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How Lisa Went from Running Hater to Marathon Finisher. by Amy Schlinger. December 18, 2017. 3 Comments.

Share it: One of these athletes was New York City resident and recent TCS New York City Marathon finisher, Adalgisa [Lisa] Rivera. And while she did cross the finish line in Central Park after 26.2 miles through the five NYC boroughs. resident and recent TCS New York City Marathon finisher, Adalgisa [Lisa] Rivera. And while she did cross the finish line in Central Park after 26.2 miles through the five NYC boroughs, running didn’t always come easy. In July 2015, 175-pound Lisa Rivera decided she wanted to.

The first time Lisa Jackson finished last in a 26.2 was the 2012 South Downs Marathon in Great Britain. She knew she was last when a man on a bicycle was. Running didn’t come easy to Lisa Jackson. Here, she shares the lessons she learned on her journey from fitness-phobe to multi-marathoner Lisa (right) and her aunt Rosie at the finish. Flashback Friday, in honor of Kathrine Switzer running the Boston marathon 50 years after she was physically removed from the race because it was Men Only.

The first Olympic marathon was held in 1896. It was open to men only and was won by a Greek named Spyridon Louis. A woman named Melpomene snuck onto the marathon route. Maybe Lisa meticulously mapped out this excursion for me, as she prepared my training plan for running 26.2 miles at the Bayshore Marathon later. By Lisa Jackson.

18/04/2019 (June 1998) to nervous Great North Run competitor (October 1998) to triumphant London Marathon finisher (April 1999) in just 10 months was that I didn’t need. My first run was a 10k Chennai Trail Marathon run organized by Chennai Trekking Club. During the training I first signed up for 10k at The Wipro Chennai Marathon that was to happen in December but as I progressed in my training program I changed my target to Half Marathon (21.1 KM) and 2013 Wipro Chennai Marathon was my first Half Marathon.

PART 2 PART 3 SUBSCRIBE to BOBBY’S CHANNEL (cause he’s good and I like him) Meet the marathon runner who loves coming last IT was the sound of a bicycle approaching from behind that first alerted Lisa Jackson to the fact she was in last place.

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Each week, her goal was to drop time in her races—not win, but beat her own personal best.

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Paton’s boss then did the math and decided she would be better off walking the race rather than running it.

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But she no longer runs as intensively as she used to: Her husband can run only short races now, although they both still run three to ten

“The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick: What They Know, Why It Works, and How It Can Work for You” by Gene Stone
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Just goofing around, Ann was logging more miles than many serious marathoners, so by 1985, she figured it was time to see how she stacked up against some real runners.

“Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall
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After that her progression was very rapid, and after the first week she was more than ready to progress from the real beginners’ slopes to the longer more interesting runs.

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Soon afterwards, she did another very tough session, 800-metre repeats with a pacemaker, each effort run in 2:03—until her heel injury flared up.

“The Art of Running Faster” by Julian Goater, Don Melvin
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It took her 174 hours and she was the only person to finish the race that year.

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She started reevaluating her goals and decided to loosen up a bit with her training and road racing.

“Mental Training for Peak Performance: Top Athletes Reveal the Mind Exercises They Use to Excel” by Steven Ungerleider
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Meghan was an experienced runner who knew what she was getting into.

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3 When you progress much faster than them: She was leaving the other runners well behind.

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  • Shit man. Hoe episch. Ik ben (na de corona) mijn achterstand in podcasts aan het wegwerken en hoorde over de marathons bij Welcome to the AA. Ik heb net zoals Andries eerst de docu gezien van de 2012 race en daarna deze. Ongelooflijk. echt niet normaal, wat een held. Ik hoop dat je nog eens mag terug gaan!

