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For starters, while you probably shouldn’t be doing two fully intense workouts per day, splitting up your workout — doing half of your workout in the morning and the other half later in the. If you want to work out twice a day, and you’ve been consistently exercising for at least six months, you still have to be smart about implementing your plan. According to Mentore, these are the general guidelines you should follow when getting started: Allow at least six hours of space between moderate-intensity workouts. If you log more activity by working out twice a day, you’re reducing your sedentary time. According to a 2017 study published in the International Journal of Obesity, more sedentary time is.

Two-a-day workouts are especially important if you have a half or full IRONMAN on your calendar—you need to prepare your body for the rigors of a multi-hour, multisport race. When to Double Up Interval or speed workout days are another time when you might want to fit in a second session. It’s safe to work out twice a day as long as you follow a well-structured program. If you don’t take enough time to rest between workouts, you may end up with an injury. There’s also the chance of getting burned out by working out twice a day.

Working out twice a day is generally recommended to athletes, sportsmen and wrestlers. It can be harmful to normal people to do high-intensity workouts especially two times a day. You should.

Professional athletes, for example, often rely on two-a-day workouts to maintain fitness while building other skills and tangential benefits for sports performance. However, if you’re new to exercise or strength training, doing two workouts per day could actually limit your progress, especially if you don’t watch the intensity. If you’re not a professional athlete, working out twice in one day could mean fitting in two cardio sessions, two resistance training sessions, one cardio session and a hot yoga class.

As long as you’re going about it the right way, it can actually be extremely beneficial to work out twice a day. The reason you probably don’t hear much about it is because most people either can’t make time for it, or they end up pushing themselves too hard and not doing it ever again. For starters, while you probably shouldn’t be doing two fully intense workouts per day, splitting up your workout — doing half of your workout in the morning and the other half later in the afternoon or evening — is actually a pretty good idea.

List of related literature:

You should aim to complete two or three strength workouts a week, leaving a full day between them, and I recommend alternating the two full-body routines.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
from The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.
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Use the same poundage for one week of three sessions or at least three workouts, If you are training three days a week, make them alternate days with a rest between, not three in a row and then a lay-off.

“Running to the Top” by Arthur Lydiard, Garth Gilmour
from Running to the Top
by Arthur Lydiard, Garth Gilmour
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Even once a week is better than none, but don’t expect great results until you can increase to a minimum of three times a week.

“The Hormone Diet: A 3-Step Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Strength, and Live Younger Longer” by Natasha Turner
from The Hormone Diet: A 3-Step Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Strength, and Live Younger Longer
by Natasha Turner
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Feel free to do it on the days when you’re not doing your intervals, or double up on both workouts: you can follow 25 minutes of circuit training with 15 minutes of intervals for an awesome workout that takes you less than an hour.

“The All-Day Energy Diet: Double Your Energy in 7 Days” by Yuri Elkaim
from The All-Day Energy Diet: Double Your Energy in 7 Days
by Yuri Elkaim
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You still work each muscle at least twice aweek, but because you don’t train every muscle during every workout, you can devote more energy to the muscles you’re focusing on that day — and each of your muscles still gets enough rest.

“Fitness For Dummies” by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
from Fitness For Dummies
by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
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Strength training is recommended at least twice per week but not for consecutive days with the same muscle group.

“Gerontological Nursing: Competencies for Care” by Kristen L. Mauk
from Gerontological Nursing: Competencies for Care
by Kristen L. Mauk
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You can do up to three off-day workouts per week, but be sure to allow for a day of rest between core workouts.

“Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder” by Edward Jackowski
from Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder
by Edward Jackowski
Atria Books, 2001

The only exception: If you already work out 6 days a week, keep your rest day.

“The One One One Diet: The Simple 1:1:1 Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss” by Rania Batayneh, Eve Adamson
from The One One One Diet: The Simple 1:1:1 Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss
by Rania Batayneh, Eve Adamson
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Do each of the two workouts once a week, with as much time in between as your schedule allows.

“The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle” by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
from The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle
by Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
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Unless you’re working toward a specific goal with a personal trainer, there’s no need to do strength workouts more often than every other day.

“Muscle Medicine: The Revolutionary Approach to Maintaining, Strengthening, and Repairing Your Muscles and Joints” by Rob DeStefano, Bryan Kelly, Joseph Hooper
from Muscle Medicine: The Revolutionary Approach to Maintaining, Strengthening, and Repairing Your Muscles and Joints
by Rob DeStefano, Bryan Kelly, Joseph Hooper
Atria Books, 2009

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  • What if I wake up and do push-ups and sit-ups first before anything, then after lunch, then do the same but add weights and squats at night. Because I do this everyday.

  • what do you think about cutting and doing 2 sessions? already watched your video debating to bulk/cut/maintain right now but I’m set on cutting. i reckon 2 sessions would not be in my best interest but what’re your thoughts?

  • I’m thinking about doubling up maybe 2 times a week to get some more frequency volume in per week. I used to wrestle 6 days a week and lift 3 or 4 times a week right after intense practicing so I think I could handle it. I do work a manual laboring job so that’s what’s concerning me

  • If you do a push/pull/legs split twice a week, then splitting up your daily sessions into AM and PM can work quite nicely and improve the overall quality of your sets. I like to do chest in the morning, then delts/tris in the evening, back in the morning then biceps/traps in the evening, then quads in the morning and hams/calves in the evening. Would never do this normally as I cba commuting the gym twice a day, but it’s fine when you’re training at home. I’m also not an advanced lifter, so my training is probably less fatiguing than yours.

  • I have been 2 workouts per day for past 1 month, which is pushup variations and abs in the morning and, Resistance band exercises of two muscle groups like chest nd triceps or back nd biceps or shoulder nd legs in the evening.
    So is this ok to do or is it right??

