How Feet Strength Impacts Durability and three Exercises


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How Foot Strength Impacts Longevity and 3 Exercises. by Brian Sabin. August 28, 2017. 9 Comments. Share it: 3. TOE RAISES.

This exercise is essentially the opposite of a calf raise. While calf raises have you go up onto your toes to work the backside of your lower legs, in toe raises you keep your feet flat on the ground, lift your toes as. How Foot Strength Impacts Longevity and 3 Exercises | Fitness | MyFitnessPal Right now you aren’t running as fast as you could, standing as tall as you should or likely to live as long as you would if you paid more attention to your feet. Hope you enjoyed the 4 exercises to improve foot strength.

Try these out and let us know what you think! Incorporate more barefoot activities. In addition to exercises to improve foot strengthIf you are interested in increasing the stability of the foot, McKeon, Hertel, and Bramble [2] suggest incorporating barefoot activities into your routine.

While any type of exercise appears to add to your longevity, here’s what the research shows about how to get the biggest longevity boost from your physical activity: Find a partner (or a group) A study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings indicated that playing a team sport may be better at extending your lifespan than exercising solo. These will truly challenge the stability and strength of your feet, ankles, and lower legs. Be sure to do all work on a Bosu barefoot! Socks can slip and make this very dangerous!

To perform this exercise: Stand with one foot in the center of the flat side of the Bosu. Be sure your toes are splayed. Find your balance and slowly rock the Bosu to. Foot and ankle strengthening exercises help to improve the strength, control and movement of the foot. You may be wanting to overcome weakness following an injury such as an ankle sprain, or simply to improve the strength of your feet.

Rehab following an injury is extremely important to prevent long term or recurrent problems. Experts now realize just how important toning exercises are to your overall health and longevity. “Every health professional will agree that strength training is essential for health, injury. Your muscles get thinner, weaker, less flexible. And a lack of proper exercise is a significant risk factor for advanced sarcopenia. The bottom line is that as your muscles get weaker, you get weaker and mortality rates soar.

The muscles to be most concerned about, when it comes to longevity, are your legs – the quadriceps in particular. In the foot, they originate on the heel bone or long bones of the arch of the foot and attach on the toes. The intrinsic muscles are like the “core” muscles of the foot. Because they are deep and don’t cross over too many joints, they can work well in stabilizing and protecting the arch and structures within the foot.

There are only 26 small bones in your feet that carry the weight of your entire body. It’s easy to take them for granted. Feet are vital to walking and running.However, you may not think to train and strengthen your feet in the same way you’d approach other body parts.

List of related literature:

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  • For your recommended shoes (for bunions) do you have a non-leather list? I don’t necessarily need certified vegan…but I’d prefer not to get leather.

  • Would you famous physical therapists know if flat feet can cause pain on the tops of the feet (on the bony part, right above where the arch should be)? That’s where I often get pain and the only thing I can think of is that no arches in my feet may be causing it. Just curious…

  • Would standing on your front pad be good for you arch? Would it help prevent fasciitis too? I’m a nurse and I stand still a lot. It seems to help if I stand on my toes/front pad of my foot?

  • I’m confused by your introduction of the wood plank. Are we supposed to do it with a wood plank or on the floor like your first demonstration? And you do it first with one foot forward and one back, rather than both feet together like on the plank.

  • This is amazing! I can’t wait to try them soon! My feet are always in pain because of the practicing that I have to do with my instrument and my lessons. I think this would work tremendously for the pain! Thankyou so much!

  • Great videos. Thanks. Are their self exercises that can flatten high arches? Can physical therapy help flatten high arches to some degree by loosening tight ligaments?

  • Thanks for actually getting to the point of your video quickly. Appreciate that you actually “do” the exercises without the excess chatter. Awesome and easy exercises that can be done anywhere.

  • I subscribed to Bob & Brad during the cocaine years. They were a lot more into what they were doing back then. Now, they’re just so mellow. It’s different.