  • I am a recreational runner who does a marathon in around 4:10. So it really is beyond me how some seasoned runners cant even manage a fun run…

  • My favorite session is 4*2000m… Start at MT (for me 4:00/km) and drop the tempo every till the 4th rep (for me 3:30/km) hopefully I will get me to a new pr ( 1:18:59)

  • Just wanted to say I’ve been using your beginner half marathon plan to run my first half marathon and it’s working so well. I’m not too bothered the time I do it in (whatever time I run will be a PB after all ��) but being able to actually run the distance will be amazing. I just ran 15k today which is crazy considering before this year I’d never even run 5k. Thanks for all the tips!

  • I’m happy to send you a pair of the endorphin pro or speed if you still can’t get them. Would love to see how they work for you. Let me know.

  • Mine started running �� 42 years 2019 first half 2 hours 30 mins second half 2 hours 16 mins third 1 hours 48 minutes, running today looking forward PB.

  • You got to the cup. You just didnt win it. I’m still proud of the effort. And of you and yours… good job ginger minge. I’m rooting for you.������

  • I love running in the first 5 seconds… I like running in the first 10 seconds… I’m ok with running in the first 15 seconds…I hate running after 20 seconds….I get chest pain after 30 seconds…. so yeah, I’m waiting for the call to get on Rogan’s podcast.

  • Half PB is 1:38:42, set at the beautiful and flat Worcester City Run. It’s a great event and sad it’s not on this year (like most other events!). Running it virtually though this year and the virtual great north the week after! ��

  • I’ve run my PB last May (virtual HM, although the plan was to run my first real race), after following one of your plans. Previous PB from 2016 ( 1:56:11), targeting 1:55, ended up with 1:50:27.

    Now I’m waiting for the temperatures to go down to start training and try to get below 1:50 (not a thing I believed to be possible only a few months ago).

    If there’s one thing that I would suggest as a tip, is to add some yoga for stretching (I do daily routines, about 20 minutes, following an online subscription service). I think it helped my mobility and recovery a ton.

  • 01:44:03 in Frankfurt. In September i will try to get a pb in Budel (Holland). It is just a training run. At the moment i am training for a marathon with your trainingplan Ben. I love the plan you made. It is great. Feeling so strong already after 9 weeks. My marathon goal is 03:50:00.

  • 3:40 Hello kind Sir, if I may suggest a readDavid Goggins: Can’t hurt me. After reading this book you will win every race XD Great video, stay strong, stay healthy!

  • Not sure when you last ran Oxford Half but it’s got a lot slower, the last mile or 2 is in the parks which completely ruins your stride pattern. My PB is at Wokingham highly recommended if not windy as it’s very exposed!!

  • I did an easy recovery run this morning yet my Strava said it was mostly tempo. I thought tempo was a fast pace, I don’t think I could go any slower for my heart rate

  • It’s crazy how ultrarunners like Courtney and Goggins ran with different personalities. One found enjoyment and excitement at pushing her limits through running while the other hates running but continues to do so as a way to fight his inner demons. Whichever one you look at, both consider it as a competition between you and yourself to reach one goal in mind.

  • She is not humble. She’s just not an asshole. She knows what she did. You don’t have to keep telling her just because you want her to gloat and be more like you. That’s the problem. You hate “humble” competitors because you can’t then justify your own behavior. You want her to be cocky so then you can feel better about yourself when you spew your venom about how much better you are than other people. Laziness is subjective. Are you a billionaire? No? Then you are lazy. Are you absolutely better than everyone else in everything you do? No? Then you are lazy. Stop putting people down and try lifting them up.

  • At 7:19, anyone else notice “cattle bell” instead of “kettle ball”? Was a delayed reaction when watching, but rewound and… yeah, that’s what I heard. Spoonerism FTW!

  • Bath Half definitely for a PB. It’s where I got mine earlier this year.
    Also, despite the incline between mile 10 and 11, the Swindon Half (which has just been given the go ahead and I’ll be racing) is another chance for a PB ����

  • Where I live there is a hill that is 3km, very twisting and no let up with a 330m elevation on tarmac. Would that be a good hill session or is it too long?

