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We caught up with St-Pierre during his final week of workouts, so he was already taking it a little easier to save himself for the fight. His routine is essentially a six-week program. During the first week, he starts with four 200-meter dashes, broken up by 90-second intervals of. The most obvious reason it seems likely is that St-Pierre will have enjoyed almost four years of rest and recovery from the rigors of fighting.

GSP is in amazing shape. He’s quite the. If Georges St-Pierre says yes, then the fight will happen. The UFC and me, we are interested.” At 39, GSP is considered one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all-time.

Time is ticking, St-Pierre is 40 years old next year, he has to decide whether we will fight or not.” He added: “If I don’t fight St-Pierre, I’d fight anyone who beats Dustin Poirier next. In a historic feat, St-Pierre defeated Bisping by submission, becoming one of just a handful of UFC fighters to capture gold in multiple weight classes. While we last saw him compete in the middleweight division, the vast majority of his career unfurled at welterweight.

“Regarding Georges St-Pierre, that fight really inspires me,” Khabib said at a recent press conference in Moscow (video and translation courtesy of RT Sport).” It was my father’s dream fight. UFC Hall of Famer Georges St-Pierre has his phone near him for a potential history-making offer. Although there is a major difference between being in great physical shape and fighting shape. Georges St-Pierre is the greatest martial artist in the world. He’s also the craziest martial artist too.

He can get in fight shape. He’s there. He’s a very young 38 year old. I would.

So, Georges St-Pierre is next. If not, then let Conor beat (Dustin) Poirier or have Tony beat him, then I’ll fight them.” Nurmagomedov also revealed that the UFC seems to be open to the idea and said the promotion is ready to thrash out a deal with St-Pierre (26-2 MMA, 20-2 UFC) following the Russian’s fight with Gaethje. “Regarding Georges St-Pierre, that fight really inspires me,” Khabib said at a press conference in Moscow (video and translation courtesy of RT Sport).”It was my father’s dream fight.

List of related literature:

GSP had rebounded after that first loss, reeling off six consecutive wins, downing his opponents with a wellrounded approach that incorporated freestyle wrestling, Brazilian jujitsu, boxing, and muay Thai.

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Fighting St. Pierre was a tougher fight, and a bit of alet down.

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Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre sustained the very

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Georges stayed closer to me, which brought my jab into the fight.

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But many top competitors — B.J. Penn and Georges St. Pierre among them — still elect to train in the gi, choosing the deliberate pace of gi grappling to supplement and complement the more explosive, dynamic movements of no gi.

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The young Pierre was scrawny, but a program of exercise and strength training enabled him to face much larger foes.

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GSP was the UFC titleholder at 170 pounds and a spectacular fighter.

“The Fighter's Mind: Inside the Mental Game” by Sam Sheridan
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Of course the fighter was in shape-he had been training for several months and was at the peak of his physical condition.

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Even General Georges seemed to him to be in better shape than the day before.

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A close look at McCluskey’s record reveals just how hard it was for unfashionable fighters in neglected weights in the seventies.

“Bunce's Big Fat Short History of British Boxing” by Steve Bunce
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  • I love the new crop of fighters out there today [McGregor, Romero, Rousey] but GSP was and still is the definition of well-rounded. The guy excelled at so many aspects of martial arts and combat sports in general it’s amazing.

  • The Hard work & dedication that DP puts in to MMA is tough to beat. Drags guys into all our wars every time and loves every minute of it. Paid in full

  • No wonder khabib want to fight with GSP. GSP is legend, great technically n skill, smart fighter and great personality. Best MMA figure.

  • GsP will be 40 soon. Not a good decision if he wants to go for it.
    Look what happened to Cormier and Romero, both of them suffered multiple losses.
    You can gain muscle at 40 but you can’t have a younger and a stronger body at that age compared to a 32 year old champion.

  • When Firas Zahabi was on Joe Rogan some time ago and was asked if GSP could make 155 he said easily..I believe it cause George never stops training and never lets his weight get out of control..As much as I truly want to see Tony be Khabib’s last fight I wouldn’t complain if it was GSP

  • Most people can’t grasp his ability, they think they do, but they don’t. Have you seen the video of him walking up and down the stairs… in a handstand?? He is truly in a league of his own.

