Indoor Cycling 101 How to setup Your Spin Bike


Good riding posture on a Spin® bike. Improving upper body cycling position.

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How To: Setup your bike

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Spinning 101The Basic Spinning Guide

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COMPLETE GUIDE How to set up your Spin bike

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HOW TO: Set Up Your Indoor Cycling Bike Beginner Cycling Class

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How To Set Up Your Bike!

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Quick, Easy & Proper Bike Setup for Spinning ® / Indoor Cycling

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Indoor Cycling 1.0: How To Set Up Your Spin Bike Step One: Locate All Knobs and Adjustments Most bikes will have anywhere from two to four knobs: one over your handlebars that moves back and forth, one under your handlebars that moves up and down, one behind your saddle (the seat of your bike) that moves back and forth, and one under your saddle that moves up and down. Although cycling classes are great, one “not so great” aspect is coming out of a workout with a sore tush or achy joints. Avoid pain and stress during your n. Do a few rotations and at the bottom of the rotation when your foot is nearest the floor see how straight your leg is and make sure to have a small bend. “ Seat position ”. Put your hands on the handlebars and pedal forward until your feet are even.

1 Here are the proper spin bike positions you should follow. 2 Spin Bike Body positions. 2.1 Seated flat.

2.2 Standing run. 2.3 Hovering over the saddle. Image Credit: 3 Spin Bike Hand positions. 3.1 First-Hand position.

3.2 Second-hand position. Locate the top of your pelvis by feeling with your fingers for your hip bone or lift your thigh until it is level with the floor and notice where the crease of your hip folds (it will be easiest to use the hip/leg closest to the bike). Adjust the saddle up or down until it is approximately level with this place.

If one of your goals right now is to get some training or exercising in, setting up an optimal habitat for your indoor cycling may be one little trick to stay consistent with your workouts. Here, indoor cycling instructors share their top tips for adjusting your bike seat to maximize power and enjoy your ride. 1. Use your hip bone as a guide for adjusting the seat height. If you’re new to indoor cycling, you’ll want to watch this video on how to adjust the bike’s settings to your body.

For more fitness tips, go to Set up your bike properly. One of the most common and often overlooked causes of indoor cycling seat pain, according to the pros, is a bike seat that’s either too low or too high. When either of these scenarios occurs, your legs don’t have the ability to fully support your body weight while you pedal.

Start by standing over the bike with a foot on the ground on either side. Spin the pedal closest to the ground until it’s facing up and position your foot loosely over the clip. Hold the brake down to keep the pedals from spinning while you press your foot down and slightly forward into the clip.

Switch sides to get the other foot in.

List of related literature:

Indoor cycling requires a stationary or “spinning” bike (Fig. 9.2a).

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Triathletes enter the transition area, remove their wetsuits (if worn), put on their helmets and cycling shoes and walk their bikes to the mount line outside the transition area.

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Stationary indoor cycling (known by such trademarked names as Spinning, SoulCycle, RealRyder, or Peloton virtual riding) is another popular modality for group exercise.

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The idea is to spend 30 to 45 minutes on your cyclocross bike practicing your skills (mounts, dismounts, run-ups, sand, turning at high speed on wet grass, off-camber turns, and so on) and then going for a 60to 90-minute road ride on either that bike or your road bike.

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Start out with three 1­minute fast pedaling efforts in which you get your cadence to 110+ rpm, holding it there for 1 minute.

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Alternately, the test persons had to cycle 30 minutes on an ergometer with an external power of 100 or 120 W, depending on their personal fitness (`uphill’), and to sit on the ergometer for 15 minutes without cycling (`downhill’).

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I’ve trained hundreds of cycling, triathlon, and mountain bike coaches to use the methods explained here.

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To use a trainer, you will need a handlebar computer sensor for the rear wheel.

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If weather precludes cycling, you need to use a stationary bike indoors.

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Produces an annual handbook and calendar of cycling events (£6) mainly road, mountain-bike and track races.

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  • Wow, perfect tutorial with explaining why things are done a certain way. Sometimes you just want to know WHY it has to be so. Thank you!

