Here s How to determine Just How Much Weight to Lift


Figuring out Starting Weight for Beginners

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How to Calculate & Determine the Weight of a Load for Overhead Lifts

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How much weight to lift?

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How to Test Your 1 Rep Max | Jim Stoppani, PhD

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How To Lift Heavy Weight Safely

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RATE OF PERCEIVED EXERTION. Once you’ve ID’d your strength-training goal and target rep range, you can then set out to determine how much weight to lift. For simplicity’s sake, Tea recommends using a 1-to-10 rating of perceived exertion (RPE) scale.

Well, here’s the super simple way to figure out how much to lift and when to progress to heavier weights. Let’s assume you are doing a workout program of 6 exercises with 3 sets of 12 repetitions of each exercise in a general fitness program. To figure out your estimated 1RM for the leg press, squat, bench press, and/or chest press exercises, input the heaviest amount of weight you have safely lifted for a specific exercise and the number of repetitions you completed at that weight.

American College of Sports Medicine (2009). Stop all lighter-weight sets well short of muscle failure. For a bodybuilder who wants to bench with a working weight of 225 pounds, so that they fall within that 8-12-rep range, warm-up weights might start with 135, 185, and 205 pounds.

2. Go heavy earlier in your workout. Your maximum load will be determined by the largest amount of weight you can lift in a single rep, in good form. If you can curl a maximum of 50 pounds in a single rep, with a fluid motion, that would be your maximum. Multiply that number by.6 to determine the starting point, which in this case would be 30 lbs. Here’s a breakdown of the most common strength-training goals: Read the full article at, ” Here’s How to Figure Out How Much Weight to Lift,” MyFitnessPal, August 9 2018. ‹ 12 Things You Should Never Drink Before a Workout.

Press the ‘multiply’ button on the calculator and enter 2.2. 2.2 is the number of pounds for every kilogram For example, if a kettlebell is 10 kilograms you multiply 10 by 2.2 to get 22 pounds. Consider the weight of the bar without any plates added. Enter in your weight to get started calculating your 5/3/1 routine. Got it × Heads up!

This calculator is designed to let you see how you stand on the 4 main lifts (bench press, squat, deadlift and overhead press) against the rest of the population. Put the the weight (100kg) in the weight input box and amount of reps (8) in the reps input box. You can see the tables update with estimated max weight you can lift once and weights that you can lift for 1-10 times. The first column (A, estimate calculated with Brzycki formula) is a good estimate for most people for most exercises.

An aircraft’s lift capabilities can be measured from the following formula: L = (1/2) d v2 s CL L = Lift, which must equal the airplane’s weight in pounds d = density of the air.

List of related literature:

You should know how much you can comfortably and safely lift and should not attempt to lift a proportional weight (the share of the weight that you will bear) that exceeds this amount.

“Advanced Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured” by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
from Advanced Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured
by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2010

You should know how much you can comfortably and safely lift and should not attempt to liſt a proportional weight (the share of the weight that you will bear) that exceeds this amount.

“Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured” by Andrew N. Pollak, Bruce D. Browner, Carol L. Gupton, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
from Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured
by Andrew N. Pollak, Bruce D. Browner, et. al.
Jones and Bartlett, 2002

► Patient Weight You should estimate how much the patient weighs before you attempt to lift.

“Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured” by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
from Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured
by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC, 2016

Divide the total number of lifts by 15.

“The Occupational Ergonomics Handbook” by Waldemar Karwowski, William S. Marras
from The Occupational Ergonomics Handbook
by Waldemar Karwowski, William S. Marras
Taylor & Francis, 1998

Entering this information into the NIOSH lifting equation would produce a recommended weight limit of 9.5 kg (21 lbs.).

“Handbook of Human Factors in Medical Device Design” by Matthew Bret Weinger, Michael E. Wiklund, Daryle Jean Gardner-Bonneau
from Handbook of Human Factors in Medical Device Design
by Matthew Bret Weinger, Michael E. Wiklund, Daryle Jean Gardner-Bonneau
CRC Press, 2010

Count your lifts and write the total on your record sheet.

