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Find the Right Shoes for You. Make sure that the shoes you wear when walking or running are a good fit for you. Your shoes are your foundation—you don’t want to hurt yourself or experience unnecessary aches and pains that could be prevented with proper footwear. The concept of Run Walk Run is to take walk breaks at pre-planned intervals. If you’re a 7-minute miler, for instance, you might run 6 minutes, then walk 30 seconds and repeat the whole way.

Simply start your workout with some aerobic exercises like arm swings, leg kicks and walking lunges. Alternatively, you can warm up by doing easy movements of the exercise. Beginning any journey is intimidating, let alone one that is health and fitness related. But with the proper information and preparation it doesn’t have to be. I’m guessing you’ve heard that if you want to make your goals a reality, then you must bring action to your intentions.

However, this is isn’t completely true. Don’t start off trying to workout for several hours every day. Try setting a more realistic goal such as working out for 30 minutes three times a week and then progress from there.

Track Your Progression. It is important to track your fitness progression in a notebook or even a blog. Start with a few reverse lunges on each leg, followed by squats, side lunges, butt kicks, and high knees, and a few minutes of walking before your run.

After, take a few minutes to walk slowly. “Whenever you embark on a fitness program and you want to become a runner, you start by walking,” says Isphording. “Then you set a goal, like from this stop sign to the next corner, I’m going to. You don’t have to make room for an hour+ workout everyday in order to start your fitness journey.

Instead, find any amount of time that might work best for you. If you don’t even have 20 minutes throughout your day, try setting your alarm 30 minutes early to workout in your living room before the madness of your day begins. How does walk jog run help you achieve the fitness start you need? The simplest answer would be, it makes you move your butt and that’s what matters the most. But other than that there are a lot of benefits of walking, jogging and running.

Elevated heart rate and breathing are the two main things you notice in it which creates a chain reaction. Make sure that the shoes you wear when walking or running are a good fit for you. Your shoes are your foundation-you don’t want to hurt yourself or experience unnecessary aches and pains that could be prevented with proper footwear.

If you can get your feet and stride tested at.

List of related literature:

Aperson begins training by walking, then walks more briskly; jogging then replaces walking for periods of the workout; and eventually continuous running elicits the desired exercise heart rate.

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Step 1: Walk on treadmill, progressing up to 20 minutes at a comfortable pace Step 2: Walk for 5 minutes Then jog for 1 minute, walk for 4 minutes × three cycles (total of 15 minutes) Walk for 5 minutes at a comfortable pace.

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I would stretch out on the path in the park, focusing on each area of my body from my toes up – hamstrings, thighs, shoulders – and then I would start running in the shoes that I hadn’t worn for two years.

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Your first goal should be to exercise a minimum of thirty minutes a day in whatever blocks of time you can sustain (for example, one thirty-minute walk, two fifteen-minute walks, five six-minute walks, and so on).

“Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease: The Only System Scientifically Proven to Reverse Heart Disease Without Drugs or Surgery” by Dean Ornish, M.D.
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Begin your first week with running for two minutes and walking for four minutes.

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My journey began with a 20-minute walk each morning and evening.

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I would start the walk eighty years to the day after the Jarrow marchers did, 5 October, and cover the route day by day as they did, staying in the same towns.

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We then began the run with a walk, which became my custom throughout my running career, of about 100 meters as a way to warm the body up before beginning a slow jog.

“Run the Mile You're In: Finding God in Every Step” by Ryan Hall
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After you have completed your self-assessment and determined your weekly walking days and times, you can use the Chi Walking Matrix to pick and choose the specific walks you’d like to insert into your schedule.

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First a mile, then two, then joining a runners’ group, then a first marathon, then another…

“The Incomplete Book of Running” by Peter Sagal
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  • Thanks for this. I’m training for my first half marathon at the moment. Ran 2 x 10 miles recently and felt so slow and sore by the end of it. I’m sure this method will work for me. Will try it this week.

  • I’m a guy from the UK, approaching 50(!),who hasn’t run since school, desk job, absolutely no exercise, etc. I’ve wanted to give running a try for some time, but was always too self-conscience to run outdoors (I’m 6’6″ and fortunate to be naturally very slim, but I have zero stamina, so don’t want to be seen puffing and panting through the town!). Anyway, I came across this video and I have to say I love it. I’ve done this “run” a few times now, and I find KBs chatty approach to be very motivational (this is from someone who usually hates motivational, self-help nonsense!). Fingers crossed I’ll be able to progress to a higher level video in the not too distant future, and eventually give me more stamina and self confidence to tackle a couch to 5k program outdoors… Keep up the good work KB x

  • I have condition called ehlers-danlos and shouldn’t really run anyway, but I’ve used run/walk/run to run 3 half marathons so far and I don’t suffer any of the injuries that my running friends do.

  • If I could humbly make a request. Could you do a 1 hour of this exact routine? Your hour ones are more running and then some aerobics, I would love a one hour or even 45 minute version of this run walk intervals routine. If not I will just loop this one:)

  • I agree about the mechanic reset from walking or the freshen up at aid stations. When I’m running, i want to keep my heart rate high so i think that minute of walking (or whatever) is a bad idea. I can keep my bp at 180 and above for several miles. I slow my pace and adjust my gait to use different muscles to carry my momentum when i start feeling fatigued and my posture starts to be affected. I’ve only done 5 and 10k runs but I’ve been an avid runner my entire life. I’m almost 40 and this is my 2 cents. All things considered, you do you.

