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1. Muscles rev up your metabolism Lifting weights regularly promotes the growth of lean muscle mass, which is an integral part of any fat loss journey. Put simply, muscle helps cultivate a healthier metabolism because the more muscle your body has, the more calories it will burn at rest. Eating food can increase your metabolism for a few hours. This is called the thermic effect of food (TEF).

It’s caused by the extra calories required to digest, absorb and process the nutrients in. Incorporate interval training (alternating between more-intense and less-intense activities during one workout) into your exercise routine for an even bigger metabolism boost, says Mark Hyman, M.D., editor in chief of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, a member of the board of directors for the Institute for Functional Medicine, and the author of Ultrametabolis. “That gets your blood pumping and flowing, which boosts your metabolism 1 to 2 percent,” says Kian Ameli, owner of the Concord, California location of Momentum Fitness. Water is the single most. Fortunately, there are a number of effective ways to boost your metabolism, including proper diet, early exercise, increasing omega-3s, working out, adding protein, boosting activity levels, varying caloric intake and many more!

Ways to Boost your Metabolism The effective ways to boost your metabolism includ. Eat fat, boost your metabolism? Yep, it’s not crazy. Getting enough healthy fats from foods like avocados, coconut, nuts, eggs, and fish can help stimulate the right hormones to ensure that your metabolism doesn’t shut down, even when you’re cutting back on calories.

There are ways to boost the way your metabolism works. Eating the right foods is a great way, and exercising another. This guest blog is written by fitness expert and fellow blogger Marshall Evans.

The GOODista is thrilled to have his input, and the exercises really work to boost your metabolism. Do give us feedback, and feel free to share, comment and like in social media. Let’s have a look at the 6 best metabolism boosting exercises: Kettlebell Swing The swing works your hamstrings, core, lower back, and your glutes – one of the biggest muscles in your body, so is a great calorie burner. Not only that, but swings will get your breathing and heart rate through the roof.

Squat. Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit. – E.E. Cummings By Leo Babauta. One of the things that held me back from pursuing my dreams for many years was fear of failure and the lack of self-confidence that I needed to overcome that fear. Diet and exercise also play a role if your metabolism is faster than most.

A fast metabolism isn’t a license to eat junk, notes the Center for Young Women’s Health. Eat well-balanced meals and nutrient-dense snacks, such as avocados, nuts, seeds and peanut butter.

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Also, by drinking more water and taking a high potency vitamin and mineral supplements you will create a surplus of body energy that you can then use to start doing light exercises which will increases your metabolism even more.

“The Power of Your Metabolism” by Frank Suarez
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That said, it’s imperative to know and follow certain principles so that (a) your body changes for the better and (b) your motivation remains high so that you continue to work out regularly.

“Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder” by Edward Jackowski
from Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder
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Exercise can also increase self-confidence through weight loss, improved posture and physique, and better skin and hair.

“Gce Health and Social Care for OCR, as Double Award.” by Moonie
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Exercising, though, is not only about looking good, it is about feeling good, feeling energized and being healthy inside out.

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
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by Namrata Purohit
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On the other hand, when you use the right weight-loss techniques, your metabolism gets an energizing boost that leaves you feeling brighter and looking your best.

“The Supercharged Hormone Diet: A 30-Day Accelerated Plan to Lose Weight, Restore Metabolism, and Feel Younger Longer” by Natasha Turner
from The Supercharged Hormone Diet: A 30-Day Accelerated Plan to Lose Weight, Restore Metabolism, and Feel Younger Longer
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And fight the urge to eat more when your metabolism kicks up into overdrive.

“The Russian Kettlebell Challenge: Xtreme Fitness for Hard Living Comrades” by Pavel Tsatsouline
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“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide to Self-healing for Everyone” by Linda G. Rector-Page
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Exercise also increases the body’s metabolism, which helps weight loss.

“Ferri's Clinical Advisor 2016 E-Book: 5 Books in 1” by Fred F. Ferri
from Ferri’s Clinical Advisor 2016 E-Book: 5 Books in 1
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If you want to look (and feel) your best, inside and out, consistently follow these steps: Eat a nutritious diet complete with healthy fats, adequate protein, and low sugar; take your supplements; hydrate; sleep; maintain a healthy digestive system; and manage stress.

“The Hormone Diet: A 3-Step Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Strength, and Live Younger Longer” by Natasha Turner
from The Hormone Diet: A 3-Step Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Strength, and Live Younger Longer
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Exercise can help you build muscle and lose body fat, suppress your appetite, eat more without gaining fat weight, enhance your mood, reduce stress and anxiety levels, increase your energy level, boost your immune system, keep your joints and muscles more flexible, and improve the quality of your life.

“The Athlete’s Guide to Diabetes” by Sheri R. Colberg
from The Athlete’s Guide to Diabetes
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  • Sign of high level of genetic testosterone:
    1. Adam’s apple
    2. Big balls
    3. Facial and body hair
    4. Chest to waist ratio. Wider chest narrow waist
    5. Unibrow
    6. Long ring finger compared to index finger

  • What if you cant train. I sprained my my foot how can i boost my metablism. I am already eating only protein in my meals and doing yoga to stress out. Please help

  • I’m really enjoying your videos, I’m prob the only guy following but I need the motivation and u are awesome, now I need to find some gym workout for my stomach,it’s a sore spot for me,yah I’m fat but trying to get healthy,ty

  • I am really afraid to increase my intake up to 2000cal and above �� I m a very super active girl working out 5 times a week of Crossfit for 2 hours and 2 days of leisure gymnastic for also bout 2 hours.. i restricted my carbs intake to below 100g daily, protein 150g and fat 40g.. I’m still weighing the same at 64kg at 170cm.. I m still at 25% bf even with all the heavy exercise.. what would you advice me? ��

  • Everything is true I was having a high dose of testosterone but as soon as I crossed 25, I don’t know why I am not that energetic that I used to be… soon gonna visit to doctor for my testosterone check up..I want that high dose of testosterone back in my blood.

  • Just wondering how to accurately find your maintenance calories when metabolisms differ from person to person and on genetics?? Thanks!!:)

  • Hi. I was anorexic before and been in recovery for 1 year, but nowadays i ate 400cal/day without realizing it because i eat only healthy food for my skin. I’m planning to do reverse dieting, so should i increase 10-20 cal a day it means i’ll eat 420cal/day? Or just take it to 1200 cal?

