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I tried a personal training session for the first time, and for those that are wondering what it’s really like to work with the expertsread on to find out more! I Tried Personal Training: Here’s What Happened. I TRIED AN ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINER AND HERES WHAT HAPPENED| WORKING OUT AT HOME| QUARANTINE WORKOUT I tried an online personal trainer!

Here. ‘I Tried Strength Training My Vagina Every Day for a Week—Here’s What Happened’ naturally, I consulted my personal kegel trainer (a.k.a. Gaither), who assured me that it was perfectly. The 7-minute workout is a science-backed circuit routine that uses only body weight. The high-intensity interval-training program was designed by two exercis.

WH’s fitness editor tried Halle’s workout routine, which involves yoga and strength training, for a week. 73% of African Americans said they did not have emergency funds to cover three months of. 2. KGoal RATING: 5/5 stars. Of the three I tried, KGoal is my favorite.

Minna Life’s Kegel trainer is super-comfortable. The part you insert actually inflates for the perfect fit, and it has a. WE TRIED KETO for 45 Days, Here’s What Happened GRAB OUR WORKOUT PLANS: https://www.buffdudes.us/pages/buff-dudes-workout-plans �� http://eepurl.com/cTlXxf ��. We Tried Weightlifting For Six Weeks And Here’s What Happened A three-times-a-week program that even fitness newbies can do. by Jon Premosch, Katie Heaney, Arianna Rebolini.

This is just my personal experience and honest opinions after trying Amazon FBA as a business model in 2020. (Expand description for goodie links mentioned). WE TRIED VEGAN for 30 Days, Here’s What Happened Previous “We Tried” videos: We Tried Keto Diet https://youtu.be/9PQW8QVxS-U We Tried Intermittent Fasting.

List of related literature:

Your legs may have felt heavy and sluggish, and normal training may have seemed harder than usual.

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You had them scheduled for a light resistance training session to help with the anticipated tapering for the meet.

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An unsuccessful training session should be viewed as a learning experience, for even though nothing seemingly happened on the physical plane, your mental energies were having some kind of effect on the mental plane.

“Superhuman Training: A Guide to Unleashing Your Supernatural Powers” by Chris Zanetti
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You hosted an offsite training program for

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You had no training.

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Perhaps the training was not at the right level for you or it was not appropriate for your job?

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You disliked your training.

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You acted within the scope of your training.

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You signed up for personal training at the gym because you wanted to step it up a bit and see better results.

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The goal of the training was to push you to your absolute limit without causing long-term physical damage.

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  • Hey, about the guarantees… I have a hard time agreeing with you. It takes more than one introductory training session/assessment to know a client. Some people have a really hard time improving at anything, and you won’t know it right away. I’ve only ever trained one guy like that, but it really blew me away. He had zero coordination. Zero balance. Extremely weak. Never really played outside for real as a kid. Had a really high fat percentage, but otherwise he wouldn’t be a big guy. He was pretty helpless in most situations. Seriously, I was and am still astounded by how much catching up he had to do. I agreed to train him. He got better, but extremely slowly. I charged him an extremely low price (10$ per session) so that he would be able to pay me, because he didn’t have much money, but damn, he really needed help. I helped him the best I could, and he got better, but it was also difficult because sometimes he couldn’t train for a month at a time because he had no money.

    But damn, there’s NO WAY I wouldn’t have to refund that guy if I had had to give him a guarantee. And for the record, I don’t consider myself a personal trainer, more like a gymnastics and ghetto training coach. I usually try to give people a certain idea of what’s achievable for them and a time frame for it, but there’s so many variables going into it that I would never, ever give a guarantee. But I usually give a free first session so that I can spend my time knowing better the person I’m going to coach and let them decide if they want to keep training with me or not. And also, for me to decide if I want to train somebody or not. If I think someone’s going to be a pain in my ass, I won’t train him or her, and it has nothing to do with their current level.

  • I had one PT who watched me eat a bowl of oatmeal and immediately put me through a hard workout and couldn’t figure out why I vomited on the gym floor in the middle of the workout.

  • So this question is to anyone out there. I want to become a certified personal trainer eventually, so what is the best program/organization to get certified through and why?

  • Great vid as usual Nick, well I’m back to PT at 44 after 13 years away and everything you say always makes sense, I’m 20lbs down since visiting UP Marbella and not stopping now. Keep the vids coming, always worth a watch.