  • Been running long distance for a very long time. Ran every distance from a mile to 35 miles. Never done it. I would consider it a failure.

  • There are a lot of opinions about the Galloway Run/Walk/Run method. Most are compilations of different opinions given by different people and most do not have an understanding of the entire method. I would invite anyone to reach out to Jeff Galloway himself. Visit and or join an existing group. Get the facts to answer all the questions. My wife and I run an official Galloway group and not very often do we hear someone discuss the method that actually knows or experiences the whole program.
    The Galloway method is for any level of runner and can be used for any run from 5ks to ultras.
    The method is scientifically based and the how and why is extensive. It can actually help you to be fit as well as faster and reduce running injuries at the same time.
    Look us up at
    [email protected]

    We would love to help with the facts
    Thanks for your video, not bad just incompleteness.
    Best regards
    The AAs
    Sonoma County Galloway

  • Pahla! I did it! I had some uncharitable thoughts toward you at about the 17 minute mark, though… can’t lie 😉 This was my 100. And I didn’t do any walking in a row. The jogging was slow, but it was jogging. Wow. I did it. 100!!

  • Paula I know this vid is old and you may never see this comment, however I’ve been a subbie probably for a couple of years now and I’m not much of a commenter. With that being said you have touched my life and helped me in so many ways. This is not just a fitness channel, this is also a channel for healing, self forgiveness and self mastery. For me probably in that order�� You have another vid that is a 45 min walk run and that one changed my life!!! I learned to forgive myself and raise my standards. I was in my bedroom running and looking in the mirror and crying as I told myself out loud all of the things I forgave myself for. And it felt so amazing!!!! I am 51 years old I’m divorced I have 2 grown sons and three beautiful grandbabies and I am now feeling like this new journey will attract everything, I want need and deserve into my life because I am ready and I am worthy and I decided who or what i let in!!! Thank you Paul so much!!! I’m a private person and i contomplated whether or not I wanted to share but I decided that you should know how much your videos help me and I’m sure many others. Thanks again for all you do!!!��❤❤

  • At age 60, and never been a jogger/runner, I love this vid. I have worked up to this and feel very glad that I can finally accomplish it. But makes a world of difference with your verbal motivation! Thanks.

  • I really like this workout video. I have not ran for a long while, but this encourages me to start back up again……very nice…

  • I just completed this workout, but did 45 second intervals of running. Felt so good! My goal this year is to run at least 1/2 of a 5K. I finished 6 last year with very little running and I’d like to do more. At the end of the summer I want to complete a 10K….with some running! Thanks for the motivation!!!:)

  • I’m a beginner ma’am i always full sick when ever i your 5k running but i have been fine this running + walking 1mins interva. My question now is if i can actually loss weight with it

  • Hey Nate Thank you for this! I’m curious about how to COACH the RWR method. I have a lot of client runners who use this method, but when they start reaching past that beginner/intermediate level and start gaining experience, they ask “how do I get faster?” My traditional methods (especially at longer distances) would include tempo runs, mile repeats, intervals, etc. However, with the RWR method currently being taught as very short many runners doing 90″/30″ or shorter I can only guess. I’ve been having them increase the run interval, keeping the walk interval where it is, but I don’t know if this is the right approach. Thoughts? Thanks again!

  • How tremendous! I am amazed at your motivation to push through the pain. And WOW on toning up the back & booty, that made me want to keep up with my cardio! �� thanks for sharing your journey!

  • Just stared running doing 1-2 miles when can (due to soreness ect ) I been jogging about a quarter mile and walk about a quarter mile…and switch that up each quarter mile or so…I want to get up to 3 miles of run/ walk…run half mile walk quarter mile and back and forth

  • I’m doing a run, walk interval on the treadmill for about 10 rounds. As a beginner treadmill girl, I like it and I feel like I get a good workout.

  • I got teary-eyed at the end there! I have a 5k on Thanksgiving day. Been a few years since I’ve done one. I’ll definitely be listening to you while on the course. Thanks for being so helpful!

  • This is my 1st time using this video. I enjoyed listening to Pahla talk. The timer actually helped me to stick with the video for the full time. great video

  • I have very successfully run marathons and ultra marathons using the walk/run method. I either run for 9 mins and walk for 1 min or I choose the hills and walk for 100 counts and run for 100 counts, which helps me get up the hill! The times I don’t use the run/walk method have resulted in slower runs!

  • I do recommend cycling or walking/hiking though. Running does hurt overweight people like me. The walking/hiking route may be a slower process, but it still works

  • I’m just getting back into running after gaining 30 unwanted lbs. I run,walk,run. I figure it’s better than just walking because I’m pushing my body harder.

  • At my highest weight ever, RWR was the only way I was able to run. Over the last two months, it’s helped me truly build up endurance and even as I lose weight, it is still the way I prefer to run ����

  • i trained using the RWR technique and when race day came i jogged the whole thing and PR’d by 10 mins, i wasnt buring up the road but went from 2:10 to 1:59:30 in a half

  • Just about 6 months out of chemo and I wanted to find something a little more challenging than walking and this was PERFECT. I am not a runner by nature but find myself liking the idea of gentle running to help with the chub haha xx Thank you for such a great workout that I could actually finish x

  • Just came across your video. You are tooo funny. In your before and after pics I can see the difference. Keep it up you’ll be there in no time.

