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30 MINUTE FUN AND FAST CARDIO HIIT | Fat Burning Cardio | Tracy Steen

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HIIT for Holidays: 15-Min Kickboxing Workout

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A pre-Thanksgiving cardio workout with Tracy Anderson | Good Moves

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Fat Burning HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout | Alex Savva

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The Four-Minute Cardio Workout For Your Heart

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40-Minute Cardio & Sculpt High-Intensity Workout With The Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins

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Schedule 15–20 minutes of your favorite cardio workout, and check in with us in the comments below or on social media once you are done. Today’s Healthy for the Holidays Tip: Eat a hearty, healthy breakfast! Starting the day off right with a balanced meal and a full stomach makes saying no thanks to those office holiday treats a little easier. Healthy for the Holidays Fitness Plan: Intervals. Welcome to Day 4: Healthy for the Holidays!

Your Day 4 workout is a focused cardio and body-weight strength interval session that doesn’t require any equipment and can easily be done in a small space at home or in a hotel. In our workout video below, we’ll alternate cardio intervals with body-weight strength moves for a two-in-one workout!Not to fear. This workout plan with cardio-blasting, fat-burning moves will allow you to indulge in moderation without feeling the guilt.

It’s designed as a full body, circuit-training workout. Let me help you fit in fitness 10 minutes at a time with my brand new “ Walk On: 10 Minute Quick Walk Mix! ” This at-home exercise program features cardio, strength and flexibility routines that work with even the busiest of schedules. Day 5: Stretch and Relax.

This workout can be logged as “MILD STRETCHING” in your MyFitnessPal app. Welcome to Day 2: Healthy for the Holidays! Your Day 2 workout is a total-body strength-training session that uses one of my favorite pieces of portable, inexpensive gym equipment — a resistance band!

If you’re traveling for the holidays, toss your band in your suitcase. This routine is tailor-made for a small space in your hotel or at home. Welcome to Day 3: Healthy for the Holidays!

Your Day 3 workout is a core strength session that doesn’t require any equipment (though you might want to use a mat or a towel for the floor work). This routine is easy to do in a small space in your hotel or at home and can be adapted for most fitness. Walking is an exercise that can go anywhere, from the woods to the mall, says health and lifestyle coach Jackie Keller, author of Body After Baby: The Simple 30-Day Plan. The holiday season is filled with yummy treats but that doesn’t mean you should abandon your fitness plan.

Learn how you can keep your diet on track. Fitting in my workout first thing prevents me from skipping it later in the day when I get busy with fun plans with family and friends. RELATED: 25 Ways to Fight Holiday. Have a Diet and Exercise Plan For the Holidays Fit Tip: Now’s the Time to Make Your Healthy Holiday Plan.

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List of related literature:

4: Keep up your exercise and fitness program during the holidays.

“Cooking for Healthy Healing: The healing recipes. Book two” by Linda Page
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The safest, most effective exercise program for the overweight person would be a program of aerobic exercise, performed 5–7 days per week, accumulating 40–60 min of exercise per day, at an intensity of 40–60% of VO2max (60–80% for those already acclimated to exercise training).

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They have requested a structured weekly group exercise plan to follow to increase their fitness for a walking holiday in three months’ time.

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Aerobics is performed before holiday.

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The goal of the team is to maintain (or lose) weight throughout the holiday season.

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She aims for thirty minutes of exercise a day, scheduling in five minutes of push-ups here and ten minutes there for walking on the treadmill in her home or neighborhood.

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After the holidays, if my weight is no longer in the healthy zone, scheduling a workout at the end of the day is a great way to burn calories, ease stress and eliminate the craving for an alcohol-induced relaxation strategy.

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Consequently, most cardiac rehabilitation programs recommend exercising most days of the week for an hour a day.

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Health care professionals should encourage patients to plan and schedule physical activity 1 week in advance, budget the time necessary to do it, and document their physical activity by keeping a diary and recording the duration and intensity of exercise.

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MK could also take a break in her work schedule and include a half hour walking program or use a home exercise video.

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  • I’m pretty much a beginner and I found this kind of easy…Did anyone else? I did have to do low impact on some exercises because it’s 2am and I live in a two story though.

  • For me it depends on the move, if it’s easy I’ll do the advance move, but if it’s challenging I’ll do the modify moves. But I try it first and always give it my best regardless of having to switch it up in between.

  • A guided visualization to illuminate your invisible etheric body and activate
    your meridians. Understanding spirituality and physicality!

  • love this workout have a bad rotator cuff so the side planks are painful i just hold the regular plank i am 73 so if i can get through this with some modifications you can too i love her energy and that she has such a curvy body.

