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How To Have Fun in Apex Legends! (and Battle Royale in general)

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How to make your game 2X as fun! (In No Time.)

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How to have more fun in your life | Matt Weinstein | TEDxLivermore

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How to Have Fun in Rainbow Six Siege Again

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Too Much Goes On In This Video… | I Have No Title

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FUN | 10 Ways To Make Running Suck Less

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How To Make Running Fun 4 Tips!

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On lap two, jog at level 3 until you hit a line or number in the lane (every 100 meters), then do 5 burpees. Do a tempo run for all of lap three, then head to the bleachers for 3 sets of 10 elevated push-ups­—hands on the first row, feet on the ground. For an extra challenge, turn around and do decline push-ups.

A new pair of shoes can make your next run a lot more fun. With some extra spring in your steps you’ll feel energized and excited to get out there. A new running top or shorts can have the same effect—putting on new sleek clothes that make you feel good can give you a mental boost while outfitting you for peak performance. 10 Simple Ways to Actually Enjoy Running Slow down.

Most new runners start off at a sprint and quickly flame out, much the way Roche did. Now, he knows better. Then, pick up the pace. That said, steady slogging can quickly grow monotonous. Once you’ve logged a.

10 Tricks I Learned To Make Running More Fun 1. Feel fabulous. If I go out and get the cutest running shorts and shoes I can find, then half the battle of getting 2. Pick a beautiful running route. There’s nothing like a quiet beach run at sunrise or a breezy jog on a path in the 3. Make an. Head to a park or field, toss the frisbee in front of you, and take off running to try and catch it.

You’ll get some great sprints in and after a couple tosses you’ll start to get your sweat on. Take in each stride, observe your surroundings, give yourself permission to just run for the fun of it. Having the ability to lace up your sneakers and tackle any run is a blessing, but with the Garmin and iPod attached to us, we can forget this, Ryan says.

Boost the benefits of your run even more by taking it outdoors. this is how to have fun on a 10 mile run. you will learn how to run and with that how to get the most out of your run. make sure you subscribe to watch the rest of this series!!!! If you are. Nearly every gym has televisions in front of their treadmills. Grab your headphones and watch the news, a sporting event or your favorite series.

To be safe, be sure to keep these runs at a slower pace. If the workload is too much, try walking while the show is on and jogging during commercials. Think about the people you know who are always moaning and groaning about their life. How much fun do you think they have? Would they even know fun if it bit them in the nose?

Start a gratitude journal and see how much more fun life becomes without. Well, I’m here to tell you that a new runner should not try to run three, five, or even one mile at a time when they first start running. Instead, start a run/walk program with short intervals of running interspersed with walking.

List of related literature:

Run with a partner who can help to make it more fun.

“7 Thoughts to Live Your Life By: A Guide to the Happy, Peaceful, & Meaningful Life” by I. C. Robledo
from 7 Thoughts to Live Your Life By: A Guide to the Happy, Peaceful, & Meaningful Life
by I. C. Robledo
I. C. Robledo, 2018

Running with the wrong crowd seems fun for a while.

“The Swindoll Study Bible NLT” by Charles R. Swindoll
from The Swindoll Study Bible NLT
by Charles R. Swindoll
Tyndale House Publishers, Incorporated, 2017

make running even more enjoyable.

“Science of Running: Analyse your Technique, Prevent Injury, Revolutionize your Training” by Chris Napier
from Science of Running: Analyse your Technique, Prevent Injury, Revolutionize your Training
by Chris Napier
DK Publishing, 2020

Running is an excellent way to get to know a new city.

“Exercise for Mood and Anxiety: Proven Strategies for Overcoming Depression and Enhancing Well-Being” by Michael Otto, Jasper A.J. Smits
from Exercise for Mood and Anxiety: Proven Strategies for Overcoming Depression and Enhancing Well-Being
by Michael Otto, Jasper A.J. Smits
Oxford University Press, USA, 2011

“Fun runs” were a way to get fit, tackle long distances, mingle with other enthusiasts, and just enjoy the experience without necessarily competing with anyone else for the best time.

“Popular Fads and Crazes Through American History [2 volumes]” by Nancy Hendricks
from Popular Fads and Crazes Through American History [2 volumes]
by Nancy Hendricks
ABC-CLIO, 2018

Watching other people run is my favorite pastime.

