I Do Not Exercise or Eat As If You Think I Actually Do A Disagreement for Moderation


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I Don’t Work Out or Eat Like You Think I Do: An Argument for Moderation These days, I don’t count calories, track expenditure, macros, steps/miles walked, weight lifted, etc. I eat. Honest Vlog: I don’t workout or eat like you think I do – An argument for moderation April 22, 2020 0 Comments You May Also Like. Chill Out! Stretching Yoga Workout for Flexibility and Calm – Warm Up or Cool Down Workout.

An Argument for Moderation. Here is an article (and video!) from a couple of years ago, but it still very much resonates— I Don’t Work Out or Eat Like You Think I Do: An Argument for Moderation. The basic idea, which we should remind ourselves of from time to time, is that health and fitness are within your reach, and do not necessarily require a brutal, extreme makeover of your habits. I Don’t Work Out or Eat Like You Think I Do: An Argument for Moderation.

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Just wanted to point out, some people (like me) don’t eat meat because they just don’t like it. I love my turf-free diet (still eat seafood) because I feel healthier and I do love the environment aspect. But the truth is, if I liked the taste and texture of meat, I would eat it.

There are many great reasons for veggie lifestyles. Why Eating Everything In Moderation Is A Recipe For Weight Loss Failure. The “everything in moderation” philosophy only seems to come into.

Moderation Is the Key to Life Health, well-being, and success rest on one principle: In all things moderation. By Carlin Flora, published July 4, 2017 last reviewed on October 15, 2019. What’s the point of low carb, shouldn’t we all just try to eat everything in moderation? In this video, six of the top low-carb doctors in the world give their quick and spontaneous answers to.

The thing is that the amount of alcohol or drug use per se is not a part of the definition of addiction or abuse (other than in the “using more than intended” factor but even there an absolute. The point is, though, you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Because of that, it’s easy for people to play it safe and suggest “everything in moderation,” rather than take a clear stance of either “EAT ALL OF THE THINGS” or “AVOID THESE THINGS.”.

List of related literature:

If you believe that your body is hibernating, and you believe you eat less than you “deserve” to eat given your exercise level, the solution is to increase your daytime calorie intake to an appropriate level, stop living in calorie deficit, and curb binge eating.

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
from Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook
by Nancy Clark
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Neither am I saying that you should suddenly change your diet in a radical way.

“Scrying for Beginners” by Donald Tyson
from Scrying for Beginners
by Donald Tyson
Llewellyn Publications, 1997

i mean, i think it’s reasonable to argue that eating cake hurts my long-term goal of staying healthy and keeping weight off.

“Why Everyone (Else) Is a Hypocrite: Evolution and the Modular Mind” by Robert Kurzban
from Why Everyone (Else) Is a Hypocrite: Evolution and the Modular Mind
by Robert Kurzban
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So don’t use the occasional lapse as a reason to abandon your commitment to more healthful eating altogether.

“Way to Eat: A Six-step Path to Lifelong Weight Control” by Maura Harrigan Gonzalez
from Way to Eat: A Six-step Path to Lifelong Weight Control
by Maura Harrigan Gonzalez
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Nor are you apt to plateau like you often do on other diets.

“The 17 Day Diet” by Dr Mike Moreno
from The 17 Day Diet
by Dr Mike Moreno
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But if the answer is “No, it does not conform to my program for the day,” then by emphasizing this respect for your body, you are ignoring the urge to eat rather than fighting it.

“Trance and Treatment: Clinical Uses of Hypnosis” by Herbert Spiegel, David Spiegel
from Trance and Treatment: Clinical Uses of Hypnosis
by Herbert Spiegel, David Spiegel
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It’s as if only absolutes are valid and that the regimen of eating only certain foods is the only motivation.

“Sistah Vegan: Black Female Vegans Speak on Food, Identity, Health, and Society” by A. Breeze Harper
from Sistah Vegan: Black Female Vegans Speak on Food, Identity, Health, and Society
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And giving up eating and drinking too many calories does not mean that you will no longer have a social life.

“The Serotonin Power Diet: Eat Carbs-Nature's Own Appetite Suppressant-to Stop Emotional Overeating and Halt Antidepressant-Associated Weight Gain” by Judith Wurtman, Nina T. Frusztajer
from The Serotonin Power Diet: Eat Carbs-Nature’s Own Appetite Suppressant-to Stop Emotional Overeating and Halt Antidepressant-Associated Weight Gain
by Judith Wurtman, Nina T. Frusztajer
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Neither should paying attention to your eating and doing physical activity.

“Body for Life for Women: A Woman's Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation” by Pamela Peeke
from Body for Life for Women: A Woman’s Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation
by Pamela Peeke
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“All things in moderation” should be your goal.

“Love Signs and You: The Ultimate Astrological Guide to Love, Sex, and Relationships” by Skye Alexander, Rochelle Gordon, Nadia Stiegltz
from Love Signs and You: The Ultimate Astrological Guide to Love, Sex, and Relationships
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Hey if you guys want to hop around here are some timestamps! As always I appreciate the discussion on these topics! Peace!
    0:46: I (Jeff Nippard) am not training hard enough. What do I think?
    2:27 Summary of my view on training to failure
    4:19 STOP it with all the science! Get in the gym and work harder!! (My thoughts)
    7:42 RPE is for beginners and p*****s (My thoughts)
    11:26 People are bad at estimating RPE (My thoughts)

  • This is it! So much realistic talk about working out and eating. You discipline yourself (eating and work outs) in a way that you’re satisfied in what you’re doing and not restricting yourself from this and that. It makes me feel bad and stressed, personally. I started working out following your work out videos and tried to ditch almost all the food that I’ve been eating all my life. Until I listened to my body, I continued with the work out went back eating food that satisfies me. (in moderation). I eat like five times a day. And it feels good, I’m getting the body shape that I want plus I don’t feel “starved”. This is the only video that sided my decision cause all of the video that I came across tells me not to eat that and this or else you’re just wasting your time working out. Thanks Kelly. I tried to find a work out for pregnant women from you but can’t find one. Do you have any work out videos for such?
    Godspeed! Thanks!

  • I trained harder, my pec major tore off. Now i control my diet, and train to failure using time under tension, and perfect form, rather than stupidity… Best shape of my life.

  • Thank you! I really needed to hear this. I often push myself too hard. And I’m just starting out working out consistently as an almost 43-year-old woman. So I truly appreciate your honesty! All the best to you!

  • Coke cola is probably the most deathly and destructive product to be injected in the population. Then many have had to inject

  • yes sure you can tell us not to stress out or do want you want,and when you want..yes but you can tell us now,when you are already fit,,,,when you were fat like us could you still tell us not to count calories???

  • Jeff, when I look at you, I certainly don’t see a guy who doesn’t train enough. You look like you can punch through walls, and you wouldn’t be out of place in the Greek pantheon. I’m guessing whoever criticizes your training hasn’t pushed iron ever.

  • Thank you for this great video! Follow the money as to why this was not called a pandemic and stopped. Diabetic disease and cancer are money makers.

