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Ignore the naysayers by Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Don’t Listen To The Naysayers

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s rules of life Ignore the Naysayers

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Don’t Listen To The Naysayer’s Inspiring and Motivating Speech

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Talk about other stuff sometimes. If they’re afraid of you changing, you can demonstrate how much you’re still you (just Listen as much as you talk. Maybe this is just good friend advice, but always talking about your CrossFit classes to A lot of times when people are complimenting how hard.

How to Turn Naysayers into Yay-sayers When Yelp deals you lemons, make a Champagne lemonade. By Carey Smith, Founder, Big Ass Fans and Unorthodox Ventures. Getty Images. 7 ways to maximize talented naysayers: Get clear on what you really want to accomplish before declaring your intention and seeking input from problem anticipators.

Choose smiling over pouting. Avoid pouting when you don’t like what you hear. Why Do We Have Naysayers • Change – 70% of organizational changes fail 1 • Level of resistance was underestimated • People felt the change was forced on them 1 Kotter J. Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail. Change Management. Harvard Business Review.

January 2007. Here’s 4 steps to help you neutralize the naysayers in your life who are distracting you from your dreams, goals and plans >> #1 Protect your fragile goals Your fledgling New Year goals are just hatching and they’re still fragile and not strong enough to take a bashing. Firing the naysayers in your head, surrounding yourself with a “board of advisors,” get cozy with the unknown. From Fast Company Ideally this person will be the “bad cop,” the naysayer who questions the.

Start something, anything new. This is where you usually meet a lot of naysayers. Let’s say that you have a business plan. You have already completed all your background checks, how the market behaves, what are the usual bottlenecks you are going to face, etc.

In simple words, you know what you about to do. Turn a non-technical naysayer into an advocate by sharing a win. For your procurement team, cloud can be a nightmare. For decades, procurement teams have created systems to manage and lower costs. Moving to OpEx from CapEx, for some procurement, is as.

There will inevitably be naysayers who doubt your ideas and abilities. You can disarm many of them with two strategies Robert Cialdini suggests: honest compliments and asking their advice. How to sell Organizational Change Management to the Naysayers Published on June 11, 2015 June 11, 2015 • 35 Likes • 11 Comments.

Carolyn Reid Follow Sr. Change.

List of related literature:

Transformation: There is no alternative to transformation: changing violent attitudes/behaviour, applying creativity to contradictions.

“Johan Galtung: Pioneer of Peace Research” by Johan Galtung, Dietrich Fischer
from Johan Galtung: Pioneer of Peace Research
by Johan Galtung, Dietrich Fischer
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Very simply, genuine change for the better is quite natural and effortless for the person who honestly recognizes and acknowledges his own flaws.

“How Evil Works: Understanding and Overcoming the Destructive Forces That Are Transforming America” by David Kupelian
from How Evil Works: Understanding and Overcoming the Destructive Forces That Are Transforming America
by David Kupelian
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“Transformed” me I think would be more the word.

“Quantum Change: When Epiphanies and Sudden Insights Transform Ordinary Lives” by William R. Miller, Janet C'de Baca
from Quantum Change: When Epiphanies and Sudden Insights Transform Ordinary Lives
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The first solution is to apply that dialectical principle of opposites from dialectical behavioral therapy—that is, that you can love yourself, your current brain style, just the way you are and paradoxically want to be even better.

“Heal Your Mind” by Mona Lisa Schulz, M.D./Ph.D., Louise Hay
from Heal Your Mind
by Mona Lisa Schulz, M.D./Ph.D., Louise Hay
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As Paulo Freire says, ‘there is no way to transformation, transformation is the way’ (from his keynote lecture at the 1989 Changing Identities conference in London, organised by Lawrence & Wishart; see Griffiths, 2003: 125).

“Participatory Practice: Community-based Action for Transformative Change” by Ledwith, Margaret, Springett, Jane
from Participatory Practice: Community-based Action for Transformative Change
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They say transformation gives one what they call a “feeling of inferiority,” and the more one is transformed, the more inferior one feels.

