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700 Calorie Burn Jump Rope Workout

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You can avoid this by not giving in twice and letting lazy couch momentum build. This is one of the few times in your life when it is smart to muster up some willpower and just make it happen. No excuses, just put on your sneakers and walk out the door. You don’t have to work out at full intensity if you don’t want to. On the off chance that you can’t find the time to workout you could practice this simple and amazing routine right at home.

You won’t believe a simple skippi. The general rule is that if your illness is above the neck (e.g., runny nose, sore throat) you can safely workout. If your illness is below the neck (e.g., stomach issues, lungs, full-body aches) it’s best to rest. But in the early stages of a really bad cold, we still say it’s totally fine to skip the gym. Set 2: Jump rope for 30 seconds straight while alternating feet, practicing shifting your weight back and forth and tightening your core.

Rest for 90 seconds between reps. Rest for 90 seconds. Why Skipping Is Better Exercise for You Than Running Written by Kimberly Holland on May 8, 2019 Share on Pinterest Experts say skipping burns more calories and is less stressful on the knees and. When it came to skipping my workout routines, I noticed that the biggest changes weren’t with my body but with my mental health. Good Subscriber Account active since In the end, I learned that exercise can and should be personal, individual, and of course, healthy as opposed to obligatory or obsessive.

For novices, a beaded rope is recommended because it holds its shape and is easier to control than a lightweight cloth or vinyl rope. Adjust the rope by holding the handles and stepping on the. Skipping is a high intensity cardiovascular workout that will really get your heart pumping. A good workout should have you working at 85 percent of your maximum heart rate.

This is calculated as 220 minus your age. A 30-year-old will have a maximum rate of 190 and a 60-year-old will have a maximum rate of 160. These expert tips may help you to stop skipping workouts. Find something you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy running, visiting the gym, or lifting weights, you won’t be motivated to do them.

So, don’t. “If the gym isn’t your jam, try a recreational league sport,” recommends Lam-Feist. “Go for a walk, a hike, or try frisbee golf. Form tips for trying your first skipping rope workout Don’t skip these form tips from Equinox’s Christa DiPaolo and you’ll be top of the class. Stay low to the ground, knees soft, and stay light.

List of related literature:

Reorganize your schedule so that you can do most of those, although that may mean skipping some of the workouts that maintain your strengths.

“The Cyclist's Training Bible” by Joe Friel
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Skipping is a very difficult exercise to do for prolonged periods.

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Just try to keep the skipped workouts to a minimum.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
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I like skipping, you don’t.

“Our Race for Reconciliation” by Anita Heiss
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If you’re feeling like you want to give up or skip a day or two, remember that you’ll never regret working out, but you may regret choosing to skip it.

“Basic Training For Dummies” by Rod Powers
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Don’t skip these breaks from training in order to do more hard training.

“The Triathlete's Training Bible: The World’s Most Comprehensive Training Guide, 4th Ed.” by Joe Friel
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Even 10 minutes of skipping is a great workout.

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
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Add a second set of the exercise after a thirty-second break Add a challenge by repeating the whole workout from beginning to end, skipping the warm-up exercises.

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Skipping is an excellent drill for working the striding muscles.

“High-powered Plyometrics” by James Christopher Radcliffe, Robert C. Farentinos
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What are the reasons you give yourself for skipping your exercises?

“The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook” by Martha Davis, Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman, Matthew McKay
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  • Guess I’m starting from a very low fitness level bc towards the end I could only do the rope jumping and took the abs-time as extra break time. Sweating like a madwoman nevertheless. This feels so gooood to my body, will keep going and I can’t wait to reach my top! Thank you so much guys.
    UPDATE: 1 week later I’m doing the whole thing! You guys are the best instructors on the internet!

  • What I love about this guy is that he is not like other professionals even he makes mistakes sometimes while exercising this is a real tutorial

  • hi holly do i need to
    do this daily to loose weight? what do u eat daily so i can make sure im gonna loose weight? thanks hope u notice me i am reallh serious to loose weight thank u

  • I don’t have a jump rope, if instead of using a jump rope I do “Jumping jacks” or normal jump, would it work? Would it burn the same calories?

  • Lol i thought i plugged in my charger then i realize I’m not charging and its the sound of the count down ����������‍♀️ i guess its for iphone users? �� iphone users anyone? Do you agree? ��������

  • Tracked it on my Apple Watch, sorry to break it to y’all, i only burned 250 calories in those 5 rounds. This was with 15 sec rests between each round.

