Killer Legs No Gear Needed



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Brutal Home Leg Workout | Build BEASTLY Legs With This Workout -PT.1 (NO EQUIPMENT -BodyWeight ONLY)

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Week 10 Day 5 //Killer LEG DAY WORKOUT!!

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Calisthenics Leg Workout ( NO EQUIPMENT )

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Video taken from the channel: BullyJuice

Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees bent in a semi-squat and arms at shoulder height, elbows bent, palms down. Jump up, landing on right leg, left leg extended behind you with knee bent, left arm extended back (as shown). Jump forward to starting position and switch lead leg. Lie on right side, legs stacked with right knee bent, left leg straight, head on floor and elbows bent in front with left hand cupped over right fist. Keeping arms stiff, push off.

Killer Workout for Thin, Toned Legs—No Equipment Needed! Updated on July 23, 2018. Magui. more.

Magui has been a competitive cyclist for 3 years and a gym rat since birth literally! Contact Author. A home workout routine with no equipment needed that gently “wakes up” your body after hours of sitting? Challenge accepted!“No Gym Required!” No Gym?

No Problem! You can still get a killer workout using no equipment at all. Just last month my good friend Dave Ruel and I did this awesome bodyweight leg workout while we were on vacation in Cuba and it was a totally spur.

Being stuck at home during these strange times can cause muscle loss if you aren’t doing the right exercises. Most people are worried about losing upper body strength, so they get pull-up bars or dumbbells to workout arm, chest, and back muscle groups. Here is a quick at-home workout you can do that doesn’t require any weights or equipment so you can stay in shape without going to the gym.

Killer Legs: No Gear Required! The Anti-Sag Workout; Image Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images. Knows maybe too much about pop culture.

Also thinks bacon should be considered a food group. To get ripped quickly, try a variety of challenging exercises at home instead of splurging on a gym membership or expensive equipment. Work your upper body with a combination of standard and modified planks, push-ups, and crunch exercises. Don’t forget to sculpt your legs with squats, lunges, and calf carving lifts.

Sit on a stationary bike with both feet clipped into the pedals. However, pedal just 1 foot at a time, letting the other foot just go along with the motion. Use a lower gear to start and only pedal with the leg you’re working. Keep pedaling for 30 seconds at a comfortable pace. Lift your upper body up so that your arms are extended straight, then lift your knees so they are no longer touching the floor and your legs are extended straight out behind you.

Keep a neutral spine and hold this plank position for 1 count. Gently lower your knees back down and return to the modified push-up position.

List of related literature:

Greaves Plate armour to protect the lower legs.

“Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” by Michael Smith
from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
by Michael Smith
Unbound, 2018

Two pieces of gear are essential: good shoes (you’ll be slogging through mud and dodging “Dartmoor landmines”—wildhorse patties) and an Ordnance Survey map.

“Rick Steves England” by Rick Steves
from Rick Steves England
by Rick Steves
Avalon Publishing, 2016

What constitutes essential personal gear, which gear items are compulsory on specific race legs and, very importantly, are there any “dark zones” during the race?

“Adventure Racing” by Jacques Marais, Lisa De Speville
from Adventure Racing
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Leathers only, and helms and gauntlets.

“Memories of Ice: Book Three of The Malazan Book of the Fallen” by Steven Erikson
from Memories of Ice: Book Three of The Malazan Book of the Fallen
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Armor for the front of the legs only.

“A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor: in All Countries and in All Times” by George Cameron Stone
from A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor: in All Countries and in All Times
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In addition to arms and armor, personal items included boots, woollen tunic, trousers and cloak, a water bottle, and a blanket.

“A Companion to the Roman Army” by Paul Erdkamp
from A Companion to the Roman Army
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Hard body armours protect torso and head against high speed projectiles.

“Functional Finishes for Textiles: Improving Comfort, Performance and Protection” by Roshan Paul
from Functional Finishes for Textiles: Improving Comfort, Performance and Protection
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I had hardly any gear: just a pair of light aluminum crampons, one ice axe, something to eat and drink, long pants, and a jacket.

