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I couldn’t be happier with the way I feel and I owe that to your hard work and dedication to your followers. Because of you, I wake up excited and motivated to get my “Workout Complete” every morning. Thank you so much, Kelli and Daniel! I couldn’t have gotten here without you.

Sending much love and respect. -Joselyn. I wake up excited and motivated to get my “Workout Complete” every morning Before & After Stories & Pictures Don’t care about the number on the scale I just want to feel good. Waking up to hit the gym is as much of a motivational workout as it is a physical one. It can be challenging to pull yourself from your sheets and lace up your sneakers.

Oftentimes this leads to forgoing your workout altogether ― which means you’re missing out on added energy, a reduced risk for heart issues, improved mental health and more. You can use something similarly small to provide some pull motivation of your own – it doesn’t have to be anything huge. Anything that you’re excited to do in the morning is going to contribute to your overall motivation to hop out of bed and start the day. Wrap-Up.

Unlike many answers here, it is not cold showers, running, my new push-up routine, or coffee. My mornings are the absolute opposite of that—they are slow, cozy, and enjoyable. It is meditation that makes me wake up every day with a smile on my fac. 3. They wake up extra (extra) early. “I know it sounds a bit insane, but I usually wake up around 3:50 a.m. to prepare for my 5:30 a.m. classes,” says certified fitness trainer and Stacy’s.

And that also means that you can create a habit to build your motivation. And to do this, you need to develop a cue and build your routine. You can make affirmations your habit so that it becomes the cue to get you motivated. For example, I will sit at my table every morning at 9am and I will start typing articles and chunking out content.

24. Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right and forget about the ones who don’t. 25. Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.

26. Wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen. 27.

The gist: You’ll get rid of morning breath and wake up your mind and body for a sweat session. Tell Your Alarm You Need Some Space It’s not your alarm, it’s you. Honestly, it can change your life in more ways than you even realize.

I wake up with the motivation to get out of bed every single morning, and it is something that I firmly believe ANYONE can do. Not only that, but I think it’s something everyone SHOULD do. Do I think you need to wake up at 4:30?

Maybe not, but that depends on your goals.

List of related literature:

That’s what motivated me to wake up every morning at 5:00 a.m. and drive across town to my gym, and that’s what motivated me on that particular morning in the spring of 2001, as I stood in front of a mirror, checking my form and taming my will … which was begging me to call it a day and hit the showers.

“The Catholic Table: Finding Joy Where Food and Faith Meet” by Emily Stimpson Chapman
from The Catholic Table: Finding Joy Where Food and Faith Meet
by Emily Stimpson Chapman
Emmaus Road Publishing, 2016

This might mean waking up earlier so you can work out before your day begins.

“The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality” by Phil McGraw
from The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality
by Phil McGraw
Bird Street Books, 2015

Eventually, you don’t need motivation or discipline to get out of bed early to hit the gym; you just do it because you’ve always done it.

“Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports” by Marc Bubbs
from Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports
by Marc Bubbs
Chelsea Green Publishing, 2019

My best workouts were always in the morning, when I was rested and fresh.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
Simon & Schuster, 2012

Not many people wake up with a burst of new enthusiasm for starting an exercise program.

“Overcoming Anxiety For Dummies” by Charles H. Elliott, Laura L. Smith
from Overcoming Anxiety For Dummies
by Charles H. Elliott, Laura L. Smith
Wiley, 2011

Often the best time to work out is the first thing in the morning.

“The Complete Book of Figure Skating” by Carole Shulman
from The Complete Book of Figure Skating
by Carole Shulman
Human Kinetics, 2002

That is, by having a daily moment of feeling your body and its movement early in the morning, it makes it so much more natural to have a fuller workout later in the day (or to use the daily sit-ups and push-ups as a warm-up for going out on a run, heading to the climbing wall, etc.).

“Exercise for Mood and Anxiety: Proven Strategies for Overcoming Depression and Enhancing Well-Being” by Michael Otto, Jasper A.J. Smits
from Exercise for Mood and Anxiety: Proven Strategies for Overcoming Depression and Enhancing Well-Being
by Michael Otto, Jasper A.J. Smits
Oxford University Press, USA, 2011

Perhaps you crave the special feeling of having a great body and feel out of shape after missing a workout.

