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Tips to Help You Sleep Better

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Lead author James W. Whitworth, PhD, a postdoctoral researcher at Boston University School of Medicine, believes the intensity of the strength-training workout was key to improving sleep, explaining, “[Studies show that] moderate and high-intensity exercise produce larger improvements in sleep when compared to low-intensity exercise. The high-intensity workouts included 2–3 sets of five resistance-training exercises over a 20-minute period; those in the strength-training group fell asleep faster and reported higher quality sleep than those who did not exercise. Not only does weight training take credit for helping you sleep better, some researchers also say it helps you fall asleep faster and even sleep more deeply; this is because muscle growth and deep sleep are interdependent. For example, when you sleep deeply, it aids your body’s hormone balance, which in turn helps the repair and growth of muscle.

There’s more evidence to support moderate-intensity aerobic exercise for sleep than strength training. But strength workouts may benefit sleep quality as well. The important thing is to exercise consistently and, if possible, earlier in the day, as most evidence supports morning workouts for better sleep. This thermal effect of strength training can explain why the participants had a really sound sleep.

Lifting weights in the day will keep you awake longer in bed while lifting later in the day can help you sleep better. Strength training can help, sports scientists at Appalachian State University in the US discovered. According to their study, doing strength training early in the morning helps you fall asleep earlier at night, and doing strength training later in the day reduces the number of times you wake up during the night. So playing a sport, going swimming, doing strength training or yoga in the evening is the best bet to avoid day time napping and stay fit. You can do the upside down relaxation pose with your legs propped up against the wall or do stretching exercises like child pose and goddess stretch before tuning in to sleep.

Researchers found that lifting weights in the morning helped subjects fall asleep about 45 minutes faster. Lifting weights in the evening improved the actual quality of sleep. This may be because resistance training acts warms the body internally, sort of like a pre-bed bath. Strength training: surprisingly soothing. If you’re a strength trainee, sleep may be amongst the key components that helps you to add the next 10 pounds to your bench, or 20 pounds to your squat.

Incorporating healthy sleep into an overall fitness-oriented lifestyle will optimize your general health and help ensure your strength progression for many years to come. One way resistance training might be beneficial is by promoting better sleep. In an interesting study, young women with GAD were randomly assigned to.

List of related literature:

Weightlifters need sleep—physical rest—for the body to actually build stronger muscles.

“Leverage Leadership 2.0: A Practical Guide to Building Exceptional Schools” by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo, Doug Lemov
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Regular training improves the quality of your sleep because you’ll be physically tired at night when you go to bed.

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Controlled research investigating the effects of sleep deprivation in combination with regular resistance training on muscle hypertrophy is scant.

“Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy” by Brad Schoenfeld
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● Helps promote sleep, giving space for rest, easing fatigue.

“Pregnancy and Childbirth E-Book: A holistic approach to massage and bodywork” by Suzanne Yates
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Working out 3 to 6 hours before bed, on the other hand, will help you maximize the benefits of exercise on sleep, since the body actually increases deep sleep to compensate for the physical stress of your workout.

“The Hormone Diet: A 3-Step Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Strength, and Live Younger Longer” by Natasha Turner
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A weightlifter needs sleep—physical rest—for the body to actually build stronger muscles.

“Driven by Data 2.0: A Practical Guide to Improve Instruction” by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo
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It helps you sleep better, so you feel more rested.

“PE to 16” by Sally Fountain, Linda Goodwin
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In other words, sleep may have more of an influence on exercise than exercise has on sleep.

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As you sleep, your body produces necessary growth hormone and testosterone, important muscle-repairing hormones that also enhance neural growth.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
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But how does intense training impact sleep?

“Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports” by Marc Bubbs
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  • Type 2 diabetic here. I have been weight training for 8 weeks, and my glucose levels are amazing (even for a non diabetic). My fasting glucose is around 4.8 mmol/L (87 mg/dL). The best glucose levels I have seen since I was diagnosed with diabetes two years ago. I feel great, and yes, I’ve lost 11 lbs so far. If you have diabetes, watch what you eat and start weight training ASAP so you can take control.

