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Not Seeing Results? Five Common Weight Loss Methods that Might Be Sabotaging Your Progress. I want to be clear that I believe that something different works for every one of us. just because a weight-loss method or strategy is on this list, doesn’t mean that that method couldn’t potentially help a particular portion of the population. a.

You might be tempted to weigh yourself every day to see your progress. But that’s a bad idea. “Weight can shift a few pounds each day from changes in water in the body,” says Langevin, who recommends stepping on the scale only once per week (and not after a high-sodium meal). Not seeing results?

5 Common weight loss methods that might be sabotaging your progress. I put a lot of heart into this article because I know what it’s like to be stuck in the dieting mentality. I know what it feels like to try and eat well and to push yourself hard with workouts and not see. Losing weight is pretty straightforward.

Eat healthier and move more. That pretty much sums it up. However, putting these concepts into practice can be difficult. Eating healthy and getting used to a clean diet can be tough if you are accustomed to eating common comfort foods. Exercising can be fun but many people see it is a chore [ ].

It can be frustrating if you feel like you are working hard but still not seeing the results you desire. Human metabolism is complicated and it is not always as simple as the common advice to eat less and move more. Here are five common, easy-to-miss ways you may be sabotaging your fat loss results.

5 Ways Our Own Thoughts Might Be Sabotaging Our Weight Loss. 2020-08-13. admin. or negative attitudes about one’s own weight, is the most common type of weight bias, with over half of people living with obesity believing that they deserve to be viewed negatively by others and to receive subpar treatment. The authors of the guidelines warn.

There is an abundance of tips, tricks, methods and hacks surrounding weight loss. Often we consume this information and never stop to ask whether it is true or not. Weight loss is different for everyone – what works for you may not work for someone else, and sometimes the things you hear aren’t true. Test your taste buds: Make a list of five foods you once craved; then after two weeks, note whether you crave them anymore.

The shift can happen very quickly, says Dr. Hyman, who wrote The Blood. You may not realize it, but some everyday food and exercise habits could be seriously sabotaging your weight-loss efforts. We’ve identified some of the biggest culprits that you need to cut out ASAP to finally see those results you’ve been working so hard for.

5 Negative Thoughts That are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Journey. Author: Mary Kate Murphy it helps to define a plateau and a plateau is defined by not seeing movement on the scale in a two week time period. If it’s less than that then we’re good to go and reassess the actions that we were doing in the past that were helping you see.

List of related literature:

Inconsistent results and plateaus: You get discouraged because the weight loss is not consistent.

“The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality” by Phil McGraw
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This may be because most of the trials failed to achieve a weight loss of 5 percent or greater from baseline.

“Medical Nutrition and Disease: A Case-Based Approach” by Lisa Hark, Darwin Deen, Gail Morrison
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These dieters often feel frustrated with a slow rate of weight loss and a modest amount of total weight lost.

“Encyclopedia of Body Image and Human Appearance” by Thomas F. Cash
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Weight loss observed in these trials was minimal (<3%).

“Handbook of Intellectual Disabilities: Integrating Theory, Research, and Practice” by Johnny L. Matson
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For example, when you’re consistently completing 3 body-type workouts a week, try to exercise 4 or 5 days in a row (with the off-day routines on the fourth and/or fifth days), or try to make some subtle changes to your diet, like eliminating desserts or limiting alcohol consumption.

“Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder” by Edward Jackowski
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The weight loss progress needs to be entered manually.

“Delivering Superior Health and Wellness Management with IoT and Analytics” by Nilmini Wickramasinghe, Freimut Bodendorf
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Off-the-scale victories allow you to celebrate changes that show your progress toward overall health goals so that the number on the scale is not your only way to track success.

“7-Day Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse: Lose Up to 15 Pounds in 7 Days and Turn Your Body into a Fat-Burning Machine” by JJ Smith
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Unintentional weight loss · Significant unintentional weight loss during the few

“Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines” by Duodecim Medical Publications, Ilkka Kunnamo
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You hit a point at which this baseline of recommended activity has stopped leading to weight loss.

“Unplugged: evolve from technology to upgrade your fitness, performance & consciousness” by Brian MacKenzie, Dr. Andy Galpin, Phil White
from Unplugged: evolve from technology to upgrade your fitness, performance & consciousness
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Not only that, a person can be losing fat, building muscle, hydrating better, increasing blood volume, drop four sizes, and never lose a pound on the scale, yet it’s the most common measure of progress.

“The Cellulite Myth: It's Not Fat, It's Fascia” by Ashley Black, Joanna Hunt
from The Cellulite Myth: It’s Not Fat, It’s Fascia
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  • I’M SO HAPPY YOURE TRYING VEGAN MEALS!!! This video was so informative, I’ve been really lazy with gym recently and when I was consistent I felt like I wasn’t losing any fat. Thank you for this video! I now need to rethink my workout plans for the week. Also, ‘sharing is caring but you don’t share’ every girlfriend ever! ���� Lots of love Natacha ❤️❤️

  • 10 hours of sleep is what finally worked for me, anyone out there if ur not losing an ounce then try it. I use listen to sound of rain/ocean to fall a sleep it really helped.
    that’s the vid I’m using

  • Thank you for making this super informative video! What do you think are the benefits of lifting heavy and then going down to a lighter weight to burn out the muscle? Also, the benefits to drop sets? Thank you for your amazing content and congratulations on 200k!!! You deserve more and more girl!