  • I’ve had a similar experience so I can really relate. I used to practice HIIT 4-6 days a week and it was making me exhausted and super hungry all the time, messing with my hormones, blood sugar, sleep… When I was forced to stop exercising because of an injury and wisdom teeth surgery, I went through a small mental crisis:) But it’s really helped me to find a healthier routine. I now only practice strength training 2 to 3 times a week max, no more cardio. I go for a walk with my dog every day if I can, in nature. I try to stretch regularly. Just be more gentle with my body. Thanks for sharing your story Heather! Love x Julie

  • Jeff’s system has attracted a lot of people that like to push themselves about his level with 12 rep max range percentage, RPE, and reps left in the tank he’s gotten a lot of people hooked on this. It is a concern when reaching many people a mean average you can attract people to. Your progress you’re going 2 reps left into the tank instead of 3. I think an issue that you can address beyond this point is to go extremely strict on all of your lifts (you use Jay Cutler’s style of momentum, and John Meadows uses this exact same style) and rest 1 minute inbetween each set to hit the muscle further you may get a more defined appearance by doing this. This also reduces your rest time to 1 minute inbetween each set while having much better recovery.

    You want to be consistent with this, for all of your workouts meaning no longer rest inbetween muscle groups. This will greatly help your many followers and clients and I think will bring a big evolution to your system. Currently your rest time is 3 minutes inbetween each set as is John Meadows. Even Jay Cutler while he says his rest time is 1 minute inbetween each set is probably resting a lot more than that in the overall workout. Even if you were to say your rest time is 1 minute rest inbetween each set you have to calculate your entire workout and count the actual time it took that workout by the end of the workout so you need to develop this consistency.

    This will be the gateway to more intensity in the future, but if you focus on more intensity now, instead of first adopting being extremely strict and having 1 minute rest inbetween each set, you won’t penetrate the muscles like you’d want to (like if someone tells you that you’re not trying hard enough, and in turn you exert too much effort blunting the process). The problem with those with more intensity you notice is they lack overall development of the muscle because they can’t tap into that penetration since they over work the muscle. A major bonus is you will reduce your workout time to 3 fold. This will work extremely well for your High Frequency training (Bulgarian High Intensity training full body workout a day 3-5 days a week) and your Push/Pull/Legs training (High Volume training splits).

  • Unfortunately, like all big channels, Jeff Cavaliere’s fanbase has some less than pleasant people, who treat his word as gospel. It’s brilliant to see a mature response to these fanboys who insult you based on presumably very little knowledge, because no one in the youtuber fitness community works harder than you.
    Keep up the good work

  • I just love you Kelli… so much. lol Thank you for changing my life. These types of videos make me realize how awesome fitness blender is. I have been following yall since 2015. YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER.:)

  • Dr. Bowen At Charleston Ketamine Center while treating my bipolar disorder inadvertently broke my sugar addiction. I’ve been sugar free for 3 weeks now!

  • If people are hating on you forget about it. Been doing your full body program for 4 weeks and results are amazing. Guarantee whoever is complaining isnt listening dieting as you instructed.

  • It’s weird that every time you work out even once you get these problems. I guess from stressing so much about exercise, working out became something stressful for you. Probably something psychosomatic.
    I need my exercise to feel good, also I was born with very weak muscles, and becoming stronger makes me more comfortable. I don’t work out to lose weight (I can’t afford to lose any weight anyway), I’m just looking to become stronger.

  • This is so beautiful! I’ve started Fitness Blender a bit over a year ago. I lost over 20 pounds but more than that, I just feel such a difference in my body in general! It feels so much more toned and sleek. I have gotten into a 3x a week pattern and I follow it faithfully. I do 20 minutes on the treadmill and weights before I hit your vids, as a warm But it’s your vids I look forward to the most (alright.. sometimes DREAD the most ;)) but your workout videos are like meditation to me. They are sacred and make me feel good on so many levels. You and Daniel are such nice people and I always feel like I am not working out by myself but with friends when I do your videos. You are both such gems and I want to thank you so much! You are beautiful and inspirational people!

  • This is why I’ve been a fan since 2015. You guys are realistic, I work out 4-5 days a week and I listen to my body. Don’t keep track of eating what so ever without going over or under board. Just shows all bodies are different and beautiful. Thank you guys for being real! Also, just finished a workout! WORKOUT COMPLETE!

  • Couldn’t agree more Jeff… In my experience the ones who say go harder are the natural gainers. I’m 6’7″ and my metabolism is off the charts. Until 2 years ago my adult weight had been 185. I grew up lifting playing football and basketball and I worked harder than just about anyone in the gym. It wasn’t until I applied real science and strategy until I was able to gain weight. I broke 210 lbs last year when I bulked, cut down below 200 lbs, bulking again just broke 210 and still climbing. It would not be possible with just brute force. Would not be here without science and the awesome content you provide, thanks!

  • I’ve been working out with you guys for about 2-3 years now. I just did one of your HIIT and Cardio routines, I honestly had to stop at least twice during the breaks, to catch my breath. It was hard, but I pulled through and finished! Plus, it’s really hot in our basement since it is Summer and also hot outside. #WorkoutComplete ✅������

  • So I have a question. I feel like I work out pretty damn hard, but maybe I am off and not working hard enough. Would you say it would be better to err on the side of overtraining or under training if you don’t know what is exactly appropriate?

  • I love this! Thank you for being so honest and I appreciate your channel so much. I use your videos all the time and just finished your 5 days for busy people (guilty…it took me 7 days to get though it but I loved it).

    I am a nutritionist and everything you said fits well into my training and education. It reminds me of Michael Polin’s tag line “Eat Food, Mostly Plants, Not To Much”. Yes, it can be difficult to start that practice if your using to having food super “tasty” i.e. filled with sugar, chemicals, and salt. Baby steps are best for setting people up for a future of eating healthy as a practice and not restricting yourself from any foods, forever.

  • Question. What would you recommend to the person who honestly prefers a “balls to the wall” hard training session (probably close to RPE 8.5 or 9, but no less than 7).

  • Sugar is vastly over used. They sneak it into everything. They know it’s bad or they wouldnt make up random names for it. I wish I knew all this 20 yrs ago. 142 pounds and 99% sugar free!

  • I am on a Mediterranean diet. Since the Mediterranean area includes so many countries, there is a great deal of variety. I also enjoy core training and various aerobic exercises. I have found that moderation is the key for me. I try to eat sensibly and exercise routinely but I occasionally indulge in a few favorite foods and occasionally skip exercise. Works for me��

  • Let me get this straight.”Training harder” is ‘what’ we should do in the gym and not ‘how’ we do it.Jeff Nippard exactly tells us ‘how’ to do it while still training harder.Putting back literature in strength;)

  • The problem with any general statement like “not training hard enough” is that everybody is different and also likely at a different place in their training. Genetics are a factor, time and experience under the bars is a factor, age is a factor, how much time you have available to train is a factor, the level and type of equipment available is a factor, other health concerns are a factor, why are we training is a factor or more likely why has multiple concurrent goals some of which might even be at odds with each other. Then you have to make choices. When you statistically look at all these factors together for any specific person, there is no one perfect training regimen that will be optimal for everybody’s training.