  • Former 2 time welterweight champion, Former Middleweight champion, great physique, complete fighter, a hard worker and humble. For that reason he is the best

  • if islam beats dos anjos man he gonna get bigger names, i think they need to stop talking about gsp vs khabib i mean justin is no joke khabib gotta beat him first

  • GSP is the true GOATDominated and cleared his division, won titles in 2 divisions, never ducked anyone, won a second title after a 4 years retirement and most important he never tested positive to steroids or any other banned substances!! GSP is the true Greatest of All Time!!

  • Conor Mcgregor and GSP are like ying yang.They are completely opposite.GSP isn’t afraid to confess his fears,his anxieties and vulnerabilities before his fights and gives praise and respect to his opponents and doesn’t look past his opponents and faces them as big threats whereas Conor looks past his opponents,plans ahead,sees them just as stepping stones,puts them out of the way,doesn’t show fear,is actually super relaxed on fight day,is so confident he will win that he even announces his afterparty and next fight before the fight has even started.

  • people underestimate simple weightlifting because it doesn’t have the appeal of doing silly less efficient exercises and workouts that look cool. if you can squat heavy, press heavy, and deadlift a lot while maintaining mobility and cardio, you’re going to be a hell of an athlete, and the strength and power you generate from those exercises will carry over a lot more when practicing your striking and ground game.

  • I was worried about George because Bisping was rallying towards the end and starting to piece George up on their feet, and George looked tired. And Bisping seemed not to be threatened by George on the ground so it did not look like the fight was going in George’s favor. Then boom, GSP drops him and chokes him out. Brutal

  • Greatest anti-bullying story of all time. When he was in Elementary School and riding the bus, the bullies pulled down his shorts and exposed his underwear in front of everyone, humiliating him. Including the girl he liked. And that bullied kid ended up like this. One of his bullies grew up to become a homeless vagrant.

  • Gsp boxing skills and strike training compared to Rhonda’s when she was training for Amanda, who’s is better? Could what happened to rowdy happen to gsp?

  • Came here after listening to JRE. Was down to buy them when i found just one pair of the hand plastic resistant fans where $120 i changed my mind.

  • hearing GSP loved to learn more than he loved to compete gives me so much hope because thats inner struggle I always felt handicapped me.

  • It’s funny how you all point at my abs. I wish you wouldn’t. Now, everyone can concentrate on my HGH marks and my abdominal abnormalities I have from HGH abuse. Shit, my gyno even shows from my elevated testosterone years.

  • As soon as i heard “Matt Swick” i was done, thumbs down movin on. How ya gonna do Quick like that?! Dude is a straight fan fav among hardcores some ridiculous finishes back in the day. Horrible, terrible, inexcusable mistakes in this video!

  • Just imagine that shape Khabib is gonna be in when we see him. Khabib’s training too. Don’t think that he’s just setting around cracking Jokes. Khabib is always mindset when it comes to training for a war. This is exactly what that fight is gonna be. It’s gonna be a war, but Khabib has the win already. Khabib Time!����������������

  • He isn’t just one of the best. He’s easily IMO the GOAT or at the very least within the top three just in terms of pure accommplishments. Defeated eight former champions in either the UFC or Strikeforce, some on multiple occassions & he’s simply the best at putting everything together. A legend amongst legends. Enjoy your retirement champ & congrats on being inducted. The closest thing to a first ballot HOF you’ll ever get in MMA.

  • everybody riding his dick in the comments knows hes a cheater right?.. he puts vaseline on his back so that when youre grappling its hard to grip. hes no champion

  • “gymnasts are real deal…gymnasts are total athlete…gymnastics and bjj perfect combo” reality= jab jab jab jab jab jab jab jab jab jab Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz points win

  • GSP knows bisping just talked crap to sell PPV’s so Jorge didn’t really hate Bisping neither did bisping hate Jorge…Their in the entertainment industry gotta sell those tickets…

  • After Khabib If I respect someone that much it is Legend GSP….What a real champ inside n outside Octagon..Very humble and Down to Earth And Real Champion….very respectful guy…When he talks he always reminds me of my Best Nigerian Friend Brother…same in his way�������� also watch his GSP Bully Proof episode

  • that was an amazing night overall…Joanna boogeywoman gets ktfo and so does Neck Tats Garbrandt. and then we got to see the GOAT one last time.

