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Grab bar with straight arms and in an overhand grip about shoulder-width apart, wrapping thumb around the bar. Keeping body tight, walk feet forward under the bar until you’re at an angle where you feel comfortable supporting your Pulling shoulders and elbows back, raise yourself toward the ba. First, choose a resistance band that befits your ability and loop it around the pull up bar.

Step 2. Stand up on a bench or step, so you are high enough to put the end of the resistance band around your foot. Step 3. These tricks will teach you how to build strength so you can finally do a pull-up and wow everyone at the gym.

Subscribe to the Shape Magazine channel: htt. Whether that means jumping to the top of the pull up or using your feet to assist, you need to slow down the lower back down. By slowing down the lower down, by focusing on the Eccentric, you can tear down more muscle tissue AND take on your own bodyweight for at least a portion of the move.

This allows you to build strength more quickly. Position hands directly beneath shoulders and curl toes to grip floor. Lift up, and check your form in a mirror to make sure your body creates a straight diagonal line from shoulder to hip.

To do one, start by looping a resistance band around the pull-up bar—if it’s your first time doing one, start with a thick band. Grip onto the. In a month, I went from doing one stinking pull-up to cranking out 10 reps in multiple sets. So if you’re ready to start cranking out pull-ups, here’s your routine.

If you currently can only do one pull-up, start out by doing 12 sets of 1 pull-up with a 45-second break between sets. Do the routine two times a week. Stand on a plyo box, gripping a pull-up bar with palms out. Jump off box, bringing chin above bar, forearms close to body and core tight.

Slowly lower, hanging from bar until arms are fully. A few months later, my back was healed, and I finally achieved a full pull-up! It was a journey, but in hindsight, I can say that the distance from no pull-ups to one clean rep is a lot longer than the distance from one rep to multiple reps.

In fact, I can perform 10 strict pull-ups in a row, and I’m working on more advanced variations. Use a bench to start at the top of a pull-up (chin over the bar, hands slightly wider than shoulder width with an overhand grip, elbows bent tight to sides, body straight), then, lower your body for a four count to a dead hang. That’s 1 rep. “The greatest strength gains occur during the negative, or lowering, motion of an exercise,” Stahl says.

List of related literature:

Once you have practiced these first two methods, it is time to move on to perhaps the best method at building strength for the one-arm pull-up, which is the negative one-arm pull-up.

“Complete Calisthenics, Second Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Exercise” by Ashley Kalym
from Complete Calisthenics, Second Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Exercise
by Ashley Kalym
North Atlantic Books, 2019

Second, you need to start with the strict pull-up (see page 229) and address the basics before you start swinging from the bar.

“Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance” by Kelly Starrett, Glen Cordoza
from Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance
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You can work your way toward your very first pull-up.

“Strong Looks Better Naked” by Khloé Kardashian
from Strong Looks Better Naked
by Khloé Kardashian
Regan Arts., 2015

Strict pull-up: A pull-up froma dead hang, withnokipping.

“Learning to Breathe Fire: The Rise of CrossFit and the Primal Future of Fitness” by J.C. Herz
from Learning to Breathe Fire: The Rise of CrossFit and the Primal Future of Fitness
by J.C. Herz
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The pull-up is one of the ultimate tests of strength.

“Train Like a Bodybuilder: Get Lean. Get Big. Get Strong.” by Erin Stern
from Train Like a Bodybuilder: Get Lean. Get Big. Get Strong.
by Erin Stern
DK Publishing, 2019

If you can’t do the pull-up, he can do it for you!

“Vertical Marriage: The One Secret That Will Change Your Marriage” by Dave Wilson, Ann Wilson, John Driver, Dennis and Barbara Rainey
from Vertical Marriage: The One Secret That Will Change Your Marriage
by Dave Wilson, Ann Wilson, et. al.
Zondervan, 2019

Otherwise, attempting a Pull-Up for the first time without preparation and progression is not only daunting, it’s also healthy.

“The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom” by Erwan Le Corre
from The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom
by Erwan Le Corre
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

Program 1 (pages 23–34) provides progressions to help you improve your pull-up ability.

“Spartan Warrior Workout: Get Action Movie Ripped in 30 Days” by Dave Randolph
from Spartan Warrior Workout: Get Action Movie Ripped in 30 Days
by Dave Randolph
Ulysses Press, 2010

The ideal pull-up: Not too many people have a pull-up bar bolted to a wall at home, so you’ll likely have to visit a local playground or make the trip to the gym.

