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To winterize your walk program, follow these simple tips. You may even find that you come to enjoy your peaceful strolls out in the winter elements. 1. LAYER STRATEGICALLY.

Choosing a proper ensemble can mean the difference between an enjoyable winter walk and a bone-chilling trek. To winterize your walk program, follow these simple tips. You may even find that you come to enjoy your peaceful strolls out in the winter elements. 1. Layer strategically.

Choosing a proper ensemble can mean the difference between an enjoyable winter walk and a bone-chilling trek. Lastly, you’ll want to prepare your yard for winter, too. Make sure to follow standard lawn and garden care winterizing procedures, which entails proper fall care for the lawn, the flower beds and other planting areas, and particular attention to making sure trees and shrubs are properly pruned and well-watered for winter.

Tim demonstrates the proper way to winterize your RV for the coming winter season. This will ensure the pipes in your RV do not break during freezing cold temperatures. The solution: take your walking program indoors. You’ll avoid weather interruptions and other challenges to regular exercising. Eliminating those stumbling blocks will help you maintain consistency and get closer to achieving the recommended 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity on most days.

Walk anywhere, feel better. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are the core workout days, with Tuesdays and weekends optional at the beginning. Fridays are rest days or “Alternate Activity” days. Pick which days of the week work best for you and your schedule.

Always start your walk with 3–5 minutes at an easy warm-up pace. Animal nests or creosote buildup in your fireplace can be hazardous. Have an annual inspection before building your first fire of the season.

Also, soot and other debris build up in the chimney. Call a chimney sweep to thoroughly clean the chimney before your first winter use. You should also vacuum or sweep out any accumulated ash from the.

Start out warming up with a five-minute, slower paced walk. Slow your pace to cool down during the last five minutes of your walk. Start at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

Then gradually pick up speed until you’re walking briskly — generally about 3 to 4 miles an hour. Unless you have a known health risk, your doctor will probably encourage you to begin a run-walk program, but it’s always wise to check. 2. Schedule your workouts.

How To’s & Quick Tips; 11 Ways to Winterize Your Home on a Budget Keep the cold out, the heat in, and your energy bill down with these cost-effective tips for winterizing your home.

List of related literature:

Keep adding 5 minutes each week until your walks last a between 30-60 minutes.

“The Coconut Ketogenic Diet: Supercharge Your Metabolism, Revitalize Thyroid Function, and Lose Excess Weight” by Bruce Fife
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I worked in the mornings then ran a couple of miles to the mailbox with my collie, and on warm days walked back and cooled off with a plunge in a clear-running creek.

“The American Heritage Science Dictionary” by American Heritage Dictionary
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Hill walking with a pack in variable weather conditions is also recommended.

“Adventure Tourism” by R. Buckley
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Find an open area that it takes you two minutes to cover by walking briskly.

“The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away: Simple Actions to Shift Your Body and Mind to Optimum Health for Greater Longevity” by Rashid A. Buttar
from The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away: Simple Actions to Shift Your Body and Mind to Optimum Health for Greater Longevity
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For walks in the middle of the day, bring a bottle of water to keep you cool.

“The Body Reset Diet: Power Your Metabolism, blast Fat and Shed Pounds in Just 15 Days” by Harley Pasternak
from The Body Reset Diet: Power Your Metabolism, blast Fat and Shed Pounds in Just 15 Days
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When you are walking fast, building a shelter, or hauling wood in cold weather, take off your jacket or outer layer of clothing so you don’t sweat, then put it back on after you are finished working or exercising.

“Survivor Kid: A Practical Guide to Wilderness Survival” by Denise Long
from Survivor Kid: A Practical Guide to Wilderness Survival
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I pack my gym bag in the morning and change before I leave the hospital, then drive to the Arboretum, or the shores of Lake Washington, or the serpentine bike paths winding through the University District and Lake Union.

“Oxygen: A Novel” by Carol Cassella
from Oxygen: A Novel
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Cool down by again by walking about 3 miles per hour for a few minutes.

“The Future of Aging: Pathways to Human Life Extension” by Gregory M. Fahy, Michael West, L. Steven Coles, Stephen B. Harris
from The Future of Aging: Pathways to Human Life Extension
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Walk, walk, walk, short rest so you don’t get too cold, then off you go again.

“Reinhold Messner: My Life At The Limit” by Reinhold Messner
from Reinhold Messner: My Life At The Limit
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some of the short steep hills or run a specific amount of time and then walk a specific amount of time.