  • Probably not going to work for me. Sometimes during the event when I slow down for aid station and start walking, I feel like walking is harder or even painful. I also don’t like breaking the rhythm and posture.

  • I planned to do an easy indoor walk today when I saw this recommended video from the amazing Pahla B. I was in a not-so-good mood when I started and ended in a much improved mood. I am not trying to surpass each workout in performance. Some days I’m just trying to get movement in and this video was perfect for that PLUS I got more activity than I planned AND I was in a much better mood when I finished the workout. Thanks again Pahla!!

  • Hey mate your channel is awesome I’m way down in Australia and your topics are all easy to understand and relevant keep up the awesome content!

  • my good frnd

    MY AGE IS 37

    WEIGHT 80












  • Hi Pahla, I related to a lot of what you said in this video. I’ve been wanting to get into better shape, but I felt too self conscious to go for a run or even a walk. Another lady I watch on youtube, Phoebe Moon, gave your channel a shout out in her video this week. When she said you did runs at home, I had to come check it out! I challenged myself to do this whole workout today and I’m proud to say I finished it. I plan to do another one tomorrow I think this is the start of a journey for me. Thank you!

  • Good walk/jog workout Pahla, as usual. I periodically added sprint intervals. I was sitting at my desk too long and felt restless, so I decided to workout with you. I’m very glad. Feel much better. I’ll be doing my regular workout tonight. I love, love your outfit. Brighten up the overcast weather in my neighborhood. You know, I’m not at a point where I can say I’m an athlete or athletic. BUT I don’t have any problem saying that I am a fitter person. Pahla, thank you for your upbeat talk!

  • i absolutely do this in the Texas heat or on my 100 miles events. Only when i get super tired i have to run or i keep falling asleep if i walk. The main reason i did a 100 mile run was to experience feelings that make an ironman event seem easy. i had thought i was weak by having such a bad run for me on my first ironman but it turned out i had fractured my pelvis in 3 places a month earlier.

  • New to exercise? �� Get STARTED with my FREE 14-day exercise plan specially designed for beginners. It’s fast, fun + effective:

  • Funnything is it is the same with walking lomg distances. If u run even just a little in intervals long walks become much easier.

  • Damn, I always felt ashamed to slow down to a walk, even tho I just started running a few weeks ago. After one week my calves didn’t kill me anymore, after four weeks I’m comfortable with running 2 3km. The 5km still kicks really hard (definitely need to improve breathing technique there…). I guess I’ll swallow my pride and give it a try again! Can’t wait to find out how it will impact my time ^^

  • This system is great for your longer runs while training. In a double digit run, i use it for the first 5-7 miles. Hey, if you gonna walk in a run, better run at the beginning. I love those negative splits!!! Thanks for this info!

  • Also going off of your comment about running in all of the 50 states..if you’re ever in Indiana let me know! I’d LOVE to run with you!

  • seriously you were wondering why they were not as sore even though they did the same distance?! what a no brainer. I thought this was about to be informative

  • You know what you really talk too much and it is so distracting. I did the whole run but please try reduce talking or play music or something

  • Thank you for your fun and encouraging workout! i really loved it. i am recovering from foot injuries, and working on recovering from an eating disorder with the exercise as an encouragement to get me there. i thank you so much!

  • Been using this method for years at the marathon distance. I use a longer run interval than most, hitting aid stations (about 2 miles) and walking 45 seconds… At age 50, I ran my 100th marathon in 2:55… Finished last three miles at 6:30 pace… Couldn’t have done it without run/walk. It works great!

  • I could feel this in my upper thighs. It’s a good workout that looks like nothing if you know what i mean, but this did make me sweat a little, before this I did skipping though. I wanted to do something different so thought il try this.

  • I got hurt back in October last year and it took me eight months to almost heal completely. I will definitely use this method since I’m ready to go out there and start my training again! Thank you so much for making this video, I’m pretty sure a lot of people will hit the pavement thanks to you guys. ��

  • Don’t feel saw, it means you can run faster. If you feel pain during training, walk, stop. If you can’t see the top of the slop with one glance, walk. Otherwise, walking ruin running.

  • I finally took you outdoors! It was a whole new beast and didn’t finally hit my stride until about 15 minutes in, but then felt so great when I did. I don’t love running, but I do love you and your positive, forgiving attitude!

  • wear a vinyl sweat suit and get the house hot before working out, or sit or lay down in a inferred sauna blanket for an hour a day and the Tommy will go away faster as hot cakes lol. I have that same tummy and extreme sweating and extreme freezing in a pool works for stubborn fat Tommy.

  • Im the 73 year old USATF age group winner at this years Adirondack 5k in Lake George NY and I used the strategic walk method. However, I recommend it for racing only if its planned ahead based on practice runs of the course. In my case,I decided in advance to walk the top half of the only hill in the race at around 1 mile, a 30 degree + incline for about 500 feet. I also planned in an optional 30 second strategic walk around mile 2. In both cases the goal was to lower my heart rate. Great methood for older runners.

