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How to Train for a Marathon Getting Started. Be aware of your limits. The 26.2 miles in a marathon put you at a significantly higher risk for injury Choosing a First Marathon. Marathons range from quiet, low-key races on backcountry roads to spectator-lined urban races The Four Building Blocks.

Here’s what to expect each week during your marathon training: Mondays: Most Mondays are rest days. Rest is critical to your recovery and injury prevention efforts, so don’t ignore rest days. Tuesdays and Thursdays: After your warm-up, run at a moderate pace (slightly faster than your long run. As a good rule of thumb, in the six weeks prior to the start of marathon training, your weekly running volume (miles per week) should be at least 90% of the weekly mileage stated in the first week of your marathon plan. Marathon training plans and tips for both beginners and advanced runners.

Before you register for your first marathon, check to make sure this is a realistic goal for you at this time. Prior to starting your training, you should already be able to comfortably walk at a fast pace for at least one hour. You may also consider consulting with your doctor.

Make sure you have the time to devote to training. The secret to successful marathon training and half marathon training lies within staying supremely motivated, training smart & safe, and maintaining proper nutrition. The days of just “gutting it out” are long gone. Whether you are training for a marathon or half marathon, it takes a lot more than good old determination and willpower to get you through training and the big day.

Your body is having a lot of firsts during the marathon training process and it may take time for it to adjust to everything that is happening. Fuel your body with nutrient dense foods and steer clear of anything processed. You may find that foods you formerly tolerated with ease don’t agree with you when you have a long run the next day.

When you’re younger, you can usually train for a full marathon safely in 12 to 14 weeks. For an older runner, however, Bawcom suggests setting aside 18 to 20 weeks to add more recovery time in. Here are strategies that can help you train to run a marathon: Seek help from experts to develop your training regimen. Focus on reaching incremental goals. Make your training routine enjoyable.

The most important step you can take when prepping for your first marathon is to ensure your body can tackle the distance. It’s best to familiarize yourself with 5Ks, 10Ks, and then half-marathons.

List of related literature:

First, of course, is the matter of whether your marathon provides a pacer at or near your goal time.

“Advanced Marathoning” by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
from Advanced Marathoning
by Pete Pfitzinger, Scott Douglas
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First a mile, then two, then joining a runners’ group, then a first marathon, then another…

“The Incomplete Book of Running” by Peter Sagal
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Enter as many marathons as you like, but treat them as training runs—don’t race.

“Lore of Running” by Timothy Noakes
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Michigan marathoner Doug Kurtis says, “Marathoners need shortterm goals, other races leading up to the marathon.

“Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide” by Hal Higdon
from Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide
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When there wasn’t an organized ultraendurance race happening, I’d do marathons just as training runs.

“Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner” by Dean Karnazes
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I started my marathon training research on Google, but before long I was watching YouTube videos about running form and different types of exercises.

“Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords: How to Access 100 Million People in 10 Minutes” by Perry Marshall, Mike Rhodes, Bryan Todd
from Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords: How to Access 100 Million People in 10 Minutes
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If you have experience with the marathon but have only trained with a minimalist-type program, then the Beginner Plan may be the logical next step in your training.

“Hansons Marathon Method: Run Your Fastest Marathon the Hansons Way” by Luke Humphrey, Keith and Kevin Hanson
from Hansons Marathon Method: Run Your Fastest Marathon the Hansons Way
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You will need to supplement your training with a specific marathon programme;12 weeks should be ample.

“Be PARA Fit: The 4-Week Formula for Elite Physical Fitness” by Sam McGrath
from Be PARA Fit: The 4-Week Formula for Elite Physical Fitness
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I ran the Birmingham half marathon six months after my daughter was born and my first-ever marathon (London) just before her first birthday, which I had always had in mind as a personal goal, to prove to myself that I could do it.

“The Positive Birth Book: A new approach to pregnancy, birth and the early weeks” by Milli Hill
from The Positive Birth Book: A new approach to pregnancy, birth and the early weeks
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This way, you could prepare for and complete it prior to your Ironman program.You would begin Iron-distance training with both the physical benefits of marathon training and the confidence of having knocked off this serious endurance challenge.

“Be IronFit: Time-Efficient Training Secrets for Ultimate Fitness” by Don Fink, Melanie Fink
from Be IronFit: Time-Efficient Training Secrets for Ultimate Fitness
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  • Started running three months ago, after 13 years of mostly sitting… Last week I ran my first 10k up and down a hill. Yesterday I finished “Can’t Hurt Me” book by David Goggins. In two months I am gonna run a marathon. Somebody has to carry the boats… Right David?

  • If I’m training for either the one or two mile in track. Is a 2 hr run still a good idea or should I shoot for an hour to an hour and a half?

  • I have a Polar Vantage V and have been following the Polar Training program for a marathon in October…if it happens. I am curious about your thoughts because this program has roughly a 2 hour long run on Saturdays in HR zones 1-2 and then a 1 hour medium run on Sundays in zones 1, 2, and 3. I am 55 and have run 2 marathons already in 4:40 and 4:35 using the traditional 20 mile long run plans. But, I am I intrigued by Polar’s plan…it seems different.

  • Hi, I’m planning to run a marathon at the end of this year, at the moment I have a weekly milage of between 40 and 50 km with a couple of half marathons achieved. Do you suggest to increase milage from now slowly, or start 16 weeks prior to the event? Thanks

  • Great video. Any chance you could do a video on/ put together a training plan for the marathon ( like the ones up for the 10k, half marathon etc )

  • Splendid video! Really Interesting hearing about different methods.

    Has anyone here tried out the 80/20 approach to plans, if so thoughts on it’s effectiveness?

  • Excellent overview of the marathon training process. Two additional things that have worked for me: 1) train with a group if you can. I have to say I don’t think I could manage this on my ownif you can train with a group it really helps with motivation. I actually look forward to the Saturday group run which explores different areas of the city and environs. 2) throw in a few formal race events. Adding a few races in the training plan, especially a half marathon, gets you more comfortable with dealing with the logistics of racing which should help reduce jitters for the main event.

  • Great video guys thanks! I am a keen cyclist and runner and am doing my first marathon in the Autumn. I want to keep up my cycling. what would you suggest is best when it comes to cross training? is it okay to just change one of the interval, tempo and steady runs each week with a cycle (50 or 60 Miles) or should it be more structured than that? Cheers!

  • Have done two marathons, 3.24 and a 3.15. Aiming for sub 3 doing maybe around 6.40 min/miles, and aim for 2.50hr finishallowing me some wiggle room if the world collapses and hit the wall! Enjoying the GTN videos, and looking to bring more speed work into my training thanks.

  • Yet another great content! Keep it up guys. You’ve really helped me develop my running skills end to end. Thanks to you I’m a much more efficient runner now.

  • Just today I was thinking about running a half marathon in April but I wasn’t sure that I can prepare.And on YouTube I saw you made a video about it!Thank you for the tips and the great videos on your channels!

  • I just completed a 3 marathons in three weeks challenge, I had never run a marathon before this, I learned more about my body and my gait(underpronation) and now I know what shoes to wear and how to avoid hitting the wall

  • I don’t have any cash ���� can I still train for a marathon without all the fancy equipment. May save to invest in running shoes but that’s about it for me aha

  • She didn’t get a great time but not bad for 10 weeks training I’ve never really run before but reckon I could get a lot faster but I’m a guy tbf ahah

  • Mara is a different beast. Those last 6 miles feel like 60, it’s as much a mental battle as a physical. I’ve run a few ultras and found them easier than Maras.

