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Learning to lunge takes some practice, but this four-exercise progression will teach you to master the lunge — and build stronger thighs along the way. Step 1: Step-Ups Step-ups are the first step (no pun intended) toward lunging like a champ. Grab a box, step or chair, and you’ve got the tools to work on single-leg strength and stability. Stand with your hands on your hips, clasped in front of your chest, or holding a light pair of dumbbells, and step forward with your right foot, into a lunge.

Press your body up toward your start position, and kick up with your left leg before stepping your left foot back behind you into a lunge. Perform 8 to 12 reps before switching sides. Flex your foot (pull your toes up toward your shin) and turn your top thigh one click outward so that your kneecap and foot point a little bit upward instead of straight ahead.

Lift your top leg approximately 45 degrees, hold for one second, and slowly lower. Do your reps on. 4. Mix it up Add some reverse lunges, side lunges or walking forward lunges.

All of these improve agility and balance while upping the challenge ante. The more things you ask your body to do, the more ways you find to challenge it, the more it will be able to do. Enjoy feeling strong. Lunges are a terrific way to improve lower body strength and.

Stand with one foot in front of the other, about 2 to 3 feet apart. Keeping most of your weight on front leg, lower your body down into a lunge position allowing the back knee to move. There are plenty of other moves you can accomplish, and we’ve put together a few for you here. Use them as a stand-alone workout or replace squats and lunges in your other workouts or workout videos with these moves instead. 5 No Lunge No Squat Lower Body Moves.

If you’re looking for a workout alternative to using squats and lunges, here. A great way to learn how to lunge in a variety of directions is using the Lunge Matrix. The Lunge Matrix is 7 different Lunges you can do that make you move in different directions. 7-Lunge Lunge Matrix – This is a great way to work your legs in multiple planes of motion and really target different muscle groups.

It is also a great way to. Also, be sure to mix in other classic single-sided lower-body moves like lunges, stepups, hip thrusts, and hip hinges. 4. Finish with 10 minutes of lunges or stepups. Learn to sit back and you’ll attack your glutes and hamstrings more.

Bodyweight squats level up more than you think, too: Add a pause or pulse in somewhere, and you’re creating challenge. According to Santucci, the lateral lunge is your move. The curtsy lunge does hit your inner thigh, but the move also works your whole leg, meaning the main muscles like.

List of related literature:

To make this exercise more effective, do the movements in a 4-count sequence1) step to side, keeping hips and shoulders square, 2) lower body into a squat, 3) stand, 4) drag non-lead leg in, placing feet together.

“Fitness Instructor Training Guide” by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
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Perform the same motions with the left leg: step back, press the heel into the ground, straighten the leg, and contract the buttock muscle; hold for a beat; return to the starting position.

“8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back: Natural Posture Solutions for Pain in the Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, and Foot” by Esther Gokhale, Susan Adams
from 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back: Natural Posture Solutions for Pain in the Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, and Foot
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Recommended techniques included lunges, thrusts, parries, butt strokes (“Stock to the REAR!”), and so forth.

“Martial Arts of the World: An Encyclopedia of History and Innovation [2 volumes]: An Encyclopedia of History and Innovation” by Thomas A. Green, Joseph R. Svinth
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For most students, it will be helpful to sweep the leg into position using momentum, especially if you have strong, bulging thighs.

“Ashtanga Yoga The Intermediate Series: Mythology, Anatomy, and Practice” by Gregor Maehle
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To come into this position you can either abduct the thighs and then swivel them around, which leaves you with one thigh extended and the other one flexed, or you can start from stage four of the headstand and hyperextend one thigh to the rear and flex the other one forward.

“Anatomy of Hatha Yoga: A Manual for Students, Teachers, and Practitioners” by David Coulter
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Next, repeat the lunge with the opposite leg and continue at

“Respiratory Muscle Training E-Book: Theory and Practice” by Alison McConnell
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Starting position: Get into a lunge position with ground, switch the position of the legs.

“Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning” by Thomas R. Baechle, Roger W. Earle, National Strength & Conditioning Association (U.S.)
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Place the woman on her back, and squat on your knees, between her thighs, gripping the ground with the toes; raise her knees as high as your sides, in order that she may cross her legs over your back, and then pass her arms round your neck.

“The Perfumed Garden Of The Cheikh Nefzaoui” by Umar ibn Muhammad
from The Perfumed Garden Of The Cheikh Nefzaoui
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Master this basic lunge pattern before you move on to more challenging variations.

“Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy” by Bret Contreras
from Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy
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To add intensity to this exercise while maintaining the position achieved in step 2, lift and lower the top leg three to five times before lowering both legs in step 3.

“Pilates Anatomy” by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
from Pilates Anatomy
by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
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  • This took me 5 times (for 2 weeks) to actually finish the whole workout, I’m usually halfway done when I can’t do anymore, last time almost a minute left. Haaays. My legs cramped every try but now I finished it today and my legs are not as bad, still sweating like crazy and feeling a bit stronger. This will be added to my leg workout routine and I’m determined to finish this stronger next workout. Uuuhh, it burns but I love that I’m improving. You guys are amazing! Thank you!

  • O professor foi EXCELENTE! A batida da música. Tudo. Eis um exercício que vou repetir TODOS os dias. Penso que dá resultado. Certo!?

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  • I am desperate for a NEW 30-60 minute Strong by Zumba video! They’ve already posted the four 7-minute videos on YouTube. I love this stuff.

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    Two mins in and I’m ������wow what was I thinking?!

    Thank you popsugar for a great workout!

  • Sir if u can do the practical workout n the theory simultaneously it would b lot more easeir for me to understand.with all due respect

  • I tried the 1st exercise the DB reverse lunge with 10 kg DB…after 3 sets of 12 reps…i feel my muscle behind my legs are exploding then i stop.i think i will jog for about 2 weeks then i’ll start doing this.My legs were so weak.

    THis is the sign that you should do this exercise…it’s so legit and challenging. Greetings from PHILLIPINES!

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    If you don’t win, no worries. Just be sure you have your notifications turned on so you can get to my next video quickly and try again. Good luck and thanks for being a loyal subscriber…

  • Jeff, I’ve got a question: what I want to have a complete series, aiming at a little bit of everything (strength, hypertrophy, power…), does it matter the sequence of the series? Should I start with power, then strength and leave hypertrophy for last, for instance? Or is it a complete waste because one can’t have more than one goal per series? And then I should do each in a different day?

  • Good morning, or good afternoon depending on where you are located. First of all I wanted to thank you for the content that you put on your channel, here on Youtube. I have just tried out the dumbbell leg exercise that you did here on this exact video. I have to tell you, it was very challenging. I just have one concern. Maybe you can answer this question. The day after the leg workout my left hamstring feels super tight and my right feels tight but not as much as my left one. The question is, is this normal? How would I know if the tightness is from the workout or if it is a problem in my hamstring?

  • Can i do it without surgery as I have got partial acl tear..with prepatteler bursitis and mild joint efussion..it’s been 2 months since m Injured

  • This is SPECTACUAR! I CSNVDO ALL OF THESE INVTHE 2 BY 5 FT SPACE available to me which has a filthy floor which I’m not getting near! THANK YOU.BTHIS IS TERRIFIC. SO APPRECIATED.

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  • The amazing quality and detailed information you share for FREE with sooo many people is why you have over 10M subscribers. You’ve helped me heal my chronic shoulder pain, among many other helpful hints. Thank you, Jeff.

  • New ly subscribed and loving your work however do you have a video on working each leg on its own as I have ankle mobility issues in one foot that stops a symmetrical squat

  • The jokes are SO DUMB they’re actually pretty funny haha. The meta self-aware failure in the attempt to be funny is in itself quite comical.

  • Hi all, I love this video! In watching it a questions was raised for me. How about the calves? Do these exerciese work the calves as well so no calf specific exercies are needed?