“Health Opportunities Through Physical Education” by Corbin, Charles B, McConnell, Karen, Le Masurier, Guy, Corbin, David, Farrar, Terri
from Health Opportunities Through Physical Education
by Corbin, Charles B, McConnell, Karen, et. al.
Human Kinetics, 2014

For each exercise, find a weight that you can lift between 3 and 10 times.

“Strength Training for Triathletes: The Complete Program to Build Triathlon Power, Speed, and Muscular Endurance” by Patrick Hagerman, EdD
from Strength Training for Triathletes: The Complete Program to Build Triathlon Power, Speed, and Muscular Endurance
by Patrick Hagerman, EdD
VeloPress, 2014

For males, use the subject’s body weight as an estimated 1RM; for example, if the subject weighs 60 kg, then his perceived 1RM would be about 60 kg.

“Laboratory Manual for Exercise Physiology” by Greg Haff, Charles Dumke
from Laboratory Manual for Exercise Physiology
by Greg Haff, Charles Dumke
Human Kinetics, 2012

The following formula provides a shortcut: (1) multiply weight (in pounds) by 703; (2) multiply height (in inches) by height (in inches); (3) divide the answer in step 1 by the answer in step 2.

“Physical Diagnosis Secrets E-Book: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access” by Salvatore Mangione
from Physical Diagnosis Secrets E-Book: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access
by Salvatore Mangione
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

Although in this chapter I have suggested a load based on a percentage of the maximum you can lift for a single repetition (1RM), that is not always the best way to determine weight.

“The Cyclist's Training Bible” by Joe Friel
from The Cyclist’s Training Bible
by Joe Friel
VeloPress, 2012

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  • What about when you need to lift something hard to get to? Like if it’s on a bottom shelf in the very back for example. Or say a heavy watermelon in the bottom of a large box in the produce section

  • Did anyone else get numb big toes from basic training? I wonder if it was from the ruck marches causing these herniated discs causing pressure on the nerves

  • Well do 8-16 if you are bodybuilding as the video stated. Powerlifting isn’t like bodybuilding! Powerlifting is generally 1-3 reps occasionally up to 6. People in the comments need to pay more attention to what he said in the beginning this isn’t for strength training or powerlifting it’s for bodybuilding

  • Damn wish i saw this before i got my lumbar discectomy dec 2017. I want to regain my competitive prowess in track. Im only 24 with a back that sometimes makes me feel in my 80s. Would the athlean xero be a good starting point since i only have been doing pain maintenance exercises from my PT in my basement or should i go the athlean x1 programming and try to get some dumbells?

  • Straight up been looking for this information for the longest time!! For the last 8 months of working out, I wasn’t sure if what I was doing was the right thing for my goals.

  • PhD in Douchbaggery!!!!!
    That squat was 1/2 squat at best you idiot
    Why the fucking luxurious rack when you squat outside of it???
    I’m losing braincells watching this

  • How long should I wait to lift again after experiencing a herniated disc (from slipping up one rep of squatting with bad form)

    I do not want to prolong the injury or hurt myself more

  • here’s how many ppl in ur life care about ur 1rm: 2

    you and your health insurance company. that’s right, ur own mother doesn’t give two shits about ur 1rm

  • hi i do everything right i don’t move my body i can go to 12 then its feels imposseble to do a whole rep but after im done a feel a little pain i my little back for a minute is it normal can please somebody help me
    thnx woody

  • He is very irresponsible. He kept pushing the guy to lift more when he very clearly said 325. No respect, just trying to make himself look good. Shame

  • ”Alright music is blasting to give him a little extra drive”

    Worst weird ass waiting screen of bad video game elevator music is blasting

  • This is the day when you test your 1RM.. this really needs an example to show? It can be easily just explained, more important is how to build strength gradually through the process.
    What comes more important is “warmup”, dude where is “MOBILITY”??
    How this person is having phD:/

  • If there’s anything to learn from Jim Stoppani, it’s how NOT to lift weights. I guess they just hand out Ph. D’s to anyone off the streets. Literally everything was wrong with this video..everything. This is how people get injured (which the guy said he already was dealing with a low back injury. Brilliant idea, let’s 1RM 405 on squat with no spotter, safety pins etc.) What a fucking moron. Don’t understand why people actually follow this guy’s advice. This is what’s wrong with the fitness profession.