    At a certain point, everybody that is doing this and wants to do it as proficiently as they can has to tailor a system specifically for their own use. This is exactly why people in certain circumstances hire personal trainers to design a system for them. In most peoples situations, they will need to become their own personal trainer which requires accumulating a considerable amount of knowledge regarding what you are doing. If you don’t train the brain, it is very likely that your body training is going to suffer and you could even injure yourself. Least worst case would be you get disappointed because you aren’t getting where you want to get to and just give up.

    I’ve done my own studies for years of this thing generally called body conditioning and there is one fundamental that is the same for everybody. If you do the same thing all the time your body adapts and sometimes it adapts relatively quickly. Once it adapts you begin to flatten out on your gains and might even feel like you are going backwards. You have to alter your training methodology at least for a period of time and train differently if you want to continue to progress or sometimes to even stay at the same level for maintenance. So in addition to everything else involving training, you have to have 3 or possibly more alternate training methodologies to rotate through over time. There is also a different training scheme needed if you are training with a very specific objective like up to an event such as a triathlon, a power lift, a body building competition or to get down to or up to a certain something before your 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, whatever birthday or your next class reunion.

    Another fundamental is that after you have “injured” your musculature and nervous system in a training session, the body requires a certain amount of time to recover. Some muscle groups recover faster, some recover slower, different people recover slower or faster than other people. There is also a mental fatigue aspect to this and a person needs to deal with that too. How much time can also vary depending on diet, sleep, age, how long a person has been training, how hard the training session was that they are recovering from. I won’t discuss steroids. I believe they should be out of the picture unless the person has a medical requirement to take them.

    Basically, doing all of the above correctly to maximize the benefits of your efforts is complex. Doing it wrong is relatively easy. Anybody can do it wrong.

    I find after all this time that I’ve been pushing weight around that my mind is still in sponge mode. Accumulating more knowledge is going to be going on as long as you continue training. Thanks for your videos and all the work you are putting in to educating everybody on this thing we simplistically call working out.

  • Thank you for this because I’ve lost like 20 pounds in weight and have been restricting my diet trying to do keto and intermittent fast. It’s hard because I love bananas and dark chocolate and good carbs. I like fasting or dry fasting it’s super easy to not eat anything. but Keto dieting it’s a little hard doing only protein lol, so I saying f-it I’m eating anything I want. I’ll just do it moderation and try not to be too extreme in my weight loss goals. I wanna get down another 25 more pounds and get my abs flatter and just maintain.

  • Thank you so much for for sharing this! Finally, someone having the courage and speaking a truth that needs to be heard. For some even working out 3x a week is exhausting, doesn’t make them any less of a person, weak or unfit, it just is. As you say, walking, yoga, good diet and being happy is a “work out” as well. Three cheers Heather, well done!

  • I know this is an old video, but I found that intelligent, consistent volume was the best for the 17 years i trained naturally, and since I started using gear, Intensity and brutal stimulation has really become more valuable. It was a noticeable difference for me in what worked. but everyone’s body is different and thats just what i found effective when I was natty vs. today. hope this helps someone. ( I also believe in using heavy, intense stimulus on leg and back days, but lighter more focused training styles for arms and shoulders)

  • I’ve been training for over 10 years and have done it all. Trained 80% effort 5-7 days a week. Trained 80% effort two times a day 5-7 days a week. All the volume levels, all the training splits.

    I’ve found for me the most efficient training style at growing muscle is Yates style. 1 to 2 working sets beyond failure. 3-5 exercises a workout, in and out in 45 minutes. It’s training past failure, but recovery isn’t an issue because you’re training for less than 60 minutes. Train 3-4 times a week either full of half body.

    What’s beyond failure? Go to failure, take 5 deep breaths and do more. Do half and quarter reps after the failure mark too.

    This is literally the best training method that my body responds to fastest. I don’t ever leave the gym feeling wiped out either, I leave the gym feeling great.

    Also stop taking caffeine because after years of training with caffeine you destroy your adrenals. Destroyed adrenals gives brain fog, irritability, frustration, poor hormone function, an absolute reliance on caffeine. You should never ever absolutely rely on anything but your own body.

  • Hi! I have watched and followed your videos for years. Howeverthe last couple of years I have hit peri menopause and gained a few pounds. I love this video because I began exercising in January and see great changes already. I do not restrict my diet and I eat everything in moderation. I agree that you have to work and not to a point of dread. I feel so good!

  • It’s pretty simple, really: If volume and frequency is high(er), you must reduce intensity to some degree and avoid failure for the most part. However, if you are natural and cannot/will not train more than 2-3 times a week, then failure training when done correctly is perfect!

  • I love training to failure, gives me epic results. I don’t train to failure on compound lifts though, it’s quite dangerous when you train alone.

  • I always go to failure. It’s just easier that way. I know when I’ve done enough to get muscle growth that way. I appreciate the science though, that’s why I’m here.

  • thank you for sharing this with us couch potatoes hahah. you both are good role models, and also you’re normal. I like that you exercise and try to be fit, but you do not dissociate yourself from food

  • Wow, fantastic video. The speaker goes into prevention in general so much that the video title doesn’t do it justice. Great work!

  • I agree Jeff If you max out all the time you eventually start getting too sore and injuries start…I like to train train hard but at a level that lets me keep being consistent. If Im injured Im going nowhere

  • It is so wonderful to hear you speak out like this in an open forum. Moderation, and healthy balance = a life well lived. Thank you for having the courage to name it!:)

  • Jeff’s fundamentals series is the best workout playlist ever made.

    More than teaching you about HOW building programs…what I loved was understanding WHY.

    I already have a program I’m following…and the depth of understanding you offer is value not many people offer. You’ve earned a loyal fan for life in me mate.

    beyond grateful mate. Cant thank you enough.

  • Thank you for sharing. I’m sick of feel that burden to always workout! With all my other responsibilities at work and home working out is just added stress. I hate feeling like I have to go hard at the gym everyday. Maybe I will do something low intensity like yoga. I actually feel that getting into yoga could really help with stress.

  • “You shouldn’t be organizing your entire life to look a certain way.” Wow, I really needed to hear this today. I don’t have the healthiest of relationships with food or body image, and I tend to get a bit obsessive. Thank you Kelli for being so honest!

  • Those guys are in great shape, but I still think the ideal physique is when your forearms and calves match the size of biceps. It’s only symmetry. Why look like a Greek God? Because you can…

  • I used to train to failure constantly, had a six pack but couldn’t get above 80kg bodyweight, stopped training to failure and with no other changes got to 95 and added 30kgs to my bench in a year

  • Very true. Now that I allow myself to drink during the week, having one glass is easier no binging. And weekends I don’t go head in Bc I “miss” it.

  • Lovely Video clip! Sorry for the intrusion, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you thought about Parlandealey Impetigo Goodbye Process (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is an awesome one off product for finding some amazing landscaping designs for your home without the normal expense. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my old buddy Taylor after a lifetime of fighting got excellent results with it.

