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5 Home Workout Mistakes KILLING YOUR RESULTS! ep3. Abs & Belly Fat Exercises

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There are lots of questions, confusions and mistakes made along the way. But over the years of working out and training thousands of clients around the world, I have put together 5 of the most common mistakes made when it comes to working out. The Mistakes: You’re not following a specific program.

Avoid the 5 Biggest Workout Mistakes. Luckily most of us can tell the obvious things not to attempt at the gym — no matter what Instagram says. However, there are other, less egregious exercise mistakes many of us make and have no idea how bad they may be.

Here are four common workout blunders and how to fix them so you can stay safe and get the results you want. Keep your neck in a neutral position. Tucking your chin—Tucking your chin to your chest–keep your chin untucked and gaze towards the ceiling. this will keep your neck straight, prevent any straining, and help you target your abdominals more effectively.

Anchoring your feet—Keep your feet stable on the floor. Well, our Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour is here the 5 common workout mistakes, and how to fix them to avoid an injury! Here are the most common mistakes that people make at home and at the gym: 1. Resting – Too many water breaks or too many breaks at the gym saying hi to friends. Drink water before you start working out or on your.

Fitness Mistakes. Getting a good workout does not mean that the individual has to participate in a gym membership or work with a personal trainer. However, by understanding some of the most common fitness mistakes, an individual can avoid them and get more out of their workouts. Following are five common fitness mistakes: 1. If you are making these 15 common exercise mistakes you could be wasting your time—or worse, setting yourself up for an overuse injury that can keep you out of the game for a long time.

Muscle soreness is one of the most common reasons people skip their workouts. One way to lessen the soreness is to stretch for the right amount of time after working out. “During a workout, small micro-tears begin to form in your muscle tissue due the force and resistance you place on your body during intense exercise,” says Kelsey Decker. Fitness experts spoke to WebMD about 20 of the most common exercise mistakes, you’re probably not getting a good workout, Seeking a quick fix. Here, I have compiled the most common workout mistakes, and how you can avoid them so as to achieve your fitness goals successfully. This article is written with an objective to educate you with the necessary knowledge before you begin an exercise routine so that you avoid the most common mistakes that people usually make.

Curling couldn’t be more simple. You pick up a barbell or dumbbell, set your shoulders, and lift the weight up to your chin.Yet I see folks screw up this arm day favorite way too often, and, usually, the issues are more nuanced. Believe it or not, a shoddy curl can actually strain your back and elbows, so it’s important to treat even the most basic moves with respect.

List of related literature:

Mistake number two is to guide one’s training too much by plans and not enough by the way one’s body responds to planned training.I made both of these mistakes in my own running career.

“Run Faster from the 5K to the Marathon: How to Be Your Own Best Coach” by Brad Hudson, Matt Fitzgerald
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THIRD SET: Add more weight to bring the failure point down to 8 to 10 repetitions.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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If you were going to use the 10 sets of 10 training method, follow these guidelines.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
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In part 2, I highlight common faults associated with specific training movements.

“Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance” by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
from Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance
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For example, consider giving up the pedantic journaling of reps and sets in the middle of your workouts.

“Present Perfect: A Mindfulness Approach to Letting Go of Perfectionism and the Need for Control” by Pavel G Somov
from Present Perfect: A Mindfulness Approach to Letting Go of Perfectionism and the Need for Control
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These five exercises are by no means comprehensive.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
from Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
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Have I structured my routine around the prevention of my common mistakes (like missing workouts late in the day)?

“The 5 A.M. Miracle: Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast” by Jeff Sanders
from The 5 A.M. Miracle: Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast
by Jeff Sanders
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These routines require little deliberation because they are built on repetition.

“Occupational Therapy with Elders E-Book: Strategies for the Occupational Therapy Assistant” by Rene Padilla, Sue Byers-Connon, Helene Lohman
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For example, you don’t break up the first 21 reps into one set of 10 and one set of 11 with a short rest where you quickly catch your breath.

“Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body” by T. J. Murphy
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A great way to mix them up: Do one of the first three workouts early in the week, then choose a second from numbers 4 through 7 later in the week, at the track.