  • Good luck doing those lunges if you have ANY arthritis in your toes at all. I prefer dumb-bell squats. Very effective and don’t break your toes.

  • 8:42 is harder to do when your dumbells are not shaped like that. Those dumbells are 2 discs attached to a shift and mine are the 2 hexagon(like ball) connected to a shift. It just makes it slightly more uncomfortable

  • Thank you for the work out.I have a oroblem huge problem is why you guys don’t use one fat model and one skinny one so I know this work out really help me!!!!Im a big girl and how im going to follow your work out when all you guys do is using skinny models!I appreciate if you put a fat model to perform the work out!!Im just saying

  • Overall, good workout, and I’m so glad this was posted. Can’t help but notice, both girls seem tight…. they’re not going very deep on the squats (could/should go way deeper), and on the dead lifts, they’re pausing really early. A deeper drop on the dead lifts would stretch / activate the glutes and hamstrings much more, for beneficial effect…..

  • well, I see that I have to work on knee strength before doing these. I love this and a lot of the videos that you do, because it doubles as cardio too. But, I have to build up m ore strength first. All I am doing is straining myself at this point. Especially planks. Gotta work on upper body first,

  • @ medicalwale.com app helps you learn what you need to be healthier. From eating better to fitness tips to stress relief, we recommend simple things to do every day, and remind you to do them. Download it now.

  • This is perfect because i dont want to build my legs, just tone them, thank you! So, it’s best to do each exercise 3 to 4 times before moving on to the next? Also, are there other videos that work on just tightening the glutes and not building them?

  • Will these moves also tone the legs? I’m not looking to slim the legs down necessarily just tone them and add muscle while losing fat in my legs. Hope that makes sense.

  • THESE PEOPLE ROCK! I took on all their advice (since this works for both men and women) and stepped out of my comfort zone and now I’m on target to build a strong physique myself! I’ve even created a Youtube-channel to follow my progress! I’ve just dropped my newest video. I would love some support/feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out. Peace.

  • Thank
    you Sir for sharing this video,it really helps & Motivate me.i went
    through ACL & Meniscus Surgery on 17-Jan-2020 and also shared all my
    experience from Day 0 on my youtube channel(bluerays).Please watch if time
    allows you & share your feedback to me.Sharing our experience that helps
    other gives the truly amazing feelings..Thank you much again, keep Moving
    & Stay Fit!!!

  • Start to workout my kegs, some lose sking and fat on tights, doing dead lift and squats, but just 2 sets of lounges im out of breath.lol
    How often…im 47.looking fit, but not…

  • Hey, I see some people have this issue aswell as me, Im on month 7 and every time I run, my good knee is in crazy pain the next day.. Why is that happening?

  • Hi
    I am on 2 months (week 8) of acl reconstruction post op.
    Got full ROM
    Able to do all your workouts
    Thanks its helping

    But question is sugeon told no to ice it, so should i ice it or not?
    And u told to do weekly 3-4 days
    What to do remaining days?
    Basic stretches will be ok?

  • This is not accurate for 6-12 weeks in ACL surgery. Please if you watch this do not do lateral movements the squat and leans or shuffles until at least 12 weeks, not sooner.

  • I have 2 questions.please any one guide me.1) How many sets and reps for each workout 2) Do I have to try all workouts are the same day?

  • Should I do all of the exercises in one sitting? Or should I do strengthening one day, balance another, and then the last on another day?

  • Hi doc I am James and I had a raptred ACL ligament following u exercises I have improved in regaining the range of motion anyway I was inquiring how the way one should feel six weeks after surgery and the condition of the knee at that time should feel like all in all the tutorials are good and a helping a lot in the recovery journey

  • Please sort out the sound issues. I don’t understand everything can be so professionally done & yet released to the public with these horrible errors in them. Not just this video but the 1st one in the series too.

  • All of these are great exercises, thank you! Just one question, since there are so many exercises I’m assuming this isn’t all in one session. Over how many sessions should I split all of these?

