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We caught up with St-Pierre during his final week of workouts, so he was already taking it a little easier to save himself for the fight. His routine is essentially a six-week program. During the first week, he starts with four 200-meter dashes, broken up by 90-second intervals of. The most obvious reason it seems likely is that St-Pierre will have enjoyed almost four years of rest and recovery from the rigors of fighting.

GSP is in amazing shape. He’s quite the. If Georges St-Pierre says yes, then the fight will happen. The UFC and me, we are interested.” At 39, GSP is considered one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all-time.

Time is ticking, St-Pierre is 40 years old next year, he has to decide whether we will fight or not.” He added: “If I don’t fight St-Pierre, I’d fight anyone who beats Dustin Poirier next. In a historic feat, St-Pierre defeated Bisping by submission, becoming one of just a handful of UFC fighters to capture gold in multiple weight classes. While we last saw him compete in the middleweight division, the vast majority of his career unfurled at welterweight.

“Regarding Georges St-Pierre, that fight really inspires me,” Khabib said at a recent press conference in Moscow (video and translation courtesy of RT Sport).” It was my father’s dream fight. UFC Hall of Famer Georges St-Pierre has his phone near him for a potential history-making offer. Although there is a major difference between being in great physical shape and fighting shape. Georges St-Pierre is the greatest martial artist in the world. He’s also the craziest martial artist too.

He can get in fight shape. He’s there. He’s a very young 38 year old. I would.

So, Georges St-Pierre is next. If not, then let Conor beat (Dustin) Poirier or have Tony beat him, then I’ll fight them.” Nurmagomedov also revealed that the UFC seems to be open to the idea and said the promotion is ready to thrash out a deal with St-Pierre (26-2 MMA, 20-2 UFC) following the Russian’s fight with Gaethje. “Regarding Georges St-Pierre, that fight really inspires me,” Khabib said at a press conference in Moscow (video and translation courtesy of RT Sport).”It was my father’s dream fight.

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GSP had rebounded after that first loss, reeling off six consecutive wins, downing his opponents with a wellrounded approach that incorporated freestyle wrestling, Brazilian jujitsu, boxing, and muay Thai.

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Fighting St. Pierre was a tougher fight, and a bit of alet down.

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Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre sustained the very

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Georges stayed closer to me, which brought my jab into the fight.

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But many top competitors — B.J. Penn and Georges St. Pierre among them — still elect to train in the gi, choosing the deliberate pace of gi grappling to supplement and complement the more explosive, dynamic movements of no gi.

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The young Pierre was scrawny, but a program of exercise and strength training enabled him to face much larger foes.

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GSP was the UFC titleholder at 170 pounds and a spectacular fighter.

“The Fighter's Mind: Inside the Mental Game” by Sam Sheridan
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Of course the fighter was in shape-he had been training for several months and was at the peak of his physical condition.

“Rocky Marciano: The Rock of His Times” by Russell Sullivan
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Even General Georges seemed to him to be in better shape than the day before.

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A close look at McCluskey’s record reveals just how hard it was for unfashionable fighters in neglected weights in the seventies.

“Bunce's Big Fat Short History of British Boxing” by Steve Bunce
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  • I love the new crop of fighters out there today [McGregor, Romero, Rousey] but GSP was and still is the definition of well-rounded. The guy excelled at so many aspects of martial arts and combat sports in general it’s amazing.

  • The Hard work & dedication that DP puts in to MMA is tough to beat. Drags guys into all our wars every time and loves every minute of it. Paid in full

  • No wonder khabib want to fight with GSP. GSP is legend, great technically n skill, smart fighter and great personality. Best MMA figure.

  • GsP will be 40 soon. Not a good decision if he wants to go for it.
    Look what happened to Cormier and Romero, both of them suffered multiple losses.
    You can gain muscle at 40 but you can’t have a younger and a stronger body at that age compared to a 32 year old champion.

  • When Firas Zahabi was on Joe Rogan some time ago and was asked if GSP could make 155 he said easily..I believe it cause George never stops training and never lets his weight get out of control..As much as I truly want to see Tony be Khabib’s last fight I wouldn’t complain if it was GSP

  • Most people can’t grasp his ability, they think they do, but they don’t. Have you seen the video of him walking up and down the stairs… in a handstand?? He is truly in a league of his own.

  • Former 2 time welterweight champion, Former Middleweight champion, great physique, complete fighter, a hard worker and humble. For that reason he is the best

  • if islam beats dos anjos man he gonna get bigger names, i think they need to stop talking about gsp vs khabib i mean justin is no joke khabib gotta beat him first

  • GSP is the true GOATDominated and cleared his division, won titles in 2 divisions, never ducked anyone, won a second title after a 4 years retirement and most important he never tested positive to steroids or any other banned substances!! GSP is the true Greatest of All Time!!

  • Conor Mcgregor and GSP are like ying yang.They are completely opposite.GSP isn’t afraid to confess his fears,his anxieties and vulnerabilities before his fights and gives praise and respect to his opponents and doesn’t look past his opponents and faces them as big threats whereas Conor looks past his opponents,plans ahead,sees them just as stepping stones,puts them out of the way,doesn’t show fear,is actually super relaxed on fight day,is so confident he will win that he even announces his afterparty and next fight before the fight has even started.

  • people underestimate simple weightlifting because it doesn’t have the appeal of doing silly less efficient exercises and workouts that look cool. if you can squat heavy, press heavy, and deadlift a lot while maintaining mobility and cardio, you’re going to be a hell of an athlete, and the strength and power you generate from those exercises will carry over a lot more when practicing your striking and ground game.

  • I was worried about George because Bisping was rallying towards the end and starting to piece George up on their feet, and George looked tired. And Bisping seemed not to be threatened by George on the ground so it did not look like the fight was going in George’s favor. Then boom, GSP drops him and chokes him out. Brutal

  • Greatest anti-bullying story of all time. When he was in Elementary School and riding the bus, the bullies pulled down his shorts and exposed his underwear in front of everyone, humiliating him. Including the girl he liked. And that bullied kid ended up like this. One of his bullies grew up to become a homeless vagrant.

  • Gsp boxing skills and strike training compared to Rhonda’s when she was training for Amanda, who’s is better? Could what happened to rowdy happen to gsp?

  • Came here after listening to JRE. Was down to buy them when i found just one pair of the hand plastic resistant fans where $120 i changed my mind.

  • hearing GSP loved to learn more than he loved to compete gives me so much hope because thats inner struggle I always felt handicapped me.

  • It’s funny how you all point at my abs. I wish you wouldn’t. Now, everyone can concentrate on my HGH marks and my abdominal abnormalities I have from HGH abuse. Shit, my gyno even shows from my elevated testosterone years.

  • As soon as i heard “Matt Swick” i was done, thumbs down movin on. How ya gonna do Quick like that?! Dude is a straight fan fav among hardcores some ridiculous finishes back in the day. Horrible, terrible, inexcusable mistakes in this video!

  • Just imagine that shape Khabib is gonna be in when we see him. Khabib’s training too. Don’t think that he’s just setting around cracking Jokes. Khabib is always mindset when it comes to training for a war. This is exactly what that fight is gonna be. It’s gonna be a war, but Khabib has the win already. Khabib Time!����������������