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Conditioning for volleyball tryouts should consist of a careful balance of cardio, strength training, and plyometrics. If you train for tryouts using a combination of all three, you will have both speed and strength before the season even starts. Here’s a break down of the ideal way to train for volleyball tryouts using jumping plyometrics, strength training, and cardio. Conditioning for the. Conditioning for your Sport: Strength Training.

Strength training will make you an all around stronger player. If you train for volleyball tryouts by doing a strength training routine 3-4 days a week, you are going to find that you can hit and approach the net with much more power. You don’t necessarily need to lift heavy weights. Volleyball Conditioning Drill No.1: On the Line. One of the best workouts for a volleyball player is right there between the lines on the court.

There are many variations to this drill, and players can be forced to race against each other or the clock to increase the workout. How it’s done: Starting on the end line sprint up to the tenfoot line, then sprint back to the end line. Remember, volleyball is a game of high intensity effort with rest periods between efforts.

Anaerobic training should be the focus of conditioning, with the goal to increase power endurance. Volleyball conditioning should be designed with the work to rest ratios that closely mimic the work to rest ratios of your volleyball match. After each sprint rest for 2 minutes. Start out at 5 sprints a day the first day.

Do the sprints every other day and increase by 1 each workout. By the 10th workout you should be in pretty good shape and ready to handle any kind of conditioning your coach throws at you. Engage athletes for example in plyometrics training (low impact jumps, footwork drills, ladder drills, dot drills, etc.), in which athlete works that 5-15 seconds intensively, then having a little 5-10 break between each rep.

That kind of training makes athlete work out with the same energy levels than needed in volleyball. Begin in your volleyball ready stance at the center court line of a basketball court. Explode laterally and sprint 5 yards to your right and touch a cone with your right hand.

Reverse direction. Try these volleyball conditioning drills to build strength and sharpen agility before tryout day. These will improve your speed, agility, jump height and calmness under pressure. Substitute a friend or family member for the coach’s role in the fourth drill.

If you can, run through each drill every day before tryouts. Warm up for your volleyball workout by jogging for 20 minutes, then stretching your arms, shoulders, hamstrings, hip flexors and ankles (all. Start practicing about two months or so before tryouts. Practice about 60 minutes daily.Practice all the basic volleyball moves before the try-outs. Practice setting, spiking, bumping, blocking, and serving.

Practice by yourself as well as with others. Set/bump against the wall, practice your serves, and jump rope.

List of related literature:

Volleyball coaches guide to warm-up and flexibility training.

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As in previous drills, start by using the lightweight volleyball.

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Individual exercises: When a player arrives late, don’t immediately send her into the drill that you’re running.

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Take basketball dribbling, volleyball jumping, football quick feet, speed bag, jumping rope, soccer drills, sprints, and a host of other moves and combine them into a super workout.

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If you do need extra conditioning, you may choose from the on-court conditioning drills in chapter 3, Conditioning.

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Conditioning and skill training Running warm-ups followed by light stretching for 5 minutes Ball-handling drills for 10 minutes 2 to 3 x sidewinder drill (see chapter 7).

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Perform a general body aerobic warm-up prior to performing dynamic flexibility movements (i.e., jog around the court or do light calisthenics until a light sweat is developed).

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Try to incorporate conditioning into your drills.

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Sprints, suicides, jumping and agility drills, footwork.

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As practice winds down, slow players’ heart rates with an easy jog, walk, or volleyball movement drill.

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  • I have a practice on Monday and after quarantine, I ate like a whale and started jumping way lower and now I sorta suck, I played 2 years before (club volleyball) and now I’m so nervous even tho this isn’t try out yet. Oh shoot I should be practicing rn but I need this

  • @kokovolley i have tryouts in 3 weeks and i’m going to be a freshman in high school. This is a new school for me because i moved neighborhoods and will not be attending that high school anymore. Do you have any advice for trying out as a new player coming to the team or just in general for starting new schools and joining a sports team.

