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Rest your foot and toe as much as possible. Apply a cold compress to your toe for 15 to 20 minutes several times a day, for several days after the injury. Elevate your foot. Treating a sprained toe. The initial steps to treat and heal a sprained toe include the following: Rest: Take a break from the activity that caused the injury.

Avoid walking on the injured foot. Ice: Apply an ice pack wrapped in cloth for 20 minutes several times a day. Remove if the skin becomes numb. In most cases, a toe sprain will get better with proper home care. Mild sprains that have not torn the ligament usually respond well to standard home treatment, such as the RICE technique.

Ice – A cold compress should be put on the sprained toe to reduce inflammation and swelling. It can also help alleviate pain and discomfort as the cold numbs the sprained area. Compress – It is done to limit the swelling. However, compression should be done the right way. Fortunately, treatment of toe sprains can usually be performed at home and include reducing swelling, foot support, immobilization of the toe, or exercises to strengthen the joint.

Toe sprains can be mistaken for broken or dislocated toes. If pain persists after awhile, it is wise to seek medical attention from a podiatrist. Light socks can be used 12 to 24 hours after the trauma but shoes should be avoided until the patient can put pressure on the injured foot.

Serious toe sprains such as turf toe may take longer to recover from. After one to two weeks you may want to exercise the to gently by trying some basic movements and putting light pressure on the toe. Climbing, hiking and other outdoor pursuits over rough terrain can also contribute to a sprained toe. Although home treatment for a sprained toe is generally effective, seeing a doctor can help to ensure that you are taking the right actions when healing the toe.

Checking to see if the toe is broken can help make your next move easier. Sprained toe. This also should not be overdone, as this method will neither make your sprained toe heal overnight nor cure you altogether at once. Apply ice to your sprained toe for no longer than 15 minutes, several times a day. Another seasoned tip is not to put ice directly on your injury, in order to avoid skin burns.

If you have a sprained toe: A mild sprain can be treated with home remedies, such as icing the injured area for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, taking time to rest, and keeping the foot elevated. If the injury is more severe (e.g., if you have a torn ligament), you should tape the injured toe to the toe next to it and wear a walking boot. Typical treatment for a broken toe is called “buddy taping.” This involves taking the broken toe and carefully securing it to the toe next to it.

List of related literature:

Start treatment with rest, ice, compression, and elevation (the RICE formula, explained below) and avoid putting weight on the ankle at first.

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Treatment consists of rest, elevation of the foot with cold (ice packs) applied to the tender areas at the end of the hiking day, wearing orthotics, gentle stretching (e.g., pulling back the toes and front part of the foot), and administration of an oral nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug, such as ibuprofen.

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Treat with RICE therapy: Rest, Ice (for 24–48 hours), Compression (with an elastic bandage), and Elevation (to reduce swelling).

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Control the Swelling First Tell the patient, “Use an elastic bandage to attach an ice pack or immerse the foot in ice water for 15–20 min at a time.

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• High Ankle Sprain—Treat with RICE and boot for 1 to 3 weeks

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Treatment consists of rest, ice, compression with an elastic tape or wrap, and elevation (the RICE principle).

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• High Ankle Sprain—Treat with RICE and boot for 1 to 3 weeks and then rehab.

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Treatment includes RICE: rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

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Treatment first includes RICE (rest, icing, compression, and elevation).

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Treatment includes RICE (rest, ice [cold applications], compression [elastic wraps], and elevation) to help minimize the swelling.

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  • Hi I think I sprained my toe or dislocated it or something and I have a track meet tomorrow and it really hurts so what should I do because I tried buddy taping and it still hurts really bad

  • I stubbed my toe and then slipped forward with my toe still hugging my counter. 4-5 weeks pass and i still have slight joint pain in toe. I don’t need help yet, i just thought I’d share.