  • I am 19 years old and i do 15 mins a day 40 secs jump and 20 seconds rest….. I do this as a warm up before my workout �� And Now i will try 60 second jump and 15 seconds rest to increase my stamina more ��������

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  • Get The Best Jump Rope for Weight Loss:
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  • god damn man, I can’t go more than like 15 seconds before tripping on a normal bounce let alone all this crazy stuff. Guess I gotta practice

  • Scott Adkins:”
    You can be as good as you want to be. The main thing is to work hard and believe in yourself”Charity collection for equipment-WebMoney WMID 879329632430 Z721659873225



  • 2020 and this just inspired me even more since I just started running 1.5 mile a day and will add this to my workout 2-3 times a week

  • Tell me this is good and it’s for cardio 5 times and I’ll do this for 2 weeks straight, I’ll be updating everyday if ever hohochaaam

  • I feel like Captain America in Age of Ultron when he scolded Iron Man for his language, but, sheesh, not for me. To each his own, I guess.

  • I used to add a few rounds of jump rope to my workouts. A minute on and a minute off. I thought I was doing ok. I’ve been following your vids for a couple years now and aI am so far beyond that. I never thought I’d have this much endurance.

  • I dunno how people always talk about jumping rope in terms of time. I found counting skips way easier.
    I’ve been jumping rope for around a fortnight now to lose weight. Today I started a new regimen sandwiching pushups into rope jumping, hoping it to work. I’ve noted 16 types of pushups.
    So the process is…. 200 skips, then one set of 20 pushups of any one type. Repeat this for 10 times. So I have 2000 skips and 10 types of pushups with gaps of approximately 25-30 seconds throughout.
    Anybody think I’ve planned good?

  • This is really a great exercise, easy and effective ����
    I picked up the pace through the weeks ����.., not taking breaks in btw and completing the circuit without any breaks ����

  • I got confused if something is wrong with my timer or its from the video so I searched in the comments and I released that everyone had the same problem and it was the timer

  • I would say 1st step… get under 10% or no veins on legs unless u genetically do not store much fat there and ur body stores the most fat elsewhere. Next would be hairless ye hahaha

  • I started jump rope around three months ago and enjoyed it so much that I soon got to 60 minutes 5 times a week. I keep damaging my feet and knees, from torn meniscus to metatarsal stress fracture, so I keep being forced into taking breaks. I videotaped my technique…anyone who could take a look at them what I’m doing wrong?


  • In future could you say what’s coming up before it happens.. I was resting more than doing by the end as you finished explaining 
    the move with 10 seconds of the rep to go

  • I definitely sweated ALOT but surprisingly I did not die. This is massive for me because yesterday I almost died from this (not literally)

  • Not sure how I stumbled upon JRDs several weeks ago. Ended up buying the full Crossrope set, now jumping is a major component of my fitness program. I completely revamped my entire fitness regimen.

  • I need skipping rope like that….mine was a kiddie rope and I broke 2 of them aready….been skippin for a year but I want that professional rope….and btw…Its the best by far workout in just 2 weeks ull burn fats

  • Guys, I think we should create a whatsapp group for fitness and weight loss. That way as soon as one of us starts to lose hope or gets demotivated then that person can write in it and we can help remotivate them. Comment on this if you think the same with your name and number. I’ll create the group as soon as I get the firat comment. Then we’ll just keep adding people to it. Let’s help each other.

  • Amazing first saw for videos like year a go but I started last month people are saying I look more fit that’s with like barely 10 mins a day thankyou. Godbless from Cathy a palm springs Ca do the thing right now

  • I literally burn like 5-600 calories jumping rope for 30 minutes however doing HIIT workouts with orange theory for an hour is usually less lmao I can’t believe it. Like how?

  • As an amateur boxer and crosfitter I love love love jump rope. A really graceful way to get fit which I enjoy. And I found that the only way I really can get myself to workout outside the ring and gym is with these videos. Jump rope is so effective because it’s a grind and not an explosion. It’s real easy to push through pain but hard as hell to grind and grind on the rope

  • I might do this but since I have no friends or embarrassed to ask someone to time me. You can count to 100-120 jump ropes as that will be about 1 minute depending on your shape/energy. I am not sure how many I can do in 60 seconds myself yet either. I lost weight, 173.8 to 166.8 but that was me doing my own shit and workout routine. I am simply thinking about purchasing a Jump Rope to add to my workout routine but must be committed to doing a jump rope workout in the morning before eating my Oatmeal. And I lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks if anyone is wondering. So yeah, I think it time to add a jump rope workout into my routine.

