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If you’re wondering whether a certain behavior is okay at the gym, just use the golden ruleif it would bother you, odds are it would bother someone else. Just be respectful, be courteous of others, and kill your workout every time! For more health and wellness tips including workouts and recipes, subscribe to the Snap Fitness blog!This will show staff and gym members how respectful you are. Be nice.

This is an important rule of good manners and personal trainer etiquette that everybody should follow. Be considerate to other gym members, give them enough space to the side and front, and don’t block their view of the mirror. Top 5 Don’ts of Gym Etiquette 1. DON’T Be Too Loud. A little bit of noise is okay. If an individual is working hard, grunting, groans, and even self pep-talks are all very realistic.

However, when it’s excessive, it becomes a distraction for other gym members. Educate Members. Educate new members about etiquette. Provide them with a handout of the rules in their new-member packets, include the regulations in client contracts and point out the posted rules throughout the gym during orientation. Update your policies whenever new issues arise, and clearly communicate any new rules to members.

Monitor Members. Quick Tips for being a Gym Legend • Wear your gym shoes • Bring and use a gym towel for every workout • Bring and use your own membership card every visit. • Shirts that cover the midriff and shorts that cover your buttocks must be worn at all time • Be respectful and show courtesy to other users • Be respectful of the space and equipment. After all, your gym time should be your time to cut the cord for an hour or so, says Andrews. “There are times when making or taking a call is necessary, but it should not be standard operating procedure for you.” Of course, if you’re in the midst of. A good senior gym member will be the best person to introduce yourself to.

If he’s nice he’ll take you under his wing. He’ll tell you the rules of the gym, show you where the best equipment is, and share the most effective ways to get results. Be early.

When attending group classes, arrive 5-10 minutes early to find a space, lay down your water, yoga mat, etc. Don’t barge in two minutes late and expect the instructor to accommodate you; be courteous to those in the class by being on. Almost all gym etiquette comes down to being respectful and being aware that the gym is a facility used by many different people.

Below are listed some basic gym rules which individuals with a new gym membership should know. Wipe Down the Machines A good workout usually comes with a good amount of sweat. Respect Your Gym Equipment Gym equipment is poised for a fair amount of beating, but letting attachments snap back to their cable pulleys, dropping plates like a hot potato, and generally just.

List of related literature:

For gym goers, you receive guidance on weight training etiquette: Just because you’re wearing tight shorts, dripping with sweat, and stinking up the joint doesn’t mean that you can’t show some courtesy.

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Always treat the gym members as a preview of the gym leader.

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Ask about some free passes or a trial membership, and follow the tips in “Braving the Gym for the First Time.”

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And of course you should do your part toward keeping your gym neat and orderly, and insist that others do the same.

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Rule 2: Promote a competitive atmosphere at the gym.

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• Close supervision at all times is necessary for a problem-free gym.

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You will probably want to avoid potentially confrontational questions like “How come you didn’t make it to training last week?” or “We need to do something about your diet, so can you come in to be weighed every week please?”

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The best practice is to be honest, tactful, and to reassure the adolescent that you are doing everything within your training to help in this situation.

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Always ask for help at the gym.

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In a physical session the trainer should greet people as they arrive and chat with them.

“The Art and Science of Training” by Elaine Biech
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  • Not to bragged.. But I have each and everyone of this qualities you just mentioned.. And I encourage people to follow this standards!

  • The music on the phone is not bad I bring a speaker cause my head phones broke but it dont bother nobody everyone wearing head phones an I have it on a volume that dont bother no one lol I dont want no one checking me out I mind my business if there’s a problem with my speaker then the person can buy me some head phones I’m being respectful dont come winning to me about my music lol but what I do hate it people whole leave weights an garbage on the damn floor

  • Great point Terry that why in my own GYM NO ONE CAN USE THERE CELL PHONE IN THE GYM WEN THEY FINISH THE TAKE THERE THINGS OUT OF THE LOCKERS. IN the gym have it music so no headphone in the gym point blank. You come to train not to chitchat

  • I work in a gym and see these things happen daily lol �� the only one I’m guilty of is phone in the gym but bro I’m filming for my YouTube channel plz let me off ����

  • Sorry….I won’t use the squat rack for straight bar curls anymore. The cell phone thing and leaving towels on equipment is very bothersome.