  • Hi thank you for this workout. I thought I wouldn’t manage to do it, but I did! You had me when you mentioned ‘impatience’ lol. I’m impatient too. Especially when it comes to losing weight! So well done.����

  • i enjoy this workout, but there’s no way we are doing an actual 5K in 35 minutes if we are walking 1/2 of it. i have done many 5Ks in my lifetimeusually a combo of run and walkand i usually come in between 42-45 mins. i believe that the people who had their devices register 22 1/2 miles below are probably accurate.

  • I have an issue with my shins where I just can’t do anything anymore, and my lower legs feel sore and bruised and a bit swollen afterward. Then, I walk home trying not to limp. I do rwr cause I can’t fully run. I’m really pushing to lose weight I’ve gained during quarantine. If anyone can help or suggest anything lmk please

  • I will try this on my next 1 hour 30 minute slow run. I will walk each time I need to take a drink of water. They say long slow runs of 2 hours at a conversational pace helps develop not only aerobic endurance but enhances fat burning.

  • I learned distance running in my mid 40s using the Galloway run walk method. I went on to run 7 half’s and one full mthon. I think you are right about the reset of my form but never thought of it that way until now. Excellent observation. I am watching your videos because I wanna try running again. I’m 55 now and overweight but will do it again thanks in part to the run walk method. In my training last time I would run a mile walk a minute to get my heart rate down below 129 BPM. In my full mthon training I would run 2 walk 1. It was a good plan so I’ll give it another try. All these videos were not available 20 years ago so thank you.

  • loved the video, I have to say that this series’ premise is a very suitable one for YouTube, your personality makes the running entertaining and the work easier to endure. Definitely will revisit this video loads in the future.

  • No matter how much I do Run/ Walk, I never manage to Run, without walking; I am out of breath after 1 min of Running, and therefore always have to do do Run/ Walk.. I can never just Run.. can you please explain why?

  • I was going to say as a ultra runner and ironman athlete also have 50 marathons under my belt not counting my 12 full ironman and a few 100 milers and 50 milers my favorite distance is 50k and I’ve done 18 of them in 10 years. I really like the 5:1 effort sometime 8:1 or 10:1 or even 1 mile 1 min rest. It can be what I can a Brain reset during a long training run. My pace has gotten better the older I am currently 9 months post birth back down to 9:30 pace and even faster for shorter runs hoping to get back in the 8min range in next
    Year �� 6 marathons in the next 6 months, quarantine ruined my race schedule thru the summer but actually helped my running lots more time to devote to running mentally with the gym closed.

  • Wow. You had a conversation with us the entire time. Fitbit 4,000 steps. I had to modify. I was feeling it in my ankles and right hip. Run= low high knee motion. Walk= side step.

  • Thanks for your amazing program, i haven’t trained for 7years and now with your program i am doing 3sessions a day. Thanks again. I believe this saved my life

  • I am a beginner to running and experienced aches in one of my feet, the bottom of my feet. After a week of running 3 times a week, is this normal? Or does this have to do with my running shoes?

  • A good start for my day. I did speed walking in the walking segment around the apartment. Rather fun mapping it out, living room to kitchen, hallway to dining room etc. I ignored any dust lol. Thanks so much.

  • So would programs like the whole, ‘couch to 5k’ thing be a good way for someone to start running, and build up to running a full 5k or 10k

  • Tried this. It works. But, you need to practice, practice, practice!!!!!!!! Don’t think �� only one ☝️ run will make or break your race. It’s alot of training practice and preparation for what you’ll do in the race. Heard it was called “shuffle pace” running. You’re not running, but not walking, you’re turning off the main lift muscles in your legs and resting arms and breathing for a percentage of each mile. For a short period each mile you’re taking a break, which saves energy for later in the race.

  • Pahla…thank you for this. My running goal for 2018 is 5 miles. I went from running full marathons (4 times) up until 2011 to hardly ever running at all and now have significant weight to lose. 50 pounds. Eek. Anyway, long run Saturdays stopped in 2011 with just additional social commitments and lets face it, training for marathons kills your social life and it’s kind of addicting. So now I can barely run 1/2 mile, so 5 is my goal.

  • Hi Pahla, I just want to thank you sooooooo much for your videos ���� I always enjoyed walking but I just couldn’t run for my life! This video was absolutely perfect for me!! Really enjoyed it. I tried one of your other videos straight after this one and loved that too. I am so glad I found you on YouTube as your videos are just what I have been looking for �� thanks a million ��

  • This was perfect for me. I gained an extra 40lbs so it’s hard working at out this weight. I got to 12 minutes and took a few extra walks. I will do this again tomorrow and push to the finish line. Thank you��

  • I LOVE YOU!������ Just finished. I am a DIFFERENT person! I cannot tell you how much it means to have you in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Pahla!������������

  • I enjoyed the total body workout yesterday and decided to try your 5K run/walk today. Really good and sweaty. During the walking minutes I used 2 kilo hand weights to strengthen my arms and back. Pahla, you make it so much fun! Your stories and fitness information chats are very interesting too. Best, Catherine in Sweden

  • Back at it after gaining weight in a new job that requires sitting most of the day. This was one of many lovely workouts you offer, Paula B. Thank you! It’s been a little while since I’ve done some running. While not my primary sport, I love the cardio conditioning it provides. I’m a step girl, myself. But running allows for some HIIT training particularly in the interval fashion of this video. Muah to you! <3

  • A friend recommended you to me today so I wasted no time to check you out. Brilliant. So motivating and you make it seem so easy. Impressive how you keep talking all the way through. Thank you!