  • My training session I enjoy the most is build up, hard work holding back at the start but great fun having the power at the end for a fast finish.

  • —> this race was 600 miles, so longer than the 500 miles they’re suggesting (if Wikipedia is correct)

  • I find progressive runs great. Just that small increase each time does wonders for confidence. My biggest weakness is stride length. I just can’t get that longer stride I’d like. Even a 5cm be huge.

  • How do you work out a race time
    I am interested in racing a half and have 1.30 before in a long run but am unsure what time to aim for

  • Which one is a more precise marathon time predictor based on your personnal experience bro?
    Yasso’s 800 intervals or Half Marathon time × 2,2

  • What’s your thoughts on loading up on beetroot in the lead up to the race Ben? When I did my PB at the GNR (too many hills for my liking!) In the 2 weeks before I ate one 250gm vacuum pack of beetroot each day and had a beetroot/celery/ginger smoothie before the run. I started doing this after reading several studies that credited beetroot with up to a 12% improvement in endurance as it improves the ability of blood to transport oxygen to the muscles.

  • I just starting my first training for the Barkley event just tucking in to my hamburger right now, yep got all the right stuff adding the bacon and ketchup. Not worried about the rest of it of it for now, best to practice the essentials over and over again first before moving on to the easy bits.

  • With all the respect he should run alone from the first stage on and get used to it. On the first four stages both times, he had someone to run with, and probably he got navigated by the other runner. It is the fifth and final stage where he has to run alone and fails mostly on navigating. That’s what he lacks otherwise he has all the other needed skills.

  • I run my PB in middle July this year: 1:49:49 (it was my 2nd half ever; smashed it down from 2:10:09). I run beside the Danube in Vienna by my own. Starting to run in middle 2019 made my life more joyful!��

  • Held! ooit zou ik het willen ervaren maar daarvoor moet ik nog jaren trainen en ubberhaubt de kans krijgen om eraan mee te doen. Maar om te zien wat jij al gedaan hebt en het team wat je achter je hebt staan is heel wat! respect!

  • 31:00 That must be quite the feeling:-) To be able to complete such a challenge and also be the only one who is able to finish it:-)

  • Egmond Halve Marathon (Dutch Coast Marathob), 6KM on the beach. Trail in the dunes, uphill for last km…. fantastic! Was my first 1/2 marathon. This year I did 5 solo 1/2 marathons.

  • Ran a half in just over 2hrs as a personal test last August. Followed your training plan for my first official race (was meant to be in March) with a goal of 1:50. Ended up being a virtual race but I managed to hit 1:44:09, don’t know how I did it but the training plan helped a ton! Bring on a marathon…. Once I book one, then I’ll be hitting up Centurion for some longer runs! Thank you for all your hard work ��

  • I like fartlek and speed repeats, as I am running at average 35Deg C normal weather, I am consuming lot of water than normal like 1/2 ltr in 30 min, I heard lot of good runners are consuming very less water, so I need to work on this also. My HM PB is not that good 1:55 yet but I am working for the same… thanks for useful information and congrats for coming back on track after injury ������

  • Love a progressive run… but do it then avoid the rest! Always struggle with Hills,and speed sessions I’m always scared I’m going to injure myself.. (I’m 50)

  • Brilliant video Ben great tips. Only done two halfs and my best was just two hours would love to shave 10-15 minutes off that and was really going with my training for this year’s Birmingham half but it was cancelled. As soon as things are getting back to normal I’m going to enter anything. I know you can do these on your own but there is nothing like a big half with thousands, amazing feeling.

  • Gary has attempted 3 times now. But 2019 he couldn’t due to a fractured bone. The 2020 Barkley was cancelled due to covid. Guess he’s getting that two year gap he had talked about

  • Love every video you and Sarah upload! such amazing advice and coaching i have become such a more confident runner from your coaching and videos thanks Ben and Sarah total respect to you both!