  • ohmygosh i absoluuutely love love this video!!!!! hehehehe and love you even more this is really what i needed at this phase:”)))

  • I’ve found plexus helps me alot of people don’t realize how much gut health plays a part in all of this. I have tried everything! This is finally sustainable along with the videos you post and making it fun is such a key factor. I’ve found that listening to upbeat worship music and doing a free style work out is best for me. No figure on the screen reminding me of how fat I am I do this as an emotional spiritual and physical journey. And I’m finally getting the results I’ve been trying so hard to accomplish

  • That’s happening to me.  I feel indigestion almost twice a week and now that you mentioned it, I do undereat during the day, but a big heavy dinner at night. I also exercise daily. What advices would you have for me? FYI, I’m a vegan and I do eat a lot of carbs. Thanks!

  • your videos have saved me.. i was so much demotivated after losing maybe few pounds on the first week (that might be water weight) and the second week i have gain a little weight, i was fustrated.. but after watching your videos im thinking not to give up and carry on <3

  • I’ve been doing IF for a month and have hardly lost anything:( I’m doing low carb and don’t do sugar (diabetic). I have increased protein and vegetables. I dont eat processed foods. I’ve tried about 56, 435 diets in my lifetime and I’m getting discouraged.

  • it amazes me how much she eats in a day and still stays fit. she’s the reason why I’m trying to force myself to eat more calories. I definitely think that my body is at a plateau and needs more calories now bc I train five days/ week.

  • I’m probably undereating and overtraining….but last year when I ate about 1500 calories (mostly protein and I say it was a healthy diet) I got super bulky. How do I avoid this then?

  • How much calorie deficit is enough but not too much that may cause you harm? I have to lose around 30 kg ( I already lost 10 but now I m losing much slower). I am consuming around 1200 calories per day and most of the days i have a deficit of 1300. Is that ok? Am I doing something wrong or I just have to wait to see more results?

  • Hey have a question.Complex carbs also increases insulin? and if yes what should be the ratio in carbs daily(i mostly eat complex carbs).Thanks

  • I’m a vegetarian so I eat clean and I count my calories to make sure I eat enough. I been running 3 miles every morning.I been doing 16/8 but I been bloating every morning.

  • Found your channel last week and honestly I have learnt more from you about fitness than I have watching other fitness youtubers for years! I cannot thank you enough I finally feel like I know the different types of training to get different goals without it being so complicated! I also love learning all the science behind it! Please keep making videos like this! Meanwhile, I’m going to watch all your previous videos haha!:) xx

  • This happened to me. I wish I saw this video before I gave up but I’m determined to try it again this time coming at it differently. I worked out for about two years and gained a lot of strength and lotta knowledge about food. BUT I didn’t eat enough and I lost my period and had serious stomach problems. I ate about 1200 cals a day and suddenly all my progress started to not seem that big anymore and I wasn’t going anywhere. I felt so unmotivated and decided to quit working out and focus more on volleyball because I was going into ninth grade. i’ve gained over 30 pounds since then but I want to get back on track but this time the right way. but sadly I lost quite a bit of upper body strength so it’s hard to serve and stuff now. it’s gonna be a long and hard journey but at least it’s worth it because it will be long term results where I won’t be afraid of foods and missing one gym day. because really it’s all about moderation. ( however it’s hard when you have a dad who is ripped and always starving himself so it’s kind of just a bad example but I have to remember to ignore that)

  • Thank you so much for this video. It’s been 9 days since I started IF and I gained 1 kg:(( I’m very unmotivated right now:( I have been doing anaerobic exercises for 1.5 months to get toned, but before starting IF I didn’t notice changes in my weight (or body), but since starting IF in just 9 days I gained 1 kg, what could be the reason? I have been eating as balanced as possible, not eating junk food or added sugar, sleeping 8 hours (12 pm to 8 am), drinking 1.2 lts of water (I know it should be more), and I’m on a surpluse diet (my calorie intake should be 1500 calories, I’m eating between 1300-1500), could this last thing be the issue?
    I’d greatly appreciate any advice, I’m quite sad right now coz I’ve been putting more effort than ever to lose fat mass and I don’t see results:(

    PS. I have a normal BMI, I’m 1.56 m and 55 kg.

  • Omg I have so many questions don’t judge please but I do intermittent fasting but I’ll have a pita wrap or sandwich is that bad to pescatarian bt usually eat veggies and fruit.but if I eat something sweet like one banana bread or a cookie.i stop eating by like 8 and eat the next day like at 4

  • I’m obsessed with your channel. I was just curious I feel like sometimes I think to get you’re body you have to work out everyday for 2-3 hours I know that’s not healthy and I know to get your kind of body it takes time and work but How many days a week do you workout and for how long?❤️

  • Good morning ☀️ Ive been IF for a week now… 16/8 Does Atkins Protein Shakes interrupt your fat burner process? Also, is it ok to add flaxseeds in my ☕️ (grinded)

  • So im on inttermitent fasting and I “break my fast “ at 12:30, I eat a snack as 14:00, I lunch at 16:00/ 17:00 and then I have dinner at 19:00.. can you plisss tell me If What am I doing is right? I feel like im eating too much but If I dont i feel super weak and hungry. Thank u

  • Hi I have a question please help me out I have been working out for three months but nothing has changed for me. I workout about 120 minutes a day cardio. Before for two months I was doing for two hours a day Hitt and cardio. So my question is am I over working out. How much a day you should workout and do rest days matter?? Please help thanks I am 250 lbs 5’6 24 years old.