  • Man how did she run 5 miles so fast on her first day it literally took me like 2 months of training to run 5 miles with a pace of a little less than 11 minutes a mile

  • Hi there. Currently training for the London Marathon, April 2020 and using the Hal Higdon program, that came highly recommended. It’s only 4 runs pw and 1 cross training day. How do I work out my runners pace? I have no clue about what time I want to complete in, I just want to complete it! Can you please advise me on finding a pace? As I write this, my longest run to date is 9m and on Saturday I’m up to 11! (:-o Thanks in advance

  • You can run a quality marathon on 45 miles/wk, with hopefully a peak of 55-60 3 wks out. I think the long run and speed work are the two most critical runs. I like to get 4-6 20 mile runs in with one 22 miler at 3 wks out, just before the taper. If you can, run some of those on tired legs (like the day after a moderate 10+ mile run), or run some of them taking only water (this teaches your muscles how to more efficiently utilize fat as an energy source). Long runs should be 1- 1:30 slower per mile than goal pace. I like the KISS method (keep it simple stupid) so for speed work I do Yasso 800s, building up over the weeks to 10 x 800m with 400m recovery between. The conventional teaching is that you run these at the same pace and whatever your time is convert the minutes to hours and seconds to minutes and that’s what your marathon time should be. For me, at 54 yo, if I average 3 min 6 sec per 800m then my marathon time should be 3 hrs 6 min. I find this to be a very reliable predictor. A good taper is 75% of max wk miles 3 wks out, 50% 2 wks out, 25% wk leading up to marathon weekend. Race day comes down to only two things; execution and nutrition. Don’t go out too fast, or try to “bank time”; you will regret that badly. Individual nutritional needs can vary, but I find that 3 gels suffice, one at mile 7-8, another at 13-15, and the last at 21-22.

  • I am thinking of joining a group marathon in 11 months. It should be a 4 hour run, as the group stays together. It will be my first ever marathon and I have only recently begun to train. I am at 28 minute 5K runs and 12,5K long runs at the moment. I have plenty of time as I am worried about my knees. They tend to fail when I cross the 1 hour mark. Is slowing down this training program good, or should I first keep on building up my condition? If so: how is the best way to do so?

  • My marthan 2019 starting.give a more tips 5mail only. I am from tamilnadu.i want to simple tips and more effective for to strong legs..this is my first marathan


  • For most amateur runners, getting 2 long runs of 2 hours/week is unrealistic, if not totally counterproductive, and a very good way to get injured. Even some elite marathoners dismiss long runs altogether, such as Rosa Mota, who ran 2h23.

  • Im 6 weeks in with light training for the la marathon and all these stories I read of runners being in physical pain have gave me second thoughts ��

  • Just finished the BK marathon here in NYC on Saturday. I trained by running 6mikes every other morning for 3 months. Mile 20-26 was a brutal grind but got it done in 3:27min. Real proud of that considering i still smoke a pack of cigarettes a day.. I know, crazy… but always been very athletic and I have a bullet proof mind.. regardless of that to take it to the next level, I am quitting cigs to start training for a 50k next spring followed by a 50 Mile event in the summer and then the Pine Creek 100k at the end of 2020. Let’s see what happens! #stayhard #theydontknowmeson #whosgonnacarrytheboats -Goggins

  • I’m not a novice runner at all, nor am I a gifted runner, but I’ve been starting to understand the idea of avoiding zone 3 plateau and doing more easy runs. Problem is, for my heart rate to stay in the easy zone 2, I have to run so slow that it’s hard to stay in “good running form”. At that pace it makes no sense to lift your knees or your feet swing, and maintaining a high cadence seems very unnatural and tiring even.

  • If you’re doing your first marathon, don’t even bother with intervals & tempos. Just get those easy miles in and build the aerobic base.

    Tempos & intervals might build strength and improve the anaerobic zone, but they’re counterproductive for marathons if you don’t have an excellent aerobic base.

    Those junk, sort of hard but not really runs you advised, should never be done. Those are the grey zone where you don’t much help aerobic or anaerobic, but increase injuries.

    Just go easy, build up your weekly easy distance, throw in a long run and a medium long run, and enjoy the training.

    Source: 7 marathons completed so far and training with some of the best marathoners in my city.

  • Training for my first marathon at April 5th in Paris. I’ve mostly done 10k’s, 10miles and half marathon races… did some 30k trail runs too, but this was almost a year ago.

    I know aim to finish a marathon at least under 4 hours… I have a running schedule from a local running store (the guy is a triatlete/physision)… it’s a hard to grasp that I have to run these slow long runs PLUS that my longest run will only be 30k:o

    I run 4 times a week now and I really can feel my pregression… I’m on focus, it’s hard, but I love it.

  • Just doing the math, the 10% rule doesn’t work for a 16 week plan if you’re starting on anything less than 25k a week. That’s assuming you want your long run to be a decent length and not represent more than say 25% of your weekly total. Like the hair and the tortoise, you can wait an infinite amount of time to reach your goal if you increase slowly enough ��

  • If i wanted to run swim or bike with the same 2 hours how many minutes between each sport would i have to switch over to maintain the benefits?

  • I’ve got the feeling that 5-6 runs a week for 4 months is a bit too much for the average amateur, if not for the body, definitely for the mind. I completed my first full Marathon ( 3:27) with 1 month doing 3runs&3road bike rides, 1 month 3 runs&1 ride and 1 month with just 3 runs and 1 ride every other week. As I was increasing the long run I was reducing the bike rides. It worked pretty well, and I got the feeling this helps avoiding boredom while reducing a lot the chances of injury.

  • I will be running a 10k marathon race this weekend and I am unprepared af because of my studies and lack of time and training. please give me tips how to survive that sub 1:30 10k and any suggestion for nutrition

  • I watched this when it was first posted and it pushed me to start training. I just ran my first marathon last Saturday, so thank you!!,

  • I want to train for the LA marathon next year. I started with 5ks and I ran my first half marathon last September, it was the most difficult/amazing thing I’ve ever accomplished.

  • First and only marathon 3 years ago. No where near enough training. GI problems half way. Then a few K’s later I rolled my foot and literally broke a small bone in my foot (found out later). So I had to walk the last 14 KM…Yeah, that took a while on a wrecked foot!

    Started training again 1 week ago for a Marathon in May 2020. (Starting much earlier this time!)

  • I just completed my second marathon at 16 with a time of 3h40min. Was much tougher than my first but I recommend sticking to a “happy” pace. Really enjoy the first half and then just make it through the second. Last 10km will be the toughest.

  • I am preparing for first Marathon in August. I run weekly two half marathon sessions with two 10 kms session. I cover half marathon in 2:05 hrs. My concern is shoes and nutrition for full Marathon. Need help.

  • So how would one train for the marathon while still training swimming and Cycling as well? 6 runs a week doesn’t leave much time to spend on the other 2 disciplines (or strength and yoga)

  • What’s more challenging a marathon or an Olympic triathlon? I know the pain of a marathon but am doing my first triathlon in August, and would like to know what to expect.

  • I am just coming back from injury after 3 months out and I have to start with power walking due to the severity. How long should I take to build up from zero to 10 miles given the 10% rule would mean it takes forever?

  • Did my first Marathon last weekend in Barcelona in 3h15 age 50 and I started running last September,no way was I running 6 times a week.

  • Just completed my first half marathon this weekend! But I’m having trouble with some ankle pain that’s keeping me from training. My first marathon is not till September so should have enough time to bounce back.

  • I’m training for Manchester and have just done 3 days a week running: 1 day speedwork, 1 day tempo (5-8 miles) and 1 day long easy pace (10-20 miles).

    I have one day rest a week and Zwift or ride outside on the other training days.

    Realistically, I should come in a 3:30 so not blisteringly fast but I will be happy with that. The most important thing for me is taking part and staying injury free.

    Honestly, I take my hat off to the runners who manage six days a week. I can’t stand to run with fatigued legs, it just instinctively feels wrong to me and I’m certain I would pick up an injury really quickly.