  • Pick up advice… Neeeever, eeeever… Eeeeeeeever giva advice to a women in the gym….. Neeeever…. But I have found that if you ask advice she may respond less violently and even make a conversation…

  • oh and another oneit’d be nice if dudes kept their shirts on, no matter how “ripped” you think you are, or how hot it gets on the basketball court. lol

  • Don’t listen to this guy. Drop the weights if you need to. I’d rather damage the equipment than damage my body. Plus most gyms have rubber weights and rubber floors. Dropping them really isn’t a big deal. Also, you’ll come off as a huge douche if you just go up to people and try to spot them/help them with their form without them asking. Just mind your own business.

  • I also saw a guy sit himself in the leg press as his mate put on some extra heavy weights, then he took a photo of of him, then removed the weights and the guy got out of the leg press!

    Don’t believe what you see on IG because I witnessed the behind the scenes of this photo moment ��


    RULE #7: Don’t stare with your fugly looks and growls because you are inferior and jealous.

  • If someone ask to spot them and you got time please do. No one want to not max out because of fear. For me, I know it’s unsafe but dang it I will get my workout in (even tho the bar did land on chest a couple of time)

  • “Never makes fun of”….thank you! You have no idea how self-conscious I was when I started working out. We all started somewhere!

  • Speaking of being naked in the dressing room, when I was on a swim team, after my practices they had a water dancing type of class for senior citizens. When I would go back to the locker room after my practices, these old women would just stand and walk around butt naked. Some would even hold a folded towel but never wrap it around themselves. And there were a ton of changing stalls in the locker room too! My 9 year old self was traumatized, lol.

  • I love it when a person can see I’m doing supersets and continue with very to little recovery time in between, they have lots of options to do the same exercise but choose to confiscate my machine, change the attachment, change the weight then do one pathetic set for 6 reps. And leave it as they set it. I have no issues with people wanting to work-in with me, but only if they have the courtesy to ask and change the settings back to the way I had them. Forward swings with a kettlebell far from a high traffic area and having people walk too close in front of you, so much so you have to stop to keep from hitting them.

  • After hearing this I feel I need to apologize for the male sex. I am shocked and appalled that men would talk to ladies as she described in this video.

  • I agree to all but ONE: I have to express my emotions at least on the last 3 reps.. grunting loudly is the only way I can let out all that bottled power:) btw @ my gym the music is so loud that no one gives a S#!^ about your yelling Ovo

  • Wow….. if some of you have issues with a fellow gym member asking if they can work in, asking how many sets you have left, trouble with a little (but not excessive ) grunting, or simply trouble with older people working out around you….. maybe you ought to focus more on your workout, or train at home.

  • i dont know if this is a thing but a friend of mine who works in a gym said they had this one chick who would come in everyday and when she would do her thing she would be constantly giggling. they could hear here almost everywhere. i think she was listening to a podcast or stand up or something. but yeah like it was apparently full on high pitched giggling for almost an hour while she was there is what she said.��

  • I’m a bodybuilder. I’m at a much higher level of muscular development than your average person you’d see in a gym and I have to train with a high degree of intensity to keep it all going.  I don’t have a training partner, I don’t like people working in with me, I don’t like people talking to me when I’m training period. (after is fine though) Fortunately this is quite clear to most lookers on so no one bothers me when I’m “in the zone” or what I think of as “releasing the Kraken.” Stripping weights, cleaning your sweat up, not using free weights like a Frisbee, dropping barbells on dead lifts and so on is just common courtesy you’d think everyone should have learned by the 3rd grade but I go to a commercial gym with lots of different people and that just ain’t the case.

  • Hey, I wanted to ask if you have any tips for me against Hair Loss. Because I am loosing a Lot Of hair in The shower, when I Style my hair and also when I go with my hand through my hair. By The way I am 16 years old.

    Thanks in Advance:)

  • I feel like Alpha M should start doing these tips to kids in the kindergarten. Imagine how awesome the next generation of men will be.

  • What about the people that walk around recording “gym fails” instead of just doing their own exercise and ignoring the other people?

  • Why would overhead press (military press) kill my lower back? Even light weight hurts. (Anything over 100 lbs) Even tried using the overhead press on the weight machine while setting and it’s still bad.
    I started noticing it in high school but it was more of an inconvenience but in college the inconvenience turned into pain. Now in my 30s it’s f% #king terrible. No pain any other time tho, only when doing OP.
    So far all I know to do is more reps of light weight when doing OP.

  • Doing an overhead press with legs side by side can be really bad for your back, if it starts to hurt try putting one foot slightly forward, and the other slightly backward and see if that makes a difference.

  • Me: only one on cardio section
    College guy comes in, gotta be next to me. Checks me out.
    Me thinks: he clearly did not see my face. I’m old AF. Oh yeah, wearing leggings.

