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Strength & Conditioning for High School Volleyball by Nancy Dorsey

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Conditioning for volleyball tryouts should consist of a careful balance of cardio, strength training, and plyometrics. If you train for tryouts using a combination of all three, you will have both speed and strength before the season even starts. Here’s a break down of the ideal way to train for volleyball tryouts using jumping plyometrics, strength training, and cardio. Conditioning for the. Conditioning for your Sport: Strength Training.

Strength training will make you an all around stronger player. If you train for volleyball tryouts by doing a strength training routine 3-4 days a week, you are going to find that you can hit and approach the net with much more power. You don’t necessarily need to lift heavy weights. Volleyball Conditioning Drill No.1: On the Line. One of the best workouts for a volleyball player is right there between the lines on the court.

There are many variations to this drill, and players can be forced to race against each other or the clock to increase the workout. How it’s done: Starting on the end line sprint up to the tenfoot line, then sprint back to the end line. Remember, volleyball is a game of high intensity effort with rest periods between efforts.

Anaerobic training should be the focus of conditioning, with the goal to increase power endurance. Volleyball conditioning should be designed with the work to rest ratios that closely mimic the work to rest ratios of your volleyball match. After each sprint rest for 2 minutes. Start out at 5 sprints a day the first day.

Do the sprints every other day and increase by 1 each workout. By the 10th workout you should be in pretty good shape and ready to handle any kind of conditioning your coach throws at you. Engage athletes for example in plyometrics training (low impact jumps, footwork drills, ladder drills, dot drills, etc.), in which athlete works that 5-15 seconds intensively, then having a little 5-10 break between each rep.

That kind of training makes athlete work out with the same energy levels than needed in volleyball. Begin in your volleyball ready stance at the center court line of a basketball court. Explode laterally and sprint 5 yards to your right and touch a cone with your right hand.

Reverse direction. Try these volleyball conditioning drills to build strength and sharpen agility before tryout day. These will improve your speed, agility, jump height and calmness under pressure. Substitute a friend or family member for the coach’s role in the fourth drill.

If you can, run through each drill every day before tryouts. Warm up for your volleyball workout by jogging for 20 minutes, then stretching your arms, shoulders, hamstrings, hip flexors and ankles (all. Start practicing about two months or so before tryouts. Practice about 60 minutes daily.Practice all the basic volleyball moves before the try-outs. Practice setting, spiking, bumping, blocking, and serving.

Practice by yourself as well as with others. Set/bump against the wall, practice your serves, and jump rope.

List of related literature:

Volleyball coaches guide to warm-up and flexibility training.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
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As in previous drills, start by using the lightweight volleyball.

“Fundamentals of Track and Field” by Gerry Carr, Gerald A. Carr
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Individual exercises: When a player arrives late, don’t immediately send her into the drill that you’re running.

“Coaching Soccer For Dummies” by National Alliance for Youth Sports, Greg Bach
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Take basketball dribbling, volleyball jumping, football quick feet, speed bag, jumping rope, soccer drills, sprints, and a host of other moves and combine them into a super workout.

“Fitness Instructor Training Guide” by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
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If you do need extra conditioning, you may choose from the on-court conditioning drills in chapter 3, Conditioning.

“Complete Conditioning for Basketball” by Bill Foran, Robin Pound, National Basketball Conditioning Coaches Association
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Conditioning and skill training Running warm-ups followed by light stretching for 5 minutes Ball-handling drills for 10 minutes 2 to 3 x sidewinder drill (see chapter 7).

“52-week Basketball Training” by Chip Sigmon
from 52-week Basketball Training
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Perform a general body aerobic warm-up prior to performing dynamic flexibility movements (i.e., jog around the court or do light calisthenics until a light sweat is developed).

“Tennis Medicine: A Complete Guide to Evaluation, Treatment, and Rehabilitation” by Giovanni Di Giacomo, Todd S. Ellenbecker, W. Ben Kibler
from Tennis Medicine: A Complete Guide to Evaluation, Treatment, and Rehabilitation
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Try to incorporate conditioning into your drills.

“Coaching Football For Dummies” by The National Alliance of Youth Sports, Greg Bach
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Sprints, suicides, jumping and agility drills, footwork.

“The Boys of Dunbar: A Story of Love, Hope, and Basketball” by Alejandro Danois
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As practice winds down, slow players’ heart rates with an easy jog, walk, or volleyball movement drill.

