Half hour Cardio Workout


30-Minute Cardio HIIT Workout

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30-Minute Cardio Dance Workout

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30-Minute Standing Cardio Workout

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30-Minute Cardio-Dance modelFIT Workout

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30-Minute No-Equipment Cardio Workout

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30 Min Fat Burning Cardio Workout Bipasha Basu Unleash ‘Full Routine’ Full Body Workout

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30 Minute Cardio Workout At Home Cardio with No Equipment

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In this high intensity cardio bodyweight workout from trainer Lita Lewis, you’ll spike your heart rate with high-knees, fast feet, and star jumps; plus work. https://teambodyproject.com Transform your body in just 10 weeks and take part in the entire Body Project system. Start your Body Project TODAY! Or simply co. 30-Minute Cardio Workout Burn Major Calories With This Cardio Workout You Can Do at Home.

September 30, 2018 by Anna Renderer. 14.4K Shares. Opting for cardio during your 30 minutes can really maximize your time. “Cardio is always hard, but it is especially important as we age,” says Liv Lo Golding, founder and CEO of Fitsphere. Get ready to torch calories with Le Sweat founder Charlee Atkins! This no-equipment workout includes three circuits that are going to get your heart rate up.

https://teambodyproject.com Create a free account today. This workout is part of Real Start and Real Start Plus a workout plan made for real people with re. Intermediate Difficulty Cardio Kickboxing is a great way to burn calories, relieve stress, and improve endurance. This 30 minute cardio kickboxing workout doesn’t require any equipment, but you may hold on to a couple of light hand weights or water bottles if you’d like to add resistance. UNLEASH with Bipasha Basu http://bit.ly/BipashaWorkout Subscribe to Stay Fit http://bit.ly/GH24by7 Bipasha Basu is known to be the epitome of fitness and.

30 MINUTE CARDIO WORKOUT THAT WILL SET YOU UP ON FIRE (NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED) With regards to intense abundance fat, you will be able to do a customary cardio workout or you can accomplish one thing additional serious and fulfilling. The exercise to a lower place will wreck to three hundred 300 calories in a half-hour ( 30 min) or less if done right. You don’t need a gym membership, fancy equipment, or even much space to get in a great sweat. In fact, you can do this 30-minute HIIT workout at home without any equipment at all.

All you need is.

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That’s how I do my cardio workouts—I do 45 minutes of walk, run, walk—divided to 1 to 2 minutes cycle.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
from Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women
by Deanne Panday
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2013

Basically, if you’re doing HIIT in the traditional way, you want to warm up for about 4 minutes, then go hard at your fastest pace through your favorite cardio (a 30-second row, stationary bike, elliptical, treadmill, or stair-stepper “sprint”).

“The Digest Diet: The Best Foods for Fast, Lasting Weight Loss” by Liz Vaccariello
from The Digest Diet: The Best Foods for Fast, Lasting Weight Loss
by Liz Vaccariello
Reader’s Digest, 2012

Twenty to 50 minutes of sustained cardiovascular exercise per session is ideal, with a five­minute warm up before and at least a five­minute cool down and stretch after.

“8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)” by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
from 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)
by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
W. W. Norton, 2016

Rather than walking briskly for an hour or running on the treadmill at a steady pace for 30 minutes, you alternate between periods of maximum-intensity and low-intensity exercise for a total of just 20 minutes or so.

“The Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Healing Diet: A Complete Program for Eating Smart, Reversing Symptoms and Feeling Great” by Kate Barrington
from The Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Healing Diet: A Complete Program for Eating Smart, Reversing Symptoms and Feeling Great
by Kate Barrington
Ulysses Press, 2016

Doing this over the course of 50 minutes is a great way to work both your muscles and your heart.

“Healthy and Free: A Journey to Wellness for Your Body, Soul, and Spirit” by Beni Johnson, Jordan Rubin
from Healthy and Free: A Journey to Wellness for Your Body, Soul, and Spirit
by Beni Johnson, Jordan Rubin
Destiny Image, Incorporated, 2015

If you are doing cardio, a good guide for working out with intensity is getting out of breath and getting your sweat on.