  • I stubbed my toe yesterday and it still hurts today. It’s a it purple and red but i don’t know if it’s broken but i don’t know if i should see a doctor ��

  • There is a physical treatment i had a turf toe for a few days until my friends told me that there is a man in the city that knows how to treat turf toe they said that when ever an athlete gets a turf toe they go to him and come back fine so i went to him today he bent my foot down and then up and then to the sides during the exercise it was painful i was literally crying but when he finished i was fine like i could walk normally and in an instant i started playing soccer and believe me when i say this it felt soo good to hit the ball around so believe me you dont need all this stuff they say resting will make it fine thats bullshit resting makes it worse just visit someone who knows how to heal turf toe physically
    I hope my story helped

  • I began dealing with plantar fasciitis more than 10 years ago and I believed there`s nothing that could treat my ailment. I was actually wrong about that since I found and tried this plantar fasciitis treatment “Sαnzοkα Mula” (Google it) 3 weeks ago. I`m now 100% ache-free. I still cannot believe that it happened. I`m really happy that this particular guide came to me because I`ve managed to save acupuncture expenditures of more than $100.

  • Wow ooh my god wow it worked wonders instant relief. Because of your happy face initially I didn’t take you seriously.Now I love you.
    Do you excercises for backpain after playing sports

  • Turf toe has to do with the tendon underneath, correct? The plantar fascia? Will these stretches work if there’s pain on the upper part of that area (area over the proximal phalange of the big toe and extensor tendon)?

  • I have been told all kinds of crazy things about the pain in my foot from torn tendons to arthritis and now street watching this video I did some of the stretches and this helped my toe feel much better that fast. I’m gonna keel doing it every day to see if it gets rid of the pain

  • Hello ppl something that can help is putting your foot in hot water well tolerable hot water then cold ice then back to the hot and repeat 3 or 4 times also massaging the area helps.

  • A few months ago I tried kicking one of my dogs toys. I missed the toy and kicked the floor extremely hard, like how an nfl kicker would. Imagine an nfl kicker missing a kick jamming his toe into the floor with a thin carpet and under that carpet was concrete. I didn’t see a doctor so I didn’t know what happened so I said it was a sprained toe. I found this video because of Davante Adams and everything seems to match up with my injury.

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  • Thanks for the vidgood info. Lemme ask youmy just-diagnosed, level one turf toe wasnt caused by an incident. It was recent 40 minute, 15 degree inclined treadmill jaunts. It feels well after a cortisone shot but I hate wearing the boot. Can i just stay in my very stiff slippers that I shuffle along in, making sure that my toe doesn’t bend in the least? I am very inactive now and walk very limited. Should I tape my toe when not in the boot? Thanks alot sir!

  • Ok guys I have one question for all of you so back in February I banged my left pinky toe on the side of a chair on accident. you would think by now it would be healed. wrong it hurts to bend it to one side or if I try to crack it it hurts. But when It does crack it hurts. what do I do for it. Do I just leave it and hope one day out of nowhere it’s heals like what do I do for it please help me I beg of you please reply

  • It’s been about 2 weeks. The best thing that really helped with healing it fast and reducing the pain is to elevate your foot above your heart not only while you sleep but as much as you can during your awake hours as well. Ibuprofen helped with deinflamation and pain relief. I’ve been using my grandma’s walker so I don’t have to walk on it.

  • I bent my toes while playing soccer becuase i kicked the floor and its been about 3 weeks now, and i was wondering if the bone from the big toe will go back into place?

  • I got a bone bruise and a sprained toe half a year ago, so I ended up getting a cortisone injection because it wasn’t healing. I got cleared but my spain came back when I woke up in the morning about 2 days ago. I don’t want to get it checked out because it feels minor and I don’t want to be withheld from wrestling so should I just do the 4 steps and use the boot I have?

  • Hello my friend. I have a close friendly who has been toe pain. I am not physical therapist like yourself, but I know he doesnt have gout, overnight arthritis with uric acid. However, my buddy may have turf toe or hallux rigidus, which started acting up three months ago from doing a lot of walking. Will these exercises work for either toe condition. Thanks for your help as always, which is greatly appreciated. Take care. God Bless.