“Muscle Medicine: The Revolutionary Approach to Maintaining, Strengthening, and Repairing Your Muscles and Joints” by Rob DeStefano, Bryan Kelly, Joseph Hooper
from Muscle Medicine: The Revolutionary Approach to Maintaining, Strengthening, and Repairing Your Muscles and Joints
by Rob DeStefano, Bryan Kelly, Joseph Hooper
Atria Books, 2009

As an intermediate step between assisted pull-ups and the real thing, try lowering yourself unassisted between each repetition.

“The Para Fitness Guide” by Sam McGrath
from The Para Fitness Guide
by Sam McGrath
Bloomsbury Publishing, 2012

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  • What other exercises do you struggle with the most? Comment below and I’ll continue making videos dedicated to strengthening them! Hope you enjoyed this one!

  • so… 4 sets with 8 reps each set? even the negative set is killing me. i think i’ll start with the 20 seconds hang for 8 sets first:D

  • I’ve been working out and lifting weights and I was at a family members house that has a pull up bar and I didn’t think I could do one BUT I DID 2 ALMOST 3!!!! I couldn’t believe it ��

  • What’s a replacement for a kneeling pull-down? I was thinking a round of inverted rows, bent over rows, scapular retractions, and band-assisted pull-ups should suffice nicely.

  • I’ve found the eccentric (aka negative) pull ups very effective. They helped increase my pull ups from an average six max to a respectable ten. But they’re really tough; it takes a lot of discipline to do 10-15 eight second descents. I definitely couldn’t do a thirty second descent for more than 3-5 reps.

  • Why does it look when he does the pull ups that he is not doing any effort but then I try to do it and I look like im about to die ������

  • For no evident reason You Tube offered me this as a recommendation.
    Wasn’t really an area of interest, nearly skipped past thinking ‘dumb grunt thing to do’. (aka I am never going to be able to get back into doing this stuff)
    And damn this bloke has really put a lot of first rate thinking into this he’d make a pretty good ergonomist.
    Respect quite an eye opener.

  • Cara, sou brasileiro e estou aprendendo muito com os seus vídeos. Muitas informações que pouquíssimas pessoas que no Brasil tem!!! ótimo trabalho, irmão.

  • as a man that’s really funny to see that there are so many mans how are making fun of them, while 70% of man aren’t able to do 3 proper pull-ups with hollow body, scapula retration, and full range of mention.

  • I started my progression this morning, and decided I was hella unprepared.
    Went looking for a beginner’s video, I am so grateful this channel exists.
    Your body is badass and your personality is cute as fuck.

  • We are following your channels from the Arab countries. We do not understand your English well. We hope that you will translate into Arabic if you can.��������❤����

  • Pull-ups is one of the most challenging exercise I have ever done I have been training for about t two months and I can tell you I’m still struggling with it.

  • su creación de un plan de entreno en 30 días para tener un objetivo cada día. ¡¡¡What machine!!!

    6 months since I started in calisthenics

  • I really appreciate the video. I’m going to be taking my PAST test soon for the Air Force and this was one of the only things I struggle with except for push-ups, but I’ve already worked torwards perfecting them and can meet the standard.

  • This video is complete, easy to understand, and makes pull-ups accessible to anyone willing to put in the work. I’ve watched and read a lot on pull-up improvement, and this is the BEST video outlining an achievable program, supported by science, for pull-up improvement.

  • Negatives got me to 1 pull-up. Then doing them after regular pullup sets got me to 20. For people who just have a bar at the park. You dont need anything

  • For tip #2, I just pull up to my upper chest. You can also wear gloves for calluses or use chalk, and I do my pullups on a monkey bar instead of straight bar.. I hear they are better for wrist pain down the road.

  • The best vid for pull ups ever!! it focuses on the major and important things eg. The problems, exercised to do, and step by step instructions etc.
    Also, you get to learn from such a cute and beautiful trainer��

    : Thank you so much for the vid it really worked….keep posting more of such videos
    -love�� from india

  • 1. Weighted pull ups x5 in wide, shoulder width, closed grip
    2. Jumping pull ups x5 in each grip (concentrate on the negative)
    3. Australian pull ups x5 in each grip (hold at the top, slow negatives)
    4. Scapula shrugs in x5 in each grip
    5. Shoulder depression x10

    Total of 4 rounds

  • It is better to do this in regular fashion i.e., scapular pull up rest repeat the next set of the same exercise, on down the list or do them as a super set? i.e Scapular rest, banded rest, kneeling lats rest, inverted rows rest and then the Negs, and the repeat twice more? Which would be more effective?

  • Bro thank you for the video, that has literally been my pull-up face for years. stopped doing them because of it but gonna give it another try now.