“Relentless Forward Progress: A Guide to Running Ultramarathons” by Bryon Powell
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  • Thanks for bringing this to light. We do have a full-length walk-through video that you should find helpful. Click on “Show More” above and click the link at the bottom of the video description. Enjoy your new Vengeance 5W!

  • I run 92/93(which is ever highest at that station) in all my mowers, ride on blower, heavy use equipment. Non Ethanol in smaller 4 stroke engines like push blower, leaf vac and Non Ethanol/oil mix in all my 2 strokes. For winterizing, I empty all my 2 strokes add Stabil, refuel (FULL) and run. Everything else, I add Stabil to the tank, top off and run. I always top them off, figure there is less open surface area to condensate.

  • I see you got your kombi rack put in. Looks good bro. I’m slowly making my way towards an enclosed set up. I’ll keep an open trailer set up as well.

  • did you personally experience any problems due to this procedure after you brought it out of winterization? Such as rusted tank or anything else.

  • How about running ethinal free fuel. It’s a bit more but it’s amazing how well two and four strokes run. You ever use sea foam???

  • Ever thought of draining all the gas out and then removing the spark plug and spraying a penetration oil in it, spinning the motor over a few times and then putting the plug back on? I heard that helps to fog the engine and keep it lubricated throughout the winter months. I think the name of it is Quaker State One Lube.

  • I run stabil 360 performance year round. Keeps fuel fresh and engines clean inside (burns carbon deposits). I run it year round at or slightly under the reccomended dose (it’s not cheap) and then come November I run it at 1.5-2 times the reccomended dose so I can still use my equipment but if somrhing happens to sit for a month without running I know it will be fine.

  • Great job on the video. Ethanol is the problem, it attracts water and speeds up the breakdown of the fuel. Keeping your tanks full leaves less room for air and the moisture it brings with it. The month before we anticipate winter all equipment is switched over to TruFuel. All the 4 cycle gets an oil change and everything gets new plugs and fuel and air filters. This routine isn’t possible for every situation but works for me. The real plus is that it reduces my equipment repairs so I have more time to work on the really important stuff AKA “Honey do list”.

  • I use Aspen (ethanol-free, “pure”) gas run for 5 mins works amazing! They have Aspen available for both 4 cycle (straight) and 2 cycle (mixed) engines

  • Run your A/C now and then through the winter to help lubricate the seals and prevent refrigerant loss. Is this factual or a myth? I do it out of an old habit anyway.

  • I keep all my cars well maintained all year around but right before winter I keep an extra eye on my daily cars. My daily is a 2010 Camry LE i4 173K miles. Wiper I changed every 6 months. I clean them often tho. I detail the car inside and outside along with the engine before winter. Of course I clean the car often in the winter to take off the salt. I like to make sure the oil is changed. Washer fluid make sure it’s full, changed out both belts, cleaned K&N filter, changed cabin filter, haven’t swapped on the Altimax Winters as it’s been warm. Changed out all 4 original springs, struts and end links. What a difference! I can stop now! I also swapped out the cheap brake pads the shop put in to OEM Toyota ceramic pads. Coolant is topped off looks clean and oem Toyota coolant. I sprayed white lithium in all the door locks even tho it’s keyless entry. I also used chemical guys VRT on all the door sealed, don’t forget the trunk seal as well! Do this during the fall. This way keep the rubber seals pliable no cracking and keeps the doors from not freezing. Battery is new I put in a red top optima 720CCA plenty for a i4 Toyota. Lubricated the battery terminals even tho it’s AGM. It’s a great beater. Going in this week for an alignment as I changed my suspension. My winter “kit” is in the car as well. Everyone laughs at me until they get stranded. Also made sure psi is up to par on spare donut. I run Liquid Moly 0w20 which the weight the car needs. I also run Ceratec by LM I recommend it esp for the winter. You put it in the crank case. I also use a snow foam pusher not a brush. The brush doesn’t work well and it scratches paint. Every so often I’ll run mystery marvel oil in my gas tank as well. This cleans out the gas lines and keeps them from not freezing. G luck

    This weekends project is to hard wire the radar detector, install both front and rear sway bar bushing and also get an alignment with a full tank of gas.

  • Premium fuel from a busy gas station (always getting fresh shipments), Stabil added before the cap goes on. Only mix a gallon at a time due to lower usage than a professional. Equipment is stored with a full tank of fresh fuel. I’m going to buy Amsoil fuel stabilizer in bulk and see how I like it.