  • i took a 2 week break from exercise after hitting one of those famous plateaus eating at 1200 a day and increased to 1300 because i also lost my menstruation i do believe from eating so low. i came back to exercise now, i’m going to start weight lifting on february but for january i’m just doing hiit and begginer resistance at home (ankleweights, resistance bands, etc). and keeping it at 1300. i can’t wait to increase my calories tho because i just love food so much (clean eating of course, but still!). do you think you can slowly do the 100 calories per 2 weeks increase even if you’re not building muscle or should you wait until you start weight lifting? love your positivity as always xx

  • I’ve been struggling and feeling hopeless about all of this. Felt stuck between either majorly restricting or majorly binging. Thank you so much for making these videos. This was so helpful and encouraging.

  • Some tall dudes with a v taper will ask how I can grow such a big beard. It’s interesting how a lot of guys have a mixture of these symptoms but not the other ones.

  • This is an immens amounth of calories, i already struggle with 1750 a day ��, I know it’s not enough for 3 fitness days a week, but with work time is a problem, any tips?

  • You know what is the best natural way to increase testosterone? That is Tongkat Ali, and wildly grown Tongkat Ali! According to studies ( tongkat ali have been increasing testosterone levels even 37% approximately! I am now having this tongkat ali for 1 month already and it have made so big change in my life that I wanna share that with everyone, because that really works! Here in Indonesia is one local project called Borneo Energy which sources only wild grown Tongkat Ali, not the farmed one, and without killing those trees while harvesting it. It is more than recommendable! Website can be found from

  • I track my calories and exercise in an app and have to do cardio three times a week (prep for hopefully upcoming season in a teamsport)
    THE question for me: should I eat only the calories you recommend or should I add the ones from cardio and weightlifting or only cardio?

  • I used to eat 1200 cals a day, always hungry, did not lose weight. Then I did an experiment and ate only when i was hungry and stopped when full. It averaged out to 1700 cals a day.I began to lose weight after listening to my body.

  • I don’t understand how this is working… I mean if I eat more I gain, that hasn’t changed since I’ve been working out, I tried to increase my calories and I just put on weight

  • I’m so scared to gain more weight!:( and if I ate more I would oviously gain more weight at first. How long does it take a body to stop gaining weight and to get lean? Since it is summer I don’t want fatten up but I am at this frustrating point on which 1.200 calories deficit won’t help anymore!:(

  • I love your video! I totally hear you! It feels good to see someone else struggles like the thing is real!! I feel so so so tired and I have been feeling very irritable and unfocused. I have no energy to work out either most days. I have hypothyroidism because I am low on Iodine so I am doing a protocol to get my thyroid functions well again! I wonder how I’ll be able to loose weight before my thyroid is fixed.

  • lol i got tu eat up to 800 cals, meaning restrict and binge, then got up to 1000 but still felt tired. I am now eating 1200 but i am very petite and very young so that’s more or less okay. I am focusing on getting my period back first and fixing my digestion. Still want to lose weight so i am exercising but more slowly, i cant weight train because I dont have a gym, but hopefully very soon.

  • Do we still add on weight once our thyroid gets treated and is in normal condition, because I am still adding on my weight even though my thyroid levels are normal after taking medication

  • I have Graves disease that was put into remission using RAI. Unfortunately after 8 years I now am experiencing postprocedural hypothyroidism. Basically the treatment cause my thyroid to become underactive. Over 3 years ago I lost weight and maintain normal thyroid function by adjusting my diet. I actually did the AIP diet and didnt realize it. I lost 66 pounds. My lowest weight was 214lbs and I maintained it for three years. Started having digestive issues and slowly started gaining my weight back. Fast forward to now I’m currently back on AIP and started this week. I have lost 4 pounds. What I am starting to realize is that diet is the key. You have to find out what triggers you. I am hopeful that I can get my thyroid function back to normal. I retest in 6 weeks. I wanted my doctor to test me for Hashimoto’s disease due to the severe symptoms I’m experiencing. Hair loss, weight gain and last the joint pain. My Endocrinologist is refusing to listen but my PCP said she would if my symptoms dont improve. Just to add that everybody’s body is different. I eat everything and dont have issues. What I avoid is foods that trigger inflammation such as dairy and sugar. Everyone is different so what may trigger me may not trigger you. I get my supplements all through food. I take a multivitamin. I’m extra careful to avoid medications that block my medication because over consumption of certain supplements can cause issues. My suggestion is to get bloodwork done yearly to fined out what you need. All my bloodwork is normal so I dont over supplement my vitamins. Great video!

  • This video is very informative thank you so much I been feeling helpless becasoe I keep gaining weight and I’m not eating much. I noticed I gained weight rapidly and still keep gaining I don’t have medical ins and need to get myself to working out but I feel so tired from being so over weight. Do you have any tips to start my workout routine thanks

  • I see this is an older video but I really believe this is what I needed to see. I’m at 1500 right now and counting macros. How will I know when I have hit my max? How long should I continually increase calories and carbs and where should my carb macros come from?

  • I was at a really bad state and ate 300 calories a day. I stopped losing weight and was wondering why. Now I realize that my metabolism was very slow by I ate so little. Wish me luck that I can fix it!

  • I gained 40 pounds in 1 year. Got my thyroid checked the tsh was twice the normal limit and I used to work out 2 hours a day and made little progress, so I can relate haha.

  • I only eat around 700kcal a day, but I don’t feel hungry or tired during the day. I also have a constant weight, should I change or is it not necessary?

  • Yes please do a complete journey video as it will help a lot of us. These patches actually got me a bit confused so I would love a complete one and your tips are very helpful keep up the good work and thanks.

  • I eat two meals a day only like Eric Berg says. I eat a meal around 12 pm and then at 5 pm, and never after 7 pm.
    My new workout is cardio or hit sometime at 11 pm and then eat, then at 4 pm I do weight workout and then eat.
    I do blood type diet eating only and eat mostly how the Asian eats since my blood type are like theirs.

  • my ring finger is very long but I also have most of the low T symptoms. is this normal?

    *and it’s ring vs index finger ratio,not ring vs middle finger.