“Sculpting Her Body Perfect” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Sculpting Her Body Perfect
by Brad Schoenfeld
Human Kinetics, 2008

Consider your 10 p.m. self setting an alarm for 6 a.m. the next morning, to get up and go to the gym.

“Economics For Dummies, 3rd Edition” by Sean Masaki Flynn
from Economics For Dummies, 3rd Edition
by Sean Masaki Flynn
Wiley, 2018

Mornings at our house are usually chaotic and unpredictable, which is why I’ve learned that if I leave my workout prep stuff until the morning, it does not work.

“The Dubrow Diet: Interval Eating to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless” by Heather Dubrow, Terry Dubrow, MD, FACS
from The Dubrow Diet: Interval Eating to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless
by Heather Dubrow, Terry Dubrow, MD, FACS
Bird Street Books, 2018

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • U r fantastic Jason. Oh I love all your newest efforts. U make me so happy when I wake up. I have u on Continuously in iTunes. I go to sleep to your meditation and wake up with a happy feeling in my heart. Even if I only slept a few hours. Amazing. Love u all the way from NY. One day maybe u will come visit the Big Apple.?

  • Thank you I love this it’s soothing my soul during these nights of sadness unable to see my children whom live in California and SC. VERY SAD I AM GRATEFUL they are healthy. Frances from new york

  • Ok here it goes. It’s 11:30 pm and I have to be up at 3:30 am for work. I’ve been running off of 3-4 hours of sleep for the last week or so. I’m really hoping this works ��

  • I think that’s Charlie Day speaking off Horrible Bosses. Well got me motivated in minutes, highly recommend to all in the morning as soon as you start making excuses not to get up or close your eyes again.

  • Thank you for sharing your healthy habits!! I’ve been receiving your emails for about 3 years and they really encourage me every week:) love you Cambria!!❤

  • Cambria… do you use the electrolytes in place of a preworkout? I’m not the biggest fan of pre because of the tanginess. I haven’t found one that doesn’t taste so sour

  • Would you like to do “A day in the life” video??? You’re my inspiration and I’m inspiring others around me with good thoughts…hugs from Brazil,Flávio!

  • Loved this video! I’m trying to work on getting up earlier, my days are so much better when I have time to start them off with the Lord. You may have mentioned it before but where did you get your “Pray” coffee mug and your Bible from?

  • This track has helped me wake up feeling hopeful, I used to struggle more in the depressing winter months the last few years. It is very noticeable for me, I am used to waking up with a negative emotional hangover from Dreamtime. Thank you.

  • Truly amazing and inspiring.
    My goal is of self discovery, to truly take ownership of my life and to be happy and content with every aspect of my life. It is with self discovery and discipline as a foundation to accomplish all the other goals I have set for my self. I hope we all can be masters of our own lives starting with now.

  • I am a morning person. I wake up at 5:50 am. If you’re a night owl, don’t push yourself to wake up early, besides, we sleep the same amount of time.
    Shoutout to all morning birds, night owls and all-time tired pigeons!

  • This was actually a very useful video, because I tend to wake late and laze about. I might take some of these tips into consideration. Well I am sorta doing the “move your tech further away tactic though.”

  • I am always thinking the night before like ‘ im going to wake up early, im going to be super productive’ but when i wake up im like a whole other person, i dont want to go out of bed and end up sleeping the whole day and repeat..

  • Hey Cambria, thank you so much for this video, it couldn’t have come at a better time. You are such an inspiration to me and I truly feel that God has led me to your channel to help me. Happy Easter love! ❤️☺️ He Is Risen ����

  • “If you’re a night owl, you definitely shouldn’t feel the urge to wake up early because someone tells you to..”
    Me: most productive at night time, sleeps late, and naturally waking up late bc I’m a night owl
    Me: ������

  • Cambria! I love your videos so much! They are so encouraging and really help me to think about how I can start my day more motivated. Love you! ❤

  • Only commenting this because you specifically mentioned maximum CELLULAR hydration… I distribute water ionizer machines for a living and drinking hydrogenrich ERW is easily one of the craziest things that has ever effected my body. The natural health benefits of drinking water that has gone through electrolysis is incredible. You should definitely look into it if you haven’t already!