  • Did my first marathon last year Sep (Cape Town Marathon) but ended up with some calf strain. Couldn’t agree more that strength training is really important! Entered my next marathon which will be the end of June, a beautiful forest marathon in Knysna. Luckily the local runners are training for the Comrades Ultra around the same time so will be able to join and enjoy company on the long runs they have planned:)

  • as a coach I see too many runners/triathletes training too hard without getting proper recovery and/or incorrect tapering almost at the edge of overtraining, and not running to their full potential. Nothing wrong with big miles as long as you do your intensity training and focus on recovery as well

  • The cushioned shoes tip is great advice. When I ran Boston I couldn’t fit my trainers in my bag, but my flats fit. So I had to do the race in my trainers, I think it improved my time. Now I use the full cushion new balance 1400 flats, and would never go back to flats with minimal cushion.

  • This is all good advice. The key is the more miles you run the better you will do. 40 a week is minimum, at 60 you are well off. Getting nutrition right is key to avoiding the bonk. Along with not starting too hard, sooooo important. Using your long run to get your body to burn fat for fuel is important. You can start them faster, but more importantly do them slow! Low aerobic heart rate slow. I like to do the last 4 miles at race pace of a 16 mi or longer long run. If you can’t hold the pace then it is too fast for your goal. I could go on and on with tips. However I’ll just end with suggesting 3 mile loops for runs over 12 miles, you can refuel at home every lap.

  • I want to run a marathon under 4 hours when I am 60,,,,, I have eight years to go,does anyone have any advice regarding crosstraining,can do 20 miles on treadmill at 9/4. km per hour reasonably comfortable,(till bonking at end )

  • This is so random, but were you jogging down Inverness Terrace at the 6:30 mark? That looks exactly where I stayed when I was in London last year!

  • Thankyou so much Niomi for inspiring me to try and beat my anorexia by fueling up, and running. Your videos have helped me so much to feel a bit better about myself and keep on going! Running is brilliant, and with your help I’m doing it the right way and loving it by the minute.

  • Jesus is coming!! We need to get ready by repenting of our sins like lying and stealing (those are examples) and trusting in jesus christ!! When he comes back we don’t want to be left behind!! Jesus loves you!!

  • Started running in March, I can now do 10k, I’m going to do a half marathon training plan from September with a view to doing a full marathon in April!

  • Hi GCN I’m training for my first marathon in Belfast May 5th and I’m recovering from a torn calve I decided to keep going because I’m running for a charity that’s a bit close to my heart from today I have 7 weeks to prepare. I’m still a bit to heavy so really need a lot of focus over the next few weeks. I’m frightened to push any faster for fear of my injury re-occurring any tips would be greatly appreciated

  • okay ella hizo media mataron ( 6:00) 21k en 1hora38minutos, eso es asombroso para un novato. ella debio haber tenido una excelente capacidad fisica para comenzar porque yo misma parti de cero en el running y mis primeros 10K los hice en 1hora aprox y unos tres meses mas tarde logreé bajar la hora a 47 minutos pero aun asi, ella lo hizo increible:o segun mis calculos mis 21k me tomararian 2horas en completar:o asombroso!

  • I would like to add that though foam rolling is very important and very helpful….it still hurts like hell so be patient
    with yourself.

  • Is there anyway you could do one of these based on an Amateur or someone who doesn’t have time to train 6-7 times a week. Maybe find a random fan to cover it in a vlog?

  • There was a time from late 2017 to around august last year when i was running 1 to 3 marathon distance runs each week. This was due to not having enough money at the time to both commute to work and eat. An accident with driver ramming in to the back of my bike the year before (on his phone) caused me to have no bike for 2 years. anyway, i learned the following things from experience
    1. unless you are in an actual race, you dont need to run at race pace
    2. pay attention to your feet. not just how they are landing on the floor with each step, but after your run. look after them. short toenails, make sure shoes arent too tight and get rid of any rough skin
    3. get in to the habit of drinking little and often
    4. consider a hydration pack. you will be able to carry enough of your preferred fluid for the entire race, the weight is evenly distributed so you tend not to notice it after a few mins. They can store an emergency rain jacket and most importantly, when running with a bottle you put extra stress on one side of your body which will lead to injury

    fueling-wise i will now only run with tailwind. not digestion problems or emergency toilet stops as with gels

    this year i have been quite lazy with my running, but have been going to the gym most evenings instead. I ran a half last week and another today, but my first marathon race is in a few weeks manchester. i had actually forgotten that i had signed up for this until i received an email from the organisers a few days ago. oops

  • Sixteen weeks is to short for marathon preparation, unless you have experience and, let’s say, can esry run 10k without entiteling youself for bragging rights.
    Nine months with 3 sessions per week will be enough for most to come to the start with no injuries and complete the distance under 4 hrs.

  • For  marathon you need some running stamina aka some volume combined with a intensity depending on your targets.volume should be increased carefully and mostly done at slower speed (easy or recovery speed) => this also will improve the capillarization of your blood supply to your muscle cellsfor volume, more but not too long sessions are less stressful than few longer, more stressful sessions (but still allow for one long run session)speed work will increase muscle cell coordination (e.g. hill reps or sprints) and VO2max (intervals). They are usually be embedded in easy running (warm-up, between the fast runs, cool-down)avoid the middle speed and training zones in the first half of the training for a MTinclude race pace training in the 2nd half of training to optimize running technique and nutrition intake as described in the video, either in longer race pace intervals or race pace steady runs.take part in 1 or 2 test competitions on 10k or HMT to calculate your target race pacedo a proper tapering (reduce volume but keep intensity)no experiments on gear and nutrition on race day!at the marathon, start way slower than your target race pace.

  • @ 10:27 don’t wear your current running shoes when lifting or putting weight through the shoes in the gym. This will diminish the cushioning on the shoes. Either use a pair of old (ran down) trainers or use gym specific shoes. (Shoes for lifting weights have no cushioning, as it is easier to lift a weight on a stable platform).

  • As a preparation for my 1st marathon, I just read and also followed this marathon training “Zοrοtοn Axy” (Google it). My target was a sub-4 hour marathon and I got it. Followed this training program to the last detail and had the confidence I needed on race morning to get thru 26.2 miles. It is a good feeling as a way to achieve that. Dedicated runners need to try it as well..

  • i dont understand if you can talk you re not running, you re walking, running means your breath a certain way which does nto allow to talk or you loose the regularity of it

  • You can train and successfully run a marathon running twice per week… long-short alternating…. and if you’re training for an Ironman, running 6 times a week isn’t always practical

  • I’m getting ready for London Marathon. It will be my one and only marathon I think. I’m not a huge fan of running but I want to see if I can do it. Thanks for the tips. I will use these in the next few weeks.

  • als ich angefangen habe laufen zu gehen, war nach 1500m schluss:D ich weiß, was das für ein doofes Gefühl ist! mit dem von 0 auf marathon coaching, habe ich es dann tatsächlich geschafft innerhalb eines halben Jahres in Marathon Topform zu kommen:)

  • Note to self:
    Leafy green, spinach, kale, beetroot juice.
    Train hard, Rest hard, active rest.
    Good pair of shoes and compression socks.

  • That was AWESOME! Sharing this with my running partner. Great tips. We are running our first full marathon at CIM if it doesn’t get cancelled�� fingers crossed! Thanks, fantastic video

  • I made use of this marathon training program “Zοrοtοn Axy” (Google it) in my half marathon training, and only used Six weeks of the schedule provided, and ran a PR! I am currently making use of it for my marathon training courses, and am running much better training runs in comparison to past marathon training program. I ran another half during my marathon training program, and set another PR..

  • Training for the Marathon at age 16 at September 13th. Been doing a lot of running 10k’s a day just building up my stamina and mileage. It’s tough at first but I get that feeling of runner’s high during the middle of my workouts. It’s been great running. I’ve already raced 10k’s and the Half Marathon ( I’ve been humbled by the Half Marathon Distance). I do most of my runs now on Park the fresh air really helps. Pollution outside our home is not so viable for running.

  • Coming from someone who has competitive track experience, plz don’t listen to this guy. Couldn’t even get thru half the vid tbh, “beet juice” doesn’t magically improve ur stamina LOL. Also don’t attempt a marathon if u only have done a 7 mile run as ur longest workout. Ur gonna be in so much pain, props to this guy for somehow pulling that off. If u haven’t run at least a 20 miler in training your gonna pay the price on your attempt.