  • can i WORSHIP YR FEET & SOLES GUYS?? PUT ON my friends feet dot com theyre PERFECT FEET N SOLES WITH REAL Charachter in em:) woof n Whiifs:)

  • I’m wondering if over pronation could be contributing to some stability issues and pain I have in one of my knees. I noticed that when doing single leg deadlifts barefoot, my calve tightens and my knee sometimes caves inward. could this indicate a pronation issue? is there any self assessment technique you can recommend?

  • Thanks for the video. Can you explain why we shouldn’t do the last exercise in leather shoes? I wear moccasins around the house (because it’s the next best thing to barefoot) and figured they’d be perfect for the zig zag.

  • When I was a kid, our doctor told our mom to make us pick up marbles with our toes and walk around the room. This was supposed to strengthen our floppy arches.

    Doctors probably don’t recommend that anymore.

    It was fun we would race.

  • I feel like my feet play a huge role in my FAI-issues. Whenever I stretch my tight hamstrings I feel it a lot in my feet, but I don’t really know how to get rid of that tension there.

  • thank you! I broke my right ankle and swore I would always be careful and never break it again. 16 years later a mishap happened and I broke it again. I’m lucky to be able to walk pretty normally again (and mountain bike ) now I’m looking for strengthening exercises and these look great. one of my instructors told me strengthening is key to preventing future injuries and fractures so maybe I should do these excercises every day for the rest of my life.

  • I play a lot of tennis, came down with plantar fasciitis in right foot, discovered I duck walk overpronated both feet in the past, now I duck walk both feet but overpronate on right foot where I got plantar. Internal hip rotation not good, but doing exercises about 3 weeks, gettin a little better, age 57. have had inner right knee soreness from problem. I will strengthen everything, not just hips, is moderate arch supports ok while playing tennis, I walk barefoot in house and will strenthen feet through exercises, have been doin one for strengthening arches as I need to stop collapse which probably led to the plantar, any thoughts?

  • I bought that black night splint you recommended! It works really well! I’ve found that getting it to stretch just under the threshold of pain to be the best for getting my heel to properly stretch out. It’s too uncomfortable to wear while asleep but I can wear it while sitting at home. Thanks again!!

  • Make sure you do these exercises before you run down to the local cause ya lates for the start of the poker tournament. Wise advice. If not, look up abrasions and sprains after this. ����

  • Our brand new app ROM Coach is LIVE! Download it via one of these links:
    Apple App Store:
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  • I’m only 23 and the right side of my body is super weak, my age may have nothing to do with my problems but these guys’ videos have helped me so much more than any doctor I’ve visited.

  • @Upright Health, should we do this exercise with knees bent (more soleus), or knees straight (more gastrocnemius)? Thank you for the exercises ��

  • When my daughter was a baby she had a wonderful osteopathic doctor who warned me about those rigid white baby shoes everyone always wore. He said they would not allow her feet to develop properly and she should wear something softer and more flexible. I’m glad I followed his advice.

  • I like this. As someone who lifts. Used to run and hikes and backpacks. These are good. When u carry a 25-30 lbs bag in your back for 10-12 miles sleep and repeat. Your feet and ankles get sore. These work well

  • Hi Bob & Brad! If I put together some short questions, could you both give me some advice about some good health rips and gentle exercise for people with Marfans Syndrome? My legs and ankles often hurt from muscle pain, and I’m putting pressure on my feet (just had 4 toes straightens, but my foot is completely numb due to 4 fusion surgery’s on my back) so all in all, my feet are rubbish, and I’m getting sick of having so much pain, discomfort, embarrassment, my balance isn’t great, as I have one leg about 5-8cm shorter than the other!!!! Lol I bet you think I’m making all thIs up!..but unfortunately…no! ����������

  • My comments are a bit silly, but you must feel good to be able to really help people. I noticed a new perk to abolishing the tightness and ROM issues in my legs getting in and out of the car has become easier. I make fewer and fewer “old man” noises when I prattle about. Everything is taking awhile, but I’m getting there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Cory.