  • Broken many bones in my days, but I can recall the very play in a high school football game I got “turf toe” in a brand new pair of cleats.. easily the worst pain, dumb on me for continuing the game. It was like was stepping on a very sharp, throbbing, painful baseball for about 6-8 months

  • glad to have seen your video,good explanation:) i slipped and fell tuesday my toe bented and i hit the foot hard on the ciment floors,went to ER the next day since my toe and half of my feet turned blue and black within 2-3 hours after the fall,turns out i have a fracture big toe and ruptured hallux:( which i think is the same as a turf toe? i am now in walking air cast boots for 8 weeks and hopefully it will heal without needing surgery….

  • I stubbed my pinky toe against my daughter’s ankle as i was walking and she stepped in front of me. I literally heard a snap like that of a piece of stick breaking. The pain was so intense that i couldn’t walk for two days. I iced it and got a little ease. 2 days later, which is today, i walked “normally”. By the end of the day the pain is back with a vengeance. It’s moving all through my leg. Can’t put any pressure on the toe. Does that sound like a fracture or a break?

  • Hi Dr. Jo:

    can this problem get suddenly?

    I haven’t step in a soccer turf in 5 years and I suddenly I got the problem?

    Thanks for your comments.

  • For all of those who are wondering, it does work. I have seen massive improvement by doing these exercises every single day before bed. Dr Joe rocks!

  • So today I kicked a garbage bin on accident and I kicked it pretty hard and my big toe is swollen and hurts like hell to step on. Is there a way I can walk on my foot? Without it hurting?��

  • I hit my toe today n it ripped part of my nail off. In the past couple hrs its been hurtn so bad i can barely bare the pain. I got up and the pain shot up my foot n leg n i started seeing stars and nearly went into a seziure. I have epilepsy so my seziures are stress n pain based.

  • What am I supposed to do if I have this issue for over a week. Can’t put weight on foot without footwear. Can’t bend and it looks swollen

  • So I definitely have it, my question is should I do these stretches right now in the middle of the injury? Or should I wait to do them after I recover?

  • How often do you do these? I think mine is strained from overuse. I walk a mile and a half every night and also jump rope 4-5x a week.

  • Hello Dr Jo’s just wanna let you know your enthusiasm is really wonderful it is very contagious keep up the good work and wonderful videos

  • I’m so happy I found your video! I had a skiing accident 11 weeks ago: tore my ACL and my MCL, bone bruising, sprained ankle and big toe. I only knew about the toe because it was blue, but it didn’t bug me, considering that I wasn’t weight bearing for weeks. Now I can FINALLY be on all fours… and discovered that my big toe hurts like crazy when I flex it! I didn’t know what to do, but now I feel much better. Thank yoU!

  • I stubed my toe and it was purple and almost wice as wide as it was before. Went to doctor, told me its not broken but still wraped it for a bit of immobilization. Now its better, but still wider that the one on the other foot and has a really hard bump (feels like a bone) on the joint that comes right after the nail (or the joint just got bigger). The toe is also slightly bent, but in the way fingers and toes are meant to be. Is there anything I can do for it to away or it will stay there pernametly?
    EDIT: Just looked up at soem broken toe pictures and mine looked exactly the same (all dark purple and swollen like hot dog).

  • How often should I be doing this per day? Is there such a thing as too much? Also this is definitely helping my turf toe. Really relaxing/strengthening those muscles!

  • Thank you!stubbed my toe and now I know!Ima convince my mom in morning.crying en cause I have a vacation in two days.really scared.first broken bone

  • I didnt stub mine but i slipped down one step, thought i reached the floor level (it was dark) and I didnt fal, fall but i think i bent my toe forward when my foot slipped down the one step. it hurt like a bitch later, i thought i’d be fine, it’d be gone by the time i woke but its still pretty sore today (day after) and there is a bruise in the middle of the toe:(:( i really hope i didnt break it or sprain it? i don’t know… this sucks, i just started jogging again:(

  • I stubbed my second to littlest toe. Little black dot right outside the nail (internal bleeding) and redness underneath the nail (very close to the nail bed)

  • I got pretty bad turf toe from a fall (Dr. diagnosed, xray, bones are all good). It’s painful to put any weight on my big toe, or even move it up or down. When I move it sometimes I get a stabbing pain, especially between the big toe and next toe, and under the big toe. I’ve been resting and keeping it still, to speed healing and avoid pain. I assumed at this stage of healing any movement will set me back, is that not true?