“Ueli Steck: My Life in Climbing” by Ueli Steck
from Ueli Steck: My Life in Climbing
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Depending on the difficulty of your cave selection (Spider Cave is the hardest to navigate), you’ll need at most knee pads, gloves, flashlight batteries, sturdy pants, hiking boots with ankle support, and some water.

“Fodor's The Complete Guide to the National Parks of the West” by Fodor's Travel Guides
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Running shoes are the most important gear.

“The Triathlete's Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.” by Joe Friel
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  • You people need to ask God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost to show you who should never make me mad!!!!! If you are going through this too, then share this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I haven’t done a workout like this ina while but this is hopefully gonna help lose weight quicker cause just eating right ain’t gonna get you very far

  • Hey there!

    Sending you love and greetings from South Africa!

    I am super happy and truly inspired by your videos. They are easy to follow and really is impactful.

    Thank you for your videos! My body is banging!

  • I’m gonna keep updating each day
    Day1: i haven’t worked out in a while so my knees were shaking arms shaking but I got through it good luck guys

  • This is all great. But don’t they put a lot of stress on the knee. These exercises especially box jumps look like they would be bad for my knee. I am fairly fit, slightly overweight with BMI 26.

  • Genuine question from anyone knowledgeable on the subject, Im 6ft and 16 stone (220lbs) and I want to not only loose some of that weight but if possible get a little toned before my holiday in 270 days….. Question…. should I attempt this every day as I have been for the past week and if I do would you say my goal is achievable? I’m struggling to do it all at the moment and keep up but I’m 100% committed.

  • All due respect, I feel like this is like a strange beginner circuit workout. Rest times are alright, but transitions are poor (no 1-2 second lag to transition) and weird exercises like arm circles just dont make sense. I believe this isn’t really a “full body” workout as it is more an attempt at HIIT. None of my body parts calves aside felt any working out. My core was barely exerted, my arms were not really flailing and while out of breath my muscles are overall good to go. But i feel the intensity (burpee aside) can be better. First time and i only took a few second breather during pushups, burpees and mountain climbers. Ngl i was expecting to be half dead afterwards, like i expected more burpees and squat jumps just inserted in to absolutely destroy my poor soul.

  • i underestimated this..this for sure is a killer workout, shoutout the dude who made this video. thanks for helping me this quarantine

  • I have been with you from the start of this program. I LOVE your workouts!! Thank you!! Can’t believe I just completed week 10!!

  • At the end he’s like thumbs up while not even affected

    Mean while I am sweaty as fuck, all clothes have fallen off, pains from tendons/ligaments that never have been used before

  • Ima document my results everyday excluding the weekend, lets go
    Day 1: Kinda challenging but made it through, hurt everywhere and got the worst cramps but lost 2 pounds
    Day 2: The 20 minutes went by a little faster but all in all it was still a challenge, lost about.78 pounds
    Day 3: The 20 minutes went by wayy faster and it was defiently easier to do, already seeing some changes

  • I’m gonna put my progress for for every day for a month

    Day 1 12:11 P.M I couldn’t do the push ups planks or burppes but i did try. At the end i was sweating a lot and was very shaky. I weighed myself and i weigh 258.8 pounds can’t wait for tomorrow

    Day 2 10:33 P.M Still can’t do left or right planks or push ups can almost do burppes. I wasn’t shaking as much still left me sleepy. My weight is 255.5 LBS tomorrow will be the last day and in the next two days i will start again.

  • I am starting to stress out only 2 weeks to go? What am I going to do once I’ve completed it? Hoping there will be another program like this one! Thank you so much for all your great work.

  • If it wasnt for Chris Heria (THENX) & Jeff Cavaliere (AthleanX) I wouldnt of had a clue what to do inside and outside of the gym… From 15 stone (210 pounds) to 12 Stone 7 (177 pound) From the USA ���� to the UK ���� Thanks guys! Still yet to do those tricks and stunts though.

