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Wearing compression gear while you’re exercising may do more than boost your workout performance — you could see better recovery results, too. According to a small study of cricket players, those who wore compression garments during an event showed fewer blood markers of muscle damage later, and also reported less muscle soreness 24 hours after a match. How Compression Gear Boosts Performance and Recovery Compression gear has roots in medicine.

The roots of compression clothing lie in medicine. Basically, it was, and it It was designed for a certain purpose. Even though it’s a very popular trend, not everybody wears compression gear in The. Performance and recovery go hand in hand — proper rest and restoration, sleep and nutrition all play a role in recovery with performance as the end product.” Compression improves the proprioceptive neuro response which is fancy lingo for.

Studies have also shown that the use of compression socks reduces swelling, reduces perceived muscle soreness, and quickens recovery. Support around ankle joint In sports such as soccer, the ankles are placed under extreme stress, turning and pivoting time and again in different directions under the weight of the player. Where compression gear is super helpful is in recovery.

The garments indirectly provide a performance benefit by quickening recovery. This is accomplished by the garments quite literally squeezing you gently, promoting blood flow and reducing inflammation. Self-reported studies present the possibility that perceived performance boosts could be the result of a placebo effect.

But evidence showing these garments improve workout recovery is more substantial. Compression clothing can enhance overall circulation, helping speed muscle recovery time post-exercise. Compression has no negative impact on performance and recovery. Even if you can’t exactly explain why and even if there’s no scientific study to support how they make you feel, if the physical support of compression socks or sleeves translates to more physical confidence, then maybe you’ve found your edge. A new study by the University of Essex Human Performance Unit has found that compression tights can improve energy expenditure while exercising, hasten recovery and improve proprioception.

Some athletes argue that compression tights help reduce shock, limit muscle fatigue, and boost performance by locking the glutes, quads, hammies, and calves in place. The Rapid Reboot body compression system is a total body recovery device that’s clinically proven to work. It flushes the lactic acid and other waste out of your system and massages the muscles to reduce pain and stiffness and get you ready for your next workout.

List of related literature:

The convenience of compression gear may be its strongest recovery selling point.

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Runners wearing lower-limb compression garments 72 hours after exercise saw no benefit to muscle damage or inflammation compared to placebo.51 The biggest confounder when it comes to compression garments is the amount of pressure exerted.

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  • the effects depend on the person!
    maybe someone who has Venus Disease
    Eg: “Spider Veins” might worsen with compression

    common mentality towards science is that its contradictory & confusing
    science isn’t
    its very detailed and specific.
    I never read science reports (too hard to read)
    but Im reading now
    I’m seeing a totally different picture. (its feels exactly like learning the earth isn’t flat; i think, even now in history)

  • Compression gear for running wtf? Talk about the basketball side of things. They’re more common in basketball anyway so wtf is this about?

  • Compression clothing is an essential part of my wardrobe as an Autistic person (miss me with that person first language bullshit, I didn’t catch Autsm, I am Autistic)

  • Simplified Conclusion: Mostly a psychological placebo effect based purely off of studies.
    -Recommended for high impact sports/activities
    -More of a marketing/fashion trend in the fitness industry
    -Wear if you want to; it’s your money.

  • how do you measure for calf sleeves or compression socks, do you got to measure you ankle and calf, because i measured my calf and it fits in all the ranges, so do i need to also measure my ankle as well.first time buyer

  • Someone should tell him that bowtie goes out of style in the 40s… about the substance of what he said??? I agree… you want to remove lactic acid quickly? warm down after exercise (massage and stretching)… Want to lessen the impact during running? run on running track.. compression attire doesn’t work

  • Women should not wear them. It attracts too much male attention and with it lewd remarks. Would you want your wife going out for a jog with those on. However, if both men and women wear them under shorts that’s fine though

  • It very important to wear this cos of danger by develop blood clot that can kill you anytime I wear support tights or leggings that help a lots.. dvt is silent killer so be careful

  • Hey Steve I just started wearing the compression socks after my long runs on sundays after getting a nice cold shower and I wonder if there’s a certain timeframe I should keep them on.

  • They may not work, but they look really cool on people. I like the woman instructor on the video whose tights cover the heel.
    If they make you look good and give you more motivation to run faster, work harder, do more, strive for the body that makes those tights look good, then go for it.
    I’ve worn shitty loose clothing to the gym and in the presence of all those people wearing cool clothes, I feel like a bum, and am not motivated because I look like shit.

  • I love that you make the distinction between physiological effects and psychological effects. People don’t realize that the psych-effects…. ARE valid effects:) Sometimes feeling better and more confident leads to better performance. Good work!

  • I find compression pants uncomfortable but when it gets too cold, i wear them because they tend to keep me warmer. I didn’t know they were supposed to help with performance.

  • I started wearing compression gear because of the socks. I was suffering from shin splints for the first time, since I was running in southern swamp land trails where the earth was harsh. I can vouch for compression socks and sleeves.

    However, I admit that jumping on the compression clothing band wagon was primarily due to thinking of reducing the lactic acid, but to wear entirely of compression clothing, even the extreme tight ones, caused more harm than good, although most definitely reduced chaffing, and increased dynamics, but still retained cramps.

    So my only advice is this:
    1) consider the variety of tightness
    2) functionality mainly benefits legs and forearms: extremities that receive most impact
    3) pants and tops are best for sweat and anti-chaffing
    4) wear it to look good regardless

  • 1. Does compression gear reduce muscle the pain form muscle soreness? Yes
    2. Does compression gear aid in blood circulation? No
    LOL If you want to increase blood circulation try removing clothing,
    3. Does compression gear increase in performance? No
    4. Does compression gear increase recovery? No

    I know what some of you pea brains might be thinking, how can it reduce muscle soreness but not increase recovery?

    the pressure applied to the body by compression is like message it reduces the pain from the workout, But it in no way increases the rate of muscle repair.

    some of you lesser pea brains may want links to research supporting…….


  • I totally agree with you, yes compression socks work for me 100% during and after long runs. But I wonder if a bottom compression pants might help equally or less?

  • Dude, the reason I like them is because they do not get in my way. Anything baggy just flaps around, & bunches up etc…It’s not about constricting the muscles for me. It’s about keeping it sleek, & functional. The only “study” I need is the one I do on my own time to find what works, & what doesn’t. As a result, I’m not down with trends. When I find what works, I stick with it REGARDLESS of whether it’s in or out of fashion…even though you claim it’s purely because of media. Wrong.

  • People are saying what the effects, basically there nothing to prove there is, to me it just doesn’t keep my legs as sweaty when I take them off lmao

  • The only reason I would get compression clothing is so that my dang phone would stop jumping out of my pocket when I go for runs… Oh please help me haha

  • I wear compression and tight clothes to the gym because they don’t get in the way like baggy/loose clothes, when I sweat they don’t get heavier or swing-ier, and it made me feel good about my body, so why not?

  • I love the full compression socks and tights! I’ve found recovery to be much better when I use them. In the fall and winter I wear them daily because of the warmth they also provide. I totally agree with you on the calf sleeves. I had tried them last year and my feet/ankles got super swollen after the longer runs. Great video!

  • saraca core Men’s Compression 3/4 Pants Running Tights Workout Leggings Base Layer Shorts

  • I had deep vein thrombosis in both legs. I wear compression stockings and socks almost daily and they absolutely make a huge difference in how my legs feel. When I don’t wear them blood pools in my ankles and make my legs feel tired and heavy. I never wore them before dvt but I’m a believer now

  • Compression leggings are necessary for running if your thighs are thicker than most people like mine otherwise you get badly chafed