  • I’ve been experimenting and realized that working my biceps and triceps 2x a week like most these trainers say isn’t good enough for me. They say to train the same areas 2x a week because the body needs 48 hours to recover, but I’m not getting any bigger that way, it’s just maintaining the size I already have. I’m gonna see what happens if I do it more often.

  • Brother plz reply it if I train every day every part like triceps biceps chest back and more up to 3 hours it will grow up my muscles

  • Best thing for training. I gain some great muscle with bands and its simple to use. You can do everything with bands. I will use it after this pandemic 100%. If you want to get it get at trainhome shop (check on google) its awesome i love it so much.

  • Adding muscle naturally is a long term project and requires a discipline and a commitment 98% of the population doesn’t have.
    Everyone of these guys should repeat how many years they have been training on every video.
    A few of them have done that.

  • As Larry said if you eat enough you can’t overtrain �� been working so far the only time I get problems is when I eat something apprently healthy and it has soy protien isolate muscles get soft and kills my endurance completely

  • Don’t worry about the weight girl, it’s all gonna be fine! I had the exact same thing where I gained weight though I felt I had lost some, it’s just the weird way weight is.

  • I have been using resistance bands the past 4 weeks. I don’t know what, but they’re absolutely caning me. I wake up the following morning and I know full well I’ve had a workout. I’m not finding it easy to recover from the sessions.

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  • So it’s good to wake up middle of the night and suddenly start sweating like grazy and stomach hurts and you feel like dying. That happened to me Last night and i have been maybe over training past month or so. I don’t really know what to do.

  • I work at a lumber yard Monday through Friday each day I burn 800 calories my maintenance calorie is around 2200 I’m 5’9 183lbs my bfp 20% my macros are around 200p 200c 50f but I don’t see much improvement there is but really slow is there anything you would recommend to see faster results?

  • Good video with excellent information. I’m going to incorporate the twice a day system on some of my weaker areas for a short bit, say two to four weeks and see what happens. Thanks for clearing this up better than anyone else on the Tube.

  • I’m going through the same thing sis. The scale kills me. Because the mirror shows you’re body changing, an the scale is either the same or a little higher. Keep it up! Just keep being consistent ��

  • I train for 120minutes straight at home easily because i love volume <3 i find it easier @home since noone is talking to me and i can focus 100% on me

  • guys I have a plan of doing abs exercises 3 days and 1 day off and then again. Is it OK to do like 30-40 push ups a day with the ab exercises? the trainings will be done in separate times like in the morning push ups and at night abs. Should I do it or would it be “too much “?

  • You’re looking great! Muscle weights more than fat! So I’m sure you have been gaining some muscle! A way to track the muscle and body fat % is with a Tanita scale, they are a bit pricey but worth it in my opinion. Also you should do measurements and track your inches lost! Sometimes the scale doesn’t show progress but the inches show different results!
    High fiber foods will help with your digestive issues!
    Keep up the good work! You’re getting there! You got this love! ��������

  • I do two a days once or twice a week at the end of the week before rest days. Maximum gains for sure if you do it like that. If you do it every day you will burn muscle and fatigue your self into injury.

  • I love your honesty, I’m on the same struggle bus with you. I’ve been consistently working out Monday-Friday sometimes 2x a day cardio in the a.m and 2 Mile walk at night. The scale keeps fluctuating up and down by 2lbs. It’s so annoying and discouraging. I need to really pay more attention to what I’m eating. I guess my calorie intake is still too high. Keep going girl, we’ll get there!

  • That happens to me too. Every time I start weight lifting again I gain 1-3 lbs before the scale starts to go down. I think when your muscles are recovering they might retain water. You also are (hopefully) drinking more water anyway, and it will take your body a few days to adjust and not retain it.

  • Hey everybody, I need some advice. So I’m currently working out at home for muscle growth and strengh, but it’s really hard to find a right split for me as all I have: adjustable dumbell (3 phases), a bench and trx belts. As It’s summer now, I’m thinking about doing one mucle group a workout, but having 2 workouts in a day. Do you think it’s a good idea? Maybe you have other suggestions? Thanks!

  • I weightlift in the afternoon and take a huge nap and do cardio way past 10 and call it a day. I sleep twice a day so…not too bad considering that’s the only thing I do and I shift between different types of workouts.

  • I just enjoy lifting my workouts in the gym are like 2hr a day.. am i wrong i dont have huge gains but i see a difference from the start. U can deducted 30mins cause i do 30 min cardio everyday in those 2hrs

  • Another brillaint video mate thank you, your videos really inspire me to make my own, and I hope to be creating content like yours in the future. Sorry for the plug!! But if anyone could spare 30 secs to check my latest and first video out it would mean the world. Pce ✌️

  • I changed my routine to an upper / lower split 3 weeks ago. Each workout now takes me 1hr 20 to 1 hr 40. In the past 3 weeks I’ve gained really good strength and much better than my bro split that used to take 45mins

  • I have not been able to train 2x a day since my son was born. But when i did it would be weights one session and the martial arts or yoga, cardio the 2nd. I tried weights 2x a day a few times it crushed me haha

  • UPDATE: I followed this routine for 3 weeks before calling it a day. I eventually started to feel exhausted, drained and demotivated. Moving forward i’ll stick to 1 weights session a day. Every now and then I’ll hit the weights twice a day, but not 4 days in a week!

  • Day 1: Quads Ham and Glutes… thats 80% of the muscle trained in your body over 18 hours, there is prob circa 10 training sessions a week, anyone that can do ten sessions a week clearly isnt training with appropriate intensity.