  • Ive been running my tanks dry since 2006 on all equipment. Havent had any troubles. I did hear just recently to run dry plastic tanks and metal tanks to keep gas in them so they dont rust.

  • I check tires, service brakes/abs, service battery, check coolant protection, check winter preparedness bag, don’t go before 1/4 tank, check spare, top all fluids, fill washer with deicer. That’s about it.

  • About SUVs. ABS system won’t lock wheels, so you won’t lose traction while breaking. And high gravity point does not depend on weather(temperature), it’s even more possible to roll over a car at summer time, cause under high side load(ON TURNS) car less likely slip sideways (since you have better traction), so more chances to roll over(((

  • I don’t put any equipment up for winter. At least in Virginia, leaf cleanups don’t end until grass starts growing again. The wind carries leaves into people’s yards even after they all fall. Winter time is also the best time to do brush clearing.

  • Love this, see it for the first time. Looking will not do me much underneath the car if I don’t know what to look for and I don’t have a lift. Well I know something about cars but without being able to lift the car up properly is a no go for me.Working outside is hell, have noisy fucked up neighbors:(

  • Oh, and I usually have the air filters off all the small stuff ahead of time, if I haven’t ran them in a bit, and spray the tiniest amount of carb cleaner in them before I pull start. It avoids the multiple pulls and saves on the coil mechinism!! Again just my 2 cents as always!!!! Dirty Jersey out!!!!

  • How do you financially survive in the winter up north? In Florida there’s really no stopping. Basically yr round cutting. Are clients under yearly contracts or what?

  • Did you use straight gas and stabil? Or did you use the stabil in a two cycle mix, thanks Brian for taking the time for these videos

  • Do you have any where to get alcohol free gasoline? I have a local station where I get alcohol free gas, I pay about 3+ dollars a gallon, which for me is better for gas “mileage:” in my riders and 2 stroke engines.

  • Only use it in gas if it’s going to sit for a while. Most 2stroke mix has a stabilizer in it so i don’t touch them. Never head an issue.

  • I actually have one more leaf clean-up tomorrow (new years eve) lol. I’ll be winterizing new years day. How crazy is that�� I always learn something from your videos. Appreciate it for sure��

  • I just purchased a 2013 42′ Vengeance 5th wheel. Wish you guys had a store in Wyoming because my walk through was non existent and I’m new to the trailer scene. Really could’ve used this.

  • Did you figure out what the problem with the starter was? My cbr 125 began to have issues with starting from cold, it does the same thing as your bike, doesn’t fire up from the first try

  • okay guys u guys must of miss all the bull shit from putting new tires on the rear look hes not even driving fast okay dumby and cant even control the vehicle okay those tests u see when the car spins those are on high speed turns period when the new tires are on the front when why would u slammed on the brakes or even on fast turns….. dumb asses u neeed ur licenses revoked u must not know the rules to the road it says plain n simple when the weather conditions are bad u drive for those conditions and i hope u know its a scam u need to rotate ur tires to the front any ways why would u have those new tires in the rears any ways i rather have control than to have a spin out on low speeds not high speeds cause im not retarted and next time tell the tire company to hit there brakes when yhere driving fast doing the spin out test watch the guy when yhe new tires on the rear just keep on going straihht to the wall…..

  • non-ethanol gas 89 octane with stable. All Stihls product ran dry per Stihls. starts easily every spring same with my Toro Timemaster

  • Have you been watching too much Home Alone?? That look and the bell ��. Great tips… I do the same thing.���� How did you just so happen to have all the 2 stroke equipment empty beforehand?

  • ***Thank you for watching my video, here are a few links that i talked about in my video hope this helps you out.
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    Dicor non sag lap sealant will work for sealing anything on the side of your camper
    2 pack andersen leveler kit

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    Thank you very much for watching and God bless

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  • Glad I don’t drive my Golf 1 Convertible in the winter, cus tax regulation (I pay one quarter, but it needs to be stored for 3 months in the winter in return). Still only the Netherlands, but that shit is cold.

  • Yessir only product I’ll ever use great video keep up the good work brother and happy new year.


  • I have always wandered…in the winter time i always use windshield washer fluid rated for -45C (i live in Canada), and yet every time in the morning when there is just a little bit of ice on my windshield i just use my wipers with a few sprays of an windshield washer fluid to clean it up. And my windshield washer fluid start to freeze up on the windshield. Even though is, let’s say…-3C. Isn’t it supposed to start freezing at -45C?

