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What is HIIT Training? Why HIIT Works? Fast Weight Loss With High Intensity Interval Training ����

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HIIT Workout Myths Breaking Down HIIT Workouts. Fitness. 2019-02-05 | By: Snap Fitness It’s always a great time to start a new workout or fitness regime, and with the variety of fitness options there’s something for everyone. A fitness trend that has been at the top of the list for several years is HIIT, or high intensity interval training.

Tag: HIIT Workout Myths Debunking the Most Common Myths About HIIT Workouts. HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, is a form of cardiovascular training with short intervals of anaerobic exercise and increasingly lesser recovery period. HIIT helps burn a high number of calories in a very short period of time and is an important part of fat. High intensity interval training can improve heart health, increase fat loss and strengthen and tone your muscle.

Try this 15 minute HIIT workout plan. Myth 4: You have to spend hours at the gym to get a good workout. Research says that 10 minutes of exercise at a time, three to five times a day, has major health benefits. HIIT Workout Myths. It’s always a great time to start a new workout or fitness regime, and with the variety of fitness options the Learn more Fitness.

Wait, This Is Bad For Me? We all know that living a healthy lifestyle is a combination of physical activity and a healthy diet, but lo a. HIIT vs Running – The Good The Bad And The Ugly. Benefits Of HIIT. One of the obvious benefits of HIIT is how quick it is. Workouts can last from as little as 4 minutes all the way up to 30 minutes, sometimes more.

Crunches will give you abs. Cardio is the key to weight loss. These are two of more than a dozen exercise myths that do more harm than good.

Business Insider. Get ready to unleash your inner dance and fitness beast with Hip-Hop Fit creator Mike Peele! This class is for everyone from beginners to advanced.

Just get. The US Department of Health and Human Services recommends that children between the ages of six and 17 need at least one hour of physical activity (1). As children enter teenage, they go through a lot of changes both physically and mentally, and exercise is a way to help them cope up and welcome the changes. Creatine supplementation of 2-5 grams per day will provide greater stores to call on when training, enabling you to train more intensely.

In short, creatine can help you train heavier for more reps; it also draws water into the muscles, making you look “full” in appearance.

List of related literature:

But multiple studies(22,27) have proved that after just a few weeks of HIIT, fat burning increases significantly and carbohydrate burning decreases significantly.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
from Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

Even after a HIIT workout is over, the body will continue to use the aerobic energy pathway to replace the ATP consumed during the workout, enhancing the EPOC effect (Borsheim and Bahr 2003).

“Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple” by Pete McCall
from Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple
by Pete McCall
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2018

See Chapter 13 for more details on HIIT training.

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
from Methods of Group Exercise Instruction
by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
Human Kinetics, 2019

Additionally, Tenorio and collaborators have also showed that HIIT three times a week for 24 weeks was more effective in decreasing leptin than low-intensity aerobic exercise (−22.8% vs. −13.6%) when energy expenditure in both conditions was of 350 kcals [62].

“Endocrinology of Physical Activity and Sport” by Anthony C. Hackney, Naama W. Constantini
from Endocrinology of Physical Activity and Sport
by Anthony C. Hackney, Naama W. Constantini
Springer International Publishing, 2020

However, the scientific evidence is not clear whether HIIT improves one, the other, or both.

“Physiology of Sport and Exercise” by W. Larry Kenney, Jack H. Wilmore, David L. Costill
from Physiology of Sport and Exercise
by W. Larry Kenney, Jack H. Wilmore, David L. Costill
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

The definition of HIIT is high-intensity work

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body” by Jeffry S. Life
from The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body
by Jeffry S. Life
Atria Books, 2011

5 Anaerobic training such as sprint intensity training (SIT) or high-intensity interval training (HIIT) builds and maintains muscle mass, speed, stimulating hormone production, and a healthy metabolism.

“Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices” by Diana Noland, Jeanne A. Drisko, Leigh Wagner
from Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices
by Diana Noland, Jeanne A. Drisko, Leigh Wagner
Springer International Publishing, 2020

This type of resistance training tends to burn more calories, deplete glycogen (carbohydrate stored in the muscle; this is beneficial as it increases fat burning), generates a nice hormonal response in terms of fat mobilization and may create a larger caloric burn after the exercise is done.

“The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook: A Scientific Approach to Crash Dieting” by Lyle McDonald
from The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook: A Scientific Approach to Crash Dieting
by Lyle McDonald
Lyle McDonald, 2005

However, progressive resistance training and HIIT are stressful to the system, and they can easily throw off your physiology if you don’t take days off from exercising and periodize your training (we do this with our deload and progressive system).

“Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training” by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
from Glute Lab: The Art and Science of Strength and Physique Training
by Bret Contreras, Glen Cordoza
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

In short, high-intensity (anaerobic) exercises, such as 20 seconds of weight training or a 40-yard sprint, your body’s primary source of energy is carbohydrates, not fat.

“Wrestling For Dummies” by Henry Cejudo, Philip J. Willenbrock, Ed.D.
from Wrestling For Dummies
by Henry Cejudo, Philip J. Willenbrock, Ed.D.
Wiley, 2012

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  • Thank you for the information. I have one question though! If I’m doing HIIT with running, will it help me to lose the extra fat in my belly and other places in the body?

  • I had to unlearn what I learnt from other channels the past couple of days after watching Dr Ekberg’s Aerobic and Anaerobic (HIIT) videos.

  • Instead of gradually increasing my speed, can i warm up at low speed, then start running really fast up to my hear beat limit for 30 sec? Walk again maybe 1 minute, then hit it again and repeat maximum 8 times?

  • I started on a KETO-diet this year. I have lost 16kg (32p) in 16 weeks and is still going. Seems to work quite well. This HIIT seems nice. I will try it as well.

  • Oh, man. Where were you when I, as a 49 year old, IR, overweight woman, thought it was a good plan to join Orange Theory??? I knew that torture chamber of a class was actually working against me! I have been watching your videos all day. I’ve been LCHF/Keto and fasting for 2.5 years. 45 pounds off, but stalled for the last 1.5 years and looking for answers through Fung, DeLauer, Attia, Ramos, etc. YOUR videos have connected the dots for me in ways that the others haven’t. I am truly appreciative of your education!!!

  • i go maximum on my old kettler stationary bike which is 400 Watt. i do two intervals, a third one is not possible. with drinking sodium bicarbonate in water before the exercise, I can squeeze out a few extra seconds out of my legs before the leg muscles are burning out. that is now about 50 seconds.
    an additional important tip: this exercise triggers AMPK/PGC-1Alpha which lets the mitochondria grow. also some mitophagy is going on which is very healthy. but in that short time there is no mitochondrial fission going on. this is why you need to do low intensity training the next time. on low carb it also triggers the same AMPK/PGC-1Alpha signal but with low intensity the mitochondria are dividing into more mitochondria. the secret is doing HIIT and LISS alternating to grow and divide mitochondria!
    in the first two months the scale probably don’t move much because while you lose a little bit of body fat you also gain muscle. but after the two months the increased amount of mitochondria is burning more body fat instead of glucose. you will notice that with reduced hunger. that makes you eat less.
    this is the secret of healthy weight loss: a huge amount of mitochondria (together with a low carb diet)

  • I love HIIT. It’s time efficient. I can get a nice micro workout in just less than 6 minutes. There are no gyms open during this pandemic (as of May 27, 2020) so there are no excuses for not getting and staying healthy.

  • Thank you so much. What’s your opinion on doing HIIT with fasting? After 16h fast? After 24h fast? 48h? Or better to do HIIT couple of hours after breaking the fast? Do we need some “sugar” for this? etc…

  • Hi Dr Sten, I was watching your other video explaining about where we get our energy, u mentioned that at heart rate 120, and with oxygen we get energy by burning fats. And anything more than that from glucose… Does it mean hiit is bad? Would a long stable jog be better? Feels contradicting..