  • Doing this workout on a muggy summer day… So thoroughly soaked, my exercise mat is making the most unladylike noises when I’m doing the abs part!:D

  • I cannot stand your noisy sounds guys…uhh, ohhh, suhh, auhh, uhhh, huhh… in a sex party! Let the leader talk and you follow! Very noisy!

  • well donehoweverI do side kick like a back stomp kickor front kick to the sidesharing to Ashford Fitness Society on fbty

  • Worked with frank DJing his classes. Classes are always run in a professional and fun way. He is always a pleasure to work with and a true gentleman.

  • I’m trying this workout for the month of July. Yesterday (1 July) was my first day. I loved it. I will try to update every 7 Days on my progress. I will only weigh myself at the end of the month, but I will Update my measurements on the 14th of July (Every two weeks)

    Weight: 78Kgs
    Lower waist: 39.1 Inches
    Belly Button area: 36.1 Inches
    Mid Waist: 32.9 Inches
    Upper Waist: 33. 5 Inches
    Left thigh: 26.6 inches
    Right thigh: 26.5 inches
    Butt: 46 inches.

  • I’ve been working out for two years and this is the first workout that i truly love.i feel great afterwards and i don’t get muscle sores

  • Jeanette is awesome, thank you J for always being motivational and inspiring us all to continue staying healthy, so hard but worth it!! Her work outs are lidget the only ones Ive been able to stay motivated by one year strong babyyy! more!!

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  • Hey much love❣�� here for u!!LOVE UR STANDIND WORKOUTS for abs…waiting for MORE NEW WORKOUTS.
    .I lost 14 kgs doing ur standing workouts which was post pregnancy..still continuing the fight with u..

  • Really love Jeannette, think shes super full of energy and her workouts are intense! The only thing was that I found Gideon in the back very annoying as I felt he was trying to takeover the workout, and it defiantly didnt motivate me. But thank you Jeanette! Lovely and sweaty now

  • This is my favorite and I like that the fact that they included different people. I am encouraging my husband to this with me. Please more diversity!!

  • i really like this workout. am a plus size girl who really don’t care about stuffs like this. but this workout really gave me a reason to loose weight

  • I want the encouraging man to follow me around, enthusiastically supporting everything I do ‘great cooking’ ‘you’ve got this cleaning’:)

  • Doesn’t your BPM need to be in the target zone for 20 minutes? Everything I know about fitness tells me you can’t just pack a hardcore workout into 4 minutes because what constitutes a good cardio workout is the duration of 20 minutes.

  • Just 4 minutes & u’ll break into sweats of hardwork. Good for making routine in busy daily life. It looked simple but damn it’s really intense.

  • M a heart patient ������can I do dis type of exercise like jumping n all,,,,,,I feel so tired too fast n my heart beat become faster I mean it’s not normal ��

  • I have arrhythmia sometimes, (fluttering of heart sometimes for few seconds) according to all doctors it’s just anxiety, no heart problem.. My question is can I do little bit from this cardio exercise??

  • Sir, My pulse rate is very high.While I have done the exercise my pulse rate came normal. Thank you for valuable exercise sir.,

  • i die each time I finish. am doing this every other day only because I get tired fast. I do other routines on a daily basis. Thank you, Bowflex guys, for this great workout video.

  • Loved this one Tracy! I must admit, I did take a little break this Christmas, but I was with the family on long walks and constantly moving daily even if it wasn’t your workouts. Glad to be back. Thank you ��

  • Hello,,, sir,,, i do, my dumbells workout exercises,,& yes, I do roop jump of 100 & then dumbells of 5kg of 50 sets & then jumping jack of 50 @ a time & then once again rope skipping of 100,, & then workout with my dumbells of, 5kg for 1 minute,,, i perform (5 to 6 dumbells workout) how should I break my routine of workout & how should I begin with new exercise,, which is in this video,, please please please,, make a video on my question,, thanks,, god bless u

  • I dont workout at all. I have such a low stamina capacity, that everytime i wake up, im out of breathe, im there gasping and weezing for air, even when i get up to sit down, im at a lost of breathe, and i have bad asthma and high cholesterol, ����im gonna die young….. I need encouragement for working out, my parents thinks its funny that i have so many health and mental issues at 17, they say at my age its not a big deal cuz im not their age… In all reality, its way worst for me than them, cuz i am supposed to have a long life ahead of me, but might be shortened for the lack of things i do to help my self, having issues at a young age is way way worst than having it at an old age ��more can happen, and it gets worst over the years ����ahhhh��

  • You should warm up and strech before you do punches and kicks otherwise you can pull a muscle. I have done martial artist for almost 20 years and hurt myself many times because I did not warm up and strech before punching and kicking. The elbow joint is really prone to injury this way. The knees is what will be damaged on the legs. But hey, its your body, if you want to risk an injury then thats up to you.