  • Apparently my testosterone is high I have all apart from hair loss and aggressiveness I want to be aggressive but I restrain it but am not ever masculine mentally I dont care for that shit

  • Hiiii pls answer!!!!Can we still do that while being in quarantaine? Like with your new home programm? Because they’re is no lifting weights? Thank youuuu❤️

  • Appreciate Video clip! Apologies for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you ever tried Tarbbatigan Social Plugin Tip (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a good exclusive product for enlarging your testicles and increasing your testosterone level minus the headache. Ive heard some great things about it and my mate at very last got excellent success with it.

  • i’m turning 16 in like two weeks and i have giant bald spots at my temples eventhough the rest of my hair is relatively thick. Feelsbadman I just hope when I’m like twenty I’m able to grow a thick beard and just shave my head completely bald

  • For someone who suffers with IBS and bloating who cant eat huge meals due to uncomfortable digestion what do you reccomend? Love your message! ��

  • Just wanted to point out that muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat. 1kg of muscle weighs the same as 1kg of fat. But of course, muscle is more dense than fat.

  • I️ want to gain muscle but I don’t have a gym just 6lb and 12lb weights. What should I do? Any workout videos online you could recommend?

  • This video is definitely amazing! It helps me remember of the time when my sister used Custokebon Secrets to get rid of 18 lbs and enjoy being healthy again! Most people wish to lose fat, but we also need to stay healthy and balanced, and that’s exactly what Custokebon Secrets gifted.

  • I went to get blood work to see if I have hypothyroidism and they said it was normal and I just needed a scan, I don’t get it I’m gaining weight but I only eat 800 calories a day. I wanted to be prescribed levathyroxine b it they didn’t, I have a goiter here

  • I’m a teenager and diagnosed with hypothyroidism 3 yrs ago…. I’ve worked very hard to lose my weight by diet and several exercises….spent lot of my time in gym.. But nothing happened… What should I do now ��?

  • You are very true. Carnitine truly works. What is the other medicine you mentioned along with carnitine? Please reply.
    You did a good job. I am very proud of you.

  • When considering eating healthy, you have to try not to fall victim to modern fad diet plans. Extreme diets are a threat for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your every day nutritionary intake. Many of these fad diets work for a short period of time and then the benefits decrease after a while. It is best to check out Custokebon Secrets on google as it is not just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • I love the idea of getting to eat more haha, but i have a lot of belly fat that i want to lose. Will slowly increasing my calories work for me, to lose all that fat round my thighs and my tummy?

  • Im at this point righ now.
    I was eating like 900kcal, and i look like just bones. My parents are worried, my body was asked for rest, and more food, since my stomach are always rumbling.
    Now i am at this point, eating 1,200kcal, a little bit more… but then i realized that i was back to worrying a lot about possible weight and fat gain.
    So i searched for this video to continue trying increase my metabolism.
    It is sooo hard not doing my hiit sessions avery day, and eat more carbs, cuz i dont wanna gain fat, but i need to, for my body and mental healthier.

  • I have hypothyroidism. Since 2017, I’ve been overweight. 5’2, female, 26. Went from 116 to 154. Been working hard for years & have barely lost a pound

  • well done! You can be proud of yourself.
    I agree 100%, it starts in your head. You have to believe in yourself and the rest will follow…
    this is also what I tell my clients. Great video, thank you!

  • I was diagnosed 6 years ago and i worked so hard to lose weight but now i have gained all the weight back and i cant get rid of it and i have been really depressed because i have been on a really strict diet and nothing is working

  • 90 % of women stopped watching your video when you said you gained six kilos of muscle if that’s not getting bulkier I don’t know what is. you’re genetically gifted to gain muscle and young —lots of people cannot gain 13+ pounds of muscle in their wildest dreams

  • well i’m 72kg for 1,72cm (5’6” and about 158lb) and i want to go down at least 15kg (33lb) before doing that, I know i can build muscle and stuff and if i gain weigh after that for me its ok, but I still want to go down a little, there’s a way where I still lose weigh and fat kinda doing that? Like, my metabolism and calorie intake would be higher but can i still maintain a defict (eating more than i was before but still a defict)….? Idk but I’ll try, if doesn’t work its just trying another strategy right haha

  • I’m a runner and I am recovering from the diet culture where after a hard run I am not fueling enough but I gradually trying to increase my muscle mass because i ran alot and I’ve lost some muscle mass which made me weaker and can’t really see my the increase in my performance. Any advices?:(

  • I struggle with how much to eat. I struggle to lose fat. I dont count calories or macros but on average have 1600 a day. Im never hungry really hungry between meals, unless i leave it a long time in between, so i dont think im necessarily eating too little. But it makes me worry if i start eating more i’ll gain and i dont know what else to eat between meals that isnt bad food. Can you come and live with me and teach me how to eat D:

  • Cheers for the Video clip! Forgive me for chiming in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you considered Chireetler Figure Recipes Rule (search on google)? It is an awesome exclusive product for revealing the secret to boost your sex drive (Libido) without the normal expense. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my friend at last got cool results with it.

  • You went back to your doctors and your doctor said it’s fixed? You don’t have hypothyroidism anymore? I would really appreciate your response ��

  • I wish you so much success, I’ve been binge watching your videos, you’re so well spoken and explain everything so well….. I’m so excited to go to the gym��

  • Hi Sheeba saw your video. I also suffer from Hypothyroidism and I take Levothyroxine everyday. I just want to ask you did you ever take evening primrose oil capsules for hormonal balance.

  • I eat about 800 kcal a day and have so much difficult to lose weight
    Like???? What is the fucking problem with me??
    I go run every day and still don’t lose weight
    I have an eating disorder so pls don’t think it’s okay to eat like this or think like this, but I’m so afraid of eating more and get fatter

  • Natacha! Just wanted to say that I stumbled across your videos and I have pretty much watched every single one in three days! Im inspired to get back into the gym, so thanks!!! You are so positive and seem like the loveliest person, keep it up!

  • Hi natacha, thanks for putting this video together, I think its great. I was just wondering if you had any scientific backing that increasing calories to increase metabolism would increase fat loss. I have read all the articles and papers, but of the ones that focus on weight loss, they say to overcome plateaus you should reduce your calories to open up the calories deficit or use refeed days. Thanks, I was just a bit confused about this.

  • Is Custokebon Secrets useful to lost a ton of weight? We have learn a lot of good things about Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine).

