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Groin pain exercises

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Top 3 Stretches for a Pulled Groin

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How to Prevent a Groin (inner thigh) Strain

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Adductor Longus Strain Video

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5 Minutes To Change Your Pain Inner Thigh (Groin) Stretch

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How to do a Groin Stretch

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7 Groin Strain Stretches & Exercises Ask Doctor Jo

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Here are a few of the best inner thigh stretches to prevent injuries. Standing Inner Thigh – This move increases your lateral mobility. Seated Hip – This is an excellent move to help maintain hip mobility.

Windshield Wipers – A move for the torso, inner, and outer. This simple stretch, sometimes called the butterfly stretch, stretches the groin and inner thigh. Here’s how to do it correctly. Get into a seated position.

Bend your knees and bring the soles of the feet together. Gate stretches. Stand on your left leg while you lift your right leg up. Raise your right knee to hip level, turn it out and open away from your body.

You will feel the stretch in your groin. Using trunk rotation (your chest, abdomen, and back), this stretch will target the hip flexor and groin muscles to ease groin pain. How to do it: Start in a half kneeling position.

You are aiming. To prevent groin strains, take care when exercising or doing any strenuous activities. This is especially important if you’ve already had a groin strain or have muscle weakness in this area. This simple dynamic stretch involves standing in one spot while you swing your legs as part of a warm-up. It targets your inner thighs, hips, and glutes.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Stretching the inner thighs and groin by holding the stretch reduces nerve stimulation to the region that can contribute to tightness and sensitivity. You can also stretch the area by moving your hip joints toward and away from the center of your body repeatedly. The best way to prevent groin strain is to avoid using the adductor muscle without proper training and preparation.

Especially if you play a sport that’s likely to cause groin strain, regularly. Lean away from your affected side to feel a stretch into your inner thigh/groin region. Hold this stretch for 15-20 seconds and repeat 3-5 times. Quadriceps Stretch – Standing. Bend the knee of your affected leg and use your hand to pull your foot up behind you so that you feel the stretch at the front of your thigh. Join Airrosti’s Dr.

Travis Owens to learn some simple exercises to relieve and prevent pain on the inside of the thigh brought on by a Groin Pull or Adductor.

List of related literature:

In athletes who perform many barbell squats and sit-and-reach exercises but neglect to strengthen the abdomen and stretch the hip flexors, the hamstrings are often flexible while the abdominal muscles are weak and the hip flexors are tight.

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This Vinyasa creates a thorough stretch for the groin muscles, the adductors, while simultaneously seeking to strengthen their antagonists the abductors, located at the deep outer sides of the hip.

“Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy” by Mukunda Stiles
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This technique not only targets the hip adductor muscles but acts as an effective stretch for the lower-back muscles as well.

“Stretching Anatomy” by Arnold G. Nelson, Jouko Kokkonen
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This action is necessary to counteract the opposite tendency (lateral rotation of the thigh), which avoids stretching and lengthening the adductor muscles of the inner thigh.

“Ashtanga Yoga: Practice and Philosophy” by Gregor Maehle
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Treatment to improve lower crossed syndrome includes strengthening the weak muscles (deep abdominals, gluteus maximus and medius) and stretching the hip flexors.

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During the dynamic warmup the athlete is to move through a side lunge from right to left then step through and repeat for groin/adductor stretch meant to mimic cutting and change of direction.The athlete should maintain erect posture, avoiding trunk flexion, and maintain knee in line with foot.

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To release tension in these structures, try rolling balls on the outside of the thigh as outlined in Conditioning for Dance (Franklin 2004).

“Dance Imagery for Technique and Performance, Second Edition” by Eric N. Franklin
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• In step 1, contract the abdominals to create a slight posterior pelvic tilt and prevent the lower back from arching as the hip flexors contract to help support the legs, especially as the knee extensors straighten the legs.

“Pilates Anatomy” by Rael Isacowitz, Karen S. Clippinger
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■ Techniques that focus on muscles that cross the joint (e.g. hypertonic hip adductors associated with medial collateral ligament sprain, hypertonic hamstring muscles associated with anterior cruciate ligament sprain).

