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Walking barefoot might be something you only do at home. But for many, walking and exercising barefoot is a practice they do daily. When a toddler is. Walking barefoot has been linked with improved sleep, reduced PMS symptoms, decreased stress, eased muscle and joint pain and increased energy, according to a new study published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health.

However, it’s not always the best choice. Here, a look at the pros and cons of going barefoot. It could be walking around without shoes on, since there’s no arch support when you’re barefoot. “Walking barefoot allows your feet to flatten as your.

Walking barefoot at home is especially not ideal if you are older. Podiatrist Nelya Lobkva tells Yahoo Lifestyle that after women hit the age of 50, “they lose the fat pad in the ball of the foot, diminishing the cushioning.” That change hurts one’s. He warns, “ Walking barefoot will increase laxity and weakness of the plantar fascia [the ligament that connects your heel to the front of your foot], which may result in pain and discomfort not.

If you walk barefoot, your feet will be SORT OF safe. You won’t get ‘cut up’ or whatever you’re worried about, because you’ll develop a natural armoring on your feet. HOWEVER, it’s different in winter. Walking barefoot on the beach is something people dream of while sitting behind their desks at work.

And if we get the chance to actually do it, most of us would do it in a heartbeat. However, you should always be aware of your surroundings and make sure it’s safe for you to walk barefoot (i.e. the terrain isn’t sharp or has the potential to injure your feet). If you’re wondering whether walking barefoot is the right move for you, it’s always best to consult your primary doctor before hitting the grass. The idea was probably very tempting not to resist.

Walking barefoot can impact your foot health, so here are five reasons why you should not walk barefoot. Shoes protect your feet from hookworm. Hookworms can be found in pets and can be easily be transmitted to you. Walking barefoot anywhere is healthy.

Walking barefoot allows you feet to move as they were meant to, and other arts of your body move with them in the way they were intended. This strengthens not only your feet, especially your arch, but your ankles, calves, thighs, hips and back.

List of related literature:

Never, ever walk barefoot!

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One should not walk barefoot but use appropriate footwear.

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• Be sure shoes are long enough and wide enough to prevent creating sores or blisters.

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❑ Never walk barefoot—YES, to protect the feet.

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I recommend that you not walk around barefoot, but wear slippers, even at home.

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Go barefoot wherever it is safe and practical to do so.

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  • Walking on hot and sharp rocks is not something I would ever want to do but I do like going barefoot so I think that shoes are of course ness early when near my nearby lake.

  • What if all the area of grass is covered with ants and I have zero access to sand. I would like to try walking barefoot more but I don’t have a lot of options where

  • Going barefoot is so healthy for your body & health! If you just go barefoot then your feet will support your body naturally…I was a cheerleader & thats why we go barefoot in cheerleading

  • i would totally go barefoot but i live in the prairies where the summers are hot and the winters are cold. and there is also alot of cactus here… not fun

  • I have a few words for yall.
    1. HPV sucks. (fungus)
    2. Hookworm sucks more. (Parasite)
    3. Merca sucks most. (No cure)
    4. Flesh eating bacteria (U Died)

    The first 3 are every where even in your front yard. HPV is a pain in the ass to get rid of, i’ve had it a few times cause i like to walk barefoot. Months and months of pain.
    Hookworm mainly infects animals, but it certainly can bore through human feet to. Everywhere a dog has shit is a minefield.
    Merca. Merca is also fucking everywhere. If you have the tiniest scabby wound of any sort, the smallest cut you dont even notice. BOOM Merca. Now you have no toes. Now your foot has been cut off. Now its in your bone marrow and your lose an arm. It gets stuck in your nose for life. Every cut for the rest of your life is a hazard.
    I know 3 people with merca.

    The flesh eating disease is a lottery disease but still.

    Point is, wear your fucking shoes. They’re not preventing Gaias energy from being one with you. There preventing fungus boring into your soles, and glass from slashing open your foot, and Merca from getting in said slashes. Hell im wearing water shoes now to the beach cause im fucking over slicing my feet on oysters and ending the one beach day i get a month early.

    Ive walked barefoot all my life, through forrests and up mountains.
    I’m making a change in my life to wear shoes wherever i can. My feet are smooth and soft now for the first time in my life. My back pain has gone away and my lady rubs my feet now.