  • I ran my very first half-marathon this weekend and it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! After getting my certificate of completion for this first milestone, I am definitely setting my sights on doing a full marathon next month.

    I am super excited about this and I found your video incredibly helpful!

    Thank you so much for providing the historical background-makes it so much more exciting and epic!-and for sharing footage of your first marathon.

    Thank you so much!! And best of wishes on all your upcoming races too!

  • I was supposed to run the St. Jude’s Rock N Roll Seattle Marathon yesterday, but of course it got postponed. I had started training in February and got the news around April.
    Did I stop training? No. I ran my OWN marathon yesterday. The feeling that I had when I hit 26.2 on my Garmin was indescribable. I sobbed and broke down because all of that training had paid off.
    I think my coach had me predicted to run 3:45 and I ran 3:48, which we’re both extremely proud of. My pace was around 8:43/mi and oh my god I was dying. I can’t imagine running an average 8:01/mi split!

  • I started training for my first marathon and it was cancelled due to COVID. I have maintained my training and will run it on my own! Your tips are very good, however I will say that I have been training in VIVO barefoot shoes and while its more difficult than more comfortable shoes, its very satisfying and really strengthens your feet and form! Also, ice baths baby!

  • I did my first 25k (15.5miles) today and in 4 months I want to do my first (half-) marathon race together with my mom who has been running marathons for years. Still unsure what I am going to sign up for, but I am excited! ❤️

  • Giving myself 8 years will be 60 years aiming for under 4 hrs,2 years in,got the training routine

    going to cross train cycling,running,swimming,actually managed to stop eating processed food feel the benefits,

  • I’m 6’2 255lbs and run a marathon in 4hrs30mins. Around 6mph pace. Its not too hard to complete if you eat right during the race and hydrate constantly. Once you have experienced the pain cave, you can be a lot more comfortable in it.

  • Hello Seth, my answer is: I find a lot of information on studies that are online, also from the veterans in my run club. They say, always have a long run during the week, train slow and race fast, avoid injuries and listen to your body. For form I go to instagram a lot and look at what postures and strides the best runners have, and I try to mimic them:)

  • I started with 5 miles than 8 miles, 10 miles which i thought was a huge accomplisment. I then enlisted myself in a hapf marathon run and now im training for a marathon!!!!

  • I am signing up in September to run the Buffalo marathon in May of 2021! I guess my main fear is my mind taking over and telling my body that I cannot finish. My dad has run two marathons, so I know I’ll have a great coach and support system:)

  • beetroot and spinach are my two least favorite foods:(
    my goal is running for one hour on a treadmill. Not a marathon, but that may come later

  • Why in the titel stand “Non-Runner”. She train regular. Non-Runner for me is a person that don’t do sport. Most people can’t run one ore two miles:D

  • Hey, I’m looking into going to costa rica and since your quite the expert I was wondering, if I needed to get vaccination’s to go there, a couple websites recommended i do, but is it that necessary?

  • “That’s because running 26.2 miles isn’t really all that fun.” Lol!�� Great video from the perspective of a regular person setting a realistic goal to finish a marathon. It has me thinking now about it, but maybe starting out with a 10K run, nothing too extreme. Great practical advice, too

  • Ahh I just agreed to a half marathon (and that is huge to me because I do not run.. like ever) but this is perfect! Thanks Alex, super inspiring! ❤️

  • Such a great topic…and tons of great advice. Thanks so much for this video and the inspiration. Could you share some of your favorite smoothie recipes? Or recommendations for healthy eating in general?

  • I don’t think 5 months is enough training time for most people. For non runners they need about double that amount of time to prepare for a marathon. Of course, people can walk part of the marathon but training to walk a marathon is kind of pointless in my opinion.

  • Hey man, yeah totally training towards a half marathon at the moment. There’s another piece of interesting history about the Marathon. After the Athenians won the battle of Marathon, they found out that Athens was being invaded so the soldiers that were left ran the 25 miles back to Athens in full armor to defend the city of Athens. Pretty crazy what the human body is capable of with the right training. Thanks for the tips man. Great video.

  • I am doing my second Half-Ironman this year, but next year want to push to a full marathon and hopefully build towards a full Ironman.

  • Stop saying your in pain. Its mind over matter. Your mind is messing with you. Block out the baby talk. Set a pace and run. Get into a comfort zone. I dont want to hear any more pain talk

  • This is why I love following Michelle on her challenges. Her emotions are so raw and real. Its shows truthfully the entire journey of how she got to where she is at. Thank you, Michelle! You’re an inspiration for me and I get so motivated when I watch your videos!

  • Marathon runners do not look like they’re in great shape at all, imho. In fact, the only advantage I can see is that they can outrun their opponent if they ever got into a fight.

  • Right now I am lifting weights and making sure I have strength and the muscles for the long run.( the years ahead) also I would like my biceps to stand out as I run in sleeveless shirts. priorities… you know.

  • I’ve always followed the Arthur Lydiard approach of steady state volume for aerobic base and capacity, improves performance for both long and short races.

  • I came to this video because I’m interested in running a marathon someday and I was so happy for her!! This makes me want to do it even more

  • Hey man nice video. Im a decent ish runner do a lot of 1/2 marathons but ive never run a full one. i run 70 -100km a week but i honestly have to say, a few of my friends who do the same as me did a marathon last year and they have never been the same since. They hated it. We loved running and its really put them off. From never missing a park run or an interclub or a race we did the year before they just dont seem to want to run any more. For me, when i get to the end of a 1/2 i think theres no way i could do that again. Maybe its because my brain has banked in the distance, and it would adjust if it knew it had to go longer, but what have i got to watch out for? How much fuel should i take on during the race and hopw should i vary pace throughout the run. When i do 25km long runs i do them slowish but i do feel like enough is enough. Sorry this message is all over the place just cant sit through 90000 vids pooling in all the info!

  • If she was genuinely able to achieve 98 mins on her first half after 5 weeks of training and after not having ran, she a beast fr.

  • Doing Brighton 2020. Done a few 50 mile ultras already so distance isnt too bad, just working on pace and trying to improve on my first marathon 5 years ago, still my official PB. Just getting to the point of recovering in 2 days from easy runs. Gym work is essential, didnt appreciate calf raises benefits until this year, now i am doing them every gym visit on the seated leg press obsessively to make them bullet proof. So far so good. Massage gun is also a really good purchase, loosen up the muscles yourself saves time and injuries. Been regularly using it since i got mine.

  • Meeting my sub 4hr target and also attaining my first marathon with out injury were achievable due to this marathon training “Zοrοtοn Axy” (Google it). You will find a lot of details about diet plan, method, training courses and the likes on this guide. The good thing about this book is the training schedule which takes you in the preferred distance you must run on a certain day..

  • Her: “the best part of this challenge hands down is getting to eat a lot of food”
    Me: “OMG yes! cinnamon rolls, ice cream, bananas foster”
    Her: “chicken, rice, spaghetti squash”

  • Has a personal trainer, team to pace her, and support fueling her. Yeah of course she ran a 3:30. Normal people don’t have these luxuries. They have to struggle through all this alone.

  • All the cross country and track on her saying that running isn’t fun, I totally agree, I also in the track and cross country runner, and I don’t even know why I do it

  • You did a great run and you reach the goal of your life. Actually we people we cread for long run everyday. So without running we slowly becoming the real pigs. And you cried but you won. No shame.

  • I miss running so much. After my torn hamstring injury, I know I’ll possibly never be able to do it again. I’m actually starting to run again after 3 years, post injury, and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Congrats to you ��

  • my long runs are 4km so far lol
    im doing halfmarathon in 2 months. im nowhere near ready. what should i do? i have the stamina but my legs hurt so much after a while

  • Her: “I’m not a runner”

    Proceeds to run 5 miles at an incredible pace her first day while I struggle to run two 8 min miles consecutively

    face palm

  • I’m running my first marathon in April next year. I’ve done 2 half marathons before but I’m not particularly worried about the time i achieve, in that case should i consider my ‘marathon pace’ just to be my comfortable long run pace?