  • Courtney is the best representation of sportsmanship and of running. The calm, gratitude and humility is so inspiring.
    My first ever race in 2 months from today!! 50km trail race! Up River Running Fall Races 2020! October 3rd!!

  • Next time the second person will win because she will have a good day,and this sweet lady not so much,that is what makes Ultras so interesting oké mister
    To much sweet talking although I love her

  • This dude has one of the best support team of all the competition. He did not miss it by 6 sec but a whole 2 miles cause he went the wrong direction

  • I can’t believe I actually stayed up to 1:00 in the morning to watch the full marathon. But good job to everyone in the race! I also plan to run a marathon someday, ofc nothing near that pace.

  • Such a nice video about purity of running and what it means to us as a humans. Very driven and funny peeps in this video too. Thank you for inspiring the spirit. Peace

  • She said i don’t know that was most authentic answer i ever heard. Most of the people when they asked how did you do that; they’re more likely to give very narrow answer. Either to pretend they know or avoid humiliated by saying I don’t know. Most of the time we really don’t know. Self-help industry giving more hype to hardwork, positive thinking bla bla..

  • Just calculated this and if I had run her pace in this race, I would have burned 25,500 calories in the 56 hours. How can you eat enough during the race to sustain that??

  • Hey Ben! I would love to see a video where you talk about the mental side of running and how you mentally get through those tough workouts or moments in a run. Any tips, tricks, or resources you can provide would be great!

  • 23:34 Leopard in a hammock was printed oh her fathers T-shirt (or maby running mate) during the race daymost likely source of that hallucination later on, just noticed watching some ultramarathon documentaries.

  • Check out the ‘spine race’ in the uk. Id love to see John Kelly on your show. Courtney is amazing cant get enough of her approach to the sport ��

  • I’ve watched this a half dozen times or so, maybe more. It still never loses my attention. And the ending was the stuff legends are made of. Can’t imagine what it would be like if you did another one on him trying to finish. Great work.

  • My PB up to know is on a pretty tough course but it was a beautiful race. I like progression workouts and strides. Intervalls are tough but I feel they’re useful.

  • oh man this is so impressive. you should be so proud of yourself! i laughed, cried and got empowered by your story. thank you so much!

  • Most inspiring stuff I’ve watched this year. Nearly just Nearly had me in tears there on his last loop with his emotions coming out

  • I remember this. Since the Mens Marathon was the last event in Rio they had the medal ceremony at the start of the closing ceremony.

    That has to be cool to not only make the podium but to be presented the medals in front of all the athletes who were still in Rio for the closing ceremony

  • Absolutely brilliant ���� Well done Gary, the determination and guts is on a different level. I’ve subscribed albeit late to the party. Might consider this myself after de sables ��

  • Nice horror film! Just wondering why he didn’t switch to a meal-replacement drink later on, since it looked increasingly difficult to get food down.

  • Pure insanity with support and participation from friends and family. These guys aren’t human. So, did Gary finish it the following year? Any update?

  • Ik denk niet dat ik ooit al een reactie heb gegeven op eender welke video op youtube, voor jou maak ik een uitzondering! Met veel respect, groeten uit Genk

  • Got my HM PB at 60 years of age last year in Berlin 1.31. Was trying for sub 1.30 but just didn’t have the endurance for the last 5K.

  • the Barkley marathon has such a massive element of not only ridiculous physical ability, but I’d say it’s just as mentally demanding if not more. It feels like some sort of subtle unknowable horror with how it leaves the runners looking after they’ve been spat out by the loop(s)

  • The only reason why most of them cant finish on time is because of the sheets of paper hidden in bushes in trees..if you cant find it of course it will kill your time

  • 23:20 they talk about her staying up for three days and having hallucinations it’s so funny the cello guy and the leopard in the Hamic ������������

  • This dude is amazing.. but can I say.. couple goals? The support his wife gave and the way they worked as a team. That’s the dream

  • Is there an advantage of eating burgers and yogurt before a run, or am I missing something? That combination doesn’t seem like it would settle in the stomach too well. I would have carbed up.