  • Frank Tufano is more convincing these days than Gary Taubes. Still interesting to see him try to raise funds for NuSI tho. He’s not giving up, nor changing his mind on any of this.

  • Dr. David Unwin eloquently speaks about the importance of black swans, like his first patient who reversed their type-2 after going on a LCHF diet. Hundreds of black swans later and you don’t need a statistically significant double-blind study. That is the safe harbor of arrogant fools. Doctors are too busy coding for additional $$ to recognize the black swans staring them every day in the face. Yes, keep giving that overweight type-2 diabetic drugs to increase their insulin sensitivity, or even insulin itself, to treat a condition caused by too much insulin, while watching them get progressively sicker. The solution is as close as your iPad. He who has ears to hear, let him hear. Mat 11:15

  • He is healthy, strong, and he looks good. He has a lot of muscle. Why should he train harder if his current training is working so good for him? I train hard because I think that it is the only way I’ll get stronger and bigger, but if I could get stronger and bigger just as fast with less effort, I would choose to do so for sure. The only reason I do not do steroids is because of my health, because it is illegal, and because I know I am one of those who would get a lot of acne (I get face and body acne even from caffeine, creatine and too much junk food). And admit it, you all would do steroids if they were safe and legal. Thats why you all take creatine, preworkouts, post workouts, testosterone boosters, and all kinds of things. Because they are legal and “safe”. A lot of you are probably hoping SARMS become legal too. You are trying to get there faster. You could get there without all those things though. I do not use any pre or post workout, no caffeine, no creatine, and I can see progress in the gym every week. Just eat enough, rest and train. The only supplements I use are whey protein isolate and vitamins and minerals. Trust me, there is no substitute for a good diet, even on steroids you wouldnt grow if you dont eat enough. Dont overdo it on the protein either though. I have heard of a few cases of permanently damage kidneys. Drink plenty of water too. If you damage your kidneys, you wont be able to consume enough protein to gain more muscle.

  • My doc told me to eat sugar and eat loads of carbs as my sis died of a heart attack. There was nearly a riot when I told him to do some research. I’m on keto and he said keto is dangerous and if there’s a family history. One person my sis actually wouldn’t call that family history. I’ll stick to my keto thanks

  • Thank you so much for this video. I’m still working on my relationship with food and exercise, and it’s kind of a daily reminder that I’m not doing this for a specific body type, but for my health. Thank you for this video about being moderate with diet and exercise, because sometimes I think the really restrictive diets and/or the really intense frequent exercises are the things that come up predominantly when it comes to exercise and diet.

  • Faillure doesn’t means anything! You are right! You can faillure after 2 deadlifts or after 30km of running!! The results on the body is different!

  • Yes this is exactly what a lot of us need to hear! For myself I can honestly say I work out with your guises videos and absolutely love them, Yes I will agree for myself I have to listen to my body like I always hear Kelly say listen to your body it will tell you. So I listen to with my workouts in my eating habits. I’m still trying to work on my eating habits there are getting better. But I love working out and I just overall enjoy it because I also see results coming out of it so it’s awesome!! Thank you guys!!!

  • Iam actually not sure if you’re totally tilt proof or a pussy… But it’s relaxing in a way to listen to you even thought you’re arguing… I don’t know how you do that. That’s a skill very less people on the world have and maybe you could do more than YouTube with that. Do you have any political ambitions?

  • Taubes’s logic breaks down. The case has been made against sugar. However, just because sugar is bad, does not make a high fat diet good. Whether intentional or unintentional, Taubes is in a perpetual state of conflating the two, as is typical of low carb proponents.

  • Jeff you train hard enough, you bloody legend!

    By the way, is that atlas world globe in the background a secret hint that as soon as COVID-19 disappears up its own anus, you will visit Australia and hopefully lil’ old Tasmania?

    Keep up the excellent work and scholarly literature reviews!

  • There are FOUR in the cluster… increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels.

  • Couldn’t agree more! In the past, I was always “all or nothing”, and the best case scenario would be losing weight and then jo-joing back to an even higher number. I somehow managed to overcome this (paradoxically, veganism help, but that’s a different story) and now have a mindset of “I can totally eat pizza, fries, drink beer, etc.”. I swear it takes all of their power away. I’ve now lost a 150lbs and only have about 50 more to go. The longer you do it eat healthy, exercise, are mindfull about your health the more second nature it becomes. You start craving those good foods that nourish you and eating them makes you feel good. And I used to dread working out, now I get excited for it! I’m so happy to have discovered FB it’s hands down the best YT channel for workouts <3 it made working out at home actual pleasure!!! I love that you guys don't play any music and don't try to be forcefully cheerful. And the versatility of the workouts! Loooooove!!!

  • Realising that I’m super late to the party on watching this video. Just wanted to say thanks for the advice, it really resonated with me and my wife. This kind of level-headed sense-making is more of what we need from role models. Many thanks.

  • I really dig the idea of training to failure.. But it give me negative impact on my emotion for the rest of the day or two.. Too fatigue makes me feels worse compared to feel better. For me workout should motivate and make me feels better throughout the day and not the other way round.. Don’t know, maybe because I’m still new to weight lifting

  • She makes a lot of sense, but there are people don’t understand “in moderation ” and yes I’m having a hard time but I’m still learning. I love food.

  • Kelli, thank you so much for this vlog. As someone who struggled for 10+ years with disordered eating, I also have discovered that lifting the “rules” from eating and exercise has been life changing. Our bodies are so wonderfully made and if we can just listen to them, instead of trying to control them, our mindsets are freed, and our bodies respond the way they were created to. Eating healthy and staying active is my approach. One of the biggest reasons I changed from a disordered mindset was discovering that I was having a baby girl. She is almost 8 years old! Becoming a mother made me question, reflect upon, and ultimately change my lifestyle so I would be setting a good example for her. I love getting pizza and ice cream with her and my husband. We also love riding bikes and hiking together as a family. And we enjoy cooking together. We have a rule to not talk about calories and/or defining foods as “good” or “bad.” We also have a rule not to talk about other people’s appearance, unless it is positive.
    All this to say, that it is so beautiful to hear your heart on these matters. You are such an inspiration to me and millions of others. You are so down to earth, and seem to be so free. We are all so thankful for you and Daniel.

  • Hey Jeff! Just found your channel today and I’ve gotta say that you really did impress me.

    I did get a picture in my head when I saw your channel and I was 100% wrong. I thought oboy here we go again, another buff dude with alot of brotips and shitty content. But man I was so wrong.

    So humble and down to earth. Plus I love your tips and content. Its a good mix of somewhat realistic science and your own experience. Absolutely love it and I’m gonna start watching your content from now on.

    Don’t know if you will read this but I hope you do and I hope it still means something to you to get credit. 100% I’m going to recommend your channel to others.

    Looking forward to more great content!

    Hope my English is understandable. Have a great day!

  • She is so inspirational, honestly the only workout/fitness things I watch because I know I can trust them to give me the truth and look out for my best interests.