“The Athlete's Way: Training Your Mind and Body to Experience the Joy of Exercise” by Christopher Bergland
from The Athlete’s Way: Training Your Mind and Body to Experience the Joy of Exercise
by Christopher Bergland
St. Martin’s Publishing Group, 2010

Bands playing and balloons in the air may not make you run faster, but these diversions may make you feel better.

“Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide” by Hal Higdon
from Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide
by Hal Higdon
Rodale Books, 2005

Run with a friend or join a running club.

“The Big Book of 30-Day Challenges: 60 Habit-Forming Programs to Live an Infinitely Better Life” by Rosanna Casper
from The Big Book of 30-Day Challenges: 60 Habit-Forming Programs to Live an Infinitely Better Life
by Rosanna Casper
Ulysses Press, 2017

Running became more fun than it had ever been.

“Marathon Woman: Running the Race to Revolutionize Women's Sports” by Kathrine Switzer
from Marathon Woman: Running the Race to Revolutionize Women’s Sports
by Kathrine Switzer
Hachette Books, 2017

Running just isn’t that serious from the middle of the pack, which gives us all more freedom to enjoy every mile we get.

“Run to the Finish: The Everyday Runner's Guide to Avoiding Injury, Ignoring the Clock, and Loving the Run” by Amanda Brooks
from Run to the Finish: The Everyday Runner’s Guide to Avoiding Injury, Ignoring the Clock, and Loving the Run
by Amanda Brooks
Hachette Books, 2020

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • already downloaded this game since you recommended it. i may not be very good at fps but I’m having a ton of fun being crafty as Caustic. Hope you can make character guides for Apex.

  • You have to be able to let go to have fun. Doesn’t always seem easy to do but when you can, it’s so worth it! Great talk I enjoyed this ������

  • I suck at siege. I know that I suck at siege. Thats why I dont play ranked. But lately ive been seeing wayy less friendly rooks and way more lions and jackals in casual. I feel like this game’s community is slowly getting more sweaty because of people saying “Clutch or Kick” and stuff like that. There has also been a spike it seems in toxicity as i’m commonly getting team killed for failing at a clutch, or simply for no reason at all. idk but for me siege has been getting progressively less fun unless im with my friends to carry me. Everyone’s so sweaty in a gamemode that should be full of memes and fun. Anyway thanks for listening to my rant

  • What would you suggest for someone who has asthma? I try to get going, but find myself walking more often than not, and huffing my inhaler by the end. I’ve heard it gets better after a while, but so far, it’s still the same.

  • But i think with increasing the speed, it is also importaint to monitor the difficulty. I think generally the developer is quite good at his game because he knows it in and out.

  • Frustrated, cause I truly feel like I have to 1v5 to win my matches and I honestly don’t want to play clutch simulator…
    actually it started this season, even in casual I had to clutch every round whether it be in attack of defense, so it was fun at the beginning, but not anymore.
    btw loosing/winning 100 lp each match is crazy….

  • Hey! I would like to add something to your good points, which I realized on games like SC2 with a high ladder anxiety pressure:
    Considering you have some games in your pocket, and you are somewhat in your rank bracket, you will win, and you will lose. Keep in mind that you will win half of your games, and lose the other half. Because this is the purpose of a rank: GIve approx SAME CHANCES TO BOTH OPPONENT TO WIN.
    There is no big deal about it. There is no shame to lose. There is no regret to lose. It is how it should be. There is no pleasure, satisfaction and sense of accomplishment if you never lose. Acceept it, and use the losses to understand what can be improved and go forward.
    The rank is a tool for the game to provide you fun. Don’t overstress it.
    Blame your gameplay. Not the rank, not the teammates, not the opponent. Criticize your own gameplay, because this is the only thing you have control on:)

  • Tbh, music was the one thing that always killed my runs. I prefer listening to podcasts or just my thoughts (when it was a rough day at school (I‘m a teacher)) to keep the tempo which still lets me breathe:).
    Besides that, those are some nice tips. To me, running at my own pace, even if it’s very slow in the beginning, was the key to sticking with running and to get into it again and again (I don‘t run in summer).

  • Word!! U are absolutly right, feel and experience the same things you describe. Mostly Wins = fun evening, losses = can’t fall asleep for half an hour afterwards.

