Gymtimidation Is Real. Here s How to approach It


Gymtimidation: Funny Spoof of Planet Fitness.

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7 Tips To CRUSH The Gym (Getting Started/Gymtimidation)

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How To Overcome Gymtimidation

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How To Start Working Out | Overcoming Insecurities & Gymtimidation

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How to Overcome Gymtimidation & Fear

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So below, 10 tips for overcoming gymtimidation: 1. PICK THE RIGHT GYM. Not all gyms are created equal. Certain gyms draw athletes, bodybuilders and other expert-level exercisers. Certain disciplines, like CrossFit, probably aren’t the. Gymtimidation Is Real, Here’s How to Overcome It. by Brittany Risher.

January 9, 2017. 29 Comments. Share it: For many people, one of the biggest hurdles they’ll face on their fitness journey is actually stepping foot in a gym. Researchers have even studied this phenomenon. Gymtimidation — the Source is Real.

Gymtimidation is typically blamed on the victim. People often blame themselves for their fear. Other people (who have always felt comfortable and accepted in.

The more often you’re around, the more willing they’ll be to offer advice, tips and techniques for being the courageous, go-getter you are. Before you know it, gymtimidation will be a thing of the past. Commit to a Class. If the weight room (and even the cardio machines) evoke a bit of fear in you, head to a class. How to overcome gymtimidation.

Choosing a gym is an important step in reaching your weight loss and fitness goals. Yet, it’s a hard one to take. You mentally know you’re ready at this point, but physically doing it is intimidating. That’s why we have the term – GYMTIMIDATION.

Perhaps you’ve heard it. Gymtimidation is an issue that seems to strike fear in many people that are trying to get into better shape and improve their health altogether. Gymtimidation can be difficult to deal with, but, with the right steps you can kick it to the curb.

“Gymtimidation” can be real, but once you’re past it, you could end up meeting some of the best people you’ve ever met. The coaches at Disciple MMA for example, make it a point to introduce themselves before you step foot in the gym. You’ve been psyching yourself up all day to get your sweat on after work.

You hit the gym ready to kill it, but after seeing another woman swing a 25-pound kettlebell like it’s no big deal. It’s not unlike a vicious cycle: You’re feeling bad about yourself, so you don’t want to go to the gym, and you don’t want to go to the gym, so you end up feeling bad about yourself. Or. I’ll deal with laces come fall, thank you very much. While the weather’s warm, I’m rocking a sleek pair of suede loafers.

Saxx Ultra Underwear. Saxx’s Ultra line is designed for “maximum softness and breathability.” And when it’s 90 degrees out, breathability isn’t just important, it’s essential.

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  • I love your videos. I wish I had the insights you have at your age. It took me until my 40’s to really start to get comfortable in my skin. I am now 58 and finally feeling like I’m really free from caring about the opinions of others. Thank you for being you. <3 I hope more people my age find their way to your channel. As you know I love Joe Rogan too, I do Intermittent fasting etc. Are you sure you aren't my long lost son. lol

  • I’m f*cking terrified to go to the gym. Never been there. I have hella anxiety because, wherever I’m at, people look at me funny and in my head, its because I’m fat. And at the gym? I feel it will be worse there. My highest weight was 320, then lost 60 pounds when I got sick (cancer) and now I’ve finally recovered and am trying to lose weight. Trying to get the courage to go. I’m sure I will one day. Maybe.

  • I’ve went from 222 to 205 (currently) from just going to the gym and eating in smaller portions and getting rid of soda for good. It’s been about 6 weeks.

  • Thank you! This is exactly something I’ve been struggling with! I actually just got done with my workout that I wasn’t planning on doing thanks to you. I like this direction of just talking about stuff you want to talk about because at the end of the day the audience is going to keep coming back here for you and the fact that your giving us what you want, not just what you think we want.