  • I am a Galloway success….older runner, bad knees….had never done any speed work until 3 years ago. I have finished 12 full marathons since 2010 but when I switched to the Galloway method I cut 50 minutes off my marathon PR within 3 years. I run some 5ks for training now, and have placed first in my AG in the past 4 I have run. I could not be more happy with my results. I run long runs at 30/30 and race at 90/30 (seconds). It is so fun to pass people in the last miles of a race doing the run/walk/run thing. It is even more satisfying to put in the work and see the results at the tender age of 58! I use an app called “IntervalTimer” to program the intervals it works seamlessly. Most of you would probably still consider me slow; but I feel like a total bad-ass on the track. It is so much fun!!! Good luck to my fellow runners; we are so lucky to have resources like this YouTube channel!

  • that was fun!!! fitbit definitely doesnt say 3 miles but Im super proud of myself for crossing the finish line!!!! window/back door open on this rainy day in Ohio on quarantine! glad i got my sanity break out the way before i get my son up for his homeschooling session!

  • Ive got asthma ugh its the worst when running. But this video was just recommended to me! Let me say, you’re the realest Ive seen and so funny

  • you are one of those though, that even though your overweight you are still really pretty…..i wasnt that lucky….you should keep up the good work.

  • You’re AMAZING….you’re video is literally 80% of the military folks that struggle with running…your journey is exactly what we go through every 6 months to get ready for our Fitness Exam Lol…❤️ you!

  • I used this method for both my Ironman races and both 70.3 races. I run 4:30 and walk:30. I set my garmin to beep on those intervals and its easy to track because everything starts on a 5 or 0 on the garmin because my interval is 5 mins. I always beat the cut off times and I am large Ironman athlete and 48 Y/O

  • I’ve been aerobic walking with bands and weights for several years. I just discovered Pahla’s youtube workouts. I needed a change and loved this 2 miler. My goal is to increase the miles and use these videos at least twice a week in conjunction with my walking fitness dvd’s. Btw im 79 and I workout daily (had a diagnosis of osteoporosis a few years back) so exercising is a must. Thank you Pahla I hope I didn’t bore with TMI.

  • Very first time i have ever came close to running and im over the moon that i completed this. Great workout and loved the chat ������

  • Girl your progress was fantastic!! Those changes are not little. They are phenomenal. Celebrate your victory. Keep going and stay consistent. ��������

  • I’ve been plagued by stress fractures for a year and a half (even with physical therapy)…the run-walk method is how I do ALL of my long runs. I try to make my 2-3 weekday runs strictly running…but my endurance is so much better with run/walk. I recently did the Baltimore running festival relay. Others who were running with me were amazed because they’d be running ahead of me one minute, then I’d be caught up with or passing them. A few people agreed it seemed like a good way to do it and were going to try themselves

  • I am like the person you described about midway through: I add in your walk/run podcasts sometimes, as part of my ‘cross-training’, which is different videos, different workouts, depending on how I feel! I really like listening to what you have to say, it is always very helpful. This interval was just my speed, mostly walking with a bit of running, but I listen to the other podcasts that have more running and I just walk! Thank-you for all you do!

  • I’m 300# and this has inspired me �� and to help chaffing cornstarch I know but take it from a girl with chub rub cornstarch is heaven sent.

  • That was quite different than running outside. Different muscles..felt more in my ankles and lower back. Less in my knees. My step counter that I usually use only gave me about 3200 steps:(. I usually get over 6000 around my neighborhood. Will try a few more times to see if my ankles get better about running in place.

  • Pahla, you’re so sweet & you’re such a rockstar!��
    Where’s running taking me? I’m currently 27 weeks pregnant & I’ve recently told my husband that after our little buddy is here that I plan to start running! Pray for me!�� Thanks for this workout & for helping me stay active while pregnant!!
    My stats are steps: 2,987 Cals: 333

  • Thank you so much for this. So truthful and inspiring with expectation control and focusing on feeling better as a whole rather than looking at body results.

  • That’s an amazing accomplishment, please keep it up. 5.4lbs in 21 days is 93 lbs in a year at 15 mins a day. Your body will get adjusted and (if you leave it alone) the blisters will stop. Thanks for being so sincere and sharing this video.

  • Really loved this! I’m definitely not a runner but love walking but can’t atm due to Corona and being immunosuppressive. I actually ran for two lots of 5 mins in this, looking forward to doing the 10K one!!

  • I hate running only because when I run my breast move and my tummy move plus men are always blowing their horns at me and I feel like everyone is watching me

  • New to exercise? �� Get STARTED with my FREE 14-day exercise plan specially designed for beginners. It’s fast, fun + effective:

  • Just found your channel today, and decided to do the 21 day challenge starting NOW! But, walking, no running. I’m 259 today. Will update in 21 days!
    Thank you for all of your inspiration!!!!����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️

    Editso, my area is under a severe thunderstorm warning. So, I’ll start TOMORROW!

  • Hi, Thanks you videos are good. I just have a doubt, I can do jogging indoors for almost 30 minutes with one or two 15 sec break. However while I try to run in the park, I am pathetic, I am struggling to run 500 meters continuously. Can you suggest some technics to run longer in outdoors. Cheers Vishy

  • I’m very happy that I was able to finish this! Your commentary kept me involved and motivated. Trying to work up to running again outside like years ago. Thanks!