  • So what do we eat during the non fasting period? I fast for 14 hours between after early dinner to late breakfast. I eat fruit to break fast and then brown rice veggies and meat for lunch, dinner is also steamed greens and meat. But I always feel like I’m not eating enough

  • I’m one of those clients you speak about here. After 1 week I sent u that message of “I gained centimeters instead of losing them, I feel so bummed”… and 3 weeks later I had lost a total of 5kg within a month and saw a big change on my photos. Listen to what Lucy says here, she is absolutely right about everything!!!!
    I can say this because I have been dieting since I was 12, thats 24 years (!) of crash diet / gym / programs / pills….. NOTHING worked. Now with Lucy this is the first time in my life I feel confident about my body and journey!!

  • Fairly new subscriber here! I found you through Sarahsday and I love you already! I just love that you include loads of science in your videos, you’re obviously so highly educated and the information comes across really well you make it so simple:) congrats on 200k!! xxx

  • At 3:24 I heard you inhale for the first time ever.
    You do a great job and I love your channel but I can’t understand why some content creators edit inhalation’s. I’ll take a deep breath and finish the video.

  • Thank you for this �� its been an awful few weeks and all I’ve done is think about my weight, and how much happier I’ll be in a smaller body. Its hard to change that mindset in the space of 15 minutes but you’ve given me so much to think about ❤️

  • Lucy, thank you for your voice, and for your opinion! You have constantly inspired me to be healthier, not thinner, and have given me the best perspective (and also great ideas on how to be healthy!) Please keep making these videos!

  • Oh my goodness thank you so much Lucy! I overthink so much about intensity of excercise etc.. and it was so nice to hear stop overthinking it!

  • im on the track team at my school so i do intense cardio almost every day, and a distance run every other day, and ive been trying to tone up my arms and abs and ive hit a plateau. my question is; is there a way to build the muscle even with intense cardio? i really want to get more toned in my upper body but i love running and i do it year round so i cant quit.

  • Hi Autumn! You mentioned a high carbohydrate diet… what do you consider (in terms of percentage) to be a high carb diet? What ratio of protein/fat/carbohydrates do you recommend for intermittent fasting/fat burning/weight loss? I really enjoy your videos, and hope to hear back. Thanks!!

  • 3 Simple Steps to Keep Your Blood Sugar in the “Fat

    Loss Zone”

    How this works? Since your blood sugar is in the “fat loss zone”,

    and your body needs fuel to function, it will start burning your

    fat deposits instead of using the sugar from your blood.

    All you have to do if follow the 3 simple steps my friend Aline

    Pilani shares in her new video lesson!


  • you’re seriously so wonderful! i increased my calories from a really low amount to just intuitively eating now (with macros in mind) and it’s been a game changer for me! i’m less focused on food, have more energy, and no longer binge eat. I’ve seen SO many fitness and health videos from other people and no one beat’s yours! especially when you eat plant-based food ;):D

  • Thankss!! Great video, i am struggling overexercising and eating disorder. Your videos inspire me thank you!!! You make me want to recover, can you give some tips on eating disorder recovery.

  • When I started training if you can call it that I was gaining muscle but I didn’t change my diet cause I didn’t want to lose weight does that mean I should eat more?

  • Is adding cream to coffee ok? The one I make sure to buy has 0 carbs….And I’m not afraid to overdo it cause I keep forgetting to use it up and end up dumping half the carton �� I’m gunna get focused even before Christmas to read your ebooks that I bought and get back on track….I’ve been eating carbs so much lately….but honestly, I had success when I was sticking to keto, not just with weight-loss, but with my energy and my mood….I felt LOADS better, and I wanna get back on track. I find your videos very encouraging, because sometimes all the “keto police” out there make me feel like there’s no way a normal person can do keto without spending a fortune or feeling like a failure lol…I love your positive and real-life approach to things! ����

  • When I do strength training (esp upper body), I find that it often goes from 0 to 100. The beginning of the set is really easy then within one or two reps, I can’t do anymore. For ex, I’ll do 6 shoulder presses easy, then I literally cannot lift the 7th. What’s up?

    Also, just found your channel and I love it!

  • I was just saying that the other day, iv lost 3stone and i am so much more critical of my body, i look at the things i dont like instead of looking at what i have achieved and where i have come from, thankyou for advice,you are so right ��

  • I lost weight for the first 3 weeks, at the end of week 3 I was down to 74.9 kg…I stepped on the scale at the end of week 4 hoping that I lost another pound and my weight went up to 75.6
    I’m not before my period, I’m getting enough sleep, I go for long walks almost everyday, my diet is the same as it was in the beginning and I was losing weight. I feel so discouraged, I don’t know what the heck is happening…

  • I am in my ovulation time of the month, so bloated so desperate to lose weight. Tonight I was crying to death. I am just losing 3 kilos after a hard time of both mental and physical exercising, and by a week of not tracking my diet, I’ll get it back. it has been a year of yoyo weight for me and I realized now, I had all these mistakes. The biggest one was overthinking it and feeling guilty for eating that extra apple or piece of chocolate. I needed these words, God bless you

  • Absolutely brilliant video! It’s kinda scary how many lies we believe because it looks “easier” oder “less painful” in the beginning, but it’s SO important to keep the bigger picture in mind.