  • Been doing fitness blender workouts for 6 days now and I’ve never felt better. I think I can do this 6 times a week. I just love to sweat out the stress. Thanks for inspiring us Kelly and Daniel:)

  • Thank you so much for sharing this! I suddenly started feeling similar to what you mentioned with puffiness, and my thighs rubbing. I tried increasing my workouts and that hasn’t helped. I think it’s also causing my body to feel stress and messing with my hormones and digestion. The last couple of days I’ve only walked and stretched along with a few minutes of gentle movement on a mini trampoline to move lymph. I’m excited to see if it helps. ��

  • Ultimate carbs low fat and protein is better becauseall carbs are sugar because your body break or convert most of them into sugar glucose

  • I fell into a hole a few years back when I was a teenager where I was counting calories and exercising many times a week, and I felt like CRAP. It was so distracting, my entire life was so focused on it that it made me miserable. My mental health was so poor, I had never felt that way before and it scared me. I knew it wasn’t right, but because it was the one thing I was good at focusing on I just continued to do it. Only when I moved out of the house/the environment where the rest of life came into reality (hello full time work, university, new friends) did I finally find actual balance. Good food and exercise are still a big part of my life, but also chill days spent with friends, occasionally eating things that aren’t normal aspects of my diet. It’s done wonders for my happiness. Thank you for this video. It is such an important lesson to learn, something you just have to discover or be “prompted” to find. Life is short, enjoy it.

  • This guy is a beast, when people say he isn’t training hard enough he could literally pop off his shirt and dead look at the camera. Instead he says “maybe I’m not, we can all do better, I will evaluate my work ethic” what a classy response.

    I am still not at the point where I feel completely comfortable not tracking my food intake, but I cannot wait until the day I don’t need to anymore. I’m relatively new to the healthy lifestyle and I’m still learning and trying out things. But I do think that once you train your body to eat healthier and intuitively, then you can let go of the macro tracking.

  • Oh thank God for you and many others who commented here…I was tired of feeling like the only one who doesn’t count anything regarding food. Always counting means your mind is always on food and always on a diet. I let go of all of that and am way happier. I can eat a cookie and not feel guilty, and I did yesterday.

    Love these Fitness Blender videos!!!

  • This…I’m SO grateful for FitnessBlender that promotes healthy choices, fitness programs, and various ways to maintain a great life to come for yourself and us followers. I get SO overwhelmed by those who make fitness their daily, minute-by-minute priority. I absolutely HATE it when instructors wear skimpy outfits and make selfies of feeling “blessed” with the bodies they have. It lowers my self-esteem ten-fold and makes it seem completely unattainable to achieve what they have. Why? Because that’s their focus, their priority, their career. Mine encompasses being a full-time mom and wife. My priorities in myself to keeping fit are WAY low in comparison to the gurus and buffs who claim they’ve got it all figured out. If I didn’t have EVERYTHING else in my world to pull at my attention, of course I would be just as goddess-like too! So for someone like you to confess that it does not totally consume your entire being, that you get to actually CHOOSE live life and still be and feel confident in yourself, props to you!!! You still find time to kick back and not have “being fit and healthy” on the brain and to-do list 24/7. There is finally a silver lining to my dull cloud of self-worth. I honestly don’t want to be super fit, because when I get old and grayed out, it would be THAT much harder to maintain my body to keep up that figure. I’ve decided to be content with what I can do, and be proud of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your sincerity, honesty, and example. It inspires me to get myself back on track again, and encourages me to do good for myself as I live life. God bless!!!

  • been powerlifting and bodybuilding for almost 3 years now and this last year have found myself too often burnt out and fatigued leading to many deload weeks. I was taking pretty much everything to failure and doing drop sets and cluster sets for almost all my exercises… I have over the past few months been regulating my RPE and have seen no difference in my physique but have significantly more energy.

  • IMHO Excess Fructose=More than YOUR body can handle, which could be very different for each individual, although everyone has an upper limit.

  • Love this video! Words of wisdom! I am 50 years old and I am going through the menopause. So much pressure from social media. Life should be enjoyed and everything in moderation. I follow this way of thinking. My body is sometimes tired but I listen to it! ♥️��

  • Truly inspiring. I started following this type of “philosophy” (after I’d been working out and counting calories for a long while) and it has been great…..used to be quite military, but decided to be a lot easier on myself from a certain point onward. Here I am now…..150lbs lighter and looking forward to working out.

  • I have been watching you guys for years and I love your videos! It’s so great to follow along with out having to pause because everything is sped up. I also seriously appreciate your humility and honesty because I think especially as women we are constantly inundated with media that wants us to care way to much about how we look and what not. You guys are awesome. Do what you do! God bless ����

  • I had Keto fried chicken for the first time!! Woohoo!! Dang, it was good. Get a bag of chicharroness (fried pork rinds). I used plain. You can use spicy, but make sure there are no carbs, because they often add sugars to the spicy kind.
    Crush the pork rinds in your hands down to the consistency of Panko. It crushes easily, takes only a few seconds. Add your spices. Dip the chicken in whipped eggs, then in the crushed pork rind, and fry. The chicken comes out REALLY crispy and delicious. Best fried chicken I’ve ever had, and not a carb to be seen anywhere.

  • We love doing your workouts! This is all very sensible, Kelly. For my significant other and me, it’s about understanding our own body chemistry. What works and what doesn’t. And that is a continuing journey as we age. BTW, Kelly…you are a lovely person.

  • Hi, Kelly, Thank you for your personal message. It sounds a lot like my own philosophies, but I have gained 30 pounds in the past 5 years or so that I have been impossible to Lose. I am 42. I really enjoy Fitness Blender. I am doing as many videos as I can do. I also play soccer one day a week. My work has me in the car and in meetings quite often, so that probably doesn’t help. It would be great to see a serious improvement; it’s just been really hard to have any results; despite making an effort and eating moderately.

  • I don’t pay attention to the calories but I always felt guilty about that, but your thought and opinion about this made me not, Thank you for that
    I used to feel really guilty about not working for more than 30 min, people are working out for more than 45 min and this the minimum, but when for some personal reasons I quit working out for some time and then get back to it, knowing what it’s feel to not workout at all which it’s not good feeling, I thought I will stick to the 30min or less, it’s a lot better than nothing if in the feature I could do more that good but I’m not pushing my self and hate this 30 min.
    Thanks for sharing

  • From all the data I have researched Small studies that have tested individual foods for micro and macro nutrients found there was a higher concentration in the organic produce. Anything that is grown in soil that has better health through permaculture, is going to absorb And retain Essential minerals In Healthy rich soil that are Depleted in our conventional factory Farm soil. Not to mention has anyone noticed that organic foods in general taste better? Most of them anyway… you can usually tell the difference just by taste conventional from organic. I would like to add The Earth was created perfectly. Everything Relies symbiotically on something else.That weed on your lawn? Besides the fact there is a good chance it could be edible and very nutritious… It serves a purpose: to bind the soil to prevent erosion. the things we humans have either hunted and gathered or cultivated and eaten have everything we need to be perfectly well. Big Ag has changed all that, And now we are seeing so much disease. To the woman who asked is it worth paying double for organic? Like I tell my parents in my children… Where better to invest your money than in your sustained health? that budget should come 1st in my opinion. There are options that they say you should only eat organic such as thin skins berries and fruits or things that you will eat the skins.. They readily Absorb Pesticides throughout. the more you eat over a lifetime the more pesticides concentrate in your tissues because we are at the top of the food chain. If you can’t afford to eat all organic there are Easily accessible lists of things you could skip (like bananas, avocados, etc) And things you should never skip( Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, eTC.) And if you’re eating processed foods I wouldn’t spend the extra for organic necessarily… Your body works better on foods that resemble what they look like when they came from the grounds or off the tree. My 2 cents. I am surprised so few physicians have any schooling on Nutrition. It is the 1st defense in keeping us healthy… OK I’ve found my answer. There is no profit in healthy. When both of my brothers had cancer each asked if they should change their Diet. Their doctor’s answer was no!?! There is some great books out there and I referred him there. Good luck everyone and remember you are health is in your hands (for the most part):)

