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COLLEGE WHAT I EAT IN A DAY *easy/healthy dorm meals*

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Eating HEALTHY On A College Budget!

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GROCERY SHOP WITH ME | how to be healthy on a college budget!!!

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BUDGET Meal Prep | HEALTHY AND CHEAP | Meal Prep On a College Budget

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This is an obvious, but a perhaps undervalued tip for eating healthy in college: As with any other advice for budgeting, only buy what is necessary. This may be the most difficult part of living on a limited budget, but keep your wants in check and you’ll do great. Simply stated — Eating healthy, whether you are at home or at college, can be achieved by sticking to balanced meals and snacks.

It is important to incorporate proteins, carbohydrates, and fats into your diet, with an emphasis on portion control. Eating Healthy on a Budget, Tips for College Students By Space Coast Daily // May 12, 2020 Being a student can be challenging, even under the best of situations. Here are some tips for saving money while eating healthy on a college budget: As previously mentioned, eat out less often. There are so many people who complain about not having enough money for food (and other things), but they eat out for the majority of their meals. Cooking for yourself is much cheaper, and it’s healthier.

Eating healthy on a college budget isn’t only possible, it can also be absolutely delicious. For those nights when the dining hall isn’t calling your name try one of these healthy recipes you make in your dorm room. Find easy microwave recipes, no-cook meals, healthy snacks and even a mug cake to satisfy all your cravings—no kitchen required.

Use your student discount. Most retailers and grocery stores in college towns offer discounts for students, so long as they show an ID. Use this to save on healthy groceries whenever you can.

Not only is it the easiest way to save but the discount is also usually high, around 20% off. Frozen and canned fruits and vegetables are a great convenient and budget-friendly way to include nutritious foods in your diet. Researchers have found that there are no significant differences in nutritional makeup of frozen/canned versus fresh fruits and vegetables. Black beans and kidney beans work well, but you can also try other varieties like navy, white or chickpeas.

Bean dishes can be perfect healthy meals for college students—and they can be done on a college budget. Although the legendary ‘Freshman 15’ has recently been declared a myth by an Ohio State study, many college students still struggle with how to eat both healthy and on a limited budget. For.

If you’re a college student (or a grad student, for that matter) and struggling with how to eat both healthy and on a tight budget, here are seven tips that can help you master the art of buying and eating nutritious food without breaking the bank: 1. Buy and Cook Fresh Food — It’s Cheaper!

List of related literature:

Substituting fruit and veggies for some of the snacks and cookies doesn’t cost any more.

“An Early Start for Your Child with Autism: Using Everyday Activities to Help Kids Connect, Communicate, and Learn” by Sally J. Rogers, Geraldine Dawson, Laurie A. Vismara
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As alternatives to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or expensive junk­food snacks, leftovers from lunch and supper (or the breakfast bar) make nutritious snacks when hunger strikes after school, or at any time.

“Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Base Nutrition, Comprehensive Edition” by Brenda Davis, Vesanto Melina
from Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference to Plant-Base Nutrition, Comprehensive Edition
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Convenient items like yogurt and fruit can be purchased on campus, as can granola bars and sandwiches.

“Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.” by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
from Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.
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I recommend getting a meal plan and supplementing by buying things you can keep in your dorm room for snacks and drinks—those are the things that will kill you cost wise.

“The College Buzz Book” by Carolyn C. Wise, Stephanie Hauser
from The College Buzz Book
by Carolyn C. Wise, Stephanie Hauser, 2007

If you live in a dorm, review the different meal plans you can buy.

“Becoming a Master Student” by Dave Ellis
from Becoming a Master Student
by Dave Ellis
Cengage Learning, 2014

With just a few cartons of soup, a few salad dressings, some fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, and some nuts and seeds and maybe some oats, you can organize your weekly menus without fuss.

“The End of Dieting: How to Live for Life” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman
from The End of Dieting: How to Live for Life
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Since you’ll be combining your 6 oz. of fruit and 6 oz. of vegetables for lunch into 12 oz. of vegetables (or 6 oz. of vegetables and 8 oz. of salad into 14 oz. of vegetables for dinner) you can pretty much ask them to load up the rest of your bowl with whatever kind of produce they have.

“Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin and Free” by Susan Peirce Thompson, PHD, John Robbins
from Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin and Free
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Lunch should include a source of meat or a meat substitute, a couple of servings of fruit and/or vegetables, bread or other cereal product, and a glass of milk.

“Nutrition and Dietetics' 2007 Ed.2007 Edition” by Mcwilliams, Margaret
from Nutrition and Dietetics’ 2007 Ed.2007 Edition
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Remember that beans, lentils, rice, and potatoes are inexpensive healthy foods, and you can make huge soups and curries with them that can be eaten over a few days for just a few dollars.

“The Earth Diet: Your Complete Guide to Living Using Earth's Natural Ingredients” by Liana Werner-Gray
from The Earth Diet: Your Complete Guide to Living Using Earth’s Natural Ingredients
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Frozen vegetables and fruits, dried pasta, beans, and rice are all good to buy in bulk.

“The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook: 650 Recipes for Everything You'll Ever Want to Make” by America's Test Kitchen
from The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook: 650 Recipes for Everything You’ll Ever Want to Make
by America’s Test Kitchen
America’s Test Kitchen, 2014

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Meal preparation and refregration n again heating and eating it can lead lot of health troubles specialy realated to stomach..according to Ayurveda… That’s y Indians preffer fresh food

  • How big are your portion size (weight)?
    When I did make it, the breakfast was a very small but diner too big
    So how much do you eat a day?

  • I live in a third world country where its really much cheaper to buy and cook your own food so, yeah it just takes time and planning

  • Honestly, thank you so much for the help and motivation. You’re inspiring me to eat more healthier even now I am back to work. Thank you, Chloe.

  • literally have the Breakfast ☆ Peanut Butter and Jelly Oats Bar in the oven now… decide to try it sometime after coming across this vid!

  • watching ur videos evernight now its almost 3am and I promise myself to follow ur exercises every night bt then the next morning am like..ok will do it tmr tmr tmr

  • Trato de encontrar un video donde logre entender tu idioma, ������ para perder peso, no solo con tus rutinas si no una de alimentación también, puedes ayudarme��
    ¿Como puedo comprarte un plan de alimentación?

  • I do like the idea but the lack of veriety would ruin it for me. If I try to eat the same thing a couple days in a row I start gagging on it.

  • Canned veggies and fruits tend to be the cheapest options, they aren’t the best quality but they’re good enough for someone on an extremely tight budget. Rice and beans are the most inexpensive ingredients. If you can’t find quality meat at a good price, mix quality meat with cheaper meat (usually ham), because it’s better than nothing. If you have leftover ingredients, make a quiche with it instead of throwing it out. Keep your friends close and your coupons closer.

  • Training for a marathon this summer… Good buddy of mine was killed in an accident yesterday morning, 18 years old… Didn’t want to train today. Watched the vid, decided to lace em up and head out. Thanks for the motivation Kylie!

  • Backing powder contains alluminium and other dangerous chemical addings. Better use backing soda ( eatable) after you put some apple cider vinegar to make it less burning

  • Hi chloe today was my first day of doing your 2 week workout. Can’t wait to see how things go and start another one. Send results soon.

  • Thanks for sharing, this is good in general. �� The breakfast idea, I haven’t tried it that way, can’t wait to. I’m definitely going for the oatmeal bake.

  • Could you make a whole day meal video for vegtarians please? P.S u are my role model and u are the only youtuber I LOVE, thank you for that. love u <3

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  • This is probably going to sound like a daft question, but how are you guys reheating the chicken/rice meal? I just want to make sure I don’t poison myself with the rice >_< (I need any cooking related stuff dumbed down). Also is it ok to eat it cold?

  • Can I just point out that Australian’s speak English?? like apparently the whole world categorises it as a new fucking language? the fuck you think we speak?

  • The chicken and rice recipe was super good! Just made it, with chicken breast and canned Italian diced tomatoes. Really easy and satisfying.

  • I found this very helpful thankyou love you chloe.. I just started my channel and now have 38 subs I’m excite about the process…your hard work and process is so inspiring…let’s all help eachother grow this 2020:)

  • Hi Chloe, my name is Diana, I’m a fan of yours and I like to follow your videos, I’m Spanish and your videos can only be subtitled in English or Vietnamese. Could you authorize automatic or Spanish subtitles also please?