  • Giiiirrrrrlll FINALLY A REAL VIDEO!!!!! Of the real life big girls!!! I absolutely needed this!!! Subscribing and will follow on IG I need this 21 day challenge!!

  • You are a breath of fresh air. Love your personality. You are very pretty. I like your video because you are upbeat and determined aswell as funny and entertaining. Love themeasurements and views at end. You go girl

  • Just finished dis workout.. I’love u Pahla B.just bcz of u I build my stamina..5440 steps 3 mil..287 calories burn..I feel gudn8

  • you can use baby powder in between your thighs and all rubbing areas. i get heat rash during summer in my inner elbow. this year i use baby powder and i did not get heat rash. good job BB. you should also look into good running shoes like from a professional!

  • Actually, this method is older than you think: My Dad was in the US Army during the Second World War, and he told me that they used something VERY similar to this in basic training for forced marches: they’d run for 15 minutes and rest (often a walk) for 5 minutes. On the other hand they were doing this with a 30-40 pound field pack, too…….

  • In pretty much every excercise challenge, there’s always the part where they get really down and they just lowkey somewhat complain about it, but I love how you instead looked for a way to fix that. That’s the mindset that everyone should learn to have.

  • Can we see your feet more.. I want to know how do you put your feet while running. I am more comfortable if I do not put my heel down. Is that right?

  • I did this workout yesterday. Good as usual. I changed it around a little. I went with 15 secs walking and 45 secs running. I enjoyed your “confidence booster” talk. My “finisher” was your 10 mins wall workout. You’re the best Pahla!

  • Very happy was unsure how I’d handle it but just ran the whole thing with no intervals, listening to all the speech is so motivational, keeps me going ��

  • Thanks Pahla, I am so glad I found you! I am in the middle of my weight loss journey (having lost 3 stone) and really wanted to push my boundaries, increase my fitness and hopefully loose some weight and gain a better shape by running. Running was always something I dreaded so this is an amazing step for me. Hopefully my stubbornness (like yours) will push me through!:) I tried using the couch to 5k app and running outdoors and kept psyching myself out part way through as I felt self conscious in front of others. Doing your workout I can now easily complete a run thank you for your positivity! I started with this workout last week and managed to loose a whopping 6lbs in a week I couldn’t believe it! I now feel like I CAN become a runner and I hope that it can become a regular part of my life and am aiming to begin doing park runs each week once I feel more confident thank you for making me see this is a possibility! What running workout do you recommend to do after this one as the next step up?

  • I’ve been running with your videos full of wisdom and motivation for 4 weeks. I am so glad I found this channel. I start my day with your workouts and end my day with your workouts. I feel so much better about life, my goals and more organized in my thoughts about my future! Thank you so much for giving us so much!! ����


  • Started your workout this pass monday growing up I use to workout alot but some where a long the was I fall off now mu body is telling me you need to do something, am so glad I found your channel at my edge I really need something I can work with that won’t put too much strain on my body.Thank you so much for the classes.

  • Good job kudos! You go girl!! I did a walk 30 day challenge in April, May & June! Plan was to only walk one mile a day, I skipped some days and walk 2 miles some others days etc. when it was all said and done I walked 140 miles. In 3 months! I started biking last week. You got this girl! ����������������

  • can running give you abs? like I want abs but as much as I try with challenges after a week I just give up. And I like running so. Can it give you abs or just get you a flat stomach, or neither. IK that it helps other parts but I am centered on the torso.

  • This was fantastic! I haven’t been running for years and I feel intimidated by it these days. This was so DOABLE! Loved it. Thank you Pahla!

  • I’ve just finished this training, I did until the end, I’m feeling great and my heart Band with app informed that I made 2,75km. Super! Thanks!

  • This was a surprisingly good workout..I am sweating! One suggestion..for the running intervals…to help motivate would it be possible to play music in the background? I find it helps. I had to play radio st the same time as watching your video and i found that hard listening to the 2 sources. Thx

  • Pahla, heeelp! LOL I have been slowly building up my walk-jog-run abilities over the last few weeks, and wore decent running shoes during the exercises, but I gave myself plantar fasciitis in one of my heels! I know I’m supposed to stay off that foot, but I just wanted your expertise on whether or not I should be wearing shoes while I’m doing these exercises at home (once it heals). I notice that you go barefoot, but that seemed to be too hard on my ankles. I’m a tall woman, normal weight for my height, but my calves are large/muscular.

    Thanks! ��

  • Your calves got super toned too!
    Every time you had a time decrease each day I got a ridiculous smile on my face. It was inspiring!
    Good job putting in the really hard work!!

  • This is fricking amazing. I have tried this method twice in the last week on a few tracks I know well. I like trailrunning, and usually am running on a low average pace of about 8:00/km. First tried it on a run of 10km with 200m elevation. Was about five minutes faster than usual! A few days later tried again on a run of 20km with 600 elevation. Time on the low side of my usual range, and I was much less exhausted than usual! Can’t believe this is actually working.