  • I cant stand those idiots who play thier music out loud without headphones. Reminds me of those idiots who drive around with their car windows down so everyone can hear thier music and see how “cool” they are. Its always particular type of music to like some kind of gangster type music or some shit.

  • I did notice you left out one guy..yeah..he’s the guy thats actually pushing reps with massive weights and looks like he belongs in a gym…..pusswads..but I guess the half assers need a place too…tinkerbell.

  • had a buy blasting his phone on speaker leaving it under the incline bench today + so loud even my headphones at full blast it was bleeding through. DON’T BE THAT GUY!

  • Funny story…I had a bench under the smith machine and was doing chest presses. I got muscle failure on last set and could NOT for the life of me bring the bar back up and flip the pin to connect. Embarrassing!!!!! I finally with every ounce of my strength(3 mins gone by) got the weight up and pin flipped. ����

  • Ive been in the gym and have had to take an important but quick call, it happens. As far as I’m concerned I got 1.5 minutes of rest time left.. ill talk quietly.

  • I am a personal trainer and I had this guy coming three times to asks questions while and DURING!!!! my leg press, in a middle of a heavy set!!!! I swear that was the last time, respect please…

  • Once there was a couple who took up the only two machines of that type and didn’t even work out. They sat there watching the news. The oldest they looked were 40s so I doubt they just forgot where they were.

  • People not putting plates away have always fascinated. The idea that someone workouts on a daily basis, yet can’t be bothered to put the weights back… I mean you literally came here to work, it’s free work.

  • Cosmic ur vid popped up! Within 15min of packin up, morning crowd came in. We had psychzo, talk 2emself SCREAMER(!!!) guy, followed by Patchouli wearin fknut (THE WORST!), & last was the “tuff guy” who bangs in the bthrm door like SWAT almost breakin ur hand, walkin by like u wont actually kick his knees in from behind! Overall, I BLAME THE GYM 100%! KICK EM OUT!

  • The Dumbasses slamming the cable stacks and the 45-75lb Dumb bells at my gym REALLY piss me off. its annoying as fuck and it needs to stop lol. Tryima be hard at the gym went out with the 80s and it aint coming back.

  • I pay 75 € for my gym to avoid the awkward staring and pumped up matchos. I love my gym and there are a lot of rich elderly people.

  • My pet peeve is there is one guy at the gym who sits on the benches for long periods at a time. When anyone asks him if they can use the machine he says “I was just about to use it”. Some people have called him on it and he just argues.

  • I don’t know why this needs to be said…. But please, PLEASE understand why it’s not cool to wipe the rest of a piece of equipment, I.e: handles and headrest, after you wipethe ass of it…. Ball/ass sweat area LAST

  • In the locker room at a gym a lady had her 5 year old son with her and he was just running all over the place naked. I never wanted to go in the locker room again

  • I would suggest if any elderly are working away and suddenly trying to get off the machine but having difficulty, do not be afraid to offer a hand or any assistance even get one of the gym assistance to help you if needed

  • Spot on there are so many Douchebags and they all come out at january with the retarded training systems.Just stay watching the Xfactor please and stay out the Gym.

  • I have to disagree with the phone. I listen to my music through the phone when I workout. Also, with my job I am on call. So, a client can interrupt my workout at anytime. If money calls, I’m leaving the gym.

  • I was scared to go to a gym for the longest time because I was a child at my mom’s gym, and this naked woman kept walking around not getting dressed. Scarred me for a long time:)

  • Some of these I understand, but it’s a gym and I understand if people drop weights or set them down roughly, only if they are working hard though

  • When you curl in the squat rack, you need to curl heavy enough that nobody will fuck with you when you do it.

    Advice from a veteran.

  • I did the walk up to a girl and “interrupted” her workout thing. But it was for a good reason. It was in a busy gum. She was on the shoulder press and i walked up to her, waved… she gave me that look… I waved again, she stopped, gave me a “GO TO HELL LOOK” and started up again. So I did the remove your damn headphones gesture, and when she did, with total spite in her eyes, I told her she had toilet paper trailing on her shoe. To which she replied, “Why didn’t you just grab it for me?”… Then i gave her the GO TO HELL LOOK.

  • I dunno if this is just a me thing, but if the gym is empty enough then the polite one treadmill gap is something I really appreciate

  • I hate when people try to use more than one machine at once…. like stay on one machine and keep your cramp over there instead of putting it on two other machines and acting like they suppose to be yours… you’re hogging machines they could use