  • I’ve run 3 marathons. 2013 2014 2016. Had to drop out before the start one in 2017 with a cracked rib that derailed running for 8 weeks right before

    I’m signed up for another marathon this fall, and going to do a beginner 16 week marathon plan then a targeted one for 16 weeks for a 4-4h30min plan. Hope all goes well. Race signed up for is in October in Toronto.

    My perspective is I never know how’s its going to go. Even passing the half not sure if I’m going to finish it. Injury the big if. By about 32 km if I’m uninjured I have a pretty good feeling that even the last 10 k I would crawl on hands and knees to finish it if something happens. That’s my happy place in the run. The place where succeeding is insight

    Good luck to all. Until it becomes common place for you a marathon is quite an awesome joyous accomplishment.

    I’m turning 50 this June

  • My marathon is tomorrow, I haven’t trained anything and I am reading comments like “My marathon is 12 weeks ahead! I’m so excited!” I thought it wasn’t a big of a deal ��

    Edit: It’s like 2 am so basically my marathon is in 6hrs today:0

  • Preparing myself for Athens Authentic Marathon 2020, I can ensure you for this: it ‘s gonna be a lot of pain!!! Good luck to all!!!

  • Feel like because the coach qualified for Boston and that’s such a big thing that he didn’t want Michelle to do it either because he wanted it to be special ��

  • Bonjour, j’ai remis en ligne le montage de mon modeste parcours en course à pied si jamais ça vous intéresse regardez:

  • I cant even jog from my math class to the cafeteria. Mad props for her! She inspires me to do a marathon but I’m not as strong minded as her.

  • I did a 5k the other day for the first time ever(not a race). Longest I’ve ever ran was a mile. My friend just wanted me to run with him. I didn’t even take a sip of water till I was done and it felt great. I’m joining the military at 17 Wednesday. So i have plenty of time to train. I hate running but then again it feels great when your done.

  • You have to run sub 7mins per mile the whole time during the marathon to get a 3HR marathon time. Whoa. Not gonna lie. That’s a heck of a feat. I would be happy running an average of 8 mins per mile, I don’t need to be the best, just fit enough to keep going. Thanks for the tips

  • Running Edinburgh marathon in 8 years wish me luck, Will be 60 want to do under 4 hours any hints on cross training would be appreciated

  • I ran a half marathon on incline on my treadmill in 82 mins… almost tore my tendons! But I guess if I recover n repeat it only makes them stronger.
    want to run a full marathon one day

  • I completed my first marathon his year. The cardio was easy but the damage and pain to my feet was where I had problems. Could barely feel my feet for a day. I was training 5-7 days a week.

  • Running the LA marathon soon
    March 8 I can feel already I am not trained enough I am really scared
    My right leg/ ankle is in pain when I run or walk I don’t know what to do
    Should I just not run it? Or just try to do it?
    But this pain kills me honestly

  • interesting points,if anyone else wants to uncover how to run a marathon try Sarparder Running Expert Starter (just google it )? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my buddy got amazing success with it.

  • This was made too dramatic. There was no need for all that crying. She looks like she is already on some sort of training routine. She ran a marathon, respect for that.

  • I’m running the Charity Half Marathon! during the LA Marathon 2020!! Excited, Nervous, can’t wait to run from Hollywood to Santa Monica!

  • I’m preparing for my first marathon I’m going to be 60 years old I have never run before my my life but I did the research and I found out all the dancers and I’m prepared to run a marathon on my 60th birthday

  • I am training for Brighton Half in 2019 and I’ve injured my left leg as well on the inside of my leg, near my ankle. I was wondering whether your injury was the same and how you got over it so you could run, because this is killing me not being able to train. Thank you.

  • My approach is to do 10k four days a week. I do it without any timing expectations. I listen to my body on that day and push myself accordingly. Of course, being Indian, I do a lot of yoga. Yoga helps injury free training (no matter the kind of training). It also helps in breathing rhythms and that is crucial for any runner!

  • What about weed and training? I’ve heard it gives you mental drive and focus. Then again I’ve heard it just makes some people lazy. What’s your word?

  • Great tips, I ran my first 12 miles yesterday & I’m so pround of going the distance. But I know this is just the beginning, I have alot more to do to being able to run a Marathon. It’s my Goal to Finish one, I noticed at my 11mile marker I was hitting my wall. I know I had one mile to go, But it had a lot to do with not having anything in my system only water from my Camel pack. I live in Hawaii & the heat isn’t a joke especially this time in summer. But usually every day I would wake up power walking on my treadmill 1 mile then incorporating some type of ab workouts. But yesterday when I ran this whole miles I didn’t have anything in my system, I woke up later than I usually did with 8+ hours of sleep & it took me 3 hours 18min to do the 12 miles. It’s going to take me awhile to get to a marathon, but I am determined:)

  • Hey Niomi, just like to let you know that YOU inspired me to sign up for a 10 K this past June and then I just ran a Half-marathon..and signed up for a full marathon next May…and to think I’ve never really liked long-distance running! Thank you for these tips, it’s helping me become so much more positive in my overall life!

  • Thanks for tips bruh, deff need to plan out my long run, cause I just went for a blind run & got lost haha plus it started to pour raining. Good thing I brought my gopro with me so I can share my experience haha

  • Hello,

    I am currently looking to run my first ever 5k run. Any tips for a bigger guy like myself to train for this type of event? Thank you in advance!

  • One thing I used to like to do was, after any run of 12 mi or longer, I would finish at the gym, and do about 10-15 leg presses of 400 lb or more and it was like adding half a mile to the workout for each press. Work up to this. Be safe.

    Harry speaks the truth, in a very polite way. Many times you find someone just browbeating you with their PR and Harry doesn’t do that.

  • So glad I came across your channel! Thank you for the tips. Will make sure to implement them.
    I’m training for London marathon 2019, which is in just over 9 weeks.

  • I look at the training weeks for kipchoge and his team. It’s quite different than what studies would suggest has the best approach

  • I like what you say about eating. Absolutely essential for distance. My first 3 Comrades Ultras I hit the wall at 60km. I thought it was because I hadn’t gone over 60km in training. In 2018 I consciously ate from early on and I went through 60km no problem. Unfortunately in my last 20km I slacked off and hit the wall (seriously) with only 6km to go. You learn from your mistakes. 2019 will be a feast from start to finish

  • Just saw your video liked it very much and I was inspired so I have done a channel, please need your support and feedback.If you want to support please subscribe and watch my videos which has successfully completed 40+ sub.Wanted to spread happiness and want to see the public laugh.How you make so awesome video.T-series,pwidiepie is waste in front of you.

  • I am running a marathon in April(2019).I have 16 weeks to train. I believe I can do it. I’m running it with my brother and 2,000 other people. I used to run LOADS when I was a teen and I’m 26 now. I always wanted to run marathons since I was a teen. I used to run so so much. I believe I can get back to that. I am not unhealthy but I’m slightly(not fat or overweight) but I could lose a few pounds before the marathon(duh). I’m 155pounds and 5’6”. I used to be 120 pounds as a teen when I used to run so much. I love running. It’s probably my favorite exercise ever.

  • love your content! If you love running as much as we do make sure to follow us on social media for the latest content, we cover the most challenging and exciting races!



  • Doing Bikram Yoga 3-4 times a week have allowed me to never have heavy legs, stiffness. Even after 33km runs. It’s simply amazing as a compliment to running. And it builds strength in legs and core!

  • I started running from 2 months now.
    The main reason was for weight loss and was 105kg and now 90. My target is 75-80, due to which I started attending marathons it’s so interesting and your videos are so helpful.
    Good job
    Keep going

  • its a shame all marathon videos are the same in the sense that they all say all the banal, ultra basic, things u must do. eating while running a marathon? seriously? doing long runs? wow, i had no idea that was important.