  • I have done ACL surgery 2months ago, still my thigh muscle is not tight and feeling pain while walking at lateral and medial side of knee, pls suggest

  • I’m 10 months post surgery and I’m still not back to normal, mainly due to the fact that I was running and jumping and playing basketball the day I got my stitches and staples out. Is it possible that I could have ligament damage because I didn’t heal it right? And also to this day some movement I do will make my knee buckle and hurt for a few minutes and then goes back to normal but I don’t believe I re-tore it, but is that normal?

  • I can’t extend my knee…at the time of extensions,i feel pain back of my knee and outside of the knee..its 2 month of my acl surgery…i also can’t bend my knee fully..is it normal?

  • So good. I’ve been having some knee joint pain and hip pain from sitting too much. This did the trick! Also worked my abs and got me sweaty!

  • My name is sharanjit Singh I got my ligament surgery back one year ago in 2019 April 2 but still I can not run or walk properly can not play football because their is so much pain in knee why this happening

  • I am 5 months post op from an ACL reconstruction, and I am still suffering with knee pain and instability.
    I was once an elite athlete and I still have a chance but my leg muscles are not getting any stronger, Would steroids be able to help with this problem

  • So many squats!!! Great intensity.

    Could you give some cues for foot positioning and muscle activation in the side lunge moves? Not sure if toes are forward or out slightly? Thanks for any tips. I love all of your videos!

  • Is First and last exercise same?
    How shud be the ideal thighs…shall there be any gap or not? & If there shud!! Then how much gap… And yess I HV thin body type… M 41kg &5’5 feet… It won’t make more thinner no? Pliz answer m following it regularly

  • In the squat, as we all know, you MUST keep your knees behind your toes but in the video, I think it has not been regarding!!!!!!!!! WHY?!

  • People in the comments: Who watch this while reading the comments/laying on their bed

    Me: I watch this vid while doing what those people are doing. I’m doing quick exercises and download this vid so I can watch this again and make it as a daily routine.

  • merci pour la vidéo.je ne peux faire tous les exercices à cause d une bascule du bassin,mais j en ai quelques un dans le lot que je pourrais.merci ��

  • I really don’t care how “beautiful” a “thigh gap” is. That’s not the point and I found that annoying. I just would like to be able to wear a dress without having to wear shorts or otherwise rubbing my thighs raw. At any rate, thanks for the video.

  • I love your channel bright side. But the lady who present these exercises has a poor form in most exercises:-( Check my exercises channel to learn the correct form:-)

  • So I probably won’t leave updates on this video but here’s the plan, I’ll do this workout on the days I don’t go to the gym, when I go to the gym I usually speed walk 4 miles and get on the elliptical, so bicycles, etc but I don’t get to go all of the time and when I don’t I’ll do this

  • Amazing as always! I use your exercises for my severely handicapped able-bodied class. Lots of modifications but you give me ideas on what my students can do. Mr. T Culver City Unified APE

  • My thighs when I stand: ( )
    My friend’s thighs when she stands: ( )
    My thighs when I sit: ( )
    My friend’s thighs when she sits: ( )

  • How do you recommend implementing these into workouts for leaner legs-should I add a few of these exercises as a high rep circuit onto my regular workouts or do alone on a light load, high volume day? In comparison to my upper body, my legs and bum tend to pump and grow faster and while they don’t look fat, they don’have the lean look of my upper half��.

  • Will this help to town down bulky/muscular legs? As a female.mesomorph, I spent a year lifting very heavy weights and it screwed my body up…way too much muscle (and a good amount of fat now 😉 ) privy to weight lifting I strictly did yoga, power walked, Pilate’s and dance.

  • Redefining
    Your Exercises is simple for the pepole who are young and in good healthe but for those who have backe pain and sciatica and may be over 60 is too dificulte.Please could you consider that for the next exercises.

  • For people asking in the comments section if they should do A, B or C. I beg you go see a physotherapist, it’s crucial you do what’s right for you and without a physical you could ruin everything.