  • the first time i did this, i struggled so much, i could only do 1 round. Today is the second time i did it and I completed 2 rounds �������� i honestly thought i couldnt do it

    ps I can’t walk lmao

  • Ight so I had a seizure last week and I did this work out and I felt faint again, idk why but I managed to stop myself from having another one. This isn’t even regular, I don’t have any neurological conditions… Anyway I want to be ripped when I get back to school. This workout is so good

    Day 1 (Workout) ✅
    Day 2 (Rest) ✅
    Day 3 (Workout) ✅

  • Thank you for this workout! It’s both challenging and enjoyable. Instead of thinking “I don’t want to do this”, I found myself constantly thinking “I can’t wait for the next circuit so I can do better”.

  • Your videos always make my day �� I had to laugh when you ran out the house and your camera man comes out from behind the bushes. Loved the workout edit with the music too! ��

  • Starting at 215 I wanna get to 190 and stay around there. Did the whole video without pausing but at the end of I’m so dead. I played hockey for 12 years and havent been to the gym since covid bit but this video is so good straight to the point and the music is good to the point I was doing the jumping Jack’s and jump rope to the beat ���� subbed and saved the video thanks boss

  • Just finished. I am soaked. This is an awesome routine for firefighters like myself that have slipped and need to get back at it. Thanks for the video!

  • Well Heather week 10 has got to be for us the most challenging workout so far ����, that’s not to say the other ones were not tough but wow it’s good that we have the weekend to recuperate ����. Once again Heather thank you so so much for your time and effort to put together such enjoyable and easy to follow workouts ��.

  • I’m going to do this for a month and I will update it every day just see what happens.��✌️so I started like a week ago and I have gone from 218(mind you I have been trying to lose weight before I watched this video) now I’m at 205

  • Done with the workout 20 min workout, kinda sweating! I’m excited to see where this takes me, I kinda have belly fat to get rid of ��

  • My brother went to the navy an d said by the time i come back you better be swole so im going to try my best.

    p.s for the jump rope do you act like your jump roping or can you actually use a jump rope.

  • Day 1 and I only paused 1 or 2 times and I will continue to do this workout and tell u all how it went. Please give me support and it is very much appreciated

  • What did I put myself into, I did a hum rope this morning for about 15min and then this workout you girl weren’t not kidding when you said killer leg workout am dying here on an empty stomach but it’s worth it ������ thank you

  • Dude I started this workout after my gym was closed for all this virus bullshit…I’ve been lifting religiously for about 5 years and am a pretty swole dude…this workout kicked my ass…the endurance it takes is on another level from weights alone…never knew you could get this good of a workout outside of a gym.Thanks for the awesome content to keep me going during this time!!!

  • thank you so much Chris for this video, i did your back routine using dumbbells and i absolutely loved it, all the way from South Africa

  • First day, dragged myself to complete it, didn’t pause video even once, but I’m dead on floor lmao. Will do on alternative days so will update day after tomorrow hope I get used to this brutality in a week or two. Stay tuned mates and stay disciplined.��

  • What’s up with the 5 second little breaks in between the exercises!? Joking of course… this is quite the killer for my first time.

  • Decided to use this as my Monday leg day. Killer is an understatement. My backside is still on �� from this workout. This is the perfect leg workout that I will do twice weekly. Good going Heather. Thanks much. ��������

  • Did this just now. Edit: with 20 pounds no less
    My legs feel busted up
    My lungs are shredded and
    I can’t seem to stand up on one leg.
    Thanks Chris! You smart asshole.

  • I like this workout, finally can feel my legs and Im pretty sure my technique is right but does anyone know why i feel my lower back too?