“Coaching Youth Volleyball” by American Sport Education Program
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  • I have a practice on Monday and after quarantine, I ate like a whale and started jumping way lower and now I sorta suck, I played 2 years before (club volleyball) and now I’m so nervous even tho this isn’t try out yet. Oh shoot I should be practicing rn but I need this

  • @kokovolley i have tryouts in 3 weeks and i’m going to be a freshman in high school. This is a new school for me because i moved neighborhoods and will not be attending that high school anymore. Do you have any advice for trying out as a new player coming to the team or just in general for starting new schools and joining a sports team.

  • me: *expresses desire to play volleyball
    friend: “oh yeah i watched haikyuu your short just like so and so, i love the animie bnskfjskdj”
    me: *holding my volleyball sad cause i just want to talk about playing not anime and have people listen to me

  • I have signed up for volleyball and I’m bad at playing volleyball and I don’t know what to doo can barely do the basics so I don’t know what to do and I have to meet the team captain soon but I can’t even get myself to talk to the other team mates. I don’t know what to do and if I quit my friend will quit but I don’t want them too. But I’m scared my teammates will be disappointed in me.

  • This video seems old but I just watched it and it’s very helpful because I’m doing tryouts this year in high school and I really hope I make the team��, by the way I really love your videos I’ve been watching them throughout quarantine before high school.��

  • Hi!! I’m really scared to go to my middle school tryouts, I know how to bump set and serve but not hit do you think I can make the team thank you!

  • Hii im a varsity at school vball but i feel im so weak.i train for 1 month now but i cant recieve better so plss help meee im soo sad and i think im having depressed cause i feel like im a failure

  • I am trying to get in shape for freshman tryouts this year do u have any tips? (i didn’t play this year but i have been practicing lately and idk what position i wanna play but im excited to try to get on the team this year also thanks for the workout��)

  • Good exercises!
    I started to play volleyball around 9 months ago and struggled a lot because I didn’t even know the sport existed. I don’t know what happened but a spark came into my mind. I began to train and practice like crazy. Roughly everyday I practiced from 3:00-8:00pm. I was super skinny and had no power. I worked out like crazy and reached a 33 inch vertical jump from a 24 inch. I am 5’8 and can block easily on guys net. I play outside. Even though I reach a higher block then my own middle, it’s best for me to stick to outside because jumping can get tiring. So we leave the blocking to the tall guys. I went from jv to var in 1 year. If you guys are really determined you can do anything. Just believe and thrive to achieve that goal

  • I’m a runner and I actually stumbled on this video. I LOVE IT! I can do the moves in little space including my classroom. Bring more like this:)

  • i’m gonna be a freshman next year and i wanna try out for volleyball. The tryouts are on august 22. At my middle school, we played volleyball during gym class and i was absolutely HORRIBLE. I was scared of the ball so i’d leave it to my teammates to hit it. My serves are okay but they almost never go over the net and i can only do an underhand serve, i am horrible at overhand serves. I love volleyball as a sport but i’m just too scared to play. I REALLY want to get in but i’m so bad that i think i will just embarrass myself in front of everyone. If i practice ALL my serves and everything else with my dad until tryouts, do you think there is a chance that I could get in?

  • This is good, but if you really want a actual VB workout, do all this for two hours, without stopping. Can’t wait for the season. Go Cougars!

  • Do you have any suggestions for for working off nerves during and before a game? I tend to get really nervous playing back row especially after shanking a ball. How do I calm myself down?

  • I love the t-shirt you’re wearing, where did yu get it from? P. S. I really love yr channel, wish I discovered it a few years ago when I was first starting. New subscriber

  • I am planning to join a volleyball team in high school, but i know nothing about volleyball (except maybe some things i learned from animated movies) and this video actually gives me an idea where to start, thank you!

  • I’ve always been scared of trying out for sports eversince 6th grade. Now that I’m graduating 8th, once I step into highschool, I will get out there and finally try. Whenever it’s gym class I would always get excited when we would play volleyball. Now, I will promise myself to atleast try when I get to highschool even if I get in or not.

  • Thank you so much! My tryouts are in September and I’ve been practicing for a few weeks now. I’m a beginner going into 7th grade and I just found your channel and it’s SOOO helpful.

  • Your videos really help!! I’m gonna be a freshman this year and I wanna try volleyball, but I’m really nervous because I get scared that I’m doing things wrong.