  • Love this!!! I am a personal trainer…but 68 years old and I just LOVE your dad. Spit my tea out when his mustache was falling off!!! These stereotypes are spot on!

  • Nice ad:) Cool nice to see more videos coming, you been off a while hopefully on improving and making your programs better, and life too.

  • I don’t agree with him on this. IMO a personal trainer should be someone who has achieved what the client is seeking and one that is overall fit and has a visible six pack and is strong at many exercises and has a great diet but most important someone who has been doing it for years. Certifications are shit, NOTHING even if its from a prestigious school, who cares how many books you read if you have no clue how to apply it to the human body?!?!

  • Every trainer will relate explaining, performing 50 times and explaining again and they still don’t know. That one killed me. “Oh ok. Yup. Good job”

  • Hi Nick, I have a question concerning carb cycling. I train four times per week mon tues thurs fri, regarding carb cycling typically I have had carbs post workout and in the evening on training days however what is your view on consuming carbs on a non training day in the evening prior to a training day, in my case being a Wednesday and Sunday. Also when you calculate carb intake for the day is it a dry weight I.e. 200g of uncooked brown rice or sweet potato, or is the weight you specify a cooked many? Cheers

  • This is like “I don’t have a job because I don’t have experience because I don’t have a job because I don’t have experience because…”:D

  • Of course the answer is no….Most of them do look like shit. However it is to their own detriment if they are wanting more clients. I’d rather advice from someone who looks like I want to look rather than a Dunkin Donuts VIP customer who completed Certificate III in fitness over a month. Be the billboard of your business, largely overpriced rep counters as it is, checking Facebook while red faced tubby struggles with the girly push up.

  • Guarantees are hard because fatties are always going to eat themselves into failure. You can’t really be at their home slapping food out of their hands.

  • Okinawa people ate less then 2% animal products in their diet, and currently the californian adventist vegetarians are the longest living people on earth. Check out Michael Gregers work and you’ll find out pretty fast that a whole-foods plant based diet is the way to go for longevity and optimal health.

  • I was working out doing lat pull downs this small person come up and tells me you are doing that wrong so i listen he tells me your doing it to fast i was not going that fast i was barely moving i was still he but i did it super slow and did it no problem but i feel like if i keep contracting it would hurt more but then he told me and oh do it lighter he puts it on 75lbs i was at 225 and my most is 250lbs to 3 reps i pulled the 75lbs down like cutting butter and then he says see that leg thing you put your legs under don’t use that because it makes it harder oh and this guy was 30 something but then i got up and told him how long have you been training for he says almost 4 years i said wait what what I’ve been training for almost 2 years and your trying to act like you know it all but I’m way bigger then you ok if i had a scale from him to me ok I’m at 10 he’s at 3 he’s not even close to my size read more ⬇

  • I saw one who had a spare tyre I ran. I am skinny fat and losing muscle at the rate of knots. I had another who refused to give me a date to make an appointment. I was in tears as I had severe overtraining and have been losing muscle for 2 years getting bigger and doughier for 2 years. The consensus seems to be too much cardio and bad diet. Usually meet me once and then give me the fade. I am so disgusted I am considering telling my doctor as I have severe osteoporosis and I fear the added fat is going to lower my denisty.

  • I totally agree. I am having this problem at my current gym. I was looking to add some HIIT training as i struggle badly with losing weight (endomorph body) even with a calorie deficit (currently 1500cal) so i decided to take on MMA training because its enjoyable and its tough! My current PT had to leave due to medical reasons, and I was approached by this new PT (ex call centre) who looks like he has never lifted or trained in his life, who wanted to take me on. I declined and told him my reasons that he was not experienced in any way in this field and to be frank that I have been training longer than he has. 

    I say practice what you preach.

  • If you’re inspirational, your clients will probably do what you advise with joy in hopes of gaining similar success physique-wise. If you’re out of shape and aren’t a showcase of your practice, you’d just be a common hired teacher telling the client what to do in the eyes of the client. Or at least that’s how it’d be in my eyes if I was the client. Makes it a lot less joyful. If I was a client, I’d view a personal trainers body and previous clients as his portfolio isn’t that how it should be? Who knows. Either way 100% agree!