  • I just found your channel and omg I thought you were talking to me I love how you film your videos and you are so real and straight up I wish I could have what you said on replay at the gym thank you ��

  • I feel like men in fitness have had this figured out for so long! For me, it’s hard to wrap my head around how less cardio and more food could possible lead to the body I want. We’re taught to be so scared of food! Muscles take calories to survive! Work your muscles ladies!!!

  • Good advice. Eating 6 meals a day when I was training for bikini competing caused me to just want to eat all the time. I now eat intuitively and have a decent sized meal that actually fills me up and stops me snacking. X

  • I think it’s so cute how every now and then you do the Indian accent. �� I need to get diagnosed for hypothyroidism and get on medication. All the women in my family have it and I don’t know why I’ve disregarded it this far.

  • hah… funny i just gave this a thought so basicly your belly is like big engine and when you are eating healthy your belly goes like FUUUUUUCKING HELLL RICHARD where is this -food ( fruits ) coming from and then it things fuck me i need to burn these bitches down because there is more about to come so you eat healthy and you are not getting fat in your body the fat is only exiting your body because your belly is working 247 but if you dont eat at all your belly goes like ” you know what richard it sure is quiet in here well fuck i quess i dont need to work then witch means the extra energy turns in to fat �� isnt it weird you get slim by eating ������❤️

  • I’m struggling with this problem, i need to get my period back but I’m afraid to increse my calories intake…
    I eat like 1250 kcal x day.
    I go to gym 6 day a week, 3 days of hiit sessions/cardio and 3 days of weight training. I think that I need more calories ☹️
    I feel better by seeing that I’m not alone, thank you for sharing your experience ❤️

  • it’s SUCH a fun goal!!!
    i don’t mean to be inconsiderate bc i’ve never experienced something as terrible as an ED, but i wanted to try this.
    i do track, but when the goal is to eat enough or over calories instead of drastically under, i don’t have this heavy burden of looking at a food and calling it bad. so thank you for the tips��

  • Don’t know if you’re still answering but anyways… I’m 14 and i decreased my carbs like 2-3 months ago. I didn’t realize that was a problem until now, because i’m going on a trip in 4 days and i’m going to eat a lot, but o realized that if i was eating low carbs and then i eat a lot, that would ve a BIG change for my body. I like my body but i want more muscle and i’m scared that this 3-weeks trip is going to mess up my body because i have another trip on March in a cruise and o want to look good): what should i do? Please):

  • Nice video content! Excuse me for chiming in, I would love your opinion. Have you heard the talk about Millawdon Building Perfection Trick (do a search on google)? It is a good one off product for learning how to naturally increase testosterone levels to speed up lean muscle growth minus the normal expense. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate after a lifetime of fighting got amazing success with it.

  • Thanks for this! My husband and I disagreed over eating more to lose weight, turns out, he was right. He told me to eat a small meal every two hours and take a break from the gym. (I go about 6 days a week) I told him there was no way that would work and I would absolutely gain weight. Instead, I’m back to having a flat stomach, but I’m eating more. I only eat when I’m hungry, and I’ll have a small meal. I focus more of weight training as well. I do about 30 minutes of cardio at the gym and then the rest is lifting. Can’t believe this worked. I am so used to restricting calories and increasing cardio, so when I started to gain weight instead of lose it I was panicking.

  • can we do intense ab workouts instead of weight lifting? since i do not have access to that equipment. also does intermittent fasting slow your metabolism?

  • I used to train (rock climbing) 3-4 times a week, each session took 2-3 hours, and I rode my bike an hour 5 to six times a week. I ate like 3000 calories (didn’t count but I ate a lot) and lost weight. That triggered the fuck out of my eating disorder and made it happy and with quarantine happening and me feeling out of control I relapsed, which I never thought would happen. I counted calories and realized that I ate 2500 calories in a day, and that on a day when I wasn’t even eating that much. Then I started to feel like that was way too much for me (5’6, female, I weighed around 128 pounds but I was pretty slim) and then I restricted, tried to fast for as long as possible and now I am typing this out a few months later, it’s evening and I’m hungry and debating weither I should eat more cause today was a climbing day and I saw this video and even she doesn’t eat more than me and she’s an athlete. I feel ashamed for needing as much food as I do and I wish I didn’t.
    Idk why I am even typing this, no one cares anyway.

  • how do you plan out your large meals? like if you wait 4-6 hours in between eating are you okay with eating only an hour or two before bed?

  • This video helped me so much. I have been trying to lose weight for years and in these past 6 months I’ve done just that. However, I’ve been eating less and less to the point where I’d eat one meal a day and even regret it. This helped so much and gave me so much more confidence to move on and develop new goals.

  • Personally I believe you are in a caloric surplus which is great for gaining muscle mass but you already had a very nice figure in your thumbnail before picture. I think for someone that is a little chubbier and trying to lose weight it wouldn’t be ideal for them to eat that much.. calories do add up very fast and they won’t see result. Maybe they should be in a caloric deficit first, shred the fat first then once they are at a comfortable weight they can get to a caloric surplus and incorporate weight training to really gain muscles because I don’t believe your ideology would apply to overweight people. On this last note I do agree that 1200 calories is way to little for anybody.

  • I avoid all cruciferous vegetables. I eat spinach, though. I’ve incorporated kelp as a supplement which contains iodine and I find I have more energy and the brain fog is not affecting me as much. I have to take 60,000iu of Vitamin D per week, one gel capsule. I take selenium, zinc, calcium, silica and Vitamin C.

  • tbh im scared and i dont like the way i look when i gain weight:( but i think i need to cause im having a hard time to lose it because my metabolism is ‘damage’:(

  • It’s a blessing when you have a doctor who takes hypothyroidism seriously and gets you tested. When I consulted my original family doctor for help losing weight, I asked him if I might have an underactive thyroid. He said I had an overactive fork and just dismissed all my concerns. Fortunately, I now have a competent, caring physician who had me tested and found out that I indeed had hypothyroidism. Thankfully, I have been on medication for years now. My blood work consistently shows me back in the normal range, and I am able to lose weight a bit more efficiently taking my daily medication in addition to a 1500 calorie diet and swimming 6 days a week.

  • What if I tend to store fat in my belly-area?:/ I started eating more because I lift more. Well, I indeed feel stronger and maybe my physique has changed but also my belly just gets bigger (and bigger I also bloat a lot). It seems like I can’t be muscular with having a flat stomach. Could you advise something for this problem? ����

  • This was great. Major focus on killing the weights, cardio to a MINIMUM and enjoying some damn food. Been a big Change for me these last few weeks. But I was doing so much restriction and soooooo much cardio and resultant terrible binges. Something HAD to change. Shifting the focus, like you discussed, is my biggest challenge but just now I’m in a better place than I was. Thanks for sharing this love.