  • At the end of this video he shows a one of the reasons as to why he was so dominant throughout his career. He lost came and back better each of the two times he lost. A match between him and McGregor would be an insanely different collision of attitudes as far as the way they conduct themselves in the treatment of opponents. Conor would be hard pressed to avoid being grappled and struck on the ground f course against GSP, but on the feet too he would get struck as GSP has an excellent super fast shot with his unique Karate style of striking and that superman punch, kick combo is so accurate. The UFC have dropped the ball so many times, and with a guy like GSP it is blindly embarrassing to not negotiate with the highest earner in his time not too long ago.

  • I like GSP a lot, he’s a Monster Legend. But if he comes back, he will be destroyed by Khalib and More by Usman. Gsp had a wonderful career, he must stay outside the octagon. Well deserved!

  • This is definitely better than touch butt. I understand Portal’s philosophy to movement but some of his exercises just seem like a plain waste of time. Smacking people with the pool noodle? Please.

  • Respect for gsp but he’s just of the greatest for me jon jones is the goat no avoiding all era he kills it while gsp is looking for weak type champ

  • George’s best asset besides his athleticism is his humility. George you are an outstanding fighter, competitor and probably one of the best athlete out there who demonstrates SPORTSMANSHIP. Hats off to ya’ brother and may God bless all of your positive endeavors.

  • he keeps jumping with weights could get him shorter. make sure there’s a point to his work outs instead of showing off his abilities. I know you guys are gay.

  • 11th thing you may not have known…… He was invited to try out for the Canadian National Wrestling Team. That’s pretty impressive when you consider wrestling is likely his weakest discipline

  • Let me be clear about why I say Georges Saint-Pierre is the best ufc/mma fighter of all time. Flyweights have no power and heavyweights are slow. To me the average man is somewhere between lightweight and middleweight. The level of competition GSP was thrown at was incredibly insane and deep. If GSP never existed, any one of them would have been ufc welterweight champ at some point and the belt would have moved around more. At one point I thought Anderson Silva was the best until he broke his leg. Plus GSP was and is still an ambassador of the sport/ufc. Cant say that about Jon Or Conor. And now GSP is a hall of famer…Lets not forget that he is the most skilled and most athletic ever to step inside a cage. He is THE best ever. Imagine if they still used the original UFC rules and format…

  • Fighting in Islam is haram for revenue or fame! Haram means prohibited. It is prohibited to strike a fellow being in the face for fame or money!

  • Best Martial Artist of all time.

    Zero wrestling background. 5 years training, outwrestles a 4X NCAA all american.

    That tells you what kind of freak of nature he was. Unparalleled ability to learn and perfect techniques mentally and physically, insane work ethic, discipline and consistency.

    He is the best ever.

  • I would love to see GSP vs Yoel Romero. They are almost the same age, we already know GSP can make 185. Unfortunately it is probably not going to happen

  • The Sugar Ray Robinson of MMA.
    Both have been welterweight and middleweight champions.
    Both are known as the best welterweights of their sport.
    Both have retired and came back.
    Both have avenged their first 2 losses
    GSP: Matt Hughes, Matt Serra
    SRR: Jake Lamotta, Randolph Turpin
    Both are well rounded fighters.
    Both are considered the GOATS of their sport.