  • Your videos are excelent. Question please: do you have a series of HIIT training videos low impact? If not, do you suggest any HIIT series videos??? There are many in the internet but you are the expert. Thanks you.

  • Hey Ekberg, im a bit confused here, so if i go to the gym 4-6 times a week, training for about 1 hour. Can i still add in some HIIT exercises or will this cause overtraining?

  • Hi Doctor. I am 51 years old male from India.I use to do 1 hour gym exersice, 5 times a week till 3 years ago. I did exersice for almost 10 years. Before that I did exersice when I was in my late teen and twenties. Now I am not able to do exersice as there are severe cramps in muscles after doing exersice for few days. I am vegetarian. Can u suggest me the reason and remedy.

  • knee accident… I cycle to work 3 days week and been living on my sailboat 12 years, I guess I can say that im active and my knee seems alright for my life style. however having a thorn ligament means i am not allowed to run or skate-ski, how can I do a proper HIIT elliptical? rgds

  • 21:12 TRUTH!!!! I have seen people who exercise so much and they get into various kinds of problems with their muscles or joints etc etc. I have a neighbour who’s almost 100 and she and her husband do not exercise like a lot of their friends when younger. She told me the same thing and she and hubby are so healthy and fit. She loves walking around the neighbourhood. I guess I will listen to her LOL, she and hubby are almost 100.

  • I’m going to try this. I’m going to walk for 10 minutes on the treadmill, then run at a fast pace for about 45 seconds, then come back after a 45 second walk and do it again for three rounds. Does that sound right?

  • what.. 55? wow u look amazing �� ohh and that downhill joke ����
    Tq Dr. such highly educational and objective presentation. i hope u get more subscription in future.

  • Another informative video thank you Dr. Ekberg! I was happy to hear you talk about weight training. I love doing a full upper body once or twice a week. I have bad hips, discs and knees. From work related stress and a bad fall as a child. So I’m unable to work my lower body. But I do the best I can for my upper body to maintain some type of strength as im getting older. I don’t go as heavy or as often as used to though. But still enjoy it!����Thank You!

  • My current HIIT workout on my bicycle is a 5 minute warm up, then 7 intervals of 30 seconds intense, then 60 seconds recovery, till I get to 7, with a 1 minute cool down before I stop. I do this 3 times a week, with recovery in between each workout. I was a bike racer for over 25 years, so this is what I gravitate to.

  • All out sprints hiit and Burpees is most demanding and beneficial forms of hiit. It’s totally killing. I’m very fit endurance athlete, but doing 12x 200 m all out sprints is totally killer.

    Best workout ever.

  • Thank you Dr. Ekberg for your wisdom and experience. You always pass along the best knowledge and information for me to make the right decisions.

  • First of all thank you very much for the video. And the doubt is. Two days complete rest means even no need a 30 minutes walking in that days?

  • One Question Dr.Sten what’s the eat to eat after a Hiit?? Is it better to take a protein shake? Or fating after it is better so that we keep growth hormone elevated?
    Please answer ������

  • Before I put up my questions, I started reading all the comments and replies.
    I hope anyone reading the comments benefit from them. I know I do. ������

  • Hello Dr. Sten Ekberg! You are such an excellent teacher and all you communicate is so clear and well proportioned! So please receive my highest appreciation with a very big THANK to you once again, for your wonderful and very good instructions that gives reliable understanding and helps, and adds so much motivation through increasing knowledge and understanding, how to achieve the very best results when exercising and particularly following the HIIT concept in the right way, as you explained so very well! Please keep up your good work here with your amazing YT-videos, helping so many with the best piece of advice! Wishing you all the very very Best always! Thumbs up!