  • What a lovely dally commute to work in the Soviet Union.
    Of course the books were anticommunist and if a page was found on you, you would be shot on sight.

  • A few questions, Ive noticed Gary has short, bad coughing fits. Ive seen it in videos spanning three years at least. Is that something that just Gary does? Perhaps from asthma or suchlike? Or is that most marathon runners endure? Is he saying “race milk” or “rice milk”? Rice would make more sense, I just cant quite hear it.

  • Indrukwekkend verhaal hoe je gekomen bent tot je doel, de Barkley marathons. Geen verhaal van zelfverheerlijking maar een gewone vent die een doel wil halen…. respect. Erg inspirerend.

  • Was David Goggins the guy who dropped out at 150 miles, that she was talking about? I know he had to quit one of these 240 things.

  • Talk about the guy with the best attitude in the world, do you want to run for president next? This was something to watch. Inspiring in the battle fought, coughing all the way, and just the power of the human spirit. Mind over matter, but humans need sleep, how was he going 96 hrs with no sleep?

  • I watch this for the second time, this is the best marathon visual capture of all time. Camera work, color gradation, all those slow motion shots, scenery, overall vision of how to show what running is aboutit’s a masterpiece.

  • I have watched every video about the Barkley marathons and this is a superb production. The video was supposed to be much shorter except for the eccentric behaviour of the central character. It’s not difficult to see why he failed twice, once miserably and once in grotesquely childish fashion. The Barkley Marathons event is meant for people who are not at all sure of their limitations, whereas Gary Robbins, who has been blessed with great physical attributes, believes that what it takes to complete the race is preparation. He will never complete the Barkley and the reason I know is because he has never entered the Big backyard ultra. He has no backbone.

  • Gary Robbins, I never heard of you before watching this video. You are now my hero. Your dedication and perseverance is absolutely astounding ��

  • Doesn’t matter Gary didn’t make it, I couldn’t take my eyes of the screen, fantastic documentary showing the true emotions in ultra running, how it peels you until you feel but naked with your emotions, my hat off for Gary and the film director, thank you for such an inspiring hour of true life experience. I had tears in my eyes at the end, cause this is real deal and what makes ultra running so addicting, doesn’t matter if you win or not, but can leave you somehow so empty when it’s over. Sorry if I don’t find the right words

  • 1:00:00 mans made me want to cry, like when his wife tried to motivate him and he rejected it because he was mentally broken (in these ultras u get raw and the mind is not your friend. my mantra: you are not your mind, you are not this body, thank them). i admire how focused you are @thegingerrunner between laps still able to tell the team what to pack and to eat so much. I pray my training takes me through this.

  • Great tips:) Got my Half Marathon PB a couple of year’s ago at the Surrey Half. Lovely course and fairly flat. Trying to beat that time in a few weeks when I run a HM time trial. Finding a suitable course wasn’t easy but have picked a section of the Thames Path. The recent hot weather hasn’t been great for training though, hoping for a few weeks of dry but cooler weather, to really cement the training I’ve been doing.

  • Wow! I’m absolutely stunned. The film is so well produced, your passion and determination is just amazing. Really impressive and beautiful!

  • Great Documentary! I am a Tennessee native and will be going camping with my family at Frozen Head in Oct 2020. They have no idea I’m taking them to the tower so I can run down and up Rat Jaw and a tour of the prison on another day. Just to be in the place where the giants of endurance events have been.

  • Ongelofelijke prestaties zet je neer Karel! Ik heb met open mond zitten kijken naar deze docu. Ook je podcast in de AA was een plezier om te luisteren tijdens mijn training voor een eerste marathon. De Karel Sabbeberg wil ik ASAP oplopen. Zeer veel succes met je volgende uitdagingen.
    1 vraag, welk boek zou je aanraden om mentale sterkte te kweken?