  • Is my mind tricking me into this actually works? Or does this actually work�� I finally woke up this morning without my grogginess and tiredness, this lasted all day too! Kept me in a positive mood.

  • clickbait bullshit helpurself im selfish channel, probably a conservative that refuses mental health expansion and other stuff behind it that thinks he is a insane genius that outplayed his dna/brain by just being so genious

  • i can’t even express how amazing this is. i have a bad habit of sleeping in through my alarm but my first listen i woke up at 7:30 energized despite going to bed at 2:30.

  • Watch this video if you really have a problem getting up your desired time in the mornings, say thanks to me later would be nice though.. https://youtu.be/BIICbyXW5cM

  • Thank you this really helps!!! I literally jumped out of bed today and I feel more awake and energetic than ever!! The to do list before checking e-mails or social media is also helpful thank you!

  • 1. Experiment (3-5 habits. Try to inspire yourself in someone you admire in the beginning)
    2. Physical dreams (be specific, concrete; visualize them first thing in the morning)
    3. Build momentum (your mood in the night will be the same after you wake up the next day)
    4. The short list (the longer it gets the harder to accomplish)
    5. Shunning electronics
    6. Morning stretches

  • Fortunately, I was blessed with Drive. I’ve long said that I’ve accomplished more and wanted to less than anyone I know. My motto is A Life Well Wasted!

  • i used this last night and i must say this did work for me i woke up on 4 hours of sleep and i got right up and felt better then usual and i’m gonna use it earlier tonight to get better sleep

  • Sorry if this has already been answered…but I always love the music you play on your videos…who is it? I need to play this at my house 24/7 it is so relaxing!

  • HII!! I was wondering if you could do an update night time routine and like what time you go to bed to be able to get up at 6:30 every morning. This video was amazing it answered so many questions, thank you and I love you so much CAMBRIA!

  • I am astonished how you can do this man.
    You read one or two books every week.
    You summarize the important ideas.
    You illustrate a magnificent cartoons to clarify your ideas.
    You make this this magnificent videos.
    How you do all these things man? is making videos your full-time job?
    Thanks for making our life better and more beautiful man.

  • You should try rewarding yourself for getting up early in the morning. Like treating yourself with your favorite food as breakfast or anything else that would make you wanna jump out of the bed early on!

  • Thank you so much for this video!! & you’r the first person whom i’v heard say that if you’r a night owl then don’t mess up with your most productive time of the day. This made me so happy!! I always used to feels guilty about not being able to wake up early. I was so confused whether i should start waking up really early since i’m more productive during the evening & night time!! This video gave me clarity ❤️

  • I so ENJOYED this video! I’ve not been so good at deep diving into the Word since my hubby’s been home on quarantine. But I miss it. I like to take a Christian book like Unshakeable Hope and then read every scripture that the author lists. And also using the study bible with it. Journaling is amazing b/c you can stand back and watch God work!!!!
    Your make up is so pretty. I’m going to buy everything you were using! I do my make up everyday even if just a little. But I always do quick and easy. The more I do on my eyes the worse it gets.Anyway, you’re a beautiful Christian sister and this was a lot of fun!

  • hey everyone, just let your kid play in the garden with granny and take after 7 years only for one our a little nap. here you go! search your family. after weeks you get a little bit sick, but: this is germany!

  • The thing is that I want to wake up super early because it is nice and quiet but I don’t fall asleep until 3 am because I am not tired. I want to wake up at 6 but only three hours of sleep are not enough.

  • Yep the BEST video yet girl!!! Thank you sooooo much❤️❤️❤️!!!!!!

    1) what’s bow doing on California now since the church job he had?
    2) what’s your hair are routine!
    3) any suggestions for mom with kids involved in the morning?
    4) I have been trying to fix my ability to do better on my makeup and it’s sooo hard for me!!

  • throughout the entire vid while listening i created a plan to wake up early. I set like a million alarms and everything. then #5 came around. i realized that i am a night owl and its currently 1 am. I wake up at 11 am. what was i thinking,

  • Love your videos man. I’m a hard worker but my life too busy with school and work. Idk what I want in life rn. Please help me. I want financial freedom but idk how.