  • To answer your question no but because it was my first day so hopefully to the days coming I’m upping the stamina to finish the challenge

  • I found you guys a couple months ago and I couldn’t even jump with one hop per swing. Now, I can do different jumps and single lep jumps and it is one of my favorite things to do. It is so motivating to achieve a goal. The next one is figuring out to do the double swing. My coordination isn’t that great lol.

  • Started yesterday morning! Loved it. And just finished Day 2 of doing half hour of jump roping. This is amazing. Brings me back to childhood and its just fun. My new favourite way to break a sweat ✨��‍♀️
    Your videos are incredible! Thank youu!! ��
    I also love how jump roping like running forces you to improve your posture and works your core ��

  • YO. After this video I jumped rope 5 minutes everyday for a whole month. I actually saw a result!
    What I also did was a healthy diet tho.

  • I’m on my second challenge. This took me a little longer as I only have one set of handles but I’m now on my floor exhausted and sweating.

  • thank you for this vid, as a dancer i found this very beneficial to my stamina and it was a nice add on to my already ab focused strength classes ������

  • Hi I have finished almost a month of doing this workout.. and trust me I can see the outlines of my abs.. I have lost fat from places I never imagined I wud. Specially face and double chin…thank you sooo much guys..
    Now I will include jump ropes in alternate days of my gym shedule..
    Never imagined it will be more fun than cycling or spinning..

  • Hey guys. I’ve been jumping rope for about a month now, but I see no change on the scale or on the tape.Been stuck at 60kgs with no change in body fat percent. I am in a calorie deficit (1000cal). Am I doing something wrong? Im getting frustrated. Please help.
    Context: I’m 17. 60kgs. 5’2″
    I jump for about 30minutes everyday consistently with 1-2 min breaks between sets. I take a break once a month because of my periods but otherwise I’m veey consistent.

  • I am going to do this 2 times a day wish me luck!! I’ll update every day
    Day 1this was HARD but I made it through and walked 30 minute
    Day 2 I walked ALOT I was busy and I did the workout twice it was hard but I did it
    Day 3I ran 1.2 km before my workout
    I did some walking today not alot wasn’t busy but I did the workout twice it was somehow harder today but I did it.
    Day 4-

  • Just made my purchase today… Can’t wait (″・ิ_・ิ)っ… Love you guys… You make it seem fan instead of like a chore… VERY APPEALING!!!

  • Day 1!!
    Gonna do this for 2weeks
    Starting weight:56.4kg
    Goal:53kg( by the end of two weeks)

    Will keep you updated!
    Someone plz like this or comment on this so that I can find my comment to update.


  • I am so happy that I came across this video because it’s much better to jump rope with someone rather than doing it on my own. I completed all the sessions and I loved that bonus part. Thank you I really enjoyed it����‍♀️

  • I lose weight but still have belly fat,I look way way better I looked before from 98 to 70 kg I get but now i am on diet but not that big diet like before + do some weight lifting since last week I started and soem push ups and see my old man boobs transform to normal chest xd and get little muscles on arms, but I want get off that belly fat and do some exercise on it but I think about starting with Rope idk if I will do it rught but I will try my best with what you write there 5×1 minute and 15 sec pause.
    wish me good luck xd hope I will get to shake (I am 20 years old and before I never was in form everytime I was fat and and now I am finally close to my wish and goal to get to shape and lose weight:)

  • With the coronavirus thing I can no longer jog in my neighborhood so I’m looking to buy a jump rope and try to use it instead of jogging for cardio

  • Just got my rope about a week ago kinda got defeated after my first time. today surprisingly I looked at my rope and was all I’m gonna give it another shot for about 8 mins and I gotta say I’m spent hahaha! good stuff guys I’m gonna try and stay the course.

  • This is only day 2 of the 7 day challenge can I repeat these exercises for more than the 7 days and lose weight? I need to lose about 50 pounds pls reply thanks ��

  • Huh. Im a beginner and I set myself up for 10mins. Which I can do. But oh my goodness. Im beat by the time Im done. Im on day 2. Already doing better than yesterday as far as skipping goes. Ive noticed I need a different rope. The rope twists in the handle and trips me up some. But hey day two! 65 more to go for making it a habit!