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
from The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!
by Adam Campbell
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  • Guys I want to ask u about something. I have a fat belly and I wanted to remove hip dips so
    I started to do a resistant workout two mounths ago but as a result my belly becomes more fat and I still have the same hip dips. Guys wgat do you think about this? Is there any solution for my case?

  • Can you please just move to California and train me?! I will also get you the BIGGEST clientele in Malibu and Los Angeles! Lol ����❤️

  • Hanna, it may be personal for some ladies, but do you mind making a video on effective ways to work out when someone has their period/”time of the month” please? I HATE working out during that particular time, but I also hate being a potato couch just because Mother Nature wants to make a special visit. Maybe also incorporating what foods to avoid during that time would also be helpful!

  • Oh shit, I’m actually grateful for the wrists trick. My wrists are always killing me as I’m doing my workouts, causing me to give up on those exercises that require this specific position. Thank you.

  • You’re so friendly you smile on every explanation you do and you don’t hesitate to reply a single one of us I love your humility n patience ������

  • Omg why is she so pretty and kinddddd
    Seeing her smile so often makes ME smile uwu
    And these tips are so helpful like every now and then I go ohhhhh so thAts why it hurt like hell when I do it
    Thank you for this video! Ur saving lives i tell ya!

  • Can you do a shoulder one please! And include common exercises like shoulder dumbell press. Arnold press. Barbell press (hand placements). Lateral raises. Cable lateral raises. Ect xx
    Love you Hanna ��

  • Hej Hanna.:) Ett par extra tips på alternativ i front squat om man får ont i handlederna. Man kan testa att fästa dragremmar i stången och hålla i remmarna istället. Fick idén från en video av Megsquats. Testade själv för några veckor sedan och det är ett riktigt bra alternativ. Själv har jag tidigare använt handledsstöd när jag gör front squats och tycker att det avlastar handleden väldigt bra också. <3

  • this is my first time watching one of your videos and i just wanna say i noticed how much you smile in this video! i love it so much your smile is so beautiful! ��♥️♥️

  • I really want an answer for my question.
    I naturally have a big butt and since I was little, my butt was already toned.

    So the question is… I tried doing these type of exercises (because I’m insecure) and if I do stop doing the exercises for butt…. Is it going to be in the same shape as it was before or is it going to be smaller? Because they say when you stop doing these, your butt is going to be smaller and you’ll have to go from scratch. Please I really really need an answer since Google doesn’t have the answer.

  • I’ve watched 2 of your videos and it feels like my friend is talking to me, you look so friendly and the things you are saying are so true and usually not everybody talks about it

  • So… You telling me that this three quarantine months I tried to glow up were for nothing? I’m back to eating hamburgers, pizza and garbage. I’m done.

  • Thanks for doing all those videos, that really helps to do the exercises in the right way….

    Whenever available I would really appreciate if you can give some tips for the guys over 40 (as I am) and also the benefits and tips of hiit training…

    Thanks,Cenk from Australia/Sydney

  • That thing you mentioned about separated gut from something something due to child birth… I do have that, so what exercises exactly I should avoid?

  • Omg a new videoo. I know you are going through a lot of things girl and we all feel depressed and stressed. You are getting through this. You are a powerful and beautiful woman. You inspire and motivate people to do great things.
    The video is amazing. You edit is getting more excellent, everytime your post. The voiceover is so helpful and the video so effective. I am watching rn and i love it. I really needed this. The greatest video i have seen for abs so far. Keep being this strong and goals. Your team and suports expect great things from you and we kno you are THE QUEEN. You are not alone cause #chloetingfam is hear to suport you and cheer you up! I hope this cheer up you a little bit

  • It was really very helpful but I’m 15 year old I don’t know about dieting much so I want your help for getting those flat abs…. Please kindly help me

  • Have been working out for awhile, it’s discouraging not seeing much results. Coming back here to remind myself to pay more attention to have proper postures…

  • Seriously awesome tips!!! Thanks Vince. Btw You are the best looking youtuber. You have the Perfect body. Not too bulky and not too thin. Just perfection!! ��

  • The hard thing about the breathing technique is that when you’re already exhausted, you instinctively catch your breath while doing the exercises. Especially if it’s your first day starting any program of Chloe. My tip is don’t try to finish fast even so if you feel like you have to pause in between of 2-3 exercises, then pause. The goal should be is executing the exercise precisely,

    well that’s just my opinion after one week of doing her 2 weeks shred workout.