  • Amazing…. The real deal… great athlete, one of top 5 MMA fighters of all time, very smart, introspective, humble, mature, great role model… Thanks for everything, Georges…

  • ” He was MMA in Canada”…. Me a midwest kid who grew up so hyped on GSP. Started watching when Matt Hughes became champ and kept watching from there. 1999-2012 will be looked at as the golden era of MMA

  • GSP is basically a real life anime character. Scrawny nerdy awkward kid gets bullied for years. Parents turn him to Karate for self defense. Kid learns to defeat his bullies. Georges unleashes powers he never knew he had. He dedicates himself to the ways of the pugilate. He becomes a true martial arts student. Humble. Seeks the guidance of the greatest teachers. The most legendary combat sports master trainers. Fails at first belt attempt, gets revenge. Fails at first defense attempt, gets revenge. Becomes god warrior. The best ambassador MMA has ever had. The gentleman champion. During the ’00s he was THE guy you introduced to your friends and family if you wanted to show them MMA wasn’t about brutal savages.

    There’s like 4 seasons of an anime show right there.

  • Good as he was, I don’t favor him over khabib or Kamaru. Cutting down to a weight he hasn’t competed at in years would not benefit him. Those two are the strongest and most skilled grapplers in the game. But with Izzy, he can focus on strength and conditioning. His last title was at middle weight, a fight with Adesanya makes more sense than either. It would be like the champion emeritus returning after a break. And he would bring the best out of Izzy.

  • His conditioning isn’t human! That much ballistic exercise would tear my body apart. I have been training for decades and I can still admit that.

  • Thank god this shit didn’t go to decision. Always much better to have a good fight to end decisively to avoid any bad judging decisions

  • How many people ever poked a motherfucker in the eye and didn’t realize it? Now I’m not saying all eye pokes are intentional; however the eye is just something you never touch on a daily basis ��

  • Wasn’t always the most exciting to watch, but hand down the best 170lber ever to do it. Maybe to GOAT #3 behind Jon Jones and Silva?

  • I’m not hating but is it really an accomplishment taking advantage of the one thing Bisping had no control over? Meaning landing a punch that he won’t see coming because of the glass eye.

  • From my point of view great athletes must be great in more than the sport.
    Gsp is a gentleman.
    Mike behaved as he should behave before the fight.
    Stop this bullshit,you are examples for kids..
    Bravo George

  • Bisping having a ufc belt was surely the biggest fluke in mma history. I don’t know who is more coward: bisping for taking fights only against a retired fighter and welterweights after he won that belt or gsp for fighting for a belt that he knew he would vacate after.

  • Don’t let this distract you from the fact. Connor Has only had 2 fights a 155 lbs lightweight division both title shots and is ranked 4 th in Light weight 155 lbs

  • LOL 1:19 That right there is Brett Okamoto, the face of MMA Access Media, he gets all the Dana White interviews and UFC features. Not Ariel Helwani (Dana hates him), or Luke Thomas (Dana is scared of him and his probing questions, why you never see him in media days for UFC events).

    That’s why GSP screwing Dana when signing a multi fight deal is funny. Notice how so many saying he is one of the best, no he IS THE BEST IZZY!

  • He does this because his joints are so bad. That alone just goes to show anyone can do it even if you have bad knees or shoulder or whatever

  • I don’t understand how this guy is considered one of the best athletes in the world. He clean and jerks 75lbs, bench presses 135lbs, and squats 95lbs. My gym has females that lift heavier than that, surely, this guy has to be stronger than a girl.

  • Legit slipped and weaved when he threw that first jab, cross at the camera. Ohhhh how he’d kill me in real life but it’s good to know the reactions/training are there ��

  • Gymnastics are is actually super hard…. Never tried it but i will sometime do u recommend gymnastic training for wrestlers? Or mma fighters

  • For me I actually heard GSP might return to the UFC out of retirement, in my opinion if he’s going to return I think he should just fight at middleweight, to me I think that’s where the real challenge is for him, to me there is no doubt in my mind about that or maybe the welterweight division right now is still a real challenge but still to me he should just fight at middleweight because he is already well well proven in the welterweight division, so I think it’s best for him give it a try in the middleweight division and try a new challenge in my opinion but either way it’s up to him to do what’s best for himself for sure no doubt..

