Half hour Fitness Bike Workout


For Quick Weight Loss… My Bike Workout Better Than Spin & Soulcycle

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HIIT Workout Insane 30 Minute Bike Workout

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30 Minute Indoor Cycling Workout

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30 Минута высокой интенсивности Крытый Велоспорт тренировки Fat Blast Fast

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Burn Fat Fast: 20 Minute Bike Workout

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HIIT Indoor Cycling Workout | 30 Minute Intervals: Fitness Training

Video taken from the channel: Global Cycling Network


30 Minutes Workout Virtual Scenery Treadmill / Exercise Machine (Cotswolds UK) 1080/60fps

Video taken from the channel: Rickvanman Variety Channel

This 30-minute spinning workout combines heart-rate-revving sprints and muscle-building climbs to deliver the punch of a studio session anytime. Pair this at-home spin class workout with a high-energy playlist, performing intervals to the chorus of your favorite songs, and we guarantee you’ll forget you’re riding solo. 30-Minute Exercise Bike Workout Fight Belly Fat With This Boredom-Busting Interval Workout. June 4, 2018 by Lizzie Fuhr. 7.2K Shares While it’s often overlooked at the gym, the exercise bike.

Effort should be a 6 on a rate of perceived exertion scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being as hard as you can go. Your breathing should be deep and controlled, nowhere. Treadmill?

Exercise bike? Cross trainer? Rowing machine? Flying carpet? Beat the boredom with a virtual tour around the picturesque Hobbit Shires of Gloucest.

This interval exercise bike routine lasts for 30 minutes, but it will keep you busy so you shouldn’t get bored. It switches the pace of your pedaling and the resistance level every 30 seconds to one minute, which helps burn fat around the middle. 5 minutes – warm-up at low resistance.

RPE 3. Calories Burned on Stationary Bikes According to Harvard Health Publishing, a 155-pound person cycling at a moderate pace will burn about 260 calories in 30 minutes, and a 125-person will burn less, about 210 calories. If you can’t workout for more than 80 minutes per week, elevate the intensity of your exertion when you do workout. The USDHHS notes that 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise is comparable to 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise.

So, maintain a vigorous tempo while pedaling the exercise bike during your four 20-minute workouts to meet. Stationary bike workouts can be incredibly effective at burning fat. “Each of the blocks consists of five consecutive one-minute intervals divided into 30, 20, and 10 seconds at various. The high-exercise group was instructed to exercise hard enough to produce a sweat, like from running or cycling, for 60 minutes a day. The moderate group only had to sweat for 30 minutes.

“Ideally, you should start with one or two HIIT cycling workouts per week that are 30 to 45 minutes in length,” Wilson says. When you feel ready to add more, the next step is to strive for consistency. After three to four weeks, Wilson recommends increasing your sessions to two to four times a week for 45 to 60 minutes each.

List of related literature:

Using an exercise bike, a treadmill, or an elliptical trainer, or doing intervals of sprints and walking, you work out to your maximum intensity for 20 to 30 seconds, then move gently for 90 seconds, then repeat the sequence for a total of eight cycles.

“Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being” by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
from Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being
by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
Hay House, 2015

Bike for 1 hour after completing a 10-min easy spin warm-up.

“Developing Endurance” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Ben Reuter
from Developing Endurance
by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association, Ben Reuter
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

Each session consisted of a 5-minute warm-up, followed by 11 minutes each on a treadmill, upper body ergometer, and stationary bicycle and then another 5 minute cool-down period.

“Physical Rehabilitation E-Book: Evidence-Based Examination, Evaluation, and Intervention” by Michelle H. Cameron, Linda Monroe
from Physical Rehabilitation E-Book: Evidence-Based Examination, Evaluation, and Intervention
by Michelle H. Cameron, Linda Monroe
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2007

I use the same method for sweet-spot rides as I do for aerobic workouts, only now the workout is performed as long intervals instead of as a steady state.

