Half hour Mix-Train Cardio Workout


30 Min HIIT Crosstrainer Workout zur schnellen Fettverbrennung

Video taken from the channel: ECT by Stephan Deininger


30 Minute Cardio/Strength Workout with Celebrity Trainer Kit Rich

Video taken from the channel: Kit Rich


LOW IMPACT Cross Training HIIT for RUNNERS | 35 Minute Quiet CARDIO Home Workout without Jumping

Video taken from the channel: Pahla B Fitness


Cross Trainer Cardio Workout

Video taken from the channel: JTX Fitness


30 Min Cardio HIIT Crosstrainer Workout. Schnell abnehmen!

Video taken from the channel: ECT by Stephan Deininger


30 Minute Metabolism Booster with Celebrity Trainer Kit Rich

Video taken from the channel: Kit Rich

30 Minute Cross-Train Cardio Workout. Fitness. 2013-07-19 | By: Snap Fitness Do you have a cardio routine you haven’t switched up in a while? Do you feel like you have hit a plateau? If your body gets used to doing the same workout routine all the time, it can cause you to plateau. The goal of this cross training challenge is to complete the workout in under 30 minutes.

Complete 3 sets of these moves, with a 1 minute rest in between. If you are perfect and take absolutely no extra seconds in between moves, the workout should last exactly 24 minutes and 30 seconds. Get your heart rate up without taking it to the mat with this standing cardio workout that you can do anywhere! These cardio exercises will jump-start your e. To perform this 30 minute cardio workout at home, you need a regular jump rope and any kind of Mat will work great for you in order to spare your joints and increase your jumping performance.

However, if a jumping mat is not accessable, you can easily perform this session at home, without using the mat. But, the sheer intensity can make it feel like one. If you want the full 30 minutes, warm up first with some cardio, or try to do two sets (using two different multi-joint movements).

30 Minute Cross Training Workouts to Burn Fat and Build Muscle Mass. This will be a sample workout of a total cross-training 30 minute workout. *Kettlebell lifts. Join The Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins for a 45-minute LIVE workout on POPSUGAR Fitness’s Instagram on Tuesday, May 5, at 9 a.m. PDT: https://www.instag. https://teambodyproject.com Transform your body in just 10 weeks and take part in the entire Body Project system.

Start your Body Project TODAY! Or simply co. https://teambodyproject.com Create a free account today. This workout is part of Real Start and Real Start Plus a workout plan made for real people with re. You can do it in 15 minutes, but if you’ve got 30 minutes, that’s even better.

Any physical activity is good! “An effective workout is all about getting your heart rate high and Giving your best! going FULL OUT,” explains Ashley Joi, a trainer on Chris Hemsworth’s Health and Fitness app Centr. “A shorter workout can actually be more effective because you have less time to make excuses and it. Published on Mar 29, 2020 Fitness and dance expert Nicole Steen makes sure you hit every muscle in your body in this 30-minute no-equipment workout. Nicole.

List of related literature:

Workout 2: Tabata Sets Perform a 10-to-15-minute warm-up, then complete 8 rounds of 20 seconds of a single exercise (burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, kettlebell swings, squats, treadmill running, cycling, rowing machine—you choose) with 10 seconds of rest between rounds.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2020

The workout should be structured so that there is 5 to 10 minutes of running at aerobic intensity at the start and end to allow for a warm-up and cool-down.

“Developing Endurance” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Ben Reuter
from Developing Endurance
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Ben Reuter
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

Twenty to 50 minutes of sustained cardiovascular exercise per session is ideal, with a five­minute warm up before and at least a five­minute cool down and stretch after.

“8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)” by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
from 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)
by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
W. W. Norton, 2016

There’s no doubt that 40 minutes on an elliptical trainer with your heart rate at 120 to 130 beats per minute—that is, in the “aerobic zone”—is a very different experience from the one you get in a 7minute met-con of heavy kettle-bell swings, box-jumping, and burpees.

“Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body” by T. J. Murphy
from Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body
by T. J. Murphy
VeloPress, 2012

Until proven otherwise, I am promoting HIIT sessions lasting 20 to 25 minutes with a 5-minute warmup and a 5-minute cool-down period as the best way to achieve heart and lung protection and burn body fat.

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body” by Jeffry S. Life
from The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body
by Jeffry S. Life
Atria Books, 2011

The workouts are for only 30 minutes, and they combine strength training with aerobic activity.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine” by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
from Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine
by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
SAGE Publications, 2010

That’s how I do my cardio workouts—I do 45 minutes of walk, run, walk—divided to 1 to 2 minutes cycle.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
from Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women
by Deanne Panday
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2013

Special recommendations for middleand long-distance running Part II: Anaerobic interval training.