  • If you’re genetically amazing-looking to begin with, jumping rope every day will make you look even more amazinger. And if you didn’t win the genetic lottery at the moment of conception, jumping rope will… make you leaner. So keep your hopes reasonable life is always somewhat considerably rigged to begin with.

  • Hi, I have muscular calves so I wanted to ask if jumping ropes does make calves bigger/becoming more muscular? Or is it gonna get big due to increased muscle mass but will get leaner overtime due to shed off calves fat? Thankyou:)

  • Okay iwill give it a try,i Will do this in 1-2 weeks and i Would see the results. just like this to remind me for the update,i do this for increasemy height tho!
    Day 1:done,i feel like super dying,i feel my leg muscle is hurt so badly.but i Will keep going on track!
    Day 2:i did it yay,day two is not that bad as yesterday lol
    Day 3:uhh i did it this morning isorry for the late updated i forgot hehehe
    Day 4:i lose 0,4 when i Wake up lol i do calorie deficit too btw.
    Day5:rest day
    Day 6: done

  • You should go to gym I go. There are loads of people with good upper body but stick thin legs. Makes you laugh when they admire themselves in the mirror not looking at the other half of their bodies.

  • I just love rope jumping never knew i would like it so much. Other cardio did not work for me. Rope jumping is just awesome. Lost 6kg in a month

  • I started doing 3 days ago.
    You guys are gonna safe my life.
    Also right now I can only do normal skipping I can’t do the motion you make with your feets ( idk what they are called) Is it okay?

    I know I’ll learn eventually

  • This workout is my go to for cardio and toning. I jump with a band around my legs and I alternate each set to do some form of glute workout.

  • Damm I thought doing this video once will burn 700 calories and I was so happy and the it said repeat this 4 times and I didnt know how to react…

  • Can i do jumping jacks instead of freestyle jump ropes. Because just now i don’t have jump ropes. I am going to biy it soon. Thnx.
    Sorry to ask.

  • I have been doing 5 to 10 min every day for 2 months, i havent lost any weight or belly fat but my blood pressure is lower, from 140/80 to 114/78 pretty good right? Thank you Dan and Brandon, God bless you.

  • I have a question about jump rope length. You said that a jump rope should go over the chest, but under the armpit. Does a persons width make any advantages or disadvantages to the exercise? I’m wider and a little bit broader than the average person, would that affect my ability to jump with the recommended rope length?

  • Been doing this everyday before my actual workout in the gym and I feel amazing as heck! 5 weeks in and Cardio is through the roof! Sometimes I do it twice when I feel really good afterwards. Thank you for inspiring me to DO THE THING!

  • Me watchingthis video:This looks like a breeze pfff who cant do this.
    Also me after trying this: I cant talk I’m outta breath and outta shape apparently. haha fun workout����

  • Hey friend! Disturbing you again.
    I am 15 year old ( will be 16 in Nov) and is of 55 kgs and want to get of 50-52 kgs. Can you please upload a video on jump rope fat burning/ fatloss workout for teens of my age. I am a skinny fat, so…..
    By: Kush D. Vyas

  • okay, i’ve always wanted to do it, like doing a promise in the comments. I’m gonna start it, i’ll do it for 2 weeks and i’ll tell you guys every single day, so PLEEEASE help me.(sorry for my bad english, i’m brazilian)
    waist:74cm, thigh:63cm
    day 1:✅ it wasn’t that hard, it gets easier as the exercise passes
    day 2:✅
    day 3:✅
    day 4:❌
    day 5:✅

  • i love skipping and just discovered this amazing workout. during quarentine i gained A LOT of weight, so i’m looking forward to burn it:)))). current weight: 67.5kg // goal: 60kg. let’s do thisss

  • I’m 5’6” weighing at 160 lbs more muscle than anything, I have some fat around my stomach area so I should be able to lean out to around 145 (: excited

  • I’ve been jump roping 1000 skips a day. I correspond to this with a caloric deficit and commonly skipping lunch on most days. Is this adequate enough to witness a fat loss process? I’m aiming to lose 18-20 pounds…
    Edit: I’ve improved over 2 weeks of Jump roping everyday, decided to change to 30 Minute workout with 1 min rest every 5 minutes. My form and skills and speed has improved drastically, and am probably 2x faster and more efficient

  • After I stoped jumping rope for about a year, I’m very happy to do it again, it’s time to be consistent again & get finally my transformation ¡see you in summer!

