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We just got back from a vacation and a question that came flooding in was regarding how we eat while we’re on vacation Do we cheat? Do we maintain the same clean diet as we do at home? We know a lot of you end up wringing your hands about this one so we thought we. By the time I eat appetizers and any bread, soup, or salad that comes with the meal, I’m stuffed and end up wasting my entrée.

When dining out on vacation, remember to start off slow, and split appetizers or meals with your fellow travelers so you’re. A vacation is a time to unwind, to celebrate, to rejuvenate, to see new places and try new things. But it can also make you very uneasy about eating if, for example, you are trying to eat. We are getting ready to take a trip where we will stay in a condo with a kitchen.

We normally don’t cook on vacation, but want to cut down on expenses and try to eat healthier. Your tips are perfect. We may try one meal out a day and the rest we fix ourselves. The cheat meal is an opportunity to eat what you like, not a mandate to eat what you can for as long as you can.

You’ll want to eat slowly and savor your indulgence, but this is not an excuse to periodically chow down on an entire pizza during the entire. I can’t remember the other frozen meal.but they just made the vacation FEEL like a vacation! (I’d spent the few weeks prior making sure that hubby had small meals frozen, too, so he didn’t have to eat sandwiches the whole time we were gone, lol! It wasn’t hard.when we had leftovers, I put them into containers for him.). Find out how we spent our summer vacation and browse through photos. What a Week’s Worth of School Lunches Really Looks Like One mom opens.

Some people pre-game a cheat meal by punishing themselves on the treadmill and severely restricting calories for days in advance. They’re probably the same folks who sleep with the heat off and live by candlelight in order to save for a mini vacation. The professional wrestler hates the term cheat day—but that doesn’t mean he won’t indulge once in a while. “We all know that eating food that isn’t necessarily healthy isn’t good for us, and. Nothing says vacation quite like room service: A lazy day in your room can be the ultimate antidote to stressful weeks and months at work. It’s fast.

It’s convenient. But it’s also got a potential problem when choosing what to eat on vacation while ordering room service: Sometimes, the food just isn’t that good.

List of related literature:

Use the Vacation Rule the other 2 days a week to eat or drink the foods you replaced.

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Here are a few dining tips we have learned after years of trying to eat healthfully despite hectic travel schedules.

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Bring some items with you when traveling to be certain you have some key foods and drinks that will keep you happy and nourished.

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Take food with you or go to the supermarket when you arrive and make sure you buy the foods you should be eating, including snacks along with the pasta or potatoes or rice to cook for dinner.

“The Serotonin Power Diet: Eat Carbs-Nature's Own Appetite Suppressant-to Stop Emotional Overeating and Halt Antidepressant-Associated Weight Gain” by Judith Wurtman, Nina T. Frusztajer
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• Eat slowly—keep a little food on your plate until the last person at your table is finished eating to avoid the temptation of accompanying your tablemates to the buffet for their second trip.

“The Sonoma Diet: Trimmer Waist, Better Health in Just 10 Days!” by Connie Guttersen
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Think through your plan for the day and consider whether you’ll need to pack and bring any of your meals with you.

“Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin and Free” by Susan Peirce Thompson, PHD, John Robbins
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Think ahead to what meals you will need to cook, pack, or eat out based on that week’s schedule.

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Develop a travel food list.

“Sink, Float, or Swim” by Jogi Rippel
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Planning and making your own meals cannot be done even in most small, inexpensive hotels.

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Once you have figured this out, you must look at your schedule to see where you will be for each meal.

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  • My method is… I just don’t binge. I eat until I’m satisfied and I don’t gain any weight. Our body is great at maintaining weight and handling small surpluses. The most damage you can do is very minimal which will probably be burned off as NEAT. Plus eating high protein also helps.

  • Thanks for showing us what’s good and what’s not good. Straight up. That’s what I love about the Coach! You two are so awesome together. I can’t wait to see the wedding!

  • This is exactly what I was waiting to see. Acting like an adult, real voice, and not being a hypocrite. I know you’re smart and see through the game. You owe Thomas Delauer a little love too!

  • Hello Emi!ive been there in taiwan for work and I can really relate how you feel with those yummy foods..i love to eat as well..bdw,i started to follow your fitness workout..thanks!