  • I would like to do the Honolulu marathon in 2020. This would give me more then enough time for training, correct? Any other advice for someone in her fifties?

  • hey,if anyone else wants to discover how to run a marathon try Sarparder Running Expert Starter (should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my work buddy got great results with it.

  • Thank you! Im doing Houston on Sunday…yes im a little nervous �� but i cant wait. Excited…My goal is just to finish it… glad o found this video l. Very encouraging

  • THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA. She definitely busted butt and did an amazing job however, without proper training, and/or good coaches you will get serious injuries. That being said, if you want to train for marathons/triathalons/other long runs, go for it!! But don’t hurt yourself.

  • Our bodies are not machines, if you drive a car for hundreds of thousands of miles it will eventually breakdown, if you stress your body “train”, it gets stronger, but overall good video

  • I won my first marathon, a Boston qualifier in 93 degrees and 2 10 minute hills, and I am not a runner, per se (serious cyclist, but 175# which is heavy for either sport). Don’t think you need to run for a year prior to beginning training if you have done plyometrics all your life or recently and are strong, don’t even think you have to start by running at all. I did a run to walk plan for a few weeks, started doing maybe 15 miles a week, got up to 40-close to 55 (too much), dialed it back to stay with intensity/speed, and only trained from day 1, for 7 months (but religiously, and good cardio/decent strength to start). You want to avoid a dumb seemingly minor injury, those will kill your goal completely. I did a run to walk, played conservatively with mileage (I jumped on a friends sub-3 hour plan and it was too much so I backed it off a bit). You can definitely meet your goals, but you need a strong, balanced body to start (planks, reverse planks, check out jesse diggins’ strength training challenge, very inspirational coach/just won gold as 1st US cross country skier to medal, bona-fide real deal of an athlete with the mental side that goes with). Take your time getting your body ready, no days off for core, and no missed workouts, ever (ICE, SNOW, 2 weeks never above 32 degrees F, whatever it takes).

    But do back off and figure out any niggles, take a half tab of glucosomine chondroitin (standard recommendation by doctors in some countries according to a CRNP I just met with (doctor)). If you start getting slight knee pain, stretch daily 5-10, eat less sugar (inflamation?), drink (maybe raw) milk and (maybe raw) eggs and whey protein, kale is easy. I did jump off my truck and landed hard on my ball of my foot, it didn’t show up for a week or so, but doing something like that during high-mile training (30, 40, 50 miles) will do you in. Be careful. Get Mizuno Waveriders, there is a reason they are making edition number 22 (New Balance, Saucony, Nike, Reebok are all far, far inferior and will derail many who would otherwise succeed. You can’t be slamming your metatarsals due to crap shoe structure. The padding is similar, but the structure of the Mizuno wins. Find a good training plan that has you running 6 days with one or 2 very easy and very short days, only one longer day, proper periodization, plenty of speed work. And, go easy on the easy days, especially for the first month when you are learning how much this training will break down your body. Recovery is the key, but don’t push so hard you can’t recover.

    I met with a sports doc yesterday who told me every 40 mile weeks are sufficient according to the latest and greatest, that’s what triggered me to write this, because it’s true, and the other thing is impact at least every other day will keep the cartilage in your hips, etc. from getting soft and leading to breakdown. Weekend warriors are definitely going to need joint replacements, gotta run 3.5 x weekly, every other day, or 4-6 times. Do your research, use your head. Keep it fun. Don’t run with people who make you run too slow (feels odd), because that is compromising your mechanics and joints to more slamming/impact. You can run circles around them if you have to run with them. Good luck.

  • Any tips on how to recover form runners knee? I’ve been resting for two months now and I really wanna get back to it, but my knee still feels a little sensitive. I never actually felt pain just sensitivity ����‍♀️

  • hello Harry, great running experience and nice video shooting! we work a lot with running vloggers who are telling great stories. Just want to know whether you have any good story coming soon? hope to work with you soon!   mashiro from

  • Question How much does your form determine your ability to run? 7:15 for 17 miles seems insane to me. It makes me think I must be doing something wrong… like my form is way off, or something. I’ve never really focussed on form but that’s my question how much does form determine your ability to run fast / long? I can do a 7:15 mile but only for about 3 miles.

  • Excuse me, any change you can provide a link to the Cologne paper you referenced? Thank you love your content liked and subscribed

  • Interesting to see the before/after pictures. The body seems to have a better posture and more tonus on the after. It’s amazing what running can do for your body.

    For me personally, my cafs are getting pretty decent. I sit a bit straighter it seems, too.

  • why in the thumbnail did her skin get darker like I don’t think training changes ur skin tone, just me? Please don’t put that sorta stuff in thumbnails. You could say it’s racist.

  • hey seth, just subbed cause i found your channel today. im doing steady runs for 1 hr @ 155bpm average HR which is now (4.10/km average). what is your average heart rate for your 2 hr steady state run so i can build up and know if im in a good range. thank you

  • I’m kind of on the later end of this idea. Was a competitive road cyclist for close to 30 years, made it to 2 Olympic Trials. Rode 300+ miles a week for many of those years. Quit in 2014 at age 46. Now I am 51, running only for aerobic workouts and racing. Yesterday I hit my fastest 5k since high school, even though I never run over 8 miles. I think all those years of long rides gave me a strong aerobic base.

  • After watching this video, it encourages me to join marathons. Also there’s always a first to everything, I believe it’s worth trying. I’ve never experienced any sport injury before (and hopefully not) but I do know how some people would treat them without having to go to physio (e.g using sports resistance bands). That also can be used for certain exercises like strength training. So it’s multipurpose! Fyi, I play tennis and I have to focus a lot on strengthening especially the legs.

    On another note, I would suggest swimming for a good recovery. I mean in Singapore it’s sunny so it’s always good to hit the pool! I don’t know about UK though.

  • Question: is this 2 hour ‘sweet spot training’ he talks about in the video also good if I’m planning to run a 20k race? (I have this feeling its specifically for marathon training) I’ve never ran for 2 hours straight, my last time for the 20k was 1:25… so if I follow his method and run for 2 hours, does that mean I’ll have to run more than 20k, whilst training for a 20k race?

  • I can only stay in the aerobic zone when I’m going “slow.” Is it more important to do these 2 hour runs in the aerobic zone if even it is slow or just to do them at a steady pace?

  • I stopped running cuz I always thought that I was too fat and what’s the point if in 3min’s ima get tired which is why I think I started considering myself over weight

  • The 2hr run is an awesome training tool. Great opportunity to experiment and try out new forms and techniques. It was on my first 2hr run that I perfected my foot strike and on another that I fine tuned my arm swing.

  • I did my marathon 4 months after my Ironman. I was running 4 days a week, and it was very hard. If I was to do it again, I would have supplemented my tempo days for harder bike rides. I have run a bunch of half marathons this way, and I’ve been able to preserve my run legs, but have been able to push my aerobic fitness with the bike. I bested my 1/2 time by almost 2 minutes, 6 years apart.

  • I’m doing the road to the isles marathon on the 11th of May. My training is basically really simple run as much as I can and ask as many people round here if they fancy a run? If there a beginner and they want to do like 4 miles or something at a chilled out pace that’s still good to have 4 miles in the legs, like wise if there an absolute animal and you have to cling on for grim death, its good just to get lots and lots of practice in I think, on all terrains just to keep it enjoyable, motivating, and catch up with everyone’s chat! I run to the shops with a back pack for food at chilled pace which is about a 5 mile round trip and I think is like resistance training if you go and buy lots of heavy vegetables or something!

