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Simply walking for 30 min 5 days a week at 3mph is enough to burn an extra 815 calories per week for a 165lb person. That is a almost a third of a pound a week just by itself, not including the overall increase in metabolism it will cause. The real key with physical activity is it has to be something you enjoy. Here are 10 weight loss tips that actually work to reduce your extra Fat.

Increase Steps Day After Day. Every day add Steps while on pedometer or pavement until you reach at least 10,000 per day. 5 ways to boost your weight-loss confidence The stronger your belief is that you can accomplish a goal or change a behavior, the better your chances of success are. You can take steps to increase your confidence in your ability to lose weight.

Sleeping well is an important part of weight loss regime. Lack of sleep can increase appetite and your overall calorie intake. Get at least six to eight hours of sleep every night if you are in. You want to lose weight and keep it off for good. These five strategies will help you do just that.

1. Set the Right Goals. Most people trying to lose weight only focus on their ultimate goal. Weight loss tips that work for one person may not work for another.

Here are 5 ways author Jennifer Still was able to lose 120 pounds in under a year. Avoid processed foods and foods with numerous ingredients. And avoid foods with much sugar content. The other definition of diet is “a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one’s weight” like Atkins, South Beach, Paleo, Nutrisystems, Weight Watchers, etc. The list is lengthy.

Dr. Peter Lundberg tells his patients that exercise, diet, medication, and even weight loss surgery are well known options to lose weight but also that they remain tools, not cures. Successful weight loss requires education, motivation, and a mindset that allows us to get the most out of these tools, and that is the goal behind his 5 tips for achieving your weight loss goals for 2020. Tags: Easy way to lose weight easy weight loss how to lose weight fast and easy Quick Weight Loss Tips Experts are of the opinion that losing 5 to 10 per cent of your body weight. 5. Checking In with the Experts.

The week before beginning this project, I visited my doctor, who ordered some blood work so we could establish a.

List of related literature:

Several articles are available which discuss how to increase the success of weight loss recommendations [43–47].

“Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia: The Fifth Edition of Lumb and Jones” by Kurt A. Grimm, Leigh A. Lamont, William J. Tranquilli, Stephen A. Greene, Sheilah A. Robertson
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These 10 tips are the basis for a healthy weight loss and weight maintenance program.

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This article reviews information obtained from observational and experimental studies on successful weight loss maintenance.

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Research demonstrated that Transcendental Meditation normalized weight in several hundred people instructed in the practice who did not expect weight loss to be a benefit of the practice.107

“Body Renewal: The Lost Art of Self-Repair” by Jay Glaser
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By eating fewer calories and expending more calories through physical activity, the energy balance equation tips favorably for weight loss.

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Finally, look for small victories in the form of gratitude and little daily “wins”—for example, losing a pound or two, having more energy, sleeping better, or making yourself a healthy meal.

“The Hashimoto's Healing Diet: Anti-inflammatory Strategies for Losing Weight, Boosting Your Thyroid, and Getting Your Energy Back” by Marc Ryan, LAC
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There are four approaches to weight loss: lifestyle changes, behavioral modification, medications, and surgery.

“Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals” by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
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Significant weight loss when not dieting or weight

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Awsome video!!!!
    Layne, If we walk around 10 to 15 steps per day as daily activity, those extra calories burned, counts as cardio?
    Thank you!!��

  • It would be a shame for you not to shed fat when other typical people are capable to shed extra pounds quickly with Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine).

  • Never thought I would disagree with your approach, but I do.
    Energy imbalance OK, but it does not help me identify cause.
    I am one of those obese people who can accumulate fat on a starvation diet. So yes, very low input, but my body’s weight regulation is out of whack, because my body still manages to accumulate fat, which means that the calories out also drops to a low level.
    So my additional challenge is to restore my body’s ability to regulate weight, attention for: food and exercise and sleep type, quantity and frequency, hormonal balance, energy distribution in body, and so on. I still do not have the answer, but I do know that allthough the idea of energy imbalance holds true, it does not help me deal with or even identify the underlying cause. If 500 less calories in leads to 550 less calories out, then I am even further away fom a solution. If 500 more calories in leads to 550 more calories out, that would be a step in the right direction ��.