“Natalie Jill's 7-Day Jump Start: Unprocess Your Diet with Super Easy Recipes-Lose Up to 5-7 Pounds the First Week!” by Natalie Jill
from Natalie Jill’s 7-Day Jump Start: Unprocess Your Diet with Super Easy Recipes-Lose Up to 5-7 Pounds the First Week!
by Natalie Jill
Hachette Books, 2016

On as many days as possible, either later in the morning or immediately after this routine, if time permits, perform 20–30 minutes of fasted, aerobic cardio, such as an easy walk in the sunshine, a yoga routine, sauna, hot-cold contrast, a swim, or a bike ride.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2020

HIIT-Type Cardio In order to be healthy, your body needs at least 30 minutes of cardio per day, 5 times a week, or at least 15 minutes of HIIT.

“The Hot Body Diet: The Plan to Radically Transform Your Body in 28 Days” by Michelle Lewin, Dr. Samar Yorde
from The Hot Body Diet: The Plan to Radically Transform Your Body in 28 Days
by Michelle Lewin, Dr. Samar Yorde
Penguin Publishing Group, 2018

Until proven otherwise, I am promoting HIIT sessions lasting 20 to 25 minutes with a 5-minute warmup and a 5-minute cool-down period as the best way to achieve heart and lung protection and burn body fat.

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body” by Jeffry S. Life
from The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body
by Jeffry S. Life
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A 17-to-27-minute session of highintensity cardio, which mostly consists of low-intensity cooldown periods, burns more fat than 60 minutes of traditional bodybuilding cardio.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
Waterbury Publishers, Incorporated, 2019

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  • Ads in the middle of a workout? Yikes. I’d rather sit through 5 minutes at the start! Super distracting. Couldn’t focus on the workout at all.

  • I would like to lose weight but it is a week and nothing and I don’t know the perfect timeline should I got 30 minutes or only 10 minutes and be out sweat how i know the time I should take to lose weight also should I repeat one vedio one week then change or change from one to. Another today for belly fat video tomorrow burn fat or full body workout, or stretch

  • i love this workout! it’s just the right amount of intensity for me not too easy, not TOO hard. i really appreciate the low-impact mods. i love hiit workouts but my ankles and knees don’t, so i loved the mix. thank you so much!

  • Did not expect this workout to challenge me this much! INTENSE but I feel amazing and so accomplished. Definitely need more Taylor Walker

  • I loved this workout! I’m at FB Sweat day 25 and today was a recovery day. However, I felt like doing a little bit more than that so I did this video (doing high impact mods) instead, and it was perfect! And Kelli, you are glowing! Also, loved the bloopers at the end 😉

  • These types of mid-level, no equipment workouts are my favorite:) You’re right about the effects-I was feeling very low today and now I feel amazing. <3 Thanks for the workout, Kelli!!

  • Toooooo many burpeesss, I mean it reaches a point of death! Love this workout but way too many burpees, constant pressure on knees!

  • Thanks alot Kelly for your videos which are very nice to do with no equipment!!!! Keep up the good work!!!! Really appreciated your time!!!

  • I did this exercise for the first time 2 months ago. I had to stop 3 times because I was about to puke, it was really difficult. I went to sleep, and I woke up with such a sore body, I was complaining for two days every time I had to do ANYTHING. Sitting down hurt, getting up hurt, taking a mug out of the cupboard hurt… For at least a week, I didn’t do any exercise.
    But then I started looking into 15 minutes, beginner cardio combined with body weight exercises. I did those 6 days a week, for 6 weeks and yesterday I happened upon this video again. It was like seeing a bully from school again. I wondered how I’d do this time, so I did it.
    I did fairly well until we got to the burpees and donkey kicks. I still can’t do pushup burpees, so I did them without the pushups. I completed the whole workout without any breaks, but it was still very tough.
    Today however… I feel just a little sore. I don’t even think about it. Can’t wait to do this again in 4 weeks, see if I do better:) Don’t give up people, there is hope.

  • This was very challenging but I got the feeling of having work very hard, which sometimes I find it difficult with some workout videos, as I’ve been attending fitness classes for three years now and I’ve got an advanced fitness level. I thought the end was coming very quickly cause the rounds went too fast and I felt a little bit disappointed when I was in round 7 and I didn’t feel that tired, but the last 12 minutes she goes repeating the most difficult and challenging movements from the differents rounds. So do not give up because the “worst” is yet to come. Push yourself!

