing this plenty going forward… Thank you!

  • This is completely unrelated to the video but are you and James still friends? Or were y’all dating and no longer are? Lol. If it’s too much definitely don’t feel like you need to answer!! Thank you for the video! ❤️

  • Thank you much Shona for introducing this nurturing movement! I really appreciate all the energy that goes into these videos the are so important. It’s also extremely refreshing to see content on movement that is not about losing weight or molding it. Love your work!

  • Day 4B at 00:50 in the morning. ok, let’s begin. on point now. “aaahhh” I’m glad that I do these at night, because during the day I think too much and would make it harder.

  • Total recharged! I needed this pick me up flow today, and can feel the energy running through me!!! I love love love all your classes! I do at least one everyday and have turned so many people onto them. I just love the feeling of joining you to practice around the world!!! Namaste!

  • I’m 35, i do yoga, in decent shape and my mom says I’m handsome….I know you’re taken but can you help me find a woman that looks like you and is Into yoga as well? Thanks

  • My posture had been changed because of A.s.are there any medicines for A.s.
    I do exercise every day but when i don’t do exercise my pain increase. Is there some diet for such

  • This was such a wonderful practice. I felt so comfortable and relaxed. And easy to follow you for me without watching the screen as I am not native English. Thank you so so much!

  • How to know if I have hip joint problem.what are the signs and symptoms.. also Clicking of hip joint while rotation,what tha happens

  • First you guys are great I have been a subscriber for quite a while.

    There is a note that should have been made here. These exercises are really for people in the preliminary to medium stages. People, such as myself, in advanced stages where my back and rib cage are totally fused could get some severe damage (broken back about 3 dozen times now ), I have been hurt by pt that just did not understand. I’m not trying to take away from your good work but when you get to the point where your back is a single bone it’s not going to flex anymore it will just break. I myself used an inversion table and yoga to help me combat this, same exercise.

    What would be nice for us advanced people is some guidance with ems. Since we have parts of body that cannot move anymore the muscles that once moved don’t or get very little use. I have been experimenting with this and in addition to getting pain reduction my back and core feels stronger. But I guess at where I place on the back (can’t twist) and even looking at charts am unsure of my placement. After going through a bunch of ems that were more tens I found a company compex that is proving to be a strong enough unit.

    Thanks again guys.

  • you are my favorite teacher on youtube Boho Beautiful. Thank you for changing my life for good. Every-time I do yoga I feel happier, wholesome and my body is rejuvenated. I can’t wait to keep improving and doing some of the more challenging moves that you do. I just fall in love with life after every session. You are a goddess from outer space <3

  • I love that you keep pushing your audience in your yoga practices, in a good way obviously. I also wanted to thank you because ever since I began doing your yoga practices I have gained flexibility, strength, and overall mental and physical awareness. Thank you so much.

  • I have AS that has been left unchecked for years and now my posture is very poor( ie bent at knees. head leans forward after c1-c2 surgically fused and back hunched over)i have just been informed that my si joints have fused my question is if you could helpis it possible to regain a somewhat normal posture again with these exercises and stretches or can it become a permanent thing also i have a left knee replacement and a valgus right knee waiting replacement what muscle do i need to work to correct and strengthen my leg?

  • Wow! I have picked the right video. What brought me here was the 30 minutes, morning yoga, and the nature! I love nature so much. Before was so lazy to move.. But after doing this yoga, i feel so much energized and ready for the day. Lucky i have found this video. Beautiful flow (although it was hard for me doing the vinyasa on the back of my feet). Beautiful nature. Calm voice and brief instruction. Thank you so much from Jakarta, Indonesia.

  • Loved this class too. Thank you Juliana! Could you some time explain for us beginners how to correctly bend from the hips? Maybe you could do a tutorial like there was this wrist tutorial. It was also very helpful. Have a beautiful rest of your day too!

  • your are amazing! I though yoga was not for me but it came out that is the perfect way to stay in good shape and relax. Thank you!!