  • I love running, but I love the tip to listen to an audiobook! I just signed up for my trial membership! Thanks so much for another amazing vlog! I should also go looking for a foam roller:)

  • So you just gon let me watch a whole trailer about Pete Davidson in the king of states island and it’s not coming out for a whole month???

  • I’m 69 and I’ve been running for 47 1/2 years so I guess you could say I’m sort of old school. I don’t listen to music. I like to be aware of my surroundings. It also makes me be aware of my physical because the music does not distract me. This is just me and my preference. Maybe when I’ve been running for 50 years I’ll try running with music. LOL

  • Hi Sarah, I’m looking to buy a spinning bike for the home, do you recommend any brands? Also, any online classes that I can watch through youtube/appleTV? Peloton is way too pricey for me, but love the concept!

  • Frustrated.. No longer fun to play. Game play has gotten way too congested with traps, and the toxicity of the online players and the never ending Bullying verbal insults is really bad.

  • This goes over the landing part but what about post land after you’ve lived the first round maybe took some names while doing it but what about the sprint, loot, die loop?

  • i’d say have the speed increase over time, if you were only comfortable with 50% bonus speed at first then your players are probably the same.

  • I feel like some of those tips are double edged swords.
    Sometimes juicing up a game make it better for trailers but also make it more annoying to actually play.

  • I’m 16 years old and braces are painful the first week you get them on it hurts it gave me migraines but popsicles helped me a lot the coldness helped the pain and Tylenol. Ik she won’t need them for a little while but just a heads up

  • Can you do a stretching video? I row crew and swim and I’m very inflexible but stretching is so painful so I always skip stretching which worsens the inflexibility

  • For the goal rings looking the wrong color, why not swap colors? Ring becomes the yellow color that the ship is, ship becomes the dark wall color, walls become dark blue background color, and background becomes light blue ring color? That might look better.

  • You look really pretty in this video! And thanks for the tips! I want to try cross country this yr at school and I kinda have to start training…xD

  • Great content here, thank you. Every game dev should watch.

    I came to troll because the title is a bit click baitish ‐ but very good advice ��

  • Great tips! I use to run got up to a 5k after not being able to run 30 seconds. I worked my way up! But I hurt my knee boxing and running is harder now for me but I want to work my way up! Is hat fit bit on your wrist? I am thinking of getting one!

  • Great advices but that camera movement gave me motion sickness pretty quickly:S
    It’s probably not suitable for every kind of player

  • I had to block all forms of communication when playing cus I got tired of death threats and disgusting language that is not at all necessary. I love this game but the community is too much sometimes.

  • OMG! Tasty Blue Games, is it you? Dang… if it’s you, I want to say thank you very very much! You were the one to first introduce me to programming back in the days. Good god, i wish you the best for your further journey here on you tube!:DD
    If it’s not you, then don’t really mind me, but if it’s you! God, i want to thank you for everything:D

  • If you think running sucks, you are doing it wrong. I also think it is very dangerous to run while listening to music. It distracts you from concentrating on your body and your breathing. Its also easier to get hit by a car if you don’t hear it coming.

  • I’ll be running my first marathon in October. I’ve never ran over half marathon distance and times running out so Need to get the longer runs in but its to hot. I ran my faster half this year. 1hour 34. I’m aiming to do the full in 3hours 30. Fingers crossed

  • Good tips.  I’ve recently gotten serious about running and started doing it regularly in June.  And I have to say I’m pretty addicted to it.  My current pace and endurance isn’t great, but I’m getting there.

  • You should include where you got what you are wearing in the description of each video! Because I always love it!! Your top is adorable <3!!! 

  • i just came across your channel, and u just inspired me to get fitter. u look like my fitter twin. i have fat where u have muscle:P… soo yeah:P.. Thank you:D..

  • Do you have any running shoe suggestions for people with flat feet? Or maybe some tips about insoles or something? I’ve been told that I should get custom running shoes, but it’d be great if you could suggest some less expensive alternatives.

  • Can you do a post on the benefits/disadvantages to the watches you wear? I have a Garmin and the Polar FT60 you used to wear a while ago, but I’d like to hear your opinion on the new Garmin (the teal one)! Also, do you think the Boost sneakers are good for a variety of runners?