  • Cambria you’re such a gift from God. Thank you for the time and work you put into your videos!!�� on another note, where did you get your wall tapestry that says “perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created”?!? I loveeee it����

  • I cant find the video of this voice from this man there was a video that I loved but can’t find it the voice that comes out on this video it was another compilation

  • Having a great morning routine is really one of the keys to success in every aspect of our life. Totally agree with this!! Great content!! Thanks so much for the information!! ����

  • 1:58 I think you used detrimental wrong. Detrimental means affecting in a way that causes harm, which would be the opposite of what you meant.:)

  • Hi guys,

    The first challenge we face everyday is waking up on time. Unfortunately most us wake up after snoozing the alarm for multiple times. Even after that we still feel demotivated and lazy. In this video I though we should try to fix that problem. Apply these practices to your life and let me know how your life starts changing.


  • I’ve done my Affirmations with uncle Rick Clarke ASMR a.k.a Van and yours. ����������������������dad where do you get these beautiful colors from its Amazing.my favorite purple and blue. The rippling effect that’s really cool and soothing. Send us a picture profile of you saying loved by dad thankyou

  • Hi. There are 4 ads in the first hour. Is there any way to have an ad at the start, but not in the middle since we’re supposed to be sleeping?

  • man I just remembered that she used to have a beauty channel when I saw the makeup part of this video! I’ve been watching her for years!

  • This alarm is the Kobe Bryant of all alarm clocks.. Jus watch this video in this link to fully comprehend the excellence and get you one, you will never have to worry about waking up late ever in your life again

  • Yesss!! I’m so happy you shared your hair and makeup! It gives me inspiration to try a new look <3 oh and the 20 minute side track thing??! What??! Mind blown �� I mean I knew about not multitasking but wow. Thanks for sharing Cambria! Can’t wait to see more! You have the best personality and spirit. <3

  • I wish I had motivation to wake up earlier to have more time for myself…. I work about 10 hours almost everyday and the only thing I want to do when I get home is to sleep.

  • Yes, finally someone on YouTube mentions there is no such thing as multitasking. People think they are multitasking because you can walk and talk on the phone. It’s two tasks your brain does daily. Eg… Try to do a physics problem and anything else…
    Thank you!!!!!!

  • I wanna keep my phone a bit far from me so I would get up to shut the alarm off but I feel like I’m not gonna hear the alarm if I kept my phone far away:(

  • My God, not only are these affirmations awesome, but the music is incredibly beautiful! Thank you, Jason. General Electric’s slogan used to be, “We bring good things to life.” Yours should be, “We bring good life to things.”

  • Daddy Jason Inspirational Stephenson ASMR life Coach.thankyou for liking my comments your daughter of Meditations Shelley Anthony and Art Charles your son of Meditations papa of Meditations send us a picture profile of you saying loved by life Expansion.

  • I had a sleepless night again, morning feels terrible. I started listening to this and after a 5 minutes I already feel way better, especially my chest feels lighter now!

  • Where did you get your Bible? I’ve been wanting one with blank sides for notes! Also, what is your go-to journal for prayers and bible time?

  • I have been doing my hair like this for soooooo long and it was so hard to find people (stylists) who would do my hair like this after I got it cut and lightened. Kendra atkins is the one I have found to do hair like mine so I tend to gravitate to her suggestions now. The strait ends is a MUST and going opposite directions and sometimes I don’t even do all my hair. Just chunks. And I love it because you can go a few days with it like that. That RMS is amazing. Love these new videos. So refreshing.

  • Why are there a bunch of commercials during a subliminal video??? I DEFINITELY don’t want those in my programming! That’s one of the reasons I quit watching tv years ago. I am controlling (attempting to) as much of what goes into my mind as possible. I hope they will be removed, I really enjoy Jason Stephenson’s videos.

  • I’ve never thought about that, but you’re right Marc. Knowing what I want to accomplish on the next day always fills me with excitement, and it makes it not only easier to wake up, but I have a level of calmness and serenity. My stress level is low during those mornings, and I feel more ready to tackle those things.

  • Greatest inspiration there is right now Marc! I was following both you and Greg Plitt until his passing. I am grateful that you are keeping the torch alive. Live to inspire brother! ❤️

  • Are you a stalker on Howard Schultz? Why do you know his morning routine? Do you stock him online? Or do you stalk him anywhere he goes and see what he does? You seem like a creep.

