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Standing quad stretch. Stand upright. Reach behind your body to grab your left foot with your left hand. Bring your left heel up to your glutes, or as far as it doesn’t cause pain Keep your left knee in close as your stretch. Hold for 15 seconds, then switch to the right leg.

Repeat the stretch. Reps: 2 or 3 sets of 15 reps per leg. Lie on your back, keeping one leg bent at a 90-degree angle and the other straight out on the floor. Engage your quads in the extended leg and raise leg. Knee Stability Exercise for Runners >>.

Standing on one leg on a raised platform, first reach forwards with the swinging leg and touch your heel on the ground in front of you, then slowly reach back and touch your toe on the ground behind you. This movement of once back and forth constitutes one repetition. Just as you’d perform glute-activation drills to fire up your gluteus medius and maximus, do a few Kegels as an awareness exercise, Johnson suggests. Midrun: If you start to feel nagging knee pain.

Knee bends – 3 sets of 10 repetitions (reps) Stand a foot away from a wall with your knees hip-width apart and your feet pointing slightly outwards Slide your back down the wall by slowly bending your knees. Don’t let your knees go past your toes. Let the knees point in the same direction as your toes. They did exercises such as knee extensions and half squats. The other group’s program focused on building hip and core strength.

They did exercises such as hip abductions and balancing on an. Runner’s knee, also known by it’s more scientific name as patellofemoral pain syndrome, refers to pain around the kneecaps that can be caused by running.Although non-runners certainly experience this issue too. Without getting too science-y, knee pain happens when the patella (knee cap) is misaligned and rubs against things it’s not supposed to (like the femoral groove). You can do the hamstring stretch right away. When your knee is less painful, you can do the quadriceps stretch and start strengthening the thigh muscles with the rest of the exercises.

Standing hamstring stretch: Put the heel of the leg on your injured side on a stool about 15 inches high. Keep your leg. The knee cannot keep its composure when it is rotated or laterally bent.

If someone ever says that they twisted their knee, they essentially forced it in to both of those motions that they cannot do. This is a traumatic type of injury. Most injuries that runners sustain occur over time. Even though it may seem as though that pain.

These knee strengthening exercises are perfect for runners hoping to prevent knee pain, and are essential for runners who need to treat runner’s knee. With a mix of stretches, balance and strengthening exercises, this knee strengthening routine is perfect for runners of all kind.

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  • My left leg of my left side of the (outside) knee hurts. It hurts when i start jugging or do long walks it seems like it chills down here and there, when i dont do too much physical movement around. Ive been having this for around 3 weeks sometimes i feel like i dont have it no more until i start shadow boxing moving around, or jugging do you know how can i fix this and prevent this from happening without avoiding my long distance juggins or runs? Thankkk you in advance

  • Going to try #3 and see if it helps. I’ve had runner’s knee on the left side in particular so bad it felt like someone was attempting to pry off my kneecap with a screwdriver, so now I’m cautious about anything that feels wrong in there. Lately I’ve been having trouble with that knee during the rest of the day getting it to work right when I am walking or going down the stairs, and (once I get warmed up) I’ve also added some extra speed during my workouts over the last couple of weeks, so it might not be very happy about that. The right one doesn’t seem to pester me as much but it never hurts (or actually sometimes it does hurt a bit while it’s helping, whatever….) to strengthen that one as well.

  • Man: This is my chance to woo her with my perceived position of power and status…
    Woman: I wonder what other benefits I can get out of this other than free Physical Therapy…?

  • Your video helped me so much. I have been having a hard time walking for the past week. I think I pulled a muscle while working out. Nothing helped until I watched your video. I could tell a 95 percent difference the first night. I felt so much better. I woke up and did what you showed in the video the next morning and all the pain was gone 100 percent. Thank you. I am back to myself again. ❤❤❤❤

  • I’m doing sport everyday now (hockey netball football dance) and Ive been getting some pain in my knees, one more than the other more when I’m at rest? I’ve been wearing a knee support whilst playing and usually I don’t tend to feel any pain whilst doing it but actually after/before sport or when I’m at home. Would you reccomend I take time off from sport for a couple weeks & do this exercises instead? Thanks!

  • I have runners knee and I’m 15 jk I don’t want to say my real age but its in my knee cap and I’d like too know if these exercises change or stay the same

  • There are a few factors in exercises lessen joint pain. One plan I found that succeeds in merging these is the Pabs Pain Pundit (check it out on google) it’s the most helpful blueprint i’ve seen. Check out all the amazing information.

