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I’m a Personal Trainer, and This Is How to Start Lifting Heavy Weights Have a Strength Foundation. Before you begin to squat 200 pounds, you must train your body to be able to handle that Learn the Basics. If you’re brand new to lifting heavy, there are four lifts that are the best return on investment for your time in the gym. They are: the squat, the deadlift, the bench press, and the overhead press. Start with bodyweight or lighter dumbbells to start making the proper neural connections to drill in proper form and technique.

Your goals dictate the range of reps you should perform, and for how many sets you should do them: To develop maximal strength, lifting incredibly heavy for 2–6 sets of 6 or fewer reps is ideal. Activate your core for a bit of stability, and lift the weights simultaneously from your shoulders, up through goal-post position straight overhead until your arms are locked. Then slowly, and with control, bring the weights back down to shoulder height.

Unfortunately, if you want to learn how to start lifting weights properly, this approach is misguided. It wastes a lot of time and isn’t the best way to gain strength. First, any strength workout that includes circuits with little rest (like most fitness classes, DVD’s, or CrossFit) is.

CONTROL THE WEIGHT: As a beginner, never use a weight that’s so heavy that you need momentum to lift it. A simple gauge: You should be able to pause for at least one second before lifting a weight. If you’re lifting heavy enough, you probably don’t need to lift for more than an hour. I’d suggest planning to do five to seven exercises, 2-4 sets of 6-12 reps of each.

To become as strong and as big as your body type will allow, do fewer than 8 or 10 reps per set. To tone your muscles and develop the type of strength you need for everyday life — moving furniture or shoveling snow — aim for 10 to 12 repetitions. Lifting weights and performing strength training exercises is the most effective way to build muscle. Getty Images If your main goal is to improve your strength, be able to lift heavy things or.

“Lift to the point of exhaustion and it doesn’t matter whether the weights are heavy or light.” Phillips and his colleagues asked 49 men, each about 23-years-old, to do a 12-week program of.

List of related literature:

Start by selecting light weights (1 or 2 kg weights if you’re a beginner, and never lift more than 5-kg weights).

“What to Expect When You're Expecting 4th Edition” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What to Expect When You’re Expecting 4th Edition
by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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You start with a light weight and then gradually work your way up to the heaviest weight you can lift for one or two repetitions.

“Weight Training For Dummies” by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
from Weight Training For Dummies
by Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg, Shirley J. Archer
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To get started lifting weights, consult a couple of good weight-lifting books, such as Weight Training For Dummies, 2nd Edition, by Liz Neporent and Suzanne Schlosberg (Wiley Publishing, Inc.), and talk to a personal trainer at a nearby gym.

“Martial Arts For Dummies” by Jennifer Lawler
from Martial Arts For Dummies
by Jennifer Lawler
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I started with very light weights.

“Body for Life for Women: A Woman's Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation” by Pamela Peeke
from Body for Life for Women: A Woman’s Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation
by Pamela Peeke
Rodale Books, 2009

Before you start lifting heavy, make sure to practice with light weight and learn how to bail out so you don’t hurt yourself.

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

♦ Start out with light weights and build up the strength of the muscles slowly.

“Healing Back Pain Naturally: The Mind-Body Program Proven to Work” by Art Brownstein
from Healing Back Pain Naturally: The Mind-Body Program Proven to Work
by Art Brownstein
Gallery Books, 2001

Start low and slowly increase the weights.

“Griffith's Instructions for Patients E-Book: Expert Consult” by Stephen W. Moore
from Griffith’s Instructions for Patients E-Book: Expert Consult
by Stephen W. Moore
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

First, spend some time stretching and then do some moderately light movements with a barbell or dumbbells, hitting each body part in turn until the body is ready for something more strenuous.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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Lower the weights slowly, then repeat.

“The Harvard Medical School Guide to Men's Health” by Harvey Bruce Simon, Harvard Medical School
from The Harvard Medical School Guide to Men’s Health
by Harvey Bruce Simon, Harvard Medical School
Free Press, 2002

Start by lifting two or three days per week for several weeks,

“Fitness For Dummies” by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
from Fitness For Dummies
by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
Wiley, 2010

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  • in my case i noticed every 3 weeks i can lift heavier. for chest dumbell press i started with 24kg did 10 reps then went to 26 kg and did 6 reps, then for the next 3 weeks i kept doing with 26. after 3 weeks i was doing 10 reps with 26 and 6-7 reps with 28 kg:)

  • Has anyone else the impression Jeff does some kind of “role play” of a person increasing weight to demonstrate how the form deteriorates? It does not sound as he as actually talking about himself here so I wouldn’t mind fake weights at all.