  • You should leave your tanks full with Stabil and not run anything dry because you can get moisture in your equipment causing rust.

  • quick tip. DO NOT put a bag of litter or sand in the back of your truck. Because it is unsecured, in the event of an accident, you will have a 25lb frozen projectile hurtling towards your head from behind. Use a properly made and secured bed weight to add traction. If you want to carry sand or litter for extra ice traction then it is best placed against the cab to minimize it’s potential flight in an accident.

  • Ericthecarguy, how do you like driving in cold/snowy weather? It is probably on my top 5 list of most hated things to do, but my friend has an All wheel drive pick-up and says he LOVES it. I was just wondering what you think. It really probably depends on your vehicle.

  • Question, what if I start the bike every day for like 20 mins during cold weather? Is that ok? That way I don’t have to drain the carb. I own a 09 250.

  • does ebz7500 nozzle go on Husqvarna 580bts if yes try it out i like use 570 nozzle on 580 as make it blow faster handy when on hard surface

  • I drain the tanks of the oil/gas mix, run the carbs dry, and then put TruFuel or a canned 50:1 in. I let them run for 2 minutes, then I empty the tanks, but I don’t run them dry so there’s still that good gas in the lines. I use stabil on the mowers. I have yet to winterize mine, I’m still doing cleanups. The weather has been horrible lately

  • it’s funny everyone always clowns the Florida guys, the season here slows down a bit from end of December til February, but still lots to do. Couldn’t even imagine winterizing equipment knowing it was going to sit for an extended length of time. It’s 12/30 and still in the low 80’s!!

  • lol Brandon should probably read the bottle to know what it does and how much to mix before he is on camera. haha. I use Stabil along with my normal no ethanol octane 89 to 93 and it works great. Easy to find too. Looks like those trimmers could use some tune up kits. Like the battery chainsaw at the end haha.

  • if you drive through water/slush & its below freezing/ drops below freezing during the night drive a bit & use your brakes in order to get the water off & don’t use your e-brake if possible when parking as it may freeze up.

  • I use non-ethanol gas (premium) the last month of the season, although I am thinking of using engineered fuel next season. Also, the 50:1 mix oil I use says it is a stabilizer.

  • The “Halloween serial killer Eric”. Would have been great if he had someone kicking and screaming inside a car in the background while he was talking in the beginning, lol.

  • If you go pick up a lazer and new stand on in the spring, id prob pick up an edger or two. They look like they have done their time. haha

  • Another tip, make sure to do proper mouse/pest control in wherever you store your equipment. I just found this out as some mice decided over the fall to make a home inside the plastic over of my snowblower by packing it with insulation they found in the rafters of the shed.

  • Bro I see the rational of raising the water level but please be careful if you have any even microscopic cracks around tiles or Coping the water since your not lowering it can get behind them and crack your pool body itself, tile, coping and if your freeze plugs aren’t 100% sealed your hosed then you can crack your piping. I am a 28 year army vet so I been taught to don’t identify problems with out a suggestion or course of action. Here you go you can search Amazon or EBay for 5×15 foot pool pillows about $20 or so each but downfall is they are as thick as a beach float but I have used 3 or 4 of them tied together placed in the middle to take the snow/ice weight or you can get truck inner tubes which are super thick rubber also on Amazon, pepboys, autozone, eBay…Hope it helps if you got a question hit me up [email protected] good luck later… Roy

  • Hi Brian it’s Warren do you blow snow of sidewalks it will be cool to test your new ones on them just asking because I have a stihl br 600 and I use it all the time when it snows I never put my blower away

  • Great video Brian so where’s the snow as your weather loos like a typical UK day just a liitle colder and what you going to do for work if the snow doesn’t come
    Happy New Year to you both!

  • I just empty fuel then start and run out until it quits. there is plenty of oils in the cylinder for lube. if it were long term and 4 stroke engines then fog them. startron over staybil anyday. nice trailer set up!!

  • You treat the fuel, run them dry,then use fogging oil,that’s the gold standard. Fogging them to a stall ensures the lower end bearings in the 2 strokes are protected from getting rust.

  • When I saw the video title, I thought he was going to show us how to store a summer vehicle for the winter, but this is helpful too.

  • Excellent job! I didn’t know about the “remove spark plug” / “add oil” idea…. good one! A local repair shop got me using Sea Foam. If one is using ethanol, Sea Foam is a good idea. Evidently it offsets the lacquering caused by cheap gas in the carburetor. This year i’m going with premium gas to see how it performs v. ethanol. Again, good job! I added your video to bookmarks as a reference. Thanks!

