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How much cardio? What kind of cardio should you do?

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How Much Cardio Should You Do?! (BELLY FAT BURNER)

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Should I Do Cardio to Lose Weight?

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How Much Cardio To Lose Belly Fat

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While cardio isn’t necessary for fat loss, both cardio and strength training are important components to include in any healthy lifestyle. “Cardio should not be eliminated from anyone’s regular fitness routine, as it remains an important part of cardiovascular health,” Novak says. Even if you’re hammering out the miles on a treadmill, your eating plan is still doing anywhere from 80 to 95% of the fat loss work. This is why you don’t “need” to do any cardio each week to lose fat.

While cardio is great for overall health, it will never be as powerful as a quality eating plan. Setting Up An Eating Plan. When you think of exercise geared specifically toward weight loss, you likely imagine spending long hours on the treadmill or elliptical.

And while it’s true that doing steady state cardio probably will help with weight loss, experts say it’s totally unnecessary if your main goal is fat loss. In fact, you can lose weight just by lifting weights. Fat loss occurs only when a deficit occurs. Most people you see endlessly doing cardio day after day are still fat cos they never get serious with their diet. 400cals burnt doing cardio then leaves the gym and instantly eats 400+ cals. �� Try lowering your blooming carbs for once! ����.

In this sense, cardio is not necessary for fat loss, but it can help you reach your goal when combined with a healthy diet. CARDIO AND STRENGTH TRAINING FOR A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE While cardio isn’t necessary for fat loss, both cardio and strength training are important components to include in any healthy lifestyle. A: NO, you don’t need to cardio in order to lose fat. You can lose weight and get lean from diet alone. If you consistently eat a caloric deficit, you’ll lose fat regardless if you are doing cardio or not.

However, cardio can help speed the process along and it also has numerous health and mental benefits as well. Cardio does have many health benefits, so it shouldn’t be avoided. With that being said, it shouldn’t be the focus of your fat loss either. If you enjoy it, then add some cardio into your routine. My recommendation however, is to calculate your calorie and macro requirements to ensure that you are in.

While cardio does burn calories and helps aid in weight loss, combining it with at least two to three days a week of strength training workouts can increase the rate at. You do not need to do cardio exercises to lose fat. You can lose fat by restricting caloric intake, by doing resistance training, or by a combination of both. The main factor in losing body fat is taking in fewer calories than you expend. Summary: Cardio is more effective than weight training at decreasing body fat if you do more than 150 minutes per week.

Weight training is better than cardio for.

List of related literature:

The point of cardio is to force your body to use stored body fat for energy.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
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Yes, four to six 30-second sprints burn more fat than 60 minutes of incline treadmill walking.

“Thinner Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Female Body” by Michael Matthews
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Cardio is optional for men, but generally necessary for women to lose their lower body fat at any decent rate.

“The Ultimate Diet 2.0” by Lyle McDonald
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Although cardio exercise is important, it isn’t the only type of exercise that can help you lose fat.

“Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on The Ketogenic Diet, including Simplified Science and No-cook Meal Plans” by Maria Emmerich, Craig Emmerich
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Intensity of Cardio Many individuals do lower-intensity forms of cardio because more fat is burned during exercise; however, studies comparing lowand high-intensity forms of cardio observed no difference in fat burned throughout the day (20, 27).

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
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Though cardio is a great way to assist in fat loss, it burns fat only while you’re performing the exercise, not around the clock.

“The Guide to Your Best Body (Enhanced eBook Edition): The Revolutionary 12-Week Plan to Transform Your Body and Stay Fit Forever” by Kris Gethin, Jamie Eason
from The Guide to Your Best Body (Enhanced eBook Edition): The Revolutionary 12-Week Plan to Transform Your Body and Stay Fit Forever
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And it also points to one of the reasons why you should de-emphasize cardiovascular, aerobic exercise if you want to lose fat: because it depletes your body’s store of fat-burning muscle.

“The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life” by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
from The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life
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This is also why some people think low-intensity steady-state cardio is best for fat loss.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
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If you don’t warm up, you may exercise aerobically, i.e., with oxygen in the cells, but not burn the fat.

“Awaken The Giant Within” by Tony Robbins
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In addition, your body will eventually adapt to endurance cardio and burn energy more efficiently, which means that when you launch into a cardio session, you will use less and less of your stored body fat.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
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  • hi u have motivated me to start my own YouTube channel on my weight loss journey. I love how u started out and continuing to make progress. is there any pointers u could give me as far as starting and and mistakes to avoid

  • I don’t really get why slouching around is bad after you do HIIT workout, wont it balance it because you’re doing cardio?

    Edit: Does doing spread out cardio better than doing HIIT? (Sorry, im not really good at understanding english)

  • Hey Doc, I think you might need to explain to the viewers that Anaerobic exercise is 95% to 100% of maximum heart rate and can’t be done for long periods of time. Thanks, Take Care

  • Hey what’s up Brix. Longtime subscriber here. I really like the new informative/how to videos. That’s what got me subscribed to your page to begin with. You provided cool tips that i immediately incorporated in my daily routine. Hope to see more of those in the future. Also would love to see any cooking or “healthy” cheat meal videos. Maybe a mobility routine video if you haven’t done one.
    Thanks for the content. Get well Get Money

  • I do an hours skipping a day 4/5 days a week.. doing it about a month or 2 now… starting to eat into the belly fat but its hard to move!!

  • Im 218lbs at 5’ 10” and 30 old today. My job is moderate activity only sitting on brakes three times a day on a 8 hour shift. Is 1800 calories ok?

  • Hey Mr London, can you tell me if I need to be in the calories deficit or surplus if I want to get a slimmer waist without loosing my butt? My waist is 77 cm rn, butt 95 cm and body fat 27% if that helps

  • start with 10-15 minutes of weights then do cardio ur heart rate will already be up and ur body burning then do cardio for max weight loss

  • At about 14.5% bodyfat, I work out abs 6 days, chest 3 days and legs 3 days, just calisthenics, got visible abs, lost about 20 lbs intermittent fasting….tougher and tougher to shred. 26 minutes skipping rope and 30 minutes walking on the treadmill….I was 10 minutes on the treadmill but I upped it to see if my weight will trend down…I enjoy the walking because as you say recovery is quick, but don’t know if its enough. Slow going

  • 15,000 steps per day works for me to lose weight with also eating well to have a small calorie deficit. I guess you can do less steps/time if you do incline since at 15% you burn twice as many calories than walking on a flat surface.

  • Can you go too low in calories? If so, how do you know what’s too low for your body to where u start to tapping into muscle? I’m experiencing a plateau at the moment and am currently at 1882 calories. I’ve already tried taking a diet break for a week raising my cals to 2200 calories a few days I actually went over that but now that I’m back to 1882 it hasn’t sped up really. Should I do another diet break or decrease my cals further?

  • Interesting. In another video a ripped bodybuilder said he did the same thing but in the morning before breakfast. That is did cardio on an empty stomach.

  • I’m doing 1000 calories a day on full incline at 3.8 for last 2 was where as b4 I would split it on rowing machine but my back started to ache so just stick to treadmill but don’t seem to b loosing any more weight now

  • Thx for sharing, now i understand why I burn fat while sleeping. And the fact that I need to give my body time to recover, amazes me.

  • Hey Paul, i’m really enjoying incline treadmill and i’m getting results but my calves are beginning to hurt a lot and it feels like I’m going to get injured soon. What is the best thing to avoid that? I have been taking magnesium daily since I started this (about 2 weeks now), and only today have I started having a protein shake, but I’m wondering what else I can do to prevent injury. I would prefer to keep doing this daily if I can.