  • Dear Dr Sten,

    You often repeat that the body is smart and doesn’t work ad random, but always with a purpose. I can confirm this after the experiences in a live as a GP for more than 40 years. I also can follow you if you consider chronic stress to be harmful with a favorite role for cortisol. But I am less convinced that cortisol could be harmful during high aerobic to anaerobic exercise. In my opinion it is also an appropriate physiological adaptation of our smart body to a short stress period supporting physiological activities which our ancesters had to perform every day. I can agree that this cortisol boost is an extra burden if there is already a chronic stress, but if this is not the case, a physiological response can only be beneficial and attribute to a new adaptation and a higher level of fitness. I experience that myself after an intensive run. The glycemia is around 100 after an intense run and a subsequent carbohydrate-rich diet is very well managed (after my run this afternoon my glycemia was 108 after a 90 g carb lunch despite the hormonal storm during the run (cortisol, insulin, glucagon, adrenaline, nordrenaline,….). I also never sustained an injury in 20 years. After the recovery of a few hours I frequently feel very relaxed physically and mentally and sometimes even (sub)euphorical. This sensation doesn’t emerge after a low aerobic effort. Runing at a higher heartbeat is so more fun! I want to emphasize that I always take 2 or 3 days of rest between 2 runs, if not you feel from the start the lack of recuperation and then will a new cortisolboost be harmful, no doubt about that.

    Now I give HIIT a chance, we see

    Thanks for your efforts to bring difficult stuff in a comprehensible manner

  • Great video. I am 51, and have been on a bit of a plateau (Keto for 3 months and OMAD usually)Saw your other video on how to push through a plateau then saw this to back it up. 1st session of HIIT 2 days ago and lost.8 kg overnight! Felt great for the rest of the day (I did it in the morning). However, day after, I felt super tired and slept a lot, is that normal? Was hoping it was my body spending energy repairing itself and releasing growth hormone ��

  • Thanks, Dr Ekberg, for a great video. I swim freestyle in an Olympic size (50m lenght) pool. It’s my second week of HIIT swimming. Start with 2 laps (100m) of easy swim/warm up, followed by 1 lap (50m) sprint and 1 lap (50m) active recovery. Repeat another 7x and would finish with one lap of recovery swimming.The whole workout takes about 20 mins. Might consider repeating 8x in order to have about 30 mins workout. Is this a good HIIT swimming workout? Thank you.

  • Respected sir I do Rope jump 30sec on/ 30sec off_10 min. I jump around 125 jump/30 sec.is it ok.sometimes I do 100 Rope jump/10 burpee_10 set.but I can’t move 4 days then I do surynamskar. I am 54 year old
    my hight 4’11” weight 64 kg
    love you from India.

  • HIIT is trash, its very stressful on the body and nervous system, you need so long to recover from it. Leave the anaerobic to weight lifting, if you must do cardio some fasted aerobic activity in the morning is gold

  • Do you mean 70% of target heart rate for an unfit person? My target heart rate is 162, so like 113ish? I work nights at sedentary job (permanent, not rotating) so my circadian rhythm is already messed up and I sleep days,(8-10 hrs) I’m always tired, both my knees kill me so I can’t exercise much. What I have is a gazelle, I’ve found that doesn’t hurt my knees. I recently had a nuclear stress test and reached my target heart rate, so done with test at 3 minutes…So my question is: does that mean that maybe my whole session would be 3 minutes? Sorry, I can’t quite follow the up and down graph you drew as far as timing but this looks like something I could do (because I don’t have the energy for a long exercise routine right now).

  • Thank you Dr Eckberg I’m no more diabetic I fixed that problem with keto and IF but I’m still IR… if I do HIIT in the morning instead of lowering my BG it increases it… can you explain that? ��

  • Thanks for your comprehensive video on HIIT. What is great about HIIT is you can incorporate into your daily routine. No gym or special clothes required! For example I bike to the market. So in the first 5 minutes I warm up my body. I then park the bike at a pedestrian overpass and quickly climb the stairs. I can walk back down and re climb or I can walk briskly to the market. All the time I am walking. When I return home I climb the stairs but with a backpack with groceries. I then sprint on the bicycle on my way home. Fantastic!