  • When I work out everyday I balance it out with A 3 day marathon,, One day I workout in the morning, and the next day I workout at night, then I workout in the morning the next day to shock my muscles,,, chest and arms one day, lower body one day, then full body the next day,,, rest one day then repeat!!, also eat quality foods get good sleep and don’t forget to do stretches on the off day ����

  • Now.. I am not fat.. my body is just about to normal. Not much fat not much slim.. if I want to do two workout per day.. then it’s good???…… In my idea in 1 week 4 days in morning.. doing exercise for chest… And in evening other one… Is it good?? Please answer

  • Could anyone offer advice on “at home” twice a day workouts, without weights.. jus doing the standard stuff like push ups, 6 inches and wall sits.. I’ve saw pretty good results in my legs and abs over the past 3 months, but my arms seem to not be gaining anything. Is there a point where variations of push up, ie (handstand push ups, staggered push ups, diamond push ups).. just stop becoming effective?

    I’ve always been ridiculously skinny.. from head to toe.. and my forearms are about as skinny as baby legs… if not skinnier.. I feel ashamed of the way I look and want to do something about it, but I can’t handle weighted exercises with my forearms being so small..

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  • Training split for training twice a day could look something like this.

  • I am doing push pull legs and just feel like shoulders can use more work. So yes if I go in the morning and go all in on chest and triceps, even if I still don’t have the capacity go quite 100 percent to my potential on shoulders later in the evening, surely I can get more out of an isolated evening shoulder workout than i would have in a regular push routine. Especially if I even save triceps after shoulders instead of doing it with chest.

  • I do not work anything, and I’m on testosterone 300mg/ml (1ml a week) + dianabol 20mg.
    I eat like crazy, and I kill myself every time I go to the gym.
    I start training every morning when I wake up at 07:00 O’clock.
    However, during week 6 of my cycle,, which I currently am on right now.
    I’m feeling fully recovered a few hours later since the anabolics recover my body faster this should be very doable at least for a month or so.
    (And it should result with more muscles built than if I only would’ve done the same workout but skipped doing it twice a day)
    Don’t know if I would be fully recovered otherwise.

  • I’m currently doing a sprint workout in the morning and weights in the evening for 2 days a week. Got football practice on Wednesday and Saturday. And do one more weight session on Sunday. I’m feeling great so far… Hope that I can keep it up

  • You could have outlined the nutrition as well? Like carbs in pre and post for 2 sessions in a day or one of them with no carbs? How to bridge to next workout session food wise?

  • This guy always speaks pure genuine facts. Not like other fitness idiots who try to push the narrative that there is only one way of doing things ie Tiger Fitness.

  • When you’re working out more and working your muscles they will retain water because they are healing from the microtears. That’s what my trainer told me so don’t weigh yourself everyday especially the first week. Last summer I lost 3 inches around my waist which took me about 3 weeks before I saw the scale drop. And then after the first month the scale started dropping like crazy. Your body is adjusting to more activity. The scale is a liar. Trust the process. You won’t lose it all in a week.

  • Just work hard train hard., every single day and eat good food rich in minerals and protein., let your genetics will appear your muscles “there’s no word of over training “ to athletes.,bodybuilders.,and war soldiers

  • You’re absolutely stunning! Your dress for the wedding fit you perfectly as well ��

    I understand the discouragement but always remember through this process we are our worst critic. Keep pushing and the those bumps on the road will be worth it. Thank you for always being an inspiration ��

  • I’m three times a day, 171 cm 70 kg
    Pushups 25 x 3
    Sit up 30×3
    Running 30 minutes x 3
    Pull up 5 x 3
    But my food is normal like before I starting this
    I want to ask, can I lost weight 10 kg in 1 month?
    Does it have any bad effect?
    Thank you very much

  • I see it as, if your not sore the next day, then you can work the same muscle again. I believe in Nuclei Overload training, just look at people like farmers, who get huge from working the same muscles all day every day

  • I split PPL for towadays, the shorter workouts make it possible to maintain intensity
    Push A.M
    Push P.M
    Shoulders, tris
    Pull A.M
    Pull P.M
    Traps, r.delts, bis
    Legs A.M
    Legs P.M
    Calves, hams

  • I just started the 100 pushup a day and dumbbell exercises for about a hour..doing four different pushups. 8 meals a day hoping will help with my gains.

  • I done a training program once where I worked out 4 time’s a day the workouts we’re shorter obviously, this works absolutely brilliantly it’s called signal training. Try it guys your be amazed at the results I may even do this program again myself it’s that good.

  • I did twice every 24 hours. Weights in the PM before work and cardio in the AM after. I was eating a TON sleeping well. I didn’t have a life other than gym, eat, cook, work, gym, sleep repeat. Got hella hectic after about 10 weeks.

  • Any advice on how to lose belly fat? I’m 6’3 around 200 pounds and been working out consistently, 3-4 times a week with lower weights, higher reps. Also body weight and core exercises almost daily. Stopped eating desserts and drinking pop. Cant seem to lose this little pot belly I have. Any advice would be appreciated? Thanks

  • I’m going to try working out twice a day, every other day. 45 minute sessions. Then I get a full day of recovery every other day. Although an advantage of two workouts a day is burning more calories, working out every day also increases your cortisol levels, which lowers your testosterone.

  • actually I am trying to cut down fat and parallelly want to look shredded. So by doing cardio in the morning and weight training in the evening will help me?

  • I have been 2 workouts per day for past 1 month, which is pushup variations and abs in the morning and, Resistance band exercises of two muscle groups like chest nd triceps or back nd biceps or shoulder nd legs in the evening.
    So is this ok to do or is it right??

  • This is unreasonable…. This is not achieved by work outs alone, stop making people think it is “even training twice a day”….. I can see injection sites in the shoulders, I have no issue with performance enhancers, BUT TELL PEOPLE about it, and you would sleep more bro if u weren’t on steroids or epinephrine…. This culture is dangerous, I’ve no doubt ull jump to denial and that’s fine too, what ever u need to do to do you… But include the methods involved and the risks they entail.. You have influence

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  • How do you feel about over training in regards to fighting and running? I work out typically 6 days a week. Run 5-6 days, Muay Thai 5-6 days, weights only 1 or 2 days, and fit in MMA a 2-3 days a week. I’m at a point were most stuff doesn’t make me sore and I recover quickly between rounds. I don’t need a full minute to recover from pads, bag work, or flow drills. There’s days I’ll work out for 4 hours some a bit less. At times I worry about over training but I love it.

