Leg Day Workout for novices


Full Beginner Lower Body Workout! (Set by Set)

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| DAY 9 | Complete Leg day Workout for Beginners! (Hindi /Punjabi)

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BEGINNER’S GUIDE: Lower Body Workout & How To Stay Motivated

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Beginner Leg Workout at Home (Full ROUTINE)

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BEGINNER LEG WORKOUT | Using Basic Gym Equipment

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Beginner Leg Workout For MASS! (THE 4-1-2-1 GIANT SET ROUTINE!)

Video taken from the channel: Vince Del Monte

Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart, toes pointing forward. Keep a tight core, making sure your shoulders Step directly back with your left foot, making sure your chest is up and your feet are in alignment. Return to the starting position and repeat. Switch the dumbbell to your right. Welcome to the beginners leg workout!

This leg workout comprises of a total of 9 sets and 4 exercises. The workout hits the hamstrings, glutes (butt muscle), quads and calves. You should do this workout once per week only to allow time for adequate recovery. Workout Notes: Perform a 2 set warm-up before this workout on the leg press machine.

Complete a 5-10 minute cardio warmup, then perform 2-3 rounds of this circuit. Once you find your legs aren’t getting sore any more, and you’re not seeing results, up the ante and try this 15-minute workout for stronger, more muscular legs. Concentrate on the weakest parts of your legs. You don’t need to do any isolation exercises for your quads.

They get enough work from compound movements such as squats and lunges. Annihilate your glutes and hamstrings to increase their strength and symmetry to match your quads. A complete guide to the beginner’s full bodyweight exercises at home without equipment. Here we take a look at beginner’s bodyweight workouts for each muscles group starting from legs: Beginners Bodyweight Workout For Leg. As a beginner, you should never skip leg day or leg workouts.

Because thigh bone or. Keys to Leg Day Training 1) Use Compound Forces. Because leg training involves so many muscle groups, it’s critical — at least the majority of time – to begin your routine with multijoint moves. Those are the exercises that use all of the major muscle groups simultaneously in a single exercise. Leg Day Workout for Beginners. Fitness.

2015-01-13 | By: Snap Fitness If you’re starting a workout routine, it’s crucial to have a leg day. It’s an easy day to skip, but it’s arguably the most important muscle group to train. From grabbing a box of macaroni and cheese off the top shelf at the grocery store to picking up clothes in your. In this beginner leg workout we add weights! If you don’t have weights or access to weights make sure to check out the Beginners Series: Legs workout.

It has a great breakdown of how to perform these moves without weight. Remember, perfect your form before adding any weight to the mix!Circuit training that utilizes added resistance is an excellent way to burn excess fat and build muscle, simultaneously. In as little as 10 minutes, our Killer Legs and Butt Workout will do. For a beginner’s workout to be effective, the full-body program should incorporate high-volume training, increased intensity, and workout splits to achieve significant muscular gains, also known as hypertrophy.

This will help you build muscle size and strength.

List of related literature:

There is no life situation that requires you to do multiple reps of leg extensions, unless you’re doing leg extensions at the gym.

“Spartan Up!: A Take-No-Prisoners Guide to Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Peak Performance in Life” by Joe De Sena
from Spartan Up!: A Take-No-Prisoners Guide to Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Peak Performance in Life
by Joe De Sena
HMH Books, 2014

To get a full stretch in the leg biceps, I recommend doing Straight-Leg Deadlifts and Good Mornings, exercises that are primarily for the lower back, but which also help develop the back of the thighs and glutes.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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There are hundreds of different leg exercises to pick from and for every type of leg exercise there is an expert to guide you, but forget them!

“Solitary Fitness You Don't Need a Fancy Gym or Expensive Gear to be as Fit as Me” by Charles Bronson
from Solitary Fitness You Don’t Need a Fancy Gym or Expensive Gear to be as Fit as Me
by Charles Bronson
John Blake, 2007

Action sequence: Begin the exercise with an upward movement of the arms; then using an initial push from both legs, followed by using the inside leg (foot on bench) for power, jump upward as high as possible.

“High-powered Plyometrics” by James Christopher Radcliffe, Robert C. Farentinos
from High-powered Plyometrics
by James Christopher Radcliffe, Robert C. Farentinos
Human Kinetics, 1999

To add intensity to this exercise while maintaining the position achieved in step 2, lift and lower the top leg three to five times before lowering both legs in step 3.