  • I’m a 17 year old girl I weight 185 I don’t know how to get my diet right because I live in a “bad neighborhood “ and they just took our grocery store out my neighborhood and I really don’t know how to start working out or what to do when I’m working out can you help me and make a video about teens losing weight oh and I love your videos

  • I walk about 6000 steps a day and then lift for about an hour and a half. I have dropped 25 pounds and gained lots of lean muscle back in the past 3 months.

  • Great video and commentary. Retired 30 months ago and gained about 20 pounds. I’m glad I fell on your site looking forward right now. Very inspirational.

  • Pretty sure steady state cardio has been shown to be just as effective as HIIT. HIIT might have a slightly higher calorie burn age throughout the day but not enough to make it worth the intense effort required to perform it. Also, I would say that 10 minutes isn’t enough for fot loss. I would say minimum 20 minutes post weights. I’m on 30 minutes at the moment.

  • I do 20 minutes of bike, burning 200 cal. Quite steady so I don’t feel exhausted. Then do my weight training. Fortunately that time on the bike doesn’t seem impact my weight training. It’s been 2 weeks of doing that now. So fingers crossed that in a few more weeks, things will change in the belly area. I’m 186lbs now so we’ll see.

  • So I can’t eat even low carb meal after the exercise fearing an insulin spike? When exactly am I supposed to eat then if my IF window for eating starts before my gym time and end 2 hr before bed?

  • That’s exactly what I do! I’m losing weight I’m at 317.8lbs right now. I was 362lbs ���� but I just do incline number 8 for as long as I can at 3mph and I’m telling you it’s crazy. And something I can go the whole hr and sometimes it’s 30mins then I go to incline 5 and at 50mins I’ll go back up to 8 incline and man I’m always drenched my shit is like I just hop out a pool’ dieting is key factor too! I just started eating canned tuna I ate it as a kid but now I make it at 50cal. A can I eat two cans with avocados relish some mix and one two pieces of toast and man under 500 cal diner is amazing’ and my lunch and breakfast fresh fruits apples bananas oranges u name it! A spoon full of almond butter best dessert for losing weight lol ��

  • What is your take on boxing for cardio? My sessions are always pretty intense. I usually do 10 count punches on the bag, 20 sec bag jumps, then 5 burpees for 2 sets…rest 1min…then repeat the circuit for about 4-5 sets total. I’m always breathing heavily and dripping sweat after. I figure it’s a solid cardiovascular exercise but what’s your viewpoint?

  • Hi Brix, Do you still need online coaches?
    I in the process of a fat last journey myself after many times falling back into old habits.

    I have great knowledge of fat loss and muscle gain. I am not qualified but I’ve read so much literature about fitness.

    Please let me know I would love to help out.

  • I use to be a cardio bunny aka daily longgggg sessions…on stage I was below 10% bf aka was shredded but my booty was flat! Now I am in prep and once again below 10% but now I do spin 2x a week, keep nutrition super in check, have increased my NEAT and have increased walking lunges/step ups etc on upper body days and I look 100% better than before so yes cardio isn’t the answer thankfully I think woman are finally starting to realize this������!

  • I want a body where I have medium amount of muscle and mass but my body is very shredded. My abs and muscles are rock solid and I have a lot of speed aswell as power.

  • Hi Paul love from india. Well i workout 4 times a week. Atleast for hour to 90 minutes. But i am finding difficulty in getting rid of belly fat, i want to get six pack abs your advice please. My body fat is 19.About workouts and diet.

  • None. Diet is the only thing you need to change. Stop eating processed carbs and start doing intermittent fasting and you will lose it without any change to your exercise routine. Upping your cardio will give you temporary results only.

  • Dr. Berg…that green (?) Pen is not working… can’t see the marks. Why is this important? Because I learn the same way and seeing the underlines and circled important words helps me remember. Thank you for educating us.

  • i’m currently doing 30 minutes on a cross trainer followed by an hour on a bike 4 times a week, some people have told me it’s to much but it’s working for me

  • SUP Brix love your content bro, just wanted to share what I do, I’m am currently on an upper lower 4-day split, but I also focus on doing two 20 min cardio sessions that allows me to train my stamina, an two 20 min sessions of interval cardio throughout a week.

  • Agree re nutrition but one correction…..sorry you don’t burn substantially less calories with more cardio experience (vs weights). Sure your body becomes slightly more efficient but you compensate by going faster or longer. If there was a strong link as you suggest then superfit people would be able to do 5k or 10k with no metabolic cost; clearly an impossibility. As for a ‘skinny fat physique’ I have not heard of that before. Your body type reflects your exercise lifestyle and nutrition habits there is not really one body type if you do cardio and one if you do weights.

  • I go 4 to 5 Rounds on the heavy bag then after I go straight to the treadmill and do HIT for 10 to 12 minutes! And it’s been a great combination for cardio.

  • I feel great with a lot of cardio on an exercise bike. I do steady state cardio at 60% maxHR for an hour. On alternate days I will do 2hr36mins of steady state cardio at 80% maxHR to get to failure. My goal is to loose body fat while maintaining lean mass. I want to get back to lifting weights but need to wait til the dr says a I can, recovering from shoulder surgery.

    Your body does adapt so varying your routine can keep your body guessing and it does not adapt to your routine… then I see results.

  • I’d be honored to collaborate with you. I’m 51. Here’s my transformation ⬇

    I’ve sent many to your channel.

  • I hate cardio. I love lifting weights. The best way I’ve lost fat is by eating healthy. I like being strong but still feminine of course������. #NUTRITION

  • It really comes down to what the individual is eating to know how much cardio they should do or how fast they want to lose weight and get leaner. So much emphasis is put on cardio when it’s mostly the nutrition and lifestyle for sure.

  • Great video brother, I enjoyed every minute. What if I do stair master for 10 mins 5 times a week after my weightlifting & also which speed? Treadmill bothers the heels of my feet & I noticed I dont need my heels(of my feet not woman heels lol) on the stairmaster, I meal prep and track my macros. My abs are showing but I still have some fat on them. Im 5’8 149 pounds which I dropped from 167 doing resistance bands & biking but Im finally back in the gym after 4 years out due to an elbow injury.

  • I’ve been using the step machine…

    I have had plantar fasciitis pretty bad ( which has mostly gone away since I’ve lost some weight and addressed shoe issues etc.) fast walking / running became so it really wasn’t working out for my feet…

    I use the step machine at at moderate speed to start and increasing speed every minute or two, for twenty minutes and I’m completely drenched in sweat when I get off it.

    Seems to be the easiest on my joints all together.

  • Dr. Berg is exercising 7 days a week? I try to do that but only if I don’t have other stressors and I feel like I’ve recovered enough. Even then I keep it to the minimum effective dose idea of Dr. McGuff.

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH MR LONDON!! I appreciate you adding the meanings of what e.g calorie deficit means (because I commented could you explain what a calorie deficit is) Goes to show that you truly do listen and care about audience. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much it means. Your channel will continue to grow because of the work you’re constantly put in. As you can tell by this lengthy comment, we appreciate all the effort you put in day in and day out. Thankyou. Much love always����

  • Hello, Dr. Berg. I do high intense cardio regularly, indoor cycling to be exact. My doctor informed me that it is okay to do as much cardio as I like. However, I have also heard that doing too much cardio will eventually make the heart oversized and eventually have difficulty functioning later in life. What are your thoughts on this? Is there any information from this that is misleading?

    I’m 24 years old and I currently do cardio Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays every week for an hour. Other days I lift weights except for Sundays. I am a fanatic when it comes to the gym and what I’m looking for is a way to maintain my workout routine for a number of years before my body finally succumbs to old age.

