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IF YOU HAVE YOUNG KIDS. Marco Polo: This pool game can burn up to 400 calories in 30 minutes. Duck-duck-goose or games of freeze tag are worthy cardio choices. Chasing your children around the backyard can burn close to 200 calories in 30 minutes (weather permitting). “Follow the leader” can. As much as possible, maintain your typical sleeping, eating, and exercise schedules. Your vitality can be weakened by changes in routine, which can lead to feelings of anxiety or irritation.

Making time for yourself can help you stay peaceful and grounded, regardless of what your family members do or say. 4. Since family dynamics make us intimate with a situation, it is difficult to separate the past from the present. Find joy in what others bring to the table, even if Aunt Edna doesn’t like the menu. Take a deep breath, stay centered, and keep moving forward!

See the big picture often. Use affirmations to get your positive thinking on course. Affirm: “In the universal perspective, today.

Top on the “should” list are usually family gatherings. Sure, it’s nice to see your long lost cousins every now and then, but family gatherings can sometimes feel forced and awkward. Here are some tips for getting through it — and maybe even having fun along the way: 1.

5 ways to connect with friends and family while social distancing Even though people have to skip in person social gatherings, people are finding creative ways to feel connected Get the latest. 13. Place disposable plates, cutlery, napkins, cups and straws on each table, so each household has what it needs, or put wrapped cutlery and straws at each place, Huling said. (You’re trying to. Spend time with your kids.

As more and more people are opting to stay away from public gatherings, and the hustle and bustle of everyday life has slowed down, you can take this as an opportunity. You don’t have to share food or drinks to have a nice gathering. Although you might relax sharing rules in your household, it’s not safe to share with others. If you’re meeting up with anyone outside of your household, plan ahead to avoid sharing food, drinks, utensils, chairs, and other picnic gear.

Set clear expectations on who is bringing what to the picnic. Avoid shared dishes like chips, crudité platters and dips. Also opt for disposable dishes and utensils. The virus can, in some cases, be transmitted.

iStock. Kimberly Rossi, the spa director of the Art of Living Retreat Center in North Carolina, recommends using massage therapy to stay healthy during quarantine. You can give yourself oil massages on the shoulders, arms, legs, or feet—or if you’re quarantined with a partner, you can trade massages.

List of related literature:

At big family gatherings, siblings and cousins may share a separate table, eat less and faster, and then wander off to play, watch television, or play video games.

“Culture and Customs of the Dominican Republic” by Isabel Zakrzewski Brown
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• Encourage family mealtimes; involve the family to help modify behaviors and lifestyle, encourage healthy foods and drinks, avoid buying sweets and sugary drinks, and recommend at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

“Pediatric Secrets E-Book” by Richard A. Polin, Mark F. Ditmar
from Pediatric Secrets E-Book
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If you are in shape, you can arrange a meeting around an exercise activity, join a fitness club, or participate in sports (organized walks or runs—“fun” or otherwise—provide a great opportunity for misattribu

“The Like Switch: An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide to Influencing, Attracting, and Winning People Over” by Jack Schafer, Marvin Karlins
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Share meals when possible, take a walk, hold hands, or just sit on the couch and catch up while the kids are in the other room playing Wii.

“YOU: Being Beautiful: The Owner's Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty” by Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet Oz
from YOU: Being Beautiful: The Owner’s Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty
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Wait a few weeks and invite the same people over for pizza, salad, and a movie.Research shows that people eat more when the TV is on than when it’s off— families do too.

“Children, Adolescents, and the Media” by Victor C. Strasburger, Barbara J. Wilson, Amy B. Jordan
from Children, Adolescents, and the Media
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cope by telling your family that even after they’ve finished their dinner, you’d like them to stay at the table until everyone is done.

“The French Women Don't Get Fat Cookbook” by Mireille Guiliano
from The French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook
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A good way to start is to encourage activities such as games, walks after dinner, bike rides, hikes, swimming, and volleyball that can be enjoyed by the whole family (Figure 15.17).

