I had been scared and nervous however i hit play and pressed myself



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�� you don’t always need an excuse to treat yourself, just a strong sweet tooth

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So I waited till I was home alone to not let anyone hear how bad I was about to struggle, got on YouTube, searched for cardio workouts and low and behold Kelli and fitnessblender popped up. I was scared and nervous but I hit play and pushed myself as much as I. Adam decided to play a practical joke on Linda, a co-worker.

As Linda was leaving the office one night, Adam, wearing a mask, stepped out from behind some bushes. He pointed a handgun made out of licorice at her and demanded her purse. He then pushed the candy gun to her head and told her if she told anybody he’d kill her. If the scared dog tries to engage with you, great! Reward that in a way that’s rewarding for her (not for you – again, this probably means giving food rather than giving cuddles).

But if she chooses to keep her distance, respect that. If you try to chase her around forcing her to interact with you, you’re not building trust. 7. Play the.

Statistics be damned, a fear of careening through the air at 600 mph inside a long metal tube is as logical as it is debilitating. Exposure. “Because I’m nervous.” “You mean, because you’re scared?” “Nervous, scared, same kind of things, aren’t they?” “Nervous means you want to play.

Scared means you don’t want to play.” All right, so Dad made it clear. I was a nervous yucker in Reardan. Back in Wellpinit, I was a scared yucker. Like Beyond Scared Straight? Catch the new series Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole on Tuesday, April 30th at 10/9c!

The inmates try to. I guess I’m just really scared to lose her to someone else. It’s just the small stuff that makes me overthink things. Like she bumped into a guy that she sleeped with once ( before we dated) and started talking and laughing while I was standing right there. Sh tried to play it off until I asked if that was the guy she use to sleep with.

A few years ago I had a breakdown. As in, a mega-super breakdown where I found myself on the floor crying uncontrollably because I was on a path doing not what I wanted to do, but what I had been told to do with my life, all my life. I knew this w. A nervous dog will often invest all its resources in one person, but over time as trust builds it can extend to others. When we first took on Kizzie, she would only come to me, walk with me and.

People with DPD are sometimes afraid to leave their houses or engage in activities that might trigger panic attacks. They stop traveling, talking.

List of related literature:

I was nervous too, but I kept pushing myself to play my game.

“Exploitative Play in Live Poker: How to Manipulate your Opponents into Making Mistakes” by Alexander Fitzgerald
from Exploitative Play in Live Poker: How to Manipulate your Opponents into Making Mistakes
by Alexander Fitzgerald
D&B Publishing, 2018

Remember that being nervous at a performance or audition is perfectly normal, so don’t panic if you are nervous.

“Singing Exercises For Dummies” by Pamelia S. Phillips
from Singing Exercises For Dummies
by Pamelia S. Phillips
Wiley, 2012

✓ What was your level of anxiety at the beginning of the performance?

“Singing For Dummies” by Pamelia S. Phillips
from Singing For Dummies
by Pamelia S. Phillips
Wiley, 2010

I wasn’t so nervous as I thought when I finally get there, even though I was the only amateur and I was playing bass, the backbone.

“Wailing Blues: The Story of Bob Marley's Wailers” by John Masouri
from Wailing Blues: The Story of Bob Marley’s Wailers
by John Masouri
Music Sales, 2009

By trying it out a few times before your big performance, the song may seem familiar and not so scary.

“Singing For Dummies” by Pamelia S. Phillips
from Singing For Dummies
by Pamelia S. Phillips
Wiley, 2011

Or the first time you sit down to jam with your friends and find you have the confidence to take the lead.

“Music Theory For Dummies” by Michael Pilhofer, Holly Day
from Music Theory For Dummies
by Michael Pilhofer, Holly Day
Wiley, 2011

You subconsciously knew this, but it always put a little tension up in everyone’s playing, which was good.

“Miles” by Miles Davis, Quincy Troupe
from Miles
by Miles Davis, Quincy Troupe
Simon & Schuster, 1990

anxiety Apprehension before a performance is normal.