    What do you recommend that I do so that I maintain a strong heart for the rest of my life? Is there any way that I could increase my intensity and/or frequency of cardio or at least maintain it while completely avoiding permanent consequences in the long run?

  • well I for one am interested in losing my love handles and putting on muscle. I do jog often because I find it some how soothing. but man, I want to lose these love handles.

  • I think you’d find Tai Chi interesting if you were to look into it, Eric.

    It’s only truly effective when an emphasis is placed on posture and the things that can grant you perfect balance. A competent teacher or author will also emphasize relaxation.

  • doctor, my husband has very high cholesterol maybe genetic not sure.. he is on dash diet and exercises ard 1.5 hr twice per week he is not losing weight could you advice?

  • Great information, you really make it easy to understand. I use Jump Rope as my Cardio mainly. Walking 6km a day, mixing in Running intervals. I Jump Rope for 30 minutes a day or more, using a Half Pound boxing rope. Sometimes I jump 20 or 30 minutes in one go (Extremely Fatiguing) or I break it up in three 10 minute Jump Sessions. It is great for Cardio and Fat Burning. The Machines are good and serve their purpose but they don’t fine turn your “Athletic Ability” in my opinion. Jumping Rope is hard on the joints also, so I guess it boils down to whatever suits you, the Jump Rope is very effective though. I lost 20 pounds of fat in one month jumping 20 minutes a day at a Moderate Pace and Walking 6km and eating in a 500 Calorie Deficit. It sounds like alot of time, but just wake up 30 minutes early and get your jump out of the way. Take your walk after work. Really appreciate your videos. Thanks for the info.

  • I love this topic ����‍♀️ ����‍♀️ I do, to some, “too much cardio”… I do 60 minutes daily on and offseason, going as high as 90 minutes on prep. I do it for both keep my legs lean and for my health. Unfortunately, I have genetic high cholesterol, and the only thing that keeps it down is doing cardio and having a lower-fat diet

  • Been walking to and from work since October 8.5 miles total. Along with 2 days on 1 day off of weights had some good weight loss and looking leaner. Been enjoying your channel for a while. ��

  • Hii doc. I eat 5 times a day, workout every day, weights + cardio, my diet is 40% carbohydrates, high in protein, and low in fat except for a few eggs and salmon meals. I feel amazing in the gym every day. If carbs supposedly nullify the effects, why is it that ive been constantly losing body fat for the passed 3 months, and currently at only 11% body fat???

  • Hey doctor Eric, I love your videos, they are very helpful. Sir, would you please make a video about how to get off the keto diet without gaining weight, pleaaaaase!! Thank you soo much for your efforts ��

  • Great video! After watching this I sat down and ask myself those 3 questions. I’m kind of stuck on the body type but I will get it figured out. Thank you for continuing to give us great content! #BrixSquad

  • Second video of yours I watched
    And you’re official.
    I went from 205 to 165 in 7 months
    I focused on calories in and cardio
    But, focusing on lifestyle is important and rest. HiiT works but I cant do it every day but LiSS works but the results didnt show.I think I know how to utilize it now.

    I was told by a friend of mine, compare a sprinter body vs.a long distance runner. So, I got ripped, now I’m 220 again but imma just walk.

    Question: Is it true the first 20 mins of running, your carbs are being burned, 20-30, your fats and 30 + your muscle is being burnt?
    And is utilizing testeroene, stop you from being considered a natural lifter?

  • I’m in my 30’s and I workout 4-5 days a week. I’ve switched my focus from cardio to weight training with some cardio. Hopefully the change is what my body needs.

  • Should i do weight training while 2 meals a day..? And what is my calories intake while in 2 meals Please make video on this topic

  • Good sleep, and the lack thereof is the culprit, not weight training. A good trainer is advised to help you make gains, but you need sleep and low stress recovery. Your workout in the gym should be all you need, maybe some walks with your dog. Eat good food.

  • Hey. Thank you!
    Please, if I’m doing 5 full body workouts a week and i want to add incline walks on a treadmill after each session what incline %, speed and duration would you recommend for maximum calories burn and minimum recovery demand? From your experience ofcourse:-)

  • Honestly, I’ve been working out intensely since september 2019. I used to be ripped but broke my back and then was stuck in a wheelchair for a really long time and just got fat, after tons of physio and other things like tai chi, I managed to gain enough back strength that I no longer have any back pain and have been cleared by a doctor to train again. My workouts consist of 50% cardio and 50% strength training, unfortunately all I’ve gotten out of it is a lot more muscle mass but barely any fat loss, or at least that’s how it seems. I WAS a junk-food-a-holic but barely snack now. So I guess basically I should do more cardio?

  • Dr. Berg. I’ve been wondering. Is internittent fasting safe for pregnant women. I would be great if u do a video on it. I tried to find any info about it but i dont find much. Please������

  • I run for 20 minutes (2 miles) 5 days a week, early morning. Also, keto diet & IF 22/2 daily. Works for me @57 yrs old, 108 lbs, 5’0″, fit, healthy, happy.

  • He needs a trainer! He looks scrawny and underfed I can’t believe millions of people look to this guy for advice. I would increase his caloric input by 50% and get him involved be in a three-day whole body workout.

  • Back in the day (mid 90s), I tried both cardio then later weight training. I found that weight training worked the best for me. I was gaining muscle but losing weight. My theory that fat can come and go much faster than muscles. Back then I wanted to get my fat/weight down but today it’s the opposite. Now I’m back in the gym trying to get my muscle & weight up. I have to be careful as I have bulging disc in my neck and herniated in my lower back. The bulging disc can cause shoulder and arm problems. So I have to work out in a way not to make things worse. If I feel tightness or soreness in my neck and shoulders, I back off and take a break. So far I’m going alright.

  • For me it takes both to loose the desired weight, (diet+exercise)and also I think your overall health will benefit from this strategy.

  • I’m 63 Female. I’ve been doing treadmill for 30 min (not running, just walking) then bicycle (for my knee) for another 30 min. Couple other machines to help with my knee. That’s really good then? I do that at gym about 5-6 days a week.

  • 6 hours a day 7 days a week? no changes at all? Yeah right.
    I think one small detail is missing, your type of body as that will determine the type of diet and consequently the type of training, no?

  • I tried to tell clients as a personal trainer that the longer you workout is not to your benefit as far as losing weight but if that was true we could all work out for 8 hours a day and be skinny as needles right?

  • thanks sir for your devine guidance. Please if you tell me at what time I should take protein after work out so that it will not nullify it’s weight loss effect means insulin levels

  • Hope you see this I’m 511 215for eating 2700 calories burning 400 calorieson treadmill with strength training 6days a week..losing 3-4 a week should I eat more or do less cardio

  • What if I’m gaining weight from doing too much cardio? Say, 5 days per week 45 min moderate intensity stair master. The scale has gone up instead of down

  • Aerobic conditioning for the sake of conditioning is under-valued by society. But, for survival in a stressful situation could depend on your aerobic conditioning. You have to be able to run away from a bad guy. If you are stuck in the wilderness, you may have to walk out. If you get stuck in a river, you might have to swim out. Ask anyone who has ever been in the military conditioning helps you to survive. So does strength and skelatal muscle. Being skinny just for the sake of being skinny is not that great.

  • I’ve been cycling, boxing, weightlifting, for many years. When you’re younger you can get away with hit training and or cardio the same day as intense weight training, given you put in hours of rest in between and time your meals right. As you get older I see it’s better to do hit training once or twice a week on off days. Don’t do cardio before weight training, always do it after. You lose strength in the gym if you do long cardio or hit training before your gym sessions. When I go out and do 65 miles on my bike, I’m on it for over 4 hours, burning over 4000 calories. If I try to hit the gym later that night I don’t have the energy, I’m 62 years old, I’m in the gym 5 days a week, plus cardio twice a week. If I want to stay semi shredded and keep my six pack, my macros, diet, calories, have to be right on the money long-term. Training for older athletes is different from young guys.