  • Summary:
    1. A combination of strength training, cardio and high-intensity interval training works the best in PCOS.
    2. Learning proper form under guidance is important to be able to work out on your own.
    3. Fuel up before, hydrate during and take protein after a workout.
    4. Eat and sleep well during the recovery period after a workout.
    5. Timing is subjective. Sticking to a time to go to the gym every day is only to discipline yourself.
    6. It is best to consult with your doctor before starting any supplements.
    7. Strength training is beneficial in older women to help combat osteoporosis.

  • (Sees title ‘doing exercise before bed’)
    Me: Thinking that this is just a simple exercise.
    Me: Pause the video and scroll down the comment section first
    Me: Saw someone comment push-ups for 60 sec.
    Me: ( ゚д゚) eh?
    Me: Saw someone comment push-up for 60 sec for second time
    Me: (;´Д`) bye.

  • After how much time should these exercises be done after the meal or should these be done before night meal. Please clarify else the confusion remains

  • Starting this tonight. Will update in a month if i remember. Also for every sugary drink i drink I have to drink an equal amount of water or more. Gonna try to eat healthier too. Excited to see how this helps!

  • I was just watching bright side’s other video about what not to do before bed and one of them was excercising…here i come telling us to do some work out 8 mint before bed….why are you guys contradicting u r selves ����

  • while this may be true I had the opposite, I’m someone who is in boxing, when I used to go to the boxing gym and train for 2 and a half hours I used to get really exhausted, weight lifting is nothing compared to weight lifting, but anyways I’d get home and eat me a good meal but at night I’d wake up around 2 am feeling energized and the sleep I got from 10 2 felt very shallow

  • What about using melatonin pills to fall asleep easier? Since it’s natural it shouldn’t do any harm to the body/sleeping schedule,right? Can you talk about this in the future or just reply this comment?

    Thanks in advance,your videos are awesome,keep it up with the good job!

  • just me trying not to breathe heavily so my family don’t know i’m working out at midnight because it’s too embarrassing… and then not breathing enough and needing to breathe more and having to stop…. just me okay

  • During lockdown i gain 20 kg weight i.e. from 60 to 80 it make me so depressed….what should i do to gain my ideal weight in 1 month i.e.60

  • I am already skinny…just I’m a lazy man and I just turned 25…I need to improve my body health while I can so later on in life I’ll be better off

  • I know I did this to lose weight, but my back was a hurting for a while. I did this and it doesn’t hurt anymore ��. I only did half but that’s not the point

  • Starting July 25th. I’ll for sure come back and update August 25th. Maybe in the middle too just to show if it works or not. I’ll set a reminder on my phone for that date but if I don’t come back just comment and remind me.

  • 1) 30 arm circles
    2) 30 high knees
    3) 60 sec squarts
    4) 60 sec donkey kicks
    5) 60 sec push ups
    7) 60 sec squat and side crunch
    8) 60 sec planks
    9) 60 sec crossover

  • Why haven’t I found ur channel before? Just watched most of ur videos and subscribed. I love it. Each video is so informative, accurate, short and even funny at some points lol. Straight to the point always and u put all off ur sources. Perfect, u definitely deserve more subscribers! <3 Gonna go follow u on Twitter, IG etc now!

  • I love strength training! My fiance and I have been doing stronglifts 5 x 5 for the past few months. I’m a 23 yr old with chronic muscle pain due to tmj and scoliosis and I’ve noticed much less pain now that we’ve been lifting weights.

  • It’s still astonish me just how some people do not know about Custokebon Secrets even though many people using it. Thanks to my personal pal who told me about it. I have lost tons of weight.