  • Honestly I feel like this applies to any game with a competitive mode… Taking the easiest, cheesiest option to get a quick win will probably make the game feel boring fast for 2 reasons:

    1. There is no skill curve, nothing to improve at… you do your one thing and hope it works.

    2. You’re entirely at the mercy of matchmaking, Can they counter your tactic? If no, you win… If yes, you lose because you haven’t practised anything else… so there isn’t any tension, it’s not a competition it’s a skill/IQ check for your opponent.

  • I want to have fun playing the game but it’s difficult when almost every enemy team resorts to spawn killing and rushing outside when they’re supposed to be defending

  • Any tips on how to stick to it? I always seem to start running and then somehow find excuses and next thing I know its been a week since my last run!

  • The best way to make running suck less is to stop running! Started going to a gym that has my favorite Precor AMT machine now, so I don’t have to run on a treadmill anymore.

  • I started running again after a few months off. What I struggle with right now is getting my stamina and endurance back but I push myself a little more each time I run. And my upcoming Chicago marathon has been motivating me!

  • lol I love your #8!  Sarah, can you put the link to your foam rolling video in the description? What do you think about The Stick? I almost bought one while 37 weeks pregnant ’cause I just started getting Charlie Horses, and figured I could use it when I start running again. Do you like the foam roller better though?

  • I think you in specific as a content creator have a lot to prove, because high ranking people kind of help decide how a game progresses, not only hat but when you speak out on certain issues in the community or the game as a whole, people look at your rank, not actually what you’re saying. “Git guud” forces players to try hard to validate any complaints they have and that is both a good and a bad thing. It’s a bad thing for fun (an example of this is overwatch and why its dying, it’s a lot less in seige because well theres less numbers to calculate but more of a focus on gadgets in a way)the heros thatve gon unnoticed for a long time are getting buffed so it’s at the risk of other peoples fun even more than proving yourself to the community…

    TLDR: Proving yourself to the community is important and even more so as a content creator


  • I feel like the game went in the wrong direction the game is milking the current content such as instead of making new maps they remake maps rather than making an entirely new map to learn and play on they also only focus on competitive things making the casual community very small like you said it shouldn’t feel like you should be getting paid to play a “swat” game.

  • I got a idea. The game speeds up every second, but every time you collect a coin, the game slows down a tad. That way, the coins aren’t completely useless and have a purpose

  • Hey, about the dentist appointment. You can legally go in with your kid into the building. She is a MINOR and it is against the law to force her to go in by herself. You are obviously the parents so you can make the best decision for her but I just wanted to make you aware. What a crazy time we live in!

  • It’s like a spectrum between cs:go and CoD, competitive technical aspects vs. prioritization of a cinematic the expendables experience

  • I would add getting a Jog Log app or one like it that records your distance and your time. It’s way more fun to actually see the mileage you just ran!

  • Sterling really was trying to rip that hat off.�� Tell Hazzel that she’s so brave going into the dentist by herself.��‍���� I would’ve cried at that age if my mom or dad couldn’t go with me.�� Sending Love&Hugs and stay safe.����

  • Sterling was way too stinking cute in that swim outfit! It’s so awesome your apartment lets you do appointments, ours never re-opened the pool:/ and I was so surprised their age limit was 6 for parents to come in! That’s so young to go into the dentist by yourself, and it’s scary enough going with your parents. Dang! Hazzel was super brave to go into the appointment like that!:) Also your outfit at 6:40 is so cute! I know you mentioned not being confident enough to wear a lot of your clothes, which I totally get because I have had issues like that a long time, but you look beautiful!

  • So glad that you have a man to stand by your side with everything you’ve had going on these last few months. You deserve all the happiness and support he gives you.

  • I had fun the minute I stopped taking the game seriously. I main all the ops that let you do dumb shit (Warden, alibi, iana, nook, maverick, clash) some of them are good, others are competitively weak. I found fun in just memeing around, sure I don’t always win and my kd is pretty abysmal but the moments where you perfectly fool people with alibi just make it worth it

  • After i log off a session of rainbow six siege i feel happy, why because r6 is getting frustrating and boring since nobody plays with me for fun, every time i log on siege i feel like to be able to play woth friends is to try and sweat

  • Love your channel Ms. Fit! I am running my first marathon, runDisney, and I have about 8 more months to train… freaking out a bit! I am a re-beginning runner after quite a few years hiatus. 100 lbs and 20 years ago, I seriously loved running and held a 10-minute mile for 30 minutes before needing a break, but now it’s a bit harder, and I am only able to keep 3 minutes of a jog before needing to walk. This is an improvement from a month ago, when walking hurt! Do you have any tips for me to get going a little quicker on increasing my endurance to maintain a run longer? Also, I am currently using a training plan on MapMyRun and will run a 5K, 10K, and half-marathon before the big event.