  • exercise 3 days a week:
    me who exercises 7 times a week and can’t stop because i think i will gain so much weight:
    �� ��

  • Don’t worry about looking bulky either. You are all beautiful no matter what. If you happen to put on muscle strength is sexy to lot’s of us fellas.

  • Hey, i can‘t speek englisch very well, but i just wanted to say, that i had something like a mental breakdown last year and stopped looking on what i was eating. I ate like 500-1000 calories a day and somedays i could not eat at all, beacause of stress and because i got really hurted. After a month i passed out and got so scared…it was a shook. So i went to the doctor and he told me, that my heartrate was very low (35) and that it is a dangourus situration. I lost 10 kilos in 4 weeks and couldn‘t even think clearly. After 2 weeks in hospital and lots of work, and binging, here i am. Gained 15 kilos, beeing in my best form i have ever been and the most important beeing HAPPY. I eat about 1.750 vegan calories up to 2000 ( i am 1,57 meter) every day and work out 5 days a week. Gave your body the energy, that ist needs, couse it is so important to hear on your body and not at somebody or some diets. You can do it!��

  • Hi Natacha,
    thank you so much. I needed to hear this so bad. what is your thought on carb cycling? having more carbs on heavy days (usually leg days) and lower carbs on other days?

  • How many calories should I start with? Coming from a girl who would never allow herself more than 14-1600 kcal but would binge eat like once a week:0

  • I’m just not very hungry, even on days I train. I’m sure that’s because my metabolism is damaged. I’ve never purposefully dieted but my shift jobs only allow me time for one or two meals a day. Tips on how to slowly increase food intake? On days off I try to eat at least 3 meals a day but I still find that challenging.

  • Can you achieve the same results if you increase your consumption of dietary fat rather than carbs? I find it easier to keep my carb intake down than my fat intake.

  • If I win, half of I win is going to go to a program that helped feed me as a child a child called backyard blessings. Please help me win by going to vote yes for me!
    Make an honest girl the next covergirl of Maxim!

  • I’m such a night owl! I did my stretches and listened to a great relaxing meditation, and I’m still awake at three in the morning! I’m a back sleeper and I’ve got a leg wedge which is great, thanks for the tip to wiggle your hips in the morning because I am stiff! You guys are experts and I’ve done some research myself already but my dog has got some muscle atrophy on her back legs. She’s 11 and has been on steroids for nearly two years but we’re down to one a day so she will be off them soon. Besides walking her and doing some exercises, stretching etc, is there anything that you know of that helps rebuild muscle? She’s raw fed and the vet recommended cod liver oil. Valentine is well looked after but unfortunately the steroids have had this affect on her. I know it might seem strange asking for my dog but I cured an incurable condition through doing both animal and human research into fistulas and created a protocol of supplements for her. Hopefully you can give me any advice, even if you think that it might not work, please tell me. She’s my everything and I’ll do anything to keep her healthy for as long as I can. Thank you and I appreciate any advice you can give me

  • I will really try to take upon these tips, as I’m struggling at the moment. For me, ever since I’ve been doing resistance-endurance training 3x a week(bodypump classes), I’ve noticed how I started gaining weight on the scale (+2-3 kg). Since I was terrified of having to start all over again, I decreased my calorie-intake to as low as 1000-1200 calories/day, and it’s still not helping at all with my weight loss. I’m really confused now as to how I should deal with it. I really want to go back to my original weight (my only indication that I’m thin atm because I’m really blind), but then, I’m really doing progress as my body has become a bit more toned and stronger.

  • Wise woman. I am increasing my protein today and I do body weight workouts. I am done weighing myself. Thanks for the tip. I have lost 90lbs. You are right with every thing you say. Some days I eat more. I eat two big meals or 3 meals. I am increasing calories and fruit and protein today.

  • I was super skinny when I was 7-8 but when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (10) I gained a lot I’m 12 now and I really want to remove the weight

  • What if you’re too young to do weight training? Can you still exercise everyday or add 100 calories per week to your intake without gaining weight?

  • My thyroid has completely shut down and I’ve gained 45 pounds in 2 months. I live in the uk and my doctors aren’t doing anything to help me. They keep sending me round and round in circles whilst In the meantime my thyroid levels are getting worse. My last test showed my tag was at 13. I’m feeling utterly rubbish with it and I don’t know what to do. Does anyone have any advice!?

  • I was 16 when I found out I had hypothyroidism and I had the worst time during high school because of this fckng thing:( I remember before getting diagnosed I felt like a weirdo because of the mood swings (also anxiety) and I tried to exercise but couldn’t lose weight. I got very bad/unhealthy eating habits and cried because of how my hair looked, how I was almost everyday bloated and I was constipated almost everyday even if I ate every “good” vegetable with high fiber. Once I was admitted to the hospital because my body couldn’t keep up because I couldn’t go to the restroom (because I was constipatedik tmi but it’s the truth) and even then the doctors couldn’t diagnose me with hypothyroidism:/ Now that I was diagnosed and in treatment almost for a year I feel so much better, I don’t feel sad or lonely like I did, my hair is so so healthy, I don’t break out that often, I can lose weight if I exercise and eat well and finally I feel normal again ( ok not completely but I feel better with my body). So good luck to anyone who’s still battling with the symptoms and trust me, it gets better��

  • That comment on how u made it seem like hyperthyroidism is better because we are losing weight i have gone to the ER for heart palpitations with a bpm of 175 a heart attack is 200 so just because your gaining weight and im not doesn’t mean we aren’t battling with things far worse

  • Um so I was diagnosed in November and they said I probably have had it most my life but what helps lose weight because I’m taking the medicine but I still can’t find a way to lose weight

  • I was 10 when I got tested and had hyperthyroidism, I was sad and over weight specially since I was still very young. I’m 12 right now and I’m having a really bad problem with weight because I am still very young but I really have to lose all the weight and this really helps, thank you.