    Shoes are prolly the greatest invention of man. An invention created thousands of years ago and still in use by all of human civilization today, having no downside to using them, lasting quite long with constant non-stop use, and only getting better every day.

    I got a pair of bois, by sketchers called go walks. They got YOGA MATS IN THE SHOE! Ive gone through 3 pair now, and i can still take the yoga mats out and reuse them. My current pair of Chucks has 2 pair of yoga mats inside. And my steel toe work boots has another.

    My dudes. What would your rather walk on. Bird shit? Or YoGa MaTs?

  • the only time I wear actual shoes in when i do anything with construction. other than that i wear minimalist shoes. I actual got plantar fasciitis when my job forced me to wear “regular” shoes. i did not stay at that job for very long.

  • How does one walk quickly with the knee bent at full extension and forefoot and heel striking nearly simultaneously? I’ve switched to zero drop minimalist shoes (barefoot runners) to limit my natural outward ankle roll in part caused by my otc orthotics. I am currently awaiting the delivery of custom orthotics, hoping that they help with my everyday foot pain. I’m a 66 year old, 205 lb. person who works standing up at least 90% of every 8 hour day at a work station. Walking all day, for me, an avid long distance hiker, is far less painful than a day at work. Why would that be?

  • I’ve been going barefoot for years people think I’m crazy but I’m with you man. I have been forced to put shoes on recently because I moved to Fort Worth tx. And it’s just a big concrete jungle here no nature. Then the heat just keeps the concrete boiling hot you just can’t walk barefoot. But as soon as I move back to Arkansas the shoes will be coming off

  • Hi Rob,
    This is so inspiring! Also, even if I am mostly inside while barefoot, is it still beneficial? Or if I wear socks inside? I have heard that grounding is very good for you, but grounding would be outside, not inside.

  • I tried everything for past one year.
    Finally i started walking bare foot for 1 hr daily and my planter fascities cured day 1 itself.

  • My feet are in pain 1 hour in of active walking.( burning, heel pain, arch pain, behind the knee pain) Ex working at home depot. Im young(25) and i feel like I should feel this way. I’m hoping this helps. I’ll look into more of your videos thank you

  • I would love to do this but 1 California has burning hot concrete in the summer time so you literally cook your feet lol and 2 I also have a huge sensory issue where if my feet have ripped-up/uneven/super dry skin, it literally keeps me from sleeping because of it sticking to fabrics and such

  • Forefoot walker right here. I’m also quite tall and always leaning a bit towards the front even when standing still. I’ve tried to consciously correct it but I always revert to it as my usual posture. Uff…

  • We didn’t have glass, metal or disease ridden needles which can cut you open hundred of thousand of years ago. Yes, barefoot would be nice and connecting to the electrons in the earth sounds amazing, but it’s not safe in our modern lifestyles, unless you live in a previously uninhabited area…

  • I walk barefoot in my house. No way I would walk around barefoot outside and then track all that into my house. Also not going to wash my feet every single time I come home from being out. Shoes are a barrier between you and all the bacteria and germs that accumulate on the ground, especially in cities where humans tend to concentrate in.

  • Hi guys, Also, people have a tendency to not flex at the hips when they walk, which promotes that straight legged gait. So lifting the leg at the hips with each step (exaggerating this as if marching can help develop this more proper gait) puts the foot in a better position when it hits the ground. ��

  • In India Temple and holy places will only allow u to enter barefoot..but it’s nice to walk bare foot around temple… And in mountain temples like shabari mala, u need to hike the entire mountains bare foot which is also nice

  • I disagree. I’m not wearing shoes 24/7. Please I just don’t see the people who are saying this doing what they are talking about. Everyone is different.

  • If you talk about studies that are “out there”, then you should definitely link them below the video.
    Also, worrying about visible feces isn’t that simple seeing that you can’t notice the broken down poop on the floor. However practicing minimal higiene before entering your home where your kids live should be easy enough.

    I also love being barefoot and no longer bother with thorns anymore…love it.