  • Hi Dr Jo, I did some exercise on parallel bar and since then have pain in rt shoulder, also have diabetes, this was 5years back, now this pain is getting sever, can’t lift the arm, pick heavy things with arm stretch, also now feel a kind of stretch along shoulder blade going allover to the neck.
    Please Dr Jo advice some exercise to get rid of this situation

  • I think I have chronic ankle issues small fracture and feels like a lot of impinging tissue should I do these or get surgery ima former college football player currently serving now in the us Air Force

  • Just explored your channel..And its just amazing..the way you go through everything is beautiful. Also your breathing controls add up so much! PUSHING PAST LIMITS AND AT THE SAME TIME.. GENTLY MOVING YOUR POSTURE…! Spiritually fabulous…( I am on your 14 days splits challenge btw )! Namaste…Jai shree Krishna.!✨��☺️ Thank you.

  • This was amazing practice.. opened me up so much �� and the last line just got me.. “notice who is watching & who is being watched”.. amazing

  • I firstly want to thank you for introducing me to yoga its a shame actually that i didn’t practice yoga being an Indian. But better late than never you got me into it, I have been practicing for 2 yrs now my body has changed in the most amazing way possible, I want to thank you today specially because i had a bad migraine for about 3 weeks and this flow has helped me stop it completely.
    Thank you juliana and mark.

  • very good set except for the relaxation part where the talking should be kept at a minimum with the least suggestions possible: “just observe the sensations of the body”

  • Getting into a deep squat I can do but I have to hold on to something or I fall backwards. Will these stretches help me achieve an independent deep squat?

  • What’s your views on voodoo floss if there is blocking at the front of the ankle? I messed mine up a few years ago. I’m seeing progress with the band, however I’ve seen some good videos that mention using vodoo floss also.

  • Just finished this flow, I feel so at peace and in a meditative state, but I have to say keeping my toes pointed in down dog is difficult lol, thank you Juliana

  • I can’t handle my wrists!:( How can I make them stronger? Just keep doing this moves?
    I’m a beginner in yoga so this is very challenging for me and I appreciate that.:) Thank you. I’m sweating a lot. Good work.

  • Thank for amazing work. I found you on the covid 19 situation.I can not go to my gym and I found you. Is the best help for me this time. I from PR. Hope both of you can come and visit our Beach Flamenco, Culebra. You can contact me. Tatiana Marrero Lopez fb. Ones again Namaste. Excelent job both of you. You are a really treasure. Perfection. Good team.

  • Truly therapeutic. I come to this practice like a thunderstorm and leave with the sun shining, rainbows, birds chirping. I love yoga. I love you all. Im so grateful. Thank you. Peace and love always! ♥️♥️♥️♥️☮

  • Have been following your videos for about a year now and have fell in love with you meditation and yoga videos! Your words always inspire me and you have allowed me to connect to my inner self and my soul in a way that I never would have if it wasn’t for your videos❤️thank you so much!

  • Both of you are Rockstars! Thanks for this, I am feeling much better now, AS pain is reducing gradually. Love your humor too.
    Love from India.

  • Which muscles should i start to work on if i have a hard time sitting up? I lean forward in a sitting position from the hip. Have to consciencely sit up straight.

  • Thank you so much for this, ive only recently found your channel and have had AS for 10+ years. Its still a struggle to sometimes find good informative ideas to try and having ideas from a different country is even better for giving us more options. Best wishes from Australia ��

  • Maaan. Thank you so much! I’ve been trying all dorsiflexion exercises I could find for months (band, straight leg, ballistics, you name it) and none of them got me to feel a stretch in the ankle. My ankle is so stiff most exercises don’t even work for me. This pull the bench exercise is the first one that actually makes me feel it! Already seing results

  • This is seriously a summary of everything from the last eight weeks of physical therapy, plus some I haven’t seen before, but definitely look helpful. I haven’t been diagnosed with AS, but it’s on the docket for testing. In the meantime, I’m trying my best to keep from getting any worse. This is $560 worth of information right here! So thankful for the most famous physical therapists sharing all of their knowledge!

  • Really like what you share and how you share it! 
    I feel overwhelming because homework is piling up! Daily CARS, stretch, mobility routine, training,… does the Vertue Method include all of these? Any answer, I will be joining pretty soon but just to reinforce it!:);) Thank you very much!

  • I have AS along with many other back problems…DDD, spinal stenosis, triple fusion, osteoporosis which I was diagnosed with in my early 20’s, scoliosis, arthritis. In 2012 I had emergency surgery for Cauda Equine Syndrome. Have either of you heard of CES?