  • Thanks! Coming off a fractured patella where I had 2 correction surgeries and 10 weeks 100% off leg than another month in the brace but weight baring. Still a ways to go almost a year later.

  • I just mimicked the workouts on a bar stool as I was watching so I could do them full out a little later and I immediately feel relief! I am BLOWN AWAY! Thank you so much, Jessica…now I can get back to training for my marathon!

  • Hi doc.
    I have crepitis sound on my right knee and now I hear it mild on my left knee as well when I sit and stand up but I do not have pain. What could it be? What do I do? I am 30 yrs

  • Do you have any physical therapy exercises for the neck? I have no curve in my neck, seeing a chiropractor but I was wondering if there are any PT exercises for my neck that I could do at home.

  • I’ve had runners knee pain for just over a year, if I do this everyday for like 2-3 weeks will it help? And if so do I need to do it for longer?

  • I couldn’t really figure out from the video how often these exercises should be done? Is it every day? or every second day? Once a week? or what?

  • Thank you for the exercises. I noticed that my knee clicks when I release my muscles during the second exercise. Is that something to
    worry about?

  • instead of showing off displaying your face try to show the figures of what u r talking about it will help ppl understanding u better!

  • complaining of crackling and grind sounds in my knee did this a good exercises for me or not’ please help me I’m afraid to walk Because the sound of my knee ‘ I don’t feel pain just cracking ��������

  • I over extended my leg doing cardio kickboxing 6 days ago. The pain was in the back of my leg behind my knee and wasn’t getting better. I did these exercises last night and this morning and my leg feels so much better already.

  • I have tried a lot of exercises as well. But there is no permanent relief? How long does it take to cure three neck disc bulge pain?

  • Thank you so much! Have had knee pain for the last month, started these exercises last night and felt immediately better. On my second set today, and can tell I am on my way back to normal. So happy and thank you again.

  • Thanks for making this video!! I sprained my knee a couple weeks ago. Doc gave me a printout, but it’s easier to imitate when you see someone else doing some stretches. I’m just counting this as a small setback on my health-gain/weight-loss journey!

  • Jessica, I have been working out using stretch bands and even weights now for about 5 months after a knee injury. I’m back to a normal life, ballroom dancing, working, walking a distance on occasions, even using a recumbant exercise bike. But I still have knee stiffness in the mornings. I carefully bend it first thing each morning until it bends almost normally. I don’t really want to go to a doctor this time. No pain. No swelling or very very little? Any ideas?

  • its been 2 years since i stopped running and the knee pain nas grounded me, i am confused as hell, my second love after my girlfriend was running and i loved it eachtime i pushed myself, now i am just a lazy man at home, i need help someone help me.

  • Yes great explanation and demonstration on the it the way you showed us on the app helped me find where the problem was and know what the thing looks like and how to get the kink out. Thank You!! And keep at it if you will

  • so in the third exercise assuming my right leg in back and left is in the back leg hurts, is this something to be concerned about? I recently took up jogging and my leg hurts when I jump and my knees hurt when I jogged or stretched.
    I am concerned about the pain because I am jogging for 2 weeks and the knee pain showed up 2 days ago.

  • Oh my god! This is the first thing that helped me ever. Ive been to the doctor and taken medecine, but this was almost instant relief. Thanks alot! Also, lookin fine as hell lol

  • I play badminton. Now I suffer from knew pain. I’m 23. Whats your PT view on using a knee support during my games? I don’t want to rest, its my daily unavoidable routine. I love badminton.
    Please reply if you see this.

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  • Great video. I’m dealing with a bad case of runner’s knee right now and looking for everything I can learn to heal myself. Thanks for the post…:) 

  • Thank you for sharing! At first i was skepticalas in I thought maybe I´m not able to do these properly. But at the end of it I feel a difference. Though I must say the clam exercise was not so good for me, it was causing a pinch in the hips. Is this the sciatic nerve feeling pinched?

  • Perfect video:), could you please tell me the name of the programme you are using (I mean software), I would like study the muscles in the amateur way:). Thanks a lot!

  • I wonder if anywhere on the internet there exists a (pseudo) physical therapy video that doesn’t revolve around the superfluous groping of the person doing the exercise…

  • Hi, can you tell me some of the machines that should be avoided at the gym for people with runners knee? Is the leg extension ok? Torso twist? Etc..

    In addition, some machines that are ok (i.e seated hip extension)?