  • “it is your problem not a problem of the game”
    Cheaters, bugs, doss, bad servers, toxicity, frustrating gameplay: “Are you really in charge here?”

  • I play my first 10 maches to get a rank, and then never play ranked for an entire season. I do this every season and its fun i guess.

  • Do you mind sharing your program just brief explanation of how many miles you have to run each day, time preparation and diet required to give enough fuel to your body?

  • Great tips yo improve a game rapidly. I think they are good to improve games jams game too. The juicy tips you mention are similar to an amazing talk I recommend by one of the Nuclear Throne designers Jan Willem that I saw some years ago on youtube.

  • I’m done because all I enjoyed is gone no new content most recent ops are just boring all the good maps are getting reworked except chalet it’s been a good run

  • Dude you’re absolutely insane, super talented and smart about this, it’s insane how much the game improved by just slowing the movement, keep up the great work. Also great fan of Superflight and Islanders

  • My definition of fun when playing in a 5 stack is
    Injure team mate
    Keep them knocked for like a min
    Res then
    Kill them
    Throw grenade at teammate and hop on main account

  • Frustrated/Bored
    My problem with siege is that a few months ago, I had taken a break from this game because it wasn’t fun and I never got that adrenaline rush from it anymore.

    I see siege in my games and apps and think, “I kinda wanna play ranked in siege again, I better play casual to warm up again”

    Gets shit-stomped in casual because I’m months rusty and suck at every aspect of the game
    Then I get off because I get so frustrated at the game and myself. I don’t want to have to spend weeks in casual regaining my skills, (which I’m going to have to play solo, because my friends all gave up on this game, or rarely play) so I end up getting off the game and not touching it for another week, which only ends up making me even worse
    Now I’m at the point from back in the day I where I was Plat 2-1 level, to now being gold 3 barely gold 2. And I really can’t play this game without being tilted by teammates in ranked, or trying to regain my skills in casual and being heavily bored playing solo.
    TL;DR: used to be good, now i suck, dont wanna regain skills, end up tilted/frustrated or bored out of my mind every time i play. get off, then get worse.

  • Ranked is not fun. Not fun when I win, broken controller when I lose.

    I’ve been playing this game since release and I have been forever trapped in gold

  • Tired.

    I’m either up til 2 in the morning, bored with the lack of variety in game modes, or on a losing streak. I almost never put the game away for the day/night without feeling tired.

  • what about in pe when you have no say in what you do? and when they make you sprint you have to sprint.AND THE CLOTHES??!?!? ughhhhhhhhh there just…. I’m not even gonna begin saying how ugly they are.

  • I’ve always wanted to be a runner but never really knew how to get started, your videos have definitely been helping me to get into the groove:) not quite at the running stage yet, mostly just walking and some sprinting with my dog, but it’s getting there. Thanks.

  • Excelent video, thanks for sharing useful information:j. Just a few changes you made and the game become better, remembers me to boxhead xd (2d flash zombie shooter)

    How do you implement knockback effect?

  • You forgot to mention trapping enemies in enclosed spaces and watching the wither away because of your toxic traps……

    I’m not crazy, you’re crazy
    the main theme from Psycho can be heard faintly in the distance…

  • The problem is the game’s community. People are always toxic and measuring eachother with K.D and rank. Plus, every time i solo queue i feel this pressure that i need to perform or otherwise my team will yell at me. If the community would finally have a more fun mindset instead of being a bunch of morons on high horses, the game would be more fun to play.

  • aaaah I got a foam roller like 3 months ago and….I don’t use it! But I will try to be motivated by your advice to start finally use it!