  • I’ve been doing a volleyball camp this summer, and I needed something to do when it was over! Thank you so much! I LOVE volleyball and I probably am gonna try out for the team. I have a vid suggestion:
    Can you please do a wall setting tips video?

  • What are some workouts that someone living in the top floor of an apartment surrounded by neighbors can do? �� I can’t do a lot of these because of my situation.

  • Thank you for this!! So for my underhand serve I can do it but just not far enough do you have any tips about that? I’m a beginner so that’s the only serve I need to get on the team I’m trying to get on but I also have the same problem with the overhand serve too

  • I have played volly ball for my third year and I am playing for my high school with a very competitive team which I am grateful for!!! In middle school I remembered stressing out because I had never played one team but I know the fundamentals of the game!!! I ended up making my teams all tre years and I was 1 of the best players!! So if you all want to try out just learn the fundamentals of the game and practice practice practice and another thing is You need to have a heart for this sport!!! Boys are going to tell you this is not a sport!! But I have played every sport in my school and this was by far the most intense!!! Practice makes perfect dont have attitude have a heart for the game because 1 person can drag a whole team down!!! But her tips are 100% correct!!!! Hope that everyone who is trying out this year makes there team!!!

  • Thankyou so much koko I am a new volleyball play myself and I’m 15 but the team I can play on starts at 16, so thankyou so much for posting this so I can be ready for the next season��������

  • Hi koko I’m going into 9th grade and watching your videos make me really excited for the upcoming volleyball season and I really appreciate your videos. I was wondering if you could do a video on tips for digging or dives ❤️

  • hey koko! i am currently trying out for my high school volleyball team and i wanted to ask you do you could please do a video on rotations! i am having some trouble on where to go during the serving rotations ❤️ i love your channel btw ��

  • I love volleyball and it’s hard and extra effort because I’m 4’7 and I want to get better at volleyball to show I’m worth the team ; I wanna be a setter

  • This is my last year in my school and I really want to make the team before I leave. The video was awesome! I’m so nervous tho lol

  • okay i know im supposed to be practicing these warm-up but ur dog… i mean… sooooooo cute. also i have a question, im pretty out of shape, and volleyball is coming up. i HATE running but we have to do 5 laps around the gym, and i always give up, and i feel bad around my teammates. i want to know if theres a way to prepare for running without having to just run for the warm-up. thanks.

  • Hey so I’m gonna be a senior this school year and last szn I got cut and so did all the other juniors that were on jv. I was on jv freshman and sophomore year and there was a freshman team. As of right now I’m the only senior that needs to be on varsity this year and I’m scared to tryout again after being cut and being a senior. Is there anything for me to know, tips to help me make the team and how they would want to take me as a senior?

  • An my volleyball tryouts are in four days and I only know how to pass serve and set. I hope I’ll do good since I’ve been binging your videos.

  • love this video!! we’ve been lifting weights for my high school team and this is really helpful for my off season during the summer since i do club in the winter and spring and school volleyball during the fall. thanks so much koko, great video!!

  • I’m just binging volleyball videos for tips and advice even though we might not go back to school. The attitude enthusiastic part that’s my personality. I’ve never even played volleyball before this year and I made the team, probably because I was cracking jokes at the coach’s 24/7. As of this point I think I’m pretty close to my favorite coaches

  • I will practice on volleyball when I go to school I swear I will be serious about it! But the problem is I don’t know if my parents will be okay about it since my grade was going down so I’m scared that they will not let me play;-; I never play volleyball before lol but I will start practicing

  • ive recently started up a diet and excersise. i’m trying to eat healthier make better decisions. i’ve started running lately but this week is when i plan to get serious, and start running 3 times a week with different work outs this is going to help since i love volley ball

  • i know how to overhand serve and the form and everything but i still cant manage to get the ball over the net. i do a bunch of things to try and get it but its just not working out. i have tryouts for hs volleyball in a week do you have any tips?

  • Hey girl I am a beginner and u have inspired me to play volleyball and I am going to be in 7th grade and I am starting love u ❤️❤️

  • I teach to students in high school and I will pass this series of exercises for them. In school is also very important to help them to a healthier lifestyle. If we Staying healthy through sport is even better. Brazilian greetings.

  • Who else is here because they want to get into volleyball from watching Haikyuu over quarantine and hoping for a volleyball unit in gym class?

  • Ahhh I’m a freshman and i just turned in my papers to sign up and i have tryout like next week and i’m so scared, but i’m kinda feeling confident because I always know how to talk to adults and start a convo and i feel like i have good sportsmanship.