“Nutrition: Science and Applications” by Lori A. Smolin, Mary B. Grosvenor
from Nutrition: Science and Applications
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You can even suggest getting fit as a family.

“Body and Soul: A Girl's Guide to a Fit, Fun and Fabulous Life” by Bethany Hamilton, Dustin Dillberg
from Body and Soul: A Girl’s Guide to a Fit, Fun and Fabulous Life
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Make physical activity a family affair-go for walks together, buy family swimming passes to a community pool, have a family dance party, or go biking.

“Handbook of Obesity Treatment” by Thomas A. Wadden, Albert J. Stunkard
from Handbook of Obesity Treatment
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Present your family with the list of activities above and let each family member take turns choosing your activity for the day or week.

“8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)” by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
from 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)
by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
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  • Everyone has abs it just she is so lean. Low fat percentage means more popping abs. Start working out and get CRAZY POPPIN abs. Eat healthy and lean they will come.

  • Oh man! I love Jessica’s pumpkin spice cookies! I guess I have to only eat a couple lol

    What are your plans with family? Do you have time away from Alabama to go visit them or will you meet them somewhere?

    What ideas could I do to build my upper body strength?

  • I love what you do but I extra love this video. Thank you. I struggle to stay fit as I get older mixed with a want to enjoy foods I love and drinks and stuff and it’s so nice that you’re just real about it. Some people just have certain body types and just simply don’t have to work as hard to be lean. It’s nice that you’re so body positive about it with everyone and their own bodies.

  • I got super excited watching my flag ������!!!
    I feel you girl! I might sound stupid or almost from Mean Girls movie but it’s real! Having good genetics can cost some mean comments from people that you know or even didn’t even know! I have always loved how shorts and heels looks togheter but can’t wear it my self cause I’m always thinking “people is gonna look at me like ‘pretend to take my husband or what?'” And make horrible faces and even comments. Even if you try the “do what makes you happy” thing still a bad feeling that people claims you for looking good/fine/secure
    Idk if I’m explaining myself but… i feel u girl

  • You’re beautiful just the way you’re! When we see it in ourselves it would be huge gamechanger. ^^ Truly, perspective changes everything and when you focus that you’re alive and want to make the best out of it you change small things even in your diet to feed it in proper way.

  • You look so much like my friend, her body is naturally toned too and she is very strong. I know you said you are insecure but in front of us you look confident and positive. You are beautiful, witty and original. You are very refreshing!

  • to pick a favourite Christmas treat is way too hard but I will honestly eat anything with mint in it or I love a good gingerbread house ��

  • I’ve just found your channel. It’s really interesting and funny. I really like the way you explain the topics, even the hard topics like this one. I see you from Lima, Perú:)

  • Also we burn fat when our cortisol (stress hormone) is low and if you’re enjoying life, you gonna be less stressed. Happy people burn fat easier.

  • Sorelle, I hope I can see you at Flex-N-Fly this fall. We provide stretching/relaxation classes at the airport before you board your flight. Been working on it for over a year. You along with many youtubers that are focused on your health and wellness were the people I had in mind. Hope to see you in JFK in the fall in NYC. 😉

  • I love this video!! Especially the end!!! I can completely relate, I am “too thin” and people constantly comment on it in ways they would NEVER comment on a an overweights person body. I naturally have a 6 pack as well and people say I’m doing secret workout �� Thanks for sharing! ����

  • You’re honestly the spirit animal I didn’t know I needed! Not everyone gets the chance to hang out or interact with people like you…And by that I mean full of life!! In the workplace everyone is so dull, angry, jelous, agressive. Family members have their own troubles that weigh on you! Point is, you’re energy and content is refreshing!! Thank you for being an awesome Human ♡

  • I doesn’t make me unconftorble to know you have abs naturally… like.. it is unfair… XD but hey.. good for you:) don’t feel bad for that.. I have a booty naturally without doing anything XD so… same same:) no one should feel bad about nature..