  • It’s really weird. Last night I finished eating., thought I was full. Woke up and 2 bags of M&Ms were empty ��. For real, I DON’T remember waking up Nevermind pigging out on the M&Ms! The peanut butter filled ones no less. ��

  • Great video thanks I go the gym 4-5 times a week I used to weight 14st 10 I’m currently 12st 5 and 5ft 10 in height I class myself as skinny fat now how many calories should I be eating to help loss that stubborn belly fat I eat a healthy diet of around 1800 calories a day.

  • For physical training is beneficial for a little, but godly devotion is beneficial for all things, as it holds promise of the life now and the life that is to come. (1tim. 4:8)

  • Thanks to video doc, i have lost over 21 kgs in 3.5 months with Keto and Intermittent Fasting. Just want to ask what is the perfect workout plan in keto amd IF. Is it cardio or weight lifting? I dont want to lose on muscle weight. Pls advise

  • I do about 90mins exercise almost daily, but I have done it for years. I’m over 60 and cycle through using different muscle groups (ie swim one day, weight next and then rowing, etc.). It burns about 1400Cals. A lot of people exercise on a treadmill stop after burning…. 60 calories… and have a recovery coffee (150Cals)!

  • worked myself so hard in a quarry using a jackhammer once for months was emaciated even eating heaps quit lay on a couch for months to recover

  • Mr. London, I am catching up with your videos. I’m not on any social media. I can’t “dm” you but would like to talk to you. I am currently watching you “get to know Mr. London,” you say you’re a night owl, as I am. I’d love to get to know you. talk to you. I’d love to give you my number but not on a public platform. please guide me in the right direction to get in touch with you “voice to voice.” I just added thud comment to your most recent video, hoping you’d see it although I’m watching your live video from feb.

  • Honestly have been a big proponent of cardio for weight loss most of my adult life. I still got fat, despite long sessions and higher intensity sessions. Last January, I went low carb Ketoish, and wow, the weight came off quickly. I switched to fasted workouts and time restricted eating. I dropped from 223 to 160 and now holding steady. Fix the diet, and evenna small amount of fasted exercise quickly sheds fat.

  • My husband and I have just started following you. It’s so nice to have someone speak sense and be honest. Not just do these exercises or drink this drink and miraculously you’ll have the body you want. Really looking forward to going back and watching more and see what else you have to say going forward, thank you:)

  • Mike, how about overall “fitness”? Cardio of 30 minutes per day is healthy for the heart. And the more muscle mass, the more the heart needs to work. Your reply is appreciated. Thanks

  • This is the best explanation I have ever heard on this subject of those two kinds of exercise. I think I finally know what to do. Thank you Dr. Berg:) Hi to Karen! Happy Fall, Karen!

    Why should I do my HIIT after the workout rather than before? I just got home from the gym and I started my workout with 10minute warm up and then did 15mins of HIIT. Did the HIIT just go to waste ‘cause I did it before my actual workout?��

  • I just try to walk every morning and make sure I’m getting between 15-20,000 steps every day. I feel like stress wise I do much better.

  • Actually, you can do as much cardio if you are good enough to regenerate it 😉 people who start to lose fat are often unfit… you can still overtrain with cardio 😉 but if you do HIIT I would recomend it to change it from one weight lifting day (or 2.) not on rest days… it should be done at 110% so its taxing. Smart work>>>>> hard work, always.

  • What I have been doing lately os lift weights for an hour and go on the treadmill for 20 minutes at the end of the workout if you are afraid to lose muscle instead of fat just make sure you eat enough

  • I’d love to help out and be apart of that 1,000 you’re looking for. I’ll be on the lookout for more information.
    Great vid and tips!

  • I’ve tried all the different cardio types with different diet types (low intensity, HIIT, maximal intensity, and fasted or fed, carb, ketogenic, small deficit, big deficit).

    The best way to biologically burn fat is to go into a keto diet and become fat adapted. However this isn’t any good for muscles and if you aren’t already an advanced weight lifter, you’ll just be skinny underneath.

    Best solution:
    calorie deficit 500 cals below your TDEE.
    High protein is a must (that’s 230g @ 1950 cals for me) likely a tad overkill but scientific study’s showed the difference between lean mass vs fat gained with 5%, 15%, 25% protein and benefits of higher protein on muscle repair and growth.
    Do antagonistic weight training splits 3 days on 1 day off, you won’t need to worry about progressive overload or adding weight plates each session, just maintaining the same weights if possible.
    After each session, 30 mins or so of low intensity interval training, this is key. Your glycogen will be readily depleted from the weight training. And low intensity cardio, 145bpm on average heart rate will then access fat stores (high intensity like sprinting on the off day if you want). Combining weight training with cardio in a deficit, though hard is the best way. You will gain some muscle especially if under a year into it, 1 2 years you’ll maintain if anything and the fat will go, you won’t look skinny. Then at a lower bf% can bulk properly again. (satellite cells spring into action even in the body’s survival state, but only a limited amount compared to a big surplus).

  • Been trying this lately. Coming from Ironman training last 13 years it’s hard to take it easy on cardio and not do to much volume and intensity. Great timing for me to see as I’m struggling with 15-40minutes of just walking at 15% grade and 3.0 speed.

  • As we age, it’s not all about looks and being hot. You start to think about avoiding heart disease, strokes, and cancer. Resistance training of any kind is always going to be important. I’m 57, have had spine surgery, received a kidney transplant, and try to manage high blood pressure. Do I want to feel lean? Of course. But also, I don’t want to die. So yes, training your heart and lungs is JUST as important as trying to get laid. I use a Schwinn Airdyne 5-6 days per week, for around 40 minutes. This machine forces you to work upper and lower body together, similar to a rowing machine. I wear an Apple watch, and exercise at around 72% of max heart rate. I get off the bike as wet as falling into a pool. Due to my spine surgery, I can only use light weights, resistance bands, and I enjoy swinging a steel mace. I don’t eat great, so I carry some stomach fat, and back fat. I would like to look a little leaner, but that would be completely diet related. But when I visit the doctor and cardiologist they are very pleased with my general health, and are not concerned with 15 pounds of belly flab. I love the Airdyne, and Steel mace. Good luck to all.

  • I legit do 10 minutes of HIT cardio and then weight training, I’ve lost around 80 pounds in 4 months. (I also do intermittent fasting, OMAD)

  • Opened YouTube, was going to do something, this video was the first thing I saw in “home”, completely forgot what I was going to do, still trying to figure it out…

  • Im finishing my studies of Kinesiology and I must say I learned more usefull information on your channel than on my Uni:/ Only wish I had a mentor such as yourself that i could learn even more from. Thanks for putting interesting and useful content out there, really appreciate it. Massive respect ^^

  • It’s sad that a few cycles of roids make every guy an expert! That amount of muscle takes many many years of hard hard work if you don’t wanna mess with the juice. Don’t let anyone fool you people. Take your time stick with it you will get results naturally too.

  • The fact is that cardio isnt that important….if youre stuffing your face or even slightly overeating you won’t lose weight. Thats the harsh truth

  • Hi,
    I am 45 years old, 1.65 m tall.
    I train with weights 3-4 times a week.