  • Hey Hey HEYO!!!! *screams* IT’S TRYOUT SEASON YA’LL! Make sure to share this video around the world so everyone can be prepared! Stay to the end of this video for position specific expectations and tips.

    Keep Playing,
    Coach KoKo

  • Decent vid, but did you really have to show all 45 seconds of the fat woman doing the drill? I think much more effective if you shorten it to only 10 seconds of the drill….I think most would get the idea on how to perform the drill if you would show less than 45 seconds…

  • The politics portion is so true we have so much politics at my school and it’s so frustrating and unfair my tryouts are tomorrow and I am terrified

  • The only reason I made my team was bc there wasn’t enough people lmao but I improved and I went from not being able to serve at all overhand to be an ace server overhand and I have improved my passing as well

  • 2 days until volleyball tryouts. And it’s during my birthday. I’m not sure if I’ll make it, because I’ve only been into volleyball for about a year and I’m not very athletic. So I’m hella worried, and not very confident. I’ll keep you updated if I can ;_;

  • Which one of these exercies is meant for serving? I have a homework to search about serving exercises. So I’m not sure that the exercises which are (Self Sets) and (Medicine ball toss+squats). Are they exerciese meant for serving?

  • I’m very out of shape so I’m going to be doing this everyday even after volleyball ends and because I’m so out of shape I was dying but it’s a very good workout

  • i have club tryouts today, but this is most nervous i have ever been. but i’ve been playing volleyball for 6 years and club for 3 years

  • Once upon a time my friend goes “hey, want to play volleyball. Just the two of us for fun cause schools boring right now” so we started to practice for fun. I had previously watched haikyu and I’ve grown to love volleyball. I just bought a volleyball and can’t wait to be able to play with a team next year (the volleyball team was cancelled for my school) and now I’m practicing with my mate with aiming and getting the ball up when it’s low (I really like the Libreo position so I’m trying to train for that)

  • I am trying out for my school’s volleball team, I am years old, and I was wondering if this will help I’ve already done it twice and I really want to be the best I can be so maybe if you guys can make or tell me if you have a video about more specific volleyball things and like serves and stuff that would be great. I just really want to make it!

  • As a volleyball coach and former pro player there’s a lot of things in this video that I can use for the teams I teach however on the self-set exercise I can’t help but notice that you are using your legs way too much. When setting your legs should be a lot more stable and have much less influence over your body movement towards the ball. Arms movement should be more dominant. It’s easier to coordinate where the ball is being set when only using arms, harder when using arms *AND* legs. Cheers.

  • My legs are screaming right now but I’m going to do this for volleyball practice. Anyone already started volleyball practices already? Just me?����‍♀️��

  • can you please make a video on how to be more confident in your volley ball skills because i think i bad but everyone says i’m good

  • OMG THANK YOU SOO MUCH!! im playing volleyball in highschool and im going onto my 3rd year and this will help me train this summer! all your videos are amazing:)

  • The best weight is really going to be specific to your own strength. Test out a couple of weights and try to find one that is challenging for you but not so heavy that you lose good form. Glad you enjoyed it:)

  • Hey koko! All of your vids are inspiring and I’m going to 7th grade and trying out for volleyball and all of your vids help out alot!��

  • You are using this workout video exactly how we meant for it to be used. Kudos to you for pushing yourself once you reached a place where you were comfortable. That’s how you grow!

  • After a few weeks doing this I decided to introduce some more resistance and started using 2lbs weighted globes and is even more amazing.

  • This is a good start for me as I am trying to find a complete workout that relates to volleyball. Great job and thank you for making it available to everyone. Tina

  • Not all volleyball coaches look for this stuff. Some of them are just after raw power and height so they can build on their skills and make a really good player.

  • I was very horrible at volleyball because I never played, but my best friend has always played sports, starting from when quarantine started we have been working out on our bodies and have been playing volleyball every single day except for Friday’s Saturday and sundays. Now I am great, I wouldn’t say perfect I still need help with being able to control the ball because I can definitely get the ball in the air and The season is about to start��I hope I make it

  • I came to this video last year for club tryouts and made itso now (a year later) I’m trying for the same club and came to watch this video again! Thank you for such great tips!