  • You have a beautiful athletic body, I have a beautiful curvy body. Self acceptance is a crucial part of good health, you do you, I’ll do me and we are both perfect the way we are. Loving your channel.

  • But what about looking older, than you are?
    My first thought about your age, was about 36-38. Then i searched for your real age and it is 30…
    Same with professional athletes, allmost all of them are looking older, than they are.
    Beeing healthy and sporty ist one thing, but looking healthy could be something completely different.

  • sorry but its not your metabolism nor genetics you do not over eat and you move a lot and talk a lot which consumes energy therefore you gain muscle and lose fat that’s it. people who blame genetics should know to be alive in 2019 means that your blood line survived many wars, disease and natural disasters and if that does not make you aware is that you are what you eat and do.

  • Thank you thank you thank you for your honesty & vulnerability! And for the reminder to feel grateful for our beautiful bodies that do everything we ask them to & more! Love your sense of humor, too.

  • The pupparoos are adorable!!!! ��
    My favorite treat is Flan!!! My mom makes this delicious homemade flan & it’s seriously THE TASTIEST THING IVE HAD!! �� ILYSM!! My insta is @jocyyyy14

  • I’ll see you in 30 years cutie! I’m 60 it gets harder to stay healthy & shapely, I’m 5 ft. 120lbs, whew hard staying here with menopause, weight gain, aging, life’s challenges, I’m doing it! Keep it up girl! ��

  • I’ve always been that girl that when everyone is talking about diets and fitness I stay quiet because I honestly don’t have to work at it, and you’re right, saying that truth makes others jealous and me uncomfortable. People just assume I don’t eat and work out but neither is true. I finally decided that in order to be genuine, I needed to tell the truth without apologizing for my genetic makeup. We’re all different and each have things about ourselves that is less than ideal, I sure do; just not my weight nor shape.

  • You look so beautiful and happy and like a super nice person. Just the only problem is that u r kinda (very) cringe and not (at all) really funny when u try to joke lol

  • You will get used to it.����
    To save your Lives,
    Please【”Wear the Face Mask”】.
    N95/ Medical mask / Cloth mask
    DIY / Homemade masks (cover nose & mouth)��
    Wear glasses/sunglasses/Frog mirror/goggle/(Protect Eyes)
    Big glasses lens ������️����

    If you don’t have Medical mask,you can use T-shirt �� to make the Cloth Mask. (DIY)
    (wash it everyday)(or use hot water to sterilize)

    the cloth(mask) Close to the skin (“no gap”)
    as close as possible
    make sure the mask is sealed snugly over your face.(Fit)

    Wear the Mask= help prevent spread of covid-19 (Droplet spread��️)

    Enclosed space = virus spread easily
    ✡️【”Open the Window”】/ maintain “Ventilation”
    room/classroom/taxi/bus/train: open the window

    Coronavirus infection:
    【”Droplet infection”】/ Saliva(talk��️)(sing��️��)/sneeze/cough/Spit
    No Spitting

    ✡️【sneeze/cough on arm/elbow/handkerchief/facial tissue (Not hand)】
    If you feel your eyes are itchy,use facial tissue to wipe (not hand)

    Please wear the Face Mask,when you talk /sing.
    【Please do not take off the face mask to talk.】

    ✡️ No-symptom infection:
    someone looks healthy, but actually he/she is sick.
    Some No-symptom patients don’t know they are sick.(covid)

    Especially “Young people”
    Young people (high % No-symptom infection)

    【”Everyone” Wear Face Mask is better】����
    (because No-symptom infection)

    contact infection( ��️”hand” & environment) contagious
    Environment contaminated by viruses

    Environment/goods/Cell phone/key/glasses/microphone��️����⌨️ ����
    ��️���� -> sterilize
    Hands ✋-> sterilize
    a sole of a shoe ��(the bottom part of the shoe)-> sterilize
    Division Indoor shoes / Outdoor shoes
    Do not wear Outdoor shoes into the house.