  • I was 110kg at my heaviest when I started to lose weight. First I made it completely with diet. I suffered from binge eating for 14 years (I’m turning 29 in September) and started my journey in February 2019. I’ve lost around 30kg so far and incorporated exercise (yoga and hiit workouts) 3 months ago. My goal weight is something between 70 and 75kg, but somehow I can’t seem to leave the “80ies kg” section. I’m sitting on that plateau and my weight doesn’t go down, no matter what I do. I noticed that my body still has changed since I’ve started to exercise (for example, for the first time in my live I have strong, lean, quite muscular arms). But I’m lying when I say that the stagnation in my weight is kinda demotivating. STILL, I’m not gaining, I keep going. I do my workout, I eat healthy, reduced my portion sizes a little bit, and stopped weighing myself for a few weeks now, just to not see the frustrating 80 to 85kg (my usual fluctuation for a few months). I’m not giving up. I have one pair of shorts I had bought 3 months ago (in Large, most brands, Large is totally fine (I’m a bit more bottom heavy, thick hips, thighs and big butt) and Large is the biggest size this brand offers) I was barely able to get the shorts over my butt, not to mention that I wasn’t able to Button up the shorts. By now, I’m still not able to button it up, but I get it way more easier over my bum than 3 months ago. So I take it as a sign that it’s working. Slowly, but still. I hope that by the end of summer (I live in Europe, summer is around the corner), I’ll be able to wear these shorts.

  • Please help! I’ve been fasting for 4 days now but I’m not losing weight but instead gained weight. I gain weight right after I eat and I feel so guilty afterwards:( I’m doing the 16/8 method and I respect my schedule! I pay attention to what I eat but I just don’t see the change…

  • Thank you for the tip on collagen! I’ve been doing IF for about six months and feeling great. In the last month and a half I’ve stopped losing weight and haven’t had the same energy levels… the same amount of time I’ve been putting collagen in my coffee.

  • One question please. If I drink one cup of tea with skimmed milk in the morning ( I usually fast bet 7pm and noon), will the milk break my fast? And I’m doing it for nothing? Thx

  • This month my scale only moved a little, and I know it’s not the way to check your progress so I took photos and when I put them side to side I almost cried with the progress I saw, I seriously thought I had remained the same..soo yesss photooos hell yess

  • I love these fitness talk videos so much. It’s not just about the physical appearance of the body, it’s about the mental aspect too.
    Thank you Lucy <3

    One suggestion: When you make these talk videos could you put a time stamp in your description please. It helps me to look back at a certain part of the video after a few weeks when I’m feeling low.

  • I almost didn’t take photos but I remembered what u said I started getting discouraged then looked at the photos and noticed how much I had lost. So awesome. Thank you for your tips very helpful

  • Lucy: “It’s like clockwork 2 weeks in you aren’t seeing any progress or your measurements increase and you think… I can’t do this, I’m wasting my time.”
    Me (2 weeks in): Well DAMN just @ me next time why don’t you? lol!

    I needed to hear EXACTLY this today. Thank you!

  • I don’t make these mistakes but still after a whole week of fasting from 12 15 hours all I got was 1 kg more lol (even though I feel myself slimmer if that makes any sense) today I was able to fast 16 hours for the first time and I started cutting carbs from my first meal at least. Also will try to give it some time and stop being so anxious for results, will go back to weighing myself when I complete a month into it.

  • I eat one meal and I eat very clean, If I eat more than one meal my stomach feels like it’s about to pop. I’ve tried eating more but it doesn’t feel good at all, it’s so uncomfortable and can’t seem to lose weight. I also drink a moderate amount of water daily and sleep a good amount of hours. Any tips??

  • hi.. i do 23:1 method and i eat everything i want during my feasting period. Junk food, sweets like cake and graham, wheat bread and noodles for an hour (depends on my cravings). And I workout everyday for atleast 20 mins. In 10 days i lose 5 kilo. Sometimes I cheat for a day like having 2 meals in one day and im afraid that i might gain weight again because of it. I want to know if the food i eat every feasting time is good or not in fasting? I don’t want to gain weight anymore my target is 40 kilos and im 58 kilos before. I have to lose 18 kilos.

  • Do you think you can put the points from your tip videos on the description? I’m translating your videos and it would help. Thanks Your videos are great!

  • Awesome… Really needed it… Even I have stop checking my weight… I told my husband to hide it for me �� but still in the journey consistently working out hoping for results you are talking about…

  • I am one month in on my weightloss journey and it’s the first time I am working out and enjoying it. I don’t limit what I eat, but I am trying to eat sensibly. My only goal is to feel more energized and see slow and healthy progress within a year.

  • Damn, I think im not eating enough.. I usually don’t go over 1000 cal in my 20/4 fasting. Just unsure how to eat the correct food without feeling I’m cheating.. I know you can’t have too many fruits because of sugar and some veggies have alot of carbs. All I eat is chicken breasts for protein and I can’t eat too much in 1 sitting. Especially if its dry..

  • i literally just layed down in my bed bummed out almost crying cause i woke up with 87.2 kilos and right now in the afternoon im weighing 88.2…and then this videowas recommended to me… yes i am completely out of control and weight myself all day.. i think im gonna ask my mom to hide the scale so i dont weigh myself again till maybe next month

  • I am glad I found your video. I recently experienced a plateau and I was barely eating while continuing to train. I was surprised that when I started eating more I also started losing weight again.

  • Thanks for this video. Nuts and cheese are definitel my weakness. I try to avoid them as much as I can.
    I enjoyed your teachings and recipes. You are doing great. Keep it up and thank you. Remain blessed.