  • Any advice for losing weight with type 1 diabetes. Those insulin injections basically guaranteed everything is stored as fat:/. I have not touched any quick carbs and have had limited “slow” carbs but seems that weight is gathering around the stomach more than anywhere.

  • Meri age 20year ka hai please aap mujhe mere pure din ka diet plan btao jise follow karke mai aapne metabolism ko boost kar saku please aap hme ye btao please

  • All you need to really do is

    100 pushups
    100 situps
    100 squats
    10km run

    Repeat every single day for 3 years

    Don’t forget to eat 3 meals a day. Just a banana in the morning is fine.

  • I am skinny but I wanna be skinnier!! Lol I’m so addicted to weight loss I’m only 10 yrs old I don’t know if that’s bad or good please reply

    -i think his is the best team in the holle yt <3
    TEAM GLARMS ��☁️
    btw sorry for my bad english but u help a lot and im gona suport you all

  • Dear Glamrs, I lost 15 kilos of weight and was featured in Times of India. I would like to use Glamrs platform to motivate n help others who want to lose weight

  • Hardest thing about diet is sticking to it for long periods of time, anyone can diet 2 days but rarely anyone can do that for year +

  • I have undergone hip surgery last year in may 2019 and also toe surgery. Can I do squats as I am having belly fat and right now my age is 32 years. Please reply

  • Nice video! I have similar value-packed videos as well and I take requests. Also whoever is reading this, I want you to know that you are beautiful no matter what and if you don’t think so, I think you are. Stay motivated!:)

  • Summary
    -Drink water first thing in the morning
    -Eat well balanced meals and dont skip meals
    -Eat snacks in small portions
    -Exercise & eating right helps speeding up the weight loss process
    -Dont skip breakfast
    -Eating times should be consistent and avoid eating late at night or right before bed.
    -Get a good amount of sleep

  • Hey glamrs. Ik it’s out of context but there’s a simple request, if you could try some zero waste ideas and cruelty free products for a clean and ethical beauty lifestyle and promote them♥️. I’m sure your platform is trustable.

  • This is literally the best weight loss blog.I watch it in every day, for a long time.
    I’m also grateful I found a link @t, it help me a lot to lose weight. Hope this method to help others too.

  • There’s also research that suggests that eating breakfast may have an opposite effect on weight loss. And there is no one study that confirms both sides of the argument. So it’s totally up to the person to eat or skip breakfast. Watch a Vox video.

  • Absolutely awesome series. Watched all of them in a row, every week.
    I’ve been having a general idea in how this works but these past 5 episodes so well polished and excellently structured, anyone should be able to understand it very well.
    This deserves all the likes in the universe.
    Thanks Layne. You’re the best.

  • If I am trying to lose fat and I’m 25-30% bf is it acceptable to break the carb/fat ratio 65%f 35% carb. I know you stated you can break it up how you would like but given the amount of body fat would this ratio be ok. If not what ratio range is best.
    Thanks for the content

  • I took a diet break for two weeks. I also track calories /macros consistently. It seems that 2100 to 2200 cals is my maintenance at the moment.
    I tried to take one week off but ended up taking the second week off.
    Actually I am considering taking a 2 week diet break every 4 to 6 weeks. I am on 2nd week of dieting after my break but I do believe I may take a next two weeks off at the end of July.
    I dont mind slow. I do like the idea of sustainability and keep off the fat removed

  • Get muscles like me, I got 7kg of lean muscle mass in two months only. I visited website called NextLevelDiet, they provided me with 30 days diet meal plan and training plan. Their tips helped me to gain muscles as well.

  • Fantastic… as someone who’s taken 3 courses on biochemistry I found the balance between science and practical advice just perfect in the video series. Gonna check out the book for sure.

  • This is a work in progress, but I’ve made a spreadsheet calculator using the formulas in the Fat Loss Forever book by Layne Norton and Peter Baker. It has a Caloric Intake Calculator, Macro Calculator, and provides 3 methods of body fat estimation. It is not intended to track, but simply to provide numbers to plug into your favorite tracking app.