“Cummings Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery E-Book: Head and Neck Surgery, 3-Volume Set” by Paul W. Flint, Bruce H. Haughey, K. Thomas Robbins, Valerie J. Lund, J. Regan Thomas, John K. Niparko, Mark A. Richardson, Marci M. Lesperance
from Cummings Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery E-Book: Head and Neck Surgery, 3-Volume Set
by Paul W. Flint, Bruce H. Haughey, et. al.
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If anxiousness sabotages your performances, act now.

“The Musician's Way: A Guide to Practice, Performance, and Wellness: A Guide to Practice, Performance, and Wellness” by Gerald Klickstein
from The Musician’s Way: A Guide to Practice, Performance, and Wellness: A Guide to Practice, Performance, and Wellness
by Gerald Klickstein
Oxford University Press, USA, 2009

I was so fearful of messing up that I felt like a robot on stage as I played.

“I Still Believe” by Jeremy Camp, David Thomas
from I Still Believe
by Jeremy Camp, David Thomas
Tyndale House Publishers, 2013

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  • 2% of people who are watching this comment, I wish their parents still alive for more than 100 year ��������… God bless you ��♥♥��

  • Whait what the fuck… My youtube was glitched
    So this comment section was ft or the katy perry music video fireworks…. And everyonr is talking about shawn and im just laying here where tf is shawn

  • I mainly talk about how not to get nervous near the end of the video, but the whole video is filled with tons of tips and tricks that are sure to help you guys get more wins!

  • Omgg man i literlly scored 12 goals today in training i never scored in training match because i was scary that my coach would be angry on me but today i did my best and i use vizulation and i do that vizulation in a real game it was like a instict and i always scored every shoot and i ran after every ball i lose im not even kidding i scored 12 goals after i scored 7 goals fathers of the players that were spectating the game applaud to me omggg im so.happy thank you so much btw im only 14 yrs old!!

  • Wtf dude, I got scared when that scream came. I thought my brother fell down the stairs or something. I jumped out of bed and ran to check up on him. Schewpid me…. 1:36

  • This song is so powerful. It described a place I was at in my work life and personal life. It was like life itself had me silenced and this song captures it so beautifully.

  • Haven’t had an on course lesson because I heard the requirements are you have to be a PIC, playa in chief, not a POS, piece of sh….. lmao!

  • Today your video really helped me, made me relax and feel so much better that I started to cry softly, just emotionally. Thank you so much!!

  • Good shit bro. I never get nervous from games but this game makes me nervous haha. I still get nervous but depends on what’s happening. I tend to choke but I’m getting used to it. Idk why tho either cause I’m shockingly good at this game for starting in season 7. I played like 2 games of season 2 tho, just didnt like the game back then.

  • This made me a bit better. Iam a 12 year-old playing with seniors and in the first time,I actually coudnt do shit. I thought I was a bad at that point at soccer. But as I watched this video, I now thought that Its my confidence. As you said, I always thought that I cant lose the ball and get tackled. But as I watchedthis video, I gained comfidence and now I getto be in the team with the seniors! Thank you so much for making this video John. I truly appreciate it

  • Namastay from India, done around 40 video practice of yours,this one is my favorite till date, thanks for making a change in my life, adriene

  • to the person reading this:
    You are amazing, stay safe and healthy during quarantine��
    i hope all your dreams become true.. mine is to hit 1k before my birthday and i am struggling to get there��

  • I love your video so so so so so much������annika I love you too.. Your my favorite youtuber I love you.. ❤❤.. Hope you will notice me����

  • Try to talk in a match it helps in becoming confident. Not useless talk but like giving instructions to others and asking for pass and motivating others

  • That 3 holes rule is pretty interesting. I usually play better in the back 9 holes start from the hole 10. Its really weird because I always talk to my pals and also my self “Ok, lets start again and this is going to be real” and this always works. Maybe I will try to say that at least to my self every 3 holes.