    Thanks in advance

  • Awesome video again, Dr. Jo! Would you explain what specific muscles each of the exercises trigger when you lay down on the floor? Thank you!

  • I had surgery on my right knee one year ago. Between waiting to go to the doctor, the first round of PT, surgery and the second round of PT, I would guess that a year went by of not being very active. After the surgery, I know I have to keep my knee moving. The pain from the torn meniscus is gone, but all of a sudden it feels like I have arthritis, (or what I would guess to be) and the left knee has joined the party. I can walk with no problem which is great but getting up from a seated position, I have to wait until I stretch out both knees before walking. Getting up from a squatted position is no fun either. The fact that I can walk without any problems and it’s only the squatting and getting up from a seated position makes me think that I need to strengthen my knees more. I’m hoping that doing these exercises might help me.

  • This is a very well presented video. The exercises are explained clearly in order to perform them in perfect form as well as incorrect form. Her delivery is relaxed and friendly, with a little humor thrown in. I highly recommend watching this because you want to do these exercises correctly in order to heal. Thank you for your knowledge and presentation.

  • This is just superb, I’ve been looking for “knee brace” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across Qiyora Peyenry Principle (do a search on google )?

    It is a great exclusive guide for discovering how to get rid of excruciating knee pain minus the normal expense. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my co-worker got cool success with it.

  • Hot girl. I came to look for knee exercises but started exercising some other part  ROFL.
    These exercises have to be performed with professional looking old orthopedists.

  • The other day I ran and felt excruciating knee pain, yesterday I did these exercises and was able to run without pain. Simple fix, very helpful video.

  • These are good exercises….another thing that has been helping me is using a hemp symmetry CBD infused knee compression sleeve. It has worked wonders for my knee pain!

  • I’ve developed knee pain probably for the last month and personally I believe it was due to heavy squats 5×5 with possibly bad form or too much too soon and now I suffer knee pain when bending the knee but not while sitting or running only when I’m standing and bending at the knees, I’ve been doing glute strengthening exercises as a lot of the videos I watched where suggesting ITB syndrome but my pain is really around and at the top of the knee cap. Would you suggest it’s more runners knee and I’m doing the wrong strengthening exercises? Thanks.

  • I really appreciate the tips from yourself and others on these exercises, but I can’t help asking myself if clinicians realize that those receiving the advice work for a living? LOL! I mean 50 sets a day? Not realistic in the modern working person’s life (and we might want to work other body parts as well at some point during the day). I know it is said with the absolute best of intentions & I know people like to respond with the smug “how much is your health worth to you” but that doesn’t change the fact that people are gone for work 10-12 hours a day! (and have other responsibilities besides-a fact which PT’s know from their own clinic schedules)! Nevertheless, thank you for the exercise tips. I will endeavor to implement a realistic amount of sets into my schedule and hope that something less than 50 sets a day will benefit me.

  • Hello, I just saw this video in the news feed, I had a football injury and my right knee popped out to (felt like moving) when a guy bumped into me at the knee joint.Thus the emergency doctor told me it’s my LCL, not torn, but overstretched or half torn.
    After one month, or more I went outside to kick the football, and it popped out again.I’ve been icing it since it first popped out.
    I am using Shea butter as well, and stopped any kind of sports. I can cycle to work with no problems.
    My question is: am I doing the right thing with this Lateral Collateral Ligament Knee Injury Strengthening and Rehabilitation
    And I lost muscle mass on my right leg, as well, note I am a right footed “player”.I do the exercises once every two days.

  • Thank you. I appreciate that you offered two simple, effective, exercises that won’t take too long rather then overwhelming us with a plethora of options.

  • Thank you so much for your videos, I started doing these yesterday as I’m training for a marathon and my knees are a issue after 20 miles, they felt pretty good today after doing these exercises.. Thank you ��

  • Omg ���� thank you so much Dr!! I started running a month ago after 2 kids I’m back at it again. My right knee was dying on me and I was feeling defeated ☹�� I’m doing these exercises as you talk and they’re definitely helping! Thank you! ��❤

  • Hello Doctor Jo, I was diagnosed with runners knee but most of my pain is near the meniscus area. It hurts a lot when I do the quad stretches. Is that normal? Should I keep doing them? Thanks!

  • Thank you sou much it helps me, my knee started to have pain since i diagnosed with slip disc my right knee was in pain now.. i alsp have my sports which is mountaineering i wan to continue this but i was worried maybe i would be in injury anytime when i climb thnks mam..