  • I am in the UK, have been trying to find a nice exercise i can do at home home. I too useto do fun runs of 6 and 10k. That was 25 years ago, i had to give of because of spinal problems and operations, bla bla. The other days i was cleaning out my shed and come across my my medals i did for charity, and that got me thinking. I do, do walks but……… i needed something else…ifound it. I did have 2 minute breaks, but carried on,more trotting than running. I feel relaxed, warmed up, and it was fun. I dont know what i will be like tonight ��.thank you, i have subscribed. Looking forward to more….i am actually smiling ����������

  • I did run/walk intervals when training for a 10k but my coach told me to stop and just run how i feel. I still do run/walk, but now I do it based on my body’s needs.

  • I enjoyed this running. Because of the outbreak of the coronavirus in Hong Kong, I cannot go running outdoor as we are lacking face masks… Anyway, thank you so much for this video so I can do some exercise at home now.

  • thank you for providing first time I’ve done something like this.. I admit at about the 15 min mark I was starting to waver…but I finished it until the end….thanks again

  • Ive been doing it on tbe treadmill for my cardio twice a week, ive lost weight and gain muscle, 1 min run 30 sec walk for 30 mins.
    Works for me.

    5k-100k: For competition NO
    100k+: There are benefits to walking between pitstops to get fuel into your body.

    Trail/ Ultra running:
    5-50k: For competition: On very steep hill sections, yes. Otherwise NO.
    50k+: On steep hills, yes,
    100k+: On steep hills and water stops, yes.

  • so strong. trying so hard for years but i have no strength and whatever i do my muscles never work so loose. i.m 47 yet
    i admire you
    thanks for the video

  • You are simply awesome! This is the first time I ran for 35mins. I’ve never ran for even 15mins in my entire life. Thank you for talking through and keeping me motivated. A huge thank you!

  • Ouffff!!! First walk run workout since my influenza..which turned into a lung issue. Bronchospasm… Was able to do the whole thing…a bit out of breath but did it… I am still recovering, its been 1full month… a long month indoor… I have been doing a few of the 31 day workout… Thank you Pahla for the great workout options… Feels good…

  • i CANT BELEIVE that i do this. i never run in my life. thanks i love your videos and your personality.big fan from saudi arabia

  • I have been struggling with my weight all my life, up and down constantly. I’m currently at my heaviest, and I’ve been trying hard to be healthier as I had a miscarriage earlier this year and I have been wanting a baby for nearly 3 years now. I usually do workout videos (Jillian Michaels) and I enjoy walking alot, I eat pretty healthily but it’s my lack of movement that stops me losing weight. I tell you I came across this video and I thought I’d give it a go. I finished it!!! I’m all hot and sticky and out of breath but I ENJOYED it! My husband always does 10k-Half marathon runs and I always sit at home wishing I could join in. Now I’m on the road to slimming down and getting fit and join in on his runs! THANK YOU! I cannot believe I finished this run without turning into dust honestly! How you run, and talk all the way through this video is beyond me. You’re an absolute star Pahla! Thank you! <3

  • I use this method all the time to increase my pace on a specific distance. I’ll go the whole length of the distance running at my target pace and then walking when I need to for recovery. Over time I run longer and longer at my target pace and decrease my walk time until I can string together the whole distance while running the new pace. It’s pretty simple and I’ve found it to be very effective.

  • i thought most runners use this technique on ultra marathons, the difference is to have a decent plan regarding the split X mins run/y mins walk rather than just doing it randomly when you get tired (too late then!). I use the alert function on my Garmin, there’s a run/walk option so it tells you when it’s time to run or walk, stops me getting lazy and dragging the walk part on for too long

  • This was such a fun workout. Walking & running ����‍♀️ it used up lots of steps. Thank you so much & God bless everyone that reads this ��������

  • I am soooooo proud of you!!! You don’t know how many silent cheerleaders you have. I know how much running can suck when you have some traumatic memories involving running. You are not alone and your spirit made my heart smile and me giggle. Don’t you dare stop you had great progress. I can tell how toned your legs got too. Keep pushing and have fun finding the movement that makes working out fun.

    BTW I promise you there are so many of us that look crazy when we run and that’s why you don’t see us running which is a shame. You are not being judged so run, jog, walk, or crawl if you have to. You totally got this!!!

  • Hi, I am new here I stumbled across your channel when YT threw you up as a suggestion. Wow! I am amazed at what a 21-day commitment did for you. congratulations on sticking to it, I hope you are as thrilled with your results as I am for you!

  • Love this video!!! Ive always thought i was a bad runner because i am still run/walk/running… ive held the bar so high that to be a runner you have to be able to run the whole distance dispite of terrain and distance

  • Hi Pahla. I really LOVE your workouts! I’m 67 and pretty fit so really enjoying them. A couple of weeks ago, I decided I’d like to start running, but I don’t have the shoes yet and as it’s lockdown, haven’t been able to get out to buy some. I notice you don’t wear any. Is that ok for anyone? Thanks Pahla X

  • Using this methodology for training is very similar to Old School, reliable Fartlek training (yes that’s what it was called.) This was very effective for the distance runners I knew in high school,. (I was a sprinter, and we used intervals (with a pre-determined, full stop instead of a slow down, but never a stop) When I competed at the collegiate level, I rarely saw it used by the distance runners on our team, for some reason.