  • “Don’t wait till the Serbian man grabs you by the neck and tells you to play better”������. But really tho, we, Serbs have different mentallity. In the end, it really comes down to what you were talking about John. It comes down to yourself, and what you are thinking inside od your head. When I step om that pitch, i would rather get kicked in the head by a player than let the ball go inside my net. You can be talented, as much as you want. But if your mentality and confidence isn’t on the place, it’s never gonna work. Love your vids tho, keep it up������

  • Michele Low instagram treat yourself to a lesson seriously: https://www.instagram.com/michelelow89/
    I had so much fun having a lesson, learnt a ton and loved editing this one. You won’t find too many videos with higher value than this for immediate implementation

  • Had a course lesson and it was attrocious (to say the least). Hit the balls into the trees left and right. Once the coach left, everything went back to normal. Somehow I´d forgotten even the most basic things.
    Won´t stop me from doing it again, though. I scheduled my first 18 holes with pro support mid of September. It´s gonna be epic either way 😉

  • I haven’t had a PROfessor on the course because the way of the playa comes from within, and no one but myself can truly unlock such a BEAST!

  • convos with boyfriend
    boyfriend: i love you
    me: i love you more
    boyfriend: more than shawn?
    me: oh uh boy, you should know your limits��

  • No on course lesson because I have a Golf Sidekick and I don’t have Michelle! But the 6-3 hole course trick is epic. And aim to the leaf!

  • This song and “Clover Cage WarCry” are the two songs keeping me sane during these crazy times. I am here sending love to everyone and here to tell you to hang in there because things will get better. I love you:)

  • I’m playing fortnite since season 2 I have a few wins but I always get killed and sometimes I choke can you help me please? I’m not improving!!

  • I really like this song but it is so close to my feelings that when I hear it I really feel the feeling in question and it hurts me so I don’t listen to it otherwise I feel sad

  • This was already relatable when I was just socially anxious, but after being emotionally/mentally abused and having to sort through that trauma while being terrified to talk about it? Oh damn does this hit differently.

  • Thank you, Adriene. I needed this real bad! Distracted 3rimes, the fourth I was finally able to go start to finish. Don’t act surprised when I say, the fourth time, Flash the cat stayed diligently by my side. Love your show!

  • Will please help me. When I play pick up games in the park I play good like i dribble good and shoot good, but when I play in school I don’t play the same as I do in the park. Please give me tips. Thank you.

  • I’ve been a fan of The Neighbourhood since 2013, even before they dropped I Love You. One of my best friends told me about them on 14th of February 2013 and I’ve been obsessed with them since then. I was pretty young back then, and now is my last year before hitting my 20’s. So it’s been a very long run and I’m still here, being a fan of them. I seriously grew up with their music. You know when people say a band used to be better on their past? Well, that’s exactly what DIDN’T happen to the nbhd. They just got better with the time. Hard to Imagine Ever Changing it’s definitely my favorite album of them so far. They had pretty good stuff before but this album is something else. Every song is great and I love the thematic around it.

  • I’ve just always really struggled with anxiety, mainly since 6th grade when my mental health took a nose dive and didn’t start to recover since highschool. But it’s coming back. I started having a panic attack because I was so scared to order food but my mom just rolled her eyes, said I was annoying, and told me I could starve. So I did. I am. Now I’m here. Not that anyone fucking cares lmao.

  • Hey Annika, I don’t really speak English but tonight I would still like to post a comment under your video. I find your channel and your content so calming, moreover I find you funny, you embellished my evening and my mood of the day. I really love your channel

  • See when you think in game you well not get nervous but if get nervous means your mind is not concentrated you fell shake like if that helps you����

  • It’s exceedingly rare for me to do yoga twice in a day, but as I drove home listening to the news this evening I felt like YWA was calling me. To be honest, I’m so scared and overwhelmed with uncertainty about our world right now that I just sat down on my mat and cried through most of the initial breath work. But then I got it together, and I found the standing wide-legged forward fold to be particularly helpful to my mood, and then of course the balance poses required so much concentration that they were extra refreshing. Thank you for brightening my outlook if even for a few moments.