“The Power Meter Handbook: A User's Guide for Cyclists and Triathletes” by Joe Friel
from The Power Meter Handbook: A User’s Guide for Cyclists and Triathletes
by Joe Friel
VeloPress, 2012

Complete 2 cycles, then run 8 minutes.

“Runner's World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition” by Amby Burfoot
from Runner’s World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Run for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Competition
by Amby Burfoot
Rodale Books, 2009

My personal routine is five or six cycles of sprinting uphill for sixty seconds and walking back down the hill in two minutes.

“The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away: Simple Actions to Shift Your Body and Mind to Optimum Health for Greater Longevity” by Rashid A. Buttar
from The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away: Simple Actions to Shift Your Body and Mind to Optimum Health for Greater Longevity
by Rashid A. Buttar
GMEC Publishing, 2010

Here’s a sample tempo workout for cycling.

“Fitness For Dummies” by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
from Fitness For Dummies
by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
Wiley, 2010

That’s how I do my cardio workouts—I do 45 minutes of walk, run, walk—divided to 1 to 2 minutes cycle.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
from Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women
by Deanne Panday
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2013

For your morning routine, first perform a general warm-up such as riding a stationary bike for 5 to 10 minutes or taking a 5to 10-minute jog.

“52-week Basketball Training” by Chip Sigmon
from 52-week Basketball Training
by Chip Sigmon
Human Kinetics, 2003

This is the equivalent of a hill workout and is a great way to get a good cardio workout without necessarily having to walk faster.

“ChiWalking: Fitness Walking for Lifelong Health and Energy” by Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer
from ChiWalking: Fitness Walking for Lifelong Health and Energy
by Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer
Atria Books, 2009

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  • Hi there, where exactly in the park did you film this please? Have been doing this route for a few months (in England) and would like to ride it for real next time I come to Sydney

  • my mute/use own music choice is ‘Love On A Real Train by Tangerine Dream, from the Risky Business movie soundtrack. Just sharin’ (p.s: GREAT video!!!)

  • wow im really happy that i found it again. this is the best cycling workout for me and now it come with no ads during the clip. AWESOME

  • I’ve only been doing this for 1 week and I’m already seeing results. It’s NO JOKE. I never sweat this much before. This workout is so effective.. Thank you!

  • Adam,my profile pic at the left is my pic when i was actively going to the gym in the year of 2010-2014 but now i lose motivation to do all the same workout i did and gained from 55kg to 90kg now,i hope this workout help me to lose weight today,2020.

  • Dumbell workout please and kettlebell. your the best. thank you. this will be so helpful during cold weather. Gretting from Canada ��

  • Brian i wanna thank you for this video,i really feel muscles burning,i was cycling with my stationary bike for almost a month now,i only lost 1 kg but my goal is to lose 4 kg even if i am following a strict diet with everyday cycling for 45 min it did not work for me, with ur training damn i feel the burn in the muscles! I will be training with u from now on,thank you soo much for this motivational video,i will let u know if i reach my goal:) Wish u all the best

  • Only got to the first 10 minutes, ads at the first effort and then at the second but on the second they were continuous so had to get off my bike to skip,too bad,spoiled a good workout ☹️

  • Great Video, ist my choice for 3 month. I’ve found no other one that give me such motivation to hold the speed and fun during my ergometer training. Thank’s for that from Wesel/Northrhine-Westfalia at the river Rhine.
    Hope i can visit that wonderful piece of landscape in the future.

  • Are you kidding me I i was done after keeping up with the warmup then they just went super saying I got too tired or maybe because I had the gear up at 8 the whole time don’t know if that matters tho

  • Thankyou so much for this. I get on my excerise bike in the morning and go for a ride round the cotswolds. It really does vastly improve a bit of a boring workout

  • But in what tension are they cycling? My old magnetic bike has 8 tension levels and working out at 100 rpm at tension 1 is not the same as 2, 5 or 8.
    Anyone knows the average of km done with this workout?