  • I’m so smart about lifting. So smart that I injure myself and can’t lift because of it. This lizard man is garbage snake oil sales man

  • What is a safe bicep exercise to do with a herniated lumbar disk? Google has not been very helpful. I was thinking a modified seated version possibly, but again, I’m just not sure.

  • Hey Jeff, love your videos very informative and unique. My problem is in my mid thoracic and mostly affected on my right side. It gets so tight and sore and eventually spreads and I cannot even breathe right. I am generally very active but this has caused me to give up on the gym for fear of it getting worse which it does when I exercise. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!

  • Warm up with HIIT are you kidding me?? That’s fail number one. Fail two:: I have an injury So Mack is stepping in to do the lifting (who also is recovering from a LOWER BACK INJURY) what’s your max “probably 315” then he pressures him Mack says 345. Jim says 350. Now we are gonna 365 (remember he as well is recovering from an injury) “how much do you think” let’s go 405 (90 pounds more than original). Gotta use a high weight for better marketing. Shame on you doc. Gotta put money aside. Lucky he didn’t get hurt.

  • I’d forgotten that the “blowing it out” was part of how it’s done.  I do it, but I wasn’t thinking about how I “ought” to do it, it just made that last rep possible.  Funny how fast now I start panting and getting hot.  Only one or two reps and I need air!  I’m using air!  Gasp!  My heart gets to pounding too.  Earlier today, my husband was pretending to be mean so I slugged him in the arm-he said it really hurt!  I told him, “Don’t mess with me, kiddo, I can lift EIGHT POUNDS!”

  • I totally trust you
    Some say Deadlift is an injurious exercise
    I’ve heard it from Doctors
    Can you please make a video on it for such thinking

  • Are you insane? The guy tells you he has a back injury and you think it’s a good idea to test his squat 1RM with no spotters outside of the cage?

  • This was the most hilarious video ive ever seen in my life. Something about reptilian looking broscience doctor with an injured demonstration staff who is pushed to go heavier than his comfort zone. I laughed like a mad man watching this.

  • Safety first,, proper form, and then squat… None of this was followed by the DR. ������ If they are both injured should they really be telling you how to exercise? hhhmmm…. I guess that’s why they are injured no safety bars, no belts, no sleeves, no spotters! �� Thank you Dr. showing people on what not to do! ��

  • cut the bullshit,people who are starting to work out are seeking true solid facts and are being serious about there shit your info is on but dude your not funny at all. besides your fuckin lame acting and annoying burst’s you’re video is informative.

  • This is absolutely awful. 1) HIIT before 1rm testing?! Lol. No.. 2) incremental warm up? Uhh, Barely. Jumping huge percents between raises. Nevermind safety and warming the joints, this is just nowhere close to warming the nervous system for a true potential lift. Undershot the potential. Should be +10% each warmup weight (at most) above 50% test weight. At 405, that translates to theoretically +40 lbs per raise. You’re jumping 90 (20%).. Aren’t many USAPL/USPA competitive lifters flying up that fast. Just not gonna nail that high attempt… 3) you’re an jerk for not spotting the dude. Testing 1rm = high likelihood of failure. You should be sued if folks out there hurt themselves on your protocol. Safety should be priority #1 for 1rm testing. You gave zero mention.

    Everyone reading this that’s never attempted a 1rm: always test in a rack with safety pins, or with a spotter. This should have been covered. This guy is a newb. PhD newb.

  • Too late.
    Three herniated discs. Went through four months of nearly unbearable pain before I gave up on finding a surgeon that would take my insurance and took control over my own recovery. I’m two months into it and never imagined that I would make it to this point without prescriptions or surgery.
    I need to exercise, but the only exercises I can find are the ones I use to repair my discs. I can’t find anything on what exercises, cardio, or weight lifting I can do for fitness’ sake that also keeps my disc recovery in mind.
    Any ideas or videos for that?