  • I like to kick it up a notch.. I like to condition all the rubber seals of doors, trunk, moonroof with a good rubber conditioner that rejuvenates, also I like to give the car a good coat of wax as well before winter.

  • My new cover just had about 10 inches of heavy snow and unfortunately my water level is very low due to a leak where a new liner is needed in the spring. It’s a big job but we removed all the snow so the plan is to keep the snow to a minimum by using a big push broom. It did sag so wondering if the straps just need tightened. Thanks for your post.

  • I’d recommend that when you do a walk through that they not just tell you how it works but show you that it works. Turn the hot water heater on and run hot water, operate each slide all the way in and all the way out. The same with the awning. Turn on the a/c, microwave, tv, radio, DVD player and make sure everything is working so you don’t end up having to bring the unit back for things that weren’t working from the start.

  • PLEASE wear the BALACLAVA in ALL videos. As it makes the footage more pleasant. =) (*due to the viewers having to “endure” your face less)
    P.S. Eric, you’re creating a “poison” work environment. Just do what I said and put the Mask back on, go now!

  • Question from your full video walkthrough.  I’ve heard elsewhere when using the washroom that you should not use the bathroom fan when flushing the toilet as it apparently draws air from the black tank through the black tanks vent pipe regardless if it’s a 5th wheel, camper trailer or class-a, b, c rig.  Could you clairify on this?

  • Great video Eric.

    I always encourage people to spend a few minutes in a safe open parking-lot during the first snow of the season “getting used to” the way their car handles in understeer/oversteer through hard acceleration and braking to get the feel for the way their car behaves when traction is lost and how to gather it all up and put things back in their control.

    just keep it reasonable and don’t go full teenager doing donuts, but get a sense of how things feel.

    Now with many years of snow driving under my belt, I generally do a few quick hard brakes and sprints (well within the safe range) to feel the conditions before getting up to highway speeds.

    Be safe out there.

  • winterizing is more about the amount of time the bike is not going to be used and for most ppl that is the winter. temperature has a very small part in ‘why’ your winterize. so only winterize when your not gunna use your bike for months at a time.

  • I use sta-bil in my back pack blower, push mower and zeroturn. Everything else I drain the fuel and run it dry then I spray some fogging oil into the cylinder. You can use any type of oil in there WD-40 will probably be fine as well. Or you can just use sta-bil in the fuel for everything. Or you can just use the premixed fuel for each respective brand (they’re all the same tbh except for mix ratios) ex. stihl motomix or echo’s red armor I think it is, but the premixed stuff is expensive as hell, stihl motomix is $13.47 (in my area after tax maybe different for you) for a half gallon.

  • Haha, Ca fuel is like 2.80 gal. If we are fortunate to find. Your area is blessed with inexpensive fuel. Thanks Brian….good stuff! We never winterize here in Ca.��

  • We have been using stabil also for many years. We try to use the blue marine type if possible. We have used sea foam but usually when carb cleaning is necessary. Used a bottle of amsoil treatment to clean a carb last summer and it worked great also. A lot of good options out there.

  • Yes as Eric said all-wheel or four-wheel drive will not Aid you in stopping if you need to it may help with engine braking but you have to be going slow the time but all-wheel drive and 4 wheel drive does not shorten your stopping distance.

  • I’m from Texas and we’re thinking about moving to the Wisconsin/Michigan/Minnesota area and this video is so helpful for someone like me. Oh my gravy…I’ve gotta get some practice driving on ice. We get black ice every now and again and it has me on pins and needles the whole time I’m out and about. Thanks for the video!! Very useful except for that blanket… this Southern girl would have to have a mummy-style sleeping bag. I’m soooo going to freeze my you-know-what off.

  • Ahhh wow, although draining your bike can be a good idea when storing a motorcycle. What you’ve also done is allowed moisture to get into your tank and now it will rust. What you should have done is filled your gas tank to the top and added fuel stabilizer, you wouldn’t even have to bother draining your carb especially if you were planning to only store it for 2-3 months. Another thing (most important thing), you didn’t even do an oil change which is soo bad for your motor. You’ve got shitty oil that is going to sit there over winter and eat away at your seals. Last tip, get your bike off the ground or you’ll damage your tires.