  • Today is my first day I do 150-200 jumps in a minute and I did 1000 jumps in 10 mins like I took break of 1 min after each 1 mins of jumping.
    I think I do really fast jumps. Sweating much!
    Day 1 ✓1000 in 10 mins
    Day 2✓1200 in 20 mins
    Day 3-✓ 2000 in 20
    Day 4✓ 1600 in 20
    Day 5✓ 2000 in 15mins16 secs
    Day 6✓ 1200 in 15 mins with 15 secs break after every 1 mins. ��
    Day 7✓
    Day 8✓

  • That hiit high knee jump rope after abs made me prayer for an extended Break time..thanks a ton..
    Keeping a tab on my weight with adding cardio using this circuit.
    Day 1: 56kgs

  • Thanks brother jump rope actually helped.. I wanted to ask a simple question.. I do pull-up and push-up.. Can i change push-up to overhead press

  • I think that the kick thing means. That if u practice 10 000 different kicks u aren’t as much of a “threat” as someone who practiced one kick 10 000 times. Also I love jumping rope lol

  • I started Jumping with this video since 2017 and it has been my one only work out for stabilizing my weight with pilates and some core workouts. Thank you

  • like some in the comments, im going to try to stick with this and come back with my results! (just for the record im really short so seeing my weight you might wonder why do i want to lose any but really i want to get fit/toned, maybe lose a lil in my belly but not much else)
    7/22: 114 lbs, belly/love handles larger than desired, have slightly toned legs, nothing else toned
    FIRST WORKOUT: couldnt do all the jump rope sessions, but did as many as i could without falling over. completed all the other exercises tho. what a workout! i am very out of shape so that was very hard for me, but i will push through!
    7/27: did the jump rope workout on wed and fri. did the abs workout here on thurs and sun. I HAD to take a break on saturday because i was sore all over. my calves took awhile to recover, and are actually still sore today.:/ i want to push myself and i did by doing it both wed and fri, but i dont want to damage my muscles instead of promoting regrowth. so i still will not be able to jump rope today, but maybe tomorrow. i will do the ab workout again today tho. i am a hermit who sits at their computer all day, and i get virtually no exercise other than stairs (pc is in the attic) so this is a lot for my body! one day it wont be tho (: ill stick with it!!! o ya also im at 112.5 lbs now (:
    8/4: had some personal issues, missed quite a few days in a row (4) of exercise but getting back into it. still think its been beneficial, as im at 110 lbs rn. trying to work harder at it so i can lose more quicker but its okay. ive been doing the ab workout more than the jump rope just because my legs get sore from jump rope and i dont wanna tear my muscles!
    8/11: still struggling with exercising every day. i missed three or four days since last week. but, getting exercise 3-4 days a week is still better than 0 days lol so im still mildly proud of myself. just been really depressed cause of the world and not getting much of anything done… well really i didnt expect to exercise every day so im doin alright haha. havent lost anymore weight tho:/

  • Thanks alot guyzz,,,,,u ppl make my life change,,,8mnth back I was nearly 80kg… i m 60 only because of your wrkoutvideos…….your videos motivate me alot….keep on going guyz.

  • while you didn’t butcher bruce lee’s quote, you misunderstood it. It wasn’t about doing 10,000 kicks in a day vs 1kick a day for 10,000 days. It’s about a person who acquired and practiced 10,000 kinds of kicks once vs a person who only knows 1 kick but practiced it 10,000 times. It’s just a variation quote of jack of all trades, master of none.

  • Thank you for your warm up suggestions. I have serious issue with tendom (illotibal band I guess) of my knee. I hope they are gonna work

  • i tried 5 times to do the first move and the jump rope would either get stuck or like i would be going way slower so i give up and am gonna dance instead haha

  • Is it the minimum number of exercises for each for the beginners (as I have not done it before)? I remember about a year ago I tried, but the day after I was in pain and heaviness)))

  • I love this work out. It was a great place for me to start. Now ive been.doing it for a couple months but increasing the difficulty. I started doing just one round with knee highs instead of jumping. Now Im up to three of these back to back. I love to make it harder by running through the rest periods and substituting some of the easier ab exercises for harder ones. Thanks for getting me started guys! My stamina and strength have increased a ton

  • Followed ur routine today and i cant seem to do the run in place striaght lol. It tool me 42mins to do the whole exercise,2 to 3mins rest per exercise lol

  • Would it be okay if i jumped normally like without the criss crosses or single leg jumps or you know different styles? I do 2k everyday:)

  • I’m going to college in South Korea and I leave in 5 days! I’m a runner and I usually do 2.5-3 miles on the treadmill everyday, but I need to quarantine for 2 weeks in my dorm room and I can’t stand the thought of not working out, so I’m bringing a jump rope and I’m going to be doing this everyday! Thanks guys, you’re super encouraging and I never get tired of the video (even after doing it 5 times in a row haha)

  • I have a problem with jumping rope exercise, i can’t find the rythm and when i find i lose it and i can not find it again,what you would recommend me to do about this?