    Money �� cash coin (you don’t know who touch it before)
    If you receive money, wash hands

    ✡️【coronavirus can survive on the surface for several hours.】

    don’t touch

    Covid-19 patient ��️talk/sing/sneeze/cough/Spit saliva might spray on the floor/table/the surface of something
    Someone touch it or step on it
    That’s why you have to wash hands /sterilize (the bottom part of the shoe) ��/disinfection of environment

    When you went home: wash hands first. change clothes. take the shower ����
    use Soap to clean “Faucet handle”��(wash hands)(at the same time)

    cut the fingernails (nail seam hide dirt)

    maintain Good Hygiene

    ✡️【”75% Alcohol”】:
    carry about【”75% Alcohol” Sanitizer Spray】 ->door handle/Elevator button/hand straps on subways

    take temperature &【”75% Alcohol”】Hand Sanitizer for everyone:school /supermarket /MRT / bus / train /airplane/Hospital

    【75% alcohol】->dry hands->allergy hand(some people)
    carry about: “hand cream”(avoid dry hands)

    wash hands��(use soap) is better than 75% alcohol hand sanitizer(no water situation)

    It’s not a good time to take a Cruise Ship���� (spend several days)(too long)(share the same space ex WC��toilet/WC:door handle/faucet handle)(eat buffet��️��)

    use 75% alcohol wipe to clean toilet seat

    Please Close the Toilet Lid when you Flush.

    toilet plume: the germs might spray everywhere — with the force created by the sudden gush of water.

    submarine: rooms don’t have the window to open to maintain “Ventilation”
    = Enclosed space

    Meat factory:
    low temperature(coldness):virus can survive longer
    24 Hours air conditioning: can’t open the window to maintain Ventilation (Air Change)

    【”UV light lamp”】to fight covid-19
    use UV light lamp on the environment/goods
    Do Not use UV light lamp on the people because hurt eyes/skin cancer

    【Restaurant: Takeout is better】
    【food covering】: avoid ��️ saliva spray on the food
    ✡️It’s not a good time to have a meal with friends because when you eat/drink you have to “take off the mask”.
    talk ��️= saliva might spray on the food /drinks ��️��☕
    The food/drinks that is contaminated by saliva��️,
    someone eat contaminated food/drinks will get sick
    Covid-19 patient’s droplets/saliva/sneeze/sputum/blood/tears/urine/feces contain coronavirus

    During meal time: play the soft music��(relax)(no-speaking)

    Let’s Not talk during meal time.

    Let’s Not talk in the elevator.
    (elevator = Enclosed space)
    In the elevator if someone sneeze/cough you might breathe in the virus.

    Have a video-chat/dinner/drinks with Smart phone/computer
    Video call
    chat online /eat dinner meal drinks and talk online/work online/teach online ���� ��
    The patients in the hospital have the Video call with his/her Family and Friends.

    Please do Not eat in MRT/train/bus/airplane (confined space
    (eat meal �� might take several minutes)(too long )(if someone sneeze/cough/talk��️)(not recommend)
    Public transport: drink water is ok / if you low blood sugar you can bring some candy �� to eat
    take off the mask to drink water /eat candy (The process only takes a few seconds)

    Eat Fresh food fruit vegetable egg garlic �������� / exercise/ Enough Sleep/keeping good hours/keep in a good mood���� to maintain Healthy to fight the virus

    【Don’t go to the Crowded/Enclosed places.】
    Open spaces/a place with few people ex Mountain climbing��������(Enjoy Nature������������)
    Love Earth���� Green Earth������
    Plant trees��plants��: oxygen fresh air Fendozin cooling
    (global Heating�� Extreme weather��)

    Social distancing
    Stay Home ��

    【”Wash Hands often”(use Soap)】covid-19

    ✡️【” Do Not use your hands touch your Eyes Nose Mouth Ears”】
    (Mucosal tissue infection Risk)
    (Eyes Nose Mouth Ears has Mucosal tissue)

    【”Wear face Mask” = Protect yourself Protect Other People.】cover nose & mouth
    It’s Not Flu. Please take the situation “Seriously”.��

    Taiwan ��

  • Hahahaha loved the video, and I challenge you to tell THAT to my mom, she would pinch your stomach and go about why you need the food cause of anemia (that’s her reason for food).
    I’ll be strong tho, but I’m like the spirit of Christmas, I have 4 houses to to go dinners to.