  • walking to car and routine was exercise, with quarantine not even that activity is burning energy, thus my bad no activity bad sleep routine, too much energy unused. Its comforting to know the machine and light technology to correct a too wakeful tired pattern is just walking outdoors for free

  • I had horrible insomnia for Nine months, the only way I could sleep was by taking medications. Finally my physician recommended this sleep plan 4InsomniaCure. Com After Five weeks, I attained the best sleep of my life. I cannot advise it enough, especially for long term insomniacs. My sleeping has drastically improved!?

  • im wanna be THAT person that updates their stats everyday but im the person that SAYS they’ll update their stats everyday and then GIVES UP on life and then the end. ok. thanks. bye. keep scrolling. hopefully you find someone that actually completed it.

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  • I live in a senior condo. A common issue is that seniors start to fall, put out their arms to protect their face, and break their wrists.
    My former blood/heart doctor emphasized strength training to protect my wrists in case of a fall.

    Me. Male, Age 74. Three angioplasties, one in 96, a double in 97.

    A question I posted elsewhere, since my heart rate stays around target, during most of my strength training, doesn’t that also count as aerobics?

    Agree fully on mental benefits.

  • I’m a genetically thin person, I was sleeping just fine until I started going to the gym after work after 5pm I try to be in bed at 10pm but I toss and turn sill 2am-4am and get about 3 hours of sleep ��. Everybody is different. I think I may need to try going to the gym before work. Studies are not always right.

  • Actually core body temperature lowers at night, only skin temperature rises from emitted core body temperature. But it is true, that increased body temperature during the day(e.g. through exercise) promotes slow wave sleep at night. Probably because it results in core body temperature being even lower at night.

  • You shouldn’t do so much workout before going to bed. Your mind becomes alert after exercise. Your heart rate will be high, you won’t really fall asleep quickly.

  • The information in regards to an increase in body temperature helping sleep may not be correct, since sleep is part of the circadian rhythm I am sure that when our core body temperature decreases it is much more easier to initiate sleep due to the production of melatonin, but when our body is near waking melatonin secretion is inhibited due to the rising of body core temperature.

    This information can be found at google scholar, journal name is (Some chronobiological and physiological problems associated with long-distance journeys) on the section of sleep rhythm (just quiet confused why you would want body temperature to increase)

  • Normally I go to bed at 9:00 PM and actually sleep 2 3 hours later. When I found out I needed to sleep a lot by watching this (last night), I ended up not sleeping until the sun was just starting to rise. I hate my life.

  • I slept after 12am since 2012 June and thought that I could never sleep like normal people but since i started going to gym at 7 am since 8 Jan 2017.I have slept before 12 each day automatically.

  • My trigger word was when she said..’uh….extended.’ You just need 4-5 compound movements with a linear progression of weight moved. This is the kinda thing which makes people assume weight lifting isn’t for them..

  • Dude you got to advertise your channel… I’ve watched a lot of your vids and the science and logic is amazing and you explain it with pictures! Lol idiot proof and very informative, keep up the good work..

  • Why do people thinkyou bulk up? Lol…not if lifting low weight… Ive been strength training for a 57…only strong bulk lol. I will never go back to feeling weak again.. People wonder why their skin sags on their body? Lol, because you need muscle to hold the skin up..!

  • I disagree. This might work for most people but for some reason not for me. I’ve researched online and found that many people have the same issue. I finish my one hour long gym workout at around 3.30pm (three times a week) and go to sleep before 10pm. By that time my heart rate and body temperature are still elevated. The body just won’t shut down! This prevents me from feeling comfortable in bed and leads to a very shallow and restless sleep. This accumulates through the week and I’m pretty dead by weekend. What gives?!