“Pilates Anatomy” by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
from Pilates Anatomy
by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
Human Kinetics, 2019

This group is important for flexing, rotating, and extending the legs.

“Mammal Anatomy: An Illustrated Guide” by Marshall Cavendish Corporation
from Mammal Anatomy: An Illustrated Guide
by Marshall Cavendish Corporation
Marshall Cavendish, 2010

Begin with the heaviest exercise, the squat, and do a warm-up set; move immediately to the leg curl machine for 10 light reps.

“Arnold” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
from Arnold
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Douglas Kent Hall
Simon & Schuster, 1977

This is a large muscle group, and that’s why leg exercises require proper combining.

“Winning Bodybuilding: A complete do-it-yourself program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia” by Franco Columbu
from Winning Bodybuilding: A complete do-it-yourself program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia
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Creators Publishing,

Perform all reps with one leg, rest, and then repeat with

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

A good idea is to work a single joint muscle first (for example, the quadriceps) by doing 8–12 reps and then doing a multi-joint (compound) exercise to re-fatigue the muscle targeted by doing 4– 5 good repetitions.

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
from The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit
by Namrata Purohit
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2015

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  • NEW MASS SERIES FOR BEGINNERS: The big goal of this new series is to help you build “Work Capacity” and a base of volume before you start chasing heavier and heavier weights.

    Most beginners start off chasing “strength” which is a huge mistake because poor lifting patterns arise then injuries and then a unbalanced body. This protocol will keep you using “lighter weights” but will lay the foundation necessary to grow. Put the workout to the test and hang tough!

    And be sure to LIKE and SHARE this video, first time for Nick on camera and somehow managed to smile his the entire way through!


  • What a nice places, can’t wait for the video. I have to try that Workout but I need to wait bc of the 30day challenge. I saw that video on the 18th of January so I still have a bit to go��. I instantly activated the notification bell after that xD. Keep up the good work and stay strong��

  • Although I am only 14, 5’9 and weighing at 170 pounds, I used to weight about 210 pounds and I have lost 40 pounds within 2 months thanks to you. Thanks amigos.

  • I have leg day on Monday I’m here to make my workout lists tho its saturday cos i literally ignore anything about workout on Sundays lol

  • How should you choose which weight is best for you? I wanna start off with weights but I think I went too heavy and I couldn’t walk correctly for three days:(((

  • First time watching your videos, and no offense when I first saw you I thought you where one of those Vegan weirdo’s, then you showed us you meal, and when I saw that beefy meat I was like phew subscribed immediately.

    thats my ideal body, ALL NATURAL NO GIMMICKS, good video man keep up the good work….

  • His squat form is a bit rough. On his toes a bit too much and his knees come forward a little too much as a result. No chance he’s been squatting for 12yrs! His knees would destroyed if he’s been doing it like that, heavy, for 12yrs.

  • 4 ex each of it with one Set? And you think thath is enough for big legs…. pfff

    5-6 exercises for biggest muscle group like back and legs. U can switch between 4sets 12 reps ; 3sets 7 reps and 5 sets 5 reps for different purposes. That train program will work mayne on someone who even doesn’t know what is gym.

  • I don’t have knee sleeves but I avoid the leg curl and leg extension machines because they hurt my knees… It surprised me when you said you would normally take them off! So I just do deadlift, hip thrusts, squats and leg press as my main exercises:)

  • I love watching your videos. You’re such an inspiration for anyone trying and focusing on being fit, even beginners can relate to you. Sometimes it’s hard to find someone who understands the effort and commitment that goes into this. So listening to you is a breath of fresh air!

  • Hloo bro i am beginner i want to do full body workout and i don’t have gym can you plzz tell me how to start and wat exercises to do

  • I just finished off my leg day and I am pretty sure that tomorrow I will surely have intense soreness..might not be able to walk in public.Thanks riz sunny

  • I only came across your channel quite recently and I luv all yr video workout. Your queue to execute the exercises are very clear. I always end up walking ugly out of the gym after each session. ��������from singapore

  • Beginners, DO NOT take Vince’s advice in this video. Pre-exhausting legs before squats is a bad idea and a recipe for injury. If you want a complex like this, do the following order: squats, leg press, ham curls, and ditch the leg extension but insert rear leg elevated lunges, then you might have something good. Look how badly that athlete performed on squats. He couldn’t brace his core belly was loose & kept going in and out as he couldn’t control breathing and he couldn’t hit depth. Squat properly and you will get much more benefit and stay safer than trying to squat while gassed out.