  • As someone who is not religious, I’ve found a lot of light in your process of studying the Bible and learning about yourself and growing through it. My hope is to do the same using poetry. To dive into some of my favorite poetry books each morning I’ve read a million times and journal about some of the ones that are most relevant to my life and make me feel something. Thank you for sharing ��

  • How do you come up with that bullshit. You need to shut down your brain and relax to have a good night sleep instead of thinking about the tasks you want to accomplish tomorrow. That keeps you from having a good night sleep

  • A tip always keep your alarm away from your bed but keep it where you can hear it and when you get out of bed dont go back to sleep I tried this and this is helpful.

  • I came here because of i just read the email you sent. I am so glad I did. Thank you for all your suggestions and for normalizing behaviors. I love how you show your time with Bo, how it is normal to have fun with your hubby, and showing love can also be koalaty time. I also enjoyed around min 5 when you said we all have done that. It is true for me for sure! I will try to order a used copy of the books you mentioned to help me read my Bible. One question, how long do you wait after you ate your breakfast before you workout? Or is the Morning Timeline at 7:06 for days when you don’t have breakfast and you have it afterwards? I’m just trying to see how I can adapt your routine to mine, because you were able to get so much done in this morning video and I constantly feel like I’m moving so slow compared to others, even though I get up around the same time you do. I know it’s not about being perfect. I just want to be able to do better.

  • The only thing that worked for me was
    Having a reason to wake up early, knowing why you doing this and what you want to achieve with that.
    With that in mind, the mornings will be less painful.

  • I been a fan since 2015, i can say that u the only one who hasnt changed u just keep improvin urself and i respect that we share the same goals, can u tell us bout ur love story

  • I work nights I would love if somebody came out with information on how I can be more productive with the struggles I have living the opposite life

  • Love this video Cambria!!!! May God continue blessing your video and I honestly see it as a ministry! You’re such an inspiration to watch and I always feel determined to start fresh on my morning routines!

  • Thank you. Inspiring. It spoke to me.

    I want to get things done. Don’t be lazy. Be focused. Don’t push the snooze button. Don’t make excuses.

  • That wake up at 4:30 is nothing but bro science

    There are only very little people who benefit or get motivated from early wake ups and early bed times

  • I’m extremely careful with what I listen to when it comes to subliminal messaging. Your affirmation list is exactly what I’ve been searching for. So grateful I finally have found your music. I really needed this. Thank you.

  • It’s sooooo hard for me to wake up early in the morning!!

    I want to make it a habit! Especially like you mentioned! To wake up and be excited to spend some time with God!

  • Literally almost all the Marc Fitt videos always comes with a super sick cinematic edit �� it makes you feel more the content that he creates!
    We want more!!!

  • I do not use an alarm clock I sleep next to a big window and when the sun comes up I wake up. Since the sun is very bright it wakes me up right away like at 7.

  • The only thing that stands between you and your goals is fear. Fear looks tough, but is the weakest obstacle you have ever seen. It can be beaten down by hope and courage and sacrifice.

  • I loved this meditation. Helped so much….until the ads started popping up every few minutes and now I get interrupted sleep. I’m constantly trying to get past the ads. Use to not have this problem while listening to this. I don’t seem to have the issue on others.

  • 1. Have good intentions about waking up in the morning the night before you go to sleep.

    2. Keep your alarm on the other side of your room to make you walk to the alarm clock to turn it off.

    3. Brush you up teeth and splash warm or cold water on your face to wake you up.

    4. Drink a glass of water.

    5. Get dressed or jump in the shower.

  • Thanks for the morning tips. I need it!! This helps! And your makeup and hair tips are great. You look wonderful!:) Happy Easter to you!! God bless you and your family, human and furry.:)

  • If I may say this subconscious meditation has made my dreams very vivid and delightful, I don’t believe I have enjoyed such humor even while awake! I have enjoyed this ❤️

  • You’re right. Once you make the switch on your head, and you go after that at 100%, you will always have that motivation and that purpose.

  • Awesome video, and amazing content. The quality of this video is world class, and the message is clear and inspirational. I’m going to start making a list of the things that I want to accomplish the next day, so that I’m always excited for the next day.

  • Daddy Jason Inspirational Stephenson ASMR where did you get these beautiful colors of lights how did you.do that? Is this done on computer they’re so soothing and calming background bluish purple colors.yes it’s making us feel sleepy. Already. Shelley Anthony your daughter of Meditations and Art Charles your son of Meditations papa of Meditations.