  • Hey everyone! I’m new to the YouTube game but not to fitness and nutrition. I’d love for you to come by my channel and check it out! I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

  • Hello…ur workouts are every minute of them but please do more no repeat ���� repetion kilss me and it fels good when i see ur no repeat workouts ���� it would be great to have them more often..thank u..ur great ��❤

  • 30 Squats
    15 each Bulgarian Split Squats
    1 Minute Walking Lunges
    1 Minute Crab Walks
    6 each Lunges Back and Forward
    1 min broad Jumps

    Repeat 4x

  • I just completed 4 rounds of this workout and my legs are jello. Before workout I was thinking about put on some weight ’cause I have kinda strong legs but definitely no, it was hard as fuck even bodyweight:D. Thank you so much for uploading…and I guess tomorrow will be painful.

  • 4 TIMES?! I’M GONNA DIE. That’s what I also thought before I started some other workouts on the channel and could do 3 or 4 sets of them. This too, soon enough.

  • Week 10 done! I’m so busy these days that I can’t do 5 days of workouts in a row anymore…it’s gotten closer to just 3x/week of exercise. But I’m still going at it, and determined to finish the program:)

  • Day 1: 262 lbs. Completed the workout with some caveats. I just did pushups when that maniac was doing burpees. I also turned the ankle taps into straight crunches. Was sweating like a stuck pig but feel pretty good.

  • Hello:) thank you for this, I could only manage 1 rep:o I’m a real beginner, but I will work hard and be able to do the 4 reps some day B-)

  • Bro this leg workout is savage! I can only do 2 rounds so far. My legs are cooked and still ache even after 4 days! Could you make a calves calisthenics work out video? I am seeing little results from my calf workouts. Thanks dude \m/

  • Hey Chris Awesome workout feel can’t wait to try this & btw whats the name of the song at 1:18. & if anyone else knows the name of the song care free to drop that for ya boy pls&thxu

  • grab some cones and do some football agility drills, killer leg workout right there on top of what you’ve displayed for us thumbs up

  • Hello Heather!except from these exercises and a balanced diet, do you suggest we do some aerobics in addition to the day to see results in fat burning or is this program enough?������

  • Damn dawg after first looking at this I thought it was gonna be cake but hell naw got my legs feeling like jelly n I ain’t even do a round yet ����

  • Hey nice work out. You say you are using 60 pound wheight vest but at your web site you only sell 35 punders? I would like to get a vest but 35 might not be enough…

  • What does everyone think about Zac peen being ‘natty’ personally I believe he is but Id like to see what everyone else believes & why

  • That’s a great workout! Also some interesting workouts IMHO can be found here:

  • killer killa. I completed week 3 day 4 today.. for the 2nd time, and doing half of this 15 minutes. coming back for er half Sunday… whewwwww

  • I have been working out Almost 2 years old those years I only followed your work out but this is my favorite workout video And I am a subscriber for life

  • Wow my F ing God, I’m glad I found this video, by the time it was 1 min left my heart rate went to 155 BPM. I’m 39 and I feel great with this one, it’s challenging.

  • Is it just me, or this was far easier than other BullyJuice videos there are some that decimate me. This was extremely manageable and I was smiling and dancing to the music during rest periods.:’D

  • Remember to strech your arms/shoulders properly, you can’t just jump into a burpee after years of not working out

    I know this painfully

  • You weren’t kidding saying it’s a killer leg workout, I feel like my legs are going to fall off. Thank you for sharing this video. Xoxo

  • BOOTY BURNING workout! This is an awesome workout to build strength while also increasing endurance. I used a set of 15lb dumbbells and was literally sweating my cellulite away the entire workout. I am looking forward to repeating this in a few days. THANK YOU!

  • Just finished w10d5 always back2back calendar challenge.
    Thank you HR.❤️❤️❤️
    I’ve been doing workout before
    But started your 12 week challenge I really seen the changes of my body, I am toning,, very happy.
    Thank you for the free amazing workouts
    You are amazing
    Very grateful ������❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I just started watching a couple of your vids and you can really see the mass gain over the years!! definitely subscribing for that type of motivation. ����

  • Week 10 day 5 complete. i still cant do the stand ups or side bridge & leg raise and need to find out if there is a modification of that and how to build up to being able to do that with leg issues. it was a great workout to round out the week. I pushed myself to feel every exercise position.