  • Same with CoD… I should use the weapon that are more fun to me and playing the way I have more fun (also camping with a sniper or a knife) and just don’t look at the k.d. ratio

  • Lmao my Ways to get my Friends hooked on a Simple Turn based Attacking based rpg game is Just to have a Huge Map to Explore and just to fill it with loot, And Npcs ( and i made the Script So easy to add Dialogue so i can add an New Npc in less than 12 seconds lmao

  • I use this app called Zombies run. You can run anywhere you want and the app will play a story to you in your headphones which you are taking part in. You can also include chases where this “zombies” will be close to you and you will have to sprint away from them. It really keeps me motivated and encourages me to keep running and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

  • Thank you man, this is what i needed. I was sticking too much to iana and maestro and completely forgot about all of the fun operators and the less toxicity is unranked, you really help a lot man.

  • I’m working on a bullet hell game, and in my game I had decided to make the bullets you fire automatic hone in on enemies so you can focus more on dodging. This video made me realize that doing that removed the micro decision of getting closer to enemies for better aim. I was able to fix it by making your bullets do much more damage when you are closer to enemies, so now I keep that micro decision while allowing the player to continue focusing on dodging

  • Winning ranked is fun, and then once I feel satisfied with that, I go into unranked and just try to pull off the stupidest crap a gamer can do. Stand still holding a mirror in the corner, pretend to be a hologram, run out, sledge hammer living people, etc. So hilarious and better memories than a win

  • So Hazel doesn’t know how to swim? I always want to put a life jacket on my kid bc I feel like she’s not that strong of a swimmer. She willingly wears floaties at this age?

  • Unranked and ranked are both unfunny for me because 1 no random 2 no recruit and 3 when you solo people still take it serious in unranked but in casual people take it much more casually and we do stupid stuff constantly

  • Its impossible to play casually on console right now, i actually made a smurf because of how bad it is right now(im genuinely not the type of person to do that in games), I am by no means an amazing player and i dont crouch and lean spam, but i’d like to consider myself atleast above average, i havent been ranked since white noise cause i just cba, but for some reason man, EVERY SINGLE GAME i get an enemy team consisting of nothing but plats and diamonds, and every match i play, i have to compete against people who peek while bobbing up and down and wiggling left and right…..and its just so boring, like i cannot put into words how un-fun the game is right now, i cant have fun playing a game against people you have no chance of killing unless you either invest in a mouse and keyboard, strikepack or an elite controller, im hoping Ubi does some magic and invents a system that places people who lean and crouch spam into lobbies with other crouch and lean spammers, it ruins the game for everyone else

  • I am enjoying siege so much just playing Kapkan and getting some kills maybe some nice headshots, with his low recoil gun. Am noob who doesnt play ranked so simple pleasures. For me what isn’t fun is getting bullyed buy toxic team mates or just getting rekt. The round win doesn’t matter for me (alpha packs are cool so would prefer it) but I would much rather lose an long drawn out match which i feel like I have contributed in then to clean sweep

  • It’s sad that most people have such a negative view on running. I run everyday and absolutely love it! My favourite part of my day!

  • i use siege as my go-to game when i’m feeling competitive but then i start playing different games when i’m losing/just wanna have fun

  • I enjoyed this post. Thank you. I completely agree with the interval training. You are constantly concentrating on a goal..I tend to find the rest period goes a lot faster too because you are trying desperately to gain back your breath then when in the fast periods you are pushing yourself and counting so your mind always is pre occupied. I cant train unless I interval.

  • I had a period of time, when I tried hard (and of course I said it’s not try hard haha) and I was max almost on plat1 without a stack. But then I had to left the game for almost one year, because other priority things. When I backed to the game with my shit aim and realized I have to plaaay a lot again and care about the rank to back my previous ranked I asked myself ‘Is it worth? What will change when I’ll play on gold?’. Currently I play every weekend about 2-3 hours with a friend which got same feeling. Maan it’s so fun again. I aim on

    ceiling, my opponent on ground and it’s 50/50. On higher ranks you have to focus 100% of time, because people hold pixel angles. People complain about toxic people, but for me it’s additional fun. Sometimes I don’t believe that kind of people exists on lower ranks. Have fun guys and
    disseminate this feeling.

  • Nice advice, started running and finding it tricky to gauge my pace think I’m going too fast as have a fast-runners physique, tend to run OK for a while but then my legs give and have to fast walk for 20-30s to get it back. Currently getting back to my PB of 26 min 5k.