  • hello sir. I am 21 just incase my age compromises with excersie I do. I didn’t did excersised for 6 mnths continuous but I can lift 5-5 on bar and 3-3 on dumbbell ( dumbbell easily on right side difficult for left so should I reduce the weight for left will it differ in muscle mass n size 0r both arms or no?). plus I can do 20-30 pushups in a single row

  • Thanks for the information. Can you please cover how to start weight lifting after cervical(more specifically c6-c7) disc herniation/bulging esp when the injury is fixed without surgery?

  • I’m a famous strength coach would decades of experience… I’m gonna GUESS that my INJURED client can Squat 405 with no spotters/safety pins, while making too large of jumps between attempts.

  • I appreciate your video and work out… what is the best workout on your site for men physique training… Im not a fitness beginner…. Got a set of resistance bands on the way. Thanks to you.

  • Hey Scooby, how many reps should be done in the first month? The month where you say one will just be lifting low, easy weights. Or do reps even matter in the first month?

  • At my age 57 i cannot lift to failure I get sore joints, i only lift to failure once a week, the other two I lift medium weight all in good form.

  • L5 through S1 at the gym training 2 surgeries later no Joke still not better..smh be careful everyone esp if u already have back issues such as degenerative disc disease…nice video with I knew this then mines popped out right on the nerve in an area they could not get good enough…

  • Thank you for these videos. They have helped me stay in the gym longer than I’ve done in the past. Id like to ask if there is a video that shares what workouts to avoid if we are having shoulder pain in between the collar bone and both sides of the neck when arm is elevated? Much appreciated.

  • Taking 90 pound jumps is absurd. Resting several minutes between warm up sets is absurd. Doing HIT before attempting a max is absurd. Ignoring the weights your injured client is telling you he thinks he can do is absurd. “Guessing” that he’s going to do 405, but if he doesn’t, “assuming” his max is 385 is absurd. Saying that that guy “nailed 405” when it was a mile high is absurd. Having an injured client, or any client, squat with literally no safety precautions is absurd. I sincerely hope NO ONE follows this when attempting an actual max.

  • Five months ago we began lifting 1 pound weights.  We laughed at ourselves, but we did it.  Then 3 pounds, then five.  Now we’re lifting 8 and doing drop sets back down to 5.  We could lift the 1 pounders about 30-40 reps…took a lot of time but we had to find out how many we could do as we had no idea to begin with.

    We can only lift about 8-9 reps with the 8 pounders, down to another 4-5 on the 5s…we do three sets.  At five pounds to begin with we were doing four sets and didn’t know about drop sets yet.  We’re both discovering we have little biceps now…at first I thought mine was a tumor.  
    Thanks for these videos!

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  • I just discovered I have a dehydrated disc L5, its not still a hernia but its pumping out a little, wich one of your videos should I watch, dr. Told me I should never lift heavy weights again and its reccomending only swimming but I really want to continue lifting but avoiding my problem to get worser, thank you very much if you can answer back

  • Lol Scooby is a comedian! XD “Egh! Wrong!” XD And the way he does the imitations XD I can imagine him goin like “Hey guys, I’m vegan gains and I’m here to tell u, vegan diets are the absolute best” then be like “Egh! Wrong!” XD

  • Haha I’m not trying to go against your opinions because you have got me great success and I watch your videos for a reason. Just trying to bring up a point about lifting to failure.:)

  • I have a SHARP pain next to my belly button, I was lifting a few 20KG boxes the other day, could that be the cause? Is that enough to cause a hernia?

  • Let me get this straight:
    Outside of rack with safety rails
    No spotter
    Only 3-5 warmup reps
    2-3 minutes cooling down, followed by another few measly reps after being cold again.
    Then long pauses between sets while still cold
    Guesstimating some bullshit numbers
    Pressuring an injured dude to lift more than he’s comfortable with
    Guesstimating more weight with no reasoning
    Bar bouncing at the top of his reps

    Yeah, you fucking nailed it. Exactly how not to find your 1RM.