  • Hey guys, was wondering if you could help me with something. Recently, I’ve been getting neck pain that only occurs in a particular range of motion. I have no issues flexing or extending my neck from a neutral position. But, when my neck is already in a hyperflexed position, and then I slowly start extending it to make it return back to a neutral position, I feel a sudden sharp pinching pain in my neck, specifically at one particular spot on the left aspect of my cervical spine. I do not experience pain in moving my neck from a neutral position into hyperextension or in movement from neutral to hyperflexion.
    I have no pain with any other movements of my neck. But, any time I put my neck in a hyperflexed position and then begin extending back my neck either to neutral position OR when I have my neck in a hyperflexed position and then I start looking to the left, I experience this SHARP PINCHING PAIN at a specific spot in my cervical spine, namely on the left aspect. This pain started about ten days ago, with sudden onset. I wouldn’t say it’s getting worse, I think it’s been getting very slightly better (which I attribute to my focusing on fixing my neck posture since this pain has started), but it’s still there though.
    I have had no history of trauma, and I’m young in my twenties with no chronic medical conditions, and I do not have history of arthritis.
    What I have noticed though, is that since about a month or so, my neck posture has been horrible, with my neck protruding forward away from my body’s axis. It was this pain issue that has prompted me to fix my neck postioning and i have been doing that recently (and I’ve greatly benefited from your videos on that topic).
    I don’t know if this is a common problem or if it’s something I should be worried about and get checked. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx and keep your awesome videos coming:)

  • Hi from the UK. Love your channel. Found the Achilles and knee pain treatments you gave in previous videos really good. Not injured but just the odd ache from these areas after running.

  • Thank you Dr JO.
    I have been having a right si joint pain for 2 years yesterday I decided to searh on youtube so I found your exercises after doing it the pain was gone.
    Thank you very much and God bless you.

  • I’m 77 yes and had shorts in my neck for pain,,now the pain has goes to my shoulder and spreads down my arm across my chest then leaves. It not my heart. [email protected]

  • THANK YOU FOR THIS. Anything for hypermobile Eds patients soon? Like with the head to side stretch.. j can touch my shoulder with my ear but I know that must be bad, how can i adjust those stretches for a hypermobile body And still get the benefits? Exercises, diy adjustments for hypermobile, bracing, taping, anything… lol We are constantly sublexated everywhere and can’t afford to live at the physical therapist or chiropractors to correct every random sublixation of the shoulder, rib, pelvis, knee, etc lol.

  • I have one friend with AS and one with AS and EDS. I have Ehlers Danlos (EDS) myself and most of these are exercises I frequently do myself (with some variations as I dislocate, mostly sublux very easily). Triangle to the ceiling is magnificent!

  • I can’t seem to find the mobility sequence you had posted. I remember you saying you would do the mobility sequence and then CARS. Love this

  • I was just complaining about my AS pain and your video popped up! I like all the upper torso stretches that help my spine and ribs. I feel like I can breathe better.

  • This was the most useful video I’ve watched in a long time!!! I have had lower back pain for the past few days and after research figured it was my SI joint. I followed your exercises felt a pop and then my pain was gone!!! Thank you so much ��

  • Thanks, looking forward to doing this. I had a supraspinatus tear a couple of years back and my shoulder still feels a little restricted so hopefully this will help.

  • Dr. Jo…..which muscles cause the SI joint to become tight? I have been trying to correct my posterior pelvic tilt for about 2 years. PLEASE HELP!

  • WOW! This one video has provided me the most knowledge and relief from my back pain than anything else I’ve watched and tried. Thank you �� ����

  • I have had AS for several years now and just found this video recently.  I have been doing a few of these stretches/exercises before bed for just over a week and my SI joints have been barely bothering me the past few days!  Thank you so much!

  • Thank you I have been suffering from SI joint issues for 25 years or more! It flared up bad 4 weeks ago! It amazes me how doctors just don’t know what to do with this common issue. Orthopedic and pain management only want to give masking pain shots! This time I could actually feel the joint out! I do do some of the things you recommend already but I did learned something new! The donkey kick! LoL. Thanks for posting

  • i was miss duagonist with plantar fassitis, over a year ago, as well for piryform sindrom in both sides over six months ago, have been a hell for me, this week my new pt, told me to do a mri, and it was found that not only my lower spine its great but i was not having any piryform sindrom, but rather my problem its that my left QL doest work and my left pevils its one more uper than the other one and i have some liquid arround the sacrum, seems to be SI joint pain related, but i got the pain in both sides, more in the left one than the right one. i think that now i am in the right hands, i will try this exercices and ask a lot of questions to my new pt c: thank you. btw your deadbutt sindrom vids did wonder fors me, i do those exercices almost everyday, also were a great help for me to deadl with this pain for some reason, back then when i was miss diagonist with pyriform sindrom.