  • Hey Rob, I have a question about pollution. I live in a big city and I’m concerned about what my feet may be absorbing if I’m walking barefoot on the sidewalk or street. I don’t want stuff like gasoline, motor oil, brake fluid, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, etc. getting in my body more than they already are. Do you have any thoughts about this? @RobGreenfield

  • I would love to do purely barefoot more, I’ve found vibram five fingers is a nice in between obviously you don’t get the earthing and sensation but at least you’re using your foot

  • Bob & Brad why am i getting this a 3:06 am my time….Normal time when i get this is 9pm….did we push the wrong set up time? Heehee

  • How do you keep your feet clean? In summer I basically walk barefoot all the time, and I wash my feet sometimes a couple times a day, but after a week of walking barefoot my heels are almost impossible to clean, even though I’m using a rough brush to do it.
    Ps. I’m pretty used to walking barefoot to the point that when I put on shoes my feet get tired quickly and hurt.

  • make sure you are activating or pushing from you’re butcheeks and not ur quads, so when you are walking place you’re hand on ur quads if they are tight while walking this is not good. you’re butcheeks should do 70% of the work. you will never get rid of tight quads/hamstirng/calves when you are not using ur butcheeks while walking. Bad english.

  • Good mornig,with the time is posible walk in asfalt?,(hard superficie)
    How many time is necesary to start in hard superficie?

  • Honestly as someone who has been walking barefoot all my life even in the mojave I gotta say 5/10 it’s not anything special its just walking without shoes

  • It’s because in the US, Canada and Australia people are obese!!
    Get rid off the pounds/kilos
    Eat one third of what you were eating before and eat your main meal early not late, for example dinner no later than 5PM!
    Cut back on carbs and go for protein rich meat such as skinless chicken breasts and tuna!!
    Lots of fruit and vegetables, stir fry s lots of water!
    Sore heels pinched nerves blood pressure, dizzy spells, dehydration tiredness fatigue,vision diabetes are all symptoms of obesity and overweight!!
    Look good feel good walk 12000 steps per day and pump some iron.
    Cut right back on calories!
    Nearly all the above mentioned problems will go away I guarantee it!!

  • I’m barefoot most of the time, and I agree with a lot of points except the blatantly false premise that shoes have been around for 100 or 200 years. Shoes have been around for thousands and thousands of years, even Ötzi the Iceman had a pair. I think the problem seems more with fast fashion, which is a very modern industry. A handmade pair of good leather shoes can last decades upon decades. And without shoes and footwear, humans would not have made the pushed beyond the limits like you stated, and that’s not a bad thing at all. We would not have achieved much as a species if we didn’t push beyond those limits. I do though, understand that you have shoes for some occasions, but I think that shoes are much more beneficial than how they come across here, not to mention when it comes to social advantages and etiquette.

  • Bare feet are cool. Baby thistles are uncool.
    Walk on the front pads when on hard surfaces to prevent plantar fasciitis. Also, keep your feet moisturized to prevent cracking of the callous. Cracked callouses can be ripped. It hurts like heck and feels weird while healing.

  • I wouldn’t walk barefoot in NYC. You bugging. You might step on a heroin needle. ������ i walk barefoot when I go to the forest or the beach though. This is very beneficial to the body.

  • I discarded shoes 2 years ago inside and out. My feet AND back have never felt better.
    Shoes can cause all the conditions this video claims going barefoot inside does….
    Shoes are a multi billion dollar industry!!!

  • BUT WHAT ABOUT Mud shoes.
    Take som mud, take some feet (or shoes),
    Get em muddy, find a nice sunny spot to sit and dry
    Maybe go for another coating or two

    Mud shoes

  • Thanks for this video which validates the ancient Indians’ view of life esp South Indians and the Malays. But now its reverse becoz we are made to feel like uncivilised and unsophisticated if we dont wear shoes. Best wishes.

  • have tools for removing deep thorns as soon as possible. Use a healing salve like bag balm. Notice when your feet need rest days. Learn about the uses of digigrade and plantigrade walking. Massage. Wear shoes when you are in a dark unfamiliar area or somewhere the elements are massively too harsh. Try to break the rules. Your feet make you strong.

  • I’m from northern Wisconsin! Ashland. I grew up barefoot and even would go out in winter without shoes for 5 minutes at a time. We would keep some stuff outside instead of the refrigerator so we would run out and enjoy a little bit of a chill.

    Edit: Omg, you’re from Ashland too! I’m class of 2006.