  • Please this was so tiresome yet i feel so accomplished now that i’ve finished it. Didn’t think i was going to be able to. One advise i’ve got for people that are unfit like i am it’s that when either Daniel or Kelli tell you to do a movement you think you don’t have the strength to even try to do it, then just switch it up with something easier for you in that moment. For example, i don’t know about y’all but those spider hops are impossible for me right now i just can’t lift my whole body weight like that so instead of doing them i did spider push ups which i find much easier to do. And i always do this, instead of just not doing something or doing it wrong, i just switch it up for something easier for my current level of fitness.

  • Great video asusual doctor.. i hv one question.. can we do a high intensity sprint for less than a min and then continue with our daily routine and again repeat it for a min whenever we r free during the day? Will it hv any beneficial effect on us?

  • Thank you so much for this video. Well done and just the info I was looking for. Now I understand tabata more. Especially why the fact that the rest period being shorter than the exercise period makes it so much harder. Love your graph.

  • Hi dr Ekberg, i just wanted you know tha i voted you as one of the most keto you tuber and you’re on the no 10 spot! Greetings from dubai!

  • When u say recovery does that mean complete rest?… or can I combine it with something like a slow yoga a couple of times a week along with HIIT

  • The most important thing about exercise is…. to start. Even if its once a week for 5 minutes if that’s all you can do. Spot on about HIIT. I still do normal cardio as well, but you can do HIIT with any exercise. I rotate HIIT (different days) with rowing, swimming, elliptical and bike, but only do 4 repeats. I work out most days so I don’t want to over stress any particular group. I have a friend (64years old) and he has rowed daily for 50 years and was an elite athlete. He rows at my max HIIT rate for 1 hour and barely breaks into a sweat.

  • Hej älskar dina videos och skulle uppskatta om du kunde svara på min fråga. Man ska äta ca 70 procent fett och 25 procent protein. Men jag tänker vad för fetter, kött fisk fågel det blir ju extra protein bara, känns som det blir mycket mer protein slutet av dagen än fett?

  • I’ve been doing HIIT indoor cycling to the point of overtaining/underresting, that give me the central nervous system fatigue or adrenal fatigue where it keep me awake at night where my brain couldn’t stop thinking of making comething creative which lead me to chronic sleep deprived and lastly give me a ruptured brain anueurysm aka SAH.

    I post this in celebration of my 1 year still alive after the brain neuro vascular coiling.Cheers.

  • Thank you for this and explaining everything so well. I’ve been doing some HIIT with a few things for about a week now and feel like I’ve accomplished a lot and feel great afterwards.

  • Given you are an Olympian BUT not all people have the capacity and ability to do and follow the exercises of HIIT especially when they have certain health, conditions,or restrictions.All of us were created unique and that certain limitations should be considered and even some routines can damage rather than help out one’s body and life.
    There is really no perfect workout but the best would be suitable or at least sustainable to many.

  • Thank you for yet another great video.
    I have done low carb and (unfit) HIIT earlier with good success. I know the basics.
    But would you consider HIIT happening on muscle or body level? Is it cardio-vascular, or is it muscle level?

  • Thanks again for a highly educational video. It reminded me when I took my nephews for a jog. They would sprint ahead of me racing each other, then walk, then sprint then walk, while I jogged staying at a steady pace. I would tell them to jog at a steady pace to last the two miles circuit. But, I guess I was wrong all this time!

  • Thank you for this video!! Cant believe you’re 55, you look in your 30’s. I used to be on the rowing team in high school, now 5 years later I’m wondering why those 30-45 minute hard cardio workouts are no longer working and I’m not getting any benefit from it. Now I’m learning I can get the benefit I need, in far less time, and without breaking down my body too much. Awesome content!