  • I’m watching this video in 2019����

    TBH= I’m pretty Good at soccer and I play really good in a training but I have no confidence on a game day, and I don’t play thatttttt good������ on a game and there is just my parents and my coach who encourage me, I know I can play wayyy better if I have a confidence in a game this video give me some tips thanks bro✌️��

  • 26.02.2020 KISS Yoga.
    What a better time to do this practice. Am on holiday and the timing is just perfect as I try to calm down, relax, refresh before going to work. Its time to thank God for this far He has brought me and the body for keeping up with me. Thanks to you too Adriene for the inspiration and always reminding us to stay positive. ��

  • MATT! MAAATTT! How come no one ever told me to be swinging UP on my putts? I tried that yesterday and Oh. My. God. I feel like a man that has stepped out of the shadows into the light.

  • Mattski,
    Michele is the Teacher in Chief!
    First she taught you to “Take dead aim”, like Tom Kite and Ben Crenshaw learned from Harvey Penick. Then she helped you with putting, like Romeo helped Roy McAvoy, by distracting you with an inconsequential change in foot position.
    She convinced you throughout the day, that you know how to play and to play better. Then she forced you to release your golfing spirit. Watch yourself smiling at the camera, shot after shot! Low stress golf. Boring shots. Fairways and greens in regulation. Easy life.

  • Just found this channel and honestly it’s one of new favorite vlog/ blog Chanel’s. It’s so cute and the music is great to. Also gotta love that humor �� ��

  • Hey golf sidekick I haven’t commented in awhile but I wanted to check in with you. Last time I commented I told you that you’ve helped me get down to 74 and now I wanted to let you know I’m consistently shooting even par and my best is 65. Thank you! You have helped much! My mental game is much improved.

  • Thank you for listening to me on stream Thursday I asked you to make this type of video

    Edit:thank you for replying and hearting my comment means a lot I will be waiting for your next stream

  • Everytime we do alternate nostril breathing I realize that I live in a perpetual state of stuffy nose. Still loved this practice! Thanks Adriene

  • The chocolate cake looks so good. Even though I don’t like baking myself I enjoy watching people baking because it’s so calming and relieves my stress. Thank you so much for sharing this moment with us ❤️

  • I just discovered this channel during the Covid quarantine. I have been trying different videos for the past 6 weeks and I’m hooked. Thank you for providing such a vast array of workouts for different levels of experience. I look forward to my yoga time every day, you have helped me keep me positive through all of this negativity around us.

  • I was getting stuck into my usual depressive funk that I typically have a hard time coming out of. Spending 25 minutes with this practice made all the difference! Thank you Adrienne for putting this out into the world!!

  • At times i really fuck things up,sometimes i feel like i can dribble and as soon as i get the ball even before i think they ask me to pass and i get nervous and lose the ball,so my teammates get angry and this happens every time but when i play with players of my age I’m better.I just feel so lost and can’t play like i want to,evertime I get the ball I think will I lose the ball and ebm everyone s gonna blame me. If they lose they balme me but when they lose the ball no ones is concerned but when I do they feel like I suck��

  • Thank you Adriene With all what is happening COVID 19 luv I appreciate your help and support New Zealand ���� stay blessed stay safe ��

  • A question: belly breathing is odd for me, I often feel like I’m not breathing as deep (getting as much air) when I try to breathe into the belly. Is this just a practice thing, needing to get used to this kind of breathing? Thank you for this great practice!

  • Thank you for this Adriene. I am getting foot surgery tomorrow, my first “major” surgery, and the anxiety hit me like a truck today. The breathing really helped me. It’s easy for me to forget how important breath is.