  • Is pull up the same as lat pull down? I’m thinking of progressing lat pull down slowly every day till I can pull my own weight easily.

  • A very informative video. I used to be able to do multiple chin ups and pull ups many years ago. Though that was when I was super light. I am much heavier now and I really struggle with chin ups etc these days. It took me an incredibly long time to work up to the point where I could do a single pull up (in current times.) One thing I notice though is that if I hang from the bar with arms full extended and stretched out, I feel a pain in my lower back. For that reason, I can’t hang like that for very long. That did not happen when I was younger and lighter. Regardless, I haven’t exercised for quite a while so Ive got to start from scratch again.

  • I thought this was a great video BUT I don’t want to look like her she’s too muscular for me I just want to lose weight but I don’t want my body to sag especially my underarms but I don’t want arms like hers.

  • Im fairly counted strong in my class, as my arm strength and legs are more stronger than the average people in my class. I think this is because as my weight is heavy compared to others, Even if I do the same exercises as them, I receive more pressure and so, have more muscle. But as said in 3:35, As I’m fairly fat and I don’t work out that much, my core isn’t developed enough to hold my weight properly in pull ups, Nor other exercises. I think this is somewhat most people don’t think about as they only count the record, It does not mean you have more strength or that you are fit or not fit.

  • Why are people saying this guy is giving bad advice? He’s literally saying if you can’t pull up, do negatives until you can do pull-ups. Anyone can do a negative, especially when they let gravity do the majority of the work. If you can’t get yourself up there use a resistance band to take off some of your deadweight

  • Good stuff broskiii thx for your expertise… I am currently doing 10-18 reps per set then drop down to about 7-10 after a few minutes.

  • I’m 200 pounds and I’m fat I guess but I use resistant bands and I basically cut in half the weight of the assisted pull up I’m almost their to be doing em without it

  • I can do pull-ups because I think of him as well sound off, God like or something I think of myself above the average human yes I can do a lot of push ups

  • Im only here cuz my dad and mom is making fun of me cuz i have a 23 cm weist at the age of 11 and i dont think thats fat
    Btw my height is 4 foot 8 or 140 cm

  • what if i can’t even hang 20 secs on the bar? should i just cut the twenty seconds into, say, 5 secs, and do this 5 secs until it adds up to 20, to count one set?

  • At first i was like how hard can it be……just pull yourself up……then i was like….huh……looks easy….but hard to do……i finally understood why…..

  • Whenever I do pull ups, I always have a sore chest the next day (as well as lats, to a lesser degree). Anyone else, or is it just me?

  • I want to say with you somethings.
    Maybe you should training your legs more time because it make your body become perfect.
    Good luck!! I like you.

  • Ah man I wanna mermaid prince!! Haha but Im afraid Ill never build muscle because I´m so skinny, have a hard time gaining weight and eat very too little. Is it still possible to gain any muscle whatsoever despite the fact that I dont eat enough? Just feel a bit hopeless cuz of it

  • i’m a tall ectomorph and i never been able to do pull ups… i have no problems doing push ups and other exercises but there’s something about pull ups it feels really uncomfortable to do it’s like my arms are not compatible with pull ups

  • Pushing down will damage your elbows when they lock out, that’s not a good advice you never lock out no joints when exercising with weights you should have known that ok

  • This video is fucking confusing… Fuck man! ���� WhH are you taking… I can’t do 1 pull up and started your blabbering about 8-10.. damn!

  • My pullup bar is too low. I cannot adjust the height of it, it’s fixed. I must bend my knees with my feet up. Isnt that the same? When you think about it, I just shortened my height and pretend my knees are my feet.

  • If they had actual experienced help with their training they definitely could’ve at least done it in 30 days. On week 7 when they showed the women doing lat pulldowns their form was so wrong no wonder their strength increased so slow.

  • Ever heard of eccentric/negative pullups?
    Focusing only on slowly lowering yourself from a pullup stretches muscles.under tension.

  • I’ve been working on my pull ups for at least 3 months and can only do 2 but I mean for me it’s technically a 9999999999% increase but yeah I’m gonna start doing this on my pull day and I’ll share the end of February results

  • Don’t do negative pullups if you’ve never done a single pull up. you will not be able to move your arms for the next 2 days. instead use assistance bands.

  • do u have any advices for people who can do pull ups but not a lot of them for example im doing only 5 sets of 5 reps and i cant improve

  • This video is complete, easy to understand, and makes pull-ups accessible to anyone willing to put in the work. I’ve watched and read a lot on pull-up improvement, and this is the BEST video outlining an achievable program, supported by science, for pull-up improvement.