  • We are going on a cruise in February I chose the cabin that is the furthest from the stairs and we will not be taking the elevator. With excursions,,y goal is 20k steps a day and I think it will be easy.

  • What I try to do in vacation is eat whatever I want just try no to pass 5000 calories if possible and walk/run/swim/lift weights most of the day or you know do something that’s not sitting around. If everything goes perfect I lose a little bit of weight, if everything goes to shit I gain a pound or two (not a big deal) and if it just goes ok I maintain

  • Ice cream is something I will never give up, it is something I can eat everyday and not get tired. I’ll eat other desserts on occasion. What flavor did you get out of curiosity?

  • Glad I am not the only one that felt the video was odd since he was not yelling. Greg if I need a coach your my guy, but you need a dance coach for sure.

  • Hey jade looking amazing sweetie keep up that amazing work, I see the muscle coming in on ya legs great work, I’m working legs tomorrow an maybe 30 minutes on the running machine we gotta do it I guess. Anyway dropped my like as always

  • Hi Emi, i’m phương anh and (芳英) is my Chinese name. I’m from Vietnam, I hope that in the future you, Chad and Family will have to go Vietnam

  • ‘My body hasn’t changed even though I haven’t tracked all week’ probably because you’re just eating lean protein and vegetables with a square or two of dark chocolate?

  • Hey Will, thanks for the great tips! Can you tell me which model of Tom Ford Sunglasses that is? Can’t find it anywhere looks sharp!

  • Doucettey. Just so you know, if you want to habe a public persona and profile, you have to understand you will cop shit and trolling. It’s part of what comes with YouTube. Now I have been commenting on your videos about another classic installment from Doucettey for ages now. And not once have you responded. The key is to interact with your viewers. Not to ignore us. Take a look at hosstile foad abiad. He responds. Hense why he get respect.

  • Rewatching this during quarantine to cheer myself up after these weird times; and it’s so nice! I love seeing coach Greg so happy with Ally, and having so much fun; you can tell he’s just relaxing and enjoying life.

  • Is this where I can get out my frustrations with how pretentious and condescending Mike Israetel was.
    Props to you Greg for staying cool but fuck that was hard to watch him ��

  • Hi Jade. I know you did a video before on how you got your period back after not having it for a while. You clearly lost a lot of weight as part of your prep and have mentioned in recent videos you haven’t gained any back. Do you still get a period at your lower weight or did you lose it again? X

  • Ally loving the donuts and burgers. Good girl. Go for it. Enjoy yourself. O, god, Greg’s face when he ate the donut. Total rapture. Bodybuilder living on chicken breast and salad, constantly craving tasty food, walks out of gym and runs for a bus and gets run over by it. Fat guy in nearby cafe eating burgers and fries, having a beer lives to be 99. The fat guy missed the bus as he was too fat to run for it. Sod’s law applies in all things. O, my god, he just mentioned Truro. I lived there for many years. The Truro in Cornwall in England. The original Truro. Really beautiful place

  • I like how you admit to sugar is super addictive. Once you get on it is super hard to get rid off it. Props to anyone who is working hard to lose fat

  • ive said it before and I’ll say it again… you are SUCH and inspiration to me Jade ���� as a starting off Aussie Youtuber who’s DREAM would be to have this as my career, watching your videos always make me SO motivated ��������✨

  • I hate the word moist to. Cringey. I had a girl tell me she was moist one time and I was like nooooooo don’t ever say that again. DICK WENT STRAIGHT DOWN

  • I was born in America, but I used to go back to Taiwan all the time when I was younger, and this gave me major nostalgia! Super excited to go back in two weeks before I head off to college �� I hope I don’t gain back all the weight I lost doing the workouts you post ��

  • I just started taking test cyp. I’ve only done three injections of 125cc every 3 days my nipples hurt hard lumps I’ve been eating anastrozole one a day any suggestions on what else I can do to help myself soon as I got f**** gyno in 12 hours. Have a good vacation

  • You always deprived from good food, you know you have 1 life, you know your allowed to eat a bit of junk sometimes just control portion.