  • Thank you so much for this, really really appreciate your prospective and delivery. I’ll have to keep this in mind everytime I want to give up because I haven’t lost weight that day!!!

  • Not getting enough sleep is probably my issue
    I want to lose belly fat after 2 pregnancies. I’m not over weight but the stubborn fat bothers me

    Been doing IF for months
    Workouts5+ days/week
    Low carb diet

    I love my alone time at night after the kids go to bed so much what do I do!?

  • can I use collagen powder in my coffee during the non fast stage (eating period)? i use collagen for skin and hair benefits not for muscles

  • is it possible for your metabolism to be lowered because you eat less, but through exercise your metabolism still increases? and what happens when your body is in that situation

  • Thank you. I really needed to hear this. I just got through telling my husband that I was so frustrated that I had gained a pound this week even though I had increased my strength training, was eating more nutritious foods, and increased cardio. I’ve been trying to lose weight for 3 weeks now to lower my cholesterol and BMI. Thanks for encouraging me to stick with it and not expect results for 12-14 weeks. This is my first video I’ve watched of yours. ��

  • You are spot on here! I need to forget looking at the dang scale and numbers and focus on how I feel and gauge my fitness by how I feel and measurements vs a certain number on the scale. Loved the video and information here!

  • Hi Natacha, i looove your channel. I have to watch at least one vid a day lol. I have a question. Hope you can help. What affects do you think would working a night job for years have on working out and metabolism? Losing weight and toning is my goal. I’ve worked graveyard shift for over 5 years. Just wondering if it would make it harder as far as lean muscle and having to eat less due to the abnormal sleeping patterns.

  • Hi, I’m so happy to hear someone who really knows what is talking about… Please make a video about fasting or losing weight while working night shift. I’ve had some issues regarding this because I can’t find enough information. I know the biological clock influences a lot, but I work at night so I don’t have many options. Thanks

  • I’ve been doing IF for a week and i’m not losing any weight but i don’t have any of the problems above, but like i sleep at 3am and wake up at 10 (quarantine time lol) so does it affect my IF?

  • Can you help me I have been working out for three months I haven’t lose even a pound. First month I was doing HIIT I was doing for about an hour to two hours than I heard may b I am over exercises so I made it to half hour HIIT and half hour cardio. It didn’t even workout than. Know for third month I do 40 min cardio in. Morning and 40 min cardio in evening but haven’t lost anything yet. I take calories around 1800 to 1900. I am about 250 lbs. What I am doing wrong plz help me??

  • Thank you for all the good content you provide us with! Your calisthenics workouts are my absolute favorite! And all the information you provide around them really help with motivation:)

  • Hi Natacha, can you elaborate on your 80/20 rule… like for example in this video you were eating donutshow then do eat the rest of the day? Is your 20% a meal or a full day or just a snack? I get that 20% is a small amount but how do you suggest implementing this in an effective way? Thanks ❣️

  • Hey Natacha! I’ve always had quad dominant legs ( pear shaped), that Im worried doing strength training like Deadlifts, Squats etc. and working to get progressively heavy will make them thicker/bigger then doing more plyometric type exercises? Was wondering on your opinion!

  • Good morning Autumn, I have a question? I have been doing IF. 16/8 for 3 weeks and I have not lost anything i have stayed the same weight. When I break my fast I have a protein shake and have ACV and Turmeric. I am not hungry until dinner and some times I am not hungry at all. Should I eat when I am not hungry? I am getting real discouraged.

  • I weighed 93kg last month and I hate to weigh myself again but I feel how my clothes fit on me…so much better there than checking the scale.

  • so many people think to feel happy you need to lose weight. did you know you can look phisically better but weight more muscle weight more then fat. like lucy take mesurament no scale yourself. Also if to lose weight you have to starve do you feel happy? like lucy say loosing weight it is more about changing life stile. why you need move more to be happy? having a bit of cardio it is good to people you love playing with kids or patner for example…movement it is happiness. spend time all day in front of tv bring only to brain death. cheers guys

  • Thanks Lucy for motivation I mean I was almost on the verge of giving up but how you explained this so positively has helped me to be more motivated than I was ever before…❤️❤️������������

  • That was literally me.. I gave up so many times because the scale hurt. On this journey it’s been 2 months and I’ve lost 3 inches off my stomach! I haven’t set goals I’ve only tried my best and counted calories

  • I’m still trying to figure out this whole taking care of my body thing and you have been my main inspiration. The only thing I’m mot sure about is which group I’d be in since I’ve never been on a restrictive diet, I eat around 1800cals a day and I need to shed about 40 pounds of fat…

  • I’ve gotten an incredible amount of motivation watching your videos for the past few days! It’s literally my morning routine to watch a new video from your channel and I’m gonna be so sad when I run out:(

  • Thank you for your videos! I discovered your videos during the lockdown. I usually download the ones with advice like that, convert them into mp3 and stay active while listening to them. That’s great inspiration. Lucie from France

  • im definitely the one not eating enough calories. i lost weight around 3.5 kg and i kinda stopped losing weight while on IF. i was wondering why i wasnt losing weight when i was restricting my calorie intake to a low amount. i realized my metabolism has slowed down since i lost weight. im working on getting my metabolism high so that i can lose weight again. i hope things will come around.