  • I workout at 4 am in the morning (cardio session of approx 30-60 mins)
    what are your views on that?
    As per this video morning workouts were associated with sunlight which will decrease melatonin levels..
    My views:
    It has helped me emotionally mentally and physically
    there’s so much time in the morning you can build a castle before others even wake up.
    Also.. I have seen many videos saying you need minimum 8 hours of continuous sleep and the same page saying waking up early morning at 5 will change your life.. so are we supposed to sleep at 9 pm?
    I sleep at 11pm wake up at 3.30 am workout build a castle and take a quick nap and then get back to my day.. And sleep in the afternoon if possible.. and it works perfectly for me:)
    It’ll be great if you could clear that doubt of continuous sleep thing..

  • Ive been running/walking for an hour on a treadmill for a week and Ive noticed I can remember my dreams better! And last night I had a good dream, maybe I can even start to lucid dream if I try hard enough (or maybe Im just exaggerating lol)

  • I work at night shift so I workout in the morning after work,but its hard to sleep,also I cant wake up in time because I feel that I didnt get enough sleep,I get constant headache If I try to wake up in time,I tried supplementing with creatine that helped me to recover faster with few hours of sleep for about a month,now I feel like its going back to the old feeling of lack of sleep…

  • I work out from 7:15 9:15 pm ( depends on how fast i workout) and go home before 10 pm. But whenever im going to bed, i know that i will sleep early this night because im tired and used up all my energy at the gym.

    But then again, sometimes i really have a hard time sleeping at night even though im so tired. It gets me so frustrated to think on what am i missing for the reason why i cant sleep.

    I usually dont sleep at the afternoons also so that i will have no regret when i cant sleep in the night but sometimes it aint the problem. i dont know what is.

    have someone encountered this problem before also?

  • is it okay to sleep anytime during the day (as long as it is 8 hours)??

    also.. would u recommend byphasic/polyphasic sleep over normal 8 hours sleep??

    make these 2 vids = $10 on patreon

  • I failed to consider my sleep problems significantly in past few days because it simply occurs occasionally. Yet about five years ago, my situation became worse. It’s already a good sleep for me personally if I am able to sleep for Three hours. Most often, I couldn’t make my own self to sleep the whole evening. I used this unique method. On the spot, only on that day solely, I observed good benefits. After having a 1 week of making use of the guide, I been able to accomplish Four to seven hours of great sleep. My sleep becomes far better everyday.. Good luck, you will get the results, find it on Google. Name is Zoey Sυnodoz
    take care

  • Hope you read this:)
    Great videos. Please keep em coming. In another note, im helping a friend out who’s trying to bulk. I’ve watched all of your posted videos, and can you post something along the lines of this:
    alot of gainers out there has high amount of carbs, but do not have sugar or fiber (or very little of them), where is this carbs coming from then? if it’s starch, please explain how it works in our macros and diet and how it plays a role.

  • On that one why you do they high step can do it a way I can do it. I am Seventy years young. But so don’t want to do some exercise. I could look se my balance

  • hi i first of all great work and thank you for all your information and plz keep updating
    i need to know how many calories dose 1 pound of muscle burns and dose more muscle help me loss weight?
    and i need to know about the healthy food for building muscle and any food that will help me in the gym
    like coconut water that you mentioned and thx:)

  • Could u make a video talking more about vitamines? The uses and how to make the best mix of them in order to get more healthy. Tks for all the vids, u are really an artist.

  • I will try doing this and I will update week by week and say you what my results are. I will edit every week. Starting from today night 22/07/2020

    I promise to update

    1st day of exercise: It was nice and I had difficulty with push ups and plank ups so I stopped in middle and did jumping jacks for the two exercises. And I did no dieting because every one knows the diet is the worst enemy of exercise.