  • This routine is legit. I’ve had back problems (L4-L5 herniation) since my early 20s as a result of power lifting followed by time in an infantry unit (DDD). Got to the point where I’d tweak something once every couple weeks, be in agony for days, then slowly recover. Since I started this I really haven’t had much pain. Completed a relatively strenuous training class two weeks ago that involved running, crawling, jumping with a lot of gear and never really felt it in the spine. Life changing information here.

  • Beginner bruh here…

    Problem is, if I lift to failure, I need a lot of recovery time. Not a minute, or even 5. It sometimes feel like I’ll need a freakin’ half hour to start another set.

    My rule of thumb after starting again (a few weeks ago) is that I’m stopping when my arm starts to slack/lifting another rep becomes very difficult, but not to absolute failure. I also used to fail to hit the 6-16 mark. I usually try to gauge myself to 10-12, and I’m usually able to dial it down and get it right. I do 5 of those sets.

    But now that I am doing it this way, I’m quickly gaining back anything I lost and I think this will mean good gains for the future… Obviously you have serious expertise considering your physique, but I just don’t want people to have any temporary injuries like I did when I started…

    Oh, and that thing about lifting light at the beginning? That’s real… I got in way to fast at my school gym way back… I hadn’t lifted in several years and immediately did 5 sets with a 15 lb weight. I had a temporary injury, I’m assuming on the tendons in both arms. For two days, my arms were basically out of commission. You need to start slow and condition your tendons. Or good luck with sore pulling every time you move for a while. It hurts and it’s not fun. Don’t do it!

  • Hey scooby, I just want to say thank you for channel and all that you do just to help strangers get healthy. The information on your site and your channel literally has saved my life. Very grateful.

  • O_O
    My arms are good to do lifts with 20 pounds….. Did I mention I’m 12? Well, I have been working out for a year already, so that would make sense

  • I thought the spine was the core, but anyway, I did a twisting motion while being like in the dead lift while at work, and it ruined me. I tried a leg press machine after that, and it really made it hurt. I have been using an inversion board for years, but the nerve pain in my hip/leg keeps coming back, and sometimes even in the other leg. Makes it hard to exercise, but got to keep trying.

  • hehe I have slight back pain for long time now and the last one recently I have been doing instinctly:) now I know that it was good:)

  • Whats your opinion on 5×5? Thats what I’m doing,…. then 45 min 145150 hr cardio…. I’m trying to gain strength and lose weight.

  • When you lift to failure you change your form which means you won’t be successful later on when the later when it actually get hard.

  • It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when these people accomplish it easily with Elite Muscle Formula (search for it on Google).

  • His 1RM was a failed rep. Also, this isn’t how you should test out your 1RM. Your form will be inconsistent due to the low reps and long rest periods between these sets. Also, 90 lb jumps from set to set? Do you even know how to gradual, bro!?

  • yep i agree. You are smart if you understand you need to eat right at your age to kill your belly. btw!but ye The surprising part is my friend who is not doing much excercises, maintaining his six pack with this secret food items. you can see it here

  • yep. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming. btw!but ye In a best female model 2012 exclusive interview she had mentioned about her strong abs with this 7 food items. i found it here

  • Does it make sense to begin a training session with a lower weight and add more weight with every new set? That’s kinda how I have been training so far…
    Or do you have to pick the highest weight you can savely handle from the start?

  • Holy crap THANK YOU!!!!
    Looks like I need to add 5-10 pounds to my workouts. LIFT TILL FAILURE. Failure is something I’m good at, I GOT THIS!!!

  • Boy I wish I would have seen this when I started. Would have saved me atleast a couple weeks of ridiculous soreness five years ago!

  • Can’t find an unijured person who squats over 315
    HIIT for warmup to a 1rm
    Have an injured person take 90lb jumps
    Pressure an injured person to lift massively more than they are comfortable with
    No use of safetys or spotters

    Dogshit depth by the end

    Did you get your PHD in a cereal box?