  • this video answers my question:D this makes me rethink my workout mode, because I’ve been in the constant cutting mode of 15 reps on split muscle group in a 5 day cycle in the gym. im feeling unmotivated because im seeing little to no progress. im at 20% bf and I want more definition in my body. you know, like, youre saying increasing lean muscle can increase fat burning, so that body fat % decreases faster. I want to split my days to 3 days of legs&abs every other day, then biceps&back one day, triceps%chest the other day. Maybe bulking works? Maybe body recomp works too?

  • This video was made 4 years ago. When you know something about sports than you should know that a lot can change in 4 years. Jeff, great content ��

  • got a question for you I been training for about a year thinking about getting in a physique competition next year what type of mind frame you had when you when into your competition

  • Who cares about the plates! Real of fake, Jeff is a great person. Watch his workout guys! Follow his plans & don’t be so obsessed with the plates… He has not stolen anything, haven’t killed anyone. ZERO WRONGDOING.

  • man ya hatin on Jeff first off the dude trains nfl players and wwe wrestlers and Hollywood actors….and a 495 lb deadlift is actually very feasible for a genetically “average” man whose been training for a few years studies have shows and Jeff is pullin abt 2.8 times his bodyweight here…AGAIN perfectly realistic for a genetically “average” man and again we don’t the composition of Jeff’s muscle fibers so he might be above average genetically in terms of athleticism not to mention the dude literally said that this weight is too much for him to do safely so he not even rlly claiming he could deadlift this much plus he can rep out body weight exercises like nothin but lemme guess his body weight must be fake too and he can pull really heavy on cable machines but no no no…those have to be custom made cable machines made of plastic…I can’t belive ya say this stupid shit and ACTUALLY believe it. Even if he was using fake weights the point of his vids is abt proper training methods and anatomy…..SO WHO TF CAREEES

  • I’m a beginner,and I’m doing powerlifting at my highschool but my biggest struggle is my diet!!! Need help! Any tips or suggestions would be AMAZING!!!����

  • If you came for the fake weights controversy, go to min 3:30 4:20, he’s accepting he has a bad form and risking injury with 5 plates which he also accepts is more than he can manage. End of “controversy” here, no need to use fake weights to impress us if he’s already accepting its too much weight for him…

  • Here is me looking for the best rep and set range in the comment section. Then everyone bitching about weather or not Jeff is using fake fucking weights or not. Ffs. Get over it. Who fucking cares?? He is still showing you how to do the fucking excerise with the correct technique isn’t he. Its not like he is stood there saying… “hey guys look at me!! Look how fucking incredibly jacked and strong I am!! Your a fucking weakling who can’t dealift as much as me!!! Pussy!! My name is Jeff and I’m stronger than any other 165lbs fitness athlete on the entire planet ��. This video is just about me showing you how much I can lift and nothing else. So F u!!!” No he didn’t say or do any of that its all in your deluded, jealous, insecure and retarded little minds. Grow the fuck up!

  • I been doing this for years so I can say it works. I like this method better than the traditional one because of the gains. I also add an extra mini set and try to build it up to a full set.

  • I’m not sure if I’m a beginner or intermediate, but I still struggle with determining whether or not I’m lifting heavy enough. Sometimes I think I’m not but I’ll be super sore the next day. Other times I’ll think it’s way too heavy and no soreness afterwards. I know soreness isn’t really supposed to be an indicator but… I really just don’t know if I’m lifting at a level 5 or a level 8.

  • I’m a beginner. One hour ago I did back squats with weights on the bar for the first time (total 85 pounds). Thanks for the video, I look forward to getting stronger!

  • #1 reason why you shouldn’t lift heavy. You are more susceptible to injury. When you lift heavy, form goes out the window and you get hurt. I know plenty of guys that make that mistake, including myself.Its a marathon not a sprint.

  • I’m a beginner and had never really trained with weights until a couple of weeks ago. It’s still early days but I’m already super proud of how much weight I’ve been able to add to the exercises, and feel such a sense of satisfaction each time I pick up a slightly heavier dumbbell or kettlebell. I’m working my way towards barbell movements, and I’m pretty sure that once I’ve picked up a barbell nothing will be able to stop me getting stronger!