  • Don’t you have trainers in the gym? In Brazil any gym you go have at least one person who is supposed to help you and they make sure you don’t hurt yourself and use the equipment correctly and they also make a workout for you and they update it every week or so

  • Can I tell you something…..someone like you, who is beautiful, in shape, and articulate can relate to us big people who are shy and embarrassed about the gym, to your point GYMTIMIDATED! Thank you so so so much to be able to relate to us.

  • Thank you for making your videos man, I started watching you when you first came out and felt sorry for myself because I thought I could never achieve what you have. In the past 3 months I’ve stopped all junk food and am eating very healthy. Max 10g fat per day, 50g of carbs and 20 grams of sugar with max protein. Before I started this I was 6’1 299.6 pounds and now I’m 259 pounds as of yesterday.

    My question is I’m scared of going to the gym, I have one right next to my work but I’m still scared of it. Scared of the stares, the comments and questions about my size. Any tips?

  • I so appreciate you. I’m 66 and have terrible arthritis, and being overweight is so not helping. I’m losing weight now because I have to. It’s the only way out of my pain. You help me so much. When my motivation is low, you bring me back to “Yes, I can do this.” Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  • I’m definitely in a rut at the gym!!! I have lost 263 pounds,and I don’t have anymore weight to lose so I feel like I have just given up on kicking ass at the gym…. I still go every day, but I don’t look forward to it anymore so I need to get my mind right again…. watching you definitely gives me motivation to do better THANK YOU!!!

  • When I was about half way through my weight loss I would go to the gym every night and do an hour on the stepmill, and after a few weeks of this a woman came up to me and said that she’s noticed how hard I’ve been working and that its inspirational and to keep up the good work, and I still remember it to this day, all my insecurities of how I looked subsided because she recognized that I was there to improve my health. If I saw her again I’d probably hug her and thank her!

  • Dude can I please just say: I cannot stand the hate that people say about you or anything negative! I hate it because you are a HUGE inspiration and you got me moving and losing weight and feeling great again! I think you are more than just a person that lost weight….you are someone that is so appreciative and so happy and puts smiles on peoples faces that truly understand you! You are a shining example of perseverance and fighting hard to get your life back! I know I never was very big but even losing the 17 pounds I lost, means the world to me because I did it thinking about how you are a fighter, and I want to be the SAME! Thank you so very much, John, for making your videos and inspiring so many people! You truly are a friend and an awesome person buddy! May God bless you always for your work!

  • Can you shoot some videos on Gym Machines 101? Showing different variations of all the machines and the proper techniques? there’s a lot of videos of the workouts but not so many of them actually explaining stuff from scratch. Like the real how-to:)

  • The problem with me is that I don’t know how to start the gym part of weight loss. I’ve got the food part down and know what to do but not the gym. I need a set routine to stick with and not just walk in there and do random stuff. I really need to see a plan in front of me layed out cause I don’t know how long I need to do the work out. How many times a week etc.

  • An amazing amazing video very basic to the old school feel…. keep up the fantastic work and just remember you inspire so many people to get healthy and happier it’s insane…. just remember to stay proud of all you have achieved in 2017 throughout 2018

  • Some really good tips! One of the things that I picked up from you and have been trying lately is wearing compression clothing for crossfit workouts or running to help with loose skin and being more comfortable, definitely a game changer, keep it up dude!!

  • Your channels are underrated. Thank you so much for uploading about fitness! I really want to start cause I’m a skinny ass kid:’)) ❤️

  • Actually needed this video. Lost 31 pounds so far and avoiding the weight section because of this. Even though I had done it before and knew what I was doing. And the gym intimidation scares me.

    If you catch this comment, I’m considering starting a channel about my weight loss. Any tips?