  • What about overtraining because of a physical labor job? How can we prevent and neurotransmitter damage, when I’m working out my arms carrying stuff (mover) for 14+ hrs a day?

  • Wow I can’t even work our once a week and here you are doing it twice everyday! Good job and keep up the great work!! You look amazing! ��❤️❤️❤️

  • I’m trying a two time a day workout…in the early a.m before breakfast I run for 45 minutes then abs, shadow box and HIT body weight stuff…then in the evenings strength training…and eat like a pig

  • would you reccommend adding a 2nd low-volume workout like 1x or 2x a week just to do some accessory work on a lagging body part? say triceps or shoulders?

  • Hi Mike, What is the best way to know I’m over training? I always workout until I can’t do more reps.. is this the correct approach?

  • Hi, my problem is that i have fat on my chest, soo yeah it’s really annoying and embarassing, soo 3 days ago i started to train 3 hours per day, morning, afternoon and night, each hour i do the same thing, 270 push ups, each 90 arw differents, large, close and normal ones, then i lift the bar with 20 kg 270 times, each 90 are different as the push ups, and then the last one is 150 squats with the bar on my shoulders(always 20kg) ok soo my question is, im breaking my body? A person told me that when i grow up my body wont even walk because of this hard training, soo what you think? 3 hours a day or 1 hour a day is good? Sorry for my english:”) thanks.

  • Sir should we do Cardio in morning empty stomach and eat breakfast after that or should we do our breakfast first and then Cardio after 45-60 min.

  • I think my uncle’s son won the genetic lottery he is 7 and he wears cloths of a 11 year old and he is the biggest kid in his class����

  • I think I put my body into shock by doing what I thought would be a beginners calisthenics based workout.. Eccentric pull ups really tightened up my bicep tendons/muscle. Ive been stiff for 2 days. Have I made an error?

  • Thanks so much I know you won’t see this cause of how old this video is but this helped me a lot I was gaining nothing cause I was only trying 2-3 times a week after trying something new it helped me put on gain so much

  • I’m thinking about this too, I want to train Monday’s Wednesday’s and Fridays mornings lower and evening upper body, rather then 5days a week. But the downside of this is increased calories intake on those days, more fatigue, and vital time management.

  • Girl I’ve been going to the gym for 3 mo the and I haven’t seen any results well I see my body changing but my weight is the same:( I want to lose weight because I’m 4’11 and I’m 177lb and I hate it that a lot for my night and age I’m 21, i love Zumba too and cycle & I think I’m going to be working out at home in the mornings and then at the gym in the afternoon, & I was wondering have you heard of Herbalife my dad use to take that when my dad was trying to lose weight and it works you replace replace your meals for the shake some people do two meals but he did only dinner and with that you lose weight and of course you should workout while on the shake & after you want to stop taking it then you just go back to eating healthy, I’m going to try it as well, if you would like to hear my results in two weeks I’ll let you know Incase you want to see if you would like to try it as well, you’ll just search up Herbalife near me and most likely there will be they sell them all over the USA, and I do eat normal healthy and of course have some cheats.

  • I was stuck in my weight for 2 weeks, im on OMAD diet and workout 6 times a week. I tried working out 2 times a day since last week and finally, my weight drops for 4 lbs. in a week.

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  • I think once and awhile it’s fine (kinda like a shock the body sort of thing). I’ve heard stories of people making the most gains when they were doing twice a day workouts. Also didn’t Arnold train twice a day?

  • I train ab 6-7 days a week and have high volume but rarely ever feel sore but I am also getting stronger and bigger am I overtraining

  • It is correct sequence of one part chest, triceps, back, bicep, shoulder, legs. Plz just tell me the correct order to build up mass muscle. I m beginners just do it for beginners

  • I do my normal workout in the morning as follows:
    Monday: Legs (Intensity)
    Tuesday: REST
    Wednesday: Chest, Shoulder & Triceps (Intensity)
    Thursday: Back & Biceps (Intensity)
    Friday: Legs (Volume)
    Saturday: Chest, Shoulder & Triceps (Volume)
    Sunday: Back & Biceps (Volume)

    And then the evening workout as follows:
    Monday: Abs 30min & Forearms 15-20min
    Tuesday: Abs 30min (can be done in the morning or evening)
    Wednesday: Abs 30min
    Thursday: Abs 30min & Forearms 15-20min
    Friday: Abs 30min & Forearms 15-20min
    Saturday: Abs 30min
    Sunday: Abs 30min & Forearms 15-20min

    That works for me, I feel good and gains are good too. I also do vacuums every morning when I wake up but I don’t count that as a ”workout”.

    However I’d like to know if there’s something that is not good for gains or overall health that I might not feel at the moment?

  • Great content as usual Mike, been a follower for a few years now and you always deliver top class content. Can you please make a video for those fasting in the month of ramadan on how to approach a healthy diet, maintaining calories or even being in a deficit or surplus? Also, ideally what time would be best to do training with or without (resistance bands/bodyweight) weights?:-)

  • yup how my physique looking in that thumbnail.not quit the same haha but..depleted,unfortunately emaciated,smaller…just havent got the facilty even mike

  • Right now I’m doing Insanity and 20 minute aerobics workout from the 80s and I’m trying to lose weight as well as eat right. I admire what you’ve done!!! You inspire me!!

  • I actually been doing 2x a day and wow i feel amazing, I actually want to try 3x a day My honest opinion is do what your body can handle everyone is different

  • Omg for those who don’t understand overtraining, you’ve never overtrained! I have overtrained! My resting heart rate was plummeting like 30 bpm; I was exhausted everyday; my muscles were not recovering and I was not progressing in speed or strength.

    Overtraining and training hard are not the same!!