    After 12 weeks of deficit (go from 63.5 kg and 29.3% fat to 58kg and 25%) I tried to return to a higher intake because I found myself without energy to train my daily intake ranged from 1,200 to 1,300 calories.
    I honestly stopped controlling calories for about 6 weeks and have regained the lost weight reaching 61.5kg with 27.7% fat, 29.5% muscle.

    On February 9 I got in order again starting from 1,600 calories (C35%, P35%, G30%)
    As of March 13 I am at 26.8% 60.2 kg 1500 calories daily and I want to reach 23% fat but I don’t know how to balance lowering calories and training.

    I think my failure was not having a plan to maintain the lost weight, maybe stabilizing myself for a few weeks and from there making adjustments, I despair and stop controlling macros and calories completely.

    Any advice is appreciate.

  • I don’t understand why I don’t hear endurance enough when we talk about cardio.I only hear about strength loss fat loss etc.Am I wrong?

  • Great video! I have a question.. would you recommend doing HIIT training before or after weight training? I want to loose my stomach fat but build up on my muscle.

  • Assuming I’m in a -500 caloric deficit, is cardio 5x a week (stationary bike) for 40 min/200 cal excessive? If so, what do you guys suggest/recommend. (I don’t mind cardio but I don’t love either)

  • I eat 1000 to 1200 calories daily and I use to do da treadmill 15mins like 3 to 4 Times a week lol ���� ikr your probably saying that’s not enough anyways for the past two weeks I have been doing 1hour on the treadmill and I do see a big difference in my fatty areas��My?? Is how much cardio shud I be doin for my body weight I’m 208 currently sorry so long��

  • Lost 70lb by doing cardio/running. How did I manage to do that? I made a video explaining how to that and there are more to come. The cardio/running is the KING of sports. Whether is the basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, handball, tennis, football or almost any sports. You name it. Even the pro bodybuilders do cardio. GUYS, do cardio on regular bases, it will improve your health, strength, endurance, condition AND OF COURSE YOU’LL LOSE FAT. Hard work pays off, so invest in yourself!!!

  • I’ve never enjoyed running or cardio. A typical gym rat running for the weights room as soon as I enter the gym.
    That changed two months ago.
    Started walking at 4 mph on treadmill, was out of breath in ten minutes.
    Pissed but not discouraged, I quit smoking and I’m on a simple 5-700 deficit diet with one cheat day.
    I am now addicted to running the mill and do between 40-60 minutes run fast walk and max incline.
    I whey protein my breakfast and have broccoli and other veg with steak chicken fillet. I snack in between on fruits or more veg.
    I drink a red bull 30 minutes before cardio. I’ve cut out all the shit like sweets soda coffee but have tea.
    I trained 6-7 days week but knee injury from running too much too soon set me back few weeks as I couldn’t run. So I walked and started lifting too. I realised I was too fatigued training after a 15 year lay off.
    I cut back cardio to 5 days and weights to three, mon to fri cardio, weights tue thurs sat. Body starting to take shape and lot less sore cutting back training. Knee got better so for the first time ever I’m averaging 45-60 mins cardio with non stop running for 20 of those. Belly going down slowly, and shaping up good everywhere else.
    It took me 15 years of eating junk to get where I am so don’t be under any illusions you’ll lose belly overnight. No quick fixes. I’m at 25 percent body fat so if I get to 10 in a year I’ll be happy.

  • Imma just watch ya videos, I tried everything spent all my money buying things and apps to loose weight I give up but best of luck to you

  • I eat maintenance and add exercise for deficit. My experience with HIIT was that it made me super hungry after so it was very hard to keep my diet under control. Moderate cardio works best for me.

  • great video bro, quick question…How manny times would you train calves a week for best results, would every day be okay or do you need time to rest them?

  • hi Mike. Quick question if you would.. I want to lose body fat. I’m 6.3″,115 kg, and 25%bf.. what ratio of macronutrients do I need in order to lose body fat and sustain my muscle and how many calories should I be having a day to do so. thanks in advance.

  • Hi Paul. Thank you for the video. In the video you recommend starting off at 10 minutes of cardio on an incline treadmill. I’m assuming you recommend doing this cardio immediately after your weight training session? Thank you in advance.

  • Thanks Mike, very useful informations!
    shall i do more cardio if i only do circuit training with short rest time, 3 times a week.? knowing that i want to cut down, and my diet is on point.

  • With the goal of bigger muscles I hit the gym 3 times a week and do hour HIIT classes 2-3 times a week as well, would you say this is too much cardio and I should eliminate it?

  • Anytime I exercise with weight loss I lose twice as much weight as if I just diet alone…exercise seems to drastically increase my metabolism

  • I’m 10 weeks post surgery and have been putting off cycling up 2 hills in my town… this video has me thinking… just walk that part, it’s ok. ������‍♂️��‍♂️

  • I used to run for like 15 to 20 mins then once I got tired I would run and walk until the rest of my 60 mins was i started my regular running again but i already lost 50 pounds and i feel like high intensity running and walking for 60 mins every day is too much now that I’m 210 lbs because I do calisthenics every other day..pullups & pushups are the best so now I just walk every day for 2 hours and I only eat chicken and protein shakes

  • Since I was very bored with the quarantine, I started to walk inside my house doing like 25 to 30 k steps a day first week, week 2 I added a diet of 1200 1300 cal, low carbs and 140-150 gr of protein a day, 2.5 or 3 L of water and some weight training (I go to the gym, have some muscle but some fat too) with a couple of 20s and a 45 pound dumbbells for about and hour, I started with 79 kg ( about 174 lb, my height 179 cm or 5´10) in two weeks I have lost over 5 kg (11 lb) mostly fat, muscle measure still the same so yes walking helps A LOT combine with a good nutrition.

  • I do incline 10. Work my way up to speed 6.. about 40 minutes in the morning.. incline 7 speed 6. In the afternoon 30 minutes.. as lost about 5 kilos in about 8 weeks… still eating for 5 mils.. seems to be working.. but still got a way to go to get shredded.. I am 59 I love working out.. really like your videos what’s a great information thank…

  • I am 62 & work out with a trainer (former Navy Seal so no slacking off!) 2x/week who pushes me to do strength training, balance, & core work. I do cardio on my own 3x/week. I do all this fasted at approximately 14 hrs. & eat at 20 hrs. Honestly, I feel the best I ever have & I do believe that I have more energy exercising fasted than fed. I think exercise is most important for maintaining muscle, practicing balance, keeping a strong core, & mental clarity/peace. It has never been my experience that cardio helped me lose any significant weight. Healthy keto is the right fuel for me.

  • just started watching your videos. I’m an absolute beginner at all of this and your videos are the most helpful on youtube. You tell the facts in a way that is easy to understand without any misleading information that I see a lot in other vids. Thank you so much!! keep it up we need you!!

  • Man i acc love ur vids. 17 years old rn. I was 250 last year. 200 atm. Trying to reach 175. Foodddd dawg gets mee all the timee. Love ur vids dawg keep em coming

  • You Have to Combine Keto with IF…that and exercising lifting weights 3 days a week, has helped me to from a Size 16 to an 8….Thank You Dr. Berg..����

  • I’m not a big traditional cardio guy. I do a pretty well rounded workout that combines different aspects of fitness that include: 10 minutes of power yoga to warm up before minimal rest full body workout, then I finish it off with a 10 minute high incline walk. I’d say my heart rate is anywhere from 60-90% of max the whole hour this takes. Any takes on whether this is decent in terms of getting benefits from a cardio standpoint?

  • Question, I’m doing 20 min cardio 4 days a week, work out 5 days, taking fat burner, in a calorie deficit, and still have high body fat and stomach and chest fat, any possible reason why? Were is link to hire u as online coach?