  • Can you make an indian version of these meals,i know i am asking more but you are a blessing to me and i wanna try these kind of meals;)

  • Your costings are not quite right, but the principles of this are wonderful and thanks for posting it. I’ve lost two stone doing portion control and an intermittent fasting routine, but want to change what I do, so have been spending hours looking for something new to do and I am going to try our your programs, although I have horrendous knees (can’t do running, hopping, skipping, jumping or twisting it’s agony for me). You are the FIRST and ONLY person online who has shown ALL the exercises in low-impact versions, so I now feel liberated to try the workouts too. Thanks so much for this. All my best.

  • Do you reheat the dinner meals or do you eat them cold? Reason being, i was told never to reheat rice or chicken. I do wounder how safe meal prep foods are, i see a lot of them but never really know how people make them safe to eat. On the Food Standards Agency website mention reheating these foods can increase the chances of you suffering from food poisoning, and i don’t want that. So how do you avoid it?

  • Honestly in Guyana we don’t eat the same thing for a whole week so this would be hard for someone like me �� we cook fresh meals everyday but I can do it for a day

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  • Is Custokebon Secrets effective to lost crazy amounts of weight? We’ve read a lot of good stuff about Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine).

  • From where i live, most of these ingredients are pretty expensive but these are amazing recipes! i’ve lived in australia for a while and their prices there are so cheap. Thank you so much for these!

  • Tips: Frozen veggies!! They are cheap, pre cut, and already at peak nutrients. Get a Crock-Pot or ask a rich aunt for an instant and get dry beans. Invest in brown rice and whole grain because they fill you up so you’ll end up eating less. Idk about you, I could easily crush a loaf of potato bread in one sitting, but with whole grain, two slices can be enough. Invest in spices because they can transform the same 5 ingredients into something amazing. Eggs make a great protein source as well. If you invest in a protein shake as a meal replacement for breakfast or lunch or whatever, then you have less dishes to worry about. Keep in mind what works with your body, so adjust accordingly.

  • The way you budget your groceries really depends on your metabolism or how much you eat. If you’re a heavy eater like me, there’s no way I could live with only $22. She can survive with that because she’s not a heavy eater. Just look at her body frame. I’m 175 lbs so I need more than that but yeah being broke is tough. I can’t eat what I want. I have to eat less so I can save money. I actually lost a little weight. I’m currently 165 lbs. I haven’t been working since June because I got laid off. Covid 19 sucks!

  • Darn I think the grilled sandwich is all I could eat lol. I am a recent subscriber because of the Korea move, so whose dog is that with Cleo?

  • Americans use so much plastic�� if we get a cabbage we gotta carry it by hand.

    Also a tip for ur avocados. If it’s black then it’s ripe. And if u want it to ripen soon just wrap it in newspaper and in two days it’ll be ripe

  • Dry beans and lentils are very affordable and an incredible source of healthy protein and vitamins. And there’s a lot of homemade recipe you can do that are delicious (falafels, dahl, etc.) They are also very filling.

    Greek plain yogurt is an excellent source of protein and can be very affordable.
    Chicken is a very affordable protein.
    You can buy frozen fish or look for weekly specials.

    I think just cutting out crap and processed food out of your diet is already a great step towards a healthy diet that doesn’t involve spending more money.

    I buy one big bottle of water which I use as a container to refill with tap water.

  • I like this video, what I don’t like is the fact that planet lovers think they have a right to bash someone’s purchases, I myself try to avoid plastic and bring mostly reusable items everywhere but that doesn’t give me or anyone else a right to bash someone else.

  • Love your videos so much!!
    I have noticed you use a lot of single use plastic. Try to help the planet with a reusable cup for your coffees and reusable bags for all your groceries. It will go along way. xx

  • I really like your videos but I don’t like the fact that you suggest eating meat and no legumes, legumes is the cheapest thing in the world with rice and potatoes, also it is much more better for the environment and ethics
    than eating animals which are not on earth for us humans..