“The Writings of Mao Zedong, 1949-1976: January 1956-December 1957” by Zedong Mao, Michael Y. M. Kau, Laifong Leung, John K. Leung
from The Writings of Mao Zedong, 1949-1976: January 1956-December 1957
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One might object that the me can be transformed by external events (catastrophe, mourning, trickery, change in social environment, etc.).

“The Phenomenology Reader” by Dermot Moran, Timothy Mooney
from The Phenomenology Reader
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“Transformed” is a good word.

“Sexuality and the Sacred: Sources for Theological Reflection” by James B. Nelson, Sandra P. Longfellow
from Sexuality and the Sacred: Sources for Theological Reflection
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I use the word “transformation” because the moment is so often transformative: you will now be asked to worry about others, many of them perfect strangers, more than yourselves.

“To Repair the World: Paul Farmer Speaks to the Next Generation” by Paul Farmer, Jonathan L. Weigel
from To Repair the World: Paul Farmer Speaks to the Next Generation
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Superficial changes are possible, but real transformation is rare and depends upon whether you can become present enough to dissolve the past by accessing the power of the Now.

“The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment” by Eckhart Tolle
from The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
by Eckhart Tolle
New World Library, 2010

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  • How a Jewish person can be a liberal is beyond me. Her points are solid, but in the context of Obama and Hillary, I have to wonder if this woman is sane.

  • I hate it when women can tell sexist jokes and it’s fine, because a woman said it. Apparently in her Havard business class the men chat ** and the poor wiser women only talk when they have something invaluable to say.

  • “Everything is impossible until someone has done it.” You have to set goals and work hard to achieve those gals. The only thing is to try and work hard. Thanks for your wonderful speech. It is good lesson for me.

  • Thank you. This was so powerful! “The person who ends up as the most influential is the person who names the problem AND gives people an idea for action”. This quote is going with me in my purse tomorrow!

  • Awesome! It helps me to think about the pain in my life and focus that on my workouts. Feed that anger into benefit by beating myself up when I push out I am pushing out in the stroke I am against the naysayer. I’m a engineer and my calculus II teacher told me I was not cut out to be a engineer. I retook the class with a different teacher and I am now a great engineer today. Don’t let people shut you down! Most People are negative and you can’t rely on their advice even your parents. Stay strong and be yourself and carry on. Most people are very normal boring and negative they were taught to be safe IGNORE THEM! BE YOURSELF as much as possible and let your inner CHILD RUN FREE!

  • I listened till the part where she talks about Hillary Clinton, then turned it off. I do not trust people who work in the education field as I feel they are just trying to sell me useless education, nore do I listen to politicians or people who Believe in them. This is about the worst Ted Talk ive listened to.

  • I had to watch this for a Masters course and it was PAINFUL. Although the root of her message was good as well as useful, her undertone was blatantly liberal with the examples she utilized of Obama and Hillary. This was disgusting.

  • This is very inspiring message that can motivate to everyone that will watch this video. Thanks for sharing this and please keep your video coming. Cheers!

  • We can be our biggest naysayers… A lot of why we don’t succeed or have the chances play to safe. Afraid to take chances. Luck right time right place getting that chance… perseverance persistence we all want fame fortunate prosperity…. Arnold had a body in the door some of us won’t get the chance to open any door.

  • I generally think of Ms. Kanter favorably, but what a way to blow up your own speech by giving as two examples of “success” two people  (Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton) who have failed in the eyes of many because they lack qualities about which Ms. Kanter says little or nothing: Ultimate Accountability, Ultimate Truth and Ultimate Integrity anchored in moral absolutes that are themselves derivatives of an external standard of ultimate things, a standard that itself derives from Ultimate Being (namely, the God of Christianity). Ms. Kanter herself has built her career around philosophies that are firmly rooted in moral relativism. There is nothing wrong with her “six points” in and of themselves, but her failure to connect and ground them to “ultimate things” inevitably leads to a temporal, profane state of affairs. The lack of a connection to “ultimate things” that are rooted in an Ultimate Being is why all enterprises (save one) and all change initiatives ultimately wither and die. Ms. Kanter’s advice generally is accidentally and incidentally helpful, in that she often gets right the “what.” Sadly, just as often she fails to comprehend and convey the ultimate “why.” If you ultimately don’t get the “why,” does the “what” really matter all that much?