  • I don’t have friends, i am a loner. To do pull-ups I would have to make friends first

    So kids, you need friends that’s the key to do pull-ups

  • I can now do around 8 pull ups I hope in not that far future I will achieve muscle up, I am training only by his videos for 3 and half months and from 1or 2 barely and incorect form pull up I can now almost do straight 7,8

  • My kness are hurting really bat after doing Pull-ups.
    I guess dat I am not properly landing on the floor or something when I fall
    Any advice on how to land and how to reduce the pain
    Thanks in advance

  • well do you know what everything you have like bicep Triceps your abs etc they are osm but your smile your happiness is the first thing that i dont have any words to explain him by the way thanks for everything

  • Dear father! do not serve Satan, for Satan is disobedient to the Merciful.
    i love you i want good for you young man
    World heavyweight boxing champion converted to Islam after suffering with emptiness and depression
    NeW sportif fan muslim

  • There are about 3 people watching this video
    1.the jealous one that seen people do it but they can’t
    2.the kid who needs to lose weight
    3.dont wanna be fat shammed at school

  • I pressed the thumb up button when i saw your biceps, I press the suscribe button when i saw your scapulars. Awesome.
    Then, very interesting video, very pedagogic:) Thanks

  • Good tips. Helping my 16yo prep for the Marines. Completely agree with the “practical/functional” point…which is also why a kipping pullup is truly more practical and functional. You are never going to try to scale a wall or a fence with a strict pull up…you are going to throw whatever hip hing, kick, etc into that you can. Not arguing with the Marine standard for pull ups, just saying that “practical/functional” reasoning isn’t entirely valid here.

  • Pull-ups, argh. The bane of P.E. during all the school years. Never could pull my body up to the bar. Few girls could. Truly, just a few out of the hundreds in my high school. Thank you As/Is for showing the women in this challenge who couldn’t do a pull-up were all strong, athletic and active. It’s maddening it really is to hear “just pull, just pull your body up” and there’s just nothing. Tense those muscles really hard and just nothing! Specific technique and specific muscle-strengthening, that’s what it takes. And each of these women DID IT! WOOT!

  • Wtf! Where the hell did this Amazon come from!�� I am pretty sure you should do the role of WonderWoman.

    P.S: taking your advice ��������

  • 60 days??!! What that’s bs that’s way too much time for a one pull up even before I turned 13 I could easily do 10, I’m not tryna belittle women but 60 days tf

  • the last girl in the introduction doesnt have any upper body strenght…at least based on her core…not that you have to be toned to be strong, but your belly definitely shouldnt stick out like that

  • Hi Meg Avi here, this was the most structured video on how to go through progression to get your first pull-up and was also fun. Thanks a ton I am working towards it.

  • This isn’t really related but i just really love the fact that all these women are obviously very athletic but their bodies aren’t those super shredded bodies we see on social media

  • Nice video, input appreciated.But ty to keep the videos shorter and,sorry for that, speak a bit less. Unless you are “forced” to come up with a certain duration due to youtube’s income policy that is. Shorter videos carry less distracting content and help people to stay in focus.

  • I thought my pull-ups weren’t too bad, managed 1.5 rounds of this!! �� looking forward to putting some work into this over the coming months.

  • No. 2 is a good idea when it comes to competition but probably not for training, muscle or strength. I do understand what you’re saying but generallywouldn’t recommend. good video though!

  • What if I don’t have access to the equipment that you mentioned in the video? Is there workout I can don’t home to get my first pull-up? Thank you!

  • Thank you for this insight. İ was using a different pull up approach arms 90 degree closer to chest while toes outward but it did make this routine (2x per wk) difficult. İ will try overextending my arms w/ chest out and feet aligned to tailbone. Going to circuit with the other mentioned excercises to build up my current progression level.

  • i dont have a gym memebership no dorway pullup but i do have a loft bed so i use the bars cause they are high enough to do negatives

  • I’m skinny af but a few months ago I got up of my ass and I put work in now I’m bigger and I gained a lot of weight in just a few months if I did it you can to��

  • I adapted more of my fitness like a military does because of the word functionality. Focusing just on the fundamental exercises I experience more growth. Running, press, pull, squat, and planks helped me to develop muscle and foundations to stay stronger. I do my workouts everyday but focusing just on adaptable movements like pull ups, planks, and squats because I hope to lose my love birds.