  • But this is how the trainers in Singapore should be legally by law. If a trainer touches a female, it is considered a sexual offence. Google it.

  • hey the Okinawa study doesnt represent meat eaters, it supports vegans as this population consumed less than a couple percent of their diet from animal foods.

  • I know that second one “Old School” was a parody and everything, but holy crap was it true. If you listen to most of the old bodybuilders, they would have you believe that bodybuilding died in about 1991.

  • This is nonsense. I’ve done my PT Certification in Australia, and I’m now in the final stages of a Bachelor in Exercise Science. While the Bachelor is more in depth, how much money is charged for the certification is quite irrelevant. Also, our certifications here are not just an automatic pass and if you fail a unit, you do have to repeat it or repeat the exam (both written and practical) at least to show that you do have the knowledge base. The Personal Trainer certification on the most part is designed to teach safe and effective delivery of exercise. Hate to break it to you, but the reality is personal trainers do not need PhDs (especially not in medicine) to do what they are meant to be able to do. Also, unfortunately for you, no one cares if you have a PhD to do personal training, and by no one, I mean your clientele wont care. If you have a PhD, go into clinical and don’t waste your time unnecessarily bagging personal trainers for your own ego.

  • She is hot as hell but I would not want to date her, she’s definitely the type of girl that would attack you if you break up with her.

  • Hey buff dudes, I was thinking about going for a personal trainer certification, but that first example was actually kinda worrisome. How likely am I to get burnt out? I can afford to waste money on a certification if I’m just going to burnout.

  • yes very sexy and possibly a ninja, but if man goes at here full power, she weak, except 3 spots. but you learning female cardio, male is more intense.

  • I had this personal trainer who would play Candy Crush while I was doing my sets and when I finished my sets she was like “really, are you sure, i didn’t see you”. Not to mention that most of the time she would cancel workouts, which is fine. Unless you find out about it when you reach the gym anyou have your personal trainer card, so you didn’t bring money to pay for a regular workout.

  • Your dad looks like a jacked mark Ruffalo. So I guess paint him green and keep the glasses on. He could go as professor hulk for Halloween.

  • Watch the PT version I’m my channel please, been working on YouTube for a number of years. Please give this a like for some support so I can make a smile on people’s faces

  • Oh yeah, I’m totally sure she was giving her number to that guy: 3:58

    He probably had the weirdest sexual encounter/date with her lmao

  • You missed “The Salesman”. This is the personal trainer who is in reality trying to sell clients supplement and exercise accessories.

  • I was this guy! I was the worst personal trainer. I only trained hot chicks and meatheads. I was so bad. The money was great if you can mix in the clients under the table cash to you. Not the 60/40 gym split. I never drank on the job (just xanax and vicodin.) Viagra only if I was training a milf, or, college chick. Having high turnover in Club GM’s and Fitness Directors were great! It also helped to have lots of stairwells ; )

  • My first trainer would get mad at me when I asked her questions. Like, “Am I doing this correctly?” or “Do I have my elbows flared out enough?”.
    Her literal reply was “As long as you are lifting the weight you are working out the muscle”
    Followed by me saying “Well I don’t feel it in the chest, and my shoulder is killing me”
    and how she ended the conversation “Who knows what they are talking about? Me or you?”
    6 months of working with her. Never activating my chest.
    All I had to show from working with her was a shoulder injury.
    On our last session when I couldn’t move my arm correctly anymore without it hurting she told me that my shoulder pain was probably because of poor sleeping habits and that I slept on it funny.
    I had no idea how horrible she was until after I stopped working with her.
    Turns out shoulder pain shouldn’t happen when doing chest workouts, and if it does happen there are things you can do to make it stop happening.
    I learned more from a couple YouTube video’s then working with the trainer that cost me a few thousand dollars.

  • Watch the PT version I’m my channel please, been working on YouTube for a number of years. Please give this a like for some support so I can make a smile on people’s faces

  • First guy is like every guy that try’s to train you and won’t leave you alone. just so they can talk to you and your the ass whole if you ask them to leave you alone

  • Yo pavel, You are awesome person with good knowledge, But sorry bro.. People don’t want legit good information. If you are gonna try to make any money off training people, you should come up with a really good marketable idea like P 90X or six pack short cuts or something thats like crossfit.. You can definitely pull it off! IMO the bodyweight fitness niche is a little under-served..I can only find a couple of good book authors ( that bearded dude Al kavadlo’s books and a couple of other books come to mind) So you should definitely consider writing great books and market it well!