  • Just remember, working out is for you to be healthier, more energetic and more productive. It’s OK that you want to look good, we all do. But you don’t have to look like a model on the magazine. ��

  • Around 38:00 Taubes is saying he doesn’t blame the sugar industry for what they did. I’m not so forgiving. Corporations are always ahead on what the science actually shows. The sugar industry knew the evidence was pointing to them. They put a lot of effort into making sure fat was implicated and remained so.

  • Bullshit!!! Have you seen your body and your performances??? Your training is almost perfect!
    Don’t listen keyboard lifters who does 10 push-up once a month.

  • I love this. Your videos have been so helpful for me.
    I’ve struggled with anorexia, and BED and I used to have a very unhealthy relationship towards exercise. I’ve learned how to have a balance in my life, and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and also the strongest I’ve ever been. Thanks to your work out videos, and finding a healthy relationship towards exercise and food.

  • So I think what needs to be remembered is that the function of science is 2 form a hypothesis and then do experimentation with the hypothesis. Then taking the results of the hypothesis and the data gained and looking to see how close to the hypothesis the data was. Science forms no conclusions that’s what people do science just gives data. So the argument isn’t with the science it’s with the conclusions that people give to the data and that is where everybody has different motivations and different ideas of what they think the data should say

  • I know I’m super late but thank you so much for this video. You are my body inspiration and to hear you say you don’t have any restrictions on anything feels so freeing. I always make sure there’s balance in my diet and I work out pretty frequently, but I’ve always felt like I need to do more. You truly are an inspiration to me.

  • positive healthy role model! We need MORE aspiring beautiful role models like these in the world, that promote positive ideas! Honest, real, and promoting patterns of mind and body that lead to self love, happiness, simplicty and internally richer/fuller life!
    Trust your self, respect your body, stay connected to your body’s true intelligence and wisdom because your body always knows what is BEST FOR YOU, more so than what anyone can ever tell you! Be the best VERSION of your own unique expression, your unique holistic self! May self righteous intentions guide your every stride to health and happiness. Peace & love ��✌

  • I have always been an active person but have never enjoyed or stuck to any sort of fitness plan. This vlog and all of the videos I watch on FitnessBender have changed that for me. Working out with these two feels like I’m working out with people I know. People who are living a healthy life, but are real. Not ripped, tanned robots who make you feel like you have to buy their equipment or drink their shakes to be the best you. I love when Kelly’s pony tail falls out. I love when even Daniel has to take a break from his intense videos. I love that they remind me to breathe and to not push myself to pain. I am prone to perfection and have always been a slave to the scale. For the first time in my life my goal is to feel stronger and healthier overall and the fact that after two months of working out with these two I feel comfortable in tank tops for the first time is just a bonus.

  • I can’t afford all those sttufs that you gusy buy but i really want to eat healthy can you do some videos with simple recepies and ingriedients that are found in a cheaper price(i live in Albania btw and a part of the product that you hve can be only found in special stores)

  • @jeffnippard don’t go too Canadian on us. No need to apologize, most people are idiots, with a subscription to a style of group think centered around an “Enlightened One” who finds data to only push their own bias.

  • This is cool, thank you. I’m 61 and after many years of not working out, seeing my Dad have a stroke and my Mom pass from stroke recently i’m working out again. I am not physically able to do the long hard workouts but workouts I find here work well for me. It was depressing for awhile that I felt like I couldnt do myself any good. Then I realised that I just have to start where I am and do what I can and the rest will take care of itself. I wont ever have big muscles but a healthier heart and to not have my balance co-ordination and dexterity degrade as I grow older…..good. And as i’m out of work and no longer on my feet all day I feel it’s crucial to take breaks from studying and do a short set of exercise. Your short workouts like this one are perfect.
    So, thanks for what you do, thanks for being open and honest, and know that you folks are deeply appreciated.

  • Very late to this post, but just wanted to add my +1 to all those saying that this kind of attitude is exactly why we use your plans, do your workouts, and buy your t-shirts!

  • This is SO true! Thanks for sharing! I used to push myself to work out for 1 hour 6 days a week, and I ended up feeling very unhappy. When I ditched that extreme regiment, exercise became much more fun when I decided to do some, and I am a MUCH happier person! I love Fitness Blender!

  • Thank you for this message! You are right The alternate is the wrong message! Any good eating disorder psychiatrist will say exactly what you just said!

  • Insulin resistance
    Dr Tim Noakes

    Dr Noakes states that carbohydrates are wrong to consume if diabetic


    Graph of US obesity after 1980 dietary food advise put into
    effect 11m31s


    Marked increase in rates of diabetes in US


    Raven’s work:”Demonstrated the central role of type two diabetes and insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease”


    Metabolic syndrome explained! —It is the CARBS!


    Hyperinsulinemia: A unifying theory of chronic metabolic disease.


    Fats do not cause cancers


  • Also… Microwaves have been proven to be a risk To human Health if you’re standing to close While it is in operation. there is a warning that comes In the Box with each Microwave with the recommendation how far back to stand. Maybe that doesn’t pertain to the food inside but it should be noted. I apologize, I’m not trying to be negative still listening to the presentation in its entirety. Knowledge is power, And I always listen to both sides. And I especially listen to my gut.

  • “People don’t eat many french fries” Last week I was in the buslting downstairs lobby at Wayfare Tavern in SF hallway at the end of the lunch hour; a worker rolled by me with a three tiered cart, each tier piled high with large white frozen bags of something…
    I asked the deliverer, “What is in all those bags? French Fries?” I guessed. 
    “That’s right, Ma’m, he answered, and they will all be consumed at this evenings dinner hour”… 
    Aghast, I remarked, “Really?” 
    Without hesitation, he replied, “Without a doubt, yes.”  
    My my my……

  • amen amen amen people, pay attention to your body, it’ll tell you what you need to know and for heaven’s sake, just be smart!!

  • I love the uneducated and their juice theories. Lmfao… I love juice….. Orange juice, apple juice, pineapple juice…Mmmmmmm tasty.

  • That’s why education matters! Kudos man. Approaching with proper research and sources was what made me subscribe. It is not only how hard you train, it’s how smart you do it.