  • You mean people wear shoes everywhere? I’m south Indian, I do everything from farming to welding barefoot! Only now realized it’s kind of a ‘lifestyle’:)
    I do own shoes, those are strictly for ‘special occasions’ and client meetings or if I’m going to a filthy place where I KNOW I’d probably pick up some kind of an infection barefoot.
    Oh, never used toilet paper either!
    Edit: Yes, there are places where they wont allow people without shoes. Savages.

  • You forgot to mention that you’ll no longer have stinky feet. Our feet end up stinky because they sweat in socks and shoes without proper ventilation. Obviously you don’t have that problem going barefoot.

  • Not to be mean, but these instructions arent that good. Do Not use shoes that has arch support.. And that one who is modeling doesn’t walk properly either..

  • When I have to wear shoes: ah, there’s my first pair of 20$ shoes, covered in spider webs though. Might have a nest in it as well. Oooh the other pair… the insides still pulled out from the last time I wore them without socks.:/

  • Walking barefoot can help ameliorate the constant assault of electromagnetic fields and other types of radiation from cell phones, computers, and Wi-Fi. Grounding facilitates the formation of structured water in your body.

  • Barefoot Commune is for people who love going barefoot. Want to join the Barefoot Commune? Send us your barefoot and you could be featured! Join us!

  • I generally do this and enjoy it, but also immediately regret it when I get invisible stuff like fiberglass in the webbing of my toes

  • You also build up a tolerance to walking over things like pine needles and small rocks. At first, your feet will flinch as you walk on them, but after a while you get used to them.

  • Bare footing it in NYC and in cold climates, in rough terrain, or even in Florida with all the biting bugs and other issues, can be nearly IMPOSSIBLE. As much as I understand the health benefits, I think the dangers may far outweigh the benefits.

  • I already go barefoot inside and outside. I’ve done it in public as well. I walk around in church barefoot as well. Not much hurts them. I’ve stepped on thorns without breaking by skin.

  • I always walk outside with no shoes ever since I was a little kid running in the back yard and even the snow I regret the snow part ������I’m 15 now and I still run outside barefooted

  • I started to walk barefoot at 3 years old (in 1962, in a village of my country Romania). And I have this “hobby” even now. So, life is better (healthier and happier) barefoot than in shoes!

  • I use to always run around barefoot when I was a kid in Florida. I kept getting splinters tho from thorns:[

    I ended up switching to flipflops.

  • my thoughts from a very earley age, do my big toes have to be restrickted, it can not be right, its damageing and boring, and i am still, thinking this question today, as i never got any answers.

  • This is shit
    Why! because when I do more bare foot walking my knees feel better and feet hurt less my toes spread helping balance and hip strengthen.

    I feel like a teenager again stumbling around stoned when wearing shoes and work boots

  • I have back problems. Im going to try this. I always let my 2 year old walk around bare foot. I used to wear sandels everywhere and just recently I went to the beach, i couldn’t even walk on the ground without shoes.

  • We here in the Nordic countries all take our shoes off but we wear slippers or socks.The thought of people coming into my home with shoes on makes me cringe…..

  • Okkkk, just constantly wear shoes and get trench foot. Barefoot actually has benefits, this is all lies. If you really want me to explain then i will lol.

  • Only do it in your own home, like in your living room,dining room,and TV room,never in your garage,undone basement, and in somebody else’s home.

  • barefoot hunter-gatherer from africa naturally walk with the front part of the foot, you’ll destroy your heel by landing with it without shoes.

  • Naaaaa. Me and my whole family walk barefoot everywhere. In the house, outside in the grass, and around are street. Much more comfortable.

  • as a fulltime barefooter of 4 years, i cannot watch this ridicules video to the end!
    this guy is clearly a shill that otherwise wants you to actually damage your feet by wearing shoes so that podiatry clinics dont start going out of business…staying barefoot any/everywhere is best for health I PROMISE!

  • I’m fine being barefoot but this is something that I just can’t do outside. I hate the feeling of my feet being dirty. Don’t know what it is, don’t mind digging in the earth and planting things getting my hands muddy but not feet. I like my feet clean. Interesting how we’re all different.

  • HEy, I think you have a good point in the beggining but you got into some points, like the arch support, that if true there must be some study showing it. Do you have any sources to back the claim of arch support?