“Textbook of Remedial Massage” by Sandra Grace, Jane Graves
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Gently apply pressure to your right knee with your hands in a direction that is down and away from your right shoulder (see Figure 4­21) until you feel alight, comfortable stretch in the outer portion of your right hip and/or in the groin.

“Golf For Dummies” by Gary McCord, Alicia Harney, Alice Cooper
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  • Thanks doctor Jo. I work as a chef and routinely spend 10 hours on my feet on hard floors. I am currently wearing pro crocs but intuitively know they are not providing adequate support. Any suggestions on good non slip shoes? Maybe I need to drag out the floor mats also. Yesterday I got a groin strain but have no idea what caused it other than 35k steps��

  • After doing the 2nd exercise that is keeping right thigh straight and left thigh bending towards left is giving me pain at left inguinal canal area… It’s like some one has put an injection over that place…
    Should I continue doing exercises
    Please do Respond

  • Hi i found your vid from a comment on a thread somewhere, I skateboard and keep hurting my hip flexor.. Ive worked out i need to become more flexible to be able to kick behind me (towards 7 o’clock) with my weak foot. I need my groin and inner thigh muscles to become loose. I currently cant even sit with my legs crossed on the floor but I never could anyway ha. So I’m hoping your video will help me out, I’m going to do this stretch 3 times a day from now on, will give you a update later down the line. Many thanks

  • Subscribed I strain in June and still messed up. I tried to walk it out wait it out finally getting an appointment with orthopedic dr

  • hey I recently think I may have either pulled or tore my groin. so I was at soccer practice two days ago and I stretched for like 5 minutes before I played. I did mostly hamstring stretches because I always seem to hurt my hamstrings. I just recovered from a hamstring strain. and that practice I had 0 problems. after practice I stretched too. But the next morning it hurt a little. and then the pain stayed the same through out the day. But now this morning I see a small bruise kind of by my crouch like the inner thigh and my groin hurts pretty badly. I mean I can still walk on it but it hurts when I run or kick or stretch my legs. How long is the recovery time, and is it a tear or strain or pull? Please reply ASAP

  • Yesterday I did a leg workout and today I’m feeling my adductors super sore and I didn’t even did any adductor exercise. I just did box jumps, explosive squats, sprints, squats, single leg glute bridges, band laying leg curls and calf raises. What am I doing wrong?

  • If you have Circulatory issues? Then don’t worry here is the perfect solution for you [Check Details Here=> Think of the hips as a barometer. The health and flexibility of your hip muscles are an indicator of the strength and health of our whole body.

  • Doctor, I have pain in my groin but I still want to ride my bicycle. Should I take a rest first or keep cycling slowly? thank you

  • I have right adductor longus insertion tear injury for 8 months, I got cortison shot in the area of injury but not help me well. I’M really confused about it, can you please guide me with proper solution.


  • Hi Dr. Jo. I’m having a groin muscle tear and was told to rest for a month by my doc. Having anti inflammatory tabs since 2 weeks. Can I perform these exercises now or after I’m healed?

  • Just came upon your site, in that I’m thinking of changing out my Motorhome batteries as well. I’ve got 4 golf cart 6V batteries, thinking of going with AGM this time. Wondering if I should add two more ( ) as I have a residential fridge that tends to pull out many Ah’s from my system. I’m new to this lifestyle, so a ton to learn…nothing for wifi or cell boosting yet, so as I say, lots to learn.

  • I do a band side walk/shuffle like you find in a gym class as a workout for golf. I now have a recurring groin strain three weeks ago I was in serious pain in the groin area. Is the band workout causing the groin strain?

  • also it’s not clear which leg is supposedly pulled here? for example, i have strained my groin on the left… do i kneel on the left or right?

  • Sometimes it’s not an Adductor issue, it’s a Hernia!! Like she said at the beginning, it’s best to consult your primary care or a PhysioTherapist. Nothing worse than trying to fix a problem you thought you had, only to find out that wasnt the problem. Great video!