  • My experiences say 5 days muscle training followed by 10 mnts high speed sprint on trademill enough to get desire results. 5 sessions sprint 30sec high speed and 1.30 mnt. walk

  • Hi could you please do a video about this subject im about to mention. I start work at the same time the gym opens and I finish the same time it closes and that happens 4 times a week. Can I work out twice a week And see good enough results

  • I have been following your videos on weight loss… girl we all struggle! its not easy but have you seen a doctor? maybe have some blood work done and test your thyroid and glucose/ insulin. I realized when I started gaining weight and how hard it was to get it off I went to see my doctor and I found out I am insulin resistant which causes in balances in your glucose and it makes you gain weight and makes it harder that others to loose weight. also what about a nutritionist or trainer to help? good luck!

  • I only do about 4 exercises per muscle group, but I take 3minute breaks. Not because of research, because I can do more weight and put in more effort. It takes me 2 hrs to lift. Is that bad? I think it’s only because of the weights

  • Thank you for your videos! I’ve just started following you, and typically I don’t like follow men because typically I don’t like their beleifs. but you my friend have great content and believe everything you say! Everyone is personal, things are never black and white. And you believe in recovery and not damaging the body too much! Thanks again will keep watching and supporting you!

  • I think you have answered your own question. You admit that your second daily session is never as intense as your first one and that some days you wake up feeling totally over trained. That would be a NO to training twice a day then.

  • How bout abs/full body Cardio for 30 minutes in the mornings

    And 1 hour of heavy

    F:Full upper body

  • hello Lee im thinking of starting a routing where i am going for a run in the morning, weight lifing in the afternoon and boxing in the evening, what is your opinion on this, or is 3 times a day too much

  • I just got out of a 1 year injury from my shoulder, got back to the gym and I read somewhere that the muscle has memory and that one can recover in 3 weeks all the muscle lost if one trains the muscle twice a week and heavy, obviously if one is natural, now I was thinking going to the gym twice a day so I went be 3 hours in the gym, so a large muscle early in the morning and 3 smaller muscle in the night, could this work?

  • Your body composition changed quickly. It just inspired me not worry about the weight and just get healthy and happy about how I’m going to look ☺️

  • I go to the gym daily for a little over an hour for cardio.

    17 min of running 7mph-2 miles
    Rest some minutes
    20 min on the cardio row700 to 800 cal per hr
    Rest for some minutes plus stretch
    20 min on the stair machinespeed 8

    3 days a week I train full body… my full body work out plus cardio is about 3.5 hours.

    Rest a lot 1015 min

    Then I do full body.

    Bench press 3×10 or 2 ×10 and 2×5
    Squats 3×10 or 2×10 and 2×5
    Shoulder press 1×10 or 2×10
    Deadlift 1×10 and 2×5
    Calf raises 2×20 or 3×20
    Sit ups 3×20

    Then I hit the arms/shoulders/chest
    A couple of diff. dumbbell curls
    8×10 or 16×10 in total

    The arms are low weight so I can squeeze and do the full range of motion on each rep. I am “burned” out sometimes and fail to complete the rep safely so I try a different muscle or leave the gym.

    I feel fine. The only issue is my calf muscle or upper thighs are sometimes extremely sore. Also my knees cracks a little too much.

    I am starting to stretch at home.

    I’m not over training right?
    I would get angry if my hard work wasn’t productive.

    I sleep 8 to 12 hours. I feel good most times.

    Should I continue to workout daily on my cardio and train 3 days a week OR train my muscles daily with lower reps but more weight?

    I tried 5 or 7 days a week of full body workout.

    It was horrific. Everything was cracking. I was sleeping 12 hours and still having low energy like sleeping on my desk while studying.

    5 or 7 days a week of training wasn’t good for me but I stayed trying for weeks. Now 3 days a week of full body I have more energy and lift heavier… But what if I lack muscle stimuli for growth?

    Is 3 days enough?

  • I am 60kg and want to become 68kg. Is it okay for me to workout twice a day?? and please suggest me meal plan to increase my weight.
    thanks in advance:)

  • You’re probably gaining muscle but still losing inches. Its not best to go off by the scale. I would do measurements each part of your body and you can check in every month to see how much you’ve lost inches

  • Hey girly, you look great, don’t get frustrated, your body’s changing, muscle weighs more, try not to focus on the number, don’t give up, stick with it and drink water, lots and lots of water!��

  • Hey, I have been gyming for 3 months now. My trainer changed my work out plan and includes 2 muscle groups per day, is that okay??

  • I dont believe in overtraining: Try “Overtraining” 1 muscle group for a month (everyday) then take a week off from that muscle. Then go back to your normal routine. You will LOSE muscle! BUT you increase nuclei in your muscle cells making it easier to put on muscle in that area. Its called NUCLEI OVERLOAD TRAINING if you are interested in looking into it

  • I watched his video on weak lower backs not too long ago. I loved scrubbing through this video and seeing him standing in the same spot the whole time

  • Great answer. I found that doing calisthenics and jumping rope (on an empty stomach) before I go to work each morning is a great motivator to start the day. I burn a few calories and knock out my cardio. I come home and ignore that I had a mini workout in the morning. If I can’t or choose not to lift after work, I don’t feel like a complete loser. The mini workout has a lasting effect too. Makes me feel alert throughout the morning.

  • Why not train twice a day one day, then rest(cardio) on opposing days? That’s what I’m going to try. Why doesn’t anyone ever think of this approach?

  • So you mean to tell me that there are ppl who to finish thier training dont have to mentally fight themselfs to get that last 2-3 pulls? Like i mean when im working out to those last pulls i have to picture every reason in my head for why im doing this, to get the last few pulls in, and i can tell you for sure that the next 6-7hours after i can barrely use that muscle again, thats how exhausted it is, but you serriusly mean to tell me that there are ppl who dosn’t feel that way after thier workout?! Wtf its supose to be exhausting and hard!!!