  • Dr. Ekberg,
    Thank you thank you �� you are a genius and very generous as well! You have hit all the points in such a simple way that we can understand! I have my health marching orders now to help me be in control of health, thanks to you.��

  • Thank for this video �� I use to run 20 secs and then rest for 10 secs – the session lasts up to 20 minutes… is that completely wrong?

  • This really works for lowering blood sugar. As I recall, muscles take in excessive sugar. Yesterday, My mother’s blood sugar was 211 when she woke up. I told her instead of taking the medication, exercise for a minute, and her blood sugar decreased to 191. She continued exercise and she reached 164.
    Thanks Dr. Ekberg. This is a great way to lower blood sugar.

  • I love ���� doing squats! Leg Day is my favorite day!! I found a program that has you do fewer reps (slowly and carefully) with heavier weights a couple of years ago.

  • Thank you Dr. Ekberg for this information. I love your videos; you give best explanations!!!I I walk/run every other day for 4 miles. I’ll try to sprint on some of those jogs to make it more of a hiit workout.

  • As always great presentation and information, thanks. Can you do a video or comment on High Intensity Training, in the form of Dr. Doug McGuff and how would you work this in with HIIT. I would like your expert opinion.

  • Can’t beat HIIT workouts. I do this on a stationary bike/turbo traner.
    I have a video up and it’s perfect for the beginner/older person.
    Come and check it out and you can get fit in a super short time.
    Good call Doctor Ekberg.��

  • I went on swimming did my casual 2km aerobic which i do 2-3 times a week and did a one max 50m freestyle sprint(which i tried to avoid before because it is very exhausting). My point is that night after the training i fell asleep and had a nice sleeping overall. I was afraid it would be harder to fall asleep that night cause i raised my heart near my maximum and i go swimming usually at 9 to 10pm. Need to test this couple of more times but i believe reaching your heart at maximum level for 30-40 seconds will give u better sleep cause of all the recovery going on in your body. Any thoughts?

  • This is the best explanation of HIIT I have viewed! It makes sense and I plan to incorporate it into my fitness routine. The mini-sets with short breaks in-between that allow you to reach your max heart rate is the most intriguing part of your presentation. As a 61 year-old who is an avid exerciser and has lost 40 pounds in the last year through intermittent fasting and a Keto lifestyle, I feel this is the next step I need to take. FYI, I already have a chest strap heart rate monitor & a fitness app that graphs my heart rate in real-time which I watch on IPad. I plan to try this with my Kettlebells and spin bike.
    My ultimate goal is to achieve a health and fitness level that I possessed 40 years ago. A year ago this is something I thought would be impossible to achieve! Not anymore, thanks to you and others who have opened my eyes �� ����!

  • On a recumbent machine I go for 2 minutes then 30 seconds intense then 90 seconds then intense for 30 seconds repeat for five cycles. I am 82. Is this a good hit?jJ

  • Dr Ekberg, great video. Dr Berg says you need full recovery between each set of HIIT. Why? He claims that you can have a heart attack by not letting your heart fully recover to almost your resting heart rate. So, if you can clear this up it would be great. Older people and people out of shape may not be able to perform since arteries and / or heart condition not well known to them and possibly be negatively affected. Yes, start slow, but it seems safer by going as an example 45 sec., Walk 5 minutes as an example,then start again. Ok. I get lactic. Please send opinion since I am almost 66 and in good health. No high blood pressure. Work out moderately.
    Maybe do Dr Berg method to get built up enuf to challenge the body as you say and use your method if doctor gives a good clean bill of health. Thanks for your great videos and continued interest in health. To your Health. Cheers. Mike in Nashville, TN

  • Very useful information from the perspective of somebody who understands that a lot of people wanting to get into HIIT aren’t 25 and already fit.

    In terms of recovery between HIIT sessions, do you think that a 30-40 minute aerobic workout (brisk walking) between HIIT days is counter productive, or beneficial? Bear in mind that this is for somebody who has suffered chronic stress for several years (put me in A&E several times) and incredibly unfit. I have found that doing too much exercise can knock me back for weeks, so I would like to start HIIT very slowly to start with.