  • Literally the end was my favorite!!! I love you Kelli, you’re so down to earth and who doesn’t get happy when pups and cats are involved. This workout was great. I mostly did the advanced modifications but did the low impact modifications when I needed to. I feel really energized and relaxed too. The end stretching always brings the workout full circle. Even if it only is a couple of minutes of working out! Saving this to do for another day again soon! I also loved no repeat exercises!! Never ever boring! <3

  • I’ve been working out to your videos for a few years now and am so thrilled that you offer these great workout videos, especially now during the pandemic when we can’t all get to a gym. Personally, I’ve had a couple of back surgeries, so there are some moves that are more difficult for me; I appreciate the queueing for proper form and the alternatives for low or high impact. Keep up the great work; it’s fun to see your animals. I didn’t hear the lawnmower in this video.

  • This was SO much fun! Time flew by! And even though I’m no dancer, Nicole made me feel super confident! Thank you, PopSugar for this channel!

  • Chloe Ting’s challenge together with this workout are making me have great results, you are amazing girls, I am feeling my body burning now.

  • I had neuropathy after cranking out my low back. This happened at the beginning of COVID. Never get down and out during a pandemic. You couldn’t see your doctor physically for quite sometime. I ended up in ER (reluctantly…my bp was sky high and not normal for me). I am only now seeing some relief. I am looking forward to trying this routine out. Cheers.

  • Lockdown + broken wrist = “how the heck will I get back to my old self?” Answer: This ( modified) plus other FB low impact Cardio & stretching. Thank you Kelli. It’s a long road but I’m back on it. ���� PS I loved the dog snoring ��

  • These workouts have strengthened me during the time my gym has been closed. I have actually worked out more and gotten stronger with these workouts. Anna and team are amazin!

  • This is a great workout and different from many others I have done! Remember: slow and steady wins the race, by which I mean, it’s the only way you’ll get through this workout lol

  • Thank you! I am getting back into a morning workout routine, and this was great to make me sweat without feeling like it was too hard to do first thing today!

  • I have just returned to getting in a HITT routine on a regular schedule and this was a great way to jump back in to my practice. Loved the variations and I definitely built up a sweat. Thank you.

  • Your videos are amazing!!! Thank you guys so much! Also, feel more than welcome to come to Brazil post Covid 19 😉 hahaha we’ll be more than happy to have you here and party with you!

  • I haven’t been doing fitnessblender been walking cuz of sickeness but got ok to workout and oh my this workout normally would of be a breeze, but it kicked my �� thank you kelli

  • Kelli, this workout was awesome! It had the perfect mixture of strength and cardio! I LOVE your workouts. Hands down the best workout videos on Youtube!! Not only do you have amazing workouts you can tell you two are genuinely kind people! LOVE YOU KELLI AND DANIEL!!!

  • This was a good one! I usually stick to workouts that have no talking OR 3types of 10min fitness blender workouts coz it seems less daunting, but today I felt like I could try a 30min talking video haha. Didn’t hate it! I like the pace and I like that it wasn’t so heavy on the jumping.

  • this video was perfect i wanted to restart moving and i did not want an easy routine, nor a super hiit or cardio one. Just about right, for anyone who’s into moving and their fitness level is medium. I generally did the high impact versions and when i felt like i was about to run out of air i switched to the low impact. Thanks, K!:)

  • I had foot surgery a few months ago. The Dr told me I need to exercise to help my foot heal but also to not overdo it. I was struggling to find a good balance and then my gym closed on top of that.
    SO I’m loving that I can do these workouts in my room and feel like I’m getting a great workout without hurting my foot (modifications y’all!)
    Thank you thank you ��

  • I like that the warm up and cool down are included. I did some moderate and some advanced steps. Trying to get back to working out with you. Thanks,

  • Really!! It helps me alot.on 30 the March my weight was 71 and after 4 months it’s 66……and I am doing it for 3times in a week as I am getting little pain in my legs…and performing other exercise on other day…..
    It’s reality….!!

  • I just finished this workout and it was so intense! I was sweating in buckets! Those donkey kicks were hard! Christina nailed them! She’s a beast at them! Taylor is excellent instructor! Thank you, PopSugar for an intense workout! I will do this workout again soon!

  • I love him. He can make you smile when you want to quit and cry. �� Also, he makes me not be self conscious about sweating, because I’m just like him.

  • This was my 1st time trying this one, and it was the perfect way to change up the routine! I need to be motivated and mentally sharp this afternoon, so this was a win! My favorite so far is the 32 minute home cardio with no equipment workout, but it’s challenging for me.
    I’m just getting back into working out in the past few weeks, and Kelly is really motivating!