  • How does the flywheel weight effect the intensity of the workout? Can you do interval training and reach maximum heart rate with any flywheel weight?

  • I note the importance of sequence on the different body parts.

    But, won’t the leg angle change and be out AFTER the for-aft adjustment is made?

  • I had some slight knee pain after a cycling class at my gym. I had used the adjustment that the teacher had given me. I went into the studio with this video while the studio was empty and I wouldn’t be bothered, and adjusted my bike using this video. The teacher’s adjustment was completely wrong: she had my seat too low, she didn’t do a heel check, and she didn’t do a knee/flexion check. I’m honestly shocked that she was so incompetent, but when you have a class of 60 people, personal attention isn’t really a thing. I’m glad I found this video so that I could fix it before real damage was done.

  • What about handlebar distance to the saddle? I know it’s meant to be a forearm away but where are we actually measuring that from!

  • I came, I saw, I got what I was looking for! My third day on a spin bike I bought for home and wanted to make sure I’m in proper adjustment. Bought bike to help rehab legs and conditioning post stroke

  • It’s an awesome video! Really great article. If you are looking to buying a spin bike, then i belive this article will help you lot

  • How does the flywheel weight effect the intensity of the workout? Can you do interval training and reach maximum heart rate with any flywheel weight?

  • Mencoba alat itu,aku gak pernah olahraga dan pertama kali. Mencoba,yang kurasakan terengah2. Kaki jadi kebas saat mengayuh di kira2 20 kayuhan. Dada saat kayuhan dihentakkan kebawah,ada tekanan.lama2 kaki gak mau mengayuh. Malas menjalar. Kmdn tanpa pendinginan,saat tidur malam,pagi hari,semua badan dirasa kaku. Sekali kumencoba di rumah saudara.
    Treadmill,ditoko. Kok gak mau krn takut terjerembab. Dan mencoba duh mengangkat kaki,berat banget. Yo jatuh. Kan caranya berlari yang tetap ditempat. Jebul nyatane kui abot.

  • Unless her foot has unusual proportions, she doesn’t have the ball of her foot over the spindle of the pedal. It’s typically closer to the widest plane of the shoe since the ball of the foot is the widest plane of the foot. Either way, this is a long held misconception, as the foot needs to be supported by both ends of its arc at the mid foot. It creates an issue of toe overlap for some types bikes, but that is never a problem for spin bikes.

  • I’ve been using an indoor bike for quite some time I recently purchased a newer model
    And decided to let a Professional show me how it’s done And now I can get the most out of my indoor workouts without injuring myself
    I really do encourage others and let a Professional teach you these simple methods.

    Since virus is plaguing the Globe maybe a small percentage of People are turning to home exercise as safety precaution. The Studio Sweat on Demand gave me The added advantage ��������������‍♂️

  • This was an excellent video. I am starting to run my own spinning classes in November and was looking for some tips on how to easily explain the correct setup to the participants. You gave me precisely what I was looking for. Thank you!

  • BEST SPIN BIKES (Ranking by Q factor)

    1Wahoo Kickr Bike (Q Factor is 150mm)

    1Nordictrack S22i (Q Factor is 150mm)

    2Life fitness IC4, Ic5, IC6, IC7 and IC8 (Q Factor is 155mm)

    2Life fitness IC3 (Q Factor is 155mm)

    3Spinner NXT (Q factor is 158mm)

    3Spinner Blade (Q factor is 158mm)

    4Wattbike Atom (Q factor is 160mm)

    4Bodytone MT2 and WT1 (Q Factor is 160mm)

    5Schwinn IC PRO (Q factor is 168mm)

    6Peloton spin bike (Q factor is 170mm)

    6Schwinn AC PERFORMANCE PLUS (Q Factor is 170mm)

    6Schwinn AC SPORT (Q Factor is 170mm)

    6Life Fitness Lifecycle GX (Q Factor is 170mm)

    7Wattbike Pro/Treiner (Q Factor is 173mm)

    7Life fitness IC1 and IC2 (Q Factor is 173mm)

    8SUNNY ASUNA 6100 (Q Factor is 176mm)

    9SUNNY SF-B1805 (Q Factor is 182mm)

    10Diamondback Studio Cycle 1260Sc (Q Factor is 187mm)

    11Schwinn IC4/IC8 (Q factor is 190mm)

    12Keiser M3i (Q factor is 197mm)

    13SUNNY SF-B1709 (Q factor is 203mm)

    16SUNNY Evolution Pro SF-B1714 (Q factor is 216mm)

    Q Factor: Is the distance between the outside of one crank arm to the outside of the opposite crank arm.