  • Hey Jeff. Big fan of your training style. Been following your training style for near a year (it workzzz). Can you do a deadlift video where you could weigh the plates in a scale, so that the crappy video posters would stop? Plz do��

  • Ahhh, I appreciate this video! As a former D1 track athlete I couldn’t attest to this even the more! Knowing my personal goals and acknowledging my current shape and genetic build is playing a huge factor in how I structure my weightlifting routine. I can’t wait to get back to the gym!!

  • When I first ever did a deadlift, my max was 180kg with a decent form, that 220kg in the video, if you build in deadlifts in your routine you can achive sooner than you think. My opinion is that.

  • How do you feel about high frequency in the mindset of hitting everything or almost everything each day in the gym, just with a muscle/motion priority for said day? Say, warming up with some chest/back of some sort, then legs and going extra on legs. Rinse repeat each day just swapping the priority.

    Been doing this for almost two years now.

  • we are your followers from Saudi Arabia. please Mr. Williams we want to translate your saying to arabic language down the screen as long as you talk please ��

  • I start at a weight I can get 20 reps out of, then keep adding weight until failure, that is 3 to 1 rep, and it’s working for me, because every time I’m able to add a little more weight, and still get 20 reps from that heavier weight.
    It’s also much safer because your body has time to warm up better, so I’m not as sore, and it’s all to failure, and it works for me ��

  • Absolutely looove this video! I really need to try different styles of lifting weights to achieve my goals, so this was very very helpful!! ����

  • LOL all this backstabbing btches returning to hate on Jeff. We aren’t fanboys, we watch his videos not for his lifting feats, but for his knowledge on human anatomy and the fundamental ways to do the best exercises that are safe and effective. Hate all you want…just know all you’re doing is jumping onto a hate bandwagon that is hypocritically.

  • 2 years ago I woz a 9 stone weakling now I’m 14 stone of power I have my own home gym yes I have spent a fortune but has been worth it wish I could send a before and after and most of were I am is down to listening to Jeff thankyou Jeff

  • Listening to what he’s saying, I honestly don’t care if the weights are real or not….. “I can’t control this weight, so I’m going to back it off to something in my range”… I mean, he’s addressing the fact that lifting should NOT be about egos. Not ideal if fake weights used making that point lol, but his attitude is humble, so I’m inclined to believe him, and don’t really care if they’re not. Great video, informative as always. Best fitness channel on youtube! Gosh, this is from 2015… Why so much traction now.

  • So people want so much clout that they search a 4 YEAR video only to criticize something not relevant only to be relevant for some months…

  • Easy principles to follow here

    Frequency: how many times you hit the body part for example if u squat 2-3 times a week u have high frequency. This means soreness won’t bother u as much what I mean by this is notice how people complain after leg day and sometimes even avoid it because for the next few days their legs are sore…..well simple answer most body part slits only have u doing 1 leg day lmao (the stupidity of it) it isn’t enough u have to hit the lower body more then 1 day people. people don’t really say “ohhh bro my chest is sore asf I might just skip chest and Triceps” why because they have higher frequency duuuuhhh lol

    Volume: sets and reps example 5sets of 5 reps aka the good old 5×5 then we have 3×5 and 8-12×3 and 8-12×4. Example would be squats 5×5 for the day. Volume can also help bring up any weak points also.

    Intensity: basically how much are u lifting for that session example if ur 1rep max on bench is 100kg/220lbs and u only do 50kgs then your intensity is only 50% and not enough generally 70% I hear is the point 70 and up, Intensity can also be weight on the bar which is also important lol.

    Progressive overload: probably the most important lol. Gradual increase of stress placed on the muscle over a period of time.

    I personally follow StrongLifts so we have 3 days a week full body Monday Wensday and Friday
    Workout A) Squat, Bench, Barbell Row (I do Pendlay)
    Workout B) Squat, Overhead Press, Deadlift
    Week one is Workout A,B,A
    Week two is Workout B,A,B
    In turn I have good amount of frequency, decent volume and usually constant flow of intensity yes I’m a fcking novice lmao.
    Edit: I only have 2 assistances exercises Incline BB Bench press and Barbell Bell Curls

  • So this is the controversial video(made 4 years ago). Well from what i see, he does not claim that he can really lift 500 pounds. He is using the 500 pounds as a representation of his limits and a way to teach. The first 3 or 4 plates are definitely real as i see, and he was clearly stressing that 4th one. The last one is the fake one it seems. Anyway even if he does not address it, it doesnt matter. He is still giving great advises

  • Funny for this video to show up in my recommends lol What’s crazy is before Jeff puts those other plates on you can hear the sound of the bar and weights touching the ground, but then once those extra plates are on the sound is gone hmm �� Oh well, Jeff still gives solid advice tho.