  • Hi Paul! Thank you for your videos, your so informative. I’ve had lapband and one of the few with awesome results.I started walking after I got it. started out 30 mins a day hated every step for the first few weeks then one day I said..hmm I can do more than 30 mins.then before I knew it I was addicted! 6 miles a day then 12 and when I had the time 19 miles. a little ridiculous I know.I tend to over due things.I went from eating as my addiction to walking.its my therapy I actually have anxiety attacks if I don’t get my walks in. I am toying with the idea of getting into weight training only thing that intimidates me is my thought on having to always lift weights because once you stop your body looks so different and possibly loose skin.I know I can walk till I’m 90 yrs old.just don’t know if id want to keep weight lifting into my older yrs. Again,thank you for all your input! God bless.

  • Hi Paul, been training on and off for maybe 10 years-ish but never truly understood the science of how to methodically lose fat until I started watching your videos. No fancy edits or anything just easy to digest (excuse the pun) information which makes it sound so much simpler, cheers mate��

  • Another great discussion Paul. I haven’t done traditional cardio in years. I did it for one competition and it ran me into the ground. Like you said, it drastically reduced my N.E.A.T. Today all I do is bring my dog for two brisk walks a day, which works out to be 10000 steps. I also work at my stand up desk all day, which burns a bit more than sitting and just makes me feel better. Sure worked to get me down to 7.4 percent body fat.

  • So if I have an older elliptical bike, can I just increase the intensity and get the same results from an incline? I usually do minimum 10 level but not sure how to translate that. Thanks for great tips. I watch them all.

  • Absolutely correct. About 2 months ago i decided to actually get serious with my training and work to be a calisthenics athlete to later become a calisthenics coach. Now I’ve always been big into fitness and never really understood why i wasn’t burning fat and i was hardly gaining muscle, yet i was “body building” i use quotes because it didn’t work out for me and i did it so wrong that i injured myself and couldn’t do many of the exercises anymore. I noticed my nutrition was so out of whack and i always tried to eat super healthy, yet realized i was also hardly walking in the day and playing a lot of video games. Ever since i quit videogames and decided to prioritize my walks and now my training. I’ve tracked all my calories and did all the math, and listened now to my body and decided my maintainance caloric intake. Now, i do 40minutes of incline walking every night along with a couple walks with the dog everyday. I do my main training session in the morning and stick to a 2000 calorie diet. I have never seen these types of results on me before. I was in like some type of long term plateau so i thought, and never saw progress. Truth is i was just being lazy and not motivated. Now, I’m a whole new person. To be honest, if i didn’t do my cardio everyday, my goals would fall apart. It’s so strange how 40 minutes of cardio can just change your whole life. Now I’m moving to bali later to pursue my calisthenics coaching career.

  • Brix, what do you think about t25? Been doing it for a bit. I’ve finished month 1 and saw some differences but been struggling with month 2, I just keep falling off with it plus it’s getting boring. I’m thinking about just going back to the gym and doing, can you give me some tips? I don’t remember the body types but I’m able to gain muscle with no issues but losing fat is hard at, I can gain fat very easily and keep it on as well as muscle. What can I do? At this point I been struggling with weight forever now and I’m just tired of this crap… I really wanna get this under control but feel like I can’t.

  • So many workouts you can do at home, look at YouTube. So many excellent free workouts. Or go outside, run or find stairs go up and down. So many things that can be done sans gym! I haven’t been to one in years. ��

  • Hi Paul this help me tremendously because I kept hitting plateaus with my cardio. Yes your body will adjust and you have to keep increasing it. I will add the additional incline and see what happens

  • I’m at the point of giving up on this weight loss stuff man sometimes I think losing weight is fictional I feel like it’s not possible to get that great physic and to get in shape…

  • I work out 5 days a week for 1.5 hours to 2 hours. I feel great I have no soreness..I check my resting heart rate in the morning before anything else..then I check my heart rate during and after exercise. I lost 26 lbs so far

  • What about elite athletes and Olympians, doc…They do train for 6 hours a day. Then how come they achieve great results..

    For example, in test cricket they do play for 8-9 hours continuously for 5 days….

    Then how about that

  • #1. Do you trust cardio machines when they tell you how many calories you burned? Are they accurate?

    #2. When trying to build lean muscle & loose the lower belly fat how many calories burned thru cardio would do recommend to be effective but not destroy your gains?

  • Seriously Brix? You sell programs yet you say that your cardio depens on your body type?? That crap has nothing to do with the type of cardio one should do. It doesn’t matter if you’re an “endomorph” etc. That idea was valid decades ago and it was proven that it’s not accurate at all. Are you turning into VShreds or something? Do more research before you spread bs.

  • Who knew I am over doing hiit. I am kinda addicted to the pushing through it. So I can not do less. My lungs are killing my hiit training. I think I need do cardio to improve my lungs. Would 30 minute Zumba three times a week work? I do two one hour boot camp and three 30 minture hiit class a week. I like to add one day swimming laps too. Each week I reach for a bit more.

  • I just started watching your video I enjoy them I’m looking for a good coach/trainer in Columbus Oh can you point me to some I can check out. Thanks In Advance

  • Hey man,

    Just wanted to say you’ve been the single biggest outside factor that has led to me going from 303lbs to 265lbs in 2 months. I’ve never commented on anything like this before but you deserve to know you’re really affecting people in a major way. Much respect.

  • I like how you promote walking as a legit activity to lose body fat. The idea that you have to pour sweat fo it actually get results is a thing of the past. Hiit is great but walking poses very little risk of injury as well. Thanks for video.

  • IVE LOST 80LBS IN 10 WEEKS DOING THINGS LIKE JUMPING ROPE & FASTING! I’ve even been sharing my journey on my channel✅ hope all enjoy it! Thanks Paul for always spreading the knowledge����

  • The calorie calculations on cardio machines almost always include your BMR, making them misleading-for example, “400 calories” on the elliptical translates to 300 calories from cardio and 100 calories from being alive.

    Also, I feel like modern bodybuilding is more of a pageant than a sport haha.

  • I love that you reply to all your comments, do you think you’ll still be able to do it when you hit 1m subs? (Which is you definitely will!!!)

  • Ok id say im around 18% bodyfat, I was skinny fat and still kind of am, i’ve been bulking because I want to gain muscle mass, which is what ive done, but ive also gained bodyfat, how can i build muscle without gaining bodyfat? I want to be muscular and have a six pack, but it seems id need to cut to get visible abs and i dont want to lose muscle

  • Thought I figured my Maintenance at 2500.. been eating at 2000-2100 for last 3 weeks… and havent lost a single pound I’d figure maybe 2 pounds by now? ����

  • What a great insight. I’ve started doing jump ropes for 20-30min using HIIT at least 4-5 times a week, for about 5 weeks now, and I’d say it’s helping me a bit. I’d still wait a bit longer for results of course. I don’t have treadmill to do incline, but I find that lifting my knees up to my waist on jump ropes helps a lot and feeling it more on the lower abdominal area.

  • Thanks for this very informative post, I just hid the recombinant bike in my home gym and I have a new concept and motivation to get shredded along with my diet and continued lifting. God bless you and may you and your family have a prosperous 2020!

  • Love your content! Very informative and motivating. In the past 2 years I’ve become a very lean ripped 53 year old… many thanks!

  • To turbo boost, do the steady cardio first THEN lift hard, with compound exercises. It will be much harder, but you’ll force your body to burn fat while you lifting weights because you burn through all your carb stores during cardio.