  • Adrian you are the only fitness instructor I can listen to over and over, and still make me smile and carry on even when I’m beat and want to give up, so Thank you �� oh and that dogs face chasing me on the screen, cracks me up every time!

  • I notice many people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets. But I’m not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried this popular lose weight methods?

  • Wow! I seem to have gained about 10 lbs since mastectomy. I am not used to doing this type of workout. I have a lot of issues with pain also. Will that workout help too?

  • I’m from the UK and uve been doing this spin hit for a good few month now ��! With the schools and gyms closed I’ve found this very helpful to fit in on a morning before my kids wake up or even on a night when they’re in bed. Half hour is just perfect! Really enjoy this. Thankyou ��!

  • Hi There. I have discovered this channel yesterday. I have an old indoor bike and was looking to do some training with it in addition to my usual toning up workouts. But I need guidance for using the bike, and this is when I found you. I tried the 15min workout yesterday, but I can push for longer, and since I want to tone my legs and buttocks, I have decided to join this 30min session, and am sure it will do wonders. Thank you for uploading this!

  • Dr Kevin, i accidentally found your channel and i love your videos. Been doing elliptical for 4 times already and tried bike for few times. I ve always been an athlete and i just am stuck with 5 pounds i need to lose. Hope all your tips and videos help. Looking forward to update you on my achievements.

  • I’m gonna try this today I would do it longer but im gonna be fasting and I dont want to use too much energy on this but I will update you with how much weight I lost from foing this workout one time

  • Just go outside and ride a bike. I can smell that musky indoor air from here. Also what’s up with tight cycle suit, you’re indoors! The only gusts of wind you’ll find indoors is the A/C and when someone farts.

  • This is where I started nearly two years ago!��
    I can’t thank you enough Rick for starting me off on a wonderful journey.
    I just finished a two hour virtual bike ride across the alps and before that I did a 6 hour ride along the Autobahm.
    But this will always be special.
    This was where I broke in my body.
    This made everything else possible. ��

  • Really good ride, been spinning at the gym for years but just got a bike at home. After the initial high intensity 30 seconds I thought it was a bit short and the rest too long. By half way they were killing and the recovery was never long enough. Awesome workout packed into an easy 30 minutes to put aside.

  • https://bit.ly/_Adrian_Fat_Loss_Plan because �� “�������������� ������������������, This Morning �� �������� �� ������������.” -������������ ����������������

  • Prefer this one over the highly popular Burn Fat Fast: 20 Minute one with the women. 8 30 second sprints, a good warm-up and cool-down and decent breaks in between sprints are great. Prefer listening to my own music to be honest and you will have a major sweat. Combined this with DDP yoga and not eating Pizza all the time and gone from 104kg to 92kg in about 7 weeks.

  • First question: Do this exercise focus on losing belly fat cuz thats just what i want to lose
    Second: S
    Which speed on bike

    Srry for bad english.

  • I am almost 76 years of age. I just completed all 12 rounds using a resistance level of 12 which you told during your 20 minute insane workout is the first level of advanced. I so love this 30 minute workout, makes it easy to exercise.

  • Just discovered GCN and done the 30 min hiit, fitter than I thought, will be trying the others, thanks for making these available! ����

  • Does anyone know, roughly how many calories this session burns? Of course it differs a lot but it would be nice to have an idea. This might be a stupid question.

  • I bought a roller to bike in my house due to the COVID 19 quarantine I live in Colombia and I am fascinated by this video because it is recorded in England, one of my dreams has been to ride a bike in London because it was what I liked the most when I met him and with this video I feel like I do, I love it. Thank you

  • Just want to say that doing this video 2 times a day ( 1 is fasted cardio) has changed my life! I’m down 10 pounds in 2 months and my legs have gotten soo shapely! I’ve always dreaded the treadmill because of my big breast but bike is just a lifesaver. Thank you so much for this video!! I’ve done others but this one makes me sweat the most! Good job ladies!!!!