  • I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2014 when I was 25, a few months after having my first child. My mum has hyperthyroidism and my aunt is hypo like me so it runs in the family. I’ve gained 84lbs in total since then and my energy levels are non existent which makes me feel terrible as I have 2 kids I struggle to keep up with. It’s a life long battle but I’m hoping to get back to my original weight and hopefully feel more energised as I’m fed up �� It’s great to hear success stories so thank you for sharing!

  • The bump in the center above your eyes is THE easiest way to judge a person’s testosterone levels.
    There’s a reason millions of years of evolution put it there… Its to let females know your levels subconsciously and to alert other males of aggression levels.
    Also neck thickness.
    If your neck isnt as thick as your jaw line then it’s low.

  • So that’s why I’ve getting so extremely aroused even since I’ve started working out its gotten even more intense like 2 or 3 times a day bruv like damn

  • Thank you so much for this video! I started a cut this summer and I’m currently on 1400 cals (and have been for a few weeks now). I lift 5 days a week and I’ve just felt so exhausted for awhile now. I never want to do anything because I just want to lay down after the gym. You’ve inspired me to take a leap and start to increase my calories. In fact, I’m going on vacation to California next week and I’m excited to just take a little break from lifting and the gym. I’m going to try to eat intuitively and not stress about calories like I’ve done in the past… last year I ended up on a cut with only 1200 calories and lost weight but kept fat while also losing my period. I needed this video more than you know! I’m excited to start this journey.

  • Stumbled on this video and wow this is so helpful… feel as though I’m in a plateau atm after eating 1500kcal and exercising 3-4 times a week for the last 2 months… definitely going to try this! Thank you so much Natacha!

  • Well the thing is, I don’t want to look the same. I want to go from chunky to tiny. I’m a pear shape and I want to reduce my legs and thighs. I am 5’1” and I weigh about 144. I’d like to lose at least 9 pounds of fat and be 135, preferably eventually dropping to 128 or so. I do lots of cardio and weight training. I work out 6 days a week, 3 days high intensity cardio and light weights, and the other 3 days heavier weights and little to no cardio. I get about 1200 cals a day but burn off about 600+ daily at the gym. I have been ravenous lately so that might be my body telling me it craves more food. I’ll go to 1500 over the next few days and weeks and see what happens.

  • You can eat spinach and it’s full of iron which is great for your hair. I’ve been hypothyroid for 3 years and struggle with weight gain. Just eat less move more and always take your meds. Goodluck

  • Good video, but you have given wrong information about Cruciferous vegetables. U made it sound like all green, leafy veggies are Cruciferous, which is completely wrong!
    We all need to consume green, leafy veggies.
    And you mentioned, you completely avoided cruciferous green veggies,but you ate CAULIFLOWER, but it is very much a cruciferous vegetable!
    At least do some ‘googling’ before making a video!

  • I’d love to see a video with details about your reverse diet! How long it took you to reverse to a high calorie. Did you gain any fat along the process or did you stay lean? Did you have help during your reverse? When did you know to keep increasing your calories? I know everyone’s experience is different, but I’m super interested in hearing about your experience in detail!

  • I’m 23, 5’7″ with a high voice and weak chin can’t grow a beard but my test came back ass 1126ng/dl… I still cannot figure it out

  • 100%!! Everything that you said is exactly what I experienced and wished I heard about it before. Thank you for sharing! Also, good to point about the meals vs snacks too!

  • Once I started eating the 2100 daily calories I needed (I weight train 5 days a week), not only did I lose (slowly) the last 8lbs I wanted ro lose, but I STOPPED BINGE EATING AND ELIMINATED ANY OBSESSING THOUGHTS OVER FOOD. I will never go lower than 2.000 ever again (used to eat 1500). THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • If you’re starting to bald, then the best thing to do imo is to shave it all off. It’s scientifically proven to make you look tougher.

  • So great! I really appreciate anyone saying to eat more as they weight train rather than to eat less! I have struggled for pretty much 20 years! It’s been so hard for me to believe that for me as a woman I should be eating more even though I know how to eat healthy! It’s hard for me also with the idea of doing less physically but it makes sense and I know that is what the body and mind intuitively wants to do!

  • All of the supplements you are talking about are naturally found in eggs and meat. Makes no sense to go on a vegan diet, a nutrient deficient diet that by definition requires supplementation and is filled with antinutrients. No goitrogens or oxalates or phytates in meat and eggs.

  • thank you for this video!! for anyone in doubt/hoping this is real: IT IS. I have personally experienced both sides of the spectrum she is talking about, being at 1200 and skinny fat, then eating more BUT having a LEANER overall look and flatter stomach than when I ate much less! eating more (good food, veggies, fruits, whole grains is great!🙂

  • Here after finding out today I have hypothyroid, I gained weight for no reason over a year now, I gained 25lb in less than 10 days, then another 20lbs in less than a week, I was in pain all the time, even when I go on diet, workout, and all, nothing changed, like me finding out that my weight gain was because of my thyroid, that I’m not crazy like my family says that ( I might not doing diet right way or eating late even tho I’m not ) I was crying that everything happening with me wasn’t something I was doing on purpose or pretending, gonna start on the medication tomorrow morning, I hope and wish for me and for every person suffering from this a fast recovery and be well. Stay strong ❤️

  • Watching this because I’m desperate!! I can usually really really easily lose weight, and I want to lose a lot to get back to my lowest weight before I go on holiday, and I’m looking after my dad’s puppy for the two weeks before I go on holiday so I’ve been fast pace walking 4 hours a day and playing with her constantly and eating less than when I am less active, yet I’m not losing weight. Do you think it’s muscle mass or have I just ruined my metabolism? (Info I exercise daily, including cardio and weight lifting, 16 years old, 5″5 and currently 43kg but the lowest I’ve been is 40.8kg)

  • So true, yep. Hormones, food quality, genetics, behavior all play a role! I only “worry” about getting tons of organic veggies, 1 cheat meal a week, staying active (but fun stuff I enjoy), drink water whether you like it or not, and make wise choices! Be a smart consumer and do your research to see what is in the food you’re stuffing in your face. Good stuff, thanks!

  • It’s not very good to say ‘f…ck it’ while touching your third day… I ask you kindly to deeply consider my comment. Also cursing so much like you do IS NOT cool at al…

  • Thanks. I was diagnosed in 1999 and because my blood levels are ok my GP ignores me. So I’m still stuck with all the symptoms, even though I take the correct dose of Levothyroxine.