  • Thanks for this video bro, it has helped me to know why I’ve always been feeling my shoulders tired more than normal after chest training
    Saludos desde COLOMBIA ����

  • You are the best! Thank you so much I haven’t worked out in a minute! I do greatly appreciate your advice and consistency! You’re awesome!

  • Been working out my whole life, never been told this kind of information, so helpful, thanks Vince. Look forward to more videos like this ����

  • Me: Watching the video feeling accomplished after doing day 8 of the 2 weeks abs.. ����

    Also Me: Ate a huge piece of cake before my workout. ��

  • Man, i was testing this out and i usually feel a pain in my left shoulder and for some reason in my elbow too. The pains gone away, but not in my chest, i feel it more actually… in a good way that is. Thanks for the tip!

  • This was soooo helpful, I already do those exercises, and I see a little change, I know that I not gonna see a instant result, but I’m doing this more for my health, because I was very lasy, I just was laying in bed all the time, well I still do xD but I started exercising in may and I feel great, my goal is just to feel healthy, have a little lift on my butt and burn the fat of my belly

    Sorry xD I ended talking about other thing sjjsjs

  • Chloe should you eat less than 1200cal a day and have a heavy workout routine to have a flat belly??
    I’m currently not eating empty calories but I don’t think I’m having enough carbs in my diet because I have low strength in my muscles to do the workouts���� HELP!!

  • I’ve been doing Chloe Ting’s workouts for a month now and I was not able to lay my back flat and I didn’t know how to do the up and down planks but now I can lay my back flat and I can now do them planks��

  • Me during a workout having a mini panic attack “am I actually engaging my core?? What if I’m doing it all wrong and this sweaty out of breath workout is for nothing!!!” ����

  • My problem is that I have very thin thighs and no fat on my booty so I never see results cuz I just melt the little fat I have on there and then I’m even flatter and skinnier. I mean idk how long it takes to grow the glutes to a good size (my goal rn is 93 cm and I’m at 87cm) the longest I’ve trained consistently was 2 months but that was only 2 times a week, or 3 weeks with 5 out of 7 training days and I didn’t see positive results but I honestly feel like I just wasn’t built for a big booty

  • @ Koboko Fitness. Just wanted to let you know, I took your challenge and held the glute bridge from when you mentioned it!!! I have to admit, by about 3 mins in, it was burning but I’ve continued to hold it and I’m holding now as I type haha. I actually prefer these types of exercises!

  • Steps COMPLETED!! @audreychen93
    I have been watching your channel for soooooooo long and learned so much from you. You are an amazing individual and very inspiring woman with a big heart! Thank you for all the hard work and information you put out there for us:) Wish you the best Xmas everrrrrrr xoxo

  • After years of plateau, you gave me the progress I have been seeking. I shed 2 inches off my belly fat already with your help! I am almost done with the 2 week shred and after that, I am on to another challenge ��

  • Turn on the subtitles and turn down the sound to get a video about how to get the snacks you want. I am laughing so hard. It also mistook her saying flat abs for ‘flaps and apps’. It seems that the subtitles wants us to do the absolute opposite to what Chloe Ting is telling us. Conspiracy!

  • Omg so this whole time we r so wrong ti squeeze our butt at the top of the exercise? ��‍♀️ Ughh no wonder I always get back pain after lower body exercise.

  • Can you make a video like this about carbs. I’m counting my macros with your vshred program I purchased and found this video helpful. So I’d like the same for the carbs… thank you

  • Thank u so much for this vid! I really needed this because I wasn’t getting results and didn’t feel burn in my abs. Now I know why and I will use ur tips the next time I workout!

  • I have a tiny waist and wide hips but you know what else I got deeply indented hip dips and also saddlebags! It looks like square flat butt!!!