  • Arnold says it can be done. We can show them. I mark a poster with Arnold on it for good days and bad days. A primitive score card. Dots are hour workouts, slashes are for drinking days…….over and over need to be better than that! Just did….today!

  • Arnold is such an inspiration to me. I also had naysayers that told me that I could not be a civil engineer because it was a MAN career. I still went to college and became a civil engineer in Mexico where they do not hire female civil engineers. So I came back to America (I was born in Los Angeles) and became a civil engineer. You just have to put your mind to it and you will succeed. More recently I had a brain tumor that almost killed me back in December 2018. I luckily survived with no mental problems. My doctor were in aw to see me alive and speaking. Now I just use a cane but I will put all my effort to walk on my own. I did it again. Even my family did not expect me to survive specially with no brain injury. But I did��

  • Quick break from doctoral leadership study to free-write my own leadership-change slogansKanter style!!!

    How about…

    7. Giddy-up: Life is a tough and unpredictable ride with many ups and downs along the way. Be prepared for chaos and agile in its face. Maintain flexibility and adapt.

    8. Hold up: Don’t get overly swept away by current success or positive momentum. Take a time out, pause, reflect, and remember why you are doing this. What’s working right now and what’s not?

    9. Rest up: Positive change and leadership is long and hard work requiring high overall energy expenditure ….A marathon not a sprint. If you don’t take time to rejuvenate, have some fun and look after yourself. You will burn out and unable to serve others to advance anything at all. At the very least you are unable to give your best.

    10. Stand up: Similar to never giving up but…. I disagree that all ideas-causes-ideologies are worth ultimately pursuing until a potentially bitter end. Some ideas are just bad and you should always consider evolving information sources that tell you to abandon and potentially start from scratch. But…….that doesn’t mean quit either. No matter who you are, at some point, life will inevitably punch you in the face and knock you down…ALWAYS stand up.

    11. Wake up: Be aware of potential dominate internal or external structural forces, mind traps, or psychic prisons that narrowly confine your thinking and limit potential to achieve something better….different or blind you to opportunities.

    12. Listen up: Be humble to how little you actually know about anything in the world and listen to others who you trust and respect. Be self-aware and also listen to your gut or intuition. If something doesn’t feel quite right it probably isn’t.

    13. Follow up: Continuous reassessment and evaluation of the current working plan and available resources. Don’t micromanage but check in regularly.

    14. Fire it up: Just do SOMETHING. You have been given life and are on this earth for some unknown reason, make the most of this most basic but amazing opportunity.

  • I hate it when women can tell sexist jokes and it’s fine, because a woman said it. Apparently in her Havard business class the men chat ** and the poor wiser women only talk when they have something invaluable to say.

  • Excellent. Very inspiring. Those people give negative comments are insane because Mrs. Kanter mentioned Hillary. They hate Hillary so much that they want to denigrate everything done by Hillary, even positive changes. Hillary has a few striking strengths her opponents lack:: smart, extremely articulate, and logical.

  • WOW, I lasted 5 minutes. Very liberal undertones. Men are entitled, women need to rise up. Whatever. I am trying to learn techniques, not be persuaded to a political agenda.

  • this one is utterly dissapointing and useless, sorry. but none of this is actually helping to perform better in any way, just smooth talk. if you are realy interessted in change management and leadership whatch Gunther Dueck, just a million times better than this one.

  • I like this video that containts a good summary of key actions and attitudes towards Change in any scope. Nonetheless highly disappointed for positioning at the same level great Leaders and visionaries as Martin Luther King who died defending that all men are created equal., and Leaders as Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, who promotes appalling laws that condemn newly born disable babys to die. I find this terrible backward change a aprofound recession in human rights that leads us to a dark age 2,300 years ago when spartans threw “unfit” (weak, sickly, deformed, or mentally challenged ) infants into a chasm of Mountain Taygetus.