  • GSP @ Grease Gate. Seriously idk why Ppl’s give their praises to GSP or Jones when they both have been caught cheating………. Praises should be held for The ones who oblige by the rules & regulations. Power allows leniency because of their names, on the other hand would their names still hold the same value if there whole game was W/out crossing those lines.
    BJ Penn fuck the commission after he found out after the fight.
    Matt Hughes said he was a little slippery, Matt also beat Carlos Newton triangle choke slam go back and watch the video and you tell me that Matt Hughes wasn’t unconscious. If both fighters were out do you know who holds the title the one who is holding the title as the fight started Carlos Newton. That was the only bad call that I ever saw a big John McCarthy make. I got way too much pride to ever take a dive, too much pride to take steroids or grease up my fucking shoulders to make sure I can advantage or allow my corner to grease up my shoulders so I could take an advantage.
    FUCKKKKKK’N BullShit. Ain’t no difference between them & Lance Armstrong, except for the fact that they strip Armstrong.
    But noooooo MMA is different.

  • As to date overall, GSP is the greatest mma since the UFC’S inception. There is no argument….and to add he gas always maintained respect and humbleness throughout his entire career….that’s what’s matters most of all the accolades….he exemplifies what it is to be a martial artist.

  • Idk. Conor, Kabib,Gaethje and Stipe. No wonder GSP retired. I do not think he is the g.o.a.t. Great champion but he cannot be called the G.O.A.T because of his style and looks.

  • He is without a doubt the best mixed martial artist that ever lived. From his record, skills, talent and above all else his conduct as a champion with a clean record as well as being a true gentleman inside and outside the cage. He is the GOAT, no body else comes close.

  • Why do you put the picture with GSP with the girls in the profile picture of the video and then does not show or talk about anything related with that photo, is your content so bad that you need to use those annoying methods to get more views? I hate that shit

  • Gsp kicked matt Hugh’s in the balls twice to set up the head kick that would lead to the demise of Matt Hugh’s. You forgot to mention that

  • Why does this video have to be couched in the ” 10 Surprising Things” click bait format? I get appeasing the YT algorithm and all but this would be much less annoying if it was simply a short bio on GSP. Speaking for most mma fans, none of this is surprising and/or we already knew about it. Enough with this top ten shit. Have some integrity and put some effort into making unique vids.

  • L sits muscle ups and head stand push-ups ( yes head stand push-ups hand stand push-ups involve being on an elevated object and your head going below you hands), I love seeing him do calisthenics.

  • I don’t know how this was after Rhonda, no disrespect to anyone but this man is elite. I really don’t know who else deserves this more


  • the sad part is bisping lost cause of that eye of course not to take away from gsp, but gsp said that was the plan to attack his right(blind side)

  • Yo to the hardcore fans.
    Ignore the casuals on the Vera vs O’Malley situation.
    It’s a shame an injury occured who else thinks that was gonna be a dope brawl between the 2. Also i think Vera was winning that either way or maybe sean would just barely win is what i thought would happen

  • Sean could never become champ he don’t got that mindset smoked too much weed probably fucks hella prostitutes so yeah there’s a lot of killers in the bentamweight division that are actually focused and ready to kill

  • JDS, just hold your head up high. You are an icon of MMA and there is nothing to prove. If you think you retire your fans will be behind you. Thanks for your carrier! Really enjoyed

  • Gsp is the best of all time he is a good role model, never tested ped and avenged both of his losses but you cant forget jones you might not like him but you cant say jones has actually lost a fight he never lost his championship he has defeated literally any light heavyweight this decade but jones ruined his reputation

  • I wonder if we’ll ever see a parkour athlete transition to MMA and how it will play out, George is here doing flips and cartwheels and shit.. and he’s among the best ever

  • 0:55 just changed my whole perspective on O’Malley. After his embarrassing loss talking all that shit then hurting himself and having to be taken out on a stretcher… look at the comment from that first guy brianboom135. Telling Sean to Venmo him money and that he needs his girls back by midnight…. wtf sounds like Sean O’Malley just hired a few escorts to take pics with and look good and now owes people money coming off a sad loss due to him hurting himself. That’s sad and pathetic man lol, he’s deff not the next Conor McGregor.