  • I couldn’t do any training last 4 months due to plantar fascia. I’m so glad that I did my first work out with you guys!!
    Big thank you to all!! Xo

  • Hey mate, great video. Just checking if correct to put my spin bike on the lowest resistance setting? I tried that yesterday, it felt much easier (obviously).

  • Trying to get back into exercise after slowly losing the plot since lockdown! This 30 mins is great because you feel like you’re making a start, are doing something at last, and because it’s 30 mins it feels totallyy achievable when starting back! Thanks GCN!!

  • I bought a spinning bike and I’ve been following your youtube channel. Your classes are great. You definately have a fan from Tijuana, Mexico.

  • Awesome video new subscriber here,,,,,,,,��I’m so excited that I found your video I just brought a excersise bike and Im so excited to begin this workout 4 days a week,,,,,,how many calories can you lose doing this excersise

  • Thanks! That was tough. I have been looking for a cardio / HIIT video. I have an upright bike on which I can’t stand, so I appreciate a completely sitting HIIT bike video!

  • I got discouraged from running �� so much. I wanted to look into a new routine. I tried this video at the beginning of this month and now I’m hooked on cycling ��‍♀️. I feel good and losing weight.

  • I am 75 years old and have been doing the 20 minute insane bike workout for quite a while now.  However, I did not think it was long enough so I am thrilled with the 30 minute bike workout.  It is absolutely perfect and I am proud to say that I was able to complete it with no problem.  Since I am 75 years old this shows this is truly a workout for everyone.  It really helps strengthen the knees too, an extra added bonus.

  • Shane you need to do more of these please! Love the fact that you don’t speak…it’s just music! Other vids have speakers and I for one find it really offputting ��. Thanks in advance ��

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  • Has anybody noticed that the voice on the music during intervals sounds just like Homer when he’s chasing Bart in the Raiders of the Lost Ark pastiche?

  • Ruined a bit by the adverts, had 2 sets land in the middle of my 30 second efforts! Shouldn’t complain for a free workout though I guess!

  • They are all making a big mistake. They breathe through the mouth instead of nose. Read some publications from Buteyko or Patrick McKeown.

  • Rick is there any chance there’s a link anywhere to download the music on your video?? Can make a donation through PayPal if you’d like… thanks

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    Get it here no long video to watch/ https://sites.google.com/view/resurge-reviewsdoesitreally/startseite

  • It would have been so nice to see a more realistic view of what it look like with women who really are struggling with fluctuating weight. These girls are cycling with no effort at all. This made me remove my subscription. Smh! Thin chicks just cycling like it’s a walk in the park. Not near one of them is dipping with sweat.

  • Been doing a lot of HIIT workouts this one is hard as you don’t have enough time to recover HR of 165, my resting HR is 53 and I’m 53 years old.

  • I don’t know how much I weigh and I won’t be able to know but I will try this every day and make a checklist to make sure I’ll keep it updated wish me luck
    Day 1
    Day 2
    Day 3
    Day 4
    Day 5
    Day 6
    Day 7
    Day 8
    Day 9
    Day 10
    Day 11
    Day 12
    Day 14
    Day 15
    Day 16

  • Call me cynical, but I’m not convinced these ladies are doing the same class as me. Or maybe I’ve just hit upon the reason I wasn’t invited to take part in the video with them. It’s a tough call.

  • I can’t seem to loose any weight! I’ve been using my elliptical. Working out 3-4× a week. Doing everything the same as last year (last year I dropped 40lbs) but I can’t drop weight! Every since damn covid-19 I’ve packed on 10lbs.

  • I just turned 66 and I just put my occulus on and do some running on the spot.
    I was supposed to come over to England this year, so this is the next best thing.

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  • What is the step increase between 90 second rest and 30 second hit—I.e., if at 7 for rest, up 2-3 (9 for up 2 and 10 for up 3} for hit? Thanks!