  • I’m off the hard stuff (sugar), but I had to give up anything with sweetness including sugar, sweeteners, and fruit. It wasn’t easy, and it won’t be easy for you, because sweetness is very addictive. It really took months, with the first thing to do was stop making “keto treats” and sweetened fat bombs. And then I even weaned myself off of 85% chocolate and the handful of berries. It was the only way to stop cravings and to move to a place where I don’t want anything sweet now. And who wants to work that hard and go back? Good luck if you want to do this, as the whole health care, pharmaceutical, advertising, and big food corporations are working against you. But it’s possible.

  • Jeff is such a calm and intelligent guy. Don’t mind the haters at all Jeff. And I think these questions are mostly addressing Greg lol. But Jeff fans, I have a question about Greg. Greg seems like a knowledgeable person but why do I feel like he is pretty much saying information the opposite of every fitness athlete and/or dietitian. For example he says there is no such thing as a bulk and cut and you don’t need a bill to build muscle. Someone help! I’m so lost

  • Of course you were tired and that you were heavy feet if you practiced practically every day. No extreme is good. Three times a week is enough for exercises.

  • Hi, guys. I just want to say thank you so much for posting content like this. Lately I’ve been feeling so bad about not being able to follow a diet or a meal plan so I can finally look ‘fit’ that sometimes I can’t help it to get mad at myself for that. The worst part is that my body isn’t that out of shape. I’m 5′ tall and I weight around 113 pounds. I also workout regularly, but seeing all these people on social media looking so great all the time can sometimes affect my self esteem. And to have a reminder like this, about how ‘looking fit’ isn’t all in this life really helps to step out of those thoughts and see again what really matters: to stay healthy.

    I love your workouts and how of a great people you are.
    Greetings from Argentina:)

  • This is one of the reasons why this is my favourite fitness channel. The workouts are fantastic, but I love this mindset too. It’s so useful to hear this it’s easy to assume that to be as fit and slim as Kelly you must work out at least 1h a day with hardcore hiit and weights and running, and just eat steamed broccoli and lean chicken. If you miss a day or eat a cookie you’ve failed completely and you’re going to be fat and unfit. It’s not like that, but it’s hard to see it sometimes. Kelly’s attitude is amazing and so inspiring.

  • My problem with the fitness industry is that we truly do have it figured out. We know what causes muscle growth: consistent weight training resulting in progressive overload, at least 1g/lb of bodyweight (or slightly lower or higher depending on bulking/cutting), and 8-9 hours of sleep per night. POW. That’s it. Right there that’s 90% of what you need to know.

    Now people are VEHEMENTLY arguing about the type of shit that makes a 5-10% difference. Should you keep ZERO reps in the tank or ONE rep in the tank? Some people even think you should keep TWO reps in the tank!

    Guys, we’re talking YEARS of weight training here. Chances are you’re going to fuck up one of the bigger problems like sleep or diet before something this minor ever becomes an issue. As long as the weights that you can consistently lift keep increasing (especially for a solid amount of volume), so will your muscle mass. And if the program you’re running is getting you there, then keep doing the program. And Jeff’s programming is clearly getting him there!

  • Thank you so much for being a moderate, friendly, non-intimidating voice in the fitness world! I really appreciate you guys and I love your workout videos! I’ve been using them for about 4 years now and I love that they give me a great workout and help me feel good, but I never feel sucked into that “militant” aspect of fitness and healthy living. Thank you for being willing to put yourself out there and share your thoughts!

  • What about these sugar scenarios which trigger estrogen dominance. If you cant explain the obese from the non obese that are eating the same foods. Its estrogen dominance. Triggered by sugar but can reversed easily if caught early.

  • I used to workout everyday, 2 days of the week i go home at 20.40 pm and still workout. at this time im eating not over 1000 cals. Now i only workout 5 days a week, eat not over 1500 cals, and sleep about max. 6 hours/day (rarely). But still feel tired. My body would heat up, i became dizzy and all. And it would only stop either i rest or eat. But i would feel guilty if i eat at night (i always workout at night) or take a rest day bcs i already have 2 rest days/week

    What should i do? I dont have any self esteem and i keep going hard but my mind tells me im not doing hard enough. Im not giving much results either

    Please guide me����

  • This really made me lose so much anxiety about losing weight. I have been trying to lose weight for a while, and someone tried to have me count my calories, but it made me feel like I was starving myself and it made me much more hungry, and I gained weight because of it. Thank you for putting this out there, I feel so so much more relaxed and confident!

  • First step to clarity: Obesity is a symptom and NOT a disease. If obesity caused Type 2 Diabetes, there wouldn’t be skinny people with Type 2 Diabetes, and there are. Most symptoms have more than one cause. Insulin resistance has weight gain as a symptom, but so does Hypothyroidism, which is notoriously under-diagnosed and poorly treated. Other diseases that cause weight gain: Certain bacterial and viral infections, Cushing’s Syndrome, Lipedema, Praeder-Willi etc etc.

  • 18:38 lol I am watching this and eating 99% lindt chocholate and did not know this. It is my powertool. Being a sugar addict for life, it most likely saved me. IMO this is the best fatty non selfmade stuff since it has no sweet taste at all. Pure cocoa and no bitterness. I was a TOFI now hopefully TO(ti) Good luck to ya all at your personal fight against sugar addiction and habits promoting it. Lind99% did it for me. Now I am addicted to it! DOUgh! Have to cut down on it and at least start making my own.

  • Added sugar a danger for sure, but people shouldn’t cut out complex carbs like with keto and carnivore, because like i talk about on my channel, it is another danger too, low blood sugar is real.

  • I met Garry back in 2012 and had a good conversation.. He used to focus on the carbs but a certain moment in time he left it out and joined Robert Lustig…

  • Thanks Mr. Taubes for maintaining a sustained critique over the years with regards to the oversimplified view that the dietary and medical community holds concerning calories. In no other area, where the topic of energy is discussed, is the type and/or source of energy considered irrelevant. Only in the world of diet do so many so called “experts” look at the energy value of a food and think that is the end all be all of the discussion. Could you imagine a mechanical engineer telling his boss that his machine needs X many units of energy, and then telling him that the fuel source does not matter because energy is energy? If I run a sports car on regular unleaded fuel, verses super unleaded fuel, it will make a difference in the efficiency of the engine, regardless if both types of fuel contain the same amount of energy. If I try to run a car on coal, when it is meant to run on gasoline, the car will not move despite the fact that you can amass enough coal to produce as much energy as gas.

  • Gary, in your reference to the Fitz et alia studybased on the Massuchusetts Hospital, you fail to mention whether Fitz was referring to autoimmune onset (so called Type 1) or to insulin resistance-mediated (so called Type 2) diabetes. As a Type 1 myself, I find this conflation vexing; even if not your intention, it is confusing if not misleading. If I myself have missed something and misunderstood, please accept my apologies. Please clarify this matter in any future talk you present on this history. Thanking you with respect, Len.

  • I wonder if there are metabolic benefits to going to failure as opposed to not. Meaning, do you burn more calories and lose more weight/body fat over time if you are training to failure as opposed to not…?