  • I’ve always taken out the spark plugs and add some oil inside, slowly pull the cord a few times to distribute oil throughout the cylinder as to keep rust from forming inside.
    All my trimmers/blowers/push mowers and JD riders (homeowner) owners manual call for them to have fuel stabilized, then allow to run dry.
    My new Toro Z Master Commercial said to allow to run dry but no mention of putting oil into the cylinders.
    This being said I’ve owned a boat for about 10 years and in that time my same mechanic has changed how much fuel is left in it at least 3 times now!!! LoL
    I think with the new equipment and the California emission standards they say to run dry to keep the carbs cleaner as they are really finicky and the gas keeps getting worse.
    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, so if you have a way that works and everything starts right up year after year just keep doing that.
    Good to see you guys are having fun with it all and love the Ford truck and Boss plow setup.
    I picked up my red Ford F-250 XLT last December with just about all the available options. ( I too really wanted the led lights & moonroof) but couldn’t turn down the deal I found on my truck by traveling about 250KM away and it never showed up on any Ford search when I looked for the exact truck I wanted… Luckily I had someone at a local dealership look in their computers which could search the entire country and found my dream truck! (Well, close enough)
    Then I turned around and took all that money I saved and spent it on my new Boss V DXT, BFG Ko2’s and lights setup!!! ��
    Good luck in the New Year!

  • I’m told that within 10 ^^32 seconds of the Big Bang temperatures were in excess of 15 billion degrees Kelvin, although in such conditions I probably wouldn’t drive.

  • Brian I actually found a better product that is a double function unlike sta-bil. My small engine dealer MOWER ZONE in Danville IN recommends a product called “ETHANOL SHIELD”. I use it with Red Armor for the last 2 years and have better results. This product actually encapsulates the water and while it runs it burns the water that may be present in the fuel, also it neutralizes and combines the ethanol that’s in fuel today (the 10% @ speedway pumps ��). The ethanol is actually corrosive to some components and then eats the rubber fuel lines.

    Try looking for that product as it’s made by BC3 industries I believe. The label is blue and yellow (they also make a product called “mechanic in a bottle”).

    Have a great new year as I’m headed to Alabama to get a 2016 X-series for a steal. Been watching your videos too much and grew my business. ��

  • keep some flares or portable strobe lights in your vehicle as well,this will allow other drivers to see you sooner if you were to spin out or break down!

  • Take you battery out maybe? cuzz it’l drain during the winter if you don’t start you bike. or hook it up to a charger or somthing. and a proper wash before stalling it and greacing of all the frequently rusting parts…

  • Thank for the video Erik. I learned from it. Just want to add that a good blanket, drinking water, knife, a light and something to start a fire can help while stranded. Its a basic kit that i fit in all my vehicles. Thanks again: for your sharing and a great channel.

  • had to laugh, 32nd and McInture in Golden Co, folks would always haul ass past us all leaving work at CBC or GPI, hook a left on 32nd, and as we slowly followed, there they’d be, in the ditch

  • I hate to be that guy, but you two should both be wearing hearing protection. Hearing loss is cumulative… you won’t feel it now but someday you’ll be 60 and you don’t want a hearing aid.

  • Hello there thanks for your videos! i am beginner, still learning how to maintain the bike in a good condition. and your videos really help a lot thanks a lot.

  • I did my last leaf clean up,Thursday..So my nearly a year old,business did good in 2018, but it was a scary frightening ride,though..

  • My car starts and vibrates until temp gauge goes to the midle so when its cold it starts with a vibration i feel in the steering wheel and car. Engine mounts seem fine so why would this be? Once warm it is smooth and no vibration at all? People say spark plugs yet its fine when it warms up after 5 min of running or driving……. Anyone?

  • If you have a truck.Put some weight in the bed.I recommend a new ATV.For when you get stuck! It is a good excuse anyhow for buying one.

  • You guys at the end, haha got a good laugh! Great video, Brian. Seems like STABIL is a solid product. Hard to believe winterizing is just happening now. It is going to be Spring in no time.

  • A buyer can never remember all this, so bring and use a portable video camcorder to record the walkthrough. Plus bring your own checklist of questions to ask and things to check for warranty work.

  • Listening to this without watching, I noticed how similar your speaking voice is to James Hetfield, Random something but I noticed

  • I run Shell V-Power (91 octane) in all my equipment during the season. For winterizing, my power equipment shop has always recommended draining gas and running it dry, then replacing it with 2-stroke or 4-stroke ethanol-free fuels (I use VP small engine fuels on their recommendation. I have used Stihl’s product in the past as well.) Trimmers and blowers go inside, mowers stay in the garage. Mowers get started every couple of weeks and run for a 2-3 minutes. Knock on wood…I’ve had good luck with this method. Good video…keep up the good work!!