  • I read many superb reviews on the net about how Custokebon Secrets can assist you lost tons of fat. Has anybody tried using this popular weight loss method?

  • I read lots of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets. But Im not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried this popular lose weight diet plan?

  • I’m actually quite shocked that GCN suddenly monetized this video and placed the available ad slots throughout the video. I was training along to this and couldn’t skip the ads, as I had to place my phone down to train ended up being nearly two-mins out of sync with the variables I’d programmed in to my smart trainer.

    GCN, I’m actually quite offended by your sudden reversal on the decision not to place ads throughout the training videos.

  • I started my weight loss journey with this vid 3 years ago. Helped me lose 40 pounds. Now I’m up 30. Just got done for the first time in a long time with this vid. Gota lose that 30 man. Thanks to who ever uploaded this.btw on the treadmill, I’m talking about. Lol

  • Just did this at the gym today, straight after doing your 30 minute Hiit treadmill workout. I was on beast mode today lol. Enjoyed both workouts. Thank you so much. ��

  • I was actually doubting my sanity, I loved this video and suddenly it went missing, thought it was an imaginary memory. Thank mate!

  • I​ have​ been​ working​ ou​t​ on​ bike​ switch​ing​ between​ GCN​ session​s​ including 20​ minutes​ HIIT​, 25​ mins​ and​ 30​ mins​ for​ months.​ This​ session​ is​ the​ only​ one​ making me​ curse​ for​ 20​ mins.��

  • Awsome video, thank you. This ebook could be very helpfull too on fatburning, try to apply all the advices inside ���� https://payhip.com/b/vcLH

  • very therapeutic.. I use this on my stationary bike’s screen.. the best thing is that you can use such video daily over and over for decades… it’s good for your brain… (cephalonostalgic faculties) gotta have more of these, esp, virtual reality games ^_^

  • Thank u for this. I love the scenery very beautiful!! Found this the last 10 minutes of my workout and went by super fast. will continue tomorrow thanks!

  • This is fantastic! I use it on my computer when I’m on my peddler for rehabilitation.I Imagine that I am riding my bike in the Cotswolds, I love it! Thank you so much. And I really like the music too, well done.

  • Love this workout. It’s quickly paced so thirty minutes just flies by and it works me hard which is just what I need! Love that there are no ads.

  • Einzigartig in Deutschland und der beste Weg, um über 10.000€ pro Monat mit YouTube zu verdienen!

  • First time I have done this, love it as you have no idea what’s coming up and therefore have to keep pushing. Will definitely return

  • I must say, this HIIT workout is really working out for me. I have been doing it about 3 to 4 times now since sunday and I have seen amazing results.

    A slow process is better than no process and also making sure I eat properly with the right portions of food.

    Thank you so much with this workout God bless you.

  • Bout to start this tomorrow! Excited to see where I’ll be at the end of July and beyond‼️
    Edit**Day 1 down. Thought I wasn’t gonna make it. Did cheat at the very end during the cool down cause I couldn’t take the seat anymore but I stretched!

  • Has anyone used the Episoketren System to improve your soccer technique? Just do a search engine search. On there you will discover an awesome suggestions about how exactly you can increase your soccer skills. Why don’t you give it a shot? perhaps it can work for you too.

  • Just did this for the first time and I’m going to keep doing it! I find it so much easier to stay motivated when I have someone instructing me, so thank you for posting this!

  • Good work out thanks recommend your voice and scenery with the clock other recommendation is I know how to interval traini but I’m a believer in positive information’s quit saying quit even if it’s don’t quit instead of saying don’t quit say come on let’s pick it up get back in this race move it let’s go��

  • The idea of this exercise Is timed intervals. 30 seconds burst of high intensity followed by 90 seconds of recovery. How on earth can you follow it with ads interrupting. Towards the end of one high intensity 30 second bursts on comes 2-3 minutes of adverts. After the ads the video workout continues where it was finishing off the 30 second burst. Really, almost 3′ later it resumes? Someone had their brain on inside out inserting adverts into a time sensitive video.