  • I saw you on a Sunday in a café
    And all you did was look my way
    And my heart started to race
    And my hands started to shake, yeah
    I heard you asked about me through a friend
    My adrenaline kicked in
    ‘Cause I’ve been askin’ ’bout you too
    And now we’re out here in this room
    I get a little bit nervous around you
    Get a little bit stressed out when I think about you
    Get a little excited
    Baby, when I think about you, yeah
    Talk a little too much around you (I talk a little too much, yeah)
    Get a little self-conscious (I get a little self-conscious)
    When I think about you
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    Baby, when I think about you
    Yeah, when I think about you, babe
    We walked in the rain
    A couple blocks to your apartment
    You told me to come inside
    Caught me staring in your eyes
    And I’m not usually like this
    But I like what you’re doing to me
    Ah, what you’re doing to me
    I get a little bit nervous (I get a little bit nervous)
    Around you
    Get a little bit stressed out (I get a little bit stressed out)
    When I think about you
    Get a little excited (I get a little excited)
    Baby, when I think about you
    Yeah, when I think about you, babe (oh yeah)
    Talk a little too much (I talk a little too much, yeah)
    Around you
    Get a little self-conscious (I get a little self-conscious)
    When I think about you
    Get a little excited (I get a little excited)
    Baby, when I think about you
    Yeah, when I think about you, babe
    You got me acting like I’ve never done this before
    I promise I’ll be ready when I walk through the door
    And I don’t know why
    No, I don’t know why
    Yeah yeah
    I get a little bit nervous (I get a little bit nervous)
    Around you
    Get a little bit stressed out (I get a little bit stressed out)
    When I think about you
    Get a little excited (I get a little excited)
    Baby, when I think about you
    Yeah, when I think about you, babe (oh yeah)
    Talk a little too much (I talk a little too much, yeah)
    Around you
    Get a little self-conscious (I get a little self-conscious)
    When I think about you (I get a little self-conscious)
    Get a little excited (I get a little excited)
    Baby, when I think about you
    Yeah, when I think about you, babe

  • Michelle is money. This vid is fire. I haven’t had an on course lesson because it’s so darn expensive compared to a standard playa lesson

  • England Rugby legend Jonny Wilkinson tells the story of how he became so accurate when kicking conversions or penalties by mentally visualising the tier of the stadium he’s aiming to behind the posts, then visualising the section of the tier, then visualising the row of seats, then visualising the old lady in the seat, then visualising the ice cream she’s holding, and finally focusing on the flake in the ice-cream of the old lady who’s sitting in the sit in the row in the section of the tier he’s aiming for. Bonkers really. But interesting how it applies just as well to golf too. Definitely something in it.

  • Thanks for making this video Will! You’re definitely Right: Often times, when we lack Confidence on the Field is because of our poor Thinking on how to not mess things up, instead of being focused on Positive things that will get us to SUCCESS!!��������⚽

  • OK, so I don’t know how you guys managed it, but I could barely even keep my balance on one leg with my other leg on the thigh, let alone do any fancy moves!!! ������ Wonderful practice! Somewhere in the middle, I realised I could actually breathe through BOTH nostrils! Wow! Fancy that! �� Did some yoga on my own today and I’m not sure I was as mindful and caring to my body as when I am guided by you, I ache a little in several places (wrist, arm…) I am safer when you’re there, Adriene!! Hahahahaha! Namaste ��

  • This song and “Clover Cage Mirror Mirror” are two songs keeping me sane during these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and let you guys know that things will get better. We are in this together….

  • Hi When does next months calendar and playlist normally become available?
    Can´t wait. This is the first time I’ve followed along with the monthly calendar, loved it. Can´t wait for next months and what it brings x

  • It’s always appropriate to find a little more calm, no matter your situation. It’s in all of us, sometimes we just need a little help to find it. Namaste

  • I have been waiting for the chance to tell the world that we are boyfriends. I will remember this day forever.
    And she is amazing as a coach, and you should be applauded for putting your lesson on video. NO ONE has figured this game out yet.

  • I thought haiku would be the most appropriate way to sum up my fears regarding an on-course lesson:

    An on-course lesson
    Reveals more than our swing faults
    It shows our real self

  • This is a very informative and enjoyable video. Thanks to both of you for doing this. I shall try some of the nuggets next time I play.