  • These 5 episodes have helped me so much-I am so glad I stumbled upon your videos. I appreciate your straightforwardness (and you didn’t curse as much either) and easy to understand steps to fat loss. I am very ashamed to admit, but I have overeaten my way through five years of <> to lose weight. My mindset is changed and now my habits are changed. Sometimes I cannot see the forest for the trees-It’s not magic, etc. I will be able to lose this excess fat. I am going to be in that 5% because of my consistently, good habits not my herculean willpower or existential weight loss formulas/fads/excuses. lol Thank you again, Layne. Good day to you:)

  • Is there truth to fat cell count increases in obese people but doesn’t go back down after losing which makes them more prone to regain (due to hunger signaling hormones)? Recent research around autophagy and fasting make me wonder if that might be a way to actually kill fat cells and give a sort of ‘reset’ to baseline hunger signals. Have you researched this at all or does it seem plausible?

  • One thing I don’t remember hearing you cover during this series is how to factor in “calories burned during exercise” when calculating your maintenance/deficit number. If my maintenance is say 2500 so I eat 2100 a day BUT burn an additional 1000 from exercise, should my intake numbers increase by that 1000? When calculating your BMR they always ask for the “activity” level which will increase your daily input. I’ve tried eating those additional calories (on days where I lift) and always end up gaining weight. I’ve heard “experts” talk about “starvation mode” where you eat too little per day but is that really even a thing? If so, when does “starvation mode” kick in? When you tip that balance of losing LBM at 50% or more? Just wondering how to think about this. I exercise a lot (sometimes cardio in the morning with a lift in the afternoon). I eat 2000 a day. But I sit for a job and most of the time when not exercising. So finding that right number to stay in a deficit is very difficult.

  • I will try this in..corona period so i can loose weight and became fit.. i also sees some exercises from your channel that was very helpful for me…i do these exercises very easily,comfortably and without any problem….thnx a lot mam

  • Love this series of 5 videos. This episode focusses on the calories in. Is there a video coming on the calories out side of the scales? Ways to influence the various components of calories out?

  • Glamrs you are so cute ����
    And I feel comfortable with your videos and voice ��❣️
    Very helpful and you explained very well ��
    Totally the video was SUPERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ����

  • 10% start weight in 6 months?? I was 80 kg 10%=8 kg… i am loosing 5 kg of weight every month…. it will take me like only 2-3 more months to become 65kg….

  • Would it be racist if there was a study done on genetic differences in metabolism preference type/speed? You mentioned the Mueller equation covers LBM etc but genetics seem like it would be one of the most critical aspects in determining diet style and caloric intake

  • I remember when I was 16 I lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks by just eating broccoli and chicken and attending Volleyball practice 5/7 days then sleeping almost the other portion of days, granted my grades took a hit but I lost weight fast and got faster and stronger in a short amount of time

  • This is fantastic content and I am grateful that I found it. Great series. This should have millions of views. Thank you for making this and sharing the knowledge.

  • Stoked on all your knowledge! What’s your opinion on where you draw the line with how much protein is too much in the context of renal health and when that could begin to show adverse effects on the kidneys?
    Also, at what point does too much protein become unnecessaryis there an upper limit of how much protein our bodies are able to use efficiently (in the context of hypertrophy)??

    Thanks, Layne!

  • great explanation Layne, have you measured lean mass to fat mass throughout? as well some science to show on humans of this measurement throughout the weight loss period and what “weight” exactly was changed? thx

  • We know that the lower the body fat % the bigger the lean mass trade off. So if there is someone who is male 6foot tall 250lb with 200lb of lean mass,that being 20% body fat, can that person be more aggressive in fat loss without risking as much lean mass loss? Let’s say till 15% body fat is reached. Then moderate to 0.8 to 1% of body mass per week till the desired 10% or under is achieved. As Opposed to someone who is already at 12%-15% starting out.

  • Thanks for your content Layne. For years I practiced the Body For Life program on and off. Like you said, you have to think about the diet AFTER the diet and I never did. I’d successfully get through 12 weeks of training and dieting but then would go back into my normal lifestyle and it doesn’t work. ANYTHING can work as far as training and diet but NONE of it will ever be successful if not maintained in some fashion. Looking forward to reading your book my friend I always love your videos! Paul Revelia sent me here!

  • How do you recover from a lower metabolic rate after a long period of caloric deficit? Ive been really low for a long time and losing 110+ lbs. Is there a way to do it because it seems like my maintenance is at or below 2000 now.