  • A body comp PT, I imagine, would want to be a walking advert for their knowledge, commitment and application of such.

    Obvious, I would have thought, and I am something of an idiot.

  • It’s a travesty the father isn’t an actor, that man ate an unpealed raw bulb of garlic like it was a freaking apple, he also has a very impressive and gymnastic mustache.

  • i’ve never scene a contest prep trainer in my life eat like that during the training session,i was expecting him to look half dead from low carb days and water depletion and pass out while the client was training lol

  • I like to watch these videos every few weeks as a ‘check list’ am I still training as hard as I can, studying, eating correct etc…. I may not be the best trainer or have the greatest knowledge but constantly pushing yourself and learning from Nick Mitchell, Poliquin, Pakulski etc… Can only improve yourself. The biggest thing I’ve learnt from following guys such as your self is don’t be afraid to experiment, train hard use yourself as a ‘poster’ and above all forget gimmicks/fads, pussy footing around. Diet is easy (no disputing that) training can be a bit complex but basics work

  • I have seen almost every fitness channel and all their videos on You Tube the past 10 years. All the way from Mike Chang’s fake six pack to Bradley Martyn’s everyday is arm day to Scott Herman’s 10 different accents in one sentence… You name it I’ve seen it including all the scams and fake nattys. I’ve been entertained and triggered but never have I once been let down by Buff Dudes. It’s always top quality and they always find a way to educate and entertain at the same time. Of the hundreds of channels I’ve seen the past decade Buff Dudes is definitely in the top 5 of my most favorite

  • You missed the worst one of all: The Harasser. You know the personal trainer who literally won’t leave you alone. There was this one dude hovering over me, every workout just talking. I’m there just trying to do my thing, and he’s there “blah blah blah blah”. I mean it got to a point where I literally had to stop going to the gym cuz this personal trainer wouldnt leave me the fuck alone.

  • The PTs at the gym I go to are all middle-aged women, who have zero gym etiquette and leave all weights out on the floor after they finish with their client

  • OMG The no pain no gain trainer! I had one of those. Had me doing one arm pushups. I heard a loud pop. I stopped. He said 3 more. Stupid me, did 3 more! I stood up then passsed out! Tore my rotator cuff!! Had surgery. Found out after the fact that he was having me do the one arm pushups wrong!

  • No pain no gain, was a trainer I had recently…well he was the guy who tried to get you to sign up. I injured my foot, bad enough it was really bruised and swollen, and I told him I cant be on my foot. He made us fo push ups. I said can I do knee push ups instead and he kept pushing me to do it anyways.

    The bruising got worse. Obviously. It took about 3 weeks for my leg to heal.

  • personally, I think I rather go to a personal trainer than a drug pushing doctor any old day. Doctors don’t know or care about true health, they are greedy puppets of big pharma.

  • Hysterical as usual and ultra true. “Doctors say I have 17 STD’s…” Ya’ll’s acting is really getting good. I’m waiting for “Buff Movie” contract from Paramount.

  • B.eautiful you are
    O.verpowered you are
    N.ever before were you ugly
    E.verything about you is perfect
    R.eally…your stunning……


  • As soon as i saw the guy hitting the bottle before even leaving his car, i knew i was gonna love this.

    This is brilliant.

     probably could add one more. “Helps on every rep” guy.

  • I agree 100%. Well said. Just one quick question. What if the personal trainer keeps in shape. (trains, participates in obstacle course races and does a martial art) however do to past circumstances such as having gone through Chemo therapy it caused a rather drastic hormones in balance there for building muscle has been an issue. Will this be a down fall for a personal trainer?

  • Totally agree. I’m an UP online client, and I follow my PT on instagram. If he looked like a pile of crap I would have much less trust in his skills.
    Why would I be inspired by someone who has no belief in what he is trying to sell?

  • I quit a gym (and bought a barbell set) because my assigned “trainer” was constantly pushing stuff on me to sell. Imagine the typical “Crazy Larry” used car salesman, but pushing “advanced” classes and overpriced supplements, and not caring about the actual exercise in a 45 minute session.