  • After first watching ur video of 4 minutes ab work out I really became ur fan. Your each workout video is designed amazingly. Every video of Bowflex is really inspirational to all to get started. Tq

  • JJ I love you!!! I joined her HTC 3 weeks ago and I AM FEELING IT!! Starting to see muscle definition, more energy, higher endurance! I especially love how descriptive she is about each move and always takes the time to educate her audience. I can’t wait to see even more results!

  • Does this workout help to build heart endurance, so I will get tired slower? And how many times a week should I do it? When I could see the first results?

  • This was a great workout for me this afternoon after work! I loved all the moves, they were super fun and fast! ����. I’ve been doing a lot of workouts with weights lately, which I do love. But it was fun to just let loose and kick some cardio butt! ��
    Thanks Tracy! ����

  • Is this all ther is for a cardio workout? I was checking the playlist but cant find any specifically for cardio help ��love the workout though

  • I am having heart disease and i am getting tired so fast. How am i going to adapt with this workout? this workout is quite complicate for me because am getting tired very fast.

  • That is great, i just started my stuff to help those who are unable to go expensive and have no coach, i am making training for them, your suggestions for me is great contribution for my growth.

  • Yes this is so amazing! Just sent it to a client who is away on vacation and was looking to do some cardio workouts without equipment. We need more videos like this please:)

  • Thanks to Jeanette Jenkins I can get through the Coronavirus without being a couch potato… Her workouts are all amazing, I’ve gone through so many of her videos and each time I’m drenched even at the lowest of intensity. BRAVO!

  • Hi brother
    which is better for reducing belly fat and weight-
    orbitrek or spin bike?
    Is there any disadvantages for both if we are using this in home for both males and females

  • Just did this today its not christmas time but I still wanted to say I enjoy your talks at the end. This sort of applies during covid19 lockdown too. I need to be reminded not to comfort eat. Thanks.

  • Thank you Alex, I am building right now, and I like this cardio HIIT program on the cycle with the added workout circuit at the end. So, once I’m satisfied with my gains, I will work your program for 30 days. Thanks again…and please don’t change a thing, your presentation is beyond greaT (5⭐z). ������!

  • Did HIIT for the first time in years today on my road bike. I had to pull over and sit on the curb. I thought my lungs were going to explode. It,s been 5 hours and I am still feeling the burn and have a major migraine. Such a nightmare.

  • I’m trying to lose belly fat and around my waist, also my right knee always hurts when I do squats or any motion that puts pressure on it…what do u recommend cycling or running?

  • I try my best to mind my own business and not to care about tiny insignifficant details but why in hell would someone wear shorts with leggings?

  • To get the best ATP recover u need to rest to lower you pulse o 110 between HIIT if u dont, u wont get the maximal effect of hiit. And if u can recover from a HIIT in 30 seconds and go to 100 % again your superman.

  • If you cycle to work everyday for 2 years this hit cardio is easy as hell:))) yet hearing how people breath today in the gym even though they look good they are far from healthy and fit.

  • Im doing every abs move but it hasnt really burned my abs that much, been doing all kinds of abs workouts for like 3-4months now, seen some results but i want to really feel im working out. Have any tips or harder workout?

  • I do 2000m of rowing in 7:15 7:30 (that’s my range for the last few weeks, I’m trying to break 7:00). It isn’t intervals, but do people think it has the same benefit? Before you ask it sure is so bloody hard by far the hardest thing I do in the gym.

    EDIT: I’m 72kg, that’s relevant. Also, I’m 17

  • the best way to fight diabetes is cardiovascular exercise stationary bicycle work would prevent diabetes to what you would do the best cure to diabetes is exercise

  • i’ve done this after my strength workout and i’m loooving it!! quick, fun and effective. time passed by fast. thank you so much. waiting for more<3

  • Thank you for these amazing workouts!! You are my 5am motivation 5 times a week:) I like the low plank toe tap the very best I’d go so far as to say I love them!! Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season. xox

  • This is great!! It’s very effective and apartment friendly, so I can do this in my place!! Please make exercises with resistance bands!! And only you need is show us a time!!

  • I dont know what’s up with me but the workout felt so so hard..I dont know if heavy situations are effecting my workout or because I just turned 35 and my body is changing or the 2 bottles of eggbog! Lol.anyways pushing thru

  • Per my Apple Watch I burned 200 active calories. Not as many as yesterday but I needed something a little shorter. I’m glad it was out of the 100s! I also was worried about doing a lot of weights the day after.

  • I like these types of videos where you do the exercise 3 times then your done instead doing all the exercises then going through them 3 times through. Please do more in this format!