  • Do any ladies have any advice for men who talk down to women in the weight section? In 2015 I went to lift weights with my girl and all these big men called me sweetie and kept asking if I needed help. How do I escape that? I haven’t been to weight section since because of that even though I go to a new location. I don’t want anyone to think I can’t do something

  • John your newer videos are on point… and better than your filler, Gymtimidation is something that is easy to get over especially since smaller gyms are a community and people will give you small tips and tricks along the way as long as the people in the gym see you have the heart and that you are truly trying, and it always works better to have a friend with you but not always a necessity, also you need to tell the resolutioners to still have some respect and not hog up a bench rack with only 10s on each side. Not that anyone new doesn’t deserve to use the equipment just be mindful and respectful of everybody, and don’t clog the wrong machine like doing pulldowns in the cable cross, Tensions are always high during December and January when people show up and only stick around for 8 weeks, especially when people go to the gym at the opening to avoid the crowd.

  • I know it’s a long time from now to some, but I plan to get down to 175 to 165 by mid-August. I am 223.6 now. I want to pick up weight training as a college student when I transfer to a four year and live on campus. I’ll be a little bit away from my goal of 140 pounds, so I think it’s a good time to start.
    I am trying to do body weight excercises and cardio so far.
    And then in May or June, I want to add some free weights. During that time, I also want to learn to swim because the college I want to transfer to has a pool. I know swimming is good for workout the entire body and is good for the joints, but I never learned. No only is it a good workout, but it’s a good survival skill.
    I want a larger booty (it’s so small ��), flat stomach, and to lose weight. The typical things an overweight girl wants. ��
    I know this post was all over the place, but if anyone has tips or could share free resources I’d be happy.

  • Thanks for this. I’ve been working out and dieting recently and I’ve lost like 5 pounds in the last week but I’ve always been intimidated to go to the gym, this has helped a lot.

  • I’d recommend doing some home workouts daily for a week or two, get your self confidence up and then head on in there and mess shit up. Confidence is key.

  • Started this year and I’ve gone from the scared and weird fat kid to the f**king strong powerlifter… Can’t wait to see my first batch of new year resolutioners. Let’s see how long they last.

    Goodluck all those starting… Remember one day you will be curling someone else’s bench press. Stay strong.

  • I love the gym i go to now. One gym i went to before the atmosphere just was not right for me. Where i go now the staff and other patrons are very supportive.

  • hi i am 340 pounds and i am 15. i am not sure on what to do for home workouts can you give us some tips for what are the best to do love your videos to keep theme coming

  • really like ur personality
    btw do u still powerlift? Would be awesome to see some footage. Cheers

    edit: nvm I see ur IG posts where u mention youtube

  • Amazing advice! I got a trainer, luckily in the uk it’s around £180 per month. It’s made a massive difference and has helped me lose my first 50lbs. I’m beginning to upload videos of exercises I do with him, to help people like me who had no clue what to do!

  • I never felt intimidated at the gym, never had a problem going to the gym or in to the weight section until a couple of months ago. I was just doing my thing and a guy came up to me and he said: what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be running on the treadmill.
    After that day i’m intimidated to go back in to the weight section����

  • I have a fear of going to a gym at the moment. Im walking for exercise at the moment. I have ordered some bands and dumbbells so I can use to some exercise. Once I get to a healthier weight then ill join a gym

  • Hey man what’s your opinion in the Keto diet? I’ve heard it’s the best way to break a plateau but I was just looking for your guidance on the matter.

  • A few months ago there were 2 people at the gym who were waking fun of me and it hurt so much… I haven’t been to the gym since…

  • I went from having an LA Fitness gym membership I never used to now taking 500 fitness classes in a year and a half. My biggest breakthrough was finding fitness classes that I loved, which was Pure Barre. I love going there and knowing someone is having me do a work out they created and I don’t have to do any planning! Also, I TOTALLY agree with buying work out clothes you feel good in. I’ve invested in lululemon and athleta clothes and I feel very confident and motivated to work hard!

  • John, thank you for being a very wonderful YOU!!! I’m maintaining a 50 lb. weight loss with your help! I bought one of your shirts online and the material is unbelievably soft! I’m wearing it today! Thanks! You rule dude!!!

  • Happy Holidays! Wishing you a happy New Year! I really appreciate you and all you do! Down 39 lbs and hired a trainer for a year. Just need to motivate myself to go in my own more. You’re that motivation!