  • Im 30 i was diagnosed w hypo at 10 and it’s been a struggle my whole life., i have to watch what I eat so I won’t gain weight, I’m always tired �� I’m currently determine to feel better and find a cure for this

  • Lol, “bitch what the fuck”…I get this completely! My husband and daughter eat endlessly and I look at a recipe and gain five pounds, ugh.

  • My nana has no thyroid and I recently started having a problem with thyroid because of course it runs in my family. I wasn’t made aware until I got pregnant and got tested and they put me on medication. I stopped taking them recently because I’d rather work to get to that point and do it the healthy way. Hypothyroidism sucks!

  • 1. Slow down exercise do less cardio (let your body rest)
    2. Strength/weight training
    3. Increase food/calorie intake slowly and stop snacking (3 large meals) eat till full to stop snacking
    4. Shift focus from scale to how you are feeling and weight training progress

  • Hi. If u even see this question. Are a lot of the gym apparatus u show in ur videos strictly American or are the universal aka the uk. Im starting to use my local gym next week and have been bingeing ur videos all of today so I don’t seem a noob. I think u r a brilliant content creator on YouTube btw

  • i gained 50 lbs in the last 2 years, my mentality and energy has just DROPPED so dramatically in the last 2 years and literally just yesterday i found out i have hypothyroidism and i actually got medication for it!!! i’m so excited and this is explains it so well!!!!

  • I love your channel so much! I feel everything u said is legit me. Like my body type is just like what yours used to be! I love your channel

  • Disclaimer reverse dieting will not result in fat loss for everybody. You are more likely to gain a little but longterm its the best thing for you so hang steady and next diet around you’ll be pulling from a much deeper well

  • I gained 15 pounds so far in a short time period. It’s hard because my whole body shape changed and none of my clothes fit anymore.

  • I’m 44, checked my testosterone about 2 month ago and it was 826 (high).
    You can hardly see my Adam’s apple
    -my ring finger is slightly taller then my index finger
    -my voice is not really deep
    -I am kind up-side-down-pyramid shaped but that’s because I do some pull ups every once in a while
    -I’ve smoked since I was 11 or 12
    -I don’t have a wide jaw or face.
    -my sex drive went down suddenly and that’s why I got my self checked. All was good.
    I don’t think there’s a rule based on my personal experience.

  • Is this including the food you use to fuel the workout? Because don’t you burn it off? For example you eat 1500 for the day, workout at night and burn 600, if you’re maintaining, do you just consume the 600 calories back?

  • I’m so confused now �� i was always told that it’s all about caloric deficit, so in order to lose weight you have to eat less or exercise more so how does this work then?

  • You should never eat soy and you CAN eat cruciferous vegetables if you steam them… I have thyroid. Please stop telling people wrong info first spinach is not a cruciferous vegetables but cauliflower is…

  • Mam, I’m 73 kgs and it keep fluctuating to 74kg sometimes too. Earlier I was 84 kgs, but somehow managed to bring it back by working out for one hour in the evening and one hour In the morning along with yoga(for thyroid). I have hyperthyroidism, and take medications too, but I want to lose my weight till the month of August. Will I be able to bring back my weight to 55 to 60 kgs till August, if I keep with this routine?�� I eat only at 11 in the morning (sprouts), lots of warm water in between and then watermelon at 7 in the evening (intermittent fasting), after that I don’t eat. Is this diet okay? I want myself at 55kgs from 73 kgs �� please help.

  • i have high testosterone definitely but the facial hairs are less. the worst side effect is I cant hit high notes anymore. its getting better but still I m 18 now.

  • If I dont have the means to change my training pattern now (My training is mostly based on cardio), should I keep eating the 1300kcals per day? I feel like Im just going to gain fat if i increase my intake

  • This video was very helpful! Im just stuck on how to know how many calories i should be eating a day and my macros. Ive tried online macro calculators but each one tells me different numbers for my macros and calories. How has everyone figured out the calories that are right for them?!

  • I really don’t like exercise at all.. when Im working it out it brings me to tears and I can’t go for more than a few minutes and I’m scared to eat a lot of calories because of this.. 
    Last year I ate whatever I wanted and I was pretty out of shape and had a high body fat % (although I was not hugely overweight) I was not where I wanted to be at all, so I cut my calories a lot and lost weight but now I’m obsessive over food but I’m scared to increase calories due to my hatred of exercise

  • Hello,

    I was diagnosed recently as well. Just like you, mine is genetic too. And for the past 6 months my lifestyle has been horrible which could also account to the triggering of an abnormal report. Regardless, the doctors in India gave me a pill of 62.5 mcg. I have been taking it for over a month. I noticed you said you told the doctor you won’t take the pill.

    My question is, is something wrong in taking the pill? Have I made a mistake?


  • Cheers for this, I been tryin to find out about “enhance male libido” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Zenames Yeyila Cure (just google it )? Ive heard some great things about it and my cousin got cool results with it.

  • I went from eating 500 cals to 1200 and now 2 weeks after I went to 1200, I now eat 1300-1500 cals. 1520 is my maintenance. Started weight training again 3-5 x a week and walk 3 -4 days a week

  • What do you recommend for people who are indeed overweight or obese and need to lose weight? Should we stick to losing 1-2 lbs per week? Should we restrict calories?

  • I just look at this fella face and confirm he have very high level testosterone….u guys can look at my profile pic face and u can instantly tell a lower T guy at the bottom of the foodchain. If i had known this in my early 20s i wouldnt have suffered so much miserable love life in my 20s lol.