  • Is a pull up with palms facing in or out? I know that having your palms face inward (which is a pull up for me) is much easier than outward (which I consider a chin-up)

  • I like never work out and like I’ve always wanted to do a pull up and then I saw this and was like ooh i wanna do that and now I learned that they were all already fit in the first place so oof:/ and to top it off I don’t have access to a gym or bar sooo

  • For the one where you hold your body, for example, if I’m elevating my legs with weights on the tip of my legs, I descoverd it my self by trying to drop slower, it had worked, it wasn’t difficult much

  • I think the most important thing is you’re making it about ideas and creative ways to overcome obstacles to make progress. Great job!

  • Looking to grow your personal training client base online or looking to find the right trainer? Sign up for free at

  • I’m thin but I do many sets of 5 fully extended curling chinups throughput the day and night, pulling the high bar to my solar plex instead of my chin. I also do just a dozen sets of maybe 3 at a time fully extended straight chinups, hands shoulder width. Emphasis on negatives. The benefit is that i have better posture when I stand, my shoulders are back more, my stomach feels stronger and my wrists feel stronger. I also do a lot of situps, dips, and a lot more, but I’ll always be thin. I might mention I’m also 67 and never been sick since age 15, never been to a doctor. Lots of fruits and vegetables help a lot with that. Of course don’t drink, smoke, take drugs, etc.

  • I instantly subscribed when you described the negative pull up progression. You’re also funny and i laughed hard �� Thank you for wonderful content.

  • Subscribed halfway through this video! Used to be able to do 20, 2 hernia surgeries and someone away from the gym later I’m getting back up to those numbers

  • Hi Chris…I just start Calisthenx in 2020 and I would like you to do the best home workout for bigenners,including warm up and stretches…and tell me if its recomended to rest some day of the week our I can workout all week?Thankx Thenx

  • At the start of the challenge I got a pull up in one week but I didn’t stop 60 days later I’m managing 500 pull-ups,2000 push-ups,5000 sit-ups and 3000 squats

  • hi guys, I’ve started with calesthenics for a week now, and I really like it…I am already sporting few years so I am not that bad with things like push-ups (40-50x in a row), pull-ups(5-10x in a row), dips (15x I think, never triet maximum)..anybody got tips for what i should do of how I should train? I’ll really appreciate it.

  • That upward-push hand grip set is a huge helpcounter-intuitive. Big advantage even for those training for form and strength rather than fast reps. Pinching pain went away immediately, thanks.

    Even with bent knees when using a low doorway there is no need to cross the legs.

  • I’ve watched countless videos on the internet over YEARS about doing pull ups and NEVER found a way to do them comfortably.

    The way you explain the scapula retraction off the bar, meant I finally could understand and FEEL the other trigger of driving your elbows down. Thank you

  • I don’t understand. I’m a girl and I can do 84,527 pull ups before I even get out of bed in the morning. And I am 18 months pregnant. pathetic

  • I know he’s world champ but two things he suggests are not good for your body and only related to contests. Looking up is not correct. It adds unnecessary stress to the neck and spine. Great way to increase disk pressure and impingement issues. Head straight. The width is also a big mistake. Again this is only useful for a contest. Going wide dramatically increases shoulder stress while limiting range of motion. It make zero sense from a body mechanics point of view for joint health, strength or muscular development.

  • @alex erased her comment because she got destroyed for a month when she whined that poor wahman can’t do pull ups and men can!!

    I took this idiot down to size with gender realism and the coward erased her OP comment, guess men and wahmen aren’t equal HAHAHAHAHA

  • How can you not complete a single one? I did it while injured. The only time I can’t do it is when I’m dead tired, and even then if you give me some rest I can do another one. ��‍♂️

  • Wow this is such a good video covering each and every aspect.
    I am a guy and cant even do a pull up lol
    Just started getting out of drugs and want to get my shit straight.
    Thanks for your information meg:)
    You’re strong af ��
    Love and peace from India ✌❤

  • Took me 3 weeks with being overweight, tall, a girl, and having no strength training. Literally all I did was dead-hangs and negatives.

  • Actually, by moving the grip span different sets of muscles are used in the pull ups.
    Next, when the legs are crossed the kick of the legs are removed from the routine and the strength of the arms are needed more to make the pull.
    Your advice is ok but there are still some method behind the other madness.

  • Thanks for video some what helpful but I think full body control is better. No offense but you looked like a flopping fish. I get your doing it for competition but there’s way more constructive ways to do a pull up and get more out of it.

  • This video is so helpful, i used this workout to get my 10-15 flying reps, the power gained by this workout actually helped me to master my muscle up. Thanks a lot Chris✊️

  • Thanks for the help Mike! I felt hopeless being 43yrs old & only able to do 7 pullups max. Every thing you said worked like a charm! GOD bless you!

  • Why were they not told to start off by doing negatives?
    As these girls weigh so little, they could have got there in a few weeks by doing negatives?