  • Eric, thank you for sharing your expertise! If someone has these common issues, they decide to go to a running store to get professionally fitted for shoes. The salesperson immediately suggests shoes with supportive arches, some added stability and inserts…but what you’re suggesting is that feet need to be worked, to function as intended…therefore what type of running shoes would you suggest? Right now I’m battling plantar fasciitis, I’m sure from over pronation, over striding…

  • It does not make sense. You are showing tennis ball exercises, some may not have a tennis ball. I was asked to do exercises in your video.

  • Hi there. Thanks for the vid.. I over pronate. Flat feet.. Also walk inwards. Can you please provide me with a link for the exercises.
    I wore arch supports as a child, but it never helped also experienced v painful feet and calves as a teenager..

    Thanks again.

  • Hi, I’m a re recreational golfer who’s looking for more mobility in the ankles, hips, low back and shoulders. Just wondering if you make individualized mobility programs/do virtual personal training. I like your approach! Thanks.

  • THANK YOU SO MUCHHH!!! This’s exactly what I needed. All the ankle exercise videos on YouTube are of using resistance band which is great for when you’re just recovering from a sprain or fracture but this’s more advanced deeper stretches that will strengthen your ankles and best of all I don’t need any bosu ball or whatever. Thank you sooooo much!!! I have sprained both of my ankles so many times and more recently it’s been hurting after months and months. I hope these exercises will strengthen them before I join the army:)

  • if anybody in here has extensor tendonitis like me this helps so much but do more sets and take a hot bath after and your foot feels great do 3x a day

  • i think bob is so sexy, minus the hair don’t. luv thin, fit men! looks even sexier in black!!! sorry mrs. bob that i’m crushing on your hubby.

  • Great Video….how long do you recommend each exercise and do you recommend sets? I am dealing with my first bout of plantar fasciitis. Ditto on Diane’s comment!

  • I can not see your feet, the subtitle hides them. The explaination great, but can not been seen anything…Correct the video, pls.

  • Thank you, very useful information. I’m going to do your exercises and I’m going to wear the barefoot shoes, instead of conventional shoes. I’m pretty positive that those 2 things together will fix the problem.

  • ANTERIOR TILT causes the hips to rotate inward first, then knees to cave in, and over-pronation. If you have lower back pain it’s really worth checking if you have an anterior tilt. Forcing your feet in positions won’t fix the root cause if you have an anterior tilt, such as tight psoas muscles, weak glutes, etc.

  • Hi dear it’s really nice video. However I want to know some excersice for me as I can’t stand without support. I have foot drop and my ankel and toe movement not present now

  • I had a complex break where I essentially broke my leg off my ankle and now have a plate and screws. I was active, I use to dance; now even after PT I still find myself with limited movement and pain in my foot. Is there anything to gradually build foot and ankle strength along with mobility?

  • I had a bad ankle roll from skateboarding and i feel my arch has completely vanished and became something abnormal in the right foot, knee became inverted along the way after some passing months. I was hoping to tackle the root cause and this video changed my perspective on letting tedious injuries get in the way of a pain free lifestyle.

  • After about a year of dealing with a sprained ankle the 3 way ankle mobility ( 2:32) & the Outside rocks ( 3:10) helped pop and loosen up my feet to where I can walk much better! Thank you for making these videos. It helps when you’re all alone in your house trying to figure out how to get better.

  • I’ve always worn shoes with rarely arch support nor supportive shoes in resulting to arch pain. I’m 24, I’ve never known about this but I pronate and now I wear stability shoes with medium arch insoles and I’ve not had any arch pain since

  • Could you do a video on high arch feet and muscle imbalances (calf, leg) due to that condition? Some tips on it as well as some exercises would be really helpful.
    I have been considering getting a toe spreader, but dont know if it would be worth it.