  • THE BEST GREEN TEA IS FROM THE BRAND “TEAPIGS”. I’ve been a daily green tea drinker for years but I just found this brand and it doesn’t have that bitter nasty green tea taste like other lower quality green teas! It’s smooth and I use one pyramid tea bag a day because it’s loose leaf tea so you can make like three 8oz cups with one bag

  • Come on Kylie, don’t you miss playing football? Don’t you miss the banter with your teammates? You gotta find a club and keep playing…I am 45 and I am still playing amateur league football.

  • Can you not play soccer locally? Like we have club football in New Zealand which is a mix of ages, does the USA not have anything like that?

  • Food Lion FTW! I’m so excited to see a youtuber that goes there and not just Trader Joes! (I don’t even think there’s one of those anywhere near me…anywhere lol) Their produce selection is pretty meh, but otherwise their prices really are SO much cheaper and the food is just as goodespecially for dry goods and basics like cheese. I’ve noticed a huge difference. When I utilize everything I have in my kitchen and shop to just supplement the different things I already have instead of doing meals where I’d have to buy everything fresh each week I’ve found it possible to do under $30/week at Food Lion (for just me). Their store brand of food is actually really good too!

  • I lived on campus my sophomore year, we didn’t have an oven or stove top, so the only thing I had as a cooking device was a microwave. If you are in the situation, please buy a microwave steamer!!! You can cook so many different things in there, plus when you steam, you’re not adding any oils to cook your food in, meaning less calories! As far as cheap food goes, potatoes/ rice, and frozen veggies/ fruit are super cheap, get creative!!

  • Mexican tip: AVOCADOS… if they’re not ripe when you bought them, wrap them in news-paper and then put them in a plastic bag with a banana, leave them inside the microwave (off obviously) the day before you wanna use them… Check them after 12 hrs BC they can be too ripe.
    If you want them to slowly become ripe, leave them inside the fridge in the same bag of bananas.

  • This video was so helpful! I feel like I waste so much money on food every single week because I don’t know how to plan out my meals well.

  • Ohh hun, I just cringed because literally every item except avocado came wrapped in plastic (which you still recommended getting it in a bag). I understand some of it is unavoidable, but a lot of it is definitely avoidable. Spare a thought for the future of the planet while doing your groceries.

    Great to see you eating healthy and well, I’m sure your viewers would love to see you now try and do it plastic free

    Not an attack, just food for thought. ��

  • love this video girl but please please don’t use plastic bags to bag your produce and if you need to, just use one bag for everything or even better buy reusable produce bags. with cabbage and cucumbers you might end up peeling the outside anyway and you can just wash the outside before eating it so it’s just a waste and plastic sucks!! please ❤️

  • Damn that stuff really isn’t that cheap individually. I thought yoy would get a lot more for 44 dollars. If you go to a random fresh food market you can find way cheaper stuff. Or your just getting the more pricey versions of the food. But it’s nice to know I’ll be able to buy my own food for under 22 dollars a week In college.

  • Thank you! My biggest struggle with healthy eating and grocery shopping is that I spend so much money on food and often times just try to wing it. Without recipes in mind or ideas on how to interchange foods, fresh foods were going bad and packed foods just sit there. This helped me a great deal ☺️

  • Adrienne, I’m not sure how I just stumbled upon your channel, but I thought it was too funny that we’re both seniors going to UNCC! Good luck with finals!

  • I just came upon your channel and I’m very glad I did! I’m a freshman in college and always looking for new ways to eat healthy on a budget, amazing tips!

  • I think the best thing is to buy a food processor or a blender in that way you can make most of your own things. I make my own hummus, chickpeas are cheap, I make falafel balls, and that’s one of my sources of protein as I am partially vegetarian. Buying tofu in bulk is also cheaper. Planning for the week is really useful. So having in mind a source of protein, carbs and veggies for each day and then buy every sundaday or Saturday. Prepare food the night before or prepare them for the week and freeze them. As a student my go to was stir-fry anything and everything. I learnt that a cheap blender goes a long way and saves you time and money

  • been binge watching your vids today and I’m so happy I found you on my recommended page!! I’m a sophomore in high school but I love watching your college vids haha. Definitely got yourself a new subscriber, keep it up!:)

  • I am a sophomore in college that just moved into an apartment as well and I was the same exact way!! I was like… how do I plan, cook, and grocery shop help! This was super helpful though I don’t know why I haven’t tried meal planning yet. I definitely shop at my local cheaper grocery store and they always have super nice produce for cheap and I love investing in fruits and vegetables so it’s perfect.