  • I’ve been a gymnast since I was 2, we had been expected to do pull-ups since the age of 5 or 6, because you need them to be able to do a lot of skills. Now we are basically required to be able to do 10 in a row. I honestly never realized that it’s not a thing that most people know how to do until the fitness tests in like 3rd grade. No hate at all to these ladies, they’re wonderful.

  • Back in the day (USMC 1979 1983) I used the “cut the eccentric phase / push yourself down” technique with the sit-ups. Good stuff, great memories. Semper Fi!

  • Thank you so much Chris for making these videos, every day I am getting better and you are a good coach and you are my motivation, keep making these videos!

  • Really really nice and intense workout but how much rest in between the sets and the rounds? I made 1 min rest between sets and 2min rest between the rounds is this ok?

  • Thanks for the guidelines; a lot of these exercises I had incorporated but the train-up I was doing was all wrong. The progression is just as important here, as the exercises themselves.

    Bothers me that I had to back up the video because I kept getting stuck that the demo photo person is wearing Army PT’s.

  • I love all the women complaining about the men comments, are the same women that will scream that women can do anything men can do lol

  • Wow, thanks for this very well put together video. I never thought I would ever get to a pull up in my life but you make it seem very doable so I’m excited to give it a try!! ��

  • I think it’s unreasonable for a normal person to do this in 60days. It took 60 days for these people even though they were decently athletic.

  • Bro, can u pls make a video for teenagers. Now a days many teenagers are interested in calisthenics and bodybuilding. So pls make a video bro. It would be helpful. Thank you

  • When the boys in the comments keep on worrying about their future children because of that band and you find yourself looking for anothers girls comment. Where are all my girls?!?

  • Lot of people who clearly didnt watch the video. Summary:

    Do negatives. You can even skip the 8 sets of 20 second grips do negatives until you drop automatically after you jump into position. Then do the hanging grips. Expend energy on the hardest thing you can do. Use the rest for something easier. Guarantee youll do pullups soon if you stick to it.

  • Easy ways to win a pull-up competition, rather than actual methods to increase pullups.
    Eat right.. and increase day by day. Only that’ll help.

  • Never tried before since i was a child, i was about to go to bed, drunk, and i was still able to do 3 after i saw this video… I guess it’s one of those unfair things where we’re not equals. Still worth all the work you’ve done ladies, for many others reasons than useless pull-ups. Well done and keep training!

  • A pull up won’t save your life if you are hanging from a cliff. That will get you half way to saving your life which means you will still die.

    What you are looking for is a muscle-up which is a pull-up followed by a dip.

  • Everyone who are trying to do a pull-up, I SERIOUSLY recommend you to dead hang on a pull-up bar. If you can do it for 1min, you can pull-up yourself.

  • Yeahhh for women pullups are WAY HARDER
    I workout almost every day and i have danced for my whole life, go to the gym at least 4x a week, but i cannot do a pullup. It’s way harder, i hope people don’t put women down for this being so hard.

  • I thought the legs crossing thing was to get more lower body help from glutes calves hamstrings and makes easier to stabilize your core.

  • The thing these tips are good for is if you are going for a world record, are actually going to use the motion from the pullup in real life (like a marine), or to flex to your friends, these are not good for people that want to get a good physique, get stronger or use that strength for other movements. Good form is extremely important and shortcuts are only going to think you are doing better than you are.

  • I couldn’t do a pullup as an adult, and then I trained myself to do it. I couldn’t imagine a camera crew and a group of other people around, “helping” and criticizing as I tried to do my first adult pullup.

  • I teared up my external oblique and I can no longer do more than 4. I’m a man. I’m afraid to go to the hospital to get treated because of Covid 19.

  • Moral if the store is “CONSISTENCY Conquers everything.”

    The lady said the right thing sometimes we just need keep going no matter what, because we need to build that necessary muscles and to gain experience to do a pull up.

  • Thank so much for the tips sir!!! I think the tip I was messing up on the most was the first one so I’m definitely gonna fix that��

  • I started from 0 and can now do 12. I started with only doing negatives. When you can do 4 x 10 nice negatives, start with real ones, and complete with negatives for the ones you cant do. Thats it, dont need all the other crap.

  • I’m a pretty big gym guy, but I still feel weirded out by the people mocking these women. Yes, I’ll admit that I was expecting them to be able to do multiple pullups, but everyone starts somewhere. And they are videographers who obviously dont care about this gym stuff so much… I suspect the men who laugh at these women are not in shape either

  • I dont think the people complaining realize that these are tips to get MORE REPS. this is like a study guide to pass a test. I appreciate your tips man keep it up

  • one time my sister and i went to the gym for the first time and she did 4 pullups on day one. Given we were active a lot growing up, I never knew it was hard for women to do 1 because my sister was my reference point haha

  • In Air Force Spec Warfare, we weren’t allowed to look up. The rep didn’t count and they wouldn’t tell the poor motherfucker who did it either.