  • hi:) since it’s quarantine and bc of the coronavirus, our tryouts are pushed back but im an eighth grader going onto high school. I’ve been examining volleyball games and all of their actions and watching videos like these. even though people call me good at volleyball, i really don’t know! in high school, volleyball is so competitive (where I am haha idk if it’s the same for anyone else) because there are so many schools coming and wanting to get onto the teams. im really nervous and the head volleyball coach is hosting volleyball clinics at the high school, (ill tell u how those go!!) but a volleyball clinic was today but was canceled ��

  • Is 15 aka a Sophomore in high school, too late to start volleyball and be great at it? I haven’t seen any stories or experiences with people who started really late compared to everyone else.

  • i play lacrosse, and i wanna play in college and i am very invested in it, but volleyball looks super fun and i want to play it next year. i’m going into my freshman year of high schooli don’t have any volleyball gear or anythingwhat should i do and what should i work on? like how do i start playing while not taking time away from lacrosse? thank you!

  • I’m planning on joining a volleyball team, I’m not too experienced with sports. And most of the time I avoid them since I have bad self esteem with failing others or embarassing myself. I’m hoping to overcome that, by training to get better before I begin

  • I’m good enough to make a rep/club team but when I tried out they just took the girls they had the previous year:((( i really want to make one of these teams but it makes me question if I’m actually good enough.

  • my brain:make sure to introduce yourself my anti-social self:don’t do it, you can’t do it, don’t try, they’ll make fun of you, they’re staring at you, try to be yourself I dare you.

  • Remember fear is temporary, regret is forever! You may be scared to tryout but you should go for it because if you don’t you might regret that you didn’t get past that fear

  • What I do when I’m nervous during the middle of a game I start shaking it of by kinda “dancing” it off and it helped me a lot during basketball and volleyball

  • Personally I think I’m good at playing volleyball, but whenever someone says “Good job!” Or “You did great!” It catches me off guard and I mess up after that:|
    Anyone else like that?!

  • Even tho I’m on my highschool volleyball team these videos really helped me improve as a player, thank you sm these videos are great <3

  • I don’t think I can get up for this half and the other week TwT I’m not very used to workout but I think positive to finish this����

  • So I will be trying out for a new school this year i have tryouts on july 28,2020 and I will be a junior and I havent played since 7th grade and im really nervous HELP!!

  • My tryouts are tomorrow wish me luck! I’ll update when I get the results. My highschool team has won state for several years so there will be a lot of competition. —————— Edit: I made the team!! I’m the starting libero ��

  • My daughter just tried out for her 14s team. She made a top team just like last year. Yay! Unfortunately, she was definitely a victim (for lack of a better word) of the club politics. Hopefully this year will be different, but you sure helped put some thing into perspective. Thank you for this amazing video. I will have my daughter watch it. Just great tips for volleyball and life!!!

  • hey, I’m starting freshman year of high school soon and I wanna play volleyball. I haven’t ever played a sport out of p.e. but I really wanna play and idk if I can pass tryouts. Do you think I can still play even if I’m kinda short?

  • This is great! As a coach I think you nailed all of the advice I want players to hear and I will be sharing this video with our high school girls before our tryouts! Thank you for your content!

  • It’s good to be able to have both endurance & strength (particularly if you’re an athlete). Increased time will boost endurance, and increased weight/resistance will increase strength. Aim for a combo of the two.

  • I missed tryouts bc I had a vacation planned and my coach scheduled a tryout for me at one of the official practices and I’m so nervous. I believe in myself and I want to be kn the team but I’ve been rejected the last 2 years and this is my first high school tryout

  • I’m going in 8th grade but corona popped up so I don’t think there will be volleyball for 2020-2021 8th grade. So I might just try out as a freshman in highschool ��.

  • I’ve known my coach for years she normally the middle school coach and varsity coach because we didn’t have a middle school coach so now she’s just varsity and I’m getting a new middle school coach and I’m scared

  • I have middle school tryouts in 1 month and I’m so nervous �� I’ve been watching you and your helping me but do you have any tips on spiking

  • So I been playing volleyball for a year or two and it was so easy in training league but now that I’m not I been struggling any tips? I need them

  • A wise Asahi once said “ think about the scariest thing you ever gone through and how you’re still here and what ever you’re scared of won’t be so scary anymore.”

  • So umm….. my main sport is tennis and I really really love tennis and I am deafening tryout for it, but I want to try something new I am a freshman next year and I want to tryout for volleyball. However I know next to nothing. Is it a bad idea to tryout? Is it to late?

  • First!

