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If studying with a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT ®) is important to you, then you can easily find out if they have registered by visiting the Directory. If not, you can always ask if they didn’t study at a Registered Yoga School (RYS ®) or if it was a personal choice not to register. This “CALM” check list will help you to find the right Yoga teacher for you. The following is the “CALM check list.” This checklist is a basic criterion that your Yoga teacher should meet before you continue on to a second Yoga class with them. C.A.L.M gets its name from four main factors: Communication, Assist, Listen, and Modification.

5 main points in finding a great yoga instructor! 1. Values and Beliefs Align with You. For thousands of years, yoga has been passed down through the tradition of guru to 2. Cueing and Language. You can be a great and advanced yoga teacher but not eloquent in delivering instructions.

The 3. Plus, find a class location that enables you to be consistent with your practice—a key part of yoga now and forever. At a minimum, read studio web sites and look for teachers with RYT-200 certifications, which should ensure teachers have a basic understanding of how to guide a class. Finding the right yoga teacher is a lot like finding the right running shoe.

The best fit will depend on your particular needs at the moment, and over time. Yoga teacher training online would be suitable for anyone who just wants to learn the philosophy, history, etc. If you want to go the digital, try to find the best online yoga teacher training that you can afford. Ask students who have completed the program for feedback. Read reviews, study the syllabus, etc.

‘Yoga’ is such a broad term and the content, alignment principles, philosophies, attention to anatomy vary greatly in TTs around the world, so do your research as best as you can. Speak to teachers that you love. Where did they train? What is their lineage? It’s worth digging under the surface to see what’s informing the yoga on offer.

The good news is that you have options. “There’s a broad spectrum-from the guru-disciple school to franchised one-size fits all programs, which have success here, because in the US, consistency is wanted,” says Veronica Zador, yoga teacher and vice president of the Yoga Alliance, which counts 9,940 yoga teachers as part of its registry of certified teachers. Find a Registered Yoga School (RYS), Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), or Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) using our search function. These factors are basic criteria that your Yoga Instructor should meet before you continue on to a second Yoga class. CALM gets it name from four main factors: Communication, Assist, Listen, and Modification.

For the right Yoga teacher, you should be answering with a “yes” to all questions.

List of related literature:

Today Yoga is mainstream in the U.S. and practiced by millions around the country, so it should be fairly easy to find a class in your area.

“Melanin Guide to Spiritual Awakening” by J.A.H. Diouck
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Many yoga studios offer a drop-in fee that is an excellent way to sample various classes.

“Essentials of Managing Stress” by Brian Luke Seaward
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Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2019 Yogaglo offers access to a highly vetted group of yoga teachers whose content is available exclusively here.

“RECOVERY 2.0” by Tommy Rosen
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If possible, take two or three lessons from a qualified Yoga teacher, either in a group class or privately.

“Yoga For Dummies” by Georg Feuerstein, Larry Payne
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Many yoga centers and studios regularly hold hatha yoga classes.

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To find a teacher or class, we can ask friends or local librarians, look up bulletin boards in health food stores or listings in Yoga magazines, and there are plenty of online resources.

“The Deeper Dimension of Yoga: Theory and Practice” by Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D.
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You can Google “yoga” in your area to find a class, but, again, make sure that your yoga instructor is credentialed and has a certificate to demonstrate it.

“The Migraine Brain: Your Breakthrough Guide to Fewer Headaches, Better Health” by Carolyn Bernstein, Elaine McArdle
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Some yoga centers offer classes in a variety of styles.

“Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting” by Bethenny Frankel, Eve Adamson
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“How to Spot a Bad Yoga Teacher: 10 Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore,” Apothacary7, n.d.,

“Pop Culture Yoga: A Communication Remix” by Kristen C Blinne
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Classes are offered in many communities and often your local yoga center can inform you of where you can take classes.

“Healing Your Life: Lessons on the Path of Ayurveda” by Dr. Marc Halpern
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  • After five years of almost daily practice I still think I am not ready to teach. The deeper I dive into the philosophy the more I feel as just a beginner. For most people in the west the spiritual aspect seems not to be important. So I started teaching only to beginners, mostly sports people, to help them being more flexible and stress free. Still I learn about the philosophy for myself, do a daily meditation and try to find my own way in yoga. The yamas and niyamas are often forgotten or someone only focusses on being vegetarian. I think one extra consideration to do or not to do a training is the willingness to reflect really deep on yourself.