  • I hold the philosophy you should be in better shape than 90% of your clients but still have the knowledge to train that other 10%!

  • This is a fan-damn-tastic post Nick! You’re absolutely right. Clients want to be inspired and they tend to choose a trainer that looks how they want to look. Hopefully that trainer has the brain to go along with their physique.

  • Had a bad mouth at my gym talking shit about me to his clients. One of them told me. Decided to just turn the other cheek. Next day guy thinks I walked away, and started his motor mouth when I was literally around the corner talking to the GM and she overheard after I said “shh, listen…”. He was terminated within 1 minute.

  • Yes pretty boy and attractive lady, actually not the workout you need. Females and males work out different. You want to be a ballet dancer?

  • Once legit saw a trainer having some schmuck pulling the trainer around in a box via a rope back and forth the gym. I sh*t you not. I was both disgusted and impressed with the “trainer.” That’s as close to real-life trolling as it gets.

  • The main word phrase that everyone should take away from what Nick is has said, is Inspirational!
    How can a PT inspire anyone if he or she is carry fat. That PT should be the image the client wants to aspire to, the PT should be mentally pushing the client to wanting to look even better than the PT.
    If the client is inspired he/she has just had a short term goal se, for some it may even be a long term goal.

    Myself I’m using the UP’s online method of fitness, I have Alex Hunter as my PT from the Hong Kong branch of UP, never met the lad but his online guidance and the ability to read in to what I’m sending him and adjust to fit my needs and to adjust methods is brilliant.
    So the other week I thought to myself, wonder what he looks like as I imagine a well tanned buffed lad, as this is what I expect from a PT specially from a prestige outfit. Looked on both Facebook (to many Alex Hunters popped up) and looked on LinkedIn. Sad to say couldn’t find him.
    But the point been is I imagine a strong toned lad, how inspired would I be if I found a fat PT…

  • I’m a personal trainer and I find this video quite offensive. We follow the nasm protocol and fix people’s imbalances and under active muscles. We changed many lives. This video is not saluted in my opinion.

  • Watching this in August 2020 after having discovered the Buff dudes about a week ago.
    The first one seem more like the worst client, the kind of person I could never tolerate for long. And those squats are the funniest and most impressive thing I’ve ever seen.:’D Like someone said, deserves an Oscar!

  • An incredibly simple and obvious truth! You DON’T need a personal trainer. Do some research on your own, develop your routine and diet and stick to it with rigorous disciplinethat’s all you need. The internet has virtually made the need for a personal trainer obsolete.

  • I’ve seen a bit of her chatting on Instagram Stories and now this video and I can say for sure…. SHE IS TOTALLY NUTS lmao

    It’s not even an act. She acts so damn weird all the time. So she hit this guy up to work out, he of course goes and at the end she just leaves without even saying really goodbye lol.

  • 100% spot on, and made the point/structured the argument correctly. This video shouldn’t offend anyone, it’s the truth. It’s what everyone thinks when they choose a PT.

  • Paul,
    The most up to date science based nutrition book is:
    “How Not to Die”
    Dr. Michael Greger and Gene Stone
    his not for profit website:

    Weston Price’s book published in 1939 is not up to date with current research.

  • You know chicken and rice and anything natural is better than powder. You steroid freaks are weird, “need it now”. Rocky ate 4-5 eggs then ran like 5-10 miles, Bet you can’t with powder.

  • I had a self procclaimed trainer at my university gym (sadly you cant have any form of trainer and i plan on getting into a real gym) and he was like “i noticed that one or two times a week you only train your upper body and a lot of arms” “yeah, so? Im doing an upper bodylower body split” “well women shouldnt train arms that hard and often as you do it; it will result in a lot of arm muscles” (note: my arms are only slightly defined; i cant even do a proper straught pull up yet and want to improve that). I just dont understand why strangers care about what i do as long ad i dont disturb them

  • This is why religious people drive me crazy. They tend to focus on one book and actively deny themselves the information in other books.

  • I will, I didn’t know about her, thank you, I’ll be following everything she’s done and continue. She is amazingly beautyfull, a bit jealous you worked out with her, I’d love to.