“Sports Science Handbook: I-Z” by Simon P. R. Jenkins
from Sports Science Handbook: I-Z
by Simon P. R. Jenkins
Multi-Science, 2005

• Intermediate interval training, oranaerobic-aerobic interval training, consists of work intervals lasting 30 s to 2 min and is performed at high intensity (>90% of race pace).

“The Biophysical Foundations of Human Movement” by Bruce Abernethy, Stephanie J. Hanrahan, Vaughan Kippers, Laurel T. Mackinnon, Marcus G. Pandy
from The Biophysical Foundations of Human Movement
by Bruce Abernethy, Stephanie J. Hanrahan, et. al.
Human Kinetics, 2005

An alternative approach is interval training, where the 20or 30-minute exercise session is divided into short bouts of high-intensity exercise for 30 seconds to 2–3 minutes, interspersed with equal periods of rest.

“Physiotherapy for Respiratory and Cardiac Problems: Adults and Paediatrics” by Jennifer A. Pryor, Ammani S Prasad
from Physiotherapy for Respiratory and Cardiac Problems: Adults and Paediatrics
by Jennifer A. Pryor, Ammani S Prasad
Elsevier Health Sciences UK, 2008

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • There’s just something about you that’s so calming yet utterly mtoivating. You’re really becoming my favourite trainer. Thanks for the awesome workout!

  • The first time I ever did a curtsy lunge was almost 4 years ago right here. I’ve never worked that muscle in that was and I could hardly walk the next day. Now I do curtsy lunges holding 20lbs in each hand.
    I love coming back to this routine for a quick little butt kick or a warmup before weights. Thanks, Kit! ❤️

  • Thanks so much Kit for the wonderful videos. I have been doing your metabolism booster and the 45 min workout on pop sugar consistently for just 7 days now (fyi other than walks I have never been into any other kind of workouts prior to this) and have already seen a remarkable improvement in my strength and balance (was not able to lift off the floor in starfish or complete leg crawls last week and today i was able to complete both with much more ease)…you are the most inspiring trainer!!..hope to keep up with this consistently for a very long time!

  • I did this workout twice yesterday and my legs are still burning today! Thank you so much for your encouraging videos, to keep going and not to give up! I love doing your videos because they push me and are getting me in good shape and are just fun! Please keep posting new workout videos! Your very inspiring!

  • Holy moly! Great ladder sweat. I did all but the push-up in the burpee and for the punisher…lol, just held a plank on my elbows. If I counted right that was an 80 hold. Boom!!!!! SFG!

  • Was so anxious this morning but did this, sweated like crazy and when you looked at us and ‘said you freaking did it’ at the end was actually smiling from ear to ear. Best fitness trainer we have online EVER hands down. Thank you Kit, God bless

  • It’s so true, Kit, your videos are great, and you explain everything so calmly and well. On this video, I did find at times it was a little difficult to hear you above the music and your instruction and reassurance is so important for me, personally, that i’d love if you could decrease the music volume a bit. Thanks for great training:-)

  • Wenn man das ans Krafttraining anschließt, wie sind dann die Belastungsbzw Erholzeiten? So wie in der 2. Oder ersten Runde? Cooles Video!

  • Thank you Kit. I only found out about your videos a week ago but they are now part of my daily routine. Demanding but stretching me to just the right level… Also like that your exercises are varied and safe.

  • I was doing workout but bored and had left again started from ur video and again my confidence back you are amazing ur exercises method different thank you so much make interest in way..yes are reasion i am doing daily workout

  • Thank you so much Kit Rich. You are amazing and inspiring.I workout daily watching your workout videos and always feel great at the end and remain energized for the whole day.

  • Macht es einen Unterschied ob ich das HIIT vor dem Krafttraining oder danach mache? Habe bisher immer zuerst HIIT und danach Krafttraining gemacht.

  • Not only does Kit focus on you getting the form right, she says the right things to keep you motivated throughout. I look forward to more of her workouts!

  • I love your videos so much! Whether on your own channel or Popsugar, your workouts are so consistently good that I just see your name and automatically push Play…NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

  • Thank you very much for the spirit you are bringing in every work out! You became part of my daily quarantine routine! I enjoy you, dear Kit, very much!