  • I went from three shifts a week to four. Soon five. So hard! To get out of bed. Organise my endless list if errends. Take care of my eating disorder and bills. And homesick and heartbroken. And now my boss is talking ABT a permenrnt job! And I had flu. And didn’t know where my next shift was coming from. And I traveled four hours a day. And was misery! But am getting paid and learning. Also woke up at five for personal trainer! Then I got burnt out! And woke up later and missed the gym. How do U know when to stop over doing it?

  • Thank you for summarizing these great ideas. Really appreciate you taking the time not only to summarize but also to illustrate for us visual learners. You rock!

  • I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee for seven years today I drink only 1 and I still feel so good that I don’t need caffeine thank you so much I always love your videos and meditations ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I just love how disciplined you are! Something I need to practice everyday! How do you control the mind tricks to overt back to bad habits? That’s my Achilles heel right now..:/ Also using these tips to try to get up before my 4 year old, 2 year old, and 3 month old! Let’s hope! <3

  • Fun fact: when my alarm goes off i jump out of bed like spiderman and in less then a 1 second im already back in my bed even tho the alarm is 5ft away from me

    God send help

  • Marc keep making these types of videos, I’m sure of that you eventually will get a viral video and explode once again. I LOVE your video quality, seriously!!

  • Thank you Marc Fitt i just watched your video before gym, feel inspired and more focus. Maybe you can share how you manage your time. Thanks again. Keep going:)

  • I just LOVE your videos, Cambria!! You give me so much motivation to be the woman I want to be. My family has never been religious and I’ve never grown up around anything like that but I have been trying to learn how to get closer to God on my own. I am so thankful to have you on this platform to learn from and look up to in all aspects!!:)

  • Literally placed my phone on the other side of my room so I would have to get up in the morning to turn my alarm off…

    went straight back to bed

  • Well thank you….. lmao ive have tried to wright walk work out read a chapter of a book. Meditate do some yoga. Watch more slef help…. lmao thanks for saving me… i was wondering why 6am turned to 4 am and too tied to keep going with the day.. thought i was just naturally shit at self improvement… (i wish i could say this is scarcism but sadly not) this is a game changer and omg everyting will be so different now… (again wish this was sarcasm) Big fan watch many device all my other halfs. Genuinely your videos have changed my life from night rountins to well this the newest development. Too all this ive been trying to get done. All amzing things just not all at once.. love it.

  • Positive, pure motivator, thank you! Keep fighting, keep helping and showing that we can and we will if we put the effort! Thank you!!! Be healthy both you and Cath! Appreciation, support and love! Hope I meet you and Cath one day! ��

  • hi you really gave me a challenge, my mind had been atrophied by habit and i stopped procrastinating the moment i watched various motivating videos. To be honest i have woken up, maybe this is the kind of shock i wanted to trigger my mind. i have not stopped watching the videos and i am not going to stop even if takes me 1 year. i want to see the different me gradually. Like ET says…i want success like breathing…am at that stage. Please lift me up and thanks a lot.

  • I want to live without limitation, to be the type of person that can do anything if I put my heart into something to get the job done. But I can’t find the fire in my heart to go and do the things that I should be doing, what to do to bring the spark in my heart?

  • I don’t believe throwing insults at yourself is constructive. This video made me feel horrible about myself when I already have challenges health wise. I woke up feeling ok, then listened to this, to get a boost…….now I’m depressed and feeling very incompetent and useless. ������
    Putting yourself down and calling yourself lazy, is the worst thing I’ve ever heard of….especially when you are disabled and already struggling with confidence and body issues. ��

  • I just woke up…and I am typing this as I lay upside down as I listen to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUOeKeQ5Rrw. this works.

  • 1. Be Consistent
    2. Find the perfect sound and distance
    3. Enjoy your routine
    4. Prepare everything the night before
    5. Remember it’s not for everyone

  • any one noticed how Mariana had decorated her room??? literally everything is eco friendly..less plastic….i could only see that blueberries packet other than that most of the items were really good & safe from environment:)

  • Thank you! I highly enjoyed all the things you put in this video. You are like a little ray of positive sunshine! PS. Your hair colour is looking AMAZING!