  • this is so helpful!! But can i ask for a tutorial for frog flutters and kicks(laying on stomach)..bcz everytime i do it i feel like im pressuring my tummy area..i couldn’t lift my lower legs and squeeze my butt without feeling pressuring my tummy..can someone help ��

  • Just Found you here on YouTube and I really need to loose 15lbs �� I’ve gained Weight During this Quarantine due tome Stress and Anxiety. I’m Confident that I can take it off in the next few Months. Thanks for your Tutorials.

  • I really Don’t know why im here because this is Mens workout but i’m doing the same workout at the gym and your videos is helping a lot for me to know the correct form and give a quick progress. Well im not building muscle but i like your workout training not because you are handsome but because you’re workout tips is very Good.and i love the abs training workout that you did too. I really learned from Your videos and i can say its amazing and i do believe it will give me so much more quick progress������

  • this is a really good detail, I have tried it myself and I can feel the difference, not sure why not so many viewers on this video, Thanks a lot btw

  • I’m so grateful to you coach, till now i well understood how to train my chest with the correct way to lift dumbles, after 6 months. thank you.

  • Hello koboko, I love the way Ur.u giving me positive vibes though.lov u��������,n by the way I m Ur new sub.LV from nepal ��������

  • I was working thru shoulder pain, this nearly eliminated the shoulder completely!
    My bench went up 20 lbs today because of this video!!!!!!

  • Hello. Can anyone tell me, can I do plank (as long as my spine is in corectly position) because I have herniating, bulging disc in lower back area? I am not hard “case” with that diagnose. I have a lot weight, so how to lose it, expecially in belly area if i dont do exercise. So can anyone know? Thanks, and sorry for my bad english. I’m Europian girl. ����

  • I ❤u guys since my Mom past away������i started go to the gym��guys you are my motivation keep up the good work i wish someday to meet you it will be my dream come true��������i wish you the best��you made me laugh seriously����i will always gone watch every vlog of you��������

  • Oh my god thank you for being a female that says NO to the hip thrust in squats! It’s so bad when I see girls doing it at the gym or people promoting it! Just do the hip thrusts on it’s own. It’s a great exercise!

  • Your channel is awesome. Lots of content.
    whatever you said is so correct.
    I have subscribed to your channel now.
    Keep up the good work.:)

  • Chloe: Stop eating junk food

    Me earlier today: ate a bag of chips and two cookies for lunch cus I was focused on working out and forgot to eat

  • I haven’t been to the gym in over a week because my gym is infested. Well cause I got a flu or cold from there, so I refuse to go until this crisis is over. Meanwhile I’ve lost gains, but also lost weight. How do you deal with not going to gym?

  • I always do a an workout in the night and then in the morning it looks like the workout paid off but my mom forces me to eat a lot and by the end of breakfast I’m bloated so I have to do another workout to burn off that fat

  • Chloe Ting:Breathing technique
    Me:Starts to breathe like zenitsu from demon slayer��

    sorry just an anime weeb here who has bloated by watching anime all day and came to my saviour chloe ting because she is my hero who told me…….YOU CAN BE A HERO……. okay I should really stop now by the way that was a mha referane if it was not clear enough SHUTUP ME

  • Started out with a lack in my right pec. And my left was growing. My bench is gaining but my right pec seems to sit behind. And I’m right dominant. Any suggestions?

  • Hanna, do you know what weight your squat rack barbell is itself?
    Btw thank u for the video I had bilateral knee pain for a year and couldn’t squat now that I can again my form isn’t right and I was doing everything wrong did it today and actually felt it in my quads and glutes ����

  • i was noticing some change when doing your 2 week ab shred, but i always looked bloated around the bottom, i think i understand why now. engage your core!!

  • I just want to get a flatter stomach and lose the fat in that area but all the exercises I’ve been doing are for abs and claiming to get flatter stomach. Can someone please suggest one only for belly fat not abs?

  • Someone here stated that the plank also will not give you abs, he actually supports the booty upwards, now who the f*ck am l suppose to believe ☹️

  • I HATE when girls do the squeeze in the squats. You build better your upper glutes ( a bubble butt) when you let the glutes stick out and not squeeze them in. Form is crucial cuz you make your muscles develop the way you position your body, like if you squat with a butt wink your butt will look droopy, unless u got some good ass genes. Excellent vid. Much love from a Greek girl <3

  • Hi Hanna! Thank you for this video. I’ve been following your Full Body Guide.
    I have a concern about the leg extensions. I’ve followed your instructions to the teeee. However, I feel it in my knees instead of the quads. I’ve tried adjusting the seat, feet positioning, I don’t swing, I’ve even tried to do the move properly by lowering the weights. I’m not sure if you have any advice for this.
    Thank you!