  • Yes me too�� I did 46hrs of fasting I only lose.8��
    my normal IF is 20/4 TMAD so tomorrow I try to start OMAD cuz I started already just today I need to lose 3kls. I do now LCIF. Yes losing weight make me happy and confident cuz I gained 7.2 for past 2 months��I feel ugly & fat. I lost already 4.2☺️

  • Natachaaaaa when did you know you could increase your calories and macros etc?? I have put on a good bit of muscle during a recomp period and now IM SO HUNGRY. Some people say to stay hungry bc that means what I did worked for my metabolism but being hungry sucks

  • Thanks for this video. I did IF last fall and lost 20lbs. Doing it again now and not really losing anything. The most likely thing for me is that I’m just not eating enough. I don’t eat junk or snack between meals. But I do fill up at mealtime very quickly and because of the timing of our meals, I end up usually only eating tow meals a day. So I think I need to shove some more of the right kind of calories in there.

  • Many people nowadays are working to find out the best way to drop weight. Then again, being able to discover a diet plan that can work for you is tough to find. A very important factor you need to understand is that a diet is effective for one person might not work for another. And that means you must understand what your getting into before you start one of these diets. This can give you enough information to learn whether this is something that is suitable to your needs. Read more here

  • I weigh myself every day but i also see small progress and also i know the scale is not the thing that shows me how much muscle I have gained or how much water ir fat i have. This is inspiring, thanks

  • I get the concept of eating more etc…i understand how things work but I just cannot eat more. When I attempt it I force feed and that’s gross and exhausting. I have so much energy to workout strong though I just cannot build enough muscle for my goal. One week I do great progress and the next my muscles literally deflate. The struggle.

  • Your videos are so motivating each and every time…. It has a magic in it which inspires us every time……. Helps not to give up and keep on trying to love our bodies even more by keeping it healthy through what we love to do….. This is the most important thing which your videos always reminds me…. Thank you so much…. It boosts me up so much…..

  • I go through periods of different training methods. When I started my fitness journey almost 10 months ago, I was only lifting weights for upper body. The first time I lifted weights was on July 4th, 2017. I would alternate between two separate workouts and cycle them about 4 times a week. When I realized this wouldn’t be the most beneficial I started doing more body weight and HIIT. Then I went through a running phase. I would run, never really do any strength workout. I ran 3-6 miles about 4-5 times a week. More recently I noticed I became weak, so I started strength training on my peloton stationary bike. And then I started lifting super heavy about 2 months ago again. This time focusing more on legs. Now I am training more for sports. I am a kick boxer and do jiujitsu. I’ve been doing these sports for about my entire life. Recently I’ve been boxing and jump roping a lot, still including strength training. I feel like I’m in a good place, but I was wondering if you could do a video on how to balance different workouts and variety. Thanks for reading this comment/essay.

  • I think it’s awful that people would actually sabotage someone they supposedly care about just to trap them into staying with them.

  • You make so much sense.
    Bizarrely I wrote down this morning to stop weighing myself as it can have such a negative impact….up 2lbs and I can feel like a failure despite my clothes now fitting me properly and feeling so much stronger and energised…..madness! ��

  • Talks way to fast, and the video clips are just shredded together my motion sickness flared up….sorry sounds like alot of great information..

  • hey I am starting intermittent fasting and im a little concerned I am not doing this all right… is anyone willing to look at what I eat in a day and see if is right lol?

  • Hello Natacha! I want to appreciate your video contents and its really interesting but I have a hard time to understand you because of your accent and you talk to fast. But anyway, thank you for the informations.

  • Good God.. I started working out and saw results in less than two weeks. But I felt something was off, when I got my period at the time.. it wasn’t as my regular flow. Glad to have this knowledge. Need to have a balance, and be less strict on myself

  • Thank you for this video. I’m fine with nuts and cheese, but not cream, I love it! Should I say goodbye to that for a week and substitute butter? Thanks!

  • what does growth hormone mean… do you grow taller during this time? if so how do i stop growing taller while losing weight. this isnt fair why am I still growing

  • I love the way you film your vids! So natural! And the edit on this one ❤️❤️ I will be starting to workout cardio + plyo with some resistance, hopefully I start seeing results

  • Crosstown doughnuts are the best haha! Totally in love with the matcha one! Thanks for all your advices you are the best! Love ya ❤️

  • Okay this is sooo true. If I don’t have a ‘cheat’ meal (don’t like that terminology but oh well) or a refeed day where I eat more, I ALWAYS hit a plateau. Bam. Right after I do the refeed of higher cals, I notice a spike in my fat loss goals. This is of course, after many years of training
    But I’m not super lean either…I’m at a healthy weight but I have a decent amt of muscle and fat.

  • This is happening to me right now… Ive been doing hiit training 4 to 5 times a week and eating around 1800 calories for the last 3 years. My body wont respond anymore. Ive actually noticed a little fat gain in my stomach area. Super disheartening cuz i used to have visible abs and now i dont, even tho i never changed anything. I guess i need to follow your advice. More weight training. More eating.

  • “You’re more critical when your lose the weight” is a *FACT*. I went 70kg to 60kg and I feel waayy more insecure now than I’ve even been. When I 70kg I really didn’t care and started losing weight for fun and because my friends were doing it. Now it’s an obsession. You help me change my mindset from “wanna lose weight” to “wanna do a push-up”. Thank you girl!

  • I did intermittent fasting for 2 weeks and I I lost 8 pounds. After that my body stopped burning fat and it’s weird because I eat healthy and I exercise everyday! I’m now doing detox to see if that’s the reason why I’m not losing weight ��

  • The main thing I’ve tried that’s worked Well is don’t eat several hours before you go to sleep. Even if you eat three meals in one day don’t eat after about 6pm for a couple of weeks And you should be able to take weight off.