  • Well if you want to train you actually have to lift only 60% of what you actually can and once in a 30 days or even more do 100%. Thats what Big Z is doing ( 4 times strongest man in earth). If you dont listen to that one eventually you will come to a point where you train harder and harder but your results goes down.

  • Rule number 1 is no longer accurate since studies have shown the same amount of muscle growth between low reps heavy weight and high reps low weight.

  • Totes a beginner over here. Wanna get strong for a new work role that’s a lot more physically demanding than my current one.
    And you know, so I’ll survive the zombie apocalypse

  • i have a question i did this workout and didn’t feel anything, so I decided to do more sets and do the workout twice a day but still don’t feel sore even tho I’m lifting about 12kg (I’m 16years old) what should I do?

  • This is a great strategy, but scientifically proven to work best in the 4-8 rep range. 10-15 rep range is far too inefficient for strength gains.

  • lol why do you guys think that a guy with what 20 yrs of training cant possiblly do 180kg for 3-4 reps without slaming the weight like a dumbass and actually control it all the way down and obviously we see that 5 plates is too much for him and his technique is breaking down…you dont know how he is training and how he is periodizing his training but you are 100% sure that there is no way he can control 200 the way he does?

  • Hello…I am a beginner and I am excited but nervous at the same time because I am 47 and I have a bad back so I want to be able to strengthen my back to hopefully become pain free.

  • I hate heavy weight it’s mostly the rest time you have to do I really don’t have time to sit in the gym for hours on end because of that crappy rest time I prefer to just start light and work my weight up or vice versa witha 45 second restt

  • I’m a bigger! I have been in the gym a week! I’ve lost 40 pounds from just changing my eating and I’m ready for more! I want confidence in my body again and I think powerlifting will help with that

  • I’m a beginner. Really just got my start in the gym. Was a runner in high school until a hip injury and just swore off fitness. Just 6 short months ago I started yoga and it spark my joy in activity again, into a New Years resolution to start running again. Running wasn’t cutting it but I was to Intimidated by free weights so I’d just knockout a circuit using machines. I finally am ready to go and stand in front of the mirror to lift. Really need direction and your videos have made me to so excited to get strong.

  • After all the discussion about fake weight, I clearly understand on this video that Jeff show us an example of his purpose. And as an example, it doesn’t mean it’s the reality. Talking us about 500 lbs is only to give us a number close to a serious number that a lot of Sunday lifter couldn’t never attempt but I clearly understand he take this number to impact the demonstration. So ok, it’s clearly fake weights but it’s all about teaching us that over trust of ourselves during a session is very dangerous and we all know what’s it means: wrong position, pain, trouble… Whatever thinks far and not only on what you see, keep going Jeff no need to explain the reason you do that, it’s easy to understand.

  • Thanks Jeff. Love you video’s. I have been working to not count the reps too much and just keep going until I can go no longer for my last set.

  • I’m still a newbie, I’ve been consistent in the gym since August but have been on and off since last September. I think that I am way more confident in the gym room and it’s awesome!

  • hey Ron, follow you now for 2 weeks. loving you videos:) just on question on this video. how much time you rest between the reps? many thanks.

  • Thanks for the informative video! Can you please link a study or two with regards to why it is more beneficial to train muscle groups 2-3 times/week as opposed to 1/week (like bro splits) for muscle growth? I’d love to send that on to my guy friends doing that right now lol thank you:D

  • This was working great for me…until I dropped the damn dumbbell on my ear. Lucky I got the important bits out of the way. Can’t go to true failure when you workout alone.

  • They talk about fake weights and then show online where to get them makes me question them to be honest and little do they know the real ones that aren’t fake are at walmart and Jeff lives in the same state as me and Walmart ain’t far from his Gym lmfao���� notice how a lot of fitness guys jumped onto this topic because he’s bigger than them lol all youtubers do this shit Jeff should make a video buying a plate and showing how heavy it is to shut them all up

  • I am a beginner and I feel like I am too old to start but i am going to try �� I would like to know what kind of barbell would be best I didn’t realized they have so many different ones?