  • I haven’t had an on course lesson because I’m a cheapskate and not to clever either
    … I hope that what I take from the range session once a month to the course on a completely different day… as I write this it seems quite silly.
    Time to book a on course lesson.. thanksbaus

  • Today is my second day back after a 12 day involuntarily enforced Selah rest. I had a severe anxiety attack that knocked me down to bedrest for 3 days. It took ocer a week to fully recover my clarity in mind & soul. It was a wonderful opportunity to re-evaluate and slow down my intentional living. I’m deeply grateful for today’s practice that strengthens where I am in my current journey. Perfect timing.
    This is the first year I’ve been following your daily practices completely. Apart from these last 12 days of health required rest, I’ve shown up for myself on the mat every day since Dec 31st 2019. Thank you for providing a place for me to do this… for all of us to do this, with you. �� Breathing deep, anchoring through my feet, lifting the heart space. Namaste.

  • Needed the reminder that I’m on a journey and to let go of the need to know and do it all now. Simplify, breathe, observe, reflect, repeat.

  • I love this video! thanks for sharing Matt, I love your content and love that youre honest and you always check your ego at the door. Cant wait to see more content and lessons just like this.

  • Hello Adriene, I started doing yoga with you on the first of January 2020, and I noticed I started to do deep breathing of the mat at some times in the day. Thank you so much ��‍♀️��‍♀️��‍♀️

  • Wow man, this was a great video! Although I think I would feel added pressure with Michele standing behind me on the course because she is pretty hot. I think I will try a lesson with a Dave or a Paul or something.

  • Dang some “99 problems but a pitch ain’t 1” towels would be ���� hopefully the main boyfriend reads this!! Great lessons as always playa

  • Another practice that I NEEDED. Last night was incredibly stressful and I carried that tension into this morning, but now I believe I can get on with my day with a new perspective ��

  • KISS day 26 Yoga for the Nerves was everything today. A soothing practice for a long day. Thank you Adrienne. May you and sweet Benji be surrounded in love and light.��

  • I dont have much confidence beacause in middle school i missed a penalty that constedus the game and everday they would remined me about it

  • Hey Adriene, do you have any recommendations for adaptations of alternate nostril breathing? Today it took way too much force to breath in/out of my left side alone, and it was frustrating because I couldn’t get that depth of breath on that side due to congestion. I’d love a way to still participate when I can’t do it the traditional way. Namaste <3

  • Bro, I searched up how to not get stress playing solos after dying to a sweaty tryhard which they get shot at once and then builds the whole map edits down and then one pumps me… but hey this is actually a better video

  • Ciao Adriene, how are You? Thank you again for this lovely yoga. Have done four yoga sessions with you today. I think now will have nice lunch and looking forward to more tomorrow. Such a peaceful day with your yoga in my living room looking out the window at beautiful sky and trees gently swaying. Don’t get tine usually to enjoy my lovely parlor in the daytime so today is a special treat. Un abbraccio forte forte alla Mia Maestra Tanta Brava; Grazie. ❤️��������☀️

  • I loved having yet another simple practice to help stretch out from those first couple rough days back. I love seeing how much muscle memory I have and how far I can stretch even after taking months off. Although I am a little disappointed; I recall reaching crown to the ground before and I am nowhere near that! Keeping it up to get back to it and my goal of a headstand!

  • @golfsidekick Dude! That looking at the tops of trees and picking out a specific leaf! I have struck my irons so pure today and had an effortless 78.

  • im sad because i get HARD anxiety and i get scared and start shaking no anything i do i get nervous im walking i hear someone name it i get so much anxiety im tired of it

  • Even if you don’t improve your game, at least you played golf with a pretty girl like Michele who gave you her full attention… That’s a plus.

  • This literally sucks for me, i have always had this when i played football at young age. Football was my life, i didnt do anything else than football always had the ball at my feet. Anxiety was holding me back, every single guy that i played with in training or after training just like 1v1v1v1 said that i was insane and asked why i never show my skills in a match. When i played in a match i always get scared that if i fucked up they would have been mad at me, that was why i never wanted the ball passed to me. Anxiety holds me back doing the thing i loved to do the most and it really sucks.