  • I am out of shape but being that I used to play a bit of soccer back in the day, I was able to push through the full 20 minutes. Believe me though, it didn’t come easy. I look like I went for a dip in the pool. Thank you for these awesome vids during this time!

  • This was my first workout I did with you and it was INSANELY AMAZING! I am dripping with sweat and it feels SO great! Thank you, I can’t wait to do more of your workouts!!

  • Yessssssss Heather you are making ABS VISIBLE for the first time EVER on my belly!! I’ve held a baby girl in there too!!! Thank you 😉

  • Ok! This workout was tough for me dang! But I love the fact that I broke a lot of sweat and wanted to cuss you out LOL! That means I was working my ass off! Thank you!

  • One that actually has no equipment!! (I don’t know why all these other videos don’t think a chair is equipment <_<) Thank you so much!

  • Omg. Legs are on fire �� this is killer. The title doesn’t lie. My HR up to 167 I combined this workout with arms so not sure my calories but this is legit. I’m drenched 2 circuits with about 5-7 moves done 3 times before going to circuit 2 that’s the killer right there. I’m dead �� ��������������������Thanks heather you kick my ass 6xs a week. Even your 30 min cardio is no joke.

  • Hydrate, oh yes, 5 bottles of water on this workout today…..totally sweat wet….Wk10 done, it was not an easy week, but what week was? Nada a week, well worth the effort on all the workouts….A Big thank you to Heather……

  • after the quarantine started and I couldn’t go to the gym anymore, I started training calisthenics, I started following your videos Chris Heria, it has helped me a lot, I have felt a giant evolution. Gratitude, continuous evolution, aloha

  • Me being cocky and fairly experienced with working out… not having done this 12 week program… coming straight to this vid for a leg workout… ☠️ ����

  • My first or second time Omg! OMG �� if I did this before I must’ve forgotten Bc this is insane. My HR 166 and I burned over 300 Calories. This will be on my schedule from now on. I’ve done a lot of leg work outs with you. I love the Brutal Leg HIIT my favorite. Thanks heather.

  • I’m not necessarily out of shape but after trying this for the first time I was sweating like never before great workout will do it again! ��

  • So my space is limited what would be a good alternative to crab walks, walking lunges and broad jumps. I was thinking I can just do regular lunges and add a couple more reps to everything else.

  • Killer is an understatement here. I’m pretty in shape and can squat and deadlift in the 300s (still not that impressive i know) but i have been humbled by this workout. I can barely do those broad jumps at the end for more than 30 secs. Only got through two rounds. I’m adding this to my routine

  • Thank you so much for the workout��������������. The best no equipment leg workout I’ve ever had������������������������

  • Hey juice I just had a question, Ik this would help me lose fat from my butt and make my calf’s and legs stronger, but would this also help me lose fat from my thighs and lower back?

  • Just finished watching Athlean-X’s video on Killer Home Leg Workout, and I swear it’s like science, “this one for front chain, this one for post. chain, this for correctives, this for explosives”. I still do Barbarian’s leg workout, this one in particular, once a week (paired with another leg sessionrunning) and this feels just so much more natural, while literally having everything in itthe front, the back, the explosives, the correctives, I love it!

  • Honestly man, thank you for this, helped me a lot. My whole life, I have been a skinny dude, but for some reason, below my hips, my legs were so abnormally large, but not muscle, flabber. You’ve helped me turn that flabber to muscle.

  • Hey everyone, I see this is the place where people share their progress. So I will start by saying I’m 184cm,70kg 30 yrs old and have always been skinny with a bit wider hips than upper body (called skinnyfat now apparently). Resulting in some lack of body confidence over the years. I have been running inconsistently for a couple of years so my cardio has been between okay / great. Quarantine was a hard hit because I play guitar and games a lot, mostly sitting like a cave man.
    Today I said fuck this shit, I can’t look at myself like this anymore. I plan on doing everyday a 10 min posture routine (if you want to do it too, check out “The PERFECT 10 Minute Daily Posture Routine (FIX YOUR SIT!)” video on youtube)
    I just finished my first 20 min session of this. I will update it everyday as much as possible. If you have questions or suggestions feel free.

