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How to Modify Burpees Beginner Tips to Become a Burpee MASTER!

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Modified Burpees FITT-RX

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6 ways to perform and modify a Burpee

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STOP Doing BURPEES!!! Burpee alternative that WON’T HARM your LOWER BACK!

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Burpee Modification Low Impact

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3 Modified Burpees

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How to Modify a Burpee

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What is it about the burpee that makes us crazy? We love to hate it. We groan and roll our eyes when an instructor or trainer asks us to do them, but we are. What Is a Modification for a Burpee? Basic Burpee.

Regardless of the specifics, all burpees involve moving from a standing position to a horizontal position Easier Modifications. To make a burpee easier, eliminate some of the explosive movements and change the angle of your Challenging. Modified Burpees exercise How to modify a burpee for HIIT workouts Website: Start your HIIT training with this workout http://w. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

Put your hands on the ground and kick your feet backward. Bring your feet back and jump up. Here’s how to do a modified burpee step-by-step: Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms at your sides.

Put your weight on your heels and lower yourself into a squat. Stand back up, and instead of jumping like you would with a regular burpee, reach up towards the sky keeping your feet planted on the ground. How To Modify Burpees (And Still Get a Great Workout) Love high intensity training but hate the impact? Let fitness expert Jessica Smith show you some modification options for moves like burpees, mountain climbe.

When your hands are elevated, maintaining proper plank position becomes easier and you’re less likely to arch your lower back. How to do them: Find a bench, chair or a box. Put your hands on it, jump the legs back, do a push up (keep the core strong!), jump the legs close to the bench, and finally jump up in the air. Modification: How to Modify a Burpee 3m 4s Teacher of The Class, Emily Mara, takes you through the modifications of a burpee.

You will find movement instructions to use if you are working with injury, restricted mobility, pregnancy, or in need of a low impact option. Share with friends. Burpees are a compound exercise that use only your body weight. The move involves a quick transition from standing to lying on your stomach by placing your hands on the ground, jumping your feet back into plank position, and then laying on your stomach. You then do the inverse of these moves to stand back up.

With your weight on your hands, kick your feet back so you’re on your hands and toes, and in a pushup position. Keeping your body straight from.

List of related literature:

If you find it too difficult to perform this move from the floor, modify it in a similar way as you did with the Burpee by using a lowbox setup.

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Measure, cut out and test fit, then cut the gains on plank pair number four.

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Swim benches, surgical tubing, and Vasa trainers are ideal for this purpose.

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For example, a popular boot camp exercise is the burpee, which involves doing a toe touch while squatting, springing back into a plank, doing a push-up, springing forward into a squat, quickly standing up and performing a vertical jump, and rapidly repeating the whole movement from the beginning (see figure 3.5).

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It’s not that different from a burpee.

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Treatment of a limited interval with coiled tubing through a packer

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(You’ll find detailed DIY sandbag instructions on, but it’s easier to just buy a sandbag from a website such as Rogue Fitness, then fill it with sand or small gravel rocks when it arrives.)

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
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Have ready a large tub, put two sticks across, and set your straining basket over the tub on the sticks, and strain your wort though it.

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Using steep hills, trees, or even large rocks can add an incline or decline element into the exercise.

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If AM is less than 1.0 Move the origin and destination of the lift closer together to reduce the angle of twist, or move the origin and destination farther apart to force the worker to turn the feet and step, rather than twist the body.

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  • I am totally practicing this. thank you! It is intemidating with my mobility issues. NOW i can work at burpees without getting hurt! Super happy with the lung and squat modification videos too. I use what i learned in my gym classes every day now. thanks so much.

  • Really nice! Thanks! Now I do the burpee which works better for my body. I do 1-3 step burpee with adding chest flexion and forward jump, my problem is jumping backwards.