  • I am 24 and because of playing I got a little pain in my one knee, just a little pain it only hurts while climbing stairs. I want yo work on strengthening my y quadricep muscles through wall sits. But i am afraid if it is good for me or not because i am already having a little pain. Kindly leave me comment with suggestion I have been waiting for this pain to be gone for 3 weeks I need to workout.

  • I can vouch for these exercises. My physical therapist had me do these after my knee surgery (torn acl, mcl, and meniscus). I couldn’t do the inner thigh muscle exercise at first, but now I do them every morning. I had to modify it though to make it more challenging after a while. I started rotating my leg clockwise while raising my leg when I’m on my back, and when I’m on my side. For the inner thigh muscles, and when lying on your stomach (knees and forearms) I raise and rotate going counter clockwise. I feel like I’m also working out my core and gluteals when rotating. I’ve noticed my posture and balance is better, I have more spring in my step, and its vastly improved my deadlift, and squat.

  • If i run a few times a week my knee gets sore. Like
    I start to limp when i run. Not
    Always but, Right knee 32 i just started running.

  • Your videos are great, to the point and clear. They’ve helped me a lot over the past year with my running, particularly my posture and breathing these past few months. Thank you!

  • I have runners knee since 2004. I am 42 now. I have it on both knees more so in the right knee. When I squat theee is a cracking noise in my right knee. Can you help me recover? I haven’t been able to run since 2003-4 and I
    don’t like to climb or descend stairs. I want to play sports like tennis again.

  • HI, thank you so much for this video!! I was dealing with a very painful runners knee (right knee), your videos have really helped me out. I have gone from feeling pain laying down, sitting, walking, anything I did really. After following along in your videos I have virtually no pain and I can run again!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

  • The IT Band stretch instantly took away my knee pain! I could feel how tight I was on both legs when performing the stretch. Thanks so much!

  • Hi, when I do the ball exercise and the stair exercise, my knees click really bad. I did the exercises as you said. Should I still be doing those exercises? Thanks.

  • Dr Jo, I have been diagnosed by my physiotherapist as having PFPS both knees from too much running, biking, and walking lunges with heavy weights. Is it possible that PFPS causes pain in the tibia as well? I’m wondering if I perhaps have patellar tendonitis as well…. Some of the exercises in both your videos are similar to what I’ve been instructed to do by my physiotherapist, but I will not include the ones for patellar tendonitis as well. I’m two months into this nightmare, and my knees “crack” as well on occasion. Your thoughts? BTW, your videos are extremely clear and well presented, thank you for that.

  • this exercise felt really good and comfortable to my knee, though i would like to add some weight, did anyone try with weights strapped to their ankle, i wonder if that puts too much stress on the knee.

  • Hi,
    I’ve had runners knee for 3 years going on 4 and I did get it checked one time and they doctors never called me back or told me anything about it. I then went to get it checked again cause it got worse and they did a x-ray and that was it. Just about 4 months ago it came back even worse and the fact I was doing cheer did not help. I made another appointment and they did another X-ray and that’s when I found out I had runners knee and I got sent to physical therapy. I did this for about 2 months and now they told me that I got stronger in my core and legs which I was really proud of because that’s the whole point I was sent there. Then it ended. It has barely been a week and the pain is back. I still do my little workout they gave me. And I don’t know what to do I wish I would just go away because it restricts me from doing anything. I do wear shoe inserts because I have flat feet and they also told me it can be the cause to my knee. If you have any advice can you please help. Do you think I should call my doctor again so we can restart the physical therapy process again?
    Sorry if this is long����

  • This channel has healed my tennis elbow AND runner’s knee. Thank you Dr. Jo!!!
    For tennis elbow, the thing that worked for me, and was missing from the advice I received fro the two futile years trying to heal it, was that stretching your hand downwards you need to have your hand forming a loose fist, that really hit me to the right spot. Of course warm it up and massage it first in the way that Jo showed.
    Doing the stretches shown here along with strengthening my thigh muscles and having a small break from running, healed my runner’s knee.

  • I’m not entirely sure if this is what I have, but it started with my left knee aching constantly after I had ran and lasted for a day or two then went, never aches when running. However I continued to train and it got really bad, till the point where today I felt like I had a trapped nerve somewhere in my upper leg, the aching is now in a wide area not just the knee and I can’t pin point it. So I’ve just done this and it instantly feels better, my guess is it is runners knee, do you think this could be the case.