  • Hey Hannah, as a video idea I would love to see a no/less waste video since I noticed you use a lot of plastic. Maybe you can try for a week? Love your videos��

  • Go test out Crossfit! After I finished my collegiate baseball career, I found no motivation just going to the rec center and continuing to workout. Crossfit gave me a sense of the team and family atmosphere I was missing!

  • Happy to be part of the Swol fam! This year I did a lot of gardening and made friends with other people that garden and homestead. I found it was easy to trade with other gardeners and homesteaders! Opportunities weren’t limited to food. The gardening/homestead community become a valuable resource for me to get supplies and community (there I am, hitting on one of the seven pillars!)

  • Thank you so much for this! I am a junior in college in Ohio, and I have really been struggling with meal planning!! Thank you for this, and thank you for having such an amazing channel!!

  • Lovely video Hannah and i really liked that you included more ideas/recipes than just what you had that day! I heard having those points for food at multiple unis in the us now, sadly we don´t have that here, but tuition is way cheaper so that´s good haha ��

  • It may seem like a small thing, but the cost of spices really add up. Find the closest Indian or Chinese grocery, you can get a pound of cumin or coriander for the same price as a few ounces at Walmart. Cabbage and green beans taste way better once you learn to cook them with flavor. Sam’s club or Costco can be a great way to stretch a budget for veggies and raw meat. Don’t buy the pre-made stuff, it’s a calorie and cost trap.

  • I’m curious, how much do you spend eating out in a week? And what percentage (roughly) of your calories come from eating out or buying snacks/drinks on the go? Thanks!

  • loved this vid abby! i saw you on campus the other day, it was kinda weird seeing you in person lol! hope your semester is going good so far!

  • I actually meal planned this week and it’s help a lot I spent about 65 but it’s for two people so I don’t think it was that bad, I really enjoy your videos

  • it was pretty easy at my school because the agriculture/horticulture students ran a garden and they gave away all the food. we also had a regular food pantry for students, plus weekly community food distributions. at the other college i went to (yes, i have two degrees in the same thing from two different schools), the culinary arts students literally ran a restaurant on campus where you could get a three-course gourmet meal for about five bucks at least three days a week (during finals they were just parked outside their building giving all their assignments away. i never seen so many artisan muffins in my life. you ever had a pizza muffin? they’re pretty good. like a calzone but less greasy).

    point being: if you were going to my school and didn’t want to pay for food, you didn’t have to. ask around. your school might have something like this, too.

  • My fav new workout after volleyball is actually rock climbing! It’s a whole body workout and is a lot of fun. I usually run a little bit to get in some cardio then hit the bouldering gym:)

  • I just love how you are getting sponsors! I love it! I am a collegiate soccer athlete. I worry once I graduate I’ll not stay as healthy or fit as I am now

  • Train for the Bearathon! It truly is such a blast being able to run around Waco with all of your closest friends. I played volleyball in high school and didn’t know what to do with myself after, so I tried CrossFi t at Train Waco, and I absolutely LOVE it. It for sure feels like a work out but it is so much fun. If you like high intensity exercise, 10/10 would recommend

  • Hey just a suggestion, if you shop with your big reusable bag you dont have to put everything in plastic bags and you could find vegetables for cheaper that aren’t wrapped in plastic, it can save money and waste!

  • Hey, Kylie. I love your videos. I was curious. Have you ever tried tennis as a new sport? It’s a very fun sport to play, and it helps burn lots of calories.:)

  • Get a good idea of your local groccery stores and sign up for the mailing list for the weekly ads so you can see if there’s any deals.

    You will probably have to give up grass-fed organics for now, but if there’s a costco you guys can do a bulk shopping there and split the difference.
    I know forsure Trader Joe’s and costco has good pricing on salmon and chicken breast.

    You also need to learn to cook you don’t need to be a 3 star michelin chef but simple things like poached salmon, and pan seared oven finished chicken breast taste significantly better than just throwing seasonings on and baking the shit out of it

  • please do a gym vlog! I am an ex athlete as well and would love to see your routine/how you are coping with the adjustment fitness wise.