  • Great video. I love how the intervals line up with the terrain. It makes it feel much more realistic, where the interval distance is dictated by the terrain rather than the clock! Nice ending, too!

  • I’m going to do this workout tomorrow on elliptical. He’s the best narrator. If you don’t break that bike you not going fast enough lol

  • How many calories are people burning on average after this session? Secondly are you finding that your not sweating as much or that you start to swear right at the end?

  • Turned 70 last year and decided I needed more exercise so invested in an exercise bike and now enjoy travelling the world on it.Thank you.

  • Lovely video. I live in Dubai since 14 years and this s the first summer I can’t travel to Europe. I miss it so much. Could literally feel my lungs filling up with oxygen filled air ������

  • I’m coming back from bilateral pulmonary embolisms, 2 rounds of pneumonia and a major autoimmune flare just in one year. I’m so happy to have found your channel and this video today. I don’t have a fancy bike so everyone out there thinking they need one to do this? You don’t. Anything that adds extra tension will do. Also, if you don’t think you can then you won’t. My lungs are scarred after this year and I finished it. Your effort is your effort. Invest in a good HRM and you’re good to go. Again, thank you so much for this. I’ve missed my bike and cycling.

  • Hey everyone, the greatest weight reduction that I have had was by using the Triple trim formula (i found it on google) without a doubt the no.1 diet that I’ve followed.

  • Can I do this 4-5 days str8 or every other day. Cause I know it’s hit cardio. Also I see your Burps chair routine and jumping jacks. Can I that in the evening and the Bike routine in morning or is that to much…

  • Frustrating! New commercials pop up randomly and really mess with the timing of the intervals. Adrian, please fix this! You used to motivate me to pedal harder but now I just want to sit down, play a video game, slap some serum on my face and call it a day ��

  • Day 2 was lit ��… Question now that I’m on this diet. Is my stomach supposed to be tightening. I’m drinking water to fill the void of hunger

  • Really loved this session and the sound track is brilliant but the guy in the front row needs to edited out. What a downer he is! Bring back Hank and his commentary.

  • Types of cycling motivations:
    People: 1. To be fit and slim 2. To be healthy 3. To train for the race
    Me: to watch James and imagine he is proud of me �� and also to be slim and healthy, but this is the bonus ��

  • Thank you very much for this video. Recovering from a major operation related to esophageal cancer, I enjoy the images on my air walker (home trainer) every morning in a vacation environment that I love so very much. Like driving in our home made camper van through my beloved vacation landscapes… <3

  • i’ll be doing weekly updates of doing this workout 5 times a week and having a fairly healthy diet

    sw: 118 pounds
    gw: 110 pounds

    week 1:
    -2 pounds ( 116 pounds )

    week 2:

  • I just recovered from my knee ligament reconstruction surgery..1 year before..can i do this at home for my weight loss..pls reply..

  • I will keep you updated I do not know my weight and will not be able to but wish me luck I will make sure to say if my thighs look different

  • Thanks for posting this video. Just finished my workout. This is brilliant. I enjoyed the magnificent scenery at sunset and the music.

  • I just discovered your videos and can’t thank you enough! I have a spin bike in my house and am missing my trips to the UK… This has helped lift my spirits tremendously while helping me get in a great workout. THANK YOU!!

  • I’m just getting back into a regular exercise programme and tried the 20min class last week but decided to give this a go today. LOVE IT! Thank you so much, I’m in Fife, Scotland ��

  • I’m doing 1:1 interval ratio. That’s 60 seconds each for 15 sets so that’s 30 minutes over all with a strong resistance level. Can I use that 60 seconds of recovery for rest? I mean standing up or still mounted on the stationary bike but not pedaling? Will it still give me that maximum calory burning? Given those settings above, what would be the ideal or best number of RPM for me? Thanks!