  • IF you do HIT training to failure there is scientific results… SCIENTIFIC that if you go to FAILURE there was no difference in growth whether or not you go heavy and low reps or light and many reps Not to risk if you are older lifting heavy has much more possible to go. This heavy thing is relative

  • Ron,
    In using the techniques mentioned would you share information on your breathing to assist. For advanced lifters this may be second nature but for a beginner like myself it would help.

  • But Sir, Weightlifters and Powerlifters are not as heavily built as Bodybuilders, who don’t lift as heavy as them, how will you explain that?

  • Ron, pls help. This is my Program for five days a week training. Monday is chest /Shoulder day; Tuesday is Back/Arms day; Wednesday is leg/chest; Thursday is Rest day. Friday is shoulder/back, Saturday Arms/Leg. Sunday Rest. Is this ok?

  • Yah. Don’t lift crazy stuff.
    Example: if you can easily curl 25lbs for 10 reps, then curle 35 to failure.
    Nothing wild. Just grow and develope

  • Ok if you can prove only because of this video he gained all his subs and people who train under him then sure Jeff has to address this video. This is something he did 4 years ago.. If you are buying his stuff or taking his advice because he can lift heavy then you are a fucking moron.

  • Hi Everyone, I have a quick question I would like clarification for. Jeff has spoken in other videos about how the optimal TUT (time under tension) being somewhere around 45 second to 1 minute per set. But if you are doing say, 5 reps for a set, should each rep take about 10 seconds? Or is this a different method since you are overloading a bit more?

  • I’ve only been mixing this in for about six weeks and the gains (measured) have been greater in that time than the previous 5 months. Thanks Jeff and of course Jessie. Top work fellas!

  • People need to stfu if there fake who the hell cares its for demonstration purposes he not claiming world records or look how strong i am. Most people won’t take good information unless the person lifting stupid heavy

  • I’m a beginner and i dream to become a body builder but i have no discipline at allllll NEED HELP only time i had discipline was when in the service

  • These are mostly on point. I tried quite a few programs that these “gurus” put out… I didn’t really see results until I got this one-> @t       Your welcome..

  • This was AMAZING thank you so much I’ve been looking for exactly this video!! I have a couple of questions:
    What do you think about needing a gym to weight train? Is it very limiting to work out at home using dumbbells (eg adjustable) and kettlebells?
    And could you share with us any good ways you’ve found of recording/tracking progress (notaking/apps?)

  • For clarification do we max out at 15 reps for set 1, 13 reps for set 2, and 11 reps for set 3 before maxing out and increasing the weight? or do we continue until reaching 15 reps on all sets before increasing the weight and starting over at 10 reps on all sets?

  • Am a fat girl and have only done ever bench presses in the gym so I am definitely a beginner. Just found your channel and am loving your advice

  • THUMBS UP!!!
    then watch!

    “if you don’t challenge yourself, you won’t change yourself.”

    THAT’S EXCELLENT ADVICE FOR SUCCESFUL LIVING, not just fitness training.

  • Great, I’m going to put this to use immediately. My recovery time somewhat hinders my fast growth. I’m 64, in superb health, but recovery time seems to take longer the older I get. Doesn’t matter, I’m staying the course.

  • So, this video is talking about bad form when trying to push more weight. Seems like a good idea to use fake weights so the instructor doesn’t injure themselves while doing multiple takes showing the bad form. ��‍♂️

  • Hmmm, I’ve been inundated with all the “controversy” videos about Jeff’s deadlift then this video popped up, and I’m glad it did. I’d commented on the videos of the “controversialists” that there was nothing to see and they should move on, but I’d just taken their word about the context of the deadlift itself. I’d seen Jeff’s original video, but had completely forgotten the context, so I’m glad it came back up in my feed. If you were to believe the sayers of nay, they would have you believe that Jeff was bragging about how strong he was and that he could easily handle 500 lb deadlifts. But, in watching the source, and hence the context, it’s the opposite. Jeff was making the point about how hard this lift was for him, and how poor he felt his posture was, and that he’d likely back down from it. So, for me, after watching the progression of weight and the point he was making, it became even more clear that Jeff really lifted the weight (the haters’ clips were clearly poorly thought through), and made some good points in along the way.

  • When I wish to lift heavier than usual….particular when doing ‘bench press’ (note I don’t have a gym partner)…..I normally warm up the muscles with stretches and very light weights…………then I start with the maximum I can lift for like 5/6 reps…….then I do drop sets with 10 reps with the lighter weights.