  • My job is physical and i play golf twice a week lift weights 3-4 times a week is this enough the moment i am eating around 2200 cal a day but food is all i think about

  • I fell off hard
    So I started my journey like 2 weeks ago
    To be able to stick it, not only do you have to be strong physically but as well as mentally, I plan to make a channel of the ups and downs in my life of living healthy both inside and out

  • Do what you can manage
    If you canít handle such hard workouts, you can always just walk on the treadmill for 45 minutes to an hour daily. Youíll need to do it 5 or 6 times a week, if possible. As you get fitter, you could do 45 minutes in the morning, followed by 45 minutes in the evening.

  • Hey paul, honestly I’m kind of stuck right now, I do minimal cardio close to zero, but I try to eat 1,800 calories a day. 6 months ago I was 180 lbs 30% body fat now I’m 156 lbs around 20% body fat. I’m not losing that much weight now, I doubt my body has adapted to 1800 because I usually eat more on some days.. If i’m being honest I stopped weighing my food just because I feel like I know how much I’m eating which is probably the mistake that’s keeping me from losing 1% body weight a week as you mentioned.. Any thoughts? Thanks! Forgot to mention, I’m 5’5, 19 years old.

  • I did hiit and I ruined my ankles (has prior old untreated sport injuries when I was youngtrained with sprained ankles for my volleyball practice that it becomes so regular and it got ‘fixed’ back on its own. I can sprain 20x in a 3hrs practice. Kinda felt like having rheumatism even when I’m yet to reach 30yo)

    And as a woman with fats in my chest (boobs), I hated running with high impact sports bra.

    1) did farmer’s walk threadmill intervals with inclination. Sweat, but less pressure for the above issue.

    2) rowing machine. To me, it’s the best, provided that I and not distracted and keep to right form while doing it. (suffered lower backaches when I was figuring out the right posture for about 4 practices)

    Am I doing right? Thanks coach

  • Or maybe my question is better this way you think is a specific ratio of cardio and weight training.can you demonstrate weekly variations patterns

  • You have to learn to enjoy putting in the work. Make it a lifestyle and not a “get ripped quick” process. Also, do it for yourself. Wanting to achieve for other people is always a dead-end road.

  • Hey Paul. I have been exercising consistently for 2 years. Just recently stated walking for cardio. I try and go at high incline and intensity of 3.3 miles hour to 3.6 is that intense enough

  • Brix Fitness.. Your videos are motivating and inspiring. I truly appreciate your motivation and supporting your subscribers. Thanks for helping your subscribers to be motivated to push and transform to be a better us. I am in my post-surgery phase after having Spine Surgery and I have been in the gym everyday or Hiking daily, nonstop. You have helped with my motivation and wanting to be a healthier me during my weight loss journey. We can share workout post daily as I go to the gym everyday or Hike. Thank you! Pls subscribe to my page.. @MzSugaaa family

  • So walking for 30 minutes only gives you 5 actual minutes of fat burn time? And if you walk for less than 25 minutes, there is no benefit?
    Sometimes I will walk just ONE mile and it takes me 22 minutes. Does that mean…I basically did nothing? (Even tho I’m sweating)

  • Thank you for the info! My current weight is I’ve lost 10lbs so far, and have 15 more to go. Its so hard to get rid of this mommy tummy.

  • Hi Doctor, my respect, Id like, if its possible for you, to tell us about the nano silver water, there’s people that are using it and I’d like to know from your expertise your point in that matter.

    Thank you very much

  • He is right about cardio but wrong when you think this will yield the same results for everyone because it won’t! Age, genetics and overall diet matters 100% when it comes to how you workout inorder to gain your desired results. Workout according to your body type and goals, be consistent no matter what and change your routine and type of workouts you do often.

  • I just started watching you. And I’m super glad I subscribed. I used to be very athletic and then when I went to uni I gained a lot of weight because I am not exercising as much. I’m inspired

  • Love your videos Mr London, I want to lose weight and have been staying away junk food however i do eat quite a lot of rice, noodles, bread because of my culture of being Asian so i tend to eat them mostly, should i cut down my portion size to help lose weight while still eating Asian food? I do cardio which are running or jumping rope and do weight training as well.

  • Started my journey March 5, 2018 weighing 230 pounds. Currently at 189 my goal is 170 now. All i did was weight train and cardio for half an hour after my workouts

  • I started doing cardio on the treadmill a few weeks ago up to 13 on incline and I tore my heal after a few days. I didn’t notice until I tried doing down dog and pressing my left heal to the floor. Pretty painful and seems like it’s going to take a long time to heal.

  • MRLONDONTV hey can you do a whole video about your diet and how to be in a calorie deficit plz �� btw thanks for all the positive vibes you spread and congrats for 120k God is good ����

  • Don’t need cardio to lose belly fat. Calorie counting is fucking dumb. Know the basics, and stop feeding these weak willed ass holes bad info you dweeb.

  • Thanks for this informative video! I do about 15,000-17,000 steps per day. I lift 6 days per week and run 3-4x per week. Walk the other days. The primary reason I run is due to fitness requirements for a job I’m interested in…:)

  • Thank you!!! Can you do a video or IG post on a 30 day fitness challenge for beginners? There are so many options and I’m having a hard time deciding on the best one for my goals! I want a smaller waist, firmer butt, and lose some arm fat! Any suggestions?!?

  • You know the notification came up and I just finished my gym session so I deceived I will watch while I’m in bed so I’m ready for gym tomorrow ����

  • I’m not sure if you already have a video on this but I’d really like to know when the best time to stretch is, like during the workout or after and why it’s so important? Lately I’ve skipped the stretching but someone told me I shouldn’t be

  • Favorite you tuber ever!! I was going to meet you at the Arnold and had you a card with a IHOP gift cards in it I was so sad that they canceled it

  • I have another question sorry lol but my only areas I want to loose weight in is my belly area I have a little pouch lol and I do sit ups is that helping me if so how many should I be doing just want to loose my belly area and shed some pounds

  • Brix, this is my question, do you need to do cardio to loose belly fat and get a flat stomach? My issue is that I’ve lost a lot of fat over the past year, my arms, chest, and shoulders are shaping up, I think I’m to the point where I can get shredded, but I still have lower belly fat, how the heck do I get rid of this stubborn lower belly fat and get a flat stomach?

  • I need help gaining muscle mainly on my arms and chest… haven’t been able to find an effective routine.. any suggestions??? I am about 5’8 175

  • hey, what is simple hit excersie i can do at the gym. I asked because I have balance issues, I cant get on any of the real fast machines because of my equilibrium.Any suggestions?

  • Do you have any tips for individuals with asthma who trying to begin their weight loss journey? —As far a exercising and lack of energy (weakness) after workouts.
    Everyone always says cardio will help me lose the most weight but I do not know where to start.
    Side note: the weather where I live is getting colder, so the swimming I’ve been doing will eventually come to an end until warmer months.

  • Alright I’m going in no more McGriddles for your boi��. Right now at 234 goal is 180-190. Thanks for the motivation and inspiration!!!

  • I need someone like you to go gym with me, because i feel that you would motivate me, well lool, let me not me cheeky, i always tell me about this belly fat, and i get what belly fat, stop being silly, maybe its nothing but its something to me. I am scared to go gym and don’t know what to do.

  • Do cardio until all of your clothes are soaking wet with sweat, it’s that simple. If you are running in the cold this may not be possible but an 8 to 10 mile run will do the trick.

  • This was extremely helpful! I’m an endomorph and I’ve lost 45 lbs. mostly weightlifting and diet. But I still have another 20lbs that won’t come off. I’ll be adding cardio into my weekly routine now…thank you!