  • honestly i hate the fact that quickmatch is literally copy paste of ranked and how that plays out. 2 constant rounds attacking/defending,3 min timer, fixed map notation. i played quickmatch cause it wasn’t ranked not so i can practice ranked. i want old casual rule sets back

  • Idk, for me when I win I’m not really excited, it’s more of a “good. It should be that way.” Then when I lose I get so frustrated because I feel like I should not lose. I’ve played the game for 5 years and I guess that’s just where I’m at now. Especially being diamond before and taking a break and being stuck in platinum it sucks. I just hold myself to a high standard where I feel shitty if I lose. But that’s not just for siege or games in general. Most things in life I’m like that ��‍♂️

  • Just looked up the “How far we’ve come” song you mentioned. It’s great! I’m doing my first half-marathon in a couple of weeks (having started C25K in April 2017) and I’m definitely going to have that song on my playlist for the last mile

  • The kids are the cutest ever your like one of my favorite youtuber ever i look up to you as a role model i have been watching the videos since hazzel was a newborn

  • As you play your own game, you get better and more experienced at it, so the speed that you can play at will be different from the speed a new player can play at. It’s important to be aware of that, and to get feedback from other people.

  • I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this so much, or be touched by this. We can all benefit by lightening up and taking ourselves less seriously.

  • Great! Now, my therapist says to “Have fun, you’re too serious about everything!” Exactly what the hell does she mean by that? Now I have to do research into fun, what does it mean to have fun?, when is the best time to have fun?, the origins of fun, how humans evolved to have fun, do other animals have fun?, how to recognize when people are having fun, how to recognize when people are having fun at your expense, why have fun?, where should I have fun?, who are the people that are having fun? and a thousand other things.
    Like I have time for this shit.

  • Wow! This was so fun! I smiled and laughed through the whole thing. This is so important to create a connection and openness between people. Today I am going to go out and play and have fun!!! Thanks Matt!

  • Wonderful to see your TEDx! Congratulations!! Your playful leadership continues to inspire us to exercise our play muscles for the sheer joy and connection that results in doing so.  Thank you!!!

  • I love your videos Haylee ��♥️ I hope you and your family are doing ok! Lol you should of called it random weeks in my life����‍♀️��

  • I did that to my closet too i was keeping clothes just in case i lose weight lol
    Yey Hazzel no cavities! Aww Sterling is so adorable!❤

  • Zombie’s, Run! 
    It’s my favourite running App, chased by zombies and a great story line! It’s like a t.v program lol but yeah that’s my jam!!

  • I don’t wanna be that person that tells you what to do at all!! But have you talked to sterlings doctor about allergies related to his eczema? Maybe going to a dermatologist or an allergist? Poor boy looked so itchy in the beginning!

  • Im 14 and i used to be really really fit like I run 5km then go 5 rounds in the ring(im a boxer) and I could do a hefty amount of sit ups/push ups. Now 1 year later i feel like shit and I cant even do 30 sit ups in a row:(

  • Thanks Holly. Great advice……again ������ Adaptation doesn’t happen quickly but it does happen. There’s absolutely no shame in walk breaks. We’re still out there moving. ��

  • I love video but I must say the last addition (Camera shake) was bit excessive & disorienting to look at. All in all, goof content!

  • I can’t see how the insane camera would help, because it makes everything so much harder to see, but everything else is very helpful.
    Thumbs Up Video!

  • 4 Tips Summary

    1. Pick a playlist of songs to listen
    2. Pick a scenic location to run
    3. Have a buddy to run with
    4. Trust the process of your body is going to feel and look great!

  • this was helpful but im not a big fan of packing in as much action in as little time as possible. i think it’s more interesting to leave more time for decision making.

  • Make the targets different colors, one of the colors wipes 70% of the screen and stuns the enemies for a second. A different color target gives you another heart. Another one would be it turns on a fan that pushes all the enemies away from you for 2 seconds and disables new ones spawning for a few seconds. A target could even make your character blink and destroy them on contact for a few seconds. You don’t want pressure on the player all the time, back off a little and let them relax. People need a little down time to regroup and think up a new strategy.