  • For those of us who are in even worse shape, I modified your easiest version by doing it in front of a set of stairs. Instead of putting hands down to floor for the plank, I use the first or second stair. In this way I attain a perceived effort of light to moderate and am encouraged to do them more regularly. I hope within a couple of weeks to progress to more difficult versions.

  • If you add a squat jump super set after your mountain climbers you should be able to attain the heart rate that a full burpeee will give you AND your back will stop hurting! ����

  • I cannot do any floor based exercises because of a clavicle injury that will haunt me the rest of my life. Do you have modifications for floor based exercises that can be done standing up?? That would be a great video for me. Thank you!!

  • Hey Doc. Does the fact that my abs dome out when I do ab exercises related to having a weak back? I try to brace my abs but it still sticks out on exertion. Thanks Doc.

  • Wow, thank you so much sir! I used to do a lot of burpees but as of late they were hurting my back. I like how your main focus is on injury prevention as opposed to just getting a good burn. I was thinking about doing mountain climbers instead and after seeing this video I’m sure that it is the best alternative. Far too many exercises give you a good burn but at a cost to your long-term health.

    Thanks again!

  • Thank you for this. I’ve had a really hard time exercising properly since I was injured. These variations will help me get back in the game!

  • Oh come on! that is obviously the wrong way to do a burpee. This is like an infomercial,making the simplest task seem impossible or harder than it really is.

  • I’ll give it a try. I’ve been doing 100 burpees a day, I’ll switch over to these and report back. I’m 76 and I do have a bad back. We’ll see.

  • I’m 53 and for most of my adult life I’ve done the navy’s version of the burpee called (eight count body builders). For the past 8 yrs, usually 2-4 times monthly I do a callisthenics routine where I do from 80 -110 burpees in sets of 20 30, I also usually do one set of 20 four count mtn. climbers. I have had a lot of lower back issues most of my life, up until the last yr anyway. I now I do five lower back stretches daily that have eleaviated most of my occasional lower back pain. Are mountain climbers as effective a workout as the burpee?

  • Thank you so much for these videos!! Just started working out again to loose weight (I’m almost 200 lbs with knee and back pain) with my sister in law (recently had a baby) and mother in law(50+ with joint pains) using a workout program my sister in law purchased. My mother in law was complaining about back pain especially on “Ab days” who’s exercises consisted of so many back breakers!!! With all of us oblivious to how bad these back breakers are, I still knew we were all potentially hurting ourselves especially with our form so it prompted me to look up alternatives for us and I found your page!! Gonna go buy your book and show all your videos to both ladies I’m working out with! Thank you for saving our backs!!!

  • I’m not sure I agree with this video. Where is the scientific evidence or studies to support this theory. A Burpee I believe is like a Deadlift. You hinge at the hips. To do this properly you need good hip mobility.The hands go in between he legs and legs pop out inline with the hips, knees and ankles in line. This point your core must stay strong and tight. If you have good hip mobility and the movement is controlled and core is tight at the plank phase the Burpee is a safe exercise. The exercise is dangerous for people with lack of hip mobility who excessively round back, don’t tighten core at the pushup stake and let form sag in high fatigue states.

  • ive hurt my knee i was so worried i cant keep that stamina from hiit by quiting burpee, this looks perfect, zero pressure on the knee thankyou so much!

  • Dr. Rob, thank you, your advice makes perfect sense. I’ve been doing burpees with hands on a box because I don’t have the flexibility to get my hands on the floor (I’m an overweight 50-year-old male). What would be a simple and safe at home full-body workout? Would this work? Without equipment: Squats, Press-ups, Jump Rope, Mountain Climbers, Leg Raises?

  • Awesome! I have a 6 week challenge and it calls for 50 burpees. This will definitely help. I cannot do them, and I will to start trying them just to hurt myself. Great video ����

  • Thank you for this as an obese person beginning my second life weight loss journey. I use the first version. My current routine is five Burpee’s, five second plank, five but lifts, five second leg raises on both sides. It only takes me a couple minutes and I get a small workout in every single day. Hopefully one day I can up my quantity to 10 or 20.