    Yeah, no. Anyways thanks so much for making this video I have tryouts in a couple months and also my the club I go to gives you a paper with your results so yeah that’s great… okAy bye now

  • When I tried our for my school and club team, I always wear a highlighter looking shirt lmao. Like hot pink. Drew their attention and I partnered with people that were just below my level but could keep up. Make yourself look good when you are trying out. But DONT be cocky, EVER!!

  • Hey my name is reignah�� idk if you’ll read this all but I was planning on trying out for volleyball this but have never played before�� I’ve literally watched most of your videos and I’m getting better everyday although I’ve been practicing with any ball I can find besides a volley ball�� hopefully as I just keep going over the things you are saying in your videos I’ll get better Bc volleyball is a sport I’ve really wanted to play for a while �� love your vids ��

  • There would be a tryout in August 3rd. I am really nervous, afraid that I wouldn’t make it into a team. I am going to be a Junior, so i kind of have this though that, there are so many return player and there are freshman that is going to tryout for JV Or Varsity… So I kind of lose hopes because it is going to be my first time tryout volleyball at school. I only play Volleyball outsidd of school…

    Wish me A luck!! I will update if i make the team or not…

  • Before I go to conditioning (which is like a tryout thing too) do I need keen pads? What do I need? It’s my first year going I want to be prepared. And does it help that I’m left handed?

  • I loved volleyball for a while and I started practicing all summer, I tried out for my school team and made it as the setter. I was doing really good and the coach along with my teammates trusted me to the fullest, I was so happy and I remember those were my best times on a volleyball team were there. Then I got called into an office, they said I was suspended from the volleyball team because math was kicking my ass. I remember freezing there unsure of what to say, I was so devastated. I just left wanting to play again, wanting to just step on the court already. I studied myself crazy that night, I kept studying and studying. I started getting higher scores and in the end I clutched my math test. I still have problems keeping my grades up, I have a very hard time paying attention and I’m not sure why. As soon as they start talking I follow the teacher, then lose them half way.

  • Don’t know how I got in…..

    My friends told me to bring extra drifit shirts and a pair of running shoes, then next thing that happened was me in a volleyball court. I didn’t know what a RECEIVE means, YES YOU’RE RIGHT, I DIDN’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT VOLLEYBALL.

    Tryouts day…
    The coach told me to receive the ball and not over receive. I didn’t know what “Over receive” meant, and I just carelessly received the ball toward the other side of the net.����‍♀️ But still they thought that my receive is like how a varsity would receive a ball.

    After a week of tryouts I got better and better, they complimented me a lot of times, and of course I GOT IN(VARSITY).

    Iv’e been into other places to compete for volleyball ��, it’s my first time playing far from my city, and it was really a blessing for me, being able to play volleyball was the best thing that ever happened to my life.

    And now corona’s ruining my path to go further than before��. I can’t play volleyball cause I don’t have a ball, and Its been 3 months since I last played it. But one thing’s for sure (I’M STILL IN LOVE WITH VOLLEYBALL)

    Note: sorry about my english �� I’m not an english native.

    Edit: Don’t be afraid to try something new, it might hard but the results are worth it��.

  • im a senior high shool student and this is my first time to join volleyball tryout, im nervous july 22 is the date of my tryout, i think i can’t do this (_)

  • This helped so much! Thank you so much for making this video for us and putting outstanding effort ☀️ and time ⏰ into this!!!! Watching this motivates me to be the best me I can be! ���� I have been looking for lots of volleyball videos + tips and I finally found a great one!!! This one! Also the end of the video talking about Michael Jordan becoming the best even though he didn’t make the basketball team that all his friends did opened my eyes and showed me that sometimes you fail but not because your bad, only because you deserve better and to not give up!! I used to wonder why people would say the simplest thing, “don’t give up” and I would think “but that’s so obvious why would u need to tell us something we already know” and now I know the true power it holds thanks to you! �� also at the end of the video when u were saying have fun I think that’s super nice and sweet of u to do! Thank you ��.

  • So I have been practicing for about a year now and I’m going into 7th grade this year and so I’m going to be trying out for my school team. I’m overall pretty decent with everything but I’m still kind of curious if it matters what you wear to your first tryout, and if so, what to wear

  • YAYY!! I’ve been dying to upload this for you all because I know tryouts are stressful and I want to help! Hope this does the job, if I’ve missed anything comment it here:) GOOD LUCK!!! BELIEVE IN YOURSELVES!! (also, definitely listen to my podcast #RealPod for the 10 Tips For Performance Confidence I recorded it for this reason <3 XO

  • I have tryouts on the 30th and 31st and I have no experience except playing volleyball during p.e. I’m really nervous since I know there are ppl who are far more experienced.