  • Hi, I’ve just started doing these after having some knee pain. I’ve been trying the IT band stretch but I dont feel any strech at all. I’ve tried doing everything u have said but the only strech I feel is in my ankle. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong please? I already work out 5x a week, so could that be why?

  • Thank you for sharing those exercises for free, you sound like a nice and modest person:)
    For 10 years I have a problem (never really went to a Dr) when I do some trips, after 1-2 hours of walking I can’t walk down especially (up is easier), and after 2-4 hours sometimes I can’t step on the right foot anymore due to pain on the side of the knee. I hope it’ll help me to solve my problem.

  • I’m an avid tennis players whose only ache is knee pain. This is a great, simplified series of exercises I think I can add to my fitness routine. And MEN on this post seriously be “gentle-men” it is wayyyyy more attractive.

  • Hi Jo, you are our answer to our NHS in these troubled times! Question: how many sets of the exercises of the stretched would you expect us to do? Thanks

  • Thank you so so so so much.. the pain went in mins.. Thank you ����⚘����⚘����⚘����⚘����⚘����⚘����⚘������������������������������

  • Thank you so much! I saw these exercises in other videos, but none explained how to do them right, so they never actually helped me.

  • Omg, finnaly! After 5 years with knee pain, because of my muscels were on even, I now know, how to only train that part of my knee!
    I don’t have money for gym, so this is wonderful!:D

  • Hi doc, am experiencing a quick sharp pain in my knee when I walk I took MRI but the report said I had a normal knee even though I experienced a popping sound before I start to experience this pains in my left knee, please what could be the reason for this since the MRI said I have a normal knee

  • Hey man, I get lateral swelling around the gerdy tubercle after squats, its not a painful swelling… I feel no pain at all! Just a kinda puffy swelling.. why do you think that is? also my knees are very noisy

  • Truly amazing thank you so much. I started working out heavily past couple of weeks and my knees completely stiffened and pained. Was worried I would have stop but honestly these exercises made me feel better straight away. Will try these daily

  • My problem was that I started to run again.. haven’t ran in 2 or 3 years.. in a couple of weeks I started running 2 hour in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. I think I went way above and beyond what my knees can take.. I used to play score and I saw your stretches and did them and remembered some others.. it really helped.. I’ve been in pain for the last 3 days and ran yesterday and today in the morning.. I was having pain but was stubborn to keep going.. I am going to rest and stretch for a couple of days and keep you updated.. thanks a lot Doc.

  • Thank you! I’ve been out running more than ever recently and typically do HIIT with weights so running is totally different on my body! Huge help, blessings to you and your baby!!

  • I am 23 years old, use to run 5 miles everyday. After a month knee started popping. The popping is being fixed by these exercises THANKS ��. Other problem i feel little grating in kneecap (leg straight plus flexed). Is it cartilage damage?

  • i am experiencing clicking sounds in the lateral sides of my patella. It is often painful. I had undergone through a MPFL surgery after it got dislocated 8 months ago. Please diagnose my problem.

  • Plz tell me that how many reps do we have to do in a set.and how many sets we have to do….n plz also tell hiw many times in a week we ve to do these exercises

  • I have pain on that bone sticking out on the lateral side…it the ligament over that bone involved? Because that is what hurts…The other muscles are feeling now after initial problem 2 weeks again when I awkwardly partially kneeled down searching for my turtle behind a bush!

  • Mam i have been doing gyming from past 1 and 1/2 months and from past 2.5 weeks my knees have been hurting. What are the required steps that i need to follow to overcome it. Please help.

  • Doc jo… I hv been lovin how u tk out time and reply to everyone comment… Its gr8..!..
    Also i have been having confusion whether i have runner knee or jumper…
    Whenevr i walk down the stairs… Its really weird.. But there is no pain.. But thers a click or some sort of rubin… Around the bony part below the knee.. Sometimes its really hard for me to get up on my knees aftrr sitting for a bit… Like 5-10 mins….
    Also i feel like falling sometime by a weird click in knee… During walks…
    Thanks for tkin out time..! Wanna make it short but…

  • I had dual knee replacements and I just cannot get pain free. 5 months later and I’m still on crutches some days. I do pool exercises 3 times a day, but I can tell you for free that my knees feel no stronger

  • Hi I’m 14 and am experiencing huge pain under my knee cap and in my ankle I have been to the doctor but they can’t tell me what’s wrong I’ve had this for over a year and it has got to the point that I can’t run at all when i start to run my leg like wobbles and falls from underneath me due to pain. I don’t know what to do I miss sports