  • Hey! I’m a new subscriber here. But have you ever thought about doing CrossFit?? It’s a very high intensity thing where it’s a very team orientated thing where you get to help people and they help reach your goals. Give it a thought!
    Also It’s nice to see a Christian creator sharing your faith and just living your life

  • Hi Kylie! I loved the video! I am a third year at university studying to be a registered dietitian. I just wanted to throw a quick tip out there that buying frozen veggies can sometimes actually be healthier! (and more cost effective). Oftentimes, frozen produce is picked at peak freshness, frozen, and then bagged, whereas the fresh produce is picked before it has ripened and then ages within the store. By buying frozen, you are sometimes choosing the more nutritious option!
    I say sometimes because this doesn’t apply to in-season or farmer’s market produce. If it’s in season and local, it has most likely had enough time to ripen and thus develop all of its nutrients. Love the videos! Keep it up:)

  • Frozen fruits and veggies are actually fresher!! They are packaged and frozen almost immediately while the other fruits and veggies travel on dirty trucks to your grocery store. The “fresh” unfrozen fruits and veggies are at least a week old while your frozen stuff if fresh picked and frozen.

  • Love the video!!! Have you ever tried Camp Gladiator? I love it! It’s a great way to challenge yourself, workout in a group setting, and have motivating trainers that push you! I was skeptical before going to my first class back in 2018…but then I fell in love with it! Plus, there are opportunities to compete in CG Games! I love the competitive and athletic drive! Love your videos!!!!❤️

  • I totally understand the motivation aspect I’m still trying to find something I like (working out wise) after being a runner throughout high school as of now I’ve picked up judo and a bit of jujitsu and so far I like it I hope you find something that you’re into as well! ��

  • Have you thought about trying indoor rock climbing? Such a good workout and the climbing community is the most friendly and encouraging group of people I’ve ever met!

  • the fact broccoli was $0.79/lb is crazy ����. In australia it’s $9.69/kg (aud) which means like I would be paying $2.67/kg aud for you broccoli. USA broccoli is $7aud cheaper than aus broccoli ������

  • Just finished up both dancing and gymnastics and left home to go to uni, and life really feels a little bit more empty…so i get you! so much! and its nice to know that i am not alone about that feeling

  • Thankyou, Miss Ting. This is how I want to eat! The closest I’ve come is: I made a large ass salad and separated it into 2 tupperwares for my lunches. However, I would LOVE to do this for myself. I live in America where there are SO MANY unhealthy options for eating (*excuses*).

  • Hey Kylie! Could you imagine to reduce your plastic consume/ waste in general as a new year resolution? A do like a challenge video? Lots of Love from Germany <3

  • do not forget to recycle that plastic…take those bags back to the store or better yet bring in reusable bags with you. have a great 2020!

  • Great video Papa! I agree that eating only food that I have cooked is saving me a lot of money! To cut down on my spending on meat I buy free-run eggs and sardines because they don’t bother me and I buy Grass fed ground beef for $8-9 CAD. A pound of ground beef will go a long way if your one person (like me). Ground turkey also goes a long way, and that’s about $7 CAD per lb. Like papa said rice and sweet potatoes are your friend as they are very inexpensive. And if you bu your fresh vegetables without all the plastic packaging around it you’ll save money too (I’m talking about those clamshell packages that spinach comes in). You’ll just have to do a bit more of the prep work (washing, chopping etc).

  • you should do swimming! it works all parts of your body and you can get a fast workout. even if you don’t know how to swim that well an easy stroke like freestyle for 1 mile will help you burn alot

  • This is definitely my new favorite what I eat in a day It wasn’t complicated and great for us college students who want to eat better Love your channel girly! ��

  • Yessss girllll!!! After running cross country and track in high school I thought my life was over for college. In 2019 I started running again and I’ve ran 2 half marathon!!! And I can’t wait to run more in 2020

  • I really hate being the annoying commenter but you could maybe swap plastic bags for reusable cotton bags? I promise it´s so cheap and easy to do!