  • You see at my school the coach loves to make us to Box squats but our “boxes” are a foot off the ground and they want our butts to touch the box

  • I know this doesn’t really address the video content specifically, but is there a reason why you (and a lot of other youtubers) chose/choose not to position the safety catches higher in case of a failed rep. Sure, the weight may be light enough to not worry about failed reps, but with squats I always set up the safeties so they’re in position even when I’m simply squatting the bar for warmup.

  • Thank you sooo much for the tips!! I’ve noticed that I’ve been doing some quad workouts wrong so thank you sooo much for demonstrating the correct formation. ������

  • Appreciate what you are giving us and love VSU training, however it is hard to follow your diet plans though, I tried it for about a month and could not keep it up, due to money and time. Thanks though your the only guy I look towards for training advice, keep it up love the posts!

  • Last year I overexercised so much that my abs turned into a six-pack?? My goal was initially to get a flat stomach, but after having that six-pack I thought I’d lose the extra muscle if I stopped doing ab exercising, I just got an extra layer of fat now and I really don’t know what to do anymore lol. I just wanted 11 abs:^;

  • hello beautiful Hanna I hope you can help me… I have lost my period. i have almost one year with out it… I don’t know if it is normal or what can I do… I use weight in my routines 6 days a week and I eat almost all food… no fat no sugar… just natural food vegetables,meat,milk etc…
    plesa help me ����

  • New subscriber! Thanks for the tips. I do a lot of jumping jacks, so that’s good to know about slightly bending the knee & I will start planking again. I realize now that I was doing them wrong. Thanks!!!!

  • Thank you sooo much for making us realize that exersing not only gives us toned body but also makes us feel good about ourselves…Love you sooo much❤️❤️❤️

  • I absolutely LOVE these videos thank you so much for diving deeper into the common mistakes than most YouTube channels. I’ve never worked with a trainer and I’m always so interested in hearing what I can improve upon. You rock!

  • You make it look so easy! I wish I could squat like you. I have very tight hip flexors so I can’t go low enough but I force myself to and that’s how I hurt my knees and back because I go fwd ��

  • Hii! Ive been doing ab exercises for around 3 weeks to a month with a small change to my diet but i never saw any change what so ever to my body and im wondering if its because of my age (started at 12 stopped at 13-current age), is it my body, or was i probably doing something wrong

  • That’s really interesting! I’ve always been told to squeeze at the top of my squats, even when I would train with an Olympic strength trainer. I’ve always felt like i don’t squat properly (that’s why I hardly do them) so I’ll try with this technique and see if there’s a difference ��

  • Riktigt bra videos, men jag tänkte på om man nu som jag känner att jag gör fel i knäböj och behöver något under hälarna för att hålla bröstet uppe, vilka stretchövningar kan jag då göra för att bli bättre? Kan du inte sätta ihop en video med stretchövningar som gör att man blir rörligare och kan göra övningarna rätt?:) du verkar så härlig och positiv, fortsätt så! kram

  • This videos was very helpful! ����
    Would like a workout step by step video for the booty and side booty workouts please! And also for back workouts

  • Wow that ‘hip thrusting’ thing during squat, I thought it was the way to grow booty. I’ve been doing it for 4 months now! This is why you don’t just accept things from one source only. Do some researches before even deciding to program the workout. Thank you girl!����

  • YOUR HAIR IS EVERYTHING �� another great informative vid! I love the way you break everything down and explain why certain postures and positions affect muscles differently

  • It would be really awesome if you provide those programs for free. Because I don’t think anyone wants to spend their money on an exercise which we don’t know will work or not….

  • I think it’s important to take note of the fact that beginners really don’t feel the abs in abs workouts for some time. In most fitness videos it just says “feel the abs, focus on them” so I think that causes a lot of confusion…thanks for the great video!!