  • God you’re good. Thank you for your precious advices. Could you explain to us how do you keep training once Yoga teacher? What kind of training should perform a Yoga teacher?

  • Love the video’s Shayna, such great advice and mentoring! Now I must say I just signed up for a short course this year which is 3 months in total. However, I do feel VERY nervous and excited. What are some things I can expect going in to TT…How will the study load be and any tips to assist me in passing the course with flying colours??
    🙂 Thanks!

  • I’ve always considered to do YTT. Yoga has been one of my biggest passion for 4 years now and I feel ready to do a YTT after finishing my college. Thank you so much for sharing. The information you gave us was very helpful. ��

  • There are so many choices out there. My advice would be go with what feels right for you. check out the below this should help you on your way:)

  • But unfortunately… Only rich kids can afford…. Sadhguru ji I respect you and really wanted to join either of your programs or even get a chance to volunteer… but don’t know when I will be destined towards you…

  • I Love sadguru i have done 2 programs Also
    But genuinely i mean no offense everything offered at program are great but i can’t offered to do All the programs isha offers i want to know is Thier anyway can i get to do those programs in presence of sadguru

  • This is all phony yoga. Real Yoga is all about the Hindu religion, taught by qualified Hindus and not for a fee. What can one learn in 220 hrs. Today’s “yoga” is a scam. In fact, the Sanskrit/Tamil/Hindu word “yoga” has nothing to do with the physical body. Divorcing any aspect of Yoga from Hinduism, is dishonest and cruel.

  • Thank you for that video. I was so self-conscious since I am doing since 3 years but I got very ill and with that not as “advanced” as I used to be. But it was always my big dream and now I am doing it. Thank you for your inspiration, your video took my nervousness away❤️

  • can’t belive I’ve only just found your channel, love your content! I’m 19 and thinking of taking a gap year to do my YTT in Rishikesh, India!

  • Thank you Silke…. what a great timing as my Yin TT starts this weekend and we’re getting a little nervous here ��
    As I am going through this desicion making process for the 200h TT after the Yin is completed, your professional opinion gives my constant busy mind a little peace. Looking forward to the next video!

  • Thank you for this video! I felt a bit frustrated as I can’t do inversions properly and though I’m flexible I’m not very strong… We’re twins though (I’m doing my YTT at 22 too)!

  • Happy to hear those kind of tips which are very useful for me. Thank youbut I also wanna ask that my body is not very flexible it’s that possible to change it through attending a intensive yoga course? Thank you very much.

  • Thank you so so much for this.
    I am planning on doing a course this summer but I’ve been really doubting my abilities and this really set my mind at ease.
    You are such a beautiful soul I can feel your wonderful energy even through the computer screen:)
    With love, gratitude and joy xoxo

  • Thank you so much for this! I have been waiting for such a video. I love yoga and I was thinking about a teacher training but wasn’t sure if I am ready for it (I am a total beginner.) And to hear that it is not important being a very good yogi to be able to attend one, and that passion always comes first, I felt this warm energy in my heart that is telling me that I have to do one one day, and to just follow my passion. I am ready to learn and grow FOR ME. Thank you <3 Anna

  • I’m considering ytt online but if yoga alliance only credits in -person contact hours what would be the point in order to be recognised and respected from your students? Tks

  • I have been doing yoga regularly for 1.5 years last 9 months daily. I do it mostly for mental and spiritual benefits but also as a stress relief. I do yin yoga on most of the days which I prefer the most. However, due to meeting my edge I feel some kind of resostenve every time before I start the training which eases off once I start to get moving. I always finish with the good feeling thou. Is that the sign this is the right or not the right thing to go for in life as I consider ytt too

  • Thank you for these videos! I have had the goal to take a yoga teacher training for awhile and within the past few months i decided i wanted to do my training in rishikesh which is how i stumbled across you.. since you did the same. My only option would be going in july, so a lot of doubts/fears/questioning had come up about it being enough time to prepare for the trip and if its practical or safe or worth the risk since i am a female and mother of a 5yr old and my only option would be to travel there alone from the east coast of the US. Any thoughts/input/advice would be appreciated from you who has had the experience! Thanks ♡