  • Wise words, i see people in the gym and they say your not there long enough but they spend most the time chatting shit or not even busting a sweat. So many rubbish comments, people don’t understand, between training hard and overtraining. Great video as always.

  • Mike, could you release a template of the spreadsheet that you’re using to write your training? Not with the exercises, just a blank template for people to write their own programs. I’m trying to write one and having a sheet with the days and macros set up would make life super easy. Yours looks mad.

  • Great feedback. Thanks! Do you by chance have any thoughts on 2 a day combinations in the forms of lifting heavy + punching bag or lifting heavy + swimming? If those don’t put you at risk of injury or overtraining, they seem they could great combinations.
    Thanks again!

  • This will probably get lost in the comments but do you think it’s possible for someone (considerably) overweight to just go straight into a muscle building program or would there need to be a program based on losing fat first? Just wondering would weight training build muscle and burn fat too?

  • Hey, I have been gyming for 3 months now. My trainer changed my work out plan and includes 2 muscle groups per day, is that okay??

  • Sir, i have been doing gym twice a day and the problem is that i am getting joint pain on my left arm, so should i stop going to the gym twice. Pls i need your answer.

  • Hi! I love you. You’re awesome. Just a tip. You went from Keto to your one meal a day challenge, then working out twice a day. Your body is trying to hold onto all the nutrition it can so you plateaued. Working out more will kick you back into gear, but stay away from fruit. It sounds so healthy but its too much natural sugar. Eat protein. No pasta of any kind before working out. It weighs you down & makes you sluggish. If you want pasta only eat a cup full & then a salad on the side. Shoot for 1200 to 1300 calories total. I love zumba too, burns a lot of calories. Stick to one thing as far as dieting goes, change the batteries in the scale & how you feel & look matters more than what the scale says! Good luck! Take care of yourself. Abrazos!!! -Michelle.

  • Since the gyms have closed I’ve had to do 2 sessions a day also which I’m finding very demanding at times with work.
    My current split is
    Mon/Wed/Fri 2 sessions (first morning session compounds, second session either push/pull/legs minus the compound movements performed in morning)
    Tue/Thur one session a day of volume either push/pull/legs.

    I noticed in the first 2/3 weeks I jumped from 75kg to 79kg (a-bit of fat also as I’m constantly eating)

    What do you think?
    Any advice would be much appreciated:)

  • I usually go to play football 2-1&1/2 hrs and probably go to gym after or before like 3-4 hrs. I thought I ‘ll be tired after playing hitting to the gym but damn, i feel more energetic because my body does already warm up, exercised and ready for lifting weights.

  • I just wanna make sure i understood this part well enough…
    Ok so what youre saying is:
    If you were bigger than every kids when you were 12, you won the genetic lottery.

    How do i know i won the genetic lottery if i started working out at 11?

    Did i win the genetic lottery because i can easily sustain 4 hours at the gym? Will it be good for me to do so, or do i have to cut it at 1:30 workouts? What if im able to push further? Im curious to know if its my genetics or just because im addicted like a smoker to workout. Seriously if u got an answer i would appreciate very much!
    How do i know i won the genetic lottery despite the fact i worked out alot at 11 then at 12 i was buffed compared to the other kids.
    How do i know if my 10 hours work as a demolition man actually gave me or took from me?
    I see results, i keep seeing them no matter what i do, is that a sign?

  • I am on disability benefits in the USA. So I can train 2 times a day, early morning 5 am or 6 am. Then come home, have some whey protein have a meal wait a few hours. Then back for another hour, full body. Training like this, I cannot do sprints the added stress on the knees is too much. Walking is fine. I am 6’4 293 so trying to drop 50 pounds, taxing on the joints. 2 days off. But your right I may start splits, train upper than lower. I dont like that added stress. It may be my body adjusting, It went from lifting 20 pound dumbbells during the gyms closed, to benching 275lbs 6 reps and 75 pound dumbbells 15 20 reps. I got 315 on the incline bench press once. That was on the second session, the intensity is just as good, if not better, since I am in a fasted state the first one, just a whey protein shake before and some coffee.

  • Would two a days be better for someone that works 4 12s on and 4 12s off. I train big body parts during the day then small late at night. Workout 5 day in a row then take 3 off…the 5th day is a 1 day workout not 2

  • Overtraining can be a good thing or bad thing. If you are challenging yourself with more intensity and longer periods in the pain zone then its good. At some point it becomes junk volume vs quality. If you train more intense every rep sometimes you don’t need more sets. Try weighted slow motion pushups. You can hit failure under 10 reps easy.

  • I’m having major problems staying asleep at night.. 5 hours max and I’m up no matter how much weed i smoke or how much sleep aid i take or how much beer i drink.. I can’t sleep on my shoulders or get comfy at night.. Hungry 30 minutes after a big meal (maybe i need to eat more) If i don’t train to failure then I feel like I’m wasting my time.. Should I slow down?

  • I have not done two work outs a day in a long time. But I think when I go into the gym just once I know I am getting my work out in.

  • Thank you John,, great info. Myself and wife are over 50 and training is ongoing when we can. We have been wondering about our training and why are we so tired, work life balance is important and age is a big factor. Thank you John

  • Few times a month I do twice a day training, the next one is at home with dumbells like biceps or grippers while watching tv or youtube. Nothing too fancy.

  • Try Weight Watchers for a week. People talk bad about it but you get to eat a little bit of everything in moderation and you don’t have to count calories.

  • I’ll listen to Arnold he says its ok to be a little over train yea ur tired but so what…this guy compared to anrold looks like a kid

  • Day 1: Quads Ham and Glutes… thats 80% of the muscle trained in your body over 18 hours, there is prob circa 10 training sessions a week, anyone that can do ten sessions a week clearly isnt training with appropriate intensity.