    Why should you care?
    I know from experience that the narrower the Q Factor, the closer my feet are to each other, the more comfortable I feel riding a bicycle.
    This is especially true on a long ride or training.
    long distance q factor spin bikes can damage your knees

  • i just joined my local gym and they do not have one of those special bikes. could i do it with just a regular one or would it not work?

  • I just purchased an indoor bike having put on more than a few Kg having been working from home since February. I have always been overweight and now I am serious about getting a lot more exercise. I look forward to getting set up and joining you.

  • I find this video really to the point, brief and helpful.

    Since instructors during spinning classes don’t have time to check bike set-up for everyone you should know how to do it yourself. I have had the pain in my knees a couple of times after spinning classes as a result of incorrect bike set-up. The height of the seat is the most important to avoid this problem.

  • Excuse me, but can we talk about those TIGHTS? ��������

    Thanks for the detailed instructions. I’ve been spinning for many years and needed the refresher.

  • I’ve never understood how anyone can be comfortable setting the handlebars lower than the seat… the big forward lean just puts more pressure on the dangly bits.

    Ended up getting a noseless saddle (since it’s not like you need to turn on a stationary bike)

  • You said “the goal is” but did not explain why the handlebars should be the same height as the seat so that your leaning forward. Why?

  • I have been cycling at the same studio for a year and have never changed my bike settings. The settings were perfect for me in the beginning and now I’m having hip and lower back pain. I don’t know what to do!

  • When engaging core on 2nd and 3rd position do I want to tuck the stomach in super tight? I usually just slightly tighten my stomach.

  • Wished they made bikes for shorter women! It’s been a struggle to find the right bike for someone 5ft0! Super frustrating! Us shortys want to get fit too..

  • Just got my first spin bike, and am excited to start my fitness journey. Just wondering, when I’m in first position my arms ache a bit as I’m putting my body weight through them. But in your videos, you seem very light on the handlebars. Am I doing something wrong? My bars are at the same height as my seat.

  • What do you do if you are kind of in between two seat heights? Choose the higher or lower seat height? Should I choose the lower height which allows for more flexion at bottom of pedal?

  • Perfect Video for the beginner. It helps them to learn how to operate a spin bike.
    To learn more about spin bike you can read this article. Hope it will help you lot

  • great video. some people ask were to put the handlebars with regard to coming more in or further away (not height wiselength wise). what is the guideline?

  • I tried today. As i said, the seat was too hard and very uncomfortable. so, i only pedalled for 20 mins. Then, switch to elliptical for 35 mins.

  • I’m really struggling getting my setting right. I just got my new spinner bike. I’ve followed the video but the problem is that my arms are shorter than average. I’m only 5”2’ and I have to have seat low and the seat closer. Now my knees hurt. What to do?

  • I’ve learnt so much from your videos! Ive become serious about indoor cycling and your videos have helped me loads. Every time i watch one of your vids i learn something new!

  • i think my legs are too short for this bike. Have you seen anyone have success with putting blocks on the pedals? Or do you have other ideas?

  • Help! I am barely 5 feet. I got a new spin bike and I feel like the saddle is still very high. It’s the lowest setting already and it won’t go any lower. It hurts and my legs are straight all the way when the pedal is at its lowest. I have this issue with any bike growing up so I always get something custom made. What can I do with a spin bike?

  • Thank you!!!! Years ago, I had an instructor who would look at me and tighten arms as a reminder. I’m glad I saw this…how many times have I gotten tendinitis?