  • I used your advice from this video and ended up making the top open team at my high school (division 1) as a Libero. I am honestly so thankful for this video and I don’t think I could have done it without your advice.

  • I was very horrible at volleyball because I never played, but my best friend has always played sports, starting from when quarantine started we have been working out on our bodies and have been playing volleyball every single day except for Friday’s Saturday and sundays. Now I am great, I wouldn’t say perfect I still need help with being able to control the ball because I can definitely get the ball in the air and The season is about to start��I hope I make it

  • question regarding volleyball ig for anybody who already plays; i wanna try learning volleyball but i can’t get eye contacts (am nearsighted & my eyes are too sensitive). i do have straps that can secure regular glasses but would those work?

  • Routine:
    Easy-30 seconds of each/10 of everything. Break= 15 seconds to 30 after each exercise.
    Medium45 seconds to 1 minute/15 of everything. Break:15-30 seconds after ever other exercise
    Hard-1.5 min each/20+ of everything. Break only when necessary.

    -squat jumps
    -challenge:add burpees
    -side lunges:do both sides
    -single calf raises/calf raises
    -reverse lunges with knee raise
    -toe taps
    -curtsy lunges
    -plié calf raises
    -single leg lifts: both sides
    -side leg raises: do both sides
    -inner thigh leg raises: do both sides
    -marching leg raise:alternating
    -inverted thighs: do both sides
    -challenge: pistol squats
    -side plank with twist: do both sides
    -boat pose
    -bicycle crunches
    -leg lifts:hold for 6 sec
    -flutter kicks: every 4th kick is 1 count
    scissor kicks: ever 4th kick is 1 count
    reverse crunches
    -Russian twists: every 2nd twist is 1
    -plank to dolphin: 3 sec/ down and 5 sec ups
    shoulder taps
    -plank to downward dog
    -triangle pushups
    -plank walk
    challenge: plank walk with push-up

  • Ahh tysm! I’ve been looking for a volleyball workout routine & this is the best one out of the many I’ve seen! Definitely gonna try these out 

  • is it too ambitious or a long shot to try out for my high school team going into my junior year? little conflicted but i’ve been growing a strong interest in it and have been practicing with a volleyball so

  • i just started playing volleyball and when i see other players i feel like my confidence goes down lol, yeah ik i need to practice and practice. BUT anyways ����

  • Me before watching haikyuu:
    What’s so interesting in volleyball?
    (bec I only know beach volleyball at that time)

    Me after watching haikyuu:
    I take it back-

    I love volleyball and I have no idea how to play (is trying rn from learning theory to practice)
    Back then some of my classmates told me that I mistaken some sports as volleyballidk-

  • YESSS, I’ve been waiting for this.
    More video suggestions: Can you do one on serve receiving float serves (receiving overhand and underhand). Another one is for spiking, when you are short and cannot jump high.

  • Hey Koko I just wanted to let you know that these videos help me so much I’m now going into 7th grade and I can finally play Ly school sports I’ve never played volleyball but these videos help.Keep making videos girl!

  • I really want to play volleyball but i have no clue how to play. I know the basics about the game but ive never played in my life ;_;
    Is it possible for people like me who have little experience to get
    Into a team?

  • i’ve been watching your channel for awhile now and i’ve learned sooo much and i have tryouts august 1st and i’m so nervous i hope i make the team and thanks for your videos!

  • Wait!? How long do i have to do this stuff and how many please someone answer my questions i have a tight schedule and i want to do volleyball workout so whenever I’ll play volleyball in the future i know how to work out!! Like how many push ups and how long?? Please someone answer..

  • Who else is doing this during quarantine because they don’t know when it’s going to end and still wanna have your volleyball abilities for the next school year? ��

  • Well im choosing to start working out on August the fourth when tryouts are on the first day of school. I feel so dumb but ill just have to do this everyday.

  • i can receive, do underhand serves, toss and sorta block, but i cant do a overhand serve or a jump serve

    also why is most of the people here from haikyuu eyes not saying i’m not

  • I don’t play volleyball but I wanted something short and quick to pair with a core focused workout I am doing today. This was good fun and took me back to when I had to play volleyball at school:) Thanks x

  • Im trying out for this year! I’m a freshman and I’m nervous for the tryouts, already bought my knee pads and some elbow supporters because I tend to hurt myself when I dive for the ball

  • I’m just watching this, and since I’m the only girl in my volleyball tryouts, everybody makes fun of me but I just got really confident, thank you!