  • I attempted this workout few days ago after a year of not working out and managed to do half of it and oh my God I slept so good the night after, I literally jumped out of bed in the morning which is wild. I forgot how good it feels to workout. Today I was able to finish the whole thing, I am so weirdly relaxed and also shaking. I am definitely gonna be coming back for more. Thank you Kelly and Daniel for providing us with these awesome workouts, love you guys!

  • thank you Ranier. just perfect for me when Idon’t have much time but want to burn calories badly! I always enjoy your format of workout:)

  • This workout is actually good at losing weight �� I have been doing this for almost a month and my hips lost 2 cms
    My arms are toned and legs do not touch each other anymore when I walk ��

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  • Work out was great! The stretch with the leg over the knee was great and I did a series of these on Daniel’s favorite back stretches when I also had a sciatica issue, and those stretches resolved it in about 30 days!

  • I love this workout. I feel great when I am done and because I have been slacking over the last couple of years. I used the high and low. It was good and I love your bloopers too while i calm down.

  • Thank you Fitnessblenders! I’ve followed you for years but now, after a stroke in February, I’m trying to get back info a fitness routine. I definitely needed your low impact as I am quite uncoordinated and wobbly. I do feel better just from the effort though. Thank you.

  • Been dancing with Nicole’s workouts for the last 2 weeks, absolutely love them. I homework for 8 hours sitting, so I try to do any of there everyday, it’s great how I feel better. Thanks from Argentina.

  • I must say the trainer understand his students well! I did the whole workout along with them for the first time, without taking any extra seconds rest!

  • I did this workout for around 2 months.. My weight remain same but i loss fat and this leads me into good posture..plz I highly suggest you to prevent weighing machine. Fat loss is the basic need I guess.. In those 2 months I eat like hippo.. Then also I see results my family was like.. God how come you loss weight..and I just suggest this video to everyone I use to do this workout every single day

  • Thank you SO much Anna! I LOVED this workout & it was exactly what I needed. I am 6 months pregnant & feeling like a beached whale. ;P This was perfect for me because I could switch back and forth from modified to advanced and I was sweating bullets. I love the different levels for each move and your positive energy was so refreshing. I also love that you are so real and show us it’s ok to fall over ;D I also really needed to hear, “If you are tired, you are getting stronger,” because I am so SO tired right now. Thank you thank you!

  • Thank you soooooooooo much Popsugarfitness this workout is a REAL workout it’s not like you do 1 min of a reallllllly short workout it’s a propper one so thank you again

  • fitness blender workouts will always be my favourite. kelli and daniel are so motivating and inspiring and they never make me feel like i’m not doing enough – you are both so kind and encouraging and that means the world to me. usually i feel quite disheartened following workout vids, especially if i can’t keep up, because it feels like i’m not good enough. but fitness blender never makes me feel that way, they make me feel comfortable and … happy. they make me enjoy working out. thank you guys so much ��

  • Thank you so much for your channel and your empathy and all the long hours and work you put into this! You help so many people, I think. Workouts like these that are thoughtful and guided can change my entire outlook on the day, and can change what my day ends up consisting of (in a positive way). It helps me in that I’m less likely to practice my bad/disordered habits. Keeps a better mindset. Thank you again.

  • This was one of your easier workouts but even soi still got a good sweat going. Just what I was looking for good an easy reentry into regular exercise. Thanks!

  • I loved this workout and really felt motivated! My only suggestion (for PopSugar fitness as a whole) is to try to incorporate modifications that don’t use hands as much. As someone who has had 3 surgeries on my wrist, it is very difficult to participate in workouts that mainly utilize planks and push-ups…I know they are great workouts, but if there are any good modifications for others like me then I know we would really appreciate it!! <3 Thank you again for making these videos though-I really do love them!

  • Raineir, thank you, your tabata workouts helped me lose weight (somehow, I don’t diet, though haha), at least my uniform fits me right now. ��

  • I’m doing this workout from yesterday.. but today i just felt like a pain from heart.. anyone can you please let me know abt this??

  • Popsugar people, you all are AMAZING! Thank you for being the reason I now have an established home workout routine. I love the options to modify up or down with no judgement.

  • This was sooo good!! i LOVE the dance workouts because they can make you sweat so much and can include lots of body strength especially for your legs and it’s completely enjoyable at the same so you don’t even feel like you’re working out!!