  • I can’t live without french macarons on Christmas Eve! (I know it’s not a Christmas treat, but it’s a tradition that my mom do always buy me a six pack)����❤️

  • My fav holiday treat… Well my mom and I always bake biscuits in the form of angels every year and they taste like heaven (Pun intended)

  • Favourite holiday treat are butter tarts. Yummmmm,Christmas day is the day to let it all go, enjoy the surrounding and the family I’m with and the food!! Yes:)

  • fav treat would be my homemade healthy almond flour cookies. they are SO delicious @ refined flour, sugar, & oil free but so tasty ;)) IG: zoenorm

  • I just found your channel. How it has eluded me during my recent self-development launch and obsession is bull but whatevs.:) we have the same body shape!! I always have had abs! Even when I ate terribly yes…it costs me friends too. Again. Whatevs. So thank you for being you. Thank you for your willingness. Thank you for being like me. You inspire me and I’m excited to explore your channel and bring your message into my daily growth plan.

    Mad love.

  • My favorite holiday treat are those peanut butter cookies with the chocolate kiss in the middle. My aunt ALWAYS makes those and she makes them the best.

  • WHITNEYY you’re so cute
    My fav holiday treat is oatmeal raisin cookies with hot cocoa and marshmallows (the mini ones and big ones cuz mini melts and it’s just ugh so good) �� yikes

  • My favorite holiday treat is Christmas morning coffee cake I make every year for my fam to have while we open presents! @marina_carroll

  • NO BAKE COOKIES ARE SO GOOD. Honestly, I love the basic sugar cookies that I bake and decorate. Buuut it used to be all about those peanut butter balls. My family loves them, but I get so tired of making them.

    Contact: @beautyandthebookshelf on IG

  • All time favorite holiday treat is my mommas delicious tamales! I legit wait all year for these babies because she only makes them during Christmas.Insta: luvdaiz

  • My favorite holiday treat growing up and still to this day is the little candy cane sticks or peppermint sticks covered with chocolate half way! Soooo good!!

    cassidy7pofahl insta!!

  • I just added some more tree decorating ordiments…your adding to my spirits while working out!! I love watching your videos in the morning routine, thanks so much for that!! Favorite treat… Russian tea cake cookies…so yummy! Thanks for being you, Whit!

  • My favorite holiday treat are CANDY CANES! I freaking love candy canes!!!! Or anything peppermint, peppermint hot chocolate, peppermint coffee creamer you name it!

    IG: lilyxcobar

  • My favourite holiday treats are homemade chocolates my mother in law makes! She friggin hand makes like five different kinds and melts white and milk chocolate and dips them. Some have nuts on them, some coconut. She also makes amazing shortbread cookies. Ok, my mouth is watering. Also, anything mint. I used to hate mint as a kid but now I love it. Also, I am so glad you don’t like dark chocolate! Everyone goes on about how it’s so good for you…can’t do it! I try to like it, but it’s a no for me. Xo. Instagram @rziprick

  • My fave xmas treat is actually carrot casserole �� not sure if that is something people eat elsewhere. It is not like a sweet treat but lemme tell you I love it and it surely is a treat for me. �� Maybe I love it mostly ’cause it is eaten only in xmas time ��
    IG: pinjase

  • literally love chocolate covered pretzels and sugar cookies at christmas!! my mom and I bake both of these together so it makes them even more enjoyable!!