  • I pulled my groin like 6 months ago, on my karate training, I was resting for a month and came back to traning but my groin hurt. It hurts even now when I stretch my leg. What should I do?

  • Groin was sore after running 10K today, these stretches really worked…So I will add them to my pre and post stretch routine, using the suggested times for pre and post run stretching and see how it goes. Thanks for your advice:)

  • Thx so much! This helped me instantly…..aaahhhh my mom is a pt and this vid is the next best thing 😉 helps to follow along and see it

  • Even haters will hate something that’s great. Who are those 83 miserable people. I Loved it. Thanks for the tips. Been doing P90X and my heisman move and lifting my leg has cause the groin stretch. I took notes and action… and am ready to heal.

  • 10 years ago I really hurt my groin doing a sit-up without breathing correctly. I was in incredible pain for at least a week. Just getting up from laying on the couch to go to the bathroom was awful groin pain. Fast forward 10 years and I pulled it again 2 weeks ago. But, only 10-20% of what it felt like back then.

    I’ve rested for 2 weeks and today I’m starting stretching and doing the side hip adductor lifts 10rep 2sets a few times a day.

    Thanks a lot for this!! Groin injuries are not fun.

  • Not sure what I’ve done to my groin it hurts around the start of the abductor Longus and pectineus..hurts to left knee up when standing or if I’m laying on my back lifting my leg up straight..

  • I recently had the groin pull and I started the stretches today. But now I can feel some pain while walking and getting up from the bed which I didn’t have earlier. So is this pain good or should I reduce the intensity of the exercises?

  • Because we have gotten so many requests for exercises to do about groin/ hip pain, we resorted to creating a very affordable 4-week guide.
    What should you do if this test worked for you? You should get this guide and see what else we know.…Or you can come see us in Huntington Beach CA. Either way is fine with us!

  • hi, been havin groin pain for awhile now. Tried ur steps in dis vid n felt immediate relief. Awesome, sir!.keep up d great work…������

  • I know this vid is a little old, but I just found it after sustaining a groin strain last night in my 1st of 2 soccer games. could barely play in the 2nd one and barely walk this morning. Just tried this stretch and it made a HUGE improvement right off the bat! Thanks so much!

  • I can’t even get to the point where I can stretch it out because my leg just starts shaking and the pain in insane. Joins of getting older haha

  • I recently started easing myself back into the splits, I almost got there but one day I went down and I kind of slipped and went into full split and heard popping, was a little painful but not to the point I couldn’t walk or carry on at cheer practice. My question is maybe what happen, I stopped stretching out of fear and my flexibility has gotten worse since

  • Ive had groin pain for close to 5 months and no matter what I try it wont go away. I try resting for weeks i try to make sure i stretch and warmup extra before my games but nothing is working. Im going to try these I really hope this helps.

  • I did a leg work out that has been giving me pain along my groin, for a few days now. These stretches actually eased the pain and genuinely have helped. Thanks!

  • I have a tricky lower back. It’s been popping during tennis which usually results in a very stiff getting-out-of-bed experience the next day. The last time it happened, my inner thigh throbbed the next day and I have pain around my knee. Sitting irritates my leg the most. Does this sound like a groin pull to you?

  • Hi Dr. Jo, I pulled my groin from hitting too many golf balls. It hurts too bad to play so I’m going to lay off it until it feels better. What’s the best way to get it to heal fast? How long does It usually take to heal? Should I do an ice bath, and if yes for how long?

    Once I heal, I plan on using these stretches prior to practicing and playing to help prevent a future pull / strain.

  • Quick question: is it okay to do these exercises right away? When stretching on my own yesterday before finding this video, it felt good, but the groin soreness increased later. Is there a guideline about how long to rest after a mild strain (I believe grade 1-2) before beginning these? Thank you for your time & excellent videos, they’ve helped me so much in the past!

  • Thank you. Looked at other stretch and strengthen exercises, while they look great, were waaaay too advanced for me based on my pain level. These exercises are a perfect starting and