  • Etiquette, know it specifically for your gym before you go. Dropping/clapping weights, time limits on equipment, hell even being loud at one major gym is a no no. I felt way more comfortable knowing from the orientation because you could potentially embarrass yourself out of the gym if your shy like me.

  • this is a great vid. But where do I start when it comes to food? If I can change my habits and what I consume, I know things will improve a lot for me. I just have no clue where to start.

  • When I started working out at started at a crossfit box (gym) I had never worked out before they helped me a lot the monthly fee are higher at crossfit but is like you have a personal trainer all the time with you telling you how to do it when to do it for how long I learned a lot after crossfit I started going to a regular gym and is easier because I know what to do how to do it and it’s thanks to crossfit for someone like me that can’t afford to pay a personal trainer crossfit is a good place to start all the exercise are modified to each person level you learn to do the exercise with proper form and for the price of 3 sessions at a regular gym you get the whole month of a crossfit coach ☺☺

  • Honestly, I really like this channel and the way he talks is really inspiring. Its been 6 days of watching what i eat, avoiding sodas and going to the gym to do a very simple workout routine and I’m so excited to lose weight and transform myself!

  • John, you wonderful weight loss guru…. Maybe this is your next fitness calling  training videos for gym beginners. You have a large audience and you have such a great delivery. You should make a first time at the gym workouts/training series on your show.  Happy New Year!!

  • I work with a female pt who is a powerlifter who is training me to be one too…. she had an old pt at the gym we workout in go up to her and say that she shouldnt be teaching me as a female to flat back bench, as women shouldnt do that….. what an arse thats pushed me more now!

  • I really needed this video. Thanks bro. I fell off and gained 15 pounds back over the holiday months. I can’t wait to get back at it and start my weight loss up again, but this time actually start working out!

  • So happy for you and your whole on going journey, but jelouse at the same time I know we can all just DO IT but but I’m stuck in between (fuck it) & I need to do this for my family. But Thank you showing me, Us all it’s possible and it’s done naturally

  • okay, yes I am big and I am losing weight, but I have hypoglycemia how does one can work with it, as well lose weight while monitoring non-diabetic hypoglycemia

  • The first membership I got for the gym I paid 6 months in advance and only went twice, when I got there I was so intimidated by the slim women running on the treadmill makeup on and all. That was years ago, I got another membership this year and told myself I have as much right to be there and even more motivation, instead of going into the gym I went to the classes and after the first couple of weeks I had tried nearly every class and fell in love with them I also realised that the same people showed up to the classes and quickly realised they are just people like me. Everything you said in this video is so on point! If only I had seen something like this the first time. I have been going to the gym now for a full year now and feel amazing.

  • The gym i go to the trainers help you for free. The gym is about 12.50 a week.
    And when you get there if you want them to write you a program they will. And they go through it with you.
    They correct your technique after that if they see you doing it wrong. And after about a month they approach you and ask if you want a new program written up for you.

  • Honestly, I’d say about 99% of the people at the gym really don’t care about anyone else there or that they don’t know what they’re doing. There will be the occasional d-bag but most really aren’t judging you

    Edit: ok you go over this later in the video, I commented when the video started

  • Welcome new people looking to make a change in their life!!! We wish you the best & comment to hear out some support. Remember you’re not alone in the process! It’s Day 257 in my weight loss process.

  • Great tips bro! I know when I first started on my weight loss journey and hitting the gym I just kept it simple in the beginning and the more I went the more comfortable I got!

  • I wish i had a… listening to music is literally the best thing to do… half of the music that i listen to at the gym isnt even music that i would listen to on a daily basis but i love to have a beat and it gets me pumped up!!


  • A great app to make workouts is the fitbod app. I think it might be an Apple only app but it has been really helpful to start my weight loss journey.

  • So this is all about making something out of nothing and making fun of Planet Fitness “Gymtimidation.”Gym bro was paying me a compliment for deadlifting 7 sets of 3 with 475lbs