  • My tryouts are next week and I missed some open gym I’m a little rusty so I’m scared I hope I atleast make freshman or JV wish me luck please

  • I’m scared ima try my best the only serious practice I will be able to do is tomorrow morning 2 hours before tryouts����I got this though I will come back and tell you how it goes! Fighting:))

  • My VB tryouts r this Thursday, finally able to tryout, hope several months and years of endless open gyms, and camps pays off!! Great video! ��

  • Hey Victoria, I’m so nervous for tryouts today I’ve never done this before but I’ve been trying to practice hopefully it pays off but thanks to u I don’t feel as nervous I feel more confident now thanks to all your positivity! Wish me luck today��

  • Another thing to add if you’re practicing for being a setter: do a thousand sets a day. I know it sounds like a lot, but trust me, it works. I got this tip from my uncle who played/coached volleyball for 45+ years as a setter. I started doing this at the beginning of last summer. At the beginning, my sets were AWFUL. They were really bad and uncontrollable. After doing a thousand sets a day for four months (all of summer and first month of school), my sets were really great. The muscles in my arms were toned from all the pushing and I felt great just by doing something so little. HOWEVER, I stopped doing that once I thought that I was good enough, and that was a BIG mistake! My uncle advised me to do those sets everyday for a year. I thought it was too much and so I only did it for those aforementioned four months. When I went and played volleyball with my uncle this summer, having quit the sets for 9 1/2 months, my sets were almost as bad as they were before I did a thousand sets a day. So if you wanna really commit, you have to do it the entire year or at least every other day.

  • omg i have tryouts today and i’m so excited! btw i’m a freshman anyways i’ll keep you guys updated yay!

    day 1: i felt pretty okay about today i feel i could’ve done better. my serves could’ve been better but that’s okay. but we have this conditioning test and i wasn’t very good at it but it’s okay bc im not the fastest person. but tomorrow is a new day and i’m going to do the best i can! see y’all tomorrow

    day 2: i did really good! my hits were on point i was putting in effort and being loud. my passes could’ve been better but it’s okay. like yesterday i sucked at conditioning but it’s okay. i’m really proud of myself and so excited for tomorrow.

  • Is there a way that i can practice by myself at home? Because im really into volleyball but im not good and i wanna try before tryouts EDIT: i wanna be a middle blocker

  • When I was little I played volleyball for 5 years. I stopped, but then I got back into volleyball. Ever sence then I got back into playing it has been a year. I been struggling a bit, but these videos are getting me back to the way I was those years ago.

  • im glad i discovered your channel ive been looking for volleyball tips since i’ve never been in a real team and tryouts are in july 30th i think your videos give me confidence. I’m a libero and I watched your All about the libero video and it just made me love the position even more. I know this video is a little old and im late but i think it helps a lot because i was really nervous.

  • Whew! I have my high school tryouts in two days and I’m super excited yet very worried. Please if you all can, keep me in your prayers so I make the team!!

  • Long story short my coach told me to quit running we were serving over net and none of the balls were coming to me so I started running and shagging tons of balls and he said u shouldn’t have to run to come get these

  • Let’s WORK IT OUT! Now, I’ve been on my fitness game for a lil’ bit now, but I wanted to bring you all some things that you can do at home to up your fitness game for tryouts and practice. I hope that you like this video. �� P.S. My overhand serving course is out now! Check the description box above!

    Keep Playing ♡

  • for shoes would it be okay if i would to wear high tops like converse, airwalks, and or vans sk8 high i did volleyball for my 4th grade and i wore converse high tops and if i were to wear high tops again for my middle school (6th grade) would it still be okay??
    (i didnt mention 5th grade because we didnt have a head to organize the games)

  • can u please do a serving video?? it’s the one skill that i’m not comfortable with, and it’s the reason why i have not made the team in the past

  • THANK YOU FOR THISS❤️ i’ve been playing volleyball since 6th grade and i’ve gotten much better since then. i have 15u club tryouts next month and freshman tryouts in the winter so i really needed this

  • Very helpful, I’m new to school volleyball, but I’ve been doing club for 2 years. I try to stick out and try rly hard because all of the other girls have been playing for much longer. I hope to catch up to them one day, but for now I’ll have to keep putting in lots of effort!