  • me: *expresses desire to play volleyball
    friend: “oh yeah i watched haikyuu your short just like so and so, i love the animie bnskfjskdj”
    me: *holding my volleyball sad cause i just want to talk about playing not anime and have people listen to me

  • I have signed up for volleyball and I’m bad at playing volleyball and I don’t know what to doo can barely do the basics so I don’t know what to do and I have to meet the team captain soon but I can’t even get myself to talk to the other team mates. I don’t know what to do and if I quit my friend will quit but I don’t want them too. But I’m scared my teammates will be disappointed in me.

  • This video seems old but I just watched it and it’s very helpful because I’m doing tryouts this year in high school and I really hope I make the team��, by the way I really love your videos I’ve been watching them throughout quarantine before high school.��

  • Hi!! I’m really scared to go to my middle school tryouts, I know how to bump set and serve but not hit do you think I can make the team thank you!

  • Hii im a varsity at school vball but i feel im so weak.i train for 1 month now but i cant recieve better so plss help meee im soo sad and i think im having depressed cause i feel like im a failure

  • I am trying to get in shape for freshman tryouts this year do u have any tips? (i didn’t play this year but i have been practicing lately and idk what position i wanna play but im excited to try to get on the team this year also thanks for the workout��)

  • Good exercises!
    I started to play volleyball around 9 months ago and struggled a lot because I didn’t even know the sport existed. I don’t know what happened but a spark came into my mind. I began to train and practice like crazy. Roughly everyday I practiced from 3:00-8:00pm. I was super skinny and had no power. I worked out like crazy and reached a 33 inch vertical jump from a 24 inch. I am 5’8 and can block easily on guys net. I play outside. Even though I reach a higher block then my own middle, it’s best for me to stick to outside because jumping can get tiring. So we leave the blocking to the tall guys. I went from jv to var in 1 year. If you guys are really determined you can do anything. Just believe and thrive to achieve that goal

  • I’m a runner and I actually stumbled on this video. I LOVE IT! I can do the moves in little space including my classroom. Bring more like this:)

  • i’m gonna be a freshman next year and i wanna try out for volleyball. The tryouts are on august 22. At my middle school, we played volleyball during gym class and i was absolutely HORRIBLE. I was scared of the ball so i’d leave it to my teammates to hit it. My serves are okay but they almost never go over the net and i can only do an underhand serve, i am horrible at overhand serves. I love volleyball as a sport but i’m just too scared to play. I REALLY want to get in but i’m so bad that i think i will just embarrass myself in front of everyone. If i practice ALL my serves and everything else with my dad until tryouts, do you think there is a chance that I could get in?

  • This is good, but if you really want a actual VB workout, do all this for two hours, without stopping. Can’t wait for the season. Go Cougars!

  • Do you have any suggestions for for working off nerves during and before a game? I tend to get really nervous playing back row especially after shanking a ball. How do I calm myself down?

  • I love the t-shirt you’re wearing, where did yu get it from? P. S. I really love yr channel, wish I discovered it a few years ago when I was first starting. New subscriber

  • I am planning to join a volleyball team in high school, but i know nothing about volleyball (except maybe some things i learned from animated movies) and this video actually gives me an idea where to start, thank you!

  • I’ve always been scared of trying out for sports eversince 6th grade. Now that I’m graduating 8th, once I step into highschool, I will get out there and finally try. Whenever it’s gym class I would always get excited when we would play volleyball. Now, I will promise myself to atleast try when I get to highschool even if I get in or not.

  • Thank you so much! My tryouts are in September and I’ve been practicing for a few weeks now. I’m a beginner going into 7th grade and I just found your channel and it’s SOOO helpful.

  • Your videos really help!! I’m gonna be a freshman this year and I wanna try volleyball, but I’m really nervous because I get scared that I’m doing things wrong.

  • I’ve been doing a volleyball camp this summer, and I needed something to do when it was over! Thank you so much! I LOVE volleyball and I probably am gonna try out for the team. I have a vid suggestion:
    Can you please do a wall setting tips video?

  • What are some workouts that someone living in the top floor of an apartment surrounded by neighbors can do? �� I can’t do a lot of these because of my situation.