  • What’s up, guys?! ��
    Hope you all had a terrific weekend!
    ❎As always, workout diagram is included at the end of the video for you to take a screenshot of & take to the gym.
    Leggings & top are from alphalete.
    Shoes are Vans Canvas Sk8 Hi.
    Headphones are Bose. ��

  • I can’t figure out what exactly the 4-1-2-1 tempo is… Is it 4 secs work 1 sec relax 2 sec work 1 sec relax…. Or 4 sec work 1 sec pause 2 sec relax 1 sec pause?

  • Hello Sir….
    I m following your beginners workout series….
    week mein kitne din workout karna h ye series me? all six days from monday to saturday?? pls reply…

  • I’ve been falling off the wagon now for a year and gained so much weight and lost a lot of confidence but this video motivated me and I’m going to try this for my first day back!

  • Thank you soo much for this vid!!!
    I’ve been a high lover of staying fit, but I’ve not been to the gym (I do the little I can at home), but I started off yesterday at the gym and I felt very hopeless. But you’ve really motivated me now, thanks so much!!!

  • How to stay motivated: You don’t
    Motivation just gets you started honestly…goals and routine keeps you going.
    Appreciation comes with results:P

  • I never find videos for beginners that are actually useful or helping but yours is really good. Gonna start this routine tomorrow!

  • Just starting week 2 of my journey. Switched my leg day to this. Omg this destroyed me. Made it through though, and 15 mins of cardio afterwards. Thanks for being an inspiration and teacher @obesetobeast

  • Can you explain and elaborate in reference to engaging the core.
    What does that feel and look like, you have the transabdominal and all the other core abdominal muscles.
    What to engage etc

  • All the questions about what shorts you are wearing went unanswered. It is probably what body the shorts are on, not the shorts. Love all your videos.

  • Young brother, the elevated calf raises were excellent for me! I’ve done standing calf raises in plenty of my workouts, it was adding the dip that felt like heaven on my back leg chain. I am a 49 yo used-to-yoga guy. A lot of tightness in me… Too much time at computer, my worst problems are abs related low back pain and hernia type things in the front. All in all in pretty good Dad shape. Thanks for your excellent videos, you rock!

  • Thanks for the video. I’m looking forward to going back to the gym and now I feel motivated and oriented towards what to do. Regards from Puerto Rico. ❤

  • P.s My back is still good sore your workouts really hit! but again it’s how you impart on your sound knowledge and technique cause it’s all about technique and form thanks again right I’m about to do leg work out now whew here we go day 17 in lockdown in NZ ; )

  • Completed this workout this morning and my legs are JELLO. I like how tight my muscles were feeling already after just the first day with these exercises! Looking forward to more of your videos!

  • Who Thumbs down these Videos? Dumb, these are hard. Once you master these, I notice my core strengthens and I can move more weight, in the gym.Core strength is so worth the 7 mins per work out. I do these cycle and weights plus some swimming. Hooray, SIDE.

  • Hey Josh, awesome channel, and great contents! May you upload in the future some tips and exercise for fixing inward facing knees:D

  • Great video.the most challenging are the hamstring slides. While everything else I feel good about I keep it challenging with making sure my form is good and increasing my reps.

  • Not gonna lie, I had more soreness after doing this workout than the one I do in the gym. Maybe because of the intensity. I took very limited rest between the exercises. This workout is definitely very effective at home.

  • dude I have no idea why I didn’t like you, when I first started watching your channel. you grew on me and I can’t deny the fact that you earned the shit out of those results! keep up the good work! Former hater

  • Hehehe even your metaphors are about food 😉 I totally get you! Love these beginner’s workouts, keep them coming. Any tips / variations for the ladies?

  • Yeah!!! I killed it on freaking memory! Im so geeked. Ive watched so many damn videos I literally was doing a play by play to remember it all and the only thing I missed which I didnt have time to do was the free wait on the bench.