  • Your personality it’s amazing ���� when you said you felt like Winnie the Pooh I was crying ������. This is so motivational ��������

  • Can’t believe this is a 5k. I’ve run many, and I haven’t come close to a ten min. mile since I entered by 70s. This would be a mile in a little over 11 min/mile and we are walking part of it. What do you use to measure the distance?

  • I’m just beginning and have always wanted to run. I feel like I’m on the right path listening to your comments. How long should I repeat this video and which one do I move on to next and when? Thank you Pahla B!!

  • Im so proud of you! You need to take off days. You can run 2 much. Plus your arches fall in your feet. Take a tennis ball and roll along the bottom. When you feel like that is happening again. Keep going �� your doing amazing!!!!

  • This was my first time trying your video, and I kept up with every interval. I can’t believe I just did 3 miles in 33 minutes. I usually can’t pull off that kind of time, and I’m barely sore or worn out! Thanks for the encouragement!

  • I’m going to do this and if I remember I’ll come back and give an update. Also thanks for showing before and after because that tends to just be the smaller people and then I can’t compare to anyone

  • I was feeling so much pain in my legs when I started running. It was really holding me back. Then I found out about the Galloway method!! I’ve been able to up my mileage and my legs don’t feel trashed for days afterward.

  • OK, full disclosure here, I am just ending a long and wonderful holiday season in which I didn’t exercise or work out from Thanksgiving until now January 6. I also ate lots of holiday foods that I shouldn’t have. Don’t do this, it’s not good and I don’t recommend it for anyone! I worked out REGULARLY with Pahla before I got into my holiday slump. I restarted TODAY with 6200 steps/3.1 miles and I was amazed at how little fitness I had lost, it was easy. I guess Pahla really had gotten me into shape more than I knew!!!! Don’t beat yourself up if you stop for a while, just restart again and regroup. Training now for my 2nd 1/2 Marathon. Pahla trained me completely online for my first!!!

  • Thank you for making these fantastic videos. I have been doing fast walking for a month and today I decided to give this a try and I did it! I think I will continue this for a while now and then will go to level 3.

  • Just stared running doing 1-2 miles when can (due to soreness ect ) I been jogging about a quarter mile and walk about a quarter mile…and switch that up each quarter mile or so…I want to get up to 3 miles of run/ walk…run half mile walk quarter mile and back and forth

  • I found your videos about a month ago. I sat and watched (yes, SAT and watched) many different ones. Today I started my journey. I will be 50 this year and my goal is to lose 30 pounds, feel better and be healthier than ever. I completed your video today, it is exactly what I needed. Looking foward to joining you in many, many more. Thank you for your dedication and energy!! ☺

  • Thank you big time for this workout! it saved my day! The weather here is so nasty that I didn’t want to go running outside. I burned as many calories with your workout as by running outside and I also enjoyed myself as much! Thank you!!!!

  • Wow! You really have the gift of the gab! Was this really 5K? Didn’t sweat that much. Enjoyed the run, but sorry, this didn’t feel like a workout for me.

  • If you dig, you will find data on the ‘walk-run’ benefits on conditioning back in, (the 1960’s), Dr. Cooper’s data for the USAF. Glad to hear of a resurgence of the idea.

  • Thank you, I always keep track of your very practical and energetic exercises. Always good luck. I love your sports pattern. I’m so dear to you.

  • Running is making me feel like I can do anything. I thought I couldn’t run, but I can, I was just not believing in myself. Also… when I was in high school and my early 20’s, for breakfast I would have a Mtn. Dew or high sugar coffee and a pink sugar cookie…..5 days a week! How I stayed thin during that time i’ll never know.

  • I’m 22, a healthy weight for my height is 110 130 lbs and my last weigh in I was 163 down from 174. I started gaining weight after I got married and really let myself go after having my second child. Because I am so busy I forgot I’m still young and capable to get fit. My goal is to do a personal 5k in 9 weeks time. And lockdown has given me the kick I need to get into shape. My husband is home with the kids I have no excuse

  • I love your walking videos I just realize that I’m walking person I do hate running so much >.<
    thank you so much and I hope you post another walking workout because I like it when you talk and you really motivated me so much! THANK YOU ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  • I LOVED EVERY PART OF THIS VIDEO!!! Thank you for being so open and honest and everything. I am going to follow in your foot steps TODAY!! I’m so proud of your accomplishments!

  • You should be so proud of yourself!! I dont know you personally but I am proud of your accomplishment! Keep doing you girl! This was an awesome inspirational video

  • Girl, you’re awesome!!!! More people need to be like you. Congrats on completing the 21 days and keep up that infectious happy energy.

  • Ive always loved running but i dont enjoy doing it outside for various reasons. I also could never fogure out how to breathe until you modelled it for us in another running video. You have given life to what i thought was an impossible joy for me. Thank you!

  • hi please can you tell me what food choices you made to lose weight i need to lose couple stone i to am a runner but my weight just dosent seem to budge now and i have also gone through menapause

  • Welcome Back, you were missed:). I struggle with this walk/run, had cramping in the right leg and thigh, so i took it down to a slow walk. I was motivated still because you make it a point to always say do what works best for YOU!!! I didn’t give up. When i clicked the link above for the 5-Day Mini Challenge, the 3 videos are the run/walk and dumbbell exercises you did within the last week or so. I assumed it would be a different workout. Help!! Thanks for getting me back on track.