Is Simply Too Much Exercise badly as Insufficient


Too much exercise may harm your health

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Is Too Much Exercise Bad For Your Health?

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Is too much exercise bad for your heart?

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Exercise not enough to undo harms of sedentary lifestyle, study shows

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Are You Working Out Too Much or Not Enough?

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Too much running may be bad for your heart

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How Much Exercise Do I Really Need?

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It’s also possible that exercising too much releases cortisol, the stress hormone, which increases inflammation that can cause plaque to build up in the arteries, narrowing blood vessels and increasing the risk of a heart attack. “There is no direct cause and effect. You don’t run a race and develop heart issues,” says Dr. Bufalino.

Exercise should form part of our day-to-day lives but it is possible to overdo it and cause your body harm we take a look at whether too much exercise can be bad for your health. We all know that exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. When you do not get enough rest, it can lead to poor performance and health problems. Pushing too hard for too long can backfire.

Here are some symptoms of too much exercise: Being unable to perform at the same level. Exercise guidelines tell us the minimum amount that we should be exercising, but there is currently no real limit set for the maximum to show us how much exercise is too much. However, even without max guidelines, the research clearly indicates that there is a point at which working out too much starts harming rather than helping your health. Getting too much exercise is just as bad as getting too little exercise.

Too much exercise can lead to long-term health problems and the disruptions in personal life that result from addiction and compulsive behavior. What are the symptoms of too much exercise? You may have some symptoms of too much exercise. Most seniors should make aerobic exercise, strength training and balance and flexibility exercise a part of their weekly routine in order to prevent health problems and remain as independent as possible. However, too much of a good thing can be bad.

Over-exercising can lead to exhaustion and injury that can take longer to heal for older adults. But men, you do need connection too. Just not on the same level as the ladies!

These are a few of the things that you can do to reduce stress. I encourage you to adopt one or more of these and do them regularly.along with eating a great real food diet and exercise, of course!It’s good to carve out time for exercise.

But the truth is, it’s probably not enough. A study featured in the Annals of Internal Medicine has found that your sedentary lifestyle is destroying your health. The more you sit the higher your chance of getting a disease or condition that will kill you prematurely. While there’s no one answer to ‘how much is too much exercise’, there are distinct signs you may experience. “Over-exercising can cause an energy imbalance (between the amount of energy consumed and the amount of energy expended during exercise). When you exert too much energy in a workout, you may feel depleted later in the day, and you won’t burn as many calories with everyday activities.

Ask yourself if your exercise routine has you delegating your household chores to others, parking closer to your destination or.

List of related literature:

If exercise is followed by more fatigue, it is too much.

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On the other hand, too much exercise, too continuously, is called “overtraining” and can lead to breakdown and burnout.

“The Way We're Working Isn't Working” by Tony Schwartz, Catherine McCarthy, Ph.D., Jean Gomes
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Exercise is beneficial, but caution needs to be taken to not overdo.

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Exercise is definitely a good thing but, extreme exercise, including excessive weight training and endurance training for marathons and triathlons, may do more harm than good.

“Chris Beat Cancer: A Comprehensive Plan for Healing Naturally” by Chris Wark
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While appropriate and moderate exercise is necessary for health, too much exertion— for instance, heavy weightlifting, marathon running, and mountain climbing—can lower our immune systems and damage our health.

“Chinese Health Care Secrets: A Natural Lifestyle Approach” by Henry B. Lin
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If you can manage it, it’s even better to do vigorous aerobic exercise four to five times a week (an interval training program where you regularly vary your heart rate is ideal).You can also include a strength-training regimen two to three times a week if you wish, but this is not absolutely necessary.

“The UltraMind Solution: Fix Your Broken Brain by Healing Your Body First” by Mark Hyman
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Exercise keeps the body fit, but too much vigorous exercise can lead to joint and muscle injuries.

“Dog Tricks and Agility For Dummies” by Sarah Hodgson
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What’s more, doing too much exercise is counterproductive.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
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Too much exercise may decrease immune function.

“Macrobiotics For Dummies” by Verne Varona
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In order to be beneficial, exercise needs to be aerobic rather than of a calisthenic or stretching nature (Martin et al. 1990) but does not have to be of high intensity; three 20-minute sessions per week of mild to moderate aerobic exercise can produce hypotensive benefits (Lesniak and Dubbert 2001).

“Manual of Dietetic Practice” by Briony Thomas, Jacki Bishop
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  • Yo Matt!! awesome video as always. Was that Alex you went on the bike ride with? I have not seen him since high school back when we all used to kick it. Remember that night at Maxine’s party senior year when we got super fucked up and you and Alex ended up tag teaming Maxines sister in the back of my truck and you and Alex didnt talk for like a month after that because you ended up touching weiners on accident during the “session” haha that was to funny man hit me up soon so we can kick it miss your ass

  • it is so simple to change our lifestyle. Everybody can walk at the office every day 7-8 hours a day.

  • I am 17 and I go on a exercise bike for 1 hour or more a day, I get this thing where I get throbbing around my body in different places, is this bad? Should I consult my doctor

  • Hi Matt, could you make a video of a good warmup for a full body workout? I do a warmup before my training, but i don’t realy know how to do it properly. I hope you know!


  • What about students?
    In my highschool i have to sit for 2,5 hours 2 times per day and that is not even counting the time sitting at home

  • Does this mean I should move my beer chiller away from my bed? Will walking ALL the way to the fridge be enough? Is breathlessness from typing a good or bad sign?