  • Thank you so much! I don’t know if you are gonna read my comment but you saved me. Like; I was in that dark place feeling unhappy, really tired, hating and being disgusted by myself and then you appeared, the angel in hell. So thank you again for helping me:))

  • hey..m really emotional right now is bcz even I have hypothyriod. In the year of 2017 I was 58 which was a peRfect weight for me but i started gaining weight and now m 78 i really avoid these green veges and meat but still i gain weight nd also i stopped taking my medicine. I motivate myself every day but i don’t understand where m I lacking behind.ur video is really inspiring me.thank you

  • Wow! Everything you are saying totally resonates with me! Definitely have a similar fitness journey as you and have recently been feeling like what I need to do is focus on sleep and decreasing my stress also eating more wholesomely vs. low cal processed foods. It feels SO good to relate to someone else, thanks for sharing girl! ☺️

  • I’ve been reducing my calories to 600 and lost 1.3kg / 2.8lbs in 5 days. I just maintain my weight and don’t loose when eating 1,000 calories and have gained on 1,100 calories. I’m so lazy my weightloss is dependant on what I eat, also my goal is unrealistic and can only get that thin by starving soooo idk if this is gonna help but I hope

  • Hi, I came across your video and very inspired by your experiences. Because I am doing exactly the same thing like you did. I was eating 1,200 cal just until last week and has increased to 1,400 cal this week. When I was eating 1,200 cal I hit plateau and could not lose anymore fat. I did not want to eat fewer than 1,200 cal because I just knew it was not right. I also experienced bloated 2-3 times a week because I did not eat enough. I did 5 times hiit bodyweight workout a week at about 40-50 mins each day and I was starting to feel exhausted because I had been doing it for more than 4 months now and honestly I could not see a big difference on my body. My body fat still lingers around 20% til now. I am starting to increase my calories and honestly my weight has also increased, but is not much. I am thinking to start doing weightlift training. My question is when you start adding more food every week and reduced your hiit workout, did you also start weightlifting or did you give your body a rest for a while? How many days do you recommend us to do weightlifting in a week? Like you, I do not want to get bulky and have big muscles, I just want to be leaner and have low body fat %.

  • I’m exactly the weight i should be for my hight, age, etc. I don’t over exercise. I eat well (entirely plant base vegan). In an average day I consume between 5,000-6,000 calories. It’s not about calories. It’s about where said calories come from. You eat garbage and consume less calories than recommended you’ll still look andfeel horrible. I’m 41, still get asked for ID on a regular basis. I don’t look young for my age. Everyone else looks old for their age. Plant based for 28 years.

    If you put shit in, you get shit out!

    I mean hell… 60% of north america is now obese. They used to say the wall for women hit at 35, then they said 30. Now it’s 27-28.

    Personally speaking… unless a woman is actually really and truly taking care of her self I don’t even consider dating women older than 27.

    No healthy woman or man in thwir right mind would find someone interesting relationship wise if in all likelihood they’re going to die 20 years before you do. However… that’s the reality of the time we live in. If I date a 20 year old woman that was not plant based and didn’t tale care of her self.. in all likelihood I’ll still outlive her by at very least 10-20 years and that’s underestimating it.

  • I guess it’s kinda like how putting on sunscreen can make you tan better or like how washing you face less can make you have less acne: it doesn’t make sense, but it’s true!

  • I’m a type 1 diabetic, and I’ve gained 60lbs in a year without eating the amount of food that one would require to GAIN that weight. I’ve always been 1400 cals and low carb. I’ve gotten bloodwork, ultrasounds and have been told my thyroid is NORMAL. I know it isn’t. I know my body and I know my food intake (I’ve been a diabetic for 29 years and I know diets inside and out). I’m going to a new endo in 2 weeks. I’m getting devastated because I could fast for a few days and STILL gain.:(
    Hypo runs on both sides of my family. So……I’m just at a loss.

  • I feel your pain!! I was recently diagnosed. Did not want to get on medication. I gained 15lbs and slept on my couch for two months!! I’m a Lifter/personal trainer as well and so many things have changed I.e. strength and joint issues. The vitamins you suggested I take as well along with others! Just changed my diet cut out mostly carbs. I haven’t lost much weight but I feel so much better!! So I’m working out ����‍♀️ again just trying to build that strength again��! I’m a registered nurse by trade and I did a lot of research. So people this is a good video! ��

  • HIIT is not 40/45 mins but 10-20 mins. If you are going all out for 20-30 seconds and increasing the intensity with each interval, no way can you do that for 40-45 mins. If you can go 40+ mins, you aren’t doing it as hard as you should or at your max with increasing intensity as you are suppose to.

  • Hi do you have a basic meal plan of what you ate and followed, so for example for breakfast lunch and dinner and maybe snacks? Would your recommend intermittent fasting? Thanks

  • Appreciate Video! Forgive me for butting in, I would love your thoughts. Have you researched Chireetler Figure Recipes Rule (google it)? It is a smashing one off product for revealing the secret to boost your sex drive (Libido) minus the normal expense. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my work buddy after many years got excellent results with it.

  • Hey dear great video but if you are talking about cruciferous veggies here,cauliflower cabbage is well also included under that category but if it suits you,then go right ahead but yeah����

  • I know I’m late here but I’m struggling. My bmr is roughly 1200 cals and I’m 5’2 and I’m eating between 900-1200 cals a day and I’m not losing much weight. I have had an ED before and I’m worrying about upping my calories and just putting on more weight. (I’m on anti depressants that kill metabolism and make it easier to put on weight too). I don’t want to up my calories if I’m just going to gain more weight so I’m really stuck and I don’t know what to do. Any help from anyone would be appreciated �� I should mention that for the past 6 months I’ve gone down from 1700 ish calories (I was gaining weight with that amount of cals) to where I am now. I’m very stuck.

  • I had been having symptoms and went for a check up. only to discover that I had thyroid, having constipation and adding too much of weight, I was always lazy and my body was so pale and dry…the doctor said I had to do an operation because it also resulted to my problem of being infertile…tried to conceive for 3 years but to no avail…I was scared and refused the surgery..not until a friend of my husband gave me a contact of a traditional herbalist who deals on native medication. So I talked to him and he said that it was a small issue and there are some medication he will get for me and after some days he sent me the medication..then I remembered taking the medication for about 3 weeks and I felt completely I decided to do a check up again and to my greatest suprise my thyroid test came out negative…why I am Happy is that am now 7 months is best if your having any signs of thyroid you should try reaching out to him so probably he can help is his contact +2348129605087.. I actually reached him on Whatsapp…

  • I’m 15 years old, and I dieted very strictly. I used to eat 500-800 cals a day and running 6 miles an hour or two. I lost weight really badly and became underweight. Now I’m slowly increasing my intake to boost metabolism and burn more fat. It’s been three days now and I’m eating almost 1800-2000 calories a day with exercise and walking for at least 3 hours. I’m mostly eating junk food and then feeling bad over it and then over exercising, but I’m eating 2000 calories a day. I’m scared that will all the ‘junk food’ will be stored as fat? Will I gain weight and will have to lose it again?

  • I have a very deep voice but my Adam apple bloody plays up every night.

    My voice is more deeper than my dads

    Maybe its gonna be even deeper