  • It fuckin amazes me cause I learned about this myself but I wasn’t sure if they were known facts about training. You know how in your training where you learn things but you don’t pay attention to them cause it came natural from experience? Now told by a pro what I already knew. Not everything he knows but lots of info he shares. That makes me feel good about myself. Knowing I’m doing this shit right

  • i am 280 pounds I am doing three times a day work out at 7am to 10am at 5am to 8pm and at 11pm to 3am I do cardio and weights all together in those 3 hours I don’t do exactly 3 hours but I do close to it as much possible and I was wondering if that’s okay? like am I pushing too much or should I keep it steady like it is

  • Why overdo it? People in their 20s are just obsessed with physical looks. Wait till you get into your 40s and 50s. This popped up on my recommendations, no idea why. So much shallowness, it is disgusting.

  • How about upper body in the morning and legs in the afternoon/evening? As long as you split your leg routine into two (one day quads and glutes and the other day hamstrings and calves), I think it’s fine to hit the gym twice a day.

  • on Wed day a.m. begin with breakfast! jump into light squats starting with ten reps increase weight decrease reps. optional super set with sit ups or do them after. lastly i would like to mention that I have a steep ass thirty hard drive way. like I’ll rape you steep. and I go down back up 10 ×. (increase weekly) and do back and biceps in the gym at 6:00 p.m. with by body it takes away from my gains to do any more than 1 two a day a week. but hit those macros and lift blah

  • John,
    What about keeping the volume the same, but going with an A/B workout? In my case, I’m doing deadlift/bench/barbell row/overhead press/leg press. Would there be an advantage to splitting it up & doing deadlift/bench in the morning & barbell row/overhead press/leg press in the evening? Would that optimize protein synthesis?

  • 1 session at 110% vs. 2 sessions at 80%… I think the last gives more hypertrophy AND is less fatiguing in the long run… WHAT DO YOU THINK?

  • Is it advisable to do indurance workout in the morning and strength workout at the evening?
    Dose the indurance workout kill the muscles strength or size?
    Do i need to have supplements for that type of programming?
    Hope you can advice me, thanks for the video

  • I workout (WAY TO MUCH) I know it’s kinda bad but guess what I stay in shape and it gives me a reason to get out and it’s where I feel at home

  • I m Doing twice a day workout in morning for biceps and triceps and then i do different types of exercises like for Abs,chest…IS it good for me or not??

  • Jhon i have a question for u if i work as truck driver for like 13 hrs monday tru friday and i go to the gym at 4 am for like 6 days a week and i only sleep for like 5 hrs im on roids little be i need rest other day and working out like 5 days only?

  • I feel the need to sometimes due two workouts as I work in a very heavy manual labour job as a window fitter and with this lockdown in place I feel that I need to maintain my strength if not get stronger by adding extra stress onto my muscle fibres in order to gain more strength and more muscle mass if possible�� I like to do a heavy home workout Push during the day along with cardio after 20 min minimum on my spin bike then a light pump circuit come 8-9 hours later due to what I’ve got to do at work. You can follow my TWITTER fitness page veganfitness_1 and my INSTAGRAM vegan_fitness_1 Antonio

  • If you’re a pro with high quality food, supplements and gear, you probably could. Juan Morel in his prep for the New York Pro worked heavy and intense twice a day. Pull in the morning Shoulders at night, quads in the morning hams at night, shit like that.

  • Hi! Nice video. I usually do 2 push days, 2 pull days and one leg day. Is it fine if I do leg in the morning and push on afternoon?

  • Two and 3 times a day playing college ball…. no way to sustain that kind of pounding and constant metabolic demand. I think John is dead on by saying use it for calorie burn… cause every summer you were guaranteed to lose at least 10 lbs in 2 weeks. I say go for it in limited cycles. 2 weeks tops. After that you are at risk of being catabolic for far too long and will see such an enormous dip in energy and ultimately strength. Also, with that huge demand and constant flood of ghrelin from all of the gh circulating in your body… YOU WILL WANT TO FEAST just like John said. So be conscious of the risk of excess or wrong calories while you’re doing this. It can be done but don’t just be a dope and go for it without a plan. Put your diet together, workout program, and what you are looking to accomplish by doing two a days. That way at least the road map is there and it won’t just be a slip shod attempt at upping your intensity level just to have it all send you into a spiral.

    Plan. Plan. Plan. And do a trial run for a day or two… It’s no joke. Especially if you go after it like you’re supposed to.

    Art Atwood was a big proponent of two a days. God rest his soul. He limited his sessions to 45 minutes each. I think that’s a good place to start. Not like the 2 hour marathons we were put through in college. Just tears the body up too much.

    Hope this helps someone. Cheers!

  • I trained so hard that I feel like I just got out of surgery. I can’t stand because I get dizzy, and my entire body is on fire lol. I dunno Jeff, I hope he’s right.

  • Hey Jon be up your way next thursday, goin to powerhouse to train as your videos have inspired my wife and I to train hard again! Thanks!

  • Hello John,
    How about 1 workout per day on 3 days of th eweek and 2 workouts on another? Due to fitting in suitable splits with my work commitments etc.

  • It depends on what you’re training on if you want burn fat you can train twice a day with a similar routine this guy explains. If you want strength and size once with a higher intensity than you would if you trained twice. Also it depends on your calorie intake if you’re body can survive training with that much workout also based on how you’re body feels after the first training session you could train twice depending how long your train for is another factor. Another thing is how frequently you train during the week 4 days 5 days or 6 days your body needs time to recover and rest. Based on your schedule and your body if you want to train how many times or how frequent in the week and the purpose of your training

  • This was very informative, great, pointful, and easy to understand video:)
    I also have a question that an answer for could help me much

    My question: (Apologies for the length)
    What if my I workout during the evening/afternoon, Not killing myself but still training rather intensely & with weights (Push/Pull/Legs). And I wanna add a little 30-minute morning-workout into my routine, BUT without the use of weights, just doing Push-ups, Pull-ups, Crunches, etc… Basically a medium intensity Total-Body-styled workout with my bodyweight.
    And my diet’s good, sleep’s good all good, and I just wanna do those 2 workouts (30 min TB morning, 45-90 Minutes Push/Pull/Legs in the evening) Medium & High intensity… How will that affect muscle recovery, muscle growth, etc? I am just scared that if I do a Total body after say a Leg day, my legs’ recovery will take a hit and I will see fewer results
    That is my question, it would mean the world to me to get an opinion/advice on this from a person so experienced such as you, Thanks in advance!:)

  • Hey Mike! Just a question. For me, my chest is my weak point and my shoulders and back are fairly nice. I’m planning to follow your split. Which muscle group should I change up to double up my chest?