  • I started with doing a lot of negatives many years ago. I were able to do my first two pull ups after a week already but continued with the negatives.
    I’ve also found doing other full body bodyweight exercises helps with the pull-ups. Gym and weight lifting is less helpful for this purpose.
    And lastly, you’ll progress a lot faster if having the pull-up bar at home.

    Oh Common Chris WTF MANN
    U should have made this Vid Years Ago!��
    Sorry Im so frustrated its just that I have been fucking struggling to get over 15 perfect pull ups in a row!

  • 14 year old girl here. When I first saw this vid I was like “what kind of joke is this?”. And mind you, I am an athlete (track and basketball) and I lift heavy. I also thought since I can max out at about 30-40 pushups, pullups would be easy. So I tried a pullup after this vid, and I couldn’t do it. ����‍♀️

  • Those people commenting “I’m a woman and I can do pull ups, it’s not that hard” give off the same vibes as “I’m not like other girls”. Anyway that’s great you can do that but I’m a woman too and I can’t do a pull up. I’m training to be able to do one but it will probably also take me just as long as the women in the video, or longer. Lots of women don’t have a natural upper body strength, we have to train for it.

  • Hmm i thought with a band you get the most assistance at the easiest part of the movement, i.e. near the bottom. So you’re always under assisted at the hard part but over assisted at the easy part making it kind inadequate as a training accessory

  • So much negative comments, I think it’s great video with the negative pull-ups idea, I will start this program and see you in one month……..I hope I will get some positive support during this month wish me luck �� ��

  • 4:00 hmmm. obviously you need to depress your scapulas a little from the ‘loose’ position, but i don’t know about the retraction. the reason your scapulas protract when you raise your arms, is to make room for the humerus and rotator calf tendons. retracting your scapulas with your arms raised reduces your subacromial space, which causes impingement of those tendons. impingement is not good.
    as soon as I ‘set’ my shoulders, as you show, I feel pain in the shoulder joints. and trying to pull up at this point makes it much worse. in order to complete a pullup, i basically have to get my humerus tuberocity rotated out of the way. this means starting not from a dead hang, but with my elbows slightly bent already (I can jump to that point, or stand on a step). i dont have this problem with my shoulder in external rotation, i.e. when doing a chin up (underhand grip). i’m working on my shoulder mobility, so maybe one day…

  • Yeah guys have a huge definite advantage. I thought 3 weeks should be enough time though. I was able to go from 5 pull ups to 43 pull ups in 3 weeks. It took them 7 weeks just to do 1. So much respect. I definitely would have given up.

  • Why is it when the pull up bar is closer to the ground and I can’t hang pull ups are 100 times harder then when I can hang without having to lift my legs up, this is usually the case with portable pull up bars

  • 3x Pull ups (wide, shoulder, close)
    3x Jumping pull ups (wide, shoulder, close)
    6x Australian pull ups (wide, shoulder, close)
    6x Scapula shrugs (wide, shoulder, close
    10x Shoulder depression

  • Thanks for the video, I started with these tips some weeks ago and I’m seeing some improvements in strength, however, I feel like my forearms give up easily. Is there any exercise we can do to strengthen those or am I giving them too much of my weight to handle when I should be doing that with other muscles?

  • WTF! ���� How in DA FUCK, did my one of my old SSgts pop up on my YouTube TL ��. What the hell Staff Sgt your YouTube famous! You yelled at me on the.50 range �� #SemperFI

  • very very thank you for your teaching for how to do after my weight is 34 now my weight is 40 I see your video always and I gan weight of your help and I do every day pull up thank you very much

  • After like a year and a half without working out today i decided to start over with calisthenics, back to basics. I consider myself a beginner since i can barely do one pull up after all this time without working out ( my greatest achievement was 4 pull ups in a row haha ) Today i did a close grip australian pull up and i felt one side of my body could reach the bar really easy, almost effortless but the other side didn’t. It was pretty hard even trying to hold the negative.

    Is the bar thickness something to consider?
    Any advice?

  • 1Look up all the way = bad for your neck
    2Wide grip = less range of motion.
    3Push down = no nagatives or eccentrig, that are good for strenght gains.
    Baddest tips than ever….