  • I think RPE works very well with sets of 5 and under, longer sets like 8-10 become a bit too weird to really feel how many reps you still have left in the tank.

    I mean I could do a set of 5 and think quite accurately if I have around 2 reps left in the tank whereas with sets of 10 its hard to feel if I have 2 or 4 in the tank as the pump is a bit distracting.

  • I agree with this talk whole heatedly, however the government is highly responsible for the diabetes epidemic. The government should not be involved in this debate. Whenever government gets involved in science, science ends and politics takes over.

  • not training hard enough? hes about 5ft 5 and look at the size of him. im 5″10, been training for nearly 10 years and i cant get near his size

  • Organic food is the worlds biggest CON. There is no evidence they are “better” for you and they certainly DON’T “taste better!” I used to go to an organic college and their food was so bad that I once went for 5 days living off only tap water. They even hade the audacity to go round bragging and boasting! The whole culture behind organic is snobby, retarded, aggressive, in your face and stupid. All I ever get is abuse from organic enthusiasts and I just don’t understand why they have to make such a fuss over something they know nothing about. when I lived at the glass house college I had stomach cramps diarrhea, head aches, vomiting, kidney stones, colds, flue, dizziness and other sickness. Their food was so bad but all they could do was gloat. There is nothing wrong with conventional food, it’s cheaper, tastes better, is better for you and is safer as well as many other qualities over so called “organic!” GMO’s are the way foreword. Organic is history and is redundant and obsolete! LONG live the oil trade!

  • Aha! So, that’s where the BS about fructose making you eat too much came from. Someone (Tappy) just assumed that because fructose causes weight gain, and “everyone” knows that eating too much causes weight gain, that fructose must make people eat too much. Another mystery solved.

  • 50:25 gout is suggested here. I have gout and going keto has solved this problem for me. beef and other meats were red herrings. Mushrooms, asparagus, or any other high purine foods are also minor. Fructose from sugar/hfcs is the culprit and this chart shows a direct correlation. This is on orders hundreds to times higher than red meats and anything else I can eat. I bet there are no studies on this. Lets do a study where everyone has gout eats same amount of meat. one group eats with sugar/HFCS and one group does not. Count results. Then switch control and test group. Count results again. I bet everyone goes Keto once they realize that sugar and HFCS is the problem or at least no sugar/HFCS.

    53:40 zero studies on sugar.

  • I’m 6 months late from this video, but Greg does make a good point that if you are paralyze and you inject steroids in your legs and you have no stimulus, you will still lose muscle or not gain muscle, so steroids do not make you gain muscles without strong stimulus. I think the problem is whether you are actually training just to get bigger muscles vs training to be the best power/strength to weight ratio. The former requires you not to train to failure but the latter requires you to go all out from time to time, such as sprinting, power lifting, gymnastics. The former obviously do not care about power output as much as the percentage of bodyfat and muscle size.

  • Amazing how you can gain more muscle not even working out when you take roids, than a guy who works out naturally. Just shows roids are the weak man’s rout.

  • Yeah,agreed. I was at the same point like a crazy was restricting my life and it only made me feel bad not good. When I balanced and focused on such model of behavior like:does it make me feel happy and cool? Does it make me feel better or worse etc. and now I’m f. enjoying my life and my workouts as well.

  • Why is it so hard to do what I know is true. Sugar has been so hard on me yet it’s in everything. My daughter has become an insulin dependent t1 diabetic and still drawn to this blasted substance. Oh My Gosh, and we obsess over opioids or vaping when sugar and HFCS has done more damage than any of that. Thank you for keeping up the fight for our health.

  • I find counting calories an useful tool to “reset” my eating habits sometimes, just to gain an approximate sense of how much energy different amounts / types of food contain. But once I have a sense of what my body needs to function well, it’s best to just relax and not worry about keeping a ‘perfect’ diet 100% of the time. The more forbidden you think certain foods are, the more likely you’re going to crave them and overindulge. Or at least that’s how it works for me.

  • Hi Heather….your video appeared in my “recommended for you” column. I have completed six Ironman triathlons, during which I trained for 15-18 hours per week. However, since last November I’ve transitioned to doing yoga daily, supplemented by about 20 miles a week of running and sporadic weight work and have noticed only positive effects on my body. Plus, no injuries! I’m also vegan, which helps.

  • Wheat flour is sugar. Potatoes are sugar. Rice is sugar. Bread is sugar. Fruit is sugar.
    Berries are good:) Intermittent Fasting is great.
    Look up intermittent fasting on YouTube.

  • It’s the sugar. We aren’t designed to live off carbohydrates, processed sugars, high sugar fruits.
    We need meat, a few berries, few green leafy….
    We are hunter gatherers…
    The reason people don’t want to hear this is that bread and cookies and pies and etc etc etc have to give it up… forever….
    Can’t have a little hear and there because I deserve it.

  • TONGUE CANCER/ORAL CANCER paid us an un-welcomed visit in 1985 when my husband Larry was mid 30’s…our lives were changed forever and never be same as it CAN’T be same.
    We learned some heartbreaking lessons….we survived the odds…far beyond life expectancy 5 yrs for his type oral cancer…is deadly and had a less than 5% survival rate. My husband i alive and doing VERY well, still working at designing and engineering large 911 and ER systems for the government…police, fire and ambulance in the US…He’s Motorola’s top/leading systems Engineer
    for decades…has retired several times, but he loves what he does…was born an engineer and his level of skills, DECADES experience, expertise and knowledge has been a life saver to many citizens,
    police, EMS around our area…..so he feels he can’t quit.retire just yet…one more system may save a life!

  • Sugar is addictive, mentally and physically. It alters your hormones, spikes hunger signals etc. Sugar/processed carbs had me in it’s grip until the age of 57. Going low carb, cutting out all carbs but for green vegetables and some nuts and avocados completely changed my life. Appetite control is automatic now, I eat 1-2x/day after eating 5-6x day for 15 years. Down to highschool weight again. Feeling like a million bucks.

  • Cheers for the video content! Apologies for the intrusion, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you heard about Parlandealey Impetigo Goodbye Process (probably on Google)? It is a smashing one off guide for learning how to grow your own organic vegetables using hydroponics without the headache. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my close friend Aubrey after a lifetime of fighting got excellent success with it.

  • The reason why people are complaining about Jeff’s intensity level, alot of it is trolling. Another is, he has an incredibly low injury rate. We all develop injuries at times. But he injured his ankle playing basketball! Most people red lining their bodies have a higher injury rate. The trolling is due to the massive amount of hours of work he puts into his videos and the numbers show this.

  • This makes some very good points; eg. asking, “how does it make me feel?” as a method of establishing “do’s & don’ts” makes a lot of sense to me. Thank you, Kelly!

  • THIS is my answer! Would you mind sharing what your diet was like when you lost weight and water retention while decreasing your exercise please? Thank you ��

  • Maybe he could explain why Vegan’s who eat a diet high in carbohydrates have some of the lowest rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

  • Thanks very much for sharing this video! This is my first time watching Dr. Yeo and I love his knowledge and practical advice. I’ll be buying his book. Every nutrition fanatic should watch this.