    Thanks again for the great content.

  • Hi Dr. Sten I’m a big fan. I am trying HIIT using a weighted jump rope. I’m an old lady and it makes me feel young again. I love your videos. Thanks so much.

  • I am going to the gym 3 times a week. This is my work out. 10 min of the stair climber for warm up. A complete body workout using machines and free weights. About 3 sets of 10 reps with burning in the last couple of reps. I then do the stair climber for 25 min with intervals of 2 min lower level 3 then one min of level 7. Heart rate starts about 115 up to about 145 beats. Sometimes in the low 150s. After that I swim 2 to 10 laps in the olympic size pool. I am doing keto to lose weight, help with my hypertension and control my type two diabetes. I often do this in the fasted state. I am also walking 2 to 3 times a week 2 to 5 miles. I guess I might be one of those fat fit persons. Although I have lost 50 lbs I need to lose another 35 lbs. I am age 66 and my resting heart rate is in the low to mid sixties. I try to have one day to two days rest between gym workouts. Is it ok to do this in the fasted state? Is this too severe for an old man like me? Retired now and I like the gym and hiking along with reading. Finally have time to pursue these hobbies.

  • I do HIIT a couple off times a week. It feels great. I’m picturing people running downhill, & they’re chasing a big wheel of cheese. �� They must be Keto. Lol.
    Thanks for sharing this important information with us all, & take good care off yourself to. ❤����

  • This is the best exercise routine to surprise your body, in case you have gotten too comfortable with what you were doing before. Amazing! Thank you Daniel!

  • Great work out! Sore feet from yesterday’s work out (I got blisters on both feet) but I managed to make it through! Keep up the good workouts! Subbed!

  • I lost 5.3 kgs in 16 days doing his easier version, from tomorrow gonna try this workout, thanks Daniel! I just don’t know how you talk while you do this..������

  • What I love about your videos is that you never skimp on the stretching like some other channels do. I feel great now, thank you FB!

  • I did this 2 times. And after both times I got bad pain in my lower back for 2 to 3 days. I did keep my back straight. I have no ide why this workout made me a cripple for 2-3 days. It was smt else than being sore after a good workout. Has anyone else had this experience?

  • We have done pyramids before Dan, I was less fit than I am today & it caned me. This was still tough, my chest was tight & my breathing was laboured. Fortunately, it was a short workout. Breathing back to normal & I feel good. Thanks

  • Btw, I’ve been working out with you guys for so long that I was able to easily adjust the intensity to lower impact for all of the moves. My knees aren’t as young as they used to be, but I can still complete hiit if I adjust it to lower impact ����

  • Quick, intense, and sweaty! Loved the pyramid format and how this one was only 26 mins for a complete workout! More like this please ����

  • Have done plenty of HIIT (high intensity interval training) vids and go to the gym most days and would say this is a pretty advanced level, I struggled to do a few of the exercise movements, so wouldn’t recommend this for beginners.

  • Thanks for the VDO. My experience is that a cross-trainer, with resistance, is actually the best way to do HIIT. You use your legs as well as your arms and you can based on your fitness level, increase the resistance. Further it is relatively friendly for your joints. The way I do it is as follows: 12 minutes warming-up than I increase the resistance and go 30 seconds full (really full) out. Then I decrease the resistance again and continue very slowly for 90 seconds (just after 60 seconds I am able to talk again). This cycle I repeat for 6 times.

  • Kelli and Daniel,
    I completed this workout after a long period of ceased exercise and I feel great! I kept up and was sweating profusely by the end!

    You two have been a part of my fitness journey since the beginning and I am highly appreciative! After trying so many other videos on youtube and programs, I always find myself coming back to your videos. Please continue to do what you do!

    Also, these pyramid HIIT workouts are amazing. Please create more!

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