  • How would I know if my disc is herniated? I have a peculiar pinch where my right ass starts close the spine. I have no problem doing squats or deadlifts but I feel the pinch while sleeping or sometimes walking. I think it could KILL MY GAINS

  • Should I immediately stop doing exercises like deadlift and squats if I feel such kind of pain in one side of my lower back, butt and leg?

  • Herniated a disc just two weeks ago. Didn’t even know I did until I brought some flexion to my lower back (I’ve got a kypholordotic spine so I usually don’t) and bam… weakness down the leg etc… sucks as I was just getting back into lifting good.

  • the problem with squats and deadlifts is that they are a great way to obtain this injury.

    yes yes, i know all the gymrats will be like “LMAO U EVEN LIFT” and proceed to tell us about how these 2 lifts are perfectly safe when done with correct form.

    but that’s the problem. for the average person who works a day job, who will occasionally get tired, or stressed, or ill, or will simply be unfocused on the day you WILL end up performing these exercises with less-than-ideal form. and that’s fast-track to injury.

    the pros e.g. strongmen who can spend all their day focusing on training and eating can pull this stuff off long-term. that’s their job. for the rest of us, you can skip heavy squats and deadlifts but still stay perfectly fit and strong with other activities.

    or go ahead and do them. you might be fine. just know that you ARE running the risk of an unnecessary and life-changing injury.

  • Hey Jeff, thanks for the video. Recently I got back spasm in my lower back. Doctor suggested me a few exercises but that didn’t help. I started gym a few months after and again I got the same problem. Could you share your thoughts to help me get rid of this problem?

  • +Daryn Flett Seems you are beginner obssesed with the idea of taking roids or you are the. He’s not using any roids and you don’t even need that to achieve the kind of body that he has, you just need discipline and give your 110% on the GYM =)

  • All the money BB. com makes from the ‘misc’ and this is the shitty production ��

    “He’s injured” “I’m injured”
    Not exactly someone I want to take advice from.

    +20lbs for the tattoo town clown.

  • I think mine happened when I was benching. My ass and hips never left the bench, I had an arch, but something just happened and now my left side hurts a lot when I try to stretch it. Leaning forward is difficult, so bent over rows and stiff leg deadlifts are a pain now. Sometimes even when just sitting in my car there’s pain from my left side to my lower back and sometimes my left cheek gets numb and feels like icy hot. Hopefully these tips and exercises work!

  • How Can I tall the difference between pain caused by a herniated disc and back tension caused by something else like an old ankle or knee injury?

  • This test is not a test for a starter! The test of 1 RM brings many risks with. The person has to know and to execute the exercises with a perfect technique. If he doesn’t do, the risk of a injury or an accident is too high! It’s also important that, the person who executes the test, has enough recuperation after each try. 3-4′ minutes.

    So if you are a starter, that will not mean that you can’t test your 1 RM, it’s just not the best method.

    For a starter, beginner it’s better to use the method from “Berger”, the estimation of the 1RM.

  • This is a horrible example of a 1rm test. You did not stimulate the central nervous system your increments are far to large, I question if you’ve actually warmed the joints up sufficiently. With your rep counts the rest between warm up sets are far to long, especially after the first set when he does the 225 set he’s already cold again. And you’re doing a 1 rep max wherr are the spotters and safety bar. This is a really bad example of a 1 rep max test.

  • “Don’t blow this!”
    Too late. Happened September the 5th this year. I’m currently doing physiotherapy, and is otherwise in the process of talking to medical professionals in the hopes of getting to the bottom of the details regarding my specific injury, in the hopes that there will be tailored solutions for me and that I will one day be free of the complications from my sciatica. Your videos have actually helped me somewhat in this endeavour, so thank you for uploading these informative videos of yours!

  • schools teach alot of garbage and good things, but how many schools teach this or show videos like this. i have never hear any kid come back home and say they were taught how to pick op light boxes correctly. Education system is designed to help the government. they could give a damn about your health.

  • In November I hurt my back and had sciatica pain. My chiropractor has been working with me and the pain is nearly all gone. Except now I have mild drop foot. I can move it up about half way. After mri they say I have a herniated disc touching the nerve and they’re recommending surgery. Is it possible with therapy to regain the movement in my foot and reduce the herniated disc?