  • Thanks for posting Ben. I really like your race day pacing tips. I’ve been going through that in my head trying to plan my strategy, but I like your approach. I’ve hopefully got my 1st half marathon in 5 weeks. I have been using a Garmin Connect training plan which syncs onto the watch great way of keeping the appropriate pace. The plan started off with plenty of easy runs and stride sessions and gradually increasing the long run. Doing lot’s of goal pace runs at the moment, but concerned they are only for 20-30 mins after warmup. I really enjoyed the progression runs the most, with the three different paces. The long run with fast finish was the hardest, but surprised myself with the pace I could manage after 15kms. Mentally it’s been hard because the race has been rescheduled twice due to COVID, which has pushed my training plan out from 16 weeks to 20 weeks. Even if it’s cancelled, I’m going to do it anyway and hopefully break 2 hrs.

  • I’m a Malaysian currently living in Singapore. I ran a 1:57 while weighing in at 85KGs during the lockdown period in June. Had to run a total of 47 loops round my flat’s void deck as we were not suppose to leave the premise unless it’s for essential needs. Previous best was a 2:25 (at 95KGs) �� I guess losing that bit of weight does help hehehehe. Love from Malaysia & Singapore ��

  • To all, God bless you all. Jesus loves you and is waiting patiently to embrace you. Including myself, it’s really important to repent and set your eyes on the Lord. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. God bless you all and love you all❤️

  • AWESOME!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your amazing journey with us… I am soooo looking forward to your next one!!

  • The Great North Run is being run as a ‘real time’ virtual race’ this year so this makes it a bit of a thing at least. Glad they have done this…not sure I will beat my PB of 1h 23 tho!!!!!!

  • As an old orienteer I found the “reading the map would take too much time” quite fun. That’s about the only thing not to worry about in this race:-) Sleep deprivation seams to be the main problem. Anyway, awesome adventure and nicely told. Good luck on further adventures!

  • Ed Furtaw was not the first finisher of the Barkley marathons as you said but the first finisher of the fun run (3 loops). Mark Williams was the first person to complete five loops within the sixty hours.

  • As a cyclist I admire people like this and their drive to put themselves through a living hell.Inspirational to say the very least. #nopainnogain

  • It’s kind of sad how people don’t understand how much ineos 1:59 means to him. This was an unbroken barrier which HE broke. He changed history and ran into all the history books, cementing himself as the first ever 2hr marathoner. Some of y’all are total idiots ��

  • What’s your diet like? “Uh, nachos and beer”.

    Now I know why I haven’t been able to run 240 miles myself. Switching my diet up now. Thanks Courtney!

  • Watching these guys finish the way they did, especially the last few finishers, I have more respect for how they finished the race. I know what that is like because I had to experience limping across the line, too. It’s painful because you’re literally giving all you have, and by the time you cross that line, you have nothing left. These runners are all great at what they do.

  • I am amazed and enthralled by the Barkley. When I was young I used to hike and run the trails there. Never imagined a race! I haven’t been there in years but enjoy watching videoes about the race and those who participate. ��‍♂️��‍♂️

  • Awesome journey Karel. Still not sure how you manage to beat the Appalachian Trail record by so much! Keep going man. Love from Canada.

  • I’m sorry, I have to point this out: “The easy thing about running, put on the shoes and you’re gone.” 2:18
    I’ve been running for years and I wish just putting on the shoes was all you have to do. First you have decide where to run (If you’ve been running for a long time, doing the same trails can get boring, so you rack your mind deciding what trail to do), second you have to gear up(this has to be thought out because you have to wear the right gear depending on the weather), third you have to warm up.. These things take time lol or maybe I just developed impatience THEN you get to go running.

  • What a delightful Barkley report. I love your attitude and perseverance. Thank you for a very entertaining evening of viewing. Congratulations on the FKTs and getting three loops done too!