  • I found staying healthy at uni very difficult, next to no freezer space for meal prep or frozen fruit and veg, I use the university food co-op that’s recently been set up with local fruit and vegetables really cheap, I also buy the ‘wonky’ fruit and veg from the shop that’s usually half the price but not deemed as saleable. I always bring my lunch, usually in a meal flask with sweet potato chill soup as well, that’s really cheap and then some veggies in a tupperware.

  • I’m in college right now and I have found that this meal of green bell peppers, onions, over easy eggs, and salsa is a really cheap and healthy meal!! I LOAD up on green bell peppers because they are SO cheap. Also even though it may NOT be the best, certain frozen meats and fish (I get a 5 dollar bag of tilapia with 5 fillets) are cheaper. Also costoco and says club are great places to buy in bulk! Get a Cheap freezer and purchase in bulk and freeze it. My friend grows her own mint and certain herbs. If you have access to a garden, use it! Sprouts is a great option for cheap PRODUCE but NOT meat and certain products. Honestly, a college budget is a great time to try and elimination (minus the grass fed and organic meat) because produce is so cheap!! I hope this helps!!!

    Love from GCU!!!

  • believe me I know about being on a budget when I was at Virginia State University you have to learn how to save your money, but my mother teach me how to cook before I went to college because she’s always told me every one don’t have somebody to cook for them, college is a great place for you to learn how to grow up into the young man or lady that you going to be one day in life.

  • I do eat healthy on a budget, but lucky me I live in Belgium and I have a local market selling organic product, with 15 euros I do the groceries for 1 week for 2.
    Another tip to eat on a budget: homemade. Homemade energy bars, homemade granola, homemade pasta, tortillas, dough, bread, sauces. When you see how much it costs to make your own pizza dough and how much tastier is is you will never crave the cheap fast food version anymore. And there are no crappy additives.

  • I just wanna say it’s awesome how many people are commenting on the amount of plastic you are using. Few years ago people wouldn’t have noticed how much trash this “haul” would end up in. It’s so great that people are taking the plastic epidemic seriously! As as a YouTuber who influences people, it would be awesome to see you make videos on how to save AND cut down on plastic because it’s 100% doable! Such as buying in bulk and reusing containers when shopping:) college kid who also tries to save every penny

  • As an eternally broke student who did a LOT of superior education my tips are definitively: invest in dried lentils, chickpeas, beans, pulses etc. They are not expensive in terms of the quantity/cost ratio. Don’t forget they are lighter when dried…so you can get many many many more. meals from 1kg of them (compared to pasta for example) and don’t expire. And they are super filling! If you have a freezer, frozen veggies and discounted meat will keep for a long time. If you est bread, instead of eating bad bland bread, def learn how to make simple rye loaves or flatbread/soda bread with basic bread flour. I discovered it ended up being cheaper and fairly easy to make!

  • So I tried the breakfast bars with almond butter (I’m not too much of a Fan of PB), oats milk and agave as the sweetener and OMG!!!!! You are amazing. These are soooo delish!!!!!!

  • I haven’t tried it yet, but my mom likes the imperfect foods. They ship to your house and it’s much cheaper than the store for produce and even meat and dairy products (it’s basically food that didn’t make the super market cut because it wasn’t perfect looking (maybe too big or small or odd shaped not old/rotten) I definitely want to try it soon as a more cost effective way for groceries. Who care what it looks like, right?

  • I ate ridiculously well when I had £10 a week to spend on food in my Masters degree and didn’t have the option of takeaway when I fucked my arm up and needed surgery. Lidl, Aldi, and the Oriental shop were my best friends, stocking up on frozen fruits and veggies, pulses, nuts, seeds, condiments, etc. I’d also get my fresh fruits and veggies as cheaply as possible, too, and before I had surgery, I cooked in bulk and froze as many healthy, cheap meals as I could fit in my freezer. I eat a Whole Foods Plant Based diet, and forcing myself to cook from scratch saved me a lot of money, I was able to meet all my nutritional needs, and thrive.

  • I buy all my groceries every Sunday for the coming week. Mainstream meals. I spend about 50$ a week. Only whole foods. Don’t tell me eating healthy is expensive.