  • Hi, great video. So I have a bike but the resistance knob is broken(loose) so I just pedal fast for the hiit part. I also have a little physical limitation, left femoral nerve/muscle weakness so I am limited to many workouts. So I’ve been navigating through many videos to see what works best for me and this video has helped. If you have any other tips as to what other workouts I can do given my condition please feel free to give me some tips. Thanks.

  • The music, the landscape the timing the sunset, this video is perfect; Rick congratulations, please don’t change progressive chill out style, waiting for the new one to come.

  • Thanks mate, can’t run outside at the minute due to Achilles problem so has this on twice on my cross trainer!!! Great scenery and music!!!
    Thanks again

  • First time trying this at gym this morning… love it!! Feel like I actually worked out. Will be continuing this in with my usual gym routine. Thankyou!

  • I do the same kind of drills on my Star Trac Pro upright stationary bike. But I keep the sessions no longer than 20 minutes or so, as I don’t want the sessions to turn into a sweat shower as you will. But the drills I do are quite similar, with shart hill repeats of 2 minutes on the steep on moderate maintaining 60 cadence on the real steep hills and 70 cadence on the moderately hard hills. The rest intervals I try to maintain a cadence of 80. The heart rate gets up there around or close to max vo2 according to my age and even beyond that. They are not always fun to do alone, but it gives me discipline. And I am getting stronger as I might have to up the intensity level even higher as my heart gets stronger. Would love to bike the trails but the stationary will have to do for now at least.

  • It’s hard for me to do it full time because I’m a novice. But I’m going to increase it by 10 minutes. I will aim to be with you until the end of the video.

  • James and Simon are my absolute favorite!!!! They are funny and keep you motivated. Great people, great workout! Please add more videos of these guys!

  • Exellent, mein absoluter Favorit beim Heimtraining. Wunderbare Aufnahmen, klasse Musik, Entspannung pur beim abendlichen Training. Gibt es noch mehr davon?

  • Bellísimos paisajes, han sido mi motivación, �� estoy comenzando mis mañanas con éste recorrido, gracias por compartirlo. Soy principiante estoy felíz de poderlo realizar. Gracias ��

  • Hey Dr Kevin, this workout is brilliant! I’m getting on age wise, but before lockdown, kept myself reasonably fit with indoor soccer (as you guys call it across the pond, football here in UK), walking and golf. In fact, before the gyms closed, I was doing 2-3 spin classes as well. So, with the absence of that regime, I had chubbed up! Plus, with a penchant for beers, I have a belly to flatten. Anyway, got my spin bike, set up a smart TV & stand in my garage and all systems are go! I do the same 30 min, 12 intense 30 sec spins, every other day. On the non-HIIT days, I do an endurance ride for around 50 mins. These are fun too as I choose a different you tube vid from different World locations and lose myself in the music. According to my bike, including warm-up warm-downs, I’m burning c430 calories. On the non-HIIT days, even paced at around 88-92 revs, I burn c500 calories (obviously no HIIT 24 hour benefit but pleased anyway). It’s day 17 and not missed a session yet. I’m feeling the benefit big time and will look at weight-loss and body appearance when 1 month done. By the way, Kevin, I’ll let you in to a secret, when the “burn” 30 seconds is counting down, I close my eyes and cycle as fast as I can using a variety of counting regimes, I found watching the clock countdown the longest 30 seconds of my life! Especially on the latter of the 12 spins. I’ve subscribed and will keep in touch with your pages. Many thanks Dr Kevin, this workout really works for me since it’s repeatable enjoyable and doesn’t take too much time!

  • My workout this morning. This 80 year old doesn’t feel so hemmed in due to the current virus situation, with videos like this. Thanks.

  • I have a back injury and chiropractor stated can’t walk on treadmill but can do a bike. How often. Should I do this so I can lose weight only with bike