  • I found the Muller equation after some searching:

    (13.587 x LBM) + (9.613 x Fat Mass) + (198 + 1 for male or 0 for female) (3.351 x Age) + 674

    I found it from

  • If you don’t do resistance training you are going to fail no matter what diet you are on and even if you stick to it forever, sarcopenia will start kicking in more as you age

  • This is a Great watch. I can admire he depth of understanding Layne has on this topic because of how simple he can explain it. Well Done!

  • So if we are taking into account calories in vs. calories out for study control purposes is this assuming that said person is weight training relatively close to ideal volume, when looking at all your nutrition focused videos? (I’m just trying to put it all together lol) [ I’m new to this so I apologize if this seems to be a question of ignorance. It’s just lack of experience I’m trying to keep up, but I feel like the only airhead in the room lol]

  • 2 questions. With regards to losing more then 1% body weight a week to minimise muscle loss does it make it better to increase cardio rather then lower calories to preserve mass?

    Also how often do you recalculate your maintenance While in a cutting phase?

  • I just need to know if I could still reverse diet I’ve been eating about 17 to 1800 calories after my 128 lb loss I’ve been around 1800 calories for about a year now and I’ve gained about 20 pounds back can I still reverse diet and fix it do I also stop cardio on the reverse diet really need help really need these answers please thank you your videos are awesome I know they help a lot of people hope they can help me

  • What about insulin resistance, metabolic issues, blood sugar rollercoasters? And what about not all carbs are equal it seems. For some keto helps break a food addiction to sugar. Same with fasting or so it seems to me. And what about inflammation and gut health? Most of these things get addressed when the keto diet is implemented. But when then I do agree with taking diet breaks and eating more carbs now and then. I’m sticking with keto until I reach my goal weight then figuring a roation that allows a few more carbs. Not sure of that rotation yet. In the mean time My gut health is way better, less bloating, skin health is better, dental health is better, and energy levels better.

  • I hope I`d learned this particular sooner! I would`ve shed 14 pounds years back. This method doesn’t ask you to alter your diet or perhaps you must work out. It only reduce your urge for food to it with out sacrificing your health. Google can help you to research it. Program’s name is under.
    Bella Kaγozko
    good luck

  • Would be great to see how you build a meal plan (or structure your meals since I know you hate them) based on these numbers as I find that’s the hardest part.

  • love the series great information and will rewatch to retain more info. would you be willing to make a series on dieting for gaining I know it’s caloric surplus but would love to know more on the science and effects of carbs and fats trying to lean bulk

  • Thanks for the great video. I hope you can confirm for me. I’m 53, so taking a 1.5% increase from 220 (my calculated amount) for a total of 23 years (man, when did that happen) would = 336gand that I need to use this to determine leftover macros for carb and fat (rather than the 220)? Is that right? Thank you!

  • Hey, love the series. I’m wondering if lean body mass if affected in the same way in someone who has a lot of fat to lose and who is only just building up their muscle mass?

  • For anyone interested, here is the paper where Muller et al. published the revised equation:

  • thanks, I’m not so scared of carbs anymore. I do not advise anyone trying to be keto, Im pretty sure the body needs carbs! and high protein, high fiber,and enough carbs and fat to hit your daily energy needs. Hopefully from non processed whole foods, is the food our bodies need that are filled with vitamins and minerals for the body, the food industry is trying to make everyone fat and die, obviously, and sugar is not bad so eat some fruit, and there is never a need to deprive your body from any macros as long as your diet has balance…i don’t know facts, but this is my opinion, hopefully understandable..

  • God have I missed something? Dear Dr Layne, how much calories should I be cutting in process of cutting? Like weekly. Or every 10 days? Last time I got into great shape but hell, I ended up doing trainings 5 times a week + bike + intervals with 1700 calories. It was overkill

  • Read Weight Loss Tips Guide Here And Change your Life ❤❤

  • Madam ji meri age 44 years h Mera wait 75 kg h mane abhi 10 Dino SE mng evening walk BHI one hour suru Kiya h but wait loss nhi ho Raha Ghar Ka saara kaam BHI khud Karti or koi Bhar Ka bi nhi khati pls batiye m kya karu

  • Just increase your work output from weight training instead of cutting calories too low, that’s works for me and stan efferding and Mike dolce also recommend that

  • Just do omadone meal a day ( it’s not that fificuld than it sounds cuz your eating all of the calories that you need in a day in one meal ) but you have to count calories so that you dont overeat or that you dont eating enough.