  • For anyone who doesn’t get why it’s so hard for women to do this…you can only do a push-up if you have strong enough lats, biceps, and core. For me, I consider myself pretty fit, I jog and do push-ups and ab exercises, so my triceps and core are pretty strong.
    But I have never really done anything that required biceps or lat strength. So I have just now gotten to the point where I can do a pull-up, and that is only because I made an effort to be able to do that specifically.
    But it really doesn’t say anything about your overall fitness, it only means that there are certain muscle groups you haven’t trained. And as a woman, those muscles are only going to be naturally about half as strong as a man’s, which makes a lot of difference.
    Obviously there are a lot of areas that men are physically superior in, but sometimes being lighter does help women. For example, they mentioned rock climbing…Most women can outlast most men, hanging horizontally from the holds while bouldering — hanging on as long as possible without falling off — because we are lighter and that ends up beating muscle.

  • Omg this must be a joke I’m a women using a guys acc and I can’t do one pull up but 60 days is more than enough fair enough if they had to do like 30-50 but one is ridiculous

  • I was up to 16 pull ups….I stopped doing them for a few months….today I maxed at 10…u gotta stay consistent to keep them gains

  • There must be a tutorial for pull ups for people over 6.2 ft, short people do not realize how hard it is to long limbed dudes to progress and it ends up making quit because they give advices based on their experience.

  • This exercise so hard for me,
    Even diet after lost 15kg still hard to do this for me ��

    1 years from 94kg to 79kg but still can’t do pull up

  • that chick thinks she’s fit… it’s funny. here’s the secret: put time under tension, go through the full range of motion. do the ECCENTRICS.

  • I really need to show this to my parents. I’m a girl and when I was 10, my father said that I was “weak” to not be able to do a pull up. I was one of the most athletic people in my class (girls) and I could do 9 push ups in a row but it was just really hard to do a pull up…

  • i still think you do them in poor form, sorry sexi gurl:/ upper traps elevating up in top pull position for ya. Anyway you are very strong, but not stronger than me, nope. (:

  • The workout:
    -5 pull ups (wide, shoulder, close)
    -5 jumping pull ups (wide, shoulder, close)
    -5 australian pull ups (wide, shoulder, close)
    -5 scapula shrug (wide, shoulder, close)
    -5 shoulder depresion (wide, shoulder, close)

  • Hmm would this make you heavier also? I’m a climber so I’m all for more reps… Just not more body weight… Or bulk.
    Great vid anyway ��

  • Good video, I am now 71 and feel like 101, when I was in my 40 ‘s I could do 38 pull ups and 60 push ups, I keep trying to get in to shape last year I could do 60 push ups but only 9 pull ups but come summer I stopped working out and now can only do 2 pull ups going to try what you say and hop I can get in better shape this year. It seam as you get older you get out of shape very fast, Just set up a home gym so hop to be able to keep working out all year, but summer gets very busy with garden and canning in the fall. Your video is very inspiring, thank you very much.

  • More errors= more improvements. Just came back to the gym a week ago after months of karanavirus, before the virus, I could do 15. When they opened the gym, I could barely do 5 ;(. Gotta earn it back.

  • What I found, is that none of these methods really work except the NEGATIVES. All these “helpers” simply “help” your ARMS and TRAPS get stronger to pull up more weight, but they NEVER really force you to engage your lats in full extent. NEGATIVES, however, do.
    So kids, you don’t NEED any of this shit: just a bar, and a stool or a box to get on. Grab the bar, get yourself over it by using the box, and then SLOWLY lower yourself down in a controlled motion. ‘Sall you need.

  • So what i deduced from this video is that I need to improve my core and traps, while I have very good strength in my biceps. (This explains why I can easily do chinups but have problems with doing even a single widegrip..)

  • After 2 months of training on the bar i am currently doing 5 sets x 8 reps with the lowest resistance band.Goddamn the progress is tough tho.
    When i started i couldn’t do more than 4-5 reps and after 2 sets i was done

  • I started out doing sets of 10 with a chair behind me holding my feet up. Then I ditched the chair and did sets of 3. Before I knew it, I was doing sets of 5 and now 10.

  • Didn’t learn about not crossing you legs, actually I learned to do pull-ups that way. I clearly learned wrong. Thank you for the tip.

  • Everyone should be able to do a pull up and a hand stand push up. It is basic upper body strength. Girls are not weak!! Awesome video!!

  • I can only do like 8 pull-ups lol..but I guess it’s better than nothing! And, I’m 234lbs so it’s, not to shabby plus I don’t think I ever tried a pull-up til today!

  • OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! for making it simple to understand. I wish more people on youtube had as much common sense as you do. When expaining how to get more out every workout.