  • 3:13 I love how even he say “We got these… uh.. weird 44lb plates” lmao. Even Jeff thinks something is a little weird with the weights lol

  • What Ron explains here is called “progressive overload”. You can do it the way he explains it by first increasing the number of repetitions per set, like he said going from 10 reps (the most you can to at that time) to 15 reps on the first set. But you can also do it like i do it for example. i train compound movements like bench press “heavy” going for 3×6 and when i hit 3 sets of 6 repetitions with perfect form and the same pausing time between sets i increase the weight the next gym session. Usually i can then only do like 5-6 reps on the first set and 5-4 reps on the second and third rep. but then i eventually go to 6 on the first and 5 on the second and third over time and when i hit 3×6 again with that increased weight i can increase it again (but go for small increases like 5lbs).

    BTW good job ron explaining this stuff but you forgot 1 important factor (but im sure you know this) always do the repetitions with the exact same (perfect/good) form! dont cheat yourself by going from a good form to a bad just to hit 1 or 2 repetitions more because thats cheating and doesnt mean you increased your strength. AND VERY IMPORTANT keep track of the pausing time between sets, if you do “higher” reps like he said 10-15 you can go for 60-90 seconds pausing time and if you go heavy like 5-6 reps go for 180 seconds pausing time and always keep the same time! Because if you do for example more repetitions but you had more pausing time then before its also not meaning you increased strenght, you just had more time to “regen” some energy/power if you know what i mean.

    and sry for my english.. keep up the good work:)

  • He probably just added fake plates to show the wrong way to do an exercise without injuring himself. He’s using it for demonstration purposes only and the way he mentions those “weird 44 plates” sounded a bit like he’s aware of them being fake and just letting other more experienced gym goers know that he knows they are fake. The guy is obviously brutally fit so why bother looking into whether or not the weights are fake in what is essentially a “tutorial” where serious injuries are very possible.

  • Meg, I’ve been binging your channel for over a week and you have me inspired and excited to train and embrace being an athlete. This is huge for me. I am overcoming years of struggling with my body image, several years of exercise bulimia (I haven’t relapsed (binge-eating or over-exercise)in over 5 years but am still cautious.)
    While I still feel nervous about the gym triggering many old negative patterns, I am feeling more encouraged than ever to be a strong strong woman. Thank you so much, seriously!

  • This is why I love your channel so much, you always make everything so easy to understand, always bring up important topics and you always make sure to research really well and have good sources. So helpful, and also you’re always so cheerful and happy like fr my mood gets so much better after watching your videos lmao

  • I’m a beginner to the gym! I am not a stranger to working out though, I’ve done body weight exercises (squats and pushups and things like that) and running for years.

  • I’m a hard gainer and it’s difficult for me as a tall dude to put on mass.I’m 6’5 223 lbs.. It took me forever to get to this point.I would like to add 15 more lbs. to my frame but I can’t.After 5 years I weigh the same.I look fine and defined so I have to add supplements.Frustrating!

  • I agree that lifting weights or heavy weight won’t make you bulky, but I do think some women go into it full force, eating tons and tons of protein (maybe too much for their height/age/weight which then makes them look more stout and bulky. Maybe that’s the confusion.
    You should show some more before and afters! And I think you have A tiny waist!

  • Hey Athlean team, quick question, if you train heavy (5 to 8 reps), there’s just no way you’ll be able to get the 45 seconds of muscle tension right? So how should you balance those two things?

  • I mix it up because sometimes lifting heavy doesn’t work for me where if I do supersets drops light to moderate weight I can feel it more

  • I’m not sure the controversy is even valid here. He’s demoing how form and technique break down under heavier load. That means he’s intentionally using less than perfect form. I guess he could actually put his back at risk and cripple his knees for people’s entertainment, but what makes more sense is to present hypothetical scenarios and show what this would look like while staying safe weight ranges.

  • I know this video is old as hell but I’ll comment anyway. What I do is warm up with some light bench 3or4 sets of 10-15 reps then add 10lbs every set until my 1rep max. I went from 135 to 245 in a few months (3-4) twice a week.

  • Jeff is the best trainer, i tried everytning that he said and shown in every single video and is 100000% right Best youtube channel ever. So many people envy him because he is better and got more than 10millions subscribers…, respect for you Jeff

  • Thanks for this video…it’s so good to see a lot of what I’ve learned about weightlifting is pretty much exactly what you laid out in the 4 modalities and since you’ve have very good success I feel confident I am in the right track. Your hair is amazing by the way 😉

    I am interested in being able to do all the types of weightlifting as I progress…strength..endurance…power
    But I wondered at some point if I could do each type all in my weekly visits to the gym…just split them up among the days…
    For example do strength one day…two days later endurance….two days after that power….