  • I was sitting on the computer for 24 hours through my high school years, but never had any health problem except weak muslces, after I graduated and got a job as a Janitor, and I sign up a gym membership which I feel more active.

  • Stopped watching youtube months ago and thus your channel, but now i have more time i’m glad to see your content again and congratulations for doing so great

  • Doctor’s smile! My thousand smiles just fits in her one smile. Sounds weird but I just felt that way. Liked what she said and her smile. Thanks.

  • Yo Matt lemme give you a small tip to increase your views, likes, and subs: wear a tank top or a stringer in your videos. Haha. Check out Omar Isuf’s video in which he “shares” (kinda) his analytics in a video and shows how simply wearing a stringer increased all three of these things. However I also say tank top because something tells me you’re more of a tank top person than a stringer person, however I may be wrong.

    I say this because the information and knowledge you provide, and overall the quality of your channel deserves WAY above 44k subs. I find it a shame that you don’t have that just because most youtube fitness viewers only pay attention to a guy depending on how they look in their video, and wearing a slightly loose t-shirt really does anyone a disservice in terms of looking more jacked.

    I just say this with the intention to help a brother out. Peace ✌��

    P.S If you want to take it to the next level, use dem half-natty lighting techniques, but I think getting ahold of good lighting gear is kinda expensive. In any case, depending on the angle and time of day, natural lighting can work wonders.

  • Since i have decreased resting time between my 100 Pull ups and 100 Dips sessions so that i only rest 1 minute between sets my recovery had to go up because i had soreness for days. So what i did was sticking to this workout only 1x per week and now after 2 weeks of that i added a second session of it but with way less volume maybe 40 total reps for each exercise. I think that the more your body is used to something the less fatigue you will get. You should workout enough to not feel bad when you take a day off and you should not overrest its way too hyped that you need so much rest between training days.

  • Absolutely great video? Yet AGAIN. wish I can do something to help Matt get more subs.

    Question to Matt (and all) How do I know if I am over training? How do I decide if I train 1/2/3 times a week?

  • I’m trying to muscle up at the moment and I’m having trouble getting over the bar. I can do at least 10 clean pull-ups and 15 straight bar dips but I still struggle to get my body up and over the bar. Any tips?

  • i am ecovering from an eating disorder. before i would under eat ( no more than 1000 cal a day) and do at least 1 hour or 1 hour and a half of hiit, kickboxing and strength training. Now that im underweight im trying to focus on food more than excersize. i try to do 25-30 min exersize a day. mostly strength training. PLus i have a job where a lot of movement is needed. Is this enough or too little.

  • Matt I wanna perfect my routine now, my workout has 5 exercises for 3 days a week and I know I can get good recovery due to past experiences working at that frequency, I’ve been wondering for quite some time though, can I do 1 set by cycling through all 5 exercises (so hitting my entire body), rest, then go through all 5 again or is that bad? I’ve seen lots of videos on supersets being 2 exercises without rest, but is it a hindrance to go beyond 2 exercises without rest?

  • I love doing Yoga and stretching for active recovery from hard workouts. I walk every day too. When I was in my 20’s I would hit it hard every day…but now in my mid 50’s I need to take more active rest days.

  • I typically work out an hour and 20 min on an everyday basis. Within that workout, I do a warm up, HITT workout, strength training and a cool down. Is this too much, seeing as it exceeds the optimal 45minutes? I don’t take any break days

  • In what imaginary fantasy world is 99.99% of the population going to fit in this insane amount of exercise into their schedules
    given the QUADRILLION MORE important things to worry about of immediate and future concern?

  • I have been an exercise addict since 12 years old. Now at 51 I have suffered heart attacks and now have very badly torn rotator cuffs, both sides which I need surgery to repair. I look back and wish I would have done light exercise like walking or yoga instead of intense exercise my whole life. I used to run 60 miles a week, hit the weights for up to 2 hours at a time with very little rest and do full contact martial arts and hockey, both which are high injury sports. I rarely took a day off. So from my experience I would suggest doing some Yoga, or take the dog for a walk and skip the gym…don’t waste your time because if you go psycho on the exercise you will just hurt yourself in the long term.

  • Given the condition of my joints, previous injuries and my past history of going beast mode 4-5 days a week, I’ve had to change my game plan significantly. Now, I do 1 heavy strength training a week with rings or parrallettes, followed by 2-3 lower intensity, higher duration sessions of martial arts, mobility movement. I’m noticing a DRASTIC increase in my strength every strength training session, but it took me a while to figure out that that was what worked for ME. You’re absolutely right that people need to listen to their body and stop going off of what other people tell them, which is almost always based on other people’s experiences and can’t apply to all.

  • A good information.
    sedentary life style we all lead affects our physicial health in ways we
    don’t even imagine

  • Absolutely my favorite overall workout channel. I don’t like to watch 15 different channels for information. This channel covers it all.
    Great job

    Thank you

  • Awesome as always..I notice people advise within the speaking like someone would say I workout 3 hours a day and the direct response is that’s too much without finding out what’s taking place at the gym..I see people at the gym for hours watching videos while they peddle 1 block an hour and perhaps they take the next day off so they don’t overtrain.I don’t listen to any of that advise I find out for myself at the gym and listen to guys like you..

  • It’s because extra size causes you sweat out all your minerals and essential nutrients and not replenishing them because out food is void of nutrients and water doesn’t really replenish any nutrients. Water just allows you to sweat more and loose more minerals and boom heart problems and health issues.

  • More than 5 hours a week is seen as excessive? I probably average between 10-12 hours a week but that’s because I’m trying to get to a normal weight. Are the definitions different then?