  • I have a hip injury from track and I’ve been working on it at PT and now since I’m back into running my turf toe came back and I’m scared that since I took a break for so long and it’s still here that I’ll have to go in a boot or something. Should these help if I do them once a day?

  • saved me, just able to put weight down on my foot, had a pretty bad turf toe 2 days before travelling… couldn’t even walk, had to use a wheelchair in the airports. slowly starting these exercises. Thanks a ton!

  • Just jammed my pinky toe very hard into a doorframe/wall and there’s serious bruising and swelling. I don’t know if there was a crack or not upon impact. I really don’t know whether to see a doctor or not. This is awful.:-(

  • Dr Jo, after dealing with runner’s knee, I was finally back to running/walking (halfway through the program) and I stubbed my baby toe, and learned I broke it! I’m in a boot for 3-4 weeks. My concern is, I fear my calf muscles with atrophy. Can you recommend any kind of safe calf strengthening exercise I can do? My break lucky, it’s not misaligned. Can I still wear “yoga toes” (it stretches the toes out a bit, and helps strengthen them. Do I have to wear this clunky boot 24/7 or is it ok for me to walk around barefoot on the carpet (but very carefully!) I am a big barefoot believer!! I don’t have any pain doing floor work with ankle weights on by the way. Hope you will consider doing a broken toe vid. It really is the pits.

  • I got this injury after a fall from a motorcycle. It’s been about 2 months and it doesn’t hurt when I walk or anything but there is still discomfort when I stretch it upwards. What should I do?

  • Luckily after a week my black swollen toe seems to be in the healing process, last two days, It bled a lot suddenly, then slowly I am relieved from the Pain, a week ago I can’t even walk but I’m fine now, I just did what they said, keep your injured foot elevated, keep it rested, then sometimes I put Ice to relieve the pain, it’s still black and just a little bit tender but at least its not as painful as before, Woah I was thinking of going to the doctor but I am much more afraid of Covid19, Anyone who is sufferring from this at the moment, Ya’ll get through this, just follow these guys and maybe in just one week the Pain will subside ❤

  • Mine has been bothering me since september last year. Odd that first exercise is easier curling while extended and flaring when pulling back. So hard the other way but i guess that’s how to work it.

  • Hi doc, I’m having a pain in the toe for 4 years (soccer match) and nothing but cortisone shots helped me. X-ray and MRI show no visible damage and I’m kind of desperate. Is it too late for me to start doing these exercises? Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks.

  • I ended up kicking a metal door at band and this happened in early October, my parents said just to tape it or to get a shoe even though it was my big toe and we never went to the doctor. I had a lot of bruising and swelling around the joint and now months later it’s still a stabbing pain to move or touch it and it’s causing part of my foot to be numb but also painful do you think I should still go see a doctor about it even though people have said there’s nothing they can do about it now

  • So um, I kicked something and forgot I wasn’t wearing shoes, so my toe was the first thing to hit it, after a few minutes a part of the nail started turning purple, and I thought it was internally bleeding, then my whole foot started hurting, and now it’s a bit swelled up and the whole nail is darker than normal, and I feel pain still. The pain is spread out on my foot, but when I touch it it feels specially painful in the joint and nail…. And I can move it, but not too much, or it will really hurt like hell. Is that broken or sprained… Or something else????

  • I stubbed my toe and originally there was a little scrape and it hurt really bad, I didn’t cry and I cry super easily so that’s the only reason I don’t think it’s broken. But it’s a bit swollen and really bruised. I bruise really easily as well so I don’t know if I should be worried. I can still move the toe but I’m worried it’s broken because of COVID-19.