  • The worst personal trainer I ever met was a woman who totally defied common sense. I asked for a free session at a gym that offered them. I asked for her to show me how to use free weights. I am 5’9 and weighed 150 lbs and rode my bike 3 hours a day from home to work and back. She told me I should ride the bike machines for at least another hour a day. I really did not like that idea but she insisted she was right. She showed me how to do exercises with a ball. I didn’t want to do that because my eyesight and balance are poor. She insisted. I fell. No free weights. She told me I couldn’t use free weights for 2 months because I had to pay her $1500 bucks for sessions where she would teach me to increase my “inner strength” before I could work on my “outer strength”. I talked to another personal trainer at another gym who said she was full of shit.

  • Hmmm…”one book to study and that’s it” eh. How ironic that you base your life on a book from the bronze age with fairy tales that you think are real. You’ve already become a part of the biggest scam the world has ever seen.

  • man we need more like you in the world I’m in NYC and here people train even without certificate or experience, how do we save the world?

  • Im so sorry that this is what happens there. In my country you can only be a personal trainer if you have studied Science sport 5 years in the University. so sad…

  • I was training people way back before they decided you needed a piece of paper to say you knew what you were supposed to know.
    Patience, and knowing the CORRECT answer to sensible (or not), questions.
    Also not pushing them too hard when they were new to it. You want them to succeed, not die.

  • You missed the ex-fighter (recommends fighting training but is not a trained fighting or lifting coach), the roid (pump up on steroids but recommends workouts that work for them and tries to push drugs/supplement he has deals with) and the perv (only has opposite sex clients, is ‘hands on’ and focused on slimming/bum building exercises).

  • Ohh God! It has been a loooong time since i have watched a trainer who knows what he is doing!! Can u guess who the last one was? Yeap you’re right, it’s Paul.

  • “Narcissistic personality disorder — one of several types of personality disorders — is a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of extreme confidence lies a fragile self-esteem that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism.
    A narcissistic personality disorder causes problems in many areas of life, such as relationships, work, school or financial affairs. People with narcissistic personality disorder may be generally unhappy and disappointed when they’re not given the special favors or admiration they believe they deserve. They may find their relationships unfulfilling, and others may not enjoy being around them.

    Treatment for narcissistic personality disorder centers around talk therapy (psychotherapy).”


  • I completely agree with this Nick. I know a guy who is a really good car detailer, and his personal cars and work van are always in pristine condition. If they weren’t, what image is that sending out? a detailer who can’t keep his own vehicles clean? It’s the same with personal training if you’re ‘preaching’ the health and fitness lifestyle but look out of shape, that’s not the right message to be sending out. You always speak the truth Nick!

  • I’m certified and have read all those books you showcased and a few more, used to compete in powerlifting and helped trained gymnast too since my brother was a gymnast coach. All I did was “take a test” but it doesn’t mean I can’t name you all the bones in the body (how they are levers and what kind), muscles, physiological functions during exercise, Krebs cycle, anaerobic threshold, Cori cycle, glycogenolysis, etc. (you get the point). Any trainer worth a damn can train nearly every client with any or no equipment and have them progress consistently through set micro goals. Also you left out a BIG portion that your trainer should also motivate you and spark a fire in you to push you to perform better. Hence the term PERSONAL trainer. The profession is a balance of art and science one must be good with words to inspire and motivate while having a sound understanding of the human body.
    Also if you’re trainers first go to goal is put on muscle you have a bro who’s been certified. Regardless of what your goals are ask them how would they work with mobility, injuries, stability and prepping; ask for clients testimonials and an outline of what a orgasm for you might look like after an assessment. Also how to stretch for more open shoulders and hips. The quickness and assuredness to their response will let you know if they’re worth your time and money 😉 But don’t underestimate those who simply have a cert only. 😉

  • Paul is right, two years ago i watched his video of how to grow your biceps. For one year i followed whatever he said about training and applied it. in the end i had amazing results.

  • It’s not good for business for a PT to look like a sack of shit. I believe a PT should be in phenomenal shape to be a good role model for their clients to show them what’s possible if they listen to your instruction, apply your knowledge and train hard. They would be more inclined to train hard if they admire your physique.

  • You forgot the Trainers that literally tell their clients to overextend the patella tendon during every single squat rep by keeping their knees behind their toes… I hear this at work all the time. Since I care about the Training and Coaching that my clients receive, I don’t force their bodies into detrimental pain.