  • What if I’m doing wights in the morning with heavy wight like 3-7 reps but only about 12 sets and then do a calisthenics workout which would be higher reps anywhere from 10 to 30 reps

  • Dear Master,

    Can you please recreate this video with updates in fitness industry for the same question; and also including an answer to my question. I am 172cm and 39yrs age, 71kg of weight. I lost my weight from 88kg to 71kg since last two years only by long hours of walking. But my belly fat and body shape still not impressive so I have joined a gym 4 days ago. At this moment I am going through some tough business and family struggles and suddenly I find exercising in the gym and pursuing better version of me is seeming to be fulfilling. For the last 4 days I have worked out around 4 hours a day and I was mainly inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger who mentioned in his talk that he worked out five hour a day, every single day to get his championship. I really want to know how should I split the time between cardio, weight lifting and any other sport in the gym (I found I have some interest in boxing while I watched others doing it.) my main goal is not to get more muscle. But to tune up, loose some fat, or redistribute the fat from belly to other areas evenly. Thank you.

  • And that is why you should not look at a scale WHEN YOU ARE STARTING to loose weight! You should weigh yourself only once a month or every other week… seriously I would starve myself again if I didn’t through my scale away ��

  • 100% agree and can relate to everything you just broke down. Great training split and well explained and yes, listening to your body and knowing when to be flexible with the program and intensity levels is key…especially when natural.

  • I agree, every day since the 2nd of this month i have been working out till my body cant anymore every week day, usually 1 hr to 45min with 2 25bls. i have been growing fast and am happy with over training, no special diet just eating more and taking whey protien. hopefully i can keep it up!

  • what if you got the gym bug? lol i’ve seen results and i’m a skinny guy. wider and taller biceps. V-line improvements? calf growth…i guess it is all down to the individual.

  • dude scientifically you need to let your muscles rest. ok when you workout you push very hard every day but sometimes you just need to have a rest day cause muscles don’t work like that.

  • 2:45 you say bodybuilders don’t have jobs because they don’t want jobs and portray them as lazy outside of the gym. You forgot to mention how they dedicate their lives and commit all their effort into growing. That is more than a job, that is something many of us strive to do.

  • What I wanted to hear cool! Is it true Lee to lift heavier weights after a week routine coz the weights I m lifting is not heavy anymore I m doing a home workout without any special equipment or protein but I m seeing results but I just want to know must I start lifting heavyweights

  • You should check out the gaugegirltraining videos. I think you would really like videos about body chemistry with diet and exercise.

  • Training twice a day should be fine as long as it’s not the same muscle because if you trained a muscle with enough intensity that muscle now needs to recover from the micro tears by repairing itself from your diet and rest.

  • I want to improve my boxing as well as my weight training, can I train with weights for let’s say 1,5 hours in the morning and then for another hour boxing at night for six days/week, or is that overtraining?

  • Wow �� love the result your looking great, Also just wanted to ask what watch are you using to count the calories that your burning?

  • I want to lose fat and I want to workout two times a day. I am beginner (3-4months exp.).
    1). Can I do exercise for abdominal (cardio and abs) in the morning and weight training in evening?
    2). For how much time this programme can be followed?
    3). Should I use CARTININE and CLA?

  • Nelly, your Will power is so damn awesome! I’m so happy for you. You are like me, everyone around can tell me I’m doing well and they notice a change, but if I don’t see it in the scale, I won’t believe it.
    It’s hard! Something that helped me, was weighing myself once every 2 weeks, instead of daily or weekly. Also, try probiotics, it helps regulate your digestive system too

    Keep your head up, you got this! ❤️

  • Morning: 25 mins cardio
    Afternoon: 15 mins abs workout
    Evening: 20 mins exercise and 20 mins arm workout.
    Is this works for me?! I am worrying whether I can’t lose weight?!..������

  • For some reason I feel the second half of a 90 minute session easier and more engaging. It feels downhill in the mind and also because the hardest movements come first. I just started full body 4 times a week and once past the initial soreness, my body just went next level.

  • Nelly I’m the same way and i want to see the numbers go down or i feel so discouraged…im going through the same things you are struggling with and i dont know what to do anymore…I’m thinking about signing up to those programs i see on IG that tells you exactly what to eat, don’t know anymore ��I’m happy you ended up feeling happy and excited at the end��

  • What if you work out on different muscles each day or that what your talking about already or because I’ve been working our 7 days a week and each muscle twice a week. Is that good or bad?

  • Everyone has adrenal fatigue these days from the news and processed shit and the plastics and this guy, on steroids all year round, asking us to over train. Fucking piece of shit. Unsubbed.

  • Hey girl you do look thinner.. but don’t discourage your self. Keep up the good work. I Am in the same boat as you.. iam trying to lose weight but the scale keeps playing games with me. But everyone keeps saying I look thinner. You make me feel so much better knowing that iam not the only person struggling with the scale. Love ❤️ you blessings

  • Long time ago. Like 25 years ago I worked out at home with Tony little videos every day. Went from a size 22 to a 12 in 3 and 1/2 months. Is when I really felt the best! I need to start again and I too hate to work out. I keep telling you. Muscle weighs more than fat. You building muscle