  • Snow Chains, Booster Pack with usb battery charger for cellphones, lubricate lock hinges, Top off with Raindex (Made the mistake of using water before winter) clog nozzles during winter storm, wd30 since snow sometimes clog stuff like the engine hood. Gps when travelling long distances without cellphone signal.

  • Just wanted to seek your winter expertise, as you seem to be an expert on Honda engines. In the part of this video where you talked about the oil, you only mentioned to consult the owners manual for the proper viscosity. For my 2007 Honda Accord 4 cylinder, my owners manual says to use 5W-20 conventional for all temperature ranges (-20F to 100F+). My question is: If this were your car, and you needed to do cold engine starts frequently at -5 degrees Fahrenheit, would you be using conventional or synthetic 5W-20? At -5 Fahrenheit, the engine idles at a very loud, course, and terrible sounding at 1800 RPM’s for the first 60 seconds, then it drops very slowly over the next 5 minutes to under 1,000 RPM as the engine warms up. I am concerned about engine wear during this first 60 second 1800 high RPM idling when the engine is ice cold. Was thinking Synthetic would flow quicker. Would you recommend using 5W-20 Synthetic in this situation? Or would you be using conventional 5W-20?

  • Great videos! I put seafoam in gas and run through all equipment before storage. Just as added protection I pull spark plugs and spray a small amount of Stabil fogging oil in cylinders. I think it helps the two cycle equipment start easier.

  • Great minds think alike, I do my equipment identically to you!!! Mix up the fresh has with the Staybil, pour it in, run the engines for a bit depending on the size motor, and then you fill with fresh fuel the following season!!!! Plus I only use Super in all my equipment (as always just my 2 cents). I just feel it makes my stuff run better. As always God bless and Dirty Jersey out!!!!

  • I use stabil year around so if somthing breaks when I get around to fixing it I dont have to clean the carb. I use alot of stabil I use it in all equipment mowers boat racecar atvs.

  • I have a 2013 Dodge Challenger that I rarely drive. But I’m getting a lot of water in the exhaust system when I do start it how can I prevent this condensation for winter storage?

  • tech working in Alaska here. we put either a 75 watt/50 watt/ 100 watt heating pad on oil pan, trans pan, either a bigger sized 60 watt pad under the battery, or low amp trickle charger on the battery. of course we put block heaters in, and get the antifreeze’s freezing point to -50/-60. everything ties into a 4 way box, or i solder the 2 hating pads together and use an arctic grade 3 way cord coming out the grill. we plug in at around -5 and below. i have a timer at home, that comes on 3 to 4 hours before i start it. keep that electricity bill down.

  • I learned my lesson about buying cheap windshield washing fluid. One particularly cold winter made it freeze and the fluid would not come out of the nozzles until the engine was quite warm and defrosted the fluid lines. Stay away from the 99 cent crap you find at the gas station!
    Now I buy the stuff from Prestone that’s yellow. Never had a problem with it yet.

  • I have been using stabil my three years and fill up the gas tank. I’ll run it to get the stabil into the carb and fill up again the gas tank of every single equipment.

  • Director: “Act cold when you’re out on set today”
    Actors: Show me the “cheddar train”

    You guys sure it’s cold there? Brandon has his sweater open, and a v neck t shirt on, you’re both wearing regular sneakers, and you also don’t have a battery in your sponsor branded jacket! Next video should be “how to stabilize your body temperature when you live in a cold climate”!

  • Isn’t it illegal to run summer tires in winter in the states? In europe you get fined if you are caught without your winter tires on
    in the cold season

  • At what average temperature do you winterize your bike? It’s around 40-45 degrees here. Should I winterize it when it gets under 35 average??? let me know please.

  • About the kitty litter: Buy the ones with blue stuff in it, since it absorbs water. If your windshield often fogs up on the inside, you take some kitty litter, put it in a sock and make a knot on it and put in the car. This will absorb the fog:)

  • I treat all fuel with Enzyme all year. To winterize, run it stone empty, then refill with Tru-Fuel. Run it a minute or two to get the Tru-Fuel into the lines and carbs, shut them down and put them up.

  • I usually keep,
    a blanket,
    heavy coat,
    pull over hoodie,
    thick socks
    and neoprene face mask for “keep warm” goodies.

    I also include a disposable lighter,
    quart of oil
    and a few logs of firewood if I’m stuck somewhere remote and need heat without burning up gas.