  • I started my revisit to health and fitness last year…. fixed my diet from fast food and processed crap (lost 35 pounds, and am now well into some major calisthenics goals)… Not sure what I was spending on food, but after my ‘fix’, I looked at it from a budget perspective to see what I could do because well, so many people say healthy food is so expensive……. Anyway I got my spending down to $1.70 (average) per MEAL fish, chicken, steak, eggs, veggies. I generally always buy based on what is on sale and NOT from a shopping list that locks me in to specifics…. but yes $1.70 per meal. An entire day of eating for me is cheaper than a single McMeal. AND it’s healthy eating. No processed crap, no added sugars.

  • One of the cheapest and healthy things I learned was to buy a whole chicken (it’s typically the cheapest chicken “cut” you can buy) deconstruct it and freeze the carcass. You then have 2 thighs, 2 drums, and 2 breasts. Almost a weeks worth of meat for roughly 4-6 bucks.

    Freeze what you would normally discard of onions, celery, and carrots. Once you have enough of them take all of those and the chicken carcass and you can easily make your own homemade chicken broth. So not only did you have a weeks worth of meat, but you also made chicken broth for less than $10.

  • Be sure you’re actually purchasing direct when you go to a farmers market. Here in LA, people will buy produce from Food 4 Less, stick an organic sticker on it and sell it to you for 10x the price saying it’s from So-and-so farms ��

  • I’m on a fixed income but eat very healthily. I have a small backyard and I grow veggies like crazy in the summer to put in the freezer. And I do bulk shopping at Costco.

  • i don’t understand when people say eating healthy is expensive, buying fast food everyday doesn’t come cheap either. Anyway I have a local farmers’ market in my city and $20 would buy me multiple bags of fresh veggies. i currently live on my own in same city and i spend about $200 a month on groceries and this is me splurging.

  • Why tip that much? You could save so much by not. I guess it’s weird hearing about tipping because in NZ we don’t really tip at all and it’s not seen as rude or necessary.

  • Definitely the most helpful vid for me personally. I’m vegetarian so I’m used to cooking but I suck at actually planning what to eat (or planning anything lol)

  • I really recommend Well Fed Weeknights by Mel Joulwan. It’s Paleo but not like bougie, inaccessible paleo. It has a lot of meals that can be made pretty inexpensively and quickly, which made it a great cookbook for my grad school days.

  • The trouble with the roommate situation there is going to be limits on space in the shelves, the fridge/freezer. That might be a problem. Buying rice and potatoes in large quantities, 50 lbs bags, is super cheap, but heavy and takes up space. That’s the main problem of bulk shopping, it takes storage room. Then you have the problem of the roommates helping themselves to your stores just because. I recommend frozen veggies. Large bags are cheap and you can take out only what you need to use. Learn to cook. Learn to make things from scratch. You can save so much $$. You an make a sheet pizza for half of what one costs and it’ll last a week in the fridge.

    The other things if you’re working, bring you own food and drinks. Especially drinks. Can save a ton of cash. Invest in good and cheap storage containers. Two types and you’ll figure this out and where to use them.

  • Eating from restaurants and fast foods is actually a lot more expensive when you put it on paper. In my country going out to eat is treated as a treat, not the norm.

  • Thank you Chloe for your videos! You have been the motivation I’ve needed. Your videos are easy to follow and they are so easy to binge. Keep being you ☺️

  • Whats the point of having a personal shopping bag if you’re going to get everything wrapped in plastic? The video is great, just an observation though.

  • Frozen vegetables and bulk packages of meat or chicken. I buy cheap plastic bags or foil to wrap the meat, chicken or fish into daily size package so it’s fast and easy to cook.

  • I’m currently living on a measly grad school stipend, and I’m eating better than ever. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, oats, beans, chicken, etc… just buying whole food and developing a rotation of a few easy bulk recipes you can make yourself (i.e. salads, chili, roast chicken, etc.) can bring the cost of a meal down from tens of dollars to just a couple. You pay a premium for pre-packaged meals/food.

  • After becoming aware of the plastic epidemic, it is difficult to see all of the unnecessary packaging food comes in. The concept of the video is good but I know for a fact you can get a lot of that without all of the waste. ;-;

  • Frozen fruits and frozen vegetables are cheap. Oatmeal is very affordable. It is amazing how much healthy food you can buy on a budget when you just stop eating out and use that money to buy healthy food instead. For each dollar menu item at McDonald’s, you can buy a bag of frozen vegetables.