    ^ that’s what i love about POPSUGAR even when they don’t do dance classes, it never seems like a boring, dreaded class it’s always so fun and you get to enjoy working out because there is literally no point in working out unless it is effective AND fun <3


  • This cardio workout is the BEST for weight loss, just follow this twice daily (morning & evening) and you will see the results within a week’s time. My weight loss journey started at 67.3 and now have lost 4 kgs in 1 month. Also, follow a diet with low carbs. Also remember, avoid shortcuts there are no shortcuts for weight loss starving will never help! Instead, go for this 30 mins exercise daily and stay hydrated.
    And don’t forget to love your self……

  • awesome workout but the camera focus too much on the blonde girl and it gets difficult to keep track of the hardest exercises if it is always focusing on the easy modifications!!!

  • Appreciate this easy structure, clear commands and visually clear preparation for next move. Was able to follow all the way, but after feel exactly what I wanted to feel worked out. Thank you for this workout

  • Oh man…perfect quaretine workout! My legs feel like jelly. I think I’m really going to feel this tomorrow! It was difficult for sure, but the modifications help and you can ALWAYS take a break and rest. I will definitely be doing this again and I hope to see progress because boy am I out of shape!

  • I can do it for 30 min complete and I am enjoying doing this. It really helps build stamina, burn fat and keep you loving yourself by each passing day

  • This woman has so much energy but her time keeping is terrible even her backing dancers are struggling to know what she’s doing next!

  • Oh Gosh! This workout must have made my internal system burn like hell. I sweat like a waterfall. Thanks a lot ladies. I love it.

  • Been doing this workout since the lockdown together with my parents. This exercise really help us well. Should properly follow correct posture and execution. Better than going to gym class.

  • I loved this workout! I do two other workouts of yours, wanted to try a new one. I’m VERY sweaty! I didn’t need to do the modified versions. It was challenging and felt great! Also I like your jokes 😉

  • First half very good. Second half I thought something would have changed but the trainer insisted with legs legs legs. Bloody legs. Thanks good the instead of the “breaks” you could opt for some abs at least.

  • This was AN AMAZING workout and I had a lot of fun thank you for showing this because I have not been very productive in quarantine but this motivated me a lot! Thank you❤️

  • We need some knee friendly cardio workouts!!! I was a dancer and my knees are no bueno. Doing a million lunges and squats are not helpful for me at all.

  • Awesome stuff…Love love positive trainers!
    I recently got hook on singing and working out at the same time! Ever in awe at how some performers can sing and dance at the same time for an entire set?? See examples https://youtu.be/LOp8PIVXJjo; https://youtu.be/8y97RKEBORY

  • I love these workouts! I usually do the low impact modifications but getting better & stronger every day! These have really helped me stay active during the pandemic.

  • Difficult workout… too many burpie varieties!! But I wouldn’t repeat this one simply because of the number of adds… 5 adds in a. 30 minute video, 4 of them were in the first 15 minutes!! ARG

  • I was already sore from a workout two days ago, and I had an intense migraine yesterday. This was the perfect amount of activity to get back into my routine without pushing it too hard. I really like the multiple options so that I could intuit what my body was up for during this workout. And as always, it was a pleasure to listen to Kelli during the workout. And the lawn mower joke made me laugh!

  • Love you Raneir…..Such good energy!..I’m a part time cert. Tabata Bootcamp instructor….this workout gets me sweating everytime!

  • I understand you’re trying to make money, but ads in the middle of a workout are really annoying because they interrupt the flow.
    The workout itself was great though

  • Did not like the flow of this one. I like variety but needed to know what to do before she said go. Just seemed too slow then too rushed. And the mid ads are distracting.

  • I feel great! Sweaty, accomplished, and loose. I was not bored at all during this workout, and I wasn’t scared I was going to injure myself (I have arthritic knees and a back injury that I need stay mindful of when I work out). I love that you provide low impact and challenges. I tend to work between all the levels depending on my pain, strength, and endurance at any given time. The work out was just rightnot too long, not too short-and I am very grateful for the included warm up and cool down.

  • Raneir, your fans in Stockholm, Sweden love you and your workouts. Thanks for all the good sweat. Let us know when you’re in town!