  • Hey Dr. Joe I know I’m late but I had turf toe for a week and then it when away. Now it is back and I have had it for a 2 weeks. Should I see a doctor. Also it started bleeding under bit we know it is turf toe because I play soccer and I stopped to fast so my foot flew up in the shoe and now my joints hurt.

  • i got turf toe by kicking the ground when i was taking a practice penalty with my friend and lets just say i got all of these symptoms

  • Hi Dr. Jo, so after almost a month of rest I went to my doc and he said it was fully healed, but I still see some slight inflammation. He says I should start putting weight on it and stuff but I’m scared I’ll make it worse. I ship off to bootcamp in a couple months and this has really set back my fitness goals. I dont know what to do.

  • I got this from wearing 7 inch heels for 12 hours straight while dancing, running and walking on lumpy grass. It was the WORST pain of my life. And I had my appendix removed.

  • I am a kicker for my high school football team and got turf toe by kicking the ground at full force. Will these stretches work for me?

  • Thank you for the video! Would these exercises be helpful for sesamoiditis as well? (I’m not sure if “turf toe” is the same as sesamoiditis.)

  • Looks like I can give a name to my injury now. Taking rest for almost 2-3 months now. But not healed still. Hope this exercises help.

  • I’ve had mine for 6 years n just stayed the way it is.. Doctors have told me they don’t know much about it.. I would love help because I play basketball and would love to have my foot back to the way it once was.. Any advice??

  • I just dropped a glass right on my toe it’s kind if purple/blue it doesn’t hurt when I walk but it’s like not the main toe I’m really scared I’ve never broken anything what should I do

  • Every time I stretch my foot or exercise it, it gets worse. Idk what to do because leaving it alone and resting isn’t doing anything. I want to speed up my recovery becuase ive had this pain for over 3 months now. Is there anything else I can do??

  • Thank you for posting such an easy to follow video.
    By the way, I’m pretty bummed about my injury and the dog and costume put a smile on my face. Thanks for that too.

  • Hi Dr. Jo thanks for posting this video! When I do some of the exercises I feel a moderate amount of tightness build up in the arch of my foot close to the joint of the big toe. Is that ok or should I be trying to tone the exercise down a bit? When I do the lacrosse ball roll I find it helps relieve that

  • Hello DrJo, thank you for this video, you´re helping lots of people. I have a question for you if possible. I surf almost a year now and and regular, it means my backfoot is the right, 2 months ago i probably hit my big toe on the board, and now everytime i surf the toe gets sored and purple on the inside, normally i ice it after and it gets better, than if i dont surf for 6/7 days it gets tottaly normal, but when i go surf again it happens, im trying to correct my stance on surf because i think i press to much on that back foot and on the big toe, but i think im getting the turf toe. Can i tape the toe before surf? any sugestion beside the exercices? We have surf boots for winter, should i try to use it to see if it keeps the toe on the right position? Thank you so much for your help.

  • Help I heard a pop (I can pop my toes so I don’t think I broke it) their is pain, swelling, and it hurts near the joint idk if I broke it or not plz help

  • Haha omg we all have fucked up toes mine is a hyper extension from the silly salmon I tried to to on my moms bed to hug her haha I have a foot brace for a month

  • My big toe got caught on a mat and completely folded underneath my foot 8 months ago. I had sharp razor blade like feeling in my toe I waited a month before getting back into martial arts and when I did I taped my toe every now and then Id bang it and it would stiffen but 3 weeks ago it came back out of no where full force. I don’t know what to do………..