    People that are into mountain biking round this way I put on my hill running shoes and go out with them. Because of wheels this means you pretty much have to keep up a strong pace on the flats but a fairly chilled climbing pace on climbs then get to absolutely send it down some of the downhill trails which is kinda weird like 3-5 minute downhill training. It’s super fun it makes you think about foot placement line choice all that jazz and again its just getting some miles in the legs although in a strange stop starty fashion. I was initially just doing this because I broke my mountain bike and could afford to get it fixed but its really good fun actually.

    The only thing in my plan that is set in stone is one day a week I’ve got a few people that are the same level as me and we go out for a longer run which usually means its like 17-22 miles and then have a bit of a battle royal for the last 5kish to try and simulate the feeling of being in a race(it happens every week with out fail pretty much!).

    My initial aim with the last 8 months training I’d been building up was to try and go under 3:30 for the marathon. I’ve never managed before but I’m getting loads fitter and I’m pretty excited to settle into a pace on race day and just see what happens. Its pretty exposed on the coastal roads round that way I’m really hoping there’s someone tall I can sit underneath for a good portion of the race and take some shelter from the wind haha!

  • My biggest advice is to skip the half marathon and just go for the full monty. If you are able to push yourself to run 13.1 miles, you can definitely run 26.2, it is 99% mental. I was in the worst shape of my life (33, pulled hamstring, bad knees) and i ran my first marathon a few months ago. I only went on 10 training runs leading up to the marathon, so i was definitely dieing during the race but i am glad i got the big one out of the way. Next year i will probably run the half

  • Just want to say that I am, as a cyclist, training at least 2h in one ride and do this at least 4 days a week. Ok I am a student in 11. grade but what I actually want to say is that finding a 2h window in your day to train is not that hard, you just have to commit yourself and decide what your goals should be.

  • This is a great and informative video! Can you please provide the sources you got your information from? I’m having difficulty finding it as I’m attempting to review the 2+ hour time under tension adaptation papers. This makes so much sense, but I want to investigate it further. Thanks!

  • I love your content but man, I wish you would fix your audio. I makes it so hard to get through the whole video. I’m not hating. Just giving feedback because otherwise I like your content.

  • thanks! i gone run in 1.5 months the ny marathon. i run every saturday 20k, and 2-3 times in a week 5-10k. it feels i can more but my legs gets stiff very fast… got some tips for prevent this? thanks alot!!!!

  • I’ve literally just started running this week been lazy for years and I’ve entered the Brighton marathon 2020 which I want to be able to do in 4 hours do you think that’s do able I’ve got like 8 months.
    How long do I need to train and is it just a case of building endurance for now to even think about getting a 16 week training plan nearer the time.

  • I’m bot a pro runner like you, I run for conditioning & cross train with hot yoga for long hikes/backpacking trips. I like the FIRST Run Less Run Faster method, as it only runs 3 times per week, works for me. Cool vid!! Good luck on the trials.

  • This is awesome. Thank you. I will add two 2-hour runs to my weekly schedule. Does this include the weekly long run? You mentioned Sun and Thu. My Sunday is currently LSD. Secondly, I’m not clear on the pace for this steady state run. How does it compare to marathon pace? E.g. I’m just ran 4:08 in Philadelphia and hoping for a 4:00 marathon in May, or about 5:40/km pace.

  • I learned from Sage canaday watching his advice and I’m still learning, but I don’t follow a program I just try to push my self to get better, and I just found you a few weeks ago and I like you so I’ll be watching and learning as well from you my Man. Thank you!

  • great video, i really like the idea of 2hour+ training runs. I feel as that is a great way for me to also condition and run that steady pace to help prep for marathon race day!


    So I’ve been a runner for 14-15 years and I cannot tell you how dangerous it is to put your body through that much impact in 30 days. I am not sure why Buzzfeed feels the need to put their employees in such time restraints for these fitness videos. Completing a marathon is a great accomplishment whether it is done in 30 days, 6 months or years. It’s also really concerning that she came into the challenge with serious injuries already been done to her body with her previous fitness experience. Why only 30 days?!

    My main concern is that someone will see this and think “Wow, maybe I need to push myself as hard as that” or “I need to challenge myself like this”. Please don’t. Any fitness activity you do on your own time/schedule is the best way to not only prevent injury but to be happy!

    And Buzzfeed please stop trying to injure your employees!

  • QD: training peaks. It’s the best software available to track your data and also a fantastic platform for coaches to offer a wide variety of training plans that can be matched with your run data

  • Mainly Jack Daniel’s Running Formula but always interested to see if there’s anything new I can incorporate to change things up.

  • I love listening when you talk about run and how you understand every single things going on inside the body. Your knowledge it is priceless. Thanks.

  • I started running a few months ago and I really got into it. Sadly I had to stop for one and a half months because of an injury. But now I want to get back into it and this soooo motivating!

  • Great video! I’m running my first marathon (the SF Marathon) in November. Did you wear headphones/listen to music during the race? I’ve heard differing perspectives.

  • Stopped listening as soon as you said intervals are anaerobic. By the way, you run the marathon at your lactate threshold. Not once did I hear you use the proper term “I’m training my lactate threshold / inflection point”. Please use more science in your videos man, you’re misinforming so many people

  • There are definitely two schools of thought: Pile on the miles through the whole week or a single long run once a week with intervals, medium, recovery, and tempo runs.
    Like everything else, it depends on the person.
    My friend had to put in 70 mile weeks in order to BQ. On the other hand, I did the varied distance training, plus weight lifting and BQ’ed. We are about the same age, height weight, ect. It took both of us about 2 years of running marathons before we actually BQ’ed.
    It really comes down to the person. If you are the type that has no problem with logging miles daily because you find it unappealing to push through the intervals to meet the interval goals then you should consider the piling on the mileage approach.
    However if you can do the intervals and can push yourself to meet the goals for the intervals you are doing, then mixed approach might be for you.
    Piling on the mileage does take time and can be monotonous. One the other hand, intervals (if you are doing them right) aren’t a whole lot of fun either when you first start doing them. When I say doing them right, I mean you should be giving it 100% to hit your time goal for your interval and only resting for the specified time before the next. You will know you are doing them right, when you doubt whether or not it is even possible. This can be a grueling process and I can understand why people wouldn’t want to go this route.
    You will know your ready when hitting your interval goals aren’t even given a second thought.
    Again, you got to know and be honest with yourself before picking a training program.

  • I’ve been weight training for a while and I’ve put on a nice amount of muscle and I’ve realized the weight doesn’t feel good on my body and now I wanna loose the weight and I’m not a fat guy at all I’m pretty muscular will long distance running help me loose this weight or do you have any tips to help a muscular person loose weight healthily?.anyone with insight on this!

  • Finally completed my 1st marathon at the prime age of 43 on 30th Nov. It was a brutal 5:30 hrs but the sense of achievement is huge. Next target is to complete it in < 5 hrs ��

  • It’s sad but whatever your coach tells you, the most important factor is the running efficiency you have from low weight of your legs and this is 90% genetically determined

  • I desperately want to avoid the first bit,for another 8 years,looking to do marathon under 4 hours when 60 yrs 2 years in and enjoying my excercise,getting fitter,did 20 miles on treadmill 9/4 km per hour that would be 4hr 27 mins

  • Hi, can you please help?
    What speed should I train for 2 hours? My goal pace for marathon is 5:30 min/km so my goal is sub 4 hour marathon.

  • Who else came here for inspiration from this “regular person”, only to be shot down within the first minute. But still, good for her to finish it so well

  • There is so much advice on the Internet sites about what to wear and about not going out to fast why didn’t you do research and study before the marathon? You are such a slug.

  • You did not deserve a spot in our beloved NYC Marathon if you didn’t even respect it enough to properly train for it. There are so many runners who wanted your spot and who deserved your spot. NOT fair to real runners.

  • Have you ever thought about running a marathon? Let me know in the comment what your thoughts are, what your fears are, and whether or not you’re going to take up the challenge in 2020!