  • Hey! I love love love all your videos! You’re so inspiring. I know this is an old video but just pointing out you are such an amazing influence and you could be using some reusable utensils and not only by making a huge difference but inspiring others to make a huge difference as well. Hope you consider it!

  • if i messed up my metabolism by not eating enough, can i get it back up by eating more? i’m working out pretty regularly right now too. would i have to change my exercise routine?

  • My IF plateau was definitely a muscle/fat swap. The muscle finally overtook the fat and I suddenly dropped another 10 lbs (added walking).

    Thanks for the content!

  • OMG every 2 minutes (or less) theres a shameless plug to go watch another video. it was so annoying i couldnt even bring myself to watch the whole video. also you didnt even break down which fasting protocol you were referring to. obviously 16/8, 20/4 or OMAD will have very different variables. you’re opinions on the matter is highly debatable i’m afraid. or did you have another video on this point too?

  • I eat healthy and drink a lot. I really dont know what the poblem is. Just started (1 week ago) and havent lost a pound…i mean i dont expect magic but not even 1 pound? Makes me so sad

  • Hi Lucy! Thanks again for yet another great video! You are so motivating and I could listen to you all day! These videos are great tips and reminders to keep us all going!������

  • Hey Natacha! I can get myself to the gym, but I’ve been having issues with keeping track of my calories and macros. I was wondering if you had any advice you could give me regarding that. The difficulty arises with how I’ve struggled with food tracker apps as I find them easily obsessive and confining and how I am also unable to effectively meal plan as I don’t make all my meals. If you could recommend anything that might help dial in the nutrition side, it would be much appreciated! I have recently gotten cut and love your training and videos. Thank you!

  • I loved this. I started working out about 8 weeks ago. Before I began I was trying really hard not to focus on my overweight and love myself no matter what. But at some point it dawned on me: Am I really loving myself if I’m not doing my best to take care of my physical health too? I hate working out, I’m not going to lie, I feel like I’m going to die every single time, but I stopped seeing it as a chore and now see it as a way of showing myself some love. I love the feeling after the workout and I am seeing progress. I do weight myself once a week, but before standing on the scale I tell myself that it is just a number, and remind myself of all the progress I have seen during the week. I’m enjoying the calisthenics workouts! But I make sure I do different things during the week so I don’t get bored. Thank you for your videos! ��

  • Just what i needed right now!! So informative and perfect to just reflect and see how i want to adjust my training style! thank you so much. Absolutely love your videos:)

  • Thank you! <3; i was stuck on at plateau for both weight-loss and strength for weeks; but since watching your video on increasing metabolism i've slowly been increasing my calories week by week and now the kilos are magically flying off again and I'm getting stronger every workout! Once I'm up to my maintenance cals I'm definitely buying cut, can't wait to get started! Much love <3

  • It is so crazy to me I do EVERYTHING right I have tracked my food eat mostly whole foods exercise regularly strength and cardio all my hormone levels are good but cant seem to shed a pound i fluctuate between 140 and 145 and im 5’4 I feel taht is to heavy for me any advice. Also my dr told me I was pre menopausal at 32 WTF

  • I’ve been doing IF for 4 months now & i have lost 25 lbs.I eat healthier food now,no rice & i go to the gym.I’m just grateful that I’ve discovered IF.

  • That popping sound you have in this video every time something pops on the screen makes it this video unbearable. I could only watch two minutes before I commented and bailed. Just thought you should know.

  • TWO YEARS! Two years for my body to get used to my level of training and increased food intake. That is WONDERFUL news. Here I am, wondering wtf is going on with myself, not seeing results either way, wondering if I should just give up and go back to lower calories. Thank you for saying that! Now I know at least that I need to stick with it. Thank you!

  • I am American but I pronounce my Hs like you do. It’s just easier for me. (My grandfather is British, actually. He was born and raised in England).

  • Despite exercising more often and more regularly than last month, I have lost zero pounds in August so far. But at this pòint, I don’t really care. Just keep doing the right things and the right results will follow. I believe that.

  • Started Keto diet yesterday. I messed up big time. I have too much meat in my first week. I’m just glad I realized my first week instead of 6 months or a year in.

  • Thanks for the content! I absolutely agreed with what Lucy said in this video. But I don’t think the daily weigh-in should be completely abandoned because it can serve as a direct and simple reference for us. And I also think people need to change the mindset when they weight themselves in. I don’t think it is the scale’s fault, it is how people view these numbers. If we can educate ourselves more about the weight fluctuation and focus on the weekly trends instead of daily changes, the daily weigh-in could be a helpful tool for us to have a better sense regarding whether or not we are on track

  • I lost 2 lbs only in 7 months of fasting/OMAD
    It’s not working for me.
    I am working out and not eating sugar, sweets, (only 50 grams of carbs daily) junk food etc.