    For recovery I keep
    a spare tire,
    a recovery strap,
    a couple d-ring shackles,
    a shovel
    and the rear cargo mat is good for traction.

    I also have some hand tools and my trusty bottle jack.

  • First thing I do is never use speedway gas. I use that trufuel or buy ethanol free gas at a sunoco for 429 a gallon and have never had a prob. It seems pricey but compared to rebuilding carbs every season it’s worth it to me. Happy New Year friend.

  • You had to Winterize your equipment and here in South Mississippi we may not Winterize because we may just keep rolling. If it stops raining.

  • On your full video regarding the Black Tank Flush; I’ve seen another method done in which at the external water source, a ‘Y’ hose adapter is used where one end has the potable water line with the inline regulator and the other line is used to run the black tank flush with a back-flow preventer attached to prevent anything from coming back out of the black tank through the flush line to prevent any contamination when filling the tank for flushing.

    A side advantage of the y adapter at the supply source is it will allow you to draw water if you need to wash the RV or the truck, etc. while keeping your potable line connected.

    Does your business carry any back flow valves designed to fit on the black tank flush water inlet and couple with a garden hose?

  • What’s better to start the engine in freezing temperatures, a block heater or an oil pan heater pad? My block heater isn’t working and taking it out is a bare.

  • i like your fuel thing, will have to add there are alot of reasons to keep your tank fuller in the winter time.. so many people run there tanks at 1/2 to 1/4 full or less.. me it cant go below 1/2 i usaly try to keep it above 3/4 full.. i dont think you mentioned it but road flair’s are not a bad idea. and some kinda saw.. as well as maybe a glass brake/seat belt cutter..

  • i just stumbled upon this channel and the ETCG1 channel, its become my netflix; Im pretty much binge watching every video. Brings me back to when me, my dad and grand dad (may God have mercy on his soul) were talking about cars when I was younger. Odd thing Ive noticed, hes aged well from 2012 to now. Weird I know, anyways…. off to watch the rest of the videos

  • I run (91 octane nonethanol) with (Star-Tron additive) all year long. I start my equipment in the winter every 3 or 4 weeks. I haven’t had any problems in years since I use this stuff with the non-ethanol. I started using Amsoil Saber 100:1 mix synthetic oil. It works great and you can save so much money by using this product at this ratio mix.

  • I’m disappointed you didn’t mention adding anti freeze to the brake fluid. been doing it every year brake fluid is yet to freeze

  • Number one thing I see is idiots that dont clean off their windows. You cant see others on the road,so dont leave the driveway until you brush off all the snow from your car.If you wax your car before winter,the snow will come off easier too.

  • I’m from Alaska and North Dakota. If it’s winter time you need to get some studded tires, change your brake fluid, get a little plugin heater for your car in the morning. Those window covers that everyone gripes about are actually great to keep snow off your windows. When you have studded tires you have to get used to swapping them off and on. Don’t drive with studded tires if it ain’t slush, ice or snow, we all understand driving home after a melt to change them but don’t leave them on all season. You are ruining it for the rest of us: taxes, laws, roads.

  • Since you put minimal fuel in your equipment tanks, do you keep the cans full with treated fuel or no? Also, have you ever filled up your equipment with the treated fuel during storage?

  • Now that the cold weather is upon the area I live. I have been noticing that my both my front tires keep losing air pressure it takes a couple of days before the tires on my 04 CRV get to the point to where you can visually tell that the tires are much too low I don’t drive the vehicle very much and I believe the tires are 5 years old. The tread is fine on the tires there is some minor cracking in the rubber. I you leave these tires are eventually sooner rather than later going to fail. Tomorrow hopefully my mechanic will be available and be able to check the tires for leaks but I truly think that the tires have just gone past there expiration date for lack of a better word. My father swears up and down that someone told him that the alloy rims could have an effect on the tires losing air but I find this hard to believe. Any thoughts?

  • DONT RAIN X the headlights. They will shortly haze, and become more and more hazey much rapidly than if you did not put Rain X on headlight plastics.

  • Nice video Brian and Brandon, putting gas in a battery powered chainsaw lol! I put Stabil In everything! I even buy Stabil’s diesel formula and put that in my diesel equipment!

  • I usually remove the battery as well, and store it indoors if your winters are really cold, it’ll hold it’s charge longer if you keep it cozy.

  • IMPORTANT note on the kitty litter is DON’T buy the clay kitty litter! It turns into a slime that’s even worse than the snow an ice in about 20 seconds.