    Day-1: I sweated like crazy, but overall it wasnt that hard on my lower body. The planks especially were tough. Will try to get better at those tomorrow. I ordered Vegan shakes online to help with the protein buildup too. Not looking to get crazy shredded, just good shape.

    Day-2: Since I try to always run on tuesdays I decided to go for a run anyway. I ran for about 35 minutes, sweating balls. Came back home had a drink a rest for my legs for about 40ish minutes, then pickup my mat and did this again. I sweated twice more than yesterday, I had better right planks but my left planks fell short again. I felt a bit more energized with the running done before but I can’t say the same for my breath. I was lacking good breathing at the last jumping jacks session. Anyway, no changes for now of course, just lots of sweating and motivation. See you tomorrow.

    Day-3: My calves and shoulders were sore from yesterday, I’m not sure I’ll continue doing both running and workout together. We’ll see. Today most exercises were easier apart from the left plank and the mountain climbers. Had to pause a sec on both to catch my breath and abs. I sweated even more than the previous days. Still motivated!

    Day-4: Late workout today, I did all the mountain climbers and side planks without stopping (but I was litterally one second away from dropping down). The whole thing was pretty smooth, loads of sweat, but my calves are starting to be rock solid, I might take a break on saturday because I might be cramping up soon. Prot shakes arrived today, it’s not the best taste but I hope it will pay off after a while. Very motivated! Keep it up guys!

  • Hey bro greattt workout. I myself did three rounds and now im all in sweats and i guess i wont be able to walk now. Thats the goal aint it��.

  • For almost 2 months I’ve been doing 100 weighted squats and 50 lounges every day, 4 to 5 days a week. I’ve been doing these exercises every day 4 to 5 days a week for 2 weeks now and eve been getting better results from this. Thank you very much my man ❤️. You just got a new subscriber

  • Hey Zac, I ate a whole pizza late last night and I’m currently laying in bed at 7am trying to convince myself to go to the gym even though I feel like I got run over by a truck. Tell me what I need to hear…

  • This is intense, bc ive built my upper body decent, but I have no leg shit, so my upper weight made it harder, but no pain no gain, no more chicken legs for me

  • Guys, I’m 30 years old, 5’11” about 240 lbs. when I started taking notice 3 weeks ago. I’ve been doing this routine every other day (occasionally back-to-back) throughout August to try to fight back against the “quarantine 15”. I haven’t worked out seriously since I was in HS. When I started my pace was WAY slower than our dude in the video. I did knee-pushups for the burpies and regular pushups. I ran in place for the mountain climbers, and I slowed down to a crawl moving through the final 3rd of the workout. I never paused, but I was probably only getting 1/2 of all the exercises as it took me 10-15 seconds to wiggle my beached-whaled-ass into the next move. I was BLOWN UP breathing intensely throughout and for minutes afterward.

    Fast forward 3 weeks later, and I’m now confidently doing the whole routine from start to finish. I do the burpies (slowly) and knock out 12-15 picture perfect pushups in that 30-second window. I’m breathing hard, and sweating profusely at the end still, but I’m feeling good and not cheating on any of the moves now. I feel like I could go for maybe one more set of 3-4 minutes if the end was just one final pause. I usually use that last bit of jump-rope to bunny-hop over to the shower and get the hot water started. I’m only down to 233 as of my last weigh in, but I FEEL so much better every day when I do this workout. I feel stronger. I’m not grunting like my father when I bend over to pick something up, and even though I haven’t lost much weight, I’m already pulling my belt 2 notches tighter, (you know on those rare days where pants are needed any more). Good luck with your own efforts folks!! Just eat like 10% better and get your sweat on for 20 minutes and you’ll be feeling great.