  • When I start jumping I nearly always get a huge headache whilst jumping that’s kinda demotivating as there’s no progress. I live in a humid tropical country so no avoiding that… (yes I do drink plenty and eat healthy)

  • Short and simple? Oh lord. Literally on the floor dying. My throat is literally the Sahara desert!!! But hey, i got day 2 downn! Super psyched for tomorrow!

  • This video started it all for me and hands down my favorite jump rope exercise from these guys, and of all time! Thank you! 2nd place is Anna’s Popsugar 10m workout, and that’s no joke. I’d like to request the Jump Rope Dudes to make a video using her workout, and remember to tie those shoes!

  • i clicked the link in her bio and got excited to have a free meal plan because everything doesn’t seem to work for me but then when she said i have to pay for it i got really sad because im a broke college student and i can’t spend $57 on plan:(

    anyways don’t mind me i just wanted to vent because i’m never going to lose weight:(

  • It’s been 1 week since i started this workout and when i started, it took me near 30 mins but today i completed it under 18 mins. So proud of myself ��. #dothething

  • Just completed day 2, sweating like crazyyyyyyyyy, even though i was slow and was tripping in between I still completed it!!!! Super happy and excited!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH

  • I’m following this video for 2020 January

    Day 1: completed
    Day 2: completed
    Day 3: completed
    Day 4: completed
    Day 5: completed
    Day 6: completed
    Day 7: completed
    Day 8: completed
    Day 9: completed

  • Hi @jumpdudes I’ve got the set is 3 ropes 1/4pd 1/2 pd and 1pd… im tripping over my 1/4 pd rope constantly can you please help me???

  • Why does Dan only do calisthenics? I just did 2 of your workouts and not enough body weight exercises when I choose you. I am trying to mix my routines a bit more

  • These workouts are SO FUN! Dan and Brennan are great virtual work out buddies. Thanks for keeping us moving ��♥️ Instagram: ikbluv

  • Wow awesome…. Could do it along… I had no confidence that I would do it… Thank you so much for the video and I’m ready to DO THE THING… Yaava… Lots of love from INDIA

  • Jumping rope is good but try doing Squat jumps straight into sprawl quickly for 2-3 minutes 100 percent will murder your stamina more than skipping.

  • Get The Best Jump Rope for Weight Loss:
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  • yo i NEVER knew how good and fast you burn calories doing this…my first week I didn’t even have a jump rope LOL
    I just jumped and pretended and I started to feel better, this starting of the week Switch released a free jump rope game (Ironic timing) and I did that for 3 days…yesterday I got me a jump rope boys!!

    No joke though about 100 calories every 5 minutes is insane to the running versus calories I used to do before this.

  • Ok, Im looking for some best workout tips and find out shaving them as most important thing to do. Second is to have your teeth super white and your eyebrow super “in”.

  • Great video great work out thank you. Greetings from Lima Perú

    Excelente video excelente entrenamiento. Saludos de lima perú, gracias

  • I am sagar from india i want jump rope but some what high for me i am ready to buy jump rope but can you give guarantee becoz price is high for me thank or you have any branch in india

  • Starting weight: 62.5
    Height: 5’3
    Day 1: Done
    Day 2: Done
    Day 3: Done
    Day 4: Done
    Day 5: Done

    Sorry for not informing you guys huhu:( but I did this routine for 2 weeks and I’m now at 60.3 kg! I have no restriction on what I eat just a moderation:)

  • If i can’t do jump rope and do only jump for 2000 times per day instead of using jump rope, is it equally beneficial for losing weight? Plz tell me. Plz plz plz.

  • List
    #1 4:08 Barbell Squats
    #2 4:52 Barbell Reverse Squats
    #3 6:08 Prone Hamstrings Curls
    #4 6:46 Seated Leg Extension
    #5 7:18 Seated Straight Leg Calf Raises