  • Idk what I just did, but I would not call that dancing……. my mind and feet and arms and stomach and ass just don’t move in sync. Now I realize how white I am ��

  • I’m on my second week for every weekday. I kept this up, and im doing and feeling great! Even though I won’t get sleepy until about 1 or 2 am. Lol

  • If you think this was gonna be an easy beginner cardio workout, you’re in for a surprise. I’m no way an athlete but I’m a seasoned to do 4 HIIT workouts a week with LesMills and PopSugar workouts of Jeannette Jenkins and this workout forced me to go for modified at times!! Thank you again Anna for posting this one here and I’ve come to know about it today! <3

  • Like that! I love this British-American session aahha! Very easy to follow! I feel more relaxed even if it hurts everywhere ahaha! By the way, thank you girls! Greetings from Italy! #stayathome #staysafe #andràtuttobene

  • We are both in our 80’s and still believe in having a strong body and a calm mind. This was an excellent video and we learned a lot. We are doing research for our new YT channel that is all about healthy aging. Thank you so much and keep up the great work!

  • Enjoyed this one very much, perfect for when I’m not quite up to a HIIT but still want a good workout. Love your pets, too. Just lost my sweet dog so they are a comfort to see �� Thank you!

  • This workout was okay but I felt the instructor was switching too quickly from one exercise to another without necessarily explaining them properly or giving enough time to get the movement. She is nice but I prefer other instructors.

  • I’ve had this video on my “watch later” playlist and I finally did it earlier today and I was deadddd and breathing like a pig I couldn’t even finish the end but I did it once again and I actually finished and It passes by so fast like wth. Fav workout video now. <3

  • Raneir is my FAVORITE!!! I thought I hated HIIT until his videos. The routines are so good and easily modifiable, he’s hilarious, and he actually sweats which makes me feel better because I’m a very sweaty person ����

  • Really good workout! First time I tried it, I had to pause a couple of times in order to finish it. It’s tough, it gets your heart pumping hard the entire time! In my opinion is a very good workout. It works the legs and shoulders the most, so after, sometimes I do a quick abs/core workout to have a total body. Definitely one of my fave cardio workouts.

  • Very effective….at the start it may seems hard….but continue…u get the result….soon I post my result…now my weight 67…
    Day 1. Very hard…..but the stretch cools me down…
    Day 2. I did 30 min….sweating lot….water fall on my face…. stretch helps me…
    Day 3. I can’t do in the morning…so eve I did the 30 min dance workout… sweating lot…but no pain…i like cardio workout..
    Day 4: today it was bit easy to do the work out…body set to the workout….am more active nowadays…no pain no gain….
    Day 5: I always fasting at Friday…today I dnt have enough energy to do the workout…somehow I did it…sweat fall on my face…today my weight at empty stomach is 66.040..main thing is am addict to tea and rice..I cannot give up them….I am a foody type…but now I control myself..I totally avoid snacks.you can do anything…we must rule ourself..not out cravings..after one week I update myself…keep doing..first step only difficult..if u enter inside..u must be addict to workouts..when I start my weightloss my weight was 72..I did walk at home videos..now doing this video..very fast result…

  • Anna I LOVE this cardio workout. You teach those moves perfectly this makes me come back over and over during this challenging time. The workout is very efficient I gained muscle!❤️❤️❤️❤️��������������������������

  • YES! 30 full minutes, no equipment needed, plenty of mods (I have a titanium wrist and need to modify burpees, etc.), lovely positive energy, and great production quality. 10/10!

  • I work out consistently with heavy weights, and this is an intense endurance workout. Definitely felt my heart pumping, and boy was I sweating!

  • oh man, this was great! I feel like a noodle lmao–I will definitely be feeling the effects of this tomorrow morning. Thanks for the great workout! I felt motivated enough to keep going, and this is coming from the President of the “I Hate Burpees” club, so that has to mean something, haha. Have a great workout guys!

  • How did I miss this one! Great stress relief and loved the ease of switching between low and high intensity. I might need my hearing checked…I couldn’t hear Loki or the lawnmower ��

  • This is one of my favourite workouts! I like that it’s all standing and does not involve any push-ups etc. I am always exhausted by the end of it. During our COVID stay at home months, Anna has converted me from a runner to a at home workout junkie!

  • I loved this! It is right on my current fitness level I used both high and low modifications and was a sweaty mess by the end! Thank you for the encouragement to keep going and push myself. Will definitely add this to my rotation!

  • It was all going relatively until the arm series. Poor Amanda encouraging me to keep my arms up and don’t drop them, hun I already dropped my arms they were gonna fall off. I’m sorry! I failed you!

  • I was not feeling like running at all today, but needing to get back into cardio because it’s my biggest weakness. But I saw a post on your Instagram today about a new workout. I searched fitness blender and this came up. I am so glad I did it! I did the high impact the entire time and I felt strong! It also motivated me!! So thanks so much!

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