  • Say your going 3 days a week to the gym you should do steady state cardio and hiit on the same day? Or have I misinterpreted what you said please give an example. Thanks

  • you need to combined the two. cardio plus streght exercises and eat healthy.. 3 meals a day carbs fat and protien and you will see a change trust me! i wish you luck with your videos, you are good:)

  • Doc you said carbs before workout or after workout makes not lose the body fat? Well i dont understand that! I cannot ride bike for continue 5 hours just based on an oatmeal. It’s contradicting isn’t?

  • I do weight training 6 days a week n do hit training 15mins n lost 25lbs but i consume 1300 calories a day or a bit less..high protein n low carbs

  • Whenever weight loss guru says stress increase cortisol and affect losing weight, it make people lose hope, bcs that one thing we cannot control. The more we think we hv to be less stressful, the more we stress out.

  • sorry a little of topic, i am locked down in milan, italy and all gyms are closed:( too bad because i had just started preparing for my first competition, not sure when and where yet.i need lots of muscles at least 7-8 pounds. i am a hard gainer too. do you think its possible to build some muscles at home with some free weights and elastic bands? i am increasing reps and sets doing 1010 or even 20-20 thanks:)

  • Hello Paul, from Italy, following some of your past videos, I started to walk on inclined treadmill few weeks ago. But now here in Italy, due to Covid19, all the Gyms are closed, it is strongly recommended to stay home and go out only for very important reasons, Police control people on the streets. Any suggestion for cardio (not HIIT) we can do at home? Thank You! Love from Italy

  • All I need is half an hour of hiit, TRUE hiit. As a mesomorph female cardio is absolutely necessary to see fat loss imo. I can diet all day but the hiit makes a tremendous difference for me.

  • Sir i have an issue with my body i trained in the jym for 3 years and some how i figure out after three years that my right side of body is bigger in size and muscle. Even my right shoulder blade is more out than the left and my left part whether it is back, shoulder,bicep, tricep or trap is better in shape than the right side of my body about the symmetry. Now i am confused what to do and how to fix my right side (basically back shoulder and trap ) like my left side. I tried very much but i can’t and i feel very uncomfortable while having right back shoulder blades or trap bigger in size, out of proper shape and wider than my left side. Please help me out and provide some information how to fix this problem.Thanks

  • I do cardio 5x a week including basketball twice a week running 3x a week for about 7-9 mins then taking a break and continuing 2 more times

  • I’m at about 12-14% body fat consistently down from about 17-19% when I was not training, smoking, drinking beer, eating entire oven pizzas alone, not looking at sugar contents in drinks, and had bad friends/influences. (Thankully I have good genetics, all my grandparents being lean and good metabolisms) But I reached this goal pretty much by what the man says. You have to want it, but once you get it, you can keep it, you just have to maintain and make the right decisions.

  • How can I hit training with big boobs..
    That running hurts my chest and cause attention to that area.
    If there anything else I can do that does not require my boobs bouncing all over the place ������������‍♀️@

  • I’m having a lot of success with weight loss using controlled carbs (not keto necessarily) & MAF low intensity aerobic training. I actually believe there may be a fat burning adaptation that supersedes the calories burned whilst doing the thing.

  • How Often Should I Do Cardio to Lose Weight?

    This is an extremely difficult question to answer because there is no one-size-fits all approach when it comes to a weight loss program.

  • I fucking hate cardio. But I feel like to get <11% I need to.. ugh. I’m at that last 10-25lbs I’d say. People say I’m in shape but I know I’m not as lean as I should be. I’m a Mesomorph

  • I think it’s best to find a cardio that will motivate one to do it. I hate the treadmill. I find it boring. But enjoy walking outside. But being in MN, that is challenging. So I love boxing. I use the speed bag, double-end bag, heavy bag, and shadow boxing to get my cardio. I enjoy that.

    So it really is a personal thing. Enjoy your videos very much.

  • I consider myself endomorph. Diet is flexible, but more self control. I’ve been doing weightlifting/ bodybuilding for my legs and HIIT full body and I alternate those days. I want to gain more muscle on my lower body and just lean out in general. Is this counterproductive since I’m in caloric deficit that I won’t be building muscle?

  • Can you do video for building up gluteus while losing weight basically getting hourglass figure. Great video by the way straight to the point

  • I am the weakest come to exercise, I do with my own paces, doing as the exercise class, I got addicted to it, I never trying to lose weight, it,s gives me energy, 3 to 4 time a week, now I,m walking, fast walking on treadmill. Also doing some floor work, dance xercise 2 hr, A time. Now 35 yrs. later. Still going��

  • I jump rope and I went from 367 now 291 and I’m 6’3. I started February 12 2018. I jump rope 30 mins and lift weights for 25 mins. I eat healthy asfk tho and only drink water. So it’s really up to you I think!

  • You can’t tell someone how much cardio they should be doing without A LOT more info about their nutrition and goals. Great general advice though.

  • I’m 52 and always worked out old school bodybuilding. At my age definitely over training. My cardio was killing me too, could never recover. Now I do a high intensity 30-40 minute full body metabolic workout with kettle bells, dumbbells, battle ropes, jump rope, burpees…every days a bit different. My energy level improved, my body doesn’t ache, and I’m more muscular. I also walk on the track or treadmill for an hour total every off training day, sometimes more. Good calorie burn without raising stress hormone cortisol. You can never over walk. So, in short, if you’re a body builder, don’t take my advice, but if you wanna be fit, try it. I also 16:8 intermittent fast eating a diet like Paul recommends.

    Not rocket science…but I would say 9 out of 10 people are not properly recovering…I wasn’t for years. Thanks for listening

  • I lift 4-5 a week (about an hour per session) and play pickup basketball for 90-120 minutes (according to my fitbit) 3 days a week. I’m not a runner and love the competition while I’m getting the cardio in, so it’s the only way I can deal. I’m 44, I’m 6 foot even, started at 240 and I’m at 217 with a goal weight of 200 (college football playing weight). I’m inching closer, I can see and feel my body changing, I can see it in the way my clothes fit, and I’m logging all my food in myfitnesspal. Love the vlog. I like to get some extra motivation and tips from you on there. Keep it rolling people! We’ve got this!

  • Really appreciate these videos! Also yes a separate vid would be great! Quick question when determining calories/bmr how do you choose if you’re sedentary or lightly active? I can’t tell! Thanks again for the vids. You’re great ��

  • Hi sir, is underbelly fat cant be removed by exercise? Do we need to take fat burner pills to get model like physique? Pls advise. Thanks.

  • Hello Mr.Revelia, you give out very good information, i would like to take the time to talk with you, i have some concerns and i thing that your the right person to help me. Do you have an Email, i don’t have instagram.

  • I want to loose my belly for real for real but I love my size just not the belly… I stopped working out cause I would loose all my body mass and everything woud shrink so thats is why I havent been motivated, I did aerobics and I also did the insanity workout program but now I have gotten thick again and my belly came back oh boy I love my size but my tummy is just not working

  • this is awesome, no other vids I ve watched talks about HIIT and other vids just talk in a blur, makes you loss gain with fats remaining.

  • I went from 209lbs to 193 in 1 months from doing OMAD. No exercise at all. I cut out carbs and stopped eating outside completely. Drink nothing but water. I don’t like exercising at all so I do what works for me.

  • Hi paul. Bmr was 3417 during the begining of my cut 3 weeks ago, i was 89 kg. I have for 2 weeks lost 0.7-0.8 kg /per week. So im approx. 417 calorie deficit. My step counter is always on 10k. Should I add in more cardio, because im afraid of losing wheight too fast

  • Ive been trying to get back on the grind lately, i lost 16 pounds in like a month last summer but i gained most of it back in 2 weeks, i love working out but eating healthy is so damn hard bro! Currently at 180 lbs and 5′ 7″