  • I read: Pfitzinger, Daniels, Magness, Hudson, Noakes, adapt training plans and ideas from those books. Also a lot of internet research, for instance on Canova or Tinman. And then I try and experimentl, trying new things,etc…

  • This is disgusting. She might be fit and able to run without a doubt but she has INJURIES. Saying that you should just push trought your injuries is completely insane and dangerous. If you have past injuries, it doesn’t mean you can’t run but gosh darn just take it slow and take care of your body. Absolutely do not run a marathon after just a month of training you are putting yourself in harms way and it shouldn’t be admired. Congrats to her but buzzfeed you have to realize that this challenge if done with the wrong person is very dangerous especially if you’re going to broadcast this message

  • I have an extremely unathletic friend (didnt work out at all) who ran a marathon with basically no training at all. Like, he ran twice In the months leading up to it I think. It was on a dare essentially, because he was talking about how “anybody can run a marathon”, and so we told him he couldnt, and then he proved us all wrong. He actually finished around 10 min pace average as well. We can do WAY more than we think were capable of. When our bodies are telling us to stop, were usually only about 40% spent. I’m a marathon runner, and I train a ton to be able to run marathons at the pace id like to run them at, but id say just crossing the finish line of a marathon in less than 5 and1/2 or 6 hours is a pretty realistic goal for alot of people even if they arent all that athletic/ dont train often.

  • For everyone out there, thinking about doing such thing…I am not here to discourage you, only to say, that it is dangerous…if you have never run such long distance, training for 30 days is just not enough time, and you could hurt yourself…30 days is not enough time even for someone who runs regularly, or has run a marathon…unless you have a trainer who will guide you, and a strong athletic backround without injuries, it is not safe to do

  • Hi Seth, I’ve never heard someone mention higher blood volume and hypertension because of it, through building aerobic capacity. Do you have any references that explain this further and what’s expected as normal amount of increase etc..?

  • Everyone is saying how she isn’t a normal person cuz she works out…. idk how to tell y’all this but normal people workout…. so get ur lazy ass up

  • How do you all think working out everyday is not a normal average person thing? It’s not like you have to do a crazy psycho intense workout daily but like damn y’all should be doing something every day

  • They could have chosen anybody else like she exercises regularly, and has back and knee problems like I’m proud of her, but wish they chose somebody else.

  • She’s a “regular person” compared to an elite marathon runner. She’s not going to break any records, she’s just trying to finish the race. It’s not safe to do a marathon unless you have put in significant training. A “regular” person who doesn’t workout wouldn’t be able to finish this race and would put the person in physical danger. So in the sense that she’s just challenging herself and not winning any awards, she is “regular.”

  • Next video will be, tetrapeligic swims across the Atlantic. Attachs floaters and realeses the poor bastard into the ocean. BuzzFeed your videos are a joke this days

  • No, I want a NORMAL person. Someone who aspires to be this woman but is too lazy and blames it on being busy, but in reality, they’re watching videos like these.

  • Regular person cannot fun a marathon. This is a mental challenge and not many people have the means to take up HIIT & yoga & Pilates classes & also have the time to run multiple miles.

  • A regular person would be too lazy to stick to the goal. That’s why they are “regular”. Some dude from buzzfeed multiplayer couldn’t even play switch ring fit adventure for 30 days. Do you guys think that people like him would stick to actual training and running?

  • Really really really… You are kind of pretty but really really really STOP saying really really really every six words! It is really really really annoying and for an English woman you should know better! Really!!!

  • This made me cry omg. She’s such an inspiration and I love that she’s not afraid to show her emotions through hardships to her fans.

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  • More important* than good running shoes are good socks. You can run in anything half decent, but if you’re going out in standard cotton socks, you’re just asking for blisters.

    * I’m a 7 time marathon finisher

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  • I love listening to podcasts when I’m exercising, I’m such a chatty person, I just find they’re less boring than music when music manages to become boring!

  • This running journal will inspire you to start every morning with a run. Makes a lovely gift for friends and family, sure to put a smile on their face throughout the year! MAKE A GREAT GIFT for the passionate and dedicated runner in your life! A quality diary planner for 2019 to plan your schedule, days and goals!
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  • I know this video is pretty old but I am so happy I found this and hopefully you see my comment! I’m currently training for my first half marathon and raising money for charity (1st time as well!). I’m so excited to do this for a good cause, my donations will go to American foundation for Suicide prevention. Do you have any tips or creative ways you raised money for your charity?

  • I noticed at 1:34 minutes a clip of starting line up at chiang mai marathon, are you in Thailand? And you’re a hoka oneone athlete, I read reviews on hokas, many reviews mentioned about how hoka have issues with heat and ventilation in long distance running could you share your experience in running in them. Cheers. Thank you so much for the vdo.

  • This just seems like a big sponsor tbh. And who the hell is going to listen to a STORY whilst training for/running a marathon?! Sure

  • No offense but the diet you propose after the “oat n berry” breakfast looks like a liver killer. Even beer is better if you need energy for long distances and it even has less impact on your liver than a protein shake. Not trying to prove something here, this is just my opinion according to my personal experience. I suggest that anyone who looks for serious advice should filter his knowledge through his doctor and personal experience before adding it to his own routine. Although thank you for your videos please don’t stop. Cheers.

  • I ran my first 10k (marine corps marathon 10k) yesterday, with a time of about 1:10, I’m officially going to start training for my first half marathon next week. I’m only 14.

  • I honestly watched this video to get tips for actual exercises and not just marathon tips, and i found this so helpful. Thank you!

  • my first marathon was a small event training for my first full distance. Don’t do it. You don’t need to! Unless the run is worth it by itself.

  • Hey everyone!
    So I was going to run my first marathon last year, but I tore my ACL, and meniscus. Well now I am fully recovered, but can anyone give me tips on running long distance? I used to run long distance quite easily, but ever since I had my surgery it has been a tad bit hard, since my knee still hurts where the screws were placed.
    I plan on running my first marathon in 2018, but would really appreciate any tips you guys could give on helping me keep my injury free!! THANK YOU!!

  • Have you heard about the barefoot running movement? Supposedly running shoes tend to cause a bigger impact when running and pushing your heels towards the ground. When you are running barefoot, the impact is on the correct place which is not the heel but further towards the toes. I don’t know if I believe this, but it is certainly interesting!

  • For the hamstring stretch (forward fold), keeping your legs totally straight can do damage over time. It’s good to have a slight bend in your knees and act as if you’re pushing your feet into the ground so your legs engage. Engaged muscles during stretches help prevent tears.

  • how can ppl love running?? like it’s so tiring, boring and pain �������� I try very hard to love it, to enjoy the nature but urrgh… to no avail. everytime I’m preparing myself to run, I dread it ������

  • If you’re training for a full distance triathlon you won’t be able to run 6/7 times a week. Unless you don’t have a job….more likely 3 runs a week

  • I would really love a video on starting running for the first time! I want to start but there aren’t any parks near me, just roads without pavements!! I just don’t know where to start or how to start!

  • I would pass on the advice every beginner marathon runner gives themselves after their first marathon “I wish I had done more training”. 26 miles is a really long way and preparing for it takes a long time.

  • Is it odd to have elevated blood pressure in the AM for 48 hours after 2 hour sessions? I do carry a bit more muscle than the average endurance athlete at 180lbs so was curious if anyone else tends to keep a higher blood pressure during training blocks where a lot of the sessions are 1-2.5 hours.

  • Hey Seth just came across your video. Do you take any hydration breaks in your these 2 hour + runs. I live in Miami and it can get REALLY HOT

  • you’ve inspired me to run! I just finished my first 10K and signed up for a half marathon in November and planning on a marathon next year:)

  • damn I’m crying<3
    I am planning to do ran a marathon in some years or when quarentine ends and this give so much inspiration!
    LOL I know that is literaly 3 years later but congrats!

  • Well I’ve got a marathon about a year away and I am so out of shape so I guess I should start running a little bit and gradually increasing the distance so I can work up to a full marathon by the time next year…. also I should probably start eating a lot healthier. Wish me luck for my marathon next year!