  • Great video. Thanks again. Between your videos and Mike Israetel’s I have gotten the knowledge that has gotten me from 335 to 265.6 this AM. On the way to 220ish. Much appreciated.

  • Loved this series. This needs to shown in gyms before signing up lol. Anyone who is wanting to lose fat needs to watch this. Drives me nuts how stupid or uneducated people can be on this subject. Love my daily layne videos!!!!

  • How do you re-calculate a deficit after taking a diet break? Do you first re-calculate your CURRENT maintenance (post diet break) and then deduct an amount of calories based on how much you want to lose per week? Or do you go back to pre-diet break calories and reduce those calories by 10%? Setting up the diet is the easy part but what do you do as you progress and plateau? THANKS <3

  • This might be a little off topic but I’ve been wondering, What if you’re cutting on a keto diet and for some personal reason can’t eat carbs? During peak week can you in fill in muscle glycogen with fats?

  • Calories from what??? Fat, carbohydrates, or protein? Your body metabolizes each differently. Look up the A to Z diet study. Or how the fatty acid cycle works. Calories are NOT created equal.

  • Just saw the Piers Morgan show and everything Dr.Oz says is so right. I never liked sweets etc….and as a result I love eating but I eat the right things and I never put on weight. My grandmother says “I´m like a herring” cos I eat so much and I´m thin.

  • Wow this was so helpful. I love the way he explains things and how he uses animations. I never want my belly to look like that! Total motivation to be healthy!

  • @jimmytube177 thats true, but most t.v type education sessions, dont really want to have to much info at once.
    this is a really condensed speech. thats why hes talking so fast becaus he has a time limit for his time slot on t.v. he didn’t mention food on purpos, he just wanted to make a very quick point.

  • Eat mostly fruits and vegetables raw Nuts/seeds Exercise Sleep Hydrate yourself, 3L or more a day. Me, I still don’t trust fluoride, so..really do your homework properly(not just on fluoride) and look at both points.
    And as you can see I didn’t mention meat, milk, and other crap.
    And dont do these things, dont

  • How do i get rid of acne keloids on the back of my neck? I tried going to the dermatologist but what they give me don’t work. Somebody help me please!!! Dr. Oz?

  • Good luck on your journey you all! I have already lost over 50lbs and I have some more weight to lose. Feel free to come to my channel and watch my weekly weigh-in every Sunday. If you need any tips you can inbox me. Let’s encourage eachother! If you have a facebook you can add me =) the link is on my channel. Thank you Dr.OZ for help peope.

  • Remember to have cheat days.I ate less than 900 calories a day (I would count all my calories,and when its 1000 I would be so sad) and then my metabolism would DROP. My body was in starvation mode for months and sorry but I only took a shit one time a week,and it would be so little.I was so tired that even stepping on stairs would make my legs hurt.Exercising became much harder when I thought it was because I didn’t do it yesterday.
    You should diet and eat 1000 or 1200 calories a day in weekdays,and then eat your normal calories in weekends.
    You don’t burn fat when eating less than 900 a day. You burn your muscles and become depressed.And that leads to an eating disorder.
    Don’t binge,just eat your normal amount of calories in weekends.

  • @darkinmysilence I am a nursing student, I would absolutely worry that you may have a thyroid or cancer problem. You should go to the doctor and be checked.

  • @darkinmysilence If you are losing 50lbs in 5 months and haven’t changed your diet or exercise, you may want to tell a doctor. Might be a medical cause.

  • he forgets the most important part of losing weight, a calorie deficit. You can follow all of his tips but if you don’t have a calorie deficit at the end of the day you won’t lose weight.

  • 1. Underestimating your calories
    2. Feeling obligated to finish your plate
    3. Doing long tedious exercises
    4. Expecting results too quickly
    5. Changing too many habits

  • Dr. Oz, here is the easiest way to lose weight. No eating after 6pm. Feed from a salad plate. Eat greens, veggies and fruit over meats. EAT SLOWLY. Give your brain a chance to know you have eaten enough. Dont snack is the only DONT I have.

  • All this information is going to help a lot of people. Your doing a great job Dr. and it´s going back to you as good karma. Saludos desde Venezuela!