  • Mierda! Quede completamente partido, no creí que me haría sufrir asi esta rutina, estoy acostumbrado a levantar pesos máximos en el gym, pero esto es otra mierda. Es el mejor ardor en las piernas que he sentido en mi puta vida!!!

  • Should I be doing this everyday? Or a few days a weeks and same thing with full body and abs should I be doin it everyday or should I switch everyday what I do

  • i was feeling really pissed off. then i started watching this video. LOVE the way dude workouts with his shadow!!!! CRACKED ME UP!!! no longer pissed! will finish watching now.

  • One of the few that actually did the entire video himself!! Thank you, Bully Juice!! A real fitness instructor, who is silently motivating!!!

  • @BullyJuice I just did this workout, and this was definitely intense. Is there a level 2 to this? I was able to finish this without pausing the video. I just wonder if I’ll be able to walk in the morning….

    Doing the 5 day rotation: Chest/Triceps, Back/Biceps, Legs, Shoulders, and Core/Abs

  • Oh man I almost didnt finish. I was following you and almost gave up. Those squats had me begging you finish already. Keep up the good work.

  • You r simple, dont keep talking, the song is good, and the workout is effective (btw the way you do your donkey kicks are pretty more efecctive than the way I was used to do) thank you!

  • Im going to update:July 13-August 9 im a girl btw and im 13…I workout for a month before and got great results and then I stop and lost my muscles and im going to continue again and wont stop

    July 13I was doing fine until I added weights and thats when my thighs start hurting but I managed to do 2 rounds and After Workout I couldnt walk lol

    July 14-I woke up and watch motivational workout videos to keep me motivated and btw my thighs are sore…Its evening and I finish my workout I did 2 rounds again and my legs are soo sore but Im not gknna give up “No pain no gain”.. And I accidently made alot of protein shake lik alott and I had to drink it all off because I cant leave it in the fridge so Right now Im drinking it all off and I feel so full but theres another cup to drink��I think Im gonna gain weight after this lol because its alottt im drinking btw im trying to gain muscle mass

    July 15I didn’t do the workout because I was so sore So I jogged and stretch ny muscles and calves btw

    July 16 As I woke up I stretch my muscles and now that its evening im gonna workout and btw im still sore especially my calves because I do 112 Calf rises everyday… Just finished 2 rounds and 112 calf rises and now my leg doesn’t hurt anymore like im not even joking its like a relief but I bet that tmr im gonna feel sore��But I will still keep going and btw rn im drinking my protein shake���� I’ll update you guys tmr morning��

  • I always feel like most full body workout videos dont put enough emphasis on calf strength:/ I’m really happy I could find a good video here, this channel is gold!

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  • Today was my first said trying it,I made it to 14 minutes but during the planks my body gave up and I felt really bad I was about to vomit but I’m going to keep going and going I want to get my body right

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  • Hey man, want to try all my workout program & diet plans free for the next 7-days? Cool, head to our site to sign-up:

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    My legs just giving me ATT now saying “aaahhh thanks for the stretch, time to go bad to bed”

  • This is my first day of doing this and even though it’s small, I can still see a difference so all I’ve gotta say is, just keep working hard and you’ll make a difference

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  • Man said “my legs are my week point” then Precedes to exclaim that he doesn’t squat. Your leg extensions are going to build wheels…

  • w10 d4 killer training, where the second round was able to complete only 60 percent. Of course, I want to do my best 100 percent and complete all the exercises, now I’ll try to master this day (day 5). Maybe, of course, it was worth practicing on a 5/2 schedule, and then I 3/1, then 2/1, and so my stamina did not train

  • you’re absolutely right, you don’t NEED to squat to build leg muscle… It’s just the best exercise to get bigger legs, whether it be front or back squats.

  • Today is my 2nd day of this exercise routine after 6.5km of jogging. will continue this for at least 30 days and going to update here every day just to keep me on track and for motivation.

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