  • Not that I want to lose weight necessarily, but I started resistance training approximately 2 1/2 months ago, and regularly, I might add; previous to that, I was just using body weight training. I did notice an increase in muscle mass, but I’m not even sure if I am losing fat or have lost any. I still fit into my clothes; I do notice the fit of my pants are different in certain places. I do not restrict myself from the “bad” foods because I do believe in moderation… I just wonder if what I am doing is working ��. I guess I will have to be patient and see for a few more months… years ��??? ��

  • I lost 135 lbs at joy neville for my story, but yes I agree we do get stuck on our journeys and there is ways out! Love ur advice���� #positivity

  • Natacha, this was a fantastic informative vid. You hit every problem, we all come across. Not only answering problems, but making it interesting and entertaining. Your a beautiful girl. Love you as always. Norm.xxxx

  • “The perfect program doesn’t exist.” Yes! I say this to my clients all the time. So many people are looking for the quick solutions. But it’s a simple, slow road of learning how to eat more healthy foods every day and exercising regularly. Thanks for sharing your wisdom:)

  • Hii Natacha!! I am on the first week of cut and absolutely love the workouts. They challenge me everyday and make me feel so accomplished at the end!! Thanks you for all your videos and for creating the training program, it has been so helpful to learn from! Can’t wait for my workout tomorrow! Have a great day:D

  • Your not in a calorie deficit u must b the dumbest educated person iv watched is this a joke I would think someone with education in Nutrition science would know the laws of thermodynamics

  • Regarding the question „why do we weigh ourselves“ and your statement that it doesn‘t say anything about your health: it kinda does, actually, as does the BMI. I‘m a medical student and I recently learned that the BMI and the range that counts as „normal“ is indeed important (although many people say it‘s unreliable etc.) because it shows the mark from which on you may experience illnesses and a shorter lifespan because of (!) your weight. So the information the BMI provides are actually valuable to doctors and also should be to every other person. On the other hand, it has a lot do to with statistics, so it doesn‘t have to be 100% accurate for one single person. I just wanted to point out that this stuff does actually matter to people in the medical field and this is why doctors weigh their patients^^ the more you weigh, the more your likelihood of certain illnesses increases, and this also counts for people having so much muscle that they‘re overweight.
    Just wanted to add this:) fantastic video as always!
    Have a nice day, everyone ^-^

  • Really great video! Thank you for all the, in my case, reminders. Doesn’t matter how many times we hear that there is no use in under eating w/ over training, the reminder is always NECESSARY.

  • I’m glad, I watched this video; I started IF since last week and I am adding collagen powder and honey on my coffee…. this is going to be a challenge; I am not a black coffee lover, I need a bit of sweetness in my coffee.

  • Many people today are working to find out the best way to lose weight. Then again, having the ability to discover a diet plan that can work for you is hard to discover. A crucial thing you need to understand is that a diet is effective for one person might not work for another. So you must understand what your getting into before you begin one of these diets. Therefore we have decided to offer you a good look in the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. This can provide you enough information to learn if this really is something which is appropriate to your needs. Read more here

  • I’m going for the slow progress with long term benefits:) losing weight is important now, but if I go for a crash diet, it’ll just come back on. Thanks for the motivation you offer in your videos!

  • Hi Natacha! I was in a binging and starving cycle for 8 months then i started to watch your videos two months ago and it really helped me a lot. Your positive character is like medicine for me! I do not feel guilty anymore about eating ”unhealthy” food time to time and i realized that i have started to eat healthier and feel healthier! Thank you for this! and sorry for my english:)

  • Thank you for sharing such amazing advice.
    Here’s thought: I am beginning to feel that both the keto diet and intermittent fasting would benefit from the odd cheat day or reset day as I like to call them.

    I firmly believe that when you have been doing keto and/or intermittent fasting for 3 months that your body adapts to it.

    The body’s ability to adapt to situations can at times be our undoing when trying to get the maximum benefits from following a keto diet or a fasting plan.

    By introducing a load of carbs (doing a “Carb Shock”) over 1, 2 or 3 days every 3 to 4 weeks I think would shock the body out of its keto/fasting adaptation and reset it for more benefits once you resume the keto/fasting cycle.
    Any thoughts?

  • I was 280 lb I lost 10 pounds in 2 days by fasting and now I’ve plateaued at 268 when empty and 270 when full. I think I got to exercise more

  • I’ve tried so many diets to the point where I feel sluggish and I’ve seen no results and I just don’t know how to eat anymore. I really need like a baby step guide of the correct way to eat and so far the small amount of instinct left in me tells me that Natacha is giving out the right info. But I wish it was more detailed like what types of foods to eat and specific macros. HEEEELP

  • Thank you! The macro calculator is awesome! It’s so good to finally use one so detailed on the results. Very clear. I will be re-entering regularly to adjust my macros as I progress with Keto.

  • Hi, I hope you read this and take the time to reply. I have huge problems with bloating and storing fat on my belly. Like it’s a family thing. I am really thin but my belly look like I am 3 months pregnant. What can I do?!

  • Started keto this past april 2020, as of last week was down 41 pounds, as of today, down 37 pounds. ��. I gained 4 pounds in less than a week. After watching this video, I think not drinking enough water might be the culprit. Let’s hope, because I’m pretty discouraged this morning.

  • I’m only doing my changes for the past 6 weeks and i was already so desmotivated, now i realize that more important than my weight is my health, this video helped me a lot! Thank you <3

  • Cold fresh pineapple chunks in a hot day has never tasted so good as when I screw up trying to stay to keto diet. I am really not a big meateater. Perhaps If I tried a strict vegandiet I would get tired of soy and I could mess it up by surpricingly drooling over some chicken, oh Messing up fasting is easy nowadays, I simply call it intermittent fasting when I am too tired to get out of bed or to stay awake. But gee, folks, Try resist cold pineapple on a strict ketodiet. I managed for two weeks and now I had two slices. Michelin here I come, I better burn it off with swimming or something.