  • I just wanted to say that running doesn’t decrease stress. If anything, it increases, due to high amounts of cortisol being produced while running after a period of time. Walking is WAY better than going for a run. Edit: This is not meant to be rude or anything just wanted to put it out there for anyone who may be reading.

  • please help me doctor Oz. I’m from Portugal and our metric values are in meters/centimeters. I’m 1,77cm (i think it is a normal heigh) but my weight is 47Kg

    i know 1 pound is 0.4Kg so 47kg is 117pounds. what can i do to gain weight? I’m not anorethic, but i hate to eat. i don’t like sports and i can’t swim. i have Marfan syndrome and i have a problem in my heart (ascending aorta dilatation) not too serius though. PLEASE HELP ME!

  • I’ve lost 40 pounds since the beginning of my school year it’s really not that hard get on a treadmill and ignore the cravings you have and supplement them for healthy things

  • No offence, but why does everyone continue using audience tracks? (or whatever it’s called) Especially if it distracts your own voice.

  • roll your own tobacco and have black coffee to suppress appetite

    has worked wonders for me and I haven’t gained any weight from smoking

    Drinking is a completely different story…

    good luck!

  • I felt called out by pretty much this whole video lmao. The only thing I was already aware is the pointlessness of steady-state cardio exercises. The other 4 points were somewhere in the back of my head but I wasn’t acting upon them. I’ll pay more attention now. Thanks!

  • what i do:
    — IF 20/4
    — 2 BIG meals a day: lunch dinner (2 insulin spikes a day)
    — more water
    — calorie deficit
    — excercise
    — more fat/protein, less carbs
    — sleep a lot
    — green tea or apple cider (changes based on my mood)

    my waist was 27, now 23, im officially on my 10th week today ��

  • How can you even “estimate” how many calories you’ve eaten? I ate chicken breast 5 days out of 7 for the last 2 months for the bulk of my protein intake but I still couldn’t even ballpark how many calories of it I’ve eaten unless I used a scale preparing it. Smaller plates? Just encourages you to go for seconds, since the plate is small anyway, and you end up eating more because two small plates can fit more food than a large plate. I call BS on that study…

    These are not weight loss mistakes, these are moronic preconceptions about what weight loss should be about, and I think I am allowed this statement since I successfully dropped 70 pounds like a bad habit, which it really was. A bad habit of eating not even necessarily bad things, but definitely the wrong way.

  • I am trying to lose belly fat to get a sixpack. I am going 1800 calories and 50% fat, 30% protein, and 20% carbs. I do lunch fasts, hiit, and calisthenics.

  • Your video helped me alot yrr ab tk m dundh k pgl ho gyi ek video dhang ki nhi mili apki best thi sab kuch smjhaya jo questions mere mn m the sab clear ho gye����������❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I haven’t experienced “late night hunger” cause I work out at night so by the time I get back home I’m too tired to eat, I shower and sleep

  • I really like the comment, just make a U-Turn. It was so true! Changing your eating habits are not a big deal, you just fix it and move on. Very motivating:-) Thanks!

  • I know you said the smaller plates thing isn’t real but wasnt “starvation mode” debunked as well? also suggestion maybe in the description you can edit the disclaimer that smaller plates doesnt work.
    I love your content but a little shocked you put “starvation mode” in one of your videos

  • Ive lost a stone and all ive done is smaller portions, less unhealthy snacks and lots of water

    And for exursises i do swimming on Sunday and dancing for 40 mins on the monday, hope this helped someone x

  • well m 56 kgs and i kinda dont care about the weight UNTIL I LOSE THE LOSE FAT







  • I would like to make a comment on the cardio/exercise point. The secret here is finding an exercise that you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy the exercise you will eventually (sooner than later) stop altogether. Should come as no surprise that this means most people shouldn’t go out and join a gym. The reason gyms are packed full on January 2nd and ghost towns by February is people generally don’t enjoy them and/or see them as too much of a hassle. Anyway, find an exercise you enjoy even if it is something as simple as walking. Diet might be more important for overall weight loss, but exercise is absolutely key (along with a good diet) to maintaining a healthy weight.

  • I don’t recommend counting calories. It’s a fast track to anorexia, as I can tell you first-hand, and it isn’t that simple. A clorie is not a calorie. Different foods will affect your body in different ways. It’s that’s simple.