  • I can’t resent anyone for hurting me bc maybe the person who did it is a completely different person now and I can’t judge anyone for their past especially if I don’t want to for mine

  • Why have I not had an on course lesson? Well I guess it is that 3 letter curse word to someone who has taken to the way of the Playah…..EGO!

  • I’ve never had an on course lesson because you are my golf guide, we are boyfriends and I just wouldn’t feel right cheating on you here in America.

  • The thing is i’ve been playing since start of season 3 and I only have like 12 solo wins, no matter what I do I get super nervous whenever i’m in a fight which makes me miss all my shots, btw i’m on PS4.

  • Great video, I’ll try this target focus technique. Love TPC KL, lived just behind for 3 years and was always there. Nice job Michele:)

  • Who’s going to be an instigator and focus on the hands verses the beauty of this nervous video! Talk about cringe!!!����������������

  • Just curious how many other people find that their right hip (or the one you use to drive) is significantly tighter than their left.

  • this song hurts so much, it’s crazy how they can put the exact way i feel in a song. life has been so hard lately, always trying to please others and not myself, and honestly im tired of always bottling up my feelings just bcs i think my emotions make me look vulnerable and thats why i dont show them, besides that, i can never open up to anyone even if i try. and my opinions never matter to others bcz im a “teenager“, see the thing is whenever i do, i get laughed at or ignored. i’m better off silent. and it hurts but i cant do anything about it. and my relationship with my parents makes it worst, they never understand the way i feel and they just blame everything on my phone, meanwhile i met the most wonderful ppl online, people who actually care about my existence. i honestly don’t see a point of me existing anymore, idek what’s keeping me and what’s making me wait, i’m tired of not feeling anything

  • I used the “pick small target” technique on the course today. What a difference that makes. I had zero other thoughts in my head and the ball came off the club beautifully. Can’t wait to keep using this. Great video! Best golf channel on YouTube!

  • 4:22 Oddly enough, as a high handicapper, the flop is the only shot that I’m totally skilled with.  Jack Nicklaus described very soft wrists unhinging right at the ball I saw him demonstrate it on an instructional video and never looked back.  Open face, ball slightly forward, aim left, and Bingo!  The rest of my game, not Bingo…

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  • Honestly because of this confidence thing and what not it’s making me wanna stop playing football anymore. It’s not that I hate the game I absolutely adore the game and I’m a very skilled player fore my age. But the problem is when I joined a club I was absolutely terrified of making any mistakes or anything and I’m still am. But when I play in school or with my mates I play like neymar and messi.. granted I’m only 12 and idk what I’m doing with my life and I’m very lost especially the fact I’m in a Arabic country and I don’t understand the Language very well so I can not communicate with my team or with my coach I’m trying my best to sort things out I need ur guys help

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  • Matt and Michele, thank you so much for this video. Today I played and PROPERLY took on board the visualisation of a target for each shot and BOY what a difference. I had only 1 tee shot that didn’t start exactly on target and usually I can be pretty wild. I would say this technique of picking a very distinct spot, e.g. a leaf, a small patch of ground, and then MOST IMPORTANTLY fixing that in my mind’s eye on the backswing, no other thoughts was a game changer. The one poor drive, ended OOB (narrowly) and cost me at least 2 shots in the end but shaved off at least 5 or 6 shots even with the OOB!! So, thank you, thank you, thank you. This is such an easy change to make to your game and for me at least SO important. Waddaplaya!

  • This was me guys, I play as a right back and I never used to go up the pitch whenever my team needed the extra help because I was afraid of what would happen or who would be looking at me, then one day it just all clicked and I focused on myself and the game, just try and be as cocky and confident as you possibly can and say to yourself that you are the best, I’m now going on a soccer scholarship to the states, anything is possible if you focus✌️

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    Actually took physical notes because this lesson was sooo good. Thanks Matt. Thanks Michelle!

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  • May I suggest the book, “Golf is not a game of perfect” by Dr Bob rotella
    It’s an easy read. I listen to the audiobook which is about 90 min long!