  • Good video �� but I had to laugh when your friend said you can’t do it with your fingers! Lol �� I am in pain! I drop a can food on my foot! On my big toe! Omg �� it cut it, it was bleeding I ran cold water on it! Then try to dry it off. I put two waterproof bandage because it was bleeding! I hope it’s not broken? I put ice pack on it. Already took pain pills and it’s still hurting and swollen some! Can walk but trying to stay off my feet! I am afraid �� to take off the bandage it might bleedi again? I might have to see a doctor or get x-ray? Not sure yet! Thanks for the cool �� video �� ��⛪⛪⛪����

  • I was wearing unsupportive new shoes when my toe clicked a month ago as I was walking down stairs. I can barely move it now. It hurts so much. Twice now, it has clicked back and the pain subsided for a day but it comes back. I also have a bunion on that toe. Are these exercises for me?

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  • Hi, Doctor Jo! Almost a month ago I broke my toe by crashing it against a piece of metal coming out of the ground. The thing is that with the pandemic I chose not to go to see the doctor to discuss the rehabilitation of the toe (I’m wearing a boot although the fracture was minor). Will you please help me by replying if I can start doing these exercises, are they safe to do them now? Thank you so much in advance! ��������

  • My big toe looks like its in its first stage every time i bend it a bit it hurts bad i tried seeing if i had a ingrown toenail in my toe there was a little one but i ended with no result it is purple on the side of my toe and its been like this for a while

  • Hey i need some help, so today i accidentally hit my big toe with my other foot really hard and its not swollen or anything but as i touch it with some force it hurts. Do you think its fractured or just stabbed;

  • I was practicing my front kicks and accidentally kicked with my toe. The toenail is grey now and this has happened within about 30 minutes of the kick. That was about 10 hours ago since this comment. Will I lose the nail?

  • I walked on my big toe while it was curled and I heard a pop, it hurts but it doesn’t hurt insanely, I think it’s sprained but no way it’s broken

  • Ive had it for 2 years. I ignored it. But i always thought about it and it really annoyed me that I cant function my toe. DONT IGNORE IT!!!

  • I’ve had pain for months that was minor and just 4 months after having minimum pain I began to ride my long board more often than normal and then noticed the pain to be excruciating. It’s at the point of un-bearable. Not only do I have extreme pain under my toe I’ve started to notice the pain has now become under the arch of my foot were it bends. I think it might be a good idea to get some imaging Becz I’ve had this pain for more than half a year and it hurts very bad. Also I am a chef so I’m in the kitchen in my feet up to 18 hrs sometimes. Not that easy to find time to allow my foot to rest as much. Any advice?

  • Just got a small fracture on my big toe a couple days ago. Glad I listened to my gut and went to A&E the next morning, now I’m in a cast and on a plan to heal. Basically if the pain persists and there’s swelling it’s best to get it checked out. A quick x-ray will determine what’s wrong. I was in and out of the doctor’s in about 2 hours.

  • I just broke my pinky toe last night. It’s blue and a lil swollen. Pain under the foot and blue on top as well. Toe is not sideways but it’s bent slightly. What shout I do in a case like this doc?

  • I ran my toes over with a cart full of metal pieces. One of them is bruised and sore. Then a co worker thought it would be funny to poke it. He’s lucky i didn’t poke his eye out. Im just gonna assume i sprained it. Yay..

  • Hi Dr Jo! This was super helpful! QuestionI have had plantar fascitis in my left foot now for several months and after yoga teacher training I developed pain in my right big toe. I never heard a pop or anything and it started hurting once I returned home. The pain appears in the joint connecting to my foot but closer to the inside (near second toe) when I flex my toe. So if when I walk the pain is when I press off of my big toe and its on the top of the main joint but closer to my second toe. Does this sound like turf toe? I mention my plantar fascitis on my left foot because maybe there are some similarities here with my fascia. Would these same exercises help this pain I’m experiencing? I’ve had this pain for 2 months with no relief:( Thank you in advance for your help!!