  • There are suddenly 7 ads in the first 60 minutes of the video. I would gladly watch 7 ads at the very beginning. But sprinkled through like they are is rough.

  • URGENT Message from God (N.B): The boat is heading to ITALY>>>

    An Angel of the Lord is waging war across the battlefields. BEHOLD, DO YOU SEE IT.

    This is the word of the Lord.
    God bless you.

  • i’ve been super unmotivated the past month.. thank you for this! awesome video as always! caring for the body and the soul.. love it ������

  • I am surprised to see that you have answered everyone plz reply me,,,,,,,after c section what kind of excersise i can do plz, i m healthy bt not strong, my nerve sistem is very week…..my back & shoulders are painful,,,,

  • Marc, I have to say, just hearing you talk uplifts me because you are always full of wisdom and knowledge, and you always deliver it in a confident voice.

  • I’m a night owl. But, even when I do wake up early and energized it usually looks like this: I get up, get ready, have breakfast and watch a good show, get sleepy, change back to my jammies and take a nap and then wake up at noon ��

  • Hey! Your links in the description aren’t working for me. It may just be me but wanted to give you a heads up so you can get your commission:) Happy Easter!

  • I’d love to do little bits of exercise every day or even every morning, but what do you do in 10-15 minutes? Roll around energetically in your bed? Jump excitedly up and down in your living room? (and what will your downstairs neighbor think of it?)

  • Good summary Ismanoff. Those are good ideas from Miracle Morning. I think I’ll still save brushing my teeth for after I eat instead of before though:)

  • Starbucks CEO’s family is up at 5:30AM every day to enjoy time with him?? That’s what this video implied, but I don’t believe it. C’mon

  • If i want something bad enough, i will do whatever it takes to reach that goal. The problem is, sometimes i don’t know what i want and my goals become become vague.. thus my motivation is lower.

    Can someone give me advice?
    Thanks 😉

  • Mon goal c’est d’être fit, youtuber et mannequin professionnel international. Je voudrais être le meilleur dans tout dans le monde!

  • The real problem is:
    If nothing special or exciting is waiting for you, there’s no reason to leave dreams, where exactly this can happen. If you are travelling and exciting to start the day, it’s so much easier to get up. For me the last time it was like that at home was when I was 14 and got my new computer. Couldn’t wait for the day to start.

  • Wasting time laying in bed-
    Translates to in medical terms…
    Adrenal Exhauation.

    Go easy, achieve a balanced life in moderation and you’ll live a LOT longer to enjoy it.


  • Super vid Marc. Your so right. If I get my gym bag and workout ready, the night before, I’m raring to go next morning. Otherwise I need, 30 to 45mins., to get started. Cheers mate. Norm.

  • I love these. The three hour ones work well for me, it’s about half of my sleeping hours and I get to finish them. Woke up 15 minutes before my alarms today, feeling great. I normally have an extremely Hard time waking up but when I use your videos, I definitely feel a difference. Thank You

  • Will update for the week.
    Day 1: it worked well! Woke up early. Only issue is I fell back asleep 3 hours later. I understand it won’t be overnight, so into day 2!
    Day 2: Woke up early, stayed awake most of the day but took a one hour nap

  • Hi my star�� OMG Look at the creation of the beautiful radiant colour
    of the universal energy magnificent display my star ������This affirmation music is energising
    and gives a wonderful lift to the positive energy within���� Gratitude to the Universal Angels ����
    Hope everyone is having a wonderful and relaxing Friday bless and love ����‍♀️
    1m Star ��Gratitude to you for all that you do to help others to find inner peace and love ����
    My very spiritual friend and mentor may you and family have a wonderful positive New Year ����
    Angels love hugs and blessings be around you all year my star ������‍♀️������������

  • This was awesome! Thank you so much, Cambria! Please never stop making videos! you are such a light to many. God is totally using you to shine to others. Love you!

  • How do i stop from eating the whole bag after just eating one bc i will eat one then be like well i already ate one then eat the whole bag

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  • Merry Christmas and A, Happy new year hello Daddy Jason Inspirational Stephenson ASMR life Coach.thankyou for the new Music video from you Art Charles your son of Meditations and Shelley Anthony your daughter of Meditations papa of Meditations.