  • The epitome of a talented, humble runner who loves running for the challenge and “getting out there”. Hats off to you Karel, you’re an inspiration!!

  • This was wonderfully put together, I am in awe, an extremely impressive run, a monster ultra runner yet so humble, your wife and Joe are the complete package, I loved every minute of this,keep at it, you are an inspiration

  • I love this documentary and (for sure) you as a super cool ultra-runner! Thank you for a great inspiration and good vibes you sending out.

  • Why all the lore and respect surrounding Laz? From what I know he’s never really accomplished anything himself. The chain smoking “mastermind” couldn’t walk up the mountain once if he had all year to do it.

  • Super gemacht, da kann man mega stolz auf sich sein. Ein Unding ist aber so ein essen da auszugeben was so viele Teilnehmer krank macht

  • Looks like a great experience. Would love to try. The whole cigarette thing just takes something away from it. I think if I ran up there to turn in my pages and smelled that shit I would hurl. Cant imagine anything more repulsive than smelling cigarettes after a run.

  • Karel, I am soo glad you found the trail running community! Just one question though… 0:46 did you also know there is a whole “star wars community”! Just wondering�� All the best at Barkley!

  • What is your favorite Olympic moment of all time? Let us know in the comments below and it might be featured in the next #ThrowbackThursday!

  • Respect! Although it seems like absurt…… the way you push yourself fasinate me…… i hope you will ever be on the Barkley finishers list you diserve it….. please keek pushing

  • Last year I run my 1st half with a time of 2:15:01 then after a year of progression and training, I run this year with a time of 1:45:12.

  • I agree with Sage Canaday, pro Ultra Marathon runner with Hoka and coaches himself in marathons and ultras, I think there should be a 50k Ultra Marathon event at the Olympics. Maybe a off-road trail 50k.

  • 1:54:38, like the commentary. “With right amount of hardwork, no reason why Western athletes can’t compete w/ the East Africans.” The Chinese commentators all say that too, in sprints and basketball. Not everyone is Yao Ming or Jeremy Lin. LOL!

  • It seems like runners also have to train themselves to stay awake after 48 hours and follow random instructions in the forest in freezing temperatures.

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  • These guys are AMAZING! Imagine being the top marathoner in your state. “Yeah, I run a 2:13 with a 2:10 PR! That’s what’s up!”�� THESE guys, “Oh that’s nice. You should come in at least 150 th place!”�� Yo, BIG props to Rupp!

  • Gary is such a drama queen. Laying there on the ground and being an embarrassment to his family. He needs to realize that he is a failure at this and always will be.

  • 1:56:22,,
    Like a boss��,,
    Mesmerizing scene��,,
    Thug life����,,

    Proud movment for us indians������,,
    It is just a start for us��

  • I’d like to know exactly how he beat the record by 103hrs doesn’t sound like the same route and to just bet someone like Scott a previous record holder and legend. I haven’t even heard of this guy

  • Incredible. I’ve been a distance runner for several years, but I’m certainly no olympian. Just a dude who gets out and runs on my local sidewalks. If I ran as hard as I could I might keep up with these guys for half a mile… MAYBE a full mile on a really good day, but I’d flop over dead at the end of it. No way for a full 26.2 miles.

  • Yasso 800s hands down my favourite. For me it’s sub-3 minutes a rep and I do them on 5 min cycle and it’s a great HM / marathon predictor as intended.

  • So this was actually in 2006? I thought you had done it in 2017 per the posting date. Why an 11 year wait to post it? Have you gone back an attempted to finish the entire race? If you have, has the event’s organization, food etc improved?

  • What’s a Fartlek again? Apart from a really rude word, that is obviously endorsed by faster runners to embarrass slower runners…. and institutionally racist due to its phonetic connotations…. can someone tell me please?

  • Lisa, I just started watching ur videos and think u r a true warrior! I just finished my first marathon and it was a great experience and I finished good. U r at different level of the sport!! So inspiring! ����