  • I remember a great run that I did in the rain. I was training for my first marathon. And it was a Saturday before the race and I did 22 miles straight without stopping. I would slow down a little when I grabbed my GU and my water. But that got me so psyched for the race. I LOVE RUNNING IN THE RAIN. And matchbox 20 is one of my faves so good choice

  • I quit siege a while ago because of this reason. The community is incredibly toxic and everyone just wants to win and not have real “fun”, because fun to them is winning. I jumped to apex and its such a changevof pace. The ranked game mode doesnt feel sweaty and different like siege(Im on console btw), its just a fun game that you can play with anyone. You wont need anyone to have a good time. Siege is gonna die i can feel it

  • Very interesting opinions. I actually liked the original color scheme and the static camera much better. Other than that, these seem like good ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  • can you make thats same game tutorial for unity? or pleasr can you or anyone here tell me how to build this game in unity? pleaeeese. thx

  • If the rings don’t actually do anything, they feel like pointless distractions. In all games like this I know, they give a temporary powerup, like invulnerability, triple fire or piercing attacks.
    Also, am I the only one who HATES screen shake?

  • i am curious to know what you usually wear to run? Clothing is important…anything under the shorts? i get alot of chaffing and riding up.

  • I actually love running. Recently it’s become really painful for me to run and my muscles feel really tight. I’ll try a foam roller. Thanks for the tips!: )

  • My god, when you showed of the first gameplay with the better gun behaviour it was almost too intense for me to watch! So many tight situations!

  • This was the first season where I’m not ranked since first getting the game. All I’ve done is play casual and it’s been amazing just running around being stupid knowing my rank won’t be affected. As I’m typing this I realized wow I’m such a loser I care about my rank in a game

  • Im gonna be totally honest here, I subscribed for 2 reasons (mainly the latter):
    1) your advice and tips are on point and very helpful.
    2) you’re quite possibly the cutest and most endearing human creature I’ve ever witnessed. ��

  • With me I absolutely feel accomplished not relieved after a session of ranked. Win or lose. Losing is apart of the game and I’ve learned to accept that. You have to get beaten down and dropped to actually enjoy the feeling of winning because if you win every single time it would get really boring. So that’s what I think

  • Tip: slowing the player’s movement is one of the worst things you could do. You must let the players feel in control. Look at DOOM or Mario, and how fun it makes the game with the movement alone

  • Sir, my answer. I feel so angry when I get off R6, it feels so competitive. It genuinely hurts when I play now, their is so my toxic people on it now. And it’s to competitive and repeating, it’s 100x harder now. Thank you.

  • 4:33 it’s pretty useful to know the direction you shotted the enemy from
    a lot of this seems pretty obvious but i know i’ve played a lot of games that just felt too damn slow as somoene who’s just really impatient

    that camera effect looks kinda shabby btw, i’ll admit i’m very biased against camera smoothing

    also that speed increase at the end is too fast, it makes the enemies look like no threat at all

  • I remember when I could play games and actually struggle to come off it because it was so fun. But now I often willingly come off it

  • Caffeine and chemicals are not fuel, carbohydrates are fuel:) My coach recommends 200 calories per hour before the workout/race. If it’s first thing in the AM, about 100 calories should suffice for a 30 minute workout but be sure to eat right after. The rest of the tips are great, but the body will never perform optimally without fuel and the most easily utilized source of energy is carbohydrates (fruits, veggies, oats, rice, potatoes, pasta, whole grains, etc) “don’t wear clothes that suck” love it:)

  • Great article, but it there are more “fun” things you can do … in no particular order …

    Fartlek every now and then on a long run with friends shout “Go” and run as fast as you can … generally for a short distance, like the top of a small hill.

    Splashy Run through puddles … it really surprises non-runners, particularly if they are currently trying to make sure that their small child does not splash in the puddles.

    Conkers this is a bit tricky … In the UK we get quite a lot of fallen horse chestnuts “conkers” in the autumn (fall). These can roll for a long way, so if you are on a downhill section, kick one in front of you and try and keep up with it

  • I’ve also noticed that the goals are basically useless, why not make them give small buffs? (Like run speed so getting goals is faster, or bonus hp so losing games after a lot of goals is harder)

  • Damn. I needed this today. I literally put a post-it note on my desk that says “Have Fun!” earlier this week to remind myself that that’s what Siege is supposed to be. It’s way too often that I find myself getting absolutely furious and stressed over what amounts to a game of violent digital chess.

  • My dude! I’m loving the videos you’ve been putting out lately. Theyre based on content I enjoy, and everything from the way you use that sultry voice of yours ( �� ), to the well thought out talking points you touch on, I am thoroughly enjoying the content your making. Keep up all the hard and good work my friend!