  • WOW KIT RICH! Well done! I am easily pleased, but not easily impressed. That said, your work out impressed me! I will be signing up for more of your encouragement, well-rounded skills, variety for the whole body and your dynamic energy! KEEP GOING AND THANK YOU!

  • I love Kit Rich workouts! She’s the best her style is awesome and every time I get an incredible workout. Love you Kit Rich!! Thank you!

  • The whole point of HIIT workouts is to allow time for proper recovery between high intensity segments (at least 60 seconds). This workout does not allow for that and is pretty much just all out sprints with 10 to 20 second recoveries.

  • I am doing this program right know and I can see and feel unbelievable transformation in my body. Although I just eat three times a day and not doing any special diet. Even I am eating bread:) Thank you very much, Stephan. I will follow your advices and fatburning programs.

  • I just want to say that you’re the reason i started working out. I lost 9 pounds in a month only by doing your workouts. Thank you for being such a motivation! ❤️

  • Suddenly feels like..need To Workout during My Fasting Ramadhan.
    Search..search..search. Klik this Video.
    Me lying in my bed: Okay let’s do this, this is easy..Not much Jumping.
    Also me after 3 minutes: oh my god..What the hell is this sweats!��

    ��thank You kit.

  • Hi Stephan, vielen Dank für deine Vorführung. Neben Krafttraining bin ich immer 2-3 Woche am Elipstrainer gelaufen. Meistens Cardiotraining oder Fettabbau Programm. Mit HIIT Cardio habe ich Abwechslung zu meinen Trainingsmethoden entdeckt. Danke dafür.
    Hoffe, dass ich mit HIIT mein Fettanteil noch reduzieren kann:-)
    Gruß Thomas

  • Loved it! While my girls thought I looked hilarious and did it with me laughing, I enjoyed that they could work out with me! Thank you for your videos. They are helping me instill healthy practice in my kids. ��

  • Really great. I tried it today and feels more energetic than in any other day. Though I exhausted in 13 mins gradually I have to increase the time. Thank you. ��

  • Ist das so gedacht, dass man z.B. Mo: HIT Kraft Di.: HIT Cardio Mi.: HIT Kraft usw oder sollte man nach einer Krafteinheit sofern sie sehr hart gewesen ist einen Tag mal gar keinen Training auch kein Cardio machen?

  • Du meinst die cool down sec verkürzen von 10 auf 5 sec beispielsweise imgrunde kann mann da wahrscheinlich etwas herumspielen.Cool werde das mal so machen.����

  • I have always found non jumping jacks to be a bit awkward, but finally I modified to a side step while moving my arms in a jumping jack motion. So fun!

  • This is possibly the best workout ive EVERRRR experienced! Thank you soooo much for creating and sharing this. May the Lord God ricly reward you!

  • Awesome workout. Don’t remember the last time I laughed throughout a workout. It was sweaty and gave me ideas for future workouts. Thankyou

  • Heute zum 9s Mal auf dem Crosstrainer und wieder DIESES Video als Trainingeinheit benutzt��������������������������1er Tag (23.04) habe ich 5 km in 26 mn und heute 5km in 21mn������������������und die Krönung: Ich hatte Spaß��������������Mein Mann joggt fast jeden Tag und will das Cross Trainer H.I.I.T. Training nächste Woche ausprobieren�� DANKE 1000%%%=

  • Kit. I like your workouts. Do you mind if I share your link with my phys. Ed classes as a home workout during our online learning?

  • Thank you Paula!! I have plantar fasciitis and have been frustrated with working out. This was so great! Makes me feel like I can still get a great workout without hurting my feet!

  • Thank you so much for inspiring us, your workout is one of the best that I have tried.
    I love the way you motivated us for the whole time. I am doing this every afternoon, also doing the metabolism booster every morning and it really energizes me throughout the day. This workout improves not just my strenght but also helps me sleep better at night.
    Please don’t get tired sharing us your workout routine because you really inspires us.
    I want you to know that because of your workout tutorials my neck and back pain are getting better

    Love from Philippines������

  • This is F**king AWESOME. 320 kcal burned, average heart rate 151 BPM, max HR 174! (David enjoyed it, too!)
    I love that the floor exercises are separated with standing moves. Even though my numbers (and pouring sweat) tell me this was cardio, my shoulders are saying: this is just about as much upper body strength as I can do. I am so happy to keep working on my strength together with such effective cardio! Thank you!

  • WOW! During the Covid-19 Lockdown, I’d spent 2 months being lazy & not working out. This video inspired me to get off my aand get going! What an inspiring instructor! You are everything they say you are in the comments below and more! And so generous to share your workouts on YouTube. Thank you!