  • I hurt my whole lower leg walking a long distance in unsupportive shoes on concrete. I can walk fine now but my toe still hurts when I am in plank position and certain yoga poses. I’m a hiker so my feet are super important to me! I hope these exercises work for me:)

  • My second toe curves towards the third at the last joint both feet. I don’t want surgery. I don’t know what’s up if it’s the tendons or muscles but it just doesn’t bend barely only a little. That’s my main concern. Also the big toe I think I have hallux rigidus because my big toe after the knucke goes toward the second toe I don’t have a bunion. I was wondering if picking up marbles with second toe and towel curls would straighten the second toe. I feel lazy because of my feet problems. I am also digging my feet in my bed when lying on my back putting my feet flat but I like apply to much pressure. My feet hurt and there always in pain I just hate to look at them. I want help.

  • Well this sucks! So I did it when I kicked my leg up and snapped it back down and instead of hitting the side like I am suppose to my left arch hit my right big toe and bent it up…. now I’m here (btw I was doing this crazy scenario because I used to be a cheerleader my freshman year, now I’m a Jr, and was practicing an old routine.����‍♀️��)

  • I play football and I was jumping down the stairs and landed wit my toes facing down and I heard a crack and I fell right to the ground I hope I didn’t do anything until it started turning black ����‍♂️

  • I some how did this to my toe a few months ago ( very painfull!!!!! ) It seamed to get better with time, but it has returned. Don’t know how to deal with it!!!

  • i can move my pinky sideways but i cant bend it…it doesnt hurt but where it does hurt is under my foot…it feels as if my toe is not there unless i touch it….should i be worried?

  • I stubbed my toe SOOOOOOO bad and after a day it’s STILL painfull when I walk on it it feel like it’s bruised and it hurts so bad I can’t even wear my FAVORITE shoes WHAT DO YOU MEANNNNNN

  • I was swinging and with a huge amount of velocity only my pinky toe hit a stone slab snd it has hurt for two weeks and now I’m getting concerned

  • Luckily my broken pinky toe is not displaced. I was given a walking boot but it’s been causing me more pain in my hips and knees so I am rebelling and just buddy taping my toes, walking very very carefully barefoot on the carpet and in shoes. Remarkably I am not feeling pain when I walk and I can easily do floor exercises with ankle weights and be okay. (No calf raises/squats/lunges). The doc wants to see me in three weeks (I am already through week one). I have used no nsaids, just turmeric, vit. d, magnesium, c, and arnica gel. Can I wear yoga toes while it’s still injured? Is it ok I got out of that boot? a PT on here said they feel it’s overkill being told I have to wear one for my situation and I should get a second opinion. I am being super, super careful when I walk without one.

  • Bob & Brad, thank you so much. I walked into my dresser tonight, and dang it hurt. Ouch! Soon after my toe turned dark purple. I wasn’t sure what to do. I’ll go ice it, then rub it as you said and wrap it with the tape along with the toe beside it.

  • Due to the pain caused around this area since I play football/soccer a lot I started a research and it got me here lucky I found out early

  • Ummmmmmmmmmm I stubbed my big right toe… it’s been 2 days I think…. the left side of the skin of the toe feels numb and there’s a ‘2nd knuckle’ or bony bump a bit lower below the distal interphalangeal joint, nothing is red or swollen… but when I extend my big toe I feel tingling…. is this a dislocation??? I don’t think it’s a bunion.

  • I bent my toes while playing soccer becuase i kicked the floor and its been about 3 weeks now, and i was wondering if the bone from the big toe will go back into place?

  • I stubbed my toe very hard today and after my neck started hurting. I felt some numbness in my toe as well. I know its not broken but its so painful ��

  • Dear Dr Jo, I sprained my toes on my right foot by twisting them inwardly when I fell off the stool (the second next to the big toe severely and the third and fourth ones are moderately) 13 days ago. Can I start doing these toe workouts? The physio said I could do but basic ones like stretching up and down shown in this video. I started driving through using inside my foot on day 5 but when I came home it got swollen and I was in pain. I went back to driving on day 9, this time it was not sore. I drove yesterday and today, again using the same method and there is no more swelling but aching while my foot is still on the foot pedals. Am I doing more harm to my toes?