  • Is it me or did you say 0.65…?
    But thanks be to God, you wrote 0.465
    Could have just said around 0.5kg
    Which you did use later:)

  • I just cut down sugar, ate healthy food and exercised every day (3 different high intensity wourkouts)at first I gained 2lbs becuase I gained muscle but then lost them and now I have an average weight lose of 6lbs per weak! So you guys consistency is key you will not have results right away everybody has it different you might have quick results or you might have to wait a little longer to get these great results you wanted but in the end of the day you get results. ��

  • I got pretty much all of that wrong but lost 50lbs permanently:D It’s a matter of mind how hard you wanna try. For most, the tips in the video hold true. But in my experience, I do best eating less by counting calories and exercising everyday (it’s mostly fun for me though) and keeping a day of the week to look forward to indulging in some unhealthy food I like. And I don’t consider that a cheat day since it’s part of the plan:)

  • Please please please if you are hungry eat!!! I gained more weight because I was afraid of eating but I was wrong, it’s like a car if you use it you need more gas it’s normal if you get hungry if you workout everyday

  • my diet plan is just eating healthier and eating in smaller portions.. and I lost 20kg+ in a year. Honestly, I still break my diet sometimes, but that’s ok.

  • Honestly, when it comes to dieting… I hate it. I hate short term changes, I’d rather have life-long changes. When I wanted to lose weight, I cut out the typical unhealthy things (processed sugars, excessive carbs, soda), started trying different exercise routines, drinking more water, and trying to make better decisions for my life in general, as well as my health. Oh yeah, and strength training, especially HIIT, which burns a lot of calories fast. And… going slow. I lost 30 pounds in 3 months, and felt like crap, so I’d recommend going slow with your changes, including your weight loss. Otherwise, your body freaks out, though it depends on you.

  • So in terms of body composition as long as I account for my calories and protein intake the percentages of carbs and fats don’t really matter?

  • I consistently worked out 3x a week and ate clean for 2 months straight and was wondering why I wasn’t losing much weight.
    I was fucking under eating for 2 months straight and wrecked my BMR ffs. DO NOT under eat when trying to lose weight

  • Hii thank you for this video!! Can please help me with my hair.. I have curly hair but from past few years i lost my curls and hair looks very rough dry and ugly.. Hair is not growing at all and falling too.. Please tell any easy way to manage them and make them soft smooth and beautiful with curls. ��������

  • I’m so damn frustrated right now it’s been too long, I’m super generous with counting my calories, super intense workout but gaining weight slowly, plan my meals really well but remain a f***ing whale

  • Personally I started my weight lose cold turkeyI started intermitted fasting, mostly carnivore (sometimes I eat keto but mostly meat), Minimum carbs( ideally less than 20), only water, running on my treadmill everyday(mostly) and playing basketball 1-2 times a week and I’m down 20lbs. I basically did everything opposite to this video and it has been successful for me.

  • Just eat healthy and count calories or listen to your body,add vegetables, avoid these stupid fast-food, and make home made food to know exactly what you eat, start Walking instead of taking the bus or the car, these diets are useless and stressing, just eat properly, dont eat 1 meal a day or skip 2 days and starve yourself, dont negate carbs and lose those sweet pastas that you adore,juste be moderate

    At the end of the day losing weigh is calories in and calories out,you dont have to supress 90% of the food because “that diet told me to and it said it work”, my diet consist of a lot of carbs and protein(with a great amount of vegetables) i fucking love cereals and sugar, im eating whenever i want (exception for my work out since eating 3 hour before is better than just before), and im at a <8% body fat, despite the fact that for results like that "experts" and coaches says you have to cut carbs

    All of this means relatively nothing,if youre consuming more calories than what youre eating,all this sugar,this fat,will be absorbed to regenerate your body and muscle,it wont become fat

    TL;DR: fuck those restrictive diet and just eat without abusing it( plus count calories and macro nutriments,it helps a lot)

  • I don’t know my lean mass or fat mass right now. I had a baby 14 weeks ago. Suggestions on how to best calculate macros for fat loss at this stage in my life?

  • Split big plates and save the other half for later or the next day to eat for lunch at work or school. Diet abs exercise… Progress is progress…

  • Just eat when you’re hungry. If i have a party or a marriage, events etc., I end up eating a lot most of the time, even bingeing, but then, when i come back home, I don’t feel the REAL urge to eat even for 1-2, once even 3 days. I just wait until I’m very hungry, I exercise and then i consume my meal very carefully and try to get the most of the nutrients. Your body knows what it wants, so just listen to it!