  • Why would anyone idolize trump instead of schwarzenegger?

    Arnold put in the hard work and started from nothing. Arnold freely gives love, kindness, compassion, and wisdom.

    Arnold is my #1 role model

  • My old man told me early on that I would have to go to war, and I did. He said that my kind of working man is despised because I did the job like my life depended upon it, and it did. But I slogged my way through fifty years of hard labor and came out the other side of it with my fortune made. The operative word in every man’s life is a four letter thing that serves to drive you.. That word is WORK. When all things fail you, WORK IT OUT, AND WORK HARDER THAN THE OTHER MAN, WORK WHEN THEY ARE EXHAUSTED OR CHOOSE TO SCREW THE POOCH. WORK, BABY, JUST WORK!!

  • I thought this woman was interesting, right until new the end, when she says that hillary clinton is an honest person…………WITH GOOD IDEAS….. etc…..OH well no one is perfect, I will remember and use the good stuff…and block out her clinton remarks….

  • He was ALWAYS my HERO!!! I saw all of HIS movies!! And now that speech gave me again power to go for my DREAMS! Thank you very very much Sir Schwarzenegger:-) You stay my biggest & greatest & most powerful Person in this World.. Danke schön!

  • Rosabeth, congratulations! Great talk about these Six Keys to Leading Positive Change: 1 Show up, 2 Speak up, 3 Look up, 4 Team up, 5 never give up, and 6 lift others up.

  • If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary. I’ve found this to be true while starting my meditation and study music YouTube channel. And realise that if I want to make a success of it, I need to risk what I already have.

  • This life is about refuting the naysayers! Strong people attract those that like them and those that hate them. Hold those nice people close and kick those haters in the face with your efforts! They don’t realize it but their hating makes us stronger when we view them as little bitchy kids which they are! They are adult children they are weak we are strong they need to get the bleep out of our face while we improve ourselves and all the people that surround us! We hate naysayers! They are the kids kicking the back of your chair in Kindergarten cop. Lot’s of opportunity here push all the jerks aside and be yourself.

  • Agree with the comment on Hillary Clinton unfortunate reference and though leadership speakers should understand the holistic nature of their sources. Was surprised that the presenter was a Harvard Business School professor. Interesting otherwise, with more focus on the messaging of the end part of ‘lift others up’. We might not get on as much as others by doing this however will definitely leave a much better place.

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    Love you Hollywood UNO World’Sc1

  • You know something,Arnold is alittle off on this one,first of all,if it weren’t for God,nothing would exist,because God is the master builder,and body builder,cuz after all God made our bodies and breathed life in us.Now,as far is this false statement about don’t always rely on God is just incredibly ridiculous,I work my ass off and stay disciplined like you’d never believe,guess where I get the strength to keep that going,God,if it wasn’t for him having mercy on us each day,we’d be out right dead now.Sure,be on your own,work hard and that other stuff,but never leave God out of the equation,because he could’ve left you out his equation before he created the heavens and the earth,let that sink in for a moment,because of God’s grace and unimaginable love he’s got for me,I accomplished many thing’s.Basically,if God decided to be selfish and not create the heavens and the earth,not a single human would’ve accomplished their dreams,and there would’ve never been an Arnold Swarcheneger,Muhammad Ali,Michael Jordan etc. etc.Where do you get that energy and will power to accomplish great thing’s…….there is none other,but God almighty that gives you that and he’s there 24/7 with you,whether you rely on him or not.It says in the bible KJV God’s word,that I could do all things through Christ who strengthens me,who gives you strength??…it says plain as day…Christ/God does.Yea Arnold,you wouldn’t have achieved your goals if it wasn’t for your parents,Nah,….God made it possible for you to be born with those parent’s.God comes first,because he made Arnold’s parents and their parents and so on!!!!!!!