    But do you think it’s better to focus one one modality for a few weeks at a time and then do the switch over to the next modality and just do it in roughly 6 week segments instead of doing it all at once in every weekly visit but on separate days?


  • Why do you lift heavy in the hyper trophy exercises, you said the weight was moderate and moves down ����‍♀️. Sorry if this is a stupid question.

  • All you who think he is using fake weights here must be DYEL as hell. i’ve seen guys who look like Jeff deadlift 300 kg right before my eyes.

  • I’m confused, if slow twitch muscle fibres don’t like to grow that much then why do people train them for hypertrophy woth 8-12 reps

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    Thank you so much for your technique and workout videos they help me sooooooooo much.
    I saw your video on Keto. I would like to know your opinion with regards to the whole30 program. Thank you so much again for your work.

  • What kind of knee brace do you have on? Beginner Here! My knees tend to hurt when I’m doing squats or anything that requires me to put pressure on them. Apparently I may have arthritis in my left one. Any advice is welcomed!

  • if you think 3-8 reps, that’s exactly how many you’ll do. Do as many as you can, but adjust the weight so it falls in that range. The mind is a tricky thing. 3-8 reps for your mind is probably not your true 3-8 rep weight range. Know where you’re at, but never count.

  • One of the best things I ever heard from Jeff on this channel, overload till failure. I took a lot of my lifts from 12 reps down to the 5-8 range with added weight.

  • How do you track progress, aka muscle gains and fat loss, when you are doing both simultaneously? What should i be looking for in terms of weight, body measurements, lift progress, ect. I have one ot those wierd scales that measures percentages through your bare feet too if that helps.

  • Can you talk more about the MAPs anabolic trigger sessions? I’m thinking of doing that program next after I’m done with the aesthetics program and I want to know more about the trigger session thanks!!

  • hi ron, I’m a natural body builder. Unfortunately I bought some superdrol from my protein shop, thinking it’s legal and not a steroid. After taking this I have developed a small amount of gyno. I was wondering if you know any natural products or if there’s anything I can eat or take to dissolve it? I know you can get tablets like aremidex but I don’t want to take anything that’s going to give me health risks.
    Regards, Steve.

  • Im a beginner! My biggest struggle is to learn how to breath while lifting weights and how to correct my form. Its a bit intimidating.

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  • I’m a Beginner. I started going to the gym about 3 months ago to start feeling better and healthier. Currently, my biggest struggle is posture is completely a move, mostly with the shoulder press. I find it hard to determine where I should have my hands and how far the bench should be raised.

  • Good advice. Was stuck in a routine for each exercise one set of 15 reps followed by four sets of 12 reps. If I didn’t think I could achieve the 15/12 reps, I simply didn’t try and pile on any extra weight. A Mate at the gym told me I had it all wrong and to forget the 15/12 rep mindset. Am now adding weight, and yes, Jeff is right, I’m now lifting much heavier weight. Initially I might only achieve 3, 4 or 5 reps, but these gradually go up to higher numbers and achieve much better results.

  • Am beginner to powerlifing Just dont know where to start. I have been going gym for 6 months now and am getting bored and dont see any improvement. X

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  • Personally i prefer bodyweight PLUS extra resistance. I believe that focusing on bodyweight workouts and adding extras like weighted vests and resistance bands. Not for bpdybuilding of course but for “fitness”. Just my thoughts. ����

  • Guys if you’re lifting heavy and maxing out at around 6 reps per set, you need to rest between 3-5 mins between sets.
    Very important

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    I’m trying to get a banging body for EDCLV 2020!
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  • He’s clearly legit lifting 220 kg, you are all pathetic and weak. The bar is visibly bending, he is clearly straining to lift it, and I’ve in person seen guys his size deadlifting 300 kg no problem.

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    How do you know when your body starts to adapt to the training modality?
    What signs should I be looking out for when it’s time to change to a different training modality?

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  • Hi Friends! Hope you all enjoyed this one. We incorporated both the new professional set and a bit of grunge with the home gym, and I know a few of you wanted to see that again:-) WE GOT YOU!