  • Hi Stephan, erst mal herzlich Dank für deine Videos. Mit diesem HIIT-Training (+ Ernährungsumstellung und leichtes Krafttraining) habe ich sehr große Erfolge erzielt. Seit Juni schon über 30 mal mitgemacht und über 20 kg verloren. Das Training ist der Hammer, die ganze Figur hat sich umgeformt und erst die Beine! Es lohnt sich absolut. Ich mache ganz oft nach deinem HIIT-Training noch weiter und dann insgesamt im Schnitt 1,5 Std., meist 45/50 km. Spricht da eigentlich was dagegen:-)? Dein HIIT ist meistens 3 x die Woche, mindestens aber 2 x dran. Ich mache weiter und werde falls du möchtest wieder berichten. Hab noch mindestens 10 kg vor mir ;-).
    Also nochmal, danke, danke, danke Stephan Deininger!

  • Muss das erst 10 sek und dann 20 sein? Geht das nicht zB 1 minute schnell dann 1 minute Pause? Müssen das diese Zeiten sein oder hast du da andere alternativen? Finde den wechsel so schwer mit der Zeit usw

  • I haven’t done your videos for ages, Kit and really missed them (I strained my arm last year which really affected my fitness regimes), but doing this today was great. Couldn’t do it all, but so good to train with you again your attitude and encouragement are fab!:-)

  • It’s becoz of kit rich videos….I work out with motivation and happily. I don’t get bored. But before I hv to drag myself for work out

  • Thank you so much Kit! I recently started seeing your videos and they are brilliant. I have now started spending 3 days a week doing these in addition to my spinning and running. I always wanted to look for real good cardio/strength training regimes but did not find ones which could be sustained. Thank you so much for motivating people to enjoy workouts. Love from Sweden ����

  • Schade, dass Du mit Rechts schiebst und mit Links ziehst. Wer es an der Körperhaltung nicht erkennt, der sollte auf seinen Kopf achten. Deutlicher Linksblick.

  • This was amazing! The stretches in the end were really great! Have you thought about doing a stretching video? I love the stretches in all your videos (and the popsugar ones). I feel energised after finishing it and that I have worked out my whole body. Thank you so much!!!!

  • Did this workout today and, again, thank you! These low impact cardio workouts are saving me while I am getting back into exercise after a foot injury. Also, I’ve never heard of a ladder workout. This was amazing!

  • Ist es auch ein HIIT Training wenn ich in der “anstrengenden Phase” den Widerstand höher stelle, aber die gleiche Bewegung behalte(also nicht langsamer werde)? So hab ich das bisher gemacht. Ist ja auch eine höhere Belastung für den Körper. Finde dieses schnelle Bewegen auf dem Crosstrainer nämlich wahnsinnig unangenehm.

  • I was so down… then “I freaking did it” and now I realize I’m not alone, no more anxiety, thank you so much from my body and my soul, I feel so good… ♡

  • Boah das Training hat es in sich! Hätte nicht gedacht, dass 30 minuten einem so lang vorkommen können �� dennoch ist es super, und sehr gut gemacht. Habe mich jedes mal gefreut wenn da stand ‘vorletzte runde’ ��

  • Hallo!:) ich benutzter seit kurzem auch Stepper, weil ich mich mit dem Laufband nicht immer anfreunden kann. Wir haben ein folgendes Programm Sprint8. 8 stufen, die immer schwerer werden und ca 30sek. Alles geben und 1minute Cooldown.
    Ich wollte fragen, ob dies auch effektiv ist oder für bessere Erfolge HIIT?

  • Ist dazu ein Ergometer (Fahrrad) nicht besser geeignet bzw. ist ein Crosstrainer für den privaten Gebrauch für ein HIIT Training stabil genug?

  • Something about Kit’s voice and motivation during the work out makes me not give up…she makes me feel that I can follow her workouts safely without getting injured…thank you..

  • Did the leg workout at the end of this video make your legs feel like they were on fire?! Oh VEY my butt, my obliques, and my lower abs were screaming. Fantastic workout! I am very thankful for these videos since I need to stay away from the gym and germs during treatment. Thanks for the workout Kit!

  • Das ist doch gar nichts. Ich mache 25min lange bei 140 Hz durch. Danach 5 min cool Down. Anschließend 30 min auf Laufband bei 130Hz normales laufen und am Ende 5 min cool down. Ich weiß gar nicht, ob es dafür einen Namen gibt������

  • I just want to say that only you can get me through what was a TOUGH workout with your cheerful and humorous banter. Thanks for this great workout Pahla!