  • Hi. I hope this isn’t a funny question, but do you stick with the same exercise until all sets are done or do you move through the entire list and then start over (so you do all exercises before the 2nd set on the 1st exercise)? I’ve been watching you and am now going to the little gym in my condo complex and trying things out. At first I was scared of the place, but people have been coming in and talking to me and helping me learn. It’s actually pretty cool. Thanks!

  • So for leg day, do I JUST do this routine or is this how I finish leg day? Is this done alone or in-conjunction with other exercises? Thanks!

  • Hi mam I m so much impressed by ur sexy legs calves… Actually I also want same as u… What I should to do for improve legs calves…

  • I like your video very much,If you don’t mind, I would like to ask your permission to share this video to the other website in China for the embarrassing reason that YouTube is blocked from accessing in China. Of course, I will give sources of the original website. Thank you very much.

  • Where’s you get that necklace been looking all over for a figaro chain like that. Looks like my dads, but he got his in Italy! Great video btw thanks!

  • Chris you have to be the best instructor ever the way you explain what muscles will be worked and your perfect modelling. I just think you are the best and have been using your workouts since we have been in lockdown here in New Zealand. xoxo Simply the best

  • Hello teacher please safety first, your guy were in bad position in the bar squats and no wearing safety belt, you should not push people to do more they can do, back injury means never do squats again, thank you ��

  • Att ustaad g att mjaa ajmda tohadiaa vedio veakhn Da naley tohada trained krn Da Andaaz bi sbtoo bdiya lgdaa sir g ek amm bndey Da comment naley salute svikaar kro sir g

  • I finished my day 9 leg on last Wednesday. I was not aware that I could get this sore. DORM is a real thing. Today is Sunday, and I don’t want to go to a gym yet. The pain was so intense, I need to visit a doctor. And take medication for sorness.

    The karma want to screw me, and I got loose motion. To make it works, I have have India toilet.

    Please give a video for stretch which required after this workout. Thanks

  • Chris, I just did 3 of the leg exercises you show on this video and my legs are on fire like never before. Thanks for the home workout videos.

  • Just started working out again after a 2 year hiatus. So glad I found your videos. I prefer them over all the other influencers. Thank you for always explaining proper form.

  • Hey john, what would you recommend to do for someone who has a knee injury? It’s not a terrible injury but i messed it up in highschool 5 years ago and i’d say it’s at 90% but i don’t trust it to handle squats quite yet. Do you have any exercises i can do?

  • I love Chris workout routines ��. I have just got back into fitness, and he definitely cuts through all the crap to give you the best strategy for maximum results! As a female that is priceless as their is sooo much rubbish out there. I’m already seeing results �� thank you Chris ��

  • You’re a monster bro! ���� This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. You’re very knowledgeable about whole body. Proper building of the body!

  • I keep sharing your workouts to friends that can’t go to the gym because it’s raining or too cold to go out. I just wanted to thank you for making theses videos. You have no idea how much you help. You rock Chris!

  • Hey Chris big fan I would like if u can do a work out routine for calisthenics. To learn everything step by step. I wanna be as goog as you in calisthenics still a beginner and have tried everyone work out sessions.

    Bud it doesn’t feel like I’m making progress like a 30 day routine or 60 i don’t now what work outs is before others.

  • What type of foods do you & and don’t eat?
    How many times do you eat a day?
    How many times do you work out a day?
    How often should you do legs day a week?

  • My body is changing so fast with your trainings! That’s crazy. I have been working out for years and I never got results this fast! Love you:)

  • I always did homeworkouts and workouts outside in the park. Now Im gonna start the gym and had so many questions in my head. This video motivated me so much, thank you! ��

  • Take note for “BEGINNERS LEG WORKOUT” but i’m already dying in just the first round but still gonna do this routine for my leg workout

  • For high quality protein powders and supplements I highly recommend MY PROTEIN
    Click on the link below, use code iKNOWSUNNY to get 25% to 40% off!!


  • I wanna do hip thrusts for my glutes but I feel so self conscious doing that movement at the gym! Especially since it’s all men there.