    Here are timestamps for the video so you can skip straight to the workouts!
    3:24 DAY 1
    5:05 DAY 2
    8:19 DAY 3
    10:21 DAY 4

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  • What’s the minimum effort in frequenzy and intensity to sustain a fitness level one achieved?
    I don’t want look like Thomas DeLauer ;-). I just want to sustain a fitness level and muscle mass where I feel healthy.
    I am experimenting to find out myself, but it would be interesting to have your input, maybe it’s even worth a video…

  • I’m confused about the controversy. I’m 52. Five foot six. 176 lbs. If I was as lean as him I bet I’d be 140. I did 5 reps with 300 lbs the other day and I never train consistently.500 just doesn’t seem like that much for a fitness professional his size. He’s admitting it’s too much for him to work out with. It’s most likely near his max. If he used European plates or not it seems strange to me that he would need to use fake ones to prove he’s not strong enough to use them. Agreed the odds of anyone but a rock climber needing to be that lean for optimal performance are small and the odds of hitting maximum strength in any lift go down if you starve yourself but I’ve mostly watched his channel for his knowledge of correctives and ways to improve exercises. I was never interested in how strong he was. He’s not a power lifter. He’s a trainer.
    I’ve always aspired to be as strong as I could be at the lightest I could do it while still feeling healthy for climbing so his advice is good for me. He’s not the guy I would have been watching if I wanted to power lift anyway.

  • I really want to do weight training. I’ve done 5 x 5 stronglifts and loved it. I have a hard time fitting it in to my schedule. I am a bike commuter and I practice yoga. So, 5-6 days a week: 2 30 minute rides. I do power yoga 3-5 days a week. It seems to me that I need 1 low movement recovery day (walk, foam rolling, light stretching) free from riding and lifting. If I can only have one lifting day a week is it worth it to try to blend it in with my schedule? What type of lifting would I want to do?

  • Thank you! This was super informative. I was wondering, how should you incorporate cardio into a weight loss journey? Do you need it at all? And what kind?

  • What do you feel about long distance running 3x a week and doing a full body lifting session 3x a week? I want to lose fat and I was gaining when I was doing mostly weights. I also like running as much as weight training. Love your videos and I always look forward to them!

  • Guys if your looking for a program that teaches you all this and helps you get the gains you want go to Athlean-X. Com and sign up for one of our programs. Stop making excuses and start making commitments

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  • I do something similar, but I do 4 sets instead of 3, and my 4th set, I go heavier but less reps. So say I’m doing 30lbs for 10+ reps for 3 sets. On my 4th set I’ll do 40lbs… but for only 6 reps, for my muscles to start getting a preview of the heavier weight as I progress with my current weight.

  • I am starting my fitness journey tomorrow. So tonight, once again is all about research.
    I also started a keto based diet to get me back on the track of better eating but now I’m keen to start lifting weights. Trying to build good habits.. worried I’ll fail ��

  • Hi Meg, i am a beginner and do lifting everyday and as much as i see results i am not seeing as great of a result in my legs, and glutes any suggestions?

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  • I always assumed working out body areas individually produced more results than full body workouts. Thanks for dispelling the myth.

  • I lifted weights regularly in high school (I was a cheerleader). Then I went to college for 5 years and mostly did just body weight exercises. For the past month I have been lifting weights again and I can’t go back:)

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  • I have a question. Should you be a certain age to start lifting heavy? Id like to try it but I’m 14. Should I wait a few years or give it a go now?

  • I would love to try lifting heavy like barbell and all but I’m too socially awkward for gym �� as I grew out of my baby 3kg dumbbells I am getting extendables and will just keep adding plates ��

  • It’s nice to see the context to the “controversy” it’s pretty clear this is for demonstration and people are making something of nothing. How many people “calling him out” bothered to listen to the actual lesson and learn what he is teaching? Jeff’s videos have helped me a lot, after watching the video I don’t care if all the plates are styrofoamthe lesson is what I came for and it’s still valuable

  • I’m a beginner!! I appreciate this video and looking forward to watching more of your videos. I appreciate your goofy sense of humor! I was laughing out loud, and that makes the info more enjoyable as well! I am only able to get to the gym mon-fri when my son is in school. I would ADORE a 5x week beginner program that focuses on specific muscle groups each day. If I do alternate day/full body, I’d only be able to come to the gym 3x. I am a newb but I am LOVING my gym time. And I REALLY want to learn to lift heavy. I loved the approach you talked about here!

    Thank you!!

  • Let’s show Marissa lots and lots of our love and support as her subscribers and fans and help boost her subscriber count higher I really want to help this channel grow with enough positivity from my message and encouragement from the subs please help me accomplish this ;-;