  • Wish I had seen this before herniating my L4, I used to do very high intensity circuits 3x week with probably over 300 burpees, I did this for 12 years before it happened, believe me it will eventually happen. I actually substituted to mountain climbers as a replacement

  • Thanks to your advice I replaced burpees with Moutain Climbers and my back was way better in a week. Now I’ve added Sit throughs which are even harder than burpees. What do you think of sit-throughs?

  • Thank you for showing me this! I’m overcoming a strain in my lower back four months ago. Plus, my arms seem too short to do burpees properly. So, I’ve been looking for a comparable alternative. I like doing mountain climbers instead. I appreciate you showing the correct position for the most effective results. Way to go, Dr. Rob!

  • Sad. Very sad that a doctor will tell you this. Listen up, i fell of a two story building 10 years ago, crushed my l5 and l4 was. Legs broken, concussion.

    I am doing crossfit now, i healed up with metal plates in my anckle, wrist and knee. I couldn’t walk. The only movement that helps now to relief some lower back pain in burpees and a good run.

    Its laziness. So called doctor talking shit on youtube. What do you know. They told me i would never walk again. Well guess doctors dont know much afterall

  • Denise,
    So glad you’re feeling better! Typically when people have low back pain with planking their abdominal bracing isn’t efficient enough to stop the lower back from hyper-extending. Practice a much harder brace (pretend you are wearing a tight belt around your core and you are trying to expand your core muscles OUTWARD to break it from the inside out). Start with a knee plank with this bracing mechanism. Once that is easy progress to a full plank with that harder bracing mechanism. Once you’re efficient with the new bracing mechanism your pain while planking should be gone. Also, watch my YouTube video on intraabdominal pressure/bracing (the one with the balloon). Thanks for your support! Enjoy a healthy back! ��������

  • Thank you so much for your videos, they are so helpful and saving my back! I purchased your app too it is great. I have a question I have a lot of tightness and discomfort in my lower back, especially when I do plank. I feel it right in my lower back. Is it ok to do plank with my knees down? Or am I just not ready for plank and should I focus on some of your other exercises. Thanks again for everything.

  • Unless your hips are super flexible burpees are going to be detrimental to your lower back. Just do mountain climbers then stand up and do squat jumps. That’ll get your heart rate up and spare your back. ����

  • Great video mate.Took up 30 day burpee challenge,had a soar back from day 3 got worse on day 5, and ur video pinpoints the exact reason for it. Isn’t there a safe way to do burpees without straining the back. Also is mountain climbers as effective as burpees. Cause in just 5 days I say great benefits from burpees. (Apart from back pain ��)

  • I was doing burpees about 6 weeks ago and on the extension portion of the exercise where you kick your legs back I felt a pull and I have been having lower back problems since. Movement has increased by 80 % but I wake up stiff every morning. Do you think I have sciatica?

  • I was just looking at proper burpee vids, cuz I haven’t done them in years. 1 reason. I try to go hard with my exercises here and there. I did so many burpees in one workout after awhile my lower back felt like #%$&.

    I never did another burpee again. I listen to my body. Lower back pain of mine is due to my weak glutes and abs. It’s been a journey learning and “unlearning” if you know what I mean. I’m 45 now. And love to be active. But have not been consistent in years.

    Anyway, THANKS for this vid cuz I am post radial head replacement surgery and i desperate to find exercises that help me sustain a certain pressure to my elbow that extends about 93% of the way out. It’s been a year. Point is I’m still working on push ups ya know.

    Anyway, just really wanted to say thanks. ��

  • Burpee away my friend. Just please don’t recommend it to others. You are definitely in the minority. There are always exceptions to rules/situations. I’m glad your back is feeling better.

  • Great explanation and cueing. Was trying to explain to my trainer why burpees even modified were hurting my back and I couldn’t come up with the right description. And this is a good substitute for my back flexibility.