  • Thank you for this!! So for my underhand serve I can do it but just not far enough do you have any tips about that? I’m a beginner so that’s the only serve I need to get on the team I’m trying to get on but I also have the same problem with the overhand serve too

  • I have played volly ball for my third year and I am playing for my high school with a very competitive team which I am grateful for!!! In middle school I remembered stressing out because I had never played one team but I know the fundamentals of the game!!! I ended up making my teams all tre years and I was 1 of the best players!! So if you all want to try out just learn the fundamentals of the game and practice practice practice and another thing is You need to have a heart for this sport!!! Boys are going to tell you this is not a sport!! But I have played every sport in my school and this was by far the most intense!!! Practice makes perfect dont have attitude have a heart for the game because 1 person can drag a whole team down!!! But her tips are 100% correct!!!! Hope that everyone who is trying out this year makes there team!!!

  • Thankyou so much koko I am a new volleyball play myself and I’m 15 but the team I can play on starts at 16, so thankyou so much for posting this so I can be ready for the next season��������

  • Hi koko I’m going into 9th grade and watching your videos make me really excited for the upcoming volleyball season and I really appreciate your videos. I was wondering if you could do a video on tips for digging or dives ❤️

  • hey koko! i am currently trying out for my high school volleyball team and i wanted to ask you do you could please do a video on rotations! i am having some trouble on where to go during the serving rotations ❤️ i love your channel btw ��

  • I love volleyball and it’s hard and extra effort because I’m 4’7 and I want to get better at volleyball to show I’m worth the team ; I wanna be a setter

  • This is my last year in my school and I really want to make the team before I leave. The video was awesome! I’m so nervous tho lol

  • okay i know im supposed to be practicing these warm-up but ur dog… i mean… sooooooo cute. also i have a question, im pretty out of shape, and volleyball is coming up. i HATE running but we have to do 5 laps around the gym, and i always give up, and i feel bad around my teammates. i want to know if theres a way to prepare for running without having to just run for the warm-up. thanks.

  • Hey so I’m gonna be a senior this school year and last szn I got cut and so did all the other juniors that were on jv. I was on jv freshman and sophomore year and there was a freshman team. As of right now I’m the only senior that needs to be on varsity this year and I’m scared to tryout again after being cut and being a senior. Is there anything for me to know, tips to help me make the team and how they would want to take me as a senior?

  • An my volleyball tryouts are in four days and I only know how to pass serve and set. I hope I’ll do good since I’ve been binging your videos.

  • love this video!! we’ve been lifting weights for my high school team and this is really helpful for my off season during the summer since i do club in the winter and spring and school volleyball during the fall. thanks so much koko, great video!!

  • I’m just binging volleyball videos for tips and advice even though we might not go back to school. The attitude enthusiastic part that’s my personality. I’ve never even played volleyball before this year and I made the team, probably because I was cracking jokes at the coach’s 24/7. As of this point I think I’m pretty close to my favorite coaches

  • I will practice on volleyball when I go to school I swear I will be serious about it! But the problem is I don’t know if my parents will be okay about it since my grade was going down so I’m scared that they will not let me play;-; I never play volleyball before lol but I will start practicing

  • ive recently started up a diet and excersise. i’m trying to eat healthier make better decisions. i’ve started running lately but this week is when i plan to get serious, and start running 3 times a week with different work outs this is going to help since i love volley ball

  • i know how to overhand serve and the form and everything but i still cant manage to get the ball over the net. i do a bunch of things to try and get it but its just not working out. i have tryouts for hs volleyball in a week do you have any tips?

  • Hey girl I am a beginner and u have inspired me to play volleyball and I am going to be in 7th grade and I am starting love u ❤️❤️

  • I teach to students in high school and I will pass this series of exercises for them. In school is also very important to help them to a healthier lifestyle. If we Staying healthy through sport is even better. Brazilian greetings.

  • Who else is here because they want to get into volleyball from watching Haikyuu over quarantine and hoping for a volleyball unit in gym class?

  • Ahhh I’m a freshman and i just turned in my papers to sign up and i have tryout like next week and i’m so scared, but i’m kinda feeling confident because I always know how to talk to adults and start a convo and i feel like i have good sportsmanship.