  • You are a huge inspiration to me….. Love your channel (both of them) and what you have done. Also I love GFuel. I am doing a giveaway on my channel and giving away a can of GFuel and a Shaker bottle. That stuff seriously keeps me going. You rock.

  • John when are you going to show us an update on Victor. Also can you share with me the ingredients for the S’mores myoatmeal you showed a while back?

  • The exercises are great but how your explaining them is so difficult to understand ���� it was pretty funny but yeah I feel motivated

  • I went for heavy weight squats for 3 months and did not gain. Realized I had the wrong form. Corrected it now and started again with very light weights. Saw progress in just 2 weeks. BTW I am no expert but is that squat form correct.( mobility issue)

  • I like your positive attitude! I liked this video. At first I was like ehhhh cause you know hard to tell whats good and bad on YouTube or it is a generic ehowto video lol. But this was great and answered my questions. Thank you!

  • Looked easier watching from the chair:-))) Man, the bridge after those heel slides was a killer:-) Thanks for the workout! And…nice awesome socks btw

  • I appreciated you explaining the goal of and what I should be doing with the rest of my body during an exercise. My butt doesn’t get anywhere near my heels. Any suggestions on how to reach that goal? More beginner workouts please and thank you! You’re a motivator but could you please send me some consistency pills! ����‍♀️��

  • Can’t believe I just found your channel…you’re so amazing, love the way you explain how to do each exercise! You’re gorgeous hun x

  • Thank you Hanna:)
    I am getting back to the gym for the first time in 20 years today! Your video has inspired to start and work my way around the machines.

  • Just here to say. I finally was able to join a gym. And did this workout today. I felt so confident in the gym.( And i am afraid of gyms) so happy. Doing the upper body tomorrow.

  • I just wanted to say. I just did this workout with no weight and I could only go through it twice, im a wreck. I severely underestimated this workout. This is perfect. Thank you for this video!

  • i’m in high school and i get very nervous seeing people that go to my school there and it makes me not want to do workouts ���� please help!

  • Thank you so much for the demo and speech, really helpful. I’m new and not so new, went to gym before and stopped for months, and now I want to start again. I’ll take your advice and creat my routine. You are so beautiful and very inspiring <333

  • Have had anterior pelvic tilt most of my life. Really working hard to fix this but I am in early fifties so I think it is going to take a long time. I wanted to tell you your videos have really helped me. Thank you so much!

  • I never trust a guy talking about mass when he has no mass himself (and never had). It’s like hearing someone talk about landing a plane when he hasn’t even seen a cockpit.

  • When would you most likely experience the best results w these workouts? Like when would you experience finally being fit enough to endure more of leg exercises like more squats?

  • “To make sure we are properly warmed up, I did a quick warm up of jumping jacks for 5 minutes straight
    Bruh… jumping jacks for 1 minute kills me.

  • Great routine, thanks for sharing. I’ll be hitting this everyday as I’m desperately trying to build leg strength after a hip replacement and I’m needing to get back to work

  • This guy doesn’t know his humerus from his femur so don’t take advice from this con artist. Pathetic giving instructions on how to train legs he better start training his own looks like he skipped a lot of leg days.

  • Hi Hanna, I am not sure if you’ve done a video on weight increase with each rep or the best way for muscle growth in regards to weight increase with each set/reps. If you could point me In that direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Sunny bhai you are great yar…itni sab kaam ki baate koi bhi nhi btata gym me ap har ek choti si choti bat ko ache se explan kr k btate ho ye hamare lye boht bari bat hai thnk you sir mai ap ki vdios on kr k gym krta hu flow kr kr k or boht faida hora hai thnks again thnk you sooo much god bless you sir

  • This is exactly what I was looking for. I am about to get a gym membership and am clueless on what to do once I’m there. Thank you for this video.

  • Love this vid!! I am a beginner as well and your speech about motivation really helped! I thought I HAD to go to the gym EVERY day, to really build muscle and get results. But now here you are saying that 2-3 days is good as well, when you are a beginner. That’s so good to hear for me right now! Thank you!!! <3 I will definitley be going 2-3 days now and build it up slow.

  • what do you think about cycling as a form of warming up? I really dont want to damage my health so I want to do something mellow as my body is quite weak.

  • What does 4-1-2-1 mean? And tommorow will be my first leg, but I’ve been working out at home (calisthenics) for about a month… so how do I know how much weight to do?