  • So some guy told me that I shouldn’t keep my toes pointed like that on the leg extension machine because it can hurt your knees is this true ��

  • What do I do when my neck hurts while I’m doing ab workouts? Like when I do crunches, I know you’re not supposed to use your neck but even when I try to engage my core my neck still feels strained.

  • 1. Don’t push your booty up in the air while doing planks.

    2. Keep lower back flat against the floor to target the abs while doing leg drops.

    3. Don’t pull on your heads or necks using your arms as it could not only cause back pain but also not target the abs making the whole exercise absolutely useless. (cross em hands over your chest)

    4. Do step jacks instead of jumping jacks. If you do the latter, make sure there’s a little bend while landing so as to absorb the shock of landing.

    5. Do cardio atleast 2-3 days a week.

  • Idk why I can never do a plank correctly. I feel like I am as flat as possible but it just hurts my back too much. I have herniated discs in lumbar area… I even have a mirror on the side and I’m flat! It’s just not for me ��

  • Hanna what is the best thing to do when you have tight ankles and hips? I can’t squat properly because I am always leaning forward to balance myself.

  • The vid I’ve been looking for!!! I always thought I just wasn’t strong enough for the particular workout but it’s actually bad posture! Thank you

  • Actually I like how he is repeating the mistakes and the processes through all the videos.It can help us to get it permanently stick to our head. Really appreciable. He is really giving valuable Info’s. He is not some cheap sell out just trying to sell his products. His videos are worth advice of real life trainers. Respect man!

  • To God be the glory ��
    I Thank you so much for THESE 5 important facts for proper, correct forms of these exercises… I have been struggling �� WITH pain AFTER jumping jacks plus wanting to give up during ab workouts but THIS video has been NOTHING but motivation to KEEP pushing!!! Thanks AGAIN �� I’m now a subscriber to your channel!!!��

  • Thank you for that video�� I actually had pretty bad back pain when I started working out. And now I see why. Did everything wrong ��

  • I have a question on the body fat percentage. I did some research and found that for females, ab definition requires less than the normal healthy amount of 20%. It differs between body types, so from 14 to 19% body fat. I am a mesomorph. My scale measures body fat based on the information put into it manually and the moisture in your feet. It says that I am 14.9 % body fat, yet I do ab exercises and compound stuff and cardio and I eat clean and I’ve been doing it for a while now and not only do I get bloated very easily, but I can’t see any definition. I’ve tried to get my percentage lower, but it just isn’t happening and I’ve been resisting the urge to stop eating again, cuz even at a calorie deficit, it’s not working. Any advice on that?

  • I already talked about booties so what else is there to talk about….��…. How about BOOBIES… I mean it rhymes… And who wants a good bootie but gma boobies…. I breastfed 4 kids…2 being a set of twins… How can i lift and firm boobs without weights? Dont have any weights…

  • this was ridiculously helpful, you explain things so well. I am in shock and so excited to start practicing these when I workout!

  • How many time a week is it good to train legs? When should you start lifting heavy? And I just lost the weight and lose the fat on my stomach area, should eat more or less if I’m trying to gain muscle, i don’t want to gain the fat back

  • I have a permanent wrist injury and almost no range of motion in my left wrist. The only way I have been able to do any four point kneeling exercises is with this dumbbell trick or using elbows. Thanks!

  • I love this!!! Thank you thank you!!! Want quad gains like yours. I want to build muscle but I have a calorie deficit of at least 800 cal and doing cardio 5/6 times a week which is basically every workout. Should I decrease cardio or eat more to have energy to lift heavier weights and gain muscle?

  • I can tell that you’re a ���� Nigerian. Your YouTube channel name made me laugh ��������. I don’t know if anyone else will understand the meaning of your channel’s name. ��������

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  • I’ve started working out at home bec I have social anxiety and can not go to gyms but I can tell you, in a month of working my booty out I’ve seen so much progress than I expected, so much more lifted and round. Bridges are amazing, and as she says, you can hold it and it hurts soo much, also, you can hold it for 10 seconds after every set c:

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  • a good way to rid of fat is to do cardio! such as dancing (an actual, hard working routine) going on a run, generally a lot of moving. going on a correct diet also helps, of course. but remember you’re beautiful nevertheless:)