  • I have a question. If I can do the first sets between 8 to 16, but in the last set or two I do below 8. should I keep the weights or not? In every set I do less reps. The goal is to reach 16 in all sets to increase weight or just in the first one?

  • Hey Scooby what about swinging your weight only at the end when you are already failing? Isn’t it better to cheat a bit in order to get a couple more reps?

  • This guy doesn’t care one bit for the health of the lifter. As someone who has dealt with years of low back issues and had 2 lumbar discs replaced, you should not be pushing someone with a LB injury to go above what he is comfortable with. No spotter, no safety. All to make your freakin $.

  • Heres what you should do:
    #1. Stop it getting worse. Make your core muscles super strong.
    Really focus on good posture.
    Never sit unless you absolutely must.
    Do not lift anything.
    #2. Use your mind best you can to ignore the pain. Easier said than done hey?
    #3. Use external ways to reduce pain.
    Ice Packs.
    Pills as a last resort.

    Hope this helps.

  • Working at a desk my entire life got me a bulging disk. Now I have to avoid bending and have get up more frequently so for me it was something as simple as that to get me a problem. Now I’m doing gym but I’m really careful with my lifting.

  • I used to do calesthenics 3 years ago…on my 4th month i was almost able to do any move but then i got a lower back injury and stopped woeking out until a month ago. I switched to weigh lifting and feel my lower back is much better thats just me

  • How long did it take y’all to fully recover from y’all herniated disk? bc it’s been like 5 months and I’m still not fully recovered

  • <3 I could never get bored of you Sccooby.
    Btw. Your videos helped me get back into powerlifting, any tips on going from powerlifting to bodybuilding?

  • I guess you did qualify this initially by stating that this is for beginners (thereby making this comment fairly redundant ;)), but lifting to failure is not always optimal if you are strength training. Sub maximal strength training methods such as 555/531…you might lift to failure on the last set but certainly not every set.

  • I was a heavy weight lifter for a solid 5 years when I started at the age of 14 until I turned 19. At 19 I discovered that I had an L5/S1 herniated disc and the neurologist told me to never ever go to the gym again. As a teenager this was beyond devastating to me. I cried and cried thinking that I lost my future because of this. I wasted my 20’s not working out (although swimming and playing soccer and basketball lightly was the exception). Then 7 years later I discovered that I had another L4/L5 herniated disc, which further brought me down despite not weight training at all. Frustrated at how I’ve physically become, I decided to make matters in my own hands. Now I’m 33 and I’ve been back to the gym for a couple of months and so far I’ve never felt this good before in such a long time. I am doing full body workouts in order to get my body in sync and rhythm with the workouts and hopefully work and get a stronger core to start gradually lifting heavy. I’m not planning to lift extremely heavy, I just want to be physically fit and look great without visceral fat. I’m telling you please stay active and do not let any doctor put you down. YOU are the only one responsible for your own fate AND NOT ANYONE ELSE. It’s easier said than done I know, I wasted my 20’s and 15 years of believing I can’t workout in the gym no more but it’s better late than never.

  • Wow, I looked at your newer videos and you have come a long way. Thanks for great content and for continually stepping up your game!

  • Your videos are packed full of excellent advice. This one particularly hit the sweet spot for me. I am 72 and have always been in pretty good health but never really did any serious exercise-training. I started working out with weights mostly just dumbells and a bench and was astounded at the rapid changes in my overall shape and musculature BUT four months ago I got some pretty severe back pain and it then became involved with the sciatic nerve you really don’t want to have that. Standing up walking to the bathroom etc a real chore. MRI showed a herniated disk. Physical therapy for about six weeks without much change. THEN a got a book Treat Your Own Back by Dr. Robion McKenzie (deceased). It was the magic elixir for me. It takes about 30 minutes to read it. Has just a few exercises and in 48 hours my problem was gone. it has not come back and I am now exercising with weights again and feel really good. What happened to me is exactly as described in the Athlean-X video. I am convinced that I set myself up driving my motor home for two months for probably 40 hours a week in a really cushy seat that demands horrible posture. That set the stage for the rotating lifting injust as described in the video. I will continue with the daily exercise as described in the book (about three for four minutes a day) and will definitely follow the exercises and stretching recommended in this video. I have no connection to the book, don’t care if you try it or not I will just say that it was exactly what I needed. I am trying to catch up on all of the fabulous Athlean-X videos it is hard to find such quality and passion on any subject the is explained so well. Thanks for all you are doing.