  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE CREATE MORE YOUTUBE VIDEOS. This one KICKED BUTT…..I was drenched in sweat….my butt was burning, my abs were on fire……..LOVE IT…I FEEL SO STRONG, POWERFUL & INVINCIBLE RIGHT NOW! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • After doing your live workouts in lockdown, coming back to these videos feels like meeting an old friend.:) Thanks a lot Kit, you are doing God’s work!

  • What an amazing workout!! You have a motivational voice which helps me to keep pushing myself and stay till the end. Loved it!! Please keep uploading such workout

  • Super Video zum Mitmachen! Musik, Zeit alles dabei, macht Spaß, ist anstrengend und man quält sich nicht allein durchs Workout! Vielen Dank, gerne mehr solche Videos. Ist für mich 3 Mal die Woche Pflicht!

  • I love that you explain how the body is being thoroughly worked during the exercises. I really feel that I got a valuable, complete workout and it was enjoyable. Thank you.

  • Delight to train with this lady, the only good thing about lock down! So calm but focused and you feel kindness and energy oozing from her.

  • I love Kit Rich training, I have been doing the workouts for two months now and believe it, has changed my life. My belly is flat. I have really reduced, BE BLESSED Kit Rich

  • Please add new exercise video and I love to get trained by you… regularly I keep practicing all your content..I need something new

  • I always feel a little emotional when I complete your workouts. I’ve done this more that once and your encouragement and gentleness really pull at my heart strings. Thank you so much for helping me feel strong but also making me feel calm and happy at the same time.

  • Although this workout burned a lot at points (which can only be a good thing!), I felt wonderfully relaxed after the stretching, especially on my legs. Thank you!

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  • Hi Stephan, ich vermute aber das mann nach einer gewissen zeit auch beim intervall progressiv erhöhen sollte, also entweder von 20 min auf 30 min und irgendwann auch mal den wiederstand z.b von stufe 3 auf 4 usw.Würdest du das wöchentlich erhöhen?

  • I just found you last week!!! I love your workouts/your philosophy on the 3/30″ was so touching! you have a great personality and aura!!! thank you for these!!!

  • It’s a great workout. Even though I couldn’t get through the core cardio part, it felt phenomenal at the end. U explain everything in a very very calm manner. Thanks a lot

  • I love your videos. They have really made a difference in my workout routine. Please keep posting, I feel pushed to keep going and motivated by them. Thank you for the inspiring videos, you are the reason I keep working out. ❤️���� you have so much insight to what is right when working out and I just really appreciate that.

  • Kit is such an inspiration and such a likable girl. I so love her workouts. And l love that they work. She’s my personal trainer��.

  • Amazing workout. Must thank #Popsugar for introducing me to you. Was so wound up before this workout, now feel amazing. Thank you so much.

  • Great workout! I was sweating �� like crazy. I love this low impact HIIT workouts; I am 51 and like to workout. Thanks Pahla ����

  • I just did your “Double Trouble” workout and decided to do a back to back which I followed with this one! Needless to say Im dripping of sweat! Love your challenging workouts that really push our limits and it’s never ever boring!!!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and trainings!!

  • Dankeeeee ��������ich bin mit dem Training gerade fertig geworden und bin begeisterttttt!!!!!ich liebe HIIT und jetzt auf d Cross Trainer ist die Krönung ����������Dankeeee

  • Hi Kit..i love ur videos..i lost 5kgs with the help of ur inspiring videos..u look so beautiful n kind…appreciate ur effort ����

  • Your workouts are very much appreciated, with the variety of moves and your personality shining through. With this one in particular, I found the slow motion quite beneficial. Thanks!

  • New to exercise? �� Get STARTED with my FREE 14-day exercise plan specially designed for beginners. It’s fast, fun + effective: http://pahlabfitness.com/get-started/