    Day 2: it was tough than before but it was great I did not do any diet. Even though I did not loose any weight in kgs �� I lost weight only in grams. I did this exercise only once a day before going to bed.
    Day 3: I am so sorry I could not do it because I had people al around me in my room and probably the entire villa. So I could not do it.
    Day 4: today was not that difficult it was easy and weight is a suspence
    Hey this is a last day
    Guess what I lost 6 kg as per my body function I am so glad.
    My tab was switched for for a month and this is the last day hurrah
    I did no diet and I have done his exercise only once a day

  • i do resistant training daily from 6 months but not seeing much gains.. i donot use any protein supplyment.. give me some tips…plz

  • Can you make a video about how long a training session should last (or time range) (what I do is 1 hour, some say it’s too much, other say it’s nothing). I thing you can do a decent video about it and I bet a lot of people will learn from it ;D

  • I’ve been lifting since 2015 and powerlifting since 2016. Lifting heavy changed my relationship with food and my body for the better. I have much more body confidence, and see food as helping to fuel my training rather than as something to fear.

  • I wonder how many calories this burns �� I’ve been exercising and lowing my calorie intake, so adding this will hopefully help a lil bit more ��

  • I have found that taking iron supplements makes me feel less sleepy during the day but I had convinced myself that I have an iron deficiency which I probably don’t so it might be a placebo effect.

  • Thanks for this video! You are so right. I’ve been lifting weights for the past 2 years. I now have good, lean muscle definition, but without bulk. It has also helped me with my overall energy levels. For any women out there reading this and still trying to decide if weight training is a good idea, just go for it! You owe it to yourself.

  • im gonna call BS seeing as i workout during the day and am completely drowsy by evening time. but those rare times i workout in the evening, im more energetic

  • Now I am over weight. Age 20, height 165 cm, weight 77. Waist 34. I wanna loose my fat. If i Do resistance training can it helps me to reduce my belly fat. plz reply sir. or you could advise me. Actually 5 days ago i started little bit running and walking, and doing cardio. what will be best for me. resistance training or cardiovascular…. plzz suggest me plzzz..i need ur suggestions.

  • Just binge watched all your vids man, excellent channel and subscribed. I have one question, did you study biology? You seem to know alot about it

  • This is such an amazing channel. Great animations, clear, concise, educational. Always practical advice too. So happy I found your channel!!!!!!

  • Hye mam!! Am pcod patient from the age of 15…now am 18…but there is no affect of medicine…what should i do����??now am doing gym…and losing weight��but there is no good doctor in my contact��so can i cure my pcod without medicine???by having weight lose

  • Mam I have a pcos last 3 yr when I was 17 yr old but I am not serious with my periods I am study lover late night early morning and I am topper girl but in pcos dr. Says changes life style but how mam??? How I manage my study �� with this pcos �������� recently I prepare for IIT you well know mam how many hours needed to study I am so sad mam why its happen with me..?? ������������������.. Mam pls give me suggestion… Mam when I continue my medicine all thing well but when I leav medicine same thing happen ��������������������…

  • So I’ve seen all of your videos and I love how you explain everything really thoroughly. I liked your video of sets and reps per set depending on goal (endurance, muscle growth, and strength) it cleared up a lot of confusion. But it brought up another question. How many exercises per day and does it differ on goal. Ex. Do less exercises on Endurance. Or do more exercises when Building Strength or stay consistent throughout

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  • You know this didn’t really help me too sleep you know why because I’m to lazy to read the steps because I was watching this at 2AM and I have school tomorrow dang it ����‍♀️ my hair it’s actually brown.

  • I came here because this was an assignment video for my class. Honestly, this video should have way more. I think 8k is little when seeing how educational it is

  • By utilizing this system, I was capable of getting away with this terrible insomnia of which I thought is hopeless already. You shouldn`t skip making use of this sleeping process or plan. At the beginning, I found this system to be unrealistic however I tried it anyway. There is no harm using it anyhow. Good luck, you will get the results, get it on Google. Name of the guide is Zoey Sυnodoz
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  • My tips on how to sleep faster:
    * scroll through the comments *
    * sleep comfortably *
    * eat fruit / drink green tea before you go to sleep *
    * i know it sounds weird but yawn *
    * get off your electronics. *

  • Magnesium powder in water is amazing for quick deeper sleep. Taken with a magnesium threonate capsule keeps me in la la all night!