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  • I’ve had turf toe for three months I got it after months of baseball and football the doctor saw no damage to my bone and made me wear a boot for 4-6 weeks but it still won’t heal

  • After about a month of the injury from football training not healing, I went to the doctor, and after she did some tests with her finger and asking me when there was pain, my doctor concluded it was a bone bruise, I believe it is turf toe, it has been about two weeks and half, now there’s a very little swelling mostly on the bottom of the big toe joint area, and it’s just stiffness when I move it up, do you believe my doctor was right and that I just need to do rehab and exercises?

  • How about the fifth toe that I fractured it really bad nine months ago and that’s the same toe which now I have the bunion, it’s coming slowly and it’s painfully,,, I would like to reverse the bunion if it’s possible how? And about taping how can I tape it properly to reverse it naturally i’m talking about the bunion of course. Now on the other hand the same towel I still feel a little pain in it when I see a little from 1 to 10 every time I touched it or I keep it it hurts 7.
    Sorry I have too many questions but believe me that useful LOL

  • Hi Dr. I missed a step and I felt the pain omg!! I had to walk on it home, still 1 month and I have pain while walking. Question: why do I feel the throbbing when I’m laying down?

  • Do I have turf toe? My shoes were two small and I think I made a cut in soccer that I blended my toe weird. It stops hurting for a while then comes back

  • Stretch your toe till a bone pops or snaps massage your toe ball bone and snap it into place again it will feel good and brings down swelling

  • Hi Joe I get this a lot so much so that I can’t do certain exercises like Burpees. Any way I can mitigate this so it doesn’t happen

  • I fell in my back and my toe bended in the wall it’s swollen and bruised up from the bottom of my big toe is that turf toe? Please help

  • My toe has been bothering me but not necessarily painful but I injured way back in December or January not sure if its getting better but there was worst

  • Wondering if these can also be used for tendinitis or arthritis. I don’t remember stubbing my toe, so I’m not sure I have turf toe. But I do have issues with PF and accessory navicular syndrome. One day it seemed my big toe was fine and the next it was sore when I pulled my foot back (same motion as in 2:07). Sometimes it okay and others it’s not. Tonight I had to cut my walk short because it hurt to step off it (not sure what that’s called… the exit step? The step-off?). �� Thank you for this video. I’m going to try these exercises!

  • I stub the same toe maybe once every few months. It’s also been fractured (or broken maybe) once (same toe), so every time I re-stub it it will hurt for a few days. I hate that little thing. And also my clumsiness.

  • Did anybody notice how they want to operate never go to the doctor unless you want to take medicine or be operated on and be towed if you don’t treat it what could happen I swear I think they want to kill us and you who were disagreeing with me you’re probably dying and I’m not

  • Wait I match all the issues for if it’s broken.. but it’s Coronavirus time and I can’t leave my fucking house because we’re under lockdown. WTF

  • had my turf toe, 5 months now. it’s healing slowly. Taping the toes have helped a lot. I do martial arts at least 3-4 times a week. so no rest for me.

  • I had turf toe and what I did was I massage(painful as hell) but gotta bear and then I use warm water with a towel and try to apply pressure on the toe and then apply Honey first and then come lime on top and then bandage it…gotta do this everyday so it’ll heal

  • I have developed a turf toe condition on my both toes. I contracted from playing on an artificial field. I went to see an podiatrist and he ordered for me to have MRI scan. The scans have shown I hv ruptured one of the ligaments under the big toe. He then prescribed me to use a walking boots for 4 weeks then follow it up with an insoled shoes. Am still using the walking boot before I resume using the insoled plated shoe. So i was curious to ask if it’s possible to treat a ruptured ligament through this method. And from the grading of turf toe conditions, mine is grade 3 which which may sometimes require surgery. So kindly advice on the possibility of avoiding any surgery. Am really longing to go back to play asap.

  • My leg was plastered, i had to take the plaster off after 1 week cause of exams, so the doctor said i should not have done that and the pain will now last like 1.5-2 years:( is there any solutions now?