  • Hallo Stephan, schaue jetzt seit einigen Tagen deine Videos an, hatte mir dein e-book bei amazon bestellt für Kindl(ärgere mich gerade dass es dieses mittlerweile auch als pdf gibt was viel besser ist 😉 )
    und habe heute mal dein hier vorgestelltes 30 Min. HIIT Workout absolviert. Da ich aber weder Fahrrad noch Crosstrainer mag, habe ich mir das Workout als Training auf meiner Fenix eingerichtet (Garmin) und bin losgelaufen (ich liebe das Laufen im Wald). Holla die Waldfee das war echt anstrengend! aber wirklich klasse, Puls oben, MAX Puls erreicht, würde dir ja gerne ein Bild vom Pulsverlauf anhängen, funzt hier aber leider nicht. Bin nach den 30 Min locker weitergelaufen und habe meine 10KM vollgemacht. (normaler Sonntagslauf)
    Ist es ok dieses Workout als Lauftraining zu absolvieren? Mag nicht auf einer Stelle sitzen oder stehen, hab auch schon HIIT auf dem Laufband gemacht, allerdings nicht so lange gesamt 12 Min.
    40 Sek. so schnell wie möglich, dann festhalten, zur Seite mit den Beinen und 20 Sek. Pause, danach gleich wieder aufspringen und weiterlaufen, (lasse das Band während der Pause laufen)
    Wie ist deine Meinung zur HIIT als Lauftraining im Wald und evtl. als Workout für 10 Min nach dem Kraftworkout auf dem Laufband?
    Mit dem ECT muss ich mich noch intensiver beschäftigen, bin jetzt etwas durcheinander. Habe gelernt, dass man immer mit den großen Muskelgruppen anfangen soll…….(trainiere aktuell 5x in der Woche: Push, Pull, Leg. Upper Body und noch mal Leg. und Sonntags laufen)……. werde das e-book lesen bis ich es inne habe:)

    Viele Grüße und Danke schon mal für deine Antwort

  • Hey danke für dass Video, ich habe heute mit dem Trianing begonnen. Mein max Puls war aber bei 192 und im Durchschnitt 170. Ich bin 31…..

  • I like the ladders. Made some of the exercises harder, did full burpees and used weights for some. Very sweaty and tiring after a run

  • Ich will einen flachen Bauch bekommen. Abs-Training alleine hat bei mir noch nichts gebracht. Kann ich mit dieser Variante des HIIT gezielt Bauchfett verbrennen?

  • These quiet indoor workouts are a lifesaver right now. Gym is closed, outside is hot, and I live on an upper floor of an apartment. Thank you!

  • hahaha definitely another sneaky snowball workout (ssw) Pahla. Weirdly I love these, they frighten me but I just keep on trying the best I can. xx

  • Pahla!! I don’t think I’ll ever “climb the ladder” from level two, if this is level two!! I burned an estimated 333 kcal in 34 minutes. My average HR was 153 BPM (starting from 88, and peaking at 173 BPM), with no additional warmup, but with “real” jumping jacks all the way through. Now that’s what I call A WORKOUT!
    I can’t believe I just did 36 perfect pushups (as part of the burpees).
    I unintentionally skipped the finisher because a large chunck of my “back muscles” from my tricep up to my neck tightened up like crazy when I switched to the reverse plank, and I literally fell to the ground and screamed for two whole minutes until I realized I was not going to die, nor lose an arm (or HEAD!). What a relief:-)
    I like Michelle’s type of ladder, I hope to see more like this.
    Thank you! Have a great week!

  • in deinem Blog Artikel “Fettabbau” erwähnst du die Möglichkeit eines Videos mit Thema “HIIT Home training”.

    wäre super, besonders für Leute die zuhause trainieren und auch HIIT zuhause machen müssen!

  • YAY for another ladder workout!:D I had asked for one for the “April Love” month, but you already had one planned for March!! I had to substitute 3 exercises because of my back, but it worked out just fine. I like the plank finisher.:>}

  • Könnte man HIT jeden tag machen? Zbsp 30min = 3min schnell 5 langsam ich musss umbedingt fett verlieren ich möchte das 21 tage lang jeden tag machen wen ich kann morgens und abends oder dann nur 1 mal was denkst du? Ich hab einfach so viel fett an den oberschenkeln vorallem innenseite..danke fürs feedback

  • Thank you so much for making this video. You have helped me to stay strong and fit (both physically and emotionally) during this period of isolation in France. Sending you best wishes from your students in France ��.

  • Hi Kit, It is a great workout thanks. I have one recommendation, would you turn down the background music, please? It is very high and suppressing what they speak.

  • Great workout, I do two 15 minute sets of this of 45 second intervals on and off

    Wearing glasses whilst working out out I don’t recommend though could get steamed up

  • Hallo Stephan! Dieser HIIT Satz ist Spitze… Würde dir gerne mal persönlich für die Erfolge die ich durch dich mit HIT und HIIT in den letzten Monaten erzielt habe danken… Mit freundlichen Grüßen Marcus