  • My Fav Hoilday Treat is My mama homemade biscochitos ♥️ it’s an Amazing New Mexico Cookie. ❄️ I’m super late in this one but it’s okay. Love you Whit!

  • LOVE your energy. It is so much fun watching your videos. You are down to earth, soooo funny, witty and engaging. Keep posting, I will definitely keep watching!

  • ”Won’t you eat more? Are you on a diet? You can relax and take a day off. It’ Christmas! You should not diet on Christmas!! You didn’t like what I cooked, right? Do I cook that bad? Just a little bit more, it doesn’t harm anybody”
    Yeah!!! I do have very PUSHY relatives! Haha I know the struggle! And that’s a very good idea! Thank u girl!!

  • Southern Italian here: our holiday dinners are LEGENDARY. It’s gonna be more than 2 “I don’t mind” days xD. What I’m going to do is keep on working out, maybe not at the gym though (perhaps some free body exercises); if I’m gonna gain something, that’s better be muscle!

  • Hey!! Great video! And the “eat before you eat” tip is great!

    What do you think about watching your drinking as a way to stay fit? Sometimes gettin hammy leads to a big fourth meal that night, and then craving greasy brunch, feeling like Gross McGross, and not working out the next day. What are your thoughts?

  • Snowballs are my favourite holiday treat! The soft marshmallow, the chocolate, the coconut flakes, oooooh girl you bet I can eat BOXES of those!

  • Thanks for those great tips. I think that they all just make a lot of sense and I think you explained them really well. Especially the designated days part and the mindset stuff. I feel like you just get people, like me anyway, and you give great advice. I love your channel. Thank you!

  • LOVE your videos!! I would love to know how your experience with building muscle while intermittent fasting has been? I am very low body fat but still a huge fan of the diet as it so much easier for me to eat in the evening compared to mornings. Despite this however I do want to build more muscle mass. Do you think it is possible? I’m 5’11 male at 135 lbs

  • Luckily for me, most of the parties I go to have food that’s mediocre at most, I’m actually afraid I’m not gonna meet my macros >_<

  • Really great tips, as a fitness individual I do see a lot of obstacles coming up so definitely planning on having a majority of good eating days and allow myself to enjoy the holidays (days off)

  • Hey Marisa! Love your videos and tips! Can you do a video on switching to healthy habits when you cannot control what food is available to you? I am in my college and the food options are basically carbs and oily stuff. So what small changes one should make everyday to start one’s own fitness journey, would be really helpful for all the students!
    Happy Holidays!!:D

  • LOVE YOUR SWEATER!! Awesome points, too:) Really like how you said the holidays are NOT all about food, since many people tend to focus their energy around food instead of family. I think that the combination of enjoying delicious food alongside loved ones is what makes the holidays so special, not just eating. Also taking the time to savor what you’re ingesting (instead of just stuffing your face) really makes a difference. Thanks for the support!!!

  • You’re so cute!! Thanks so much for the tips! Already started to feel myself slipping and the holidays aren’t even in full swing yet lol. Love you!

  • JOIN US ON THE DARK SIDE… we have cookies! 😉

    Kidding, kidding, definitely planning on getting leaner this holiday season. Got an Ironman next May to train for!

  • Thank you so much for being that positive light i needed today! This video was exactly what I needed to hear to continue my spiritual journey! Its always been so hard for me to be nice to myself, So the way you explain why we should be nice to our bodies by just giving it what it deserves is so simple but such a huge statement! Thank you so much Sorelle, you’re encouraging inspiring and gorgeously beautiful inside and out! I look up and admire you for being so wonderfully, amazing and free spirited!

  • Gosh, you must be the most huggable thing ever!!!����

    On a side note:
    Your channel is awesome Marissa, I’m loving the new fitness stuff, but are you planning on doing random silly vlogs again.
    Cuz i miss ’em:'(

  • Yep it’s only bad if one indulges themselves every day. I try to do the 80/20 method during the holiday period. That way I can eat the way I always do on regular days and indulge with a not so healthy meal or snack on the actual holidays.