  • I followed the recommendation to focus on a leaf (a third party target) instead of a spot on the fairway, that helped me a lot. I became much moore relaxed on the the tee hitting my drives straight!

  • The reason I have never had an on course lesson is that I work for the nhs and it was something I thought I could financially get better value from playing with others instead in at the deep end as it were, the golf instructor also started shaking his head left to right when he was discussing with me it’s automatically subconsciously said this is not a good idea he doesn’t even agree with it why would I do that I better off saving £90 I don’t have, and that was literally 10 years ago approx.

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  • Started having an anxiety attack and immediately came here to find some peace ♥️ started my practice in full tears and ended in a big smile, full of love.

  • Thats sooo truee what he says… im always thinking about survival instead of playing and sticking to my game plan what im actually good at…. and it happens alot because the majority of times i play i dont play with the same people so its always a thing to be nervous about but yes need to think about my game only instead. And reflecting on this, its true because when i have played my best i ignored the fears i had but it just isnt consistent:(

  • Great video. I believe Im a skilled soccer player, I have good control of the ball, strength and speed and a mean right leg. However I play a game of soccer and I play like I’ve never played soccer before. I’ve decided it’s insecurity. When the balls coming to me I think of peoples expectations of me and if I can meet them and I will cut that out! Thank you for the inspiration

  • I’m getting my GCSE results today (an exam you do in the UK at 16, or not cos of corona) This yoga practise helped me relax and be “open to solutions”
    Thanks Adrienne xxx namaste

  • @golfsidekick hey matt, what did michelle mean by swaying? doesn’t look like you’re swaying to me. you load into your backside nicely and keep pressure on the inside of your trail foot. good luck with the upcoming lessons!

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  • im really good at football mashallah but like im scared to talk for some reason im like i better talk then on the pitch im like bruh..

  • For me it’s the same, whenever I practice by myself I do all these skill and know they’re good and I know my skills are pretty good but whenever I play with someone else or on the pitch I don’t do any of these skills. In my head none of these come up and I’m nervous ill look bad or fail

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  • I took the tip on short chip/flop shots to imagine the clubhead in front of the hands to flop the ball higher sooner, and have it hit softer! Getting many more conversions for pars than ever before. Shot 40/35=75;my last round due to this tip. Thank you!

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  • Ok so, i literally went from a really low in league soccer club to the top 30 best teams in the state (2003). My coach says i have a lot of potential and im tall (5’11) and strong. He made me join his team and im really scared because this is what i wanted so bad and i did. But im scared of losing it.
    My problem is that my touch i not like my teammates, my technique is also not as good as my teammates, and my speed of play is not as fast as the team’s.
    -my practice is in 1hour and 30 min
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  • Feeling sad and frustrated. I have no clue what my purpose in life is, I don’t know how to reach the few things I dream of, my chronic illness stops me from getting things done and enjoying life as I’m fatigued all the damn time, I have no sense of community with people around me, through years of self consciousness and judgements I’ve unlearned how to express myself, and due to all of this I experience anger, sadness and other negative emotions on a daily basis.
    Despite it all, I’ve been committed to my daily yoga practice and when Adriene says “trust the practice / trust me / trust yourself” it makes me feel like I can indeed tap into myself and find healing for the afraid, lost child inside of me.
    Thank you, Adriene, for always bringing such lessons and joy into my days.

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  • Matt, I see the biggest change in your Putting, definitely used to be stubby in your earlier videos and is more rhythmic, from Michelle’s way of teaching can understand that she has taught a lot of kids and sometimes that’s the best way for us, is more of a recommendation approach

  • Know you’ll probably never see this but this exact thing has happened to me. I try to play how I can but only do it once in awhile. For the past month I’ve been doing terrible like I just started playing. I can’t pass like I usually do, I can’t make first touches, I can’t do anything like I usually do. I’m games I’m alright, I have more confidence but for some reason in practices I am scared of being judged and I just do terrible. I don’t know what to do anymore.