  • Sunny bhai ek baat poochni thi ki exercise karte time kya water le sakte hai ya nahi or kitna le sakte. Aksar gym trainers kahte hai ki water ka use kam kro. so, what u say.

  • Sir…. Mne First time lages workout kara. Jese aapne bataya… But.. Mere last 2 days se pain bht zada hain….
    Plz suggest me sir what Should i do?

  • I can’t do lunges at 5′ 11″ 420lb, I’m gonna skip those and do them when my legs and knees are stronger and I’m 100lb lighter, lol. Nice work out tho.

  • I did an experiment this last 4 weeks, I laid off of my workouts quite a bit and tried to see if I could maintain my weight for a month with eating less healthy, not complete giving in to my old habits, but letting the reins loose a bit. When I stopped working out on a “regular” basis and ate somewhat crappy, I gained back 3 pounds in a month. I now know I can almost maintain my weight, but I need to certainly be much more conscience of what I eat. Love your videos bro. PK

  • Never going to look for any other gym info channel…. yours is complete.. down to the point.. perfect.. and beautiful!!! I love it!!! Well done!!!

  • Sir I started gym form 1 July 2019. I have a problem with me The problem is that when I do the chest workout my hands shrink and do the thigh exercise so legs shrink
    Please suggest me that what should I do.? Please tell me sir

  • Hii bro.
    My hight is 5fit 4inc.i wanted to grow my hight.i am a begnr gym worker.if i follow ur begning work out.can it stop my hight.plz ans

  • Wouldn’t this be considered an intermediate level leg workout since you’re using dumbells? Though it would be okay for a beginner to use a less heavier set of dumbells

  • I loved this video! Absolutely perfect! Definitely following this workout routine 3 sets of 15reps EACH. Every other day! Thank you! Seriously this helped me to better organize myself �� ur awesome

  • Good morning!

    You are a brat! Lol we are not all weak Lol……..okay maybe a little. ��

    Hi I just discovered your channel and wow! So many great exercises I can’t wait to try!

    Plus it doesn’t hurt that you are handsome……

  • First day at the gym! From being a rookie to being a pro is a journey ��! Although, many people after workout complain about muscle soreness. Here is how to reduce muscle soreness after workout�� https://youtu.be/pvmKkpqYfW8
    Good luck guys!!!

  • I’m from Europe have been checking through internet for full body exercises and never been satisfied with all american body builders regime. From my personal experiences this indian chancel provides you with the best and most efficient ways of building your body. Thanks from Sweden.

  • Hey friends… I put a meal example at the end of the video 5:47… a little teaser to the Full Day of Eating video coming out soon ��
    This beginner leg strength workout is for beginners but trust me it’s tough no matter what your level. The hamstring curls always blast my hammies��. I love the no equipment, no gym lifestyle and I have worked out with mostly just calisthenics exercises for the last 3-4 years. I’ll keep on sharing how you can build your body and strength with minimal equipment. If you’re new here and haven’t seen my more advanced leg workout and want to give it a try https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIFNZx3_CEE&t=62s Enjoy….

  • Sunny Bhai Mai nay apko msg Kia Tha plz reply me……Meri legs saggy Hain gymn jati hon legs ki workout karti hon but legs ki skin tight nhi ho rahi plz help me

  • Sunny bhai meine 2 mahine mein 9 kg weight loss kiya hai, ab mass gain karna hai, to kaisa workout kare. Mera abhika weight 65 hai

  • Hello bhai jaan meri height 5 phut 2 inch hh kya me ye exercise kr sakta huu bhai jaan…me day 1 se aap ka har viedo ka exercise kar rha huu..

  • Hittade till din kanal idag och älskar den redan! Är nybörjare på gymmet och fick sådan inspiration med din beginners guide. Körde den för underkroppen idag på gymmet och det va riktigt grymt! Vilken energi jag fick och så nöjd att jag klarade alla övningarna. Tack för din inspirerande kanal och Instagram! ❤

  • Josh…Of all the guys demonstrating and explaining exercise nobody does it as intelligently and thoroughly as you do. I revisit all of your vids (beginners also) and love doing them. It helps that you are one of the few with a good sense of humor, talks like a normal person (a lot of these guys yell throughout for some unknown macho reason) Keep it up!