  • Don’t do Toe Squats or anything that involves pulsing on the toes, you’ll end up with giant hamstrings, unless that’s your goal, of course ��

  • You are a continuous source of inspiration and hope! I’m 54, but I’ll give it a shot.
    You look perfect. And I like your no-nonsense way of explaining everything. Thank you ��

  • Love the only exercise video without talking through ❤️ and have to say you are a Hulk ������������ I mean in a amazing way I am scared by looking at this extreme exercise �� I will put them slowly in my routine….. thanks a lot����

  • Do you have a follow a long leg workout actually do you have follow along for say, upper body arms, legs ect each part to workout I’m trying hard to do one to two a day plus glutes and soc min plank I was at 5 minutes and I do Burpees each day please help n

  • NIce..Thank you for the refresher on the legs. I have dedicated ninety minutes to studying your videos. Thaanki you so much for your dedication to your craft. Be forever healthy!

  • Hi, I’m new to your channel but find your workouts and the information behind them great! For the leg strengthening exercises how many reps & sets for each exercise?

  • Wow you are like a machine ��
    I have seen lots of things work out this was the toughest one, I want to try but I am scared if this will bulk up my thigh

  • I did one of your core exercises day before yesterday. Still sore today. Decided on legs, did (mostly) this one. Toughest by far.

  • can you do these before surgery? I’m 14 so I can’t have surgery yet for my fully torn acl but my knee is pretty stable. I tore my acl 4 months ago and all the swelling is gone

  • Hi, I am mostly into doing workouts at home and perform most of these. I just wanted to know how often in a week should I be doing these? Since I don’t go to a gym I feel like I have to do these daily as I don’t go frequent a gym and do what those people do with the machines and all.
    So coming back to it l, how often a week should I be doing these at-home ones?

  • Would love some more guidance….. I love your videos that give 20+ exercises to target specific areas, as I struggle changing things up. I really do desire to hit every muscle with different patterns & angles, but it’s so easy to get in a rut. I’m sure in this video with all 23 exercises you are doing just that. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed though and wonder if you can give advise on how a person could breakdown doing all the exercises in this video so that I am hitting every muscle of the legs with variety in movement & patterns? I would think it is not recommended to do all 23 in one workout. Any suggestions how to break it up and the number of sets/reps to do. I like hitting legs at least twice a week at the gym, but I’m almost think with these body weight moves a person could do some legs everyday? Thank you for all the education and wide variety of exercises you post. I’m just starting to go through your Glute camp and excited to hopefully see some changes in my normal glute training.

  • thank you very much for sharing you knowledge. the blogs are eye opening and the exercises are fun.

    on another note, im looking for a new training shoe, what company created your shoes? they look very comfy and supportive.

  • Quick question? If I where to just to body weight exercises like this in the video for my legs and not incorporate weights would I be doing that for a particular result? I have big thigh muscles already that just need toning really I don’t need any more muscle. I am aware in order to tone and build your butt you need to lift heavy weight for that, as for just the legs would it be a different routine depending on the result you wanted as working with weight for the glutes is going to effect the legs anyway? Hope that’s sort of clear what I have wrote… I hear things like don’t lift weights and just do these style of exercises like in this video to lean your legs out to get that slender look, as well as cardio. It’s hard to know what is best to do as in one hand you want to build and tone your butt which requires lifting heavy and on the other not for it to bulk or add more muscle to already a muscular leg, sorry if that’s a really confusing question and doesn’t make much sense trying to formulate my confusion into a question! Thanks

  • well, I am not sure what i talk bout ha. how long do you think if i do your technique with out awkward or losing balanced. i am work out freak since i grew up but i want to add it on my work out thanks for return to me.

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  • I love your technique workout. I did pick one of your technique workouts but I worry about my bad ankle so what is your suggest?t

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  • Great video, it would be really helpful if you added a voice over discussing a bit about form/reps/modifications on each as you do them.

  • Reaction from Holland, super exercises! I look every week and I enclose the exercises in the training I give to a group of runners.