  • The right side of my lower back feels like it keeps cramping real bad and wakes me up at night.. and it also feels like fluid is building up in the bottom of my stomach. I haven’t gone to a doctor yet, because I have no insurance. I’m just hoping it goes away.

  • Can you exercise with a degenerative disc? Or should I forget the whole Idea of lifting? I was a bodybuilder then I’ve broken my foot a g tear the muscle too. This cause a lot of imbalance which lead to loss of strength. Then after two month of my foot injury I fell twice cause my ankle is not stable. I fell on my back I didn’t felt a sever pain and I complete doing my exercises. After a few months my back starts to hurt. I went to the doctor and after seeing my xray results I did an xray for the whole body cause I was experiencing a chronic neck pain he said that I got a spasm causing my neck and dorsal spine to straightened and a degenerative disc in the lumber area a slight degeneration. Should I stop bodybuilding and hiit workout?or there’s something that I can do to fix it and go on with my trainig with modifications so I don’t worsen the problem and degenerate the discs even more? I’ve been suffering for 7 months now and I’m really depressed I don’t know what to do? Any idea on stem cells for the ddd is it worth it or it’s just a scam? Please I don’t want to gave up weight lifting its life for me.

  • Hi! I had a ruptured disc. I am 42. I was very unfit (no muscles) and I was doing crunches (very bad for lower back). My physiotherapist (a former elite athlete) helped me to go from being skinny and unable to bend to being more sort of muscular and flexible. it took time. I do squat and deadlift (romanian deadlifts) but only with 15 -20 kg. The I also do planks, push ups and (with lots of care) Russian twists. I don’t feel like loading more. Do you think that lifting light weights is the right way to go for the future? I don’t trust lifting more.

  • Nobody wants the truth. Swimming is without doubt best exercise for anyone with a bad back. Also great cardio. ���� I train alternate 2 days light weights 1 day swimming.

  • My back kills me on the regular. It’s to the point where I’m giving up squats and lunges which sucks bc this means chicken legs indefinitely.

  • I think I got mine cause I never really did much core exercises and sitting a lot, bending a lot, too much weight I couldn’t handle, it was coming, i think my camels back broke on the flat bench with all these issues. Recovering now.

  • I like how they’re both recovering from injuries, so they’re not using a belt and the squat rack offers no safety in case of failure. Basically you just collapse to the ground under the weight �� maybe put the fucking bar INSIDE the power rack next time Doctor Hell’s Angel?

  • There is so much wrong here it is almost comical. Please do not follow this protocol. Warm up for real at least 10 light reps (his 135) with good form, work gradually (like 5 increments from 135 to 315 in the case of this video) to the target weight and do not lift your max injured.

  • This vedio is ur bgain. Asked u few different times now. In past for my last injury’s. But just a man wishful thinking? That’s been on comp from sever back injury. Lower rite. Every human over 38. Or younger has them but d ones that’s ripped them apart from a Job that’s more days harder then taken each work out to fealer.sorry wastein ur time and mine for a response but u do have lots of good info. GOD BLESS. Merry Xmas.

  • I’ve a bulged disc and I’m totally fine with doing squats and any single leg training but I Must not deadlift since lifting anything that heavy off the ground can aggregate that pre-existing injury. Last month I screwed it up once again while doing sprinter lunges!! So, I decided to stick with squats and Bulgarian split squats.

  • This is what I’ve been telling people for so long. My firends like to push and go for more weight and then fail and get discouraged and I keep telling them they need to wait and go slow and at their own bodies’ pace. I’m gonna show them this video so they know it’s not just advice, it’s fact