  • So my ankle immobility is really big. My reason is tightness in the back. As for the third exercise holding the plate or the dumbbell while squatting, I cannot squat that deep even with the plate without my ankle popping up from the ground. So, what do I do here? Do I just go a far as possible or is this like doing nothing? Thanks.

  • Hi Doctor Jo! I have been diagnosed with SI Joint pain for 3 weeks now and I have been doing these exercises for 2 weeks and I still don’t hear any popping noises. Is that supposed to normal or am I doing something wrong?

  • Hi Thank you Doctor Jo! My SI pain is diminishing and I have only been doing your exercises for a week. I was wondering where I could purchase a pillow/cushion like the one you have in your SI video. Many thanks Heather

  • Enjoyed your new video. I am a right handed golfer and need to be able to roll my right ankle to the left while keeping the heel down as long as possible as I complete my thru swing. Do you have exercises or stretches for this?

  • Just wanted to say thank you for this video. I’ve come back to it many times when I’m flared up and it really does seem to help. I’ve had chronic back pain for my whole adult life and in almost 15 years of physio and drs appointments, no one has shown me easy exercises like these that actually help right away.

  • Thank you so much I am looking forward to learning a lot from you and really appreciate your help. My sacrum I think is going to anterior so I’m kind of doing the reverse in the first exercise

  • Hi DrJo. Aloha and Mahalo for your videos. My health has been a struggle over the last few years. This past month alone I was in ER 4 times. I had open heart surgery and a week later had 2 ulcers that had to be capped. The last few months hits before COVID, I developed a deep strain and pain on my right shoulder blade and couldn’t get to the muscle as it was too deep in.
    While researching for help, your video popped up and the one about neck pains was simple but so amazing. Literally within the next few hours I felt better than ever in months. I bought a back posture vest and that was another wowser. The last 6 days have been some of the best days ever.
    Thanks, thanks and mahalo from Oahu. Blessings.

  • Thank you so much for this. I suffer from SI joint pain on my left side, have for a few years now. In these quarantine times I haven’t been able to get any hands-on help and working from home sitting in front of my laptop! I’ve been suffering a lot. My Fitbit reminds me to get up hourly to walk, stretch and now I’ll be incorporating your exercises into my hourly movements. Thanks from a Subscriber!:)

  • Mam, I love ur videos.I am a Table Tennis player which requires very fast reflexes and great core strength for good results. Please suggest (via video) pre and post stretching exercises.

  • I don’t know if i’m having this joint issue… But it hurts so much… I’m having this pain since last 5 days. It hurts in the right side of the lower back. It hurts so much that i can’t even sit for more than 5mins. It is kind of drilling pain. Every time i sit or bend it happens. Doesn’t hurt much when i’m lying.

  • Hi Dr. JO,
    I am Dara, I have spinal stenosis according to MRI with my Orthopedic Dr. last septemper. I also have treatment with DPT for 4 months and didn’t help much. And last April I have X ray, I got arthritis on my SI joint, I told my DPT that I want some exercises for SI Joints, and my DPT said she didn’t follow Xray report and what the Orthopedic said, she just follow the evaluation she did for me. And I just got the radio Frequency oblation shot last Thursday for my SI joints referral by Orthopedic.
    If I do the exercise for my SI joint now, is that aggravated my spinal stenosis?and I don’t want to ask my DPT about this, What is your option Dr. Jo?
    Thank you
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Omg I’ve had really bad pain for 3 days now I’ve been doing soooo many exercises gosh! When I did the pushing in the SI joint and lift leg up and rotate back down… I felt a pop and I felt like it was tight and felt tingly I get a pop so I hope it went back into place:( thank u sooo much!

  • I felt the pop! I felt the pop! And the relief was immediate! I felt it on the “pushing outward against the strap around the knees” exercise. Glorious. Thank you!

  • You are a wizard lady! I could barely move this morning, it still hurts but I can walk pretty normal after the streches. THANK YOU