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  • The best advice I got for losing weight and want to share is that don’t eat unless your hungry, don’t eat something you don’t like, and don’t eat to the point of being full ( always leave space)

  • hola Dr. Oz felicitaciones por su programa quiero que me ayude tengo manchas de sol en toda mi cara como podré quitarmelas e hecho de todo y no se me quitan.Gracias

  • To save time, heres tge five mistakes on this video.

    1. Underestimate eating
    2. Forcefully finishing your plate
    3. Long, tedious exercise
    4. Expect result too quickly
    5. Changing too many habits

  • if you’re on a calorie deficit and you reach your maximum limitation of said calorie for ex.1500 cal and then you go burn those calories can you still eat more food?for example you burn say 400 calorie,could you then eat that 400 calorie off?

  • You know what Im always eating four big plates of rice and fried chicken and 2 bowls of salad each day. But in the same time I’m the hard worker. The most Of my job is outdoor activities. So every single day my body is bulkier and fatter. That’s totally shit for 175cm for 200lbs person. It’s like mini hulk. So now, I need something called cutting. But it’s hard to use right diet method. I’ve ulcer. That’s horrible.

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  • Cheers Layne, great work and valuable information!
    Do I need to separate fat and carb in my meals? for example, if I am eating high fat in breakfast, should I eat no or low carb and vice versa? if so, how much is low or high in percentages? thanks!

  • Thank you Dr.OZ i have lost 28lbs i am overweight at 324lbs and i’m only 23, And with your just 10lbs has help me a lot. Thanks so much, You are saving my life.

  • @impbev I have an almost no carb lifestyle. I eat lean meats and vegetables. The protein keeps me full so I really don’t even think about eating cheeto’s or donuts.

  • i managed to finally get control of my life and my weight by counting calories and i also started to excise daily by getting a better discipline

  • Wrong! Insulin is the biggest factor for weight gain. Clearly not all calories, depending on the food, are metabolized the same.

    Do the following:
    Reduce refined carbs and sugar.
    Increase protein (mostly from real meat and NOT protein shakes), fats (again not unnatural crap that’s man made), green vegetables and replace sugary beverages with water.

    The aforementioned with moderate exercise will decrease food cravings and the body fat will disappear I guarantee it! ��

  • My mistake is that i eat a crazy amount. I play Ball and lift almost every day and eat decently but i still eat like 3200 cals a day



  • Calculate your needed Kcal intake
    Eat less than that
    Do Cardio and Strength Training.
    Discipline yourself.

    Everyone saying something else is just trying to get your money.

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  • Didi apne bahut acchi baat kahi hai. Bahut acchi information di hai. I will definitely try. Thank you very much for the great information ��

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  • Hi, so I’m 14, and I’m not overweight or anything but I have belly fat, and I have a lot of beautiful dresses but I can’t wear them because I’m ashamed of my stomach, my mom said I’m too young for diets, watching my calories and stuff, is that true? Am I actually too young???

  • Last year, I carried a bottle of water everywhere I went, I did a lot of hiking, drank when I felt hungry. Ate food slowly, never had seconds during lunch or dinner. And followed a self-made schedule.

    Breakfast at 6 am
    Cardio at 7 am
    Fruit snack at 9 am
    Lunch at 12 pm
    Dark chocolate snack at 3 pm
    Dinner at 6 pm
    Go to bed at 10 pm

    I never scaled myself, but between 4 months of following the schedule, my jacket which fit me tight, slowly began to fit loose.

    I didn’t experience any bad side effects, but it made me wonder if I was actually living healthy.

  • Can you give some info or video on weight loss diets or precautions for women undergoing menopausal symptoms? Since weight loss is extremely difficult after age 40.pls do not give soya recepies fr protein for that video due to estrogensl prob or thyroid intolerance

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  • How fucking slowly are you running if you’re only burning 300 to 400 Cal’s an hour on a treadmill? Yeah, you should be burning 500 to 600.

    And it’s not that tedious if you just listen to podcasts or watch TV.

  • Lol when I see those people who lost their weight I m like how does it feel to be God’s fav child
    Well I will also try to be one of those child…