  • Your reaction is sooo cute when you drink the tasteless boba tea��. Your mandarin is way way way better than me speaking Cantonese. Please visit Malaysia again��

  • Hey mate, don’t you ever get bored and depressed being so busy with (eating) food and worrying about your appearence all day? I definitely would!

  • Tip no.6 have thousands of pounds of debt and not go on holidays ever because your hardworking parents are struggling to pay lawyers bills

  • Damn that buffet was like 20 times bigger than the biggest Buffet I’ve ever been to. It’s like a half mile walk. You have to eat half way so you can make it to the end.

  • When I was last on vacation in Mexico i was training at this boxing gym for like 4 hours every morning and I would go out and party and stuff with friends at night. I lost like 4lbs in a week, which isn’t a ton but considering I was eating quite a bit its not bad

  • Jade, I love your positive vibes and energy, you look so happy and you make fitness look so enjoyable and you don’t over complicate it. I can’t believe how much you have achieved, you Are my biggest inspiration and you have truly helped me with my fitness goals so THANK YOU! xx

  • You are my inspiration to eat healthy, I don t know how you can stay fit for so long time, buti think when you see that this lifestyle makes you feel good everyday, this is the biggest motivation, love you!

  • This is torture lol you’re on vacation get fucking drunk and have fun. Bodybuilding isn’t that serious man and i see tooooo many people ruin their lives and the people around them.

  • I believe you have to “pay back” all the great `tastes of all the good and delicious food you`re chow ìng down, somehow…….:-D

  • What I like about Greg’s diet video’s is there’s no bullshit and Greg is not one of those people with an insane metabolism he actually has to stay strict to his diet in order to stay away from persistent body fat.

  • Damn the buffet has a wide selection of dishes, very nice. I would raid that jello kid section XD, but that pork looked very delicious that would be my first stop definetly.

  • Thats not a cheat day to me… everything you ate was pretty healthy! Yes you didnt track calories but thats nowhere near a cheat…. sorry �� but great video nonetheless! ����

  • What if you re not staying at a Resort where the food is all inclusive? There you can multiple plates of veggies and protein. But if your re on a regular hotel, things can get harder than that.

  • Any reason you were being pretty strict? I feel you could’ve easily indulged a bit more/had all that fish finger side sauce;) but I get why you were a little more strict for the video.

  • Tried this on my vacation. Day 3 and I had ice cream for breakfast, pizza for dinner. After that was the point of no return. I tried to make myself feel better and call it a refeed but deep down I knew I was a fat bastard.

  • Emi you should drink 清熱酷 the powder pack one not the bottle one, it really can help for the hot air sore throat, so you may eat more fried food.

  • Hmm who would I rather take advice from… an IFBB PRO with a very admirable physique or a Dr who just quotes research made with untrained people but preaches that everyone should do it. Jordan Peters gave his training a go and quit after one cycle because he was looking worse WHILE getting weaker.

  • I just came back from visiting taiwan a few months ago and watching this video makes me miss it there so much��i miss the food and 7-eleven!!

  • Hey Emi,
    First time viewer and loved the video!
    Just wondering if you could tell where are the 2 night markets you went to in Kaohsiung?

  • Hopetown! I love Elbow Cay. Stayed in Fry’s Mangrove and it was great. Don’t know if Captain Jack’s is still there, but we loved that restaurant. Did you make it to Man O’ War?

  • This video has made me want to go abroad on holiday so badly �� all inclusive, actually use their gym for cardio early every morning. Manifesting that shit for next year!

  • I miss to go to taiwan again i miss coco milk tea and the street food and also the place the food and so cheep
    Because i work in taiwan before in factory
    You are great you can speak english verry good

  • Love the vids.
    I’m currently on my 2 month long honeymoon. What do you suggest with no hotel gyms and extremely good fried chicken around the corner? ��

  • i would be so depressed to be on a vacation and not being able to indulge. i mean if it was just a week it doesn’t hurt that bad, I always eat what I want conservatively and drop calories after the vacation but then again I’m not prepping for any shows

  • Good tips man! I usually go totally “off the wagon” when I’m on vacation, so these are actually some realistic tips here. I like the whole balance idea, next time I’m away I’ll put these tips to use. Thanks!

  • I think you may have mentioned somewhere on a previous video, but what kind of fitness watch do you use? Also what kind of scale did you use in your steps video?