  • Someone helpp:( I’m going to join track which will be a lot of running but want to maintain my muscle mass can someone help on how to keep it

  • I just did this for my first ever ‘leg’ day. I’ve just starting working out and only this week started with a programme (aka what you and fat meets fire recommend) my legs feel like jelly, but it was great thanks!:)

  • Do you have a full beginner upper body workout? I browsed your channel but couldn’t find them! I like this video, very clear, thanks!

  • Thank you for sharing this! I personally can’t afford to go to a gym, but you have inspired me to start something on my own. The fact that I could even do squats was amazing to me. (I had to hold on to the counter to do them, but I did it!) If I would have tried that a month ago I would have hurt myself. I also will now stretch and do small routines while I am waiting for the bus for work. I’m going slow, but I believe it’s helping.

  • Hey man, do you have diet videos? I just want to eat good been bullied for some time now about my weight and I just want to make a change, hope to hear from you

  • Why the beef in the end:/. There are so many plant base foods rich in protein. We can eat with out harming the animals and the planet.Thank you for the video.I am in the recovering phase after an injury.

  • Hey John. Thank you so much for putting the time to do this, I know this is an old video but I wanted to ask you, How many calories are you consuming a day and do you recommend calorie counting? does it wok?

  • Someone helpp:( I’m going to join track which will be a lot of running but want to maintain my muscle mass can someone help on how to keep it

  • Hey John,
    Love both of these videos… can you confirm how often you would recommend the Upper and then Lower body workouts?

    Twice a week each for both. So in the gym 4 days a week not including cardio days?

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  • Newbie here!! So would you up your weight instead of adding more sets or reps? Once you get comfortable with your starting weight? Thanks!

  • Listen to Jeff Cavaliere of Athlean X He is a real professional trainer and he knows what he is talking about-#1, He also has the physique to back it up.

  • Just wanted to say, I’ve been obese my whole life (I’m currently 290 pounds) and I’ve been really inspired by your videos! I just started watching them about a week ago, but I’ve burned through dozens of them!! You have changed my life in a big way! Seeing your success and bravery has forced me to get off the couch and into the gym (signed up for a gym membership two days ago). My goal is to get down to a healthy weight, I’m thinking 220 pounds because I’m about 6 feet tall and got kind of a big build. I’m gonna be hitting the weights hard too in addition to the cardio and healthy eating goals I’ve laid out for myself. I’ll keep you posted!!!!!!!

    PS Last thing, I don’t know how I know, but I KNOW that this time, I won’t give up! I have a fire inside my soul for fitness and health that I’ve never experienced before! I guess you’re just ready when you’re ready…. and I’m READY!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Hey, im 17 and way 300 pounds. Iv tried working out but usually end up quiting 1 or 2 weeks in. I have no one motivating me but myself. I really need to change. I need tips to staying motivated. Someone/Something to push me. Anyone… id really appreciate it.

  • Hey Josh great content! I have a question. I’ve got some annoying feeling in my left knee when I do bridges. MRI and ultrasound tests don’t show any injury, however the pain is there. It feels as if simply put the tissue in the knee is extended in excess, beyond what its elasticity allows, when I raise my hips therefore creating the pain/discomfort. I also feel this when I sit down for some time. Walking or running I have no problems though. It’s quite frustrating! Any tips or suggestions are welcome, so I continue to explore and learn from the case. Greetings from Sweden!

  • I’m 29 and weigh 295 lbs, I haven’t been to the gym regularly since I played football in high school, I started going back to the gym this week and realized I’ve completely forgot everything about lifting and what to do together. I went the end watched all your videos for beginners and made a workout based on that, thank you, and here’s to be sitting pretty at 195 next year.

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  • I think only squats work for me until I get better form……I really feel nothing in my legs when I do leg press and I have to do a million leg extensions to see results………..

    I only go shirtless when I’m running………and people get all weird about it then, but in a gym seems acceptable too…..In gyms in China no one really cares, Americans are really uptight about flesh…….men flesh I mean…..coochie cutter yoga pants and string bikini tops is ok…….but all those guys that claim that they go to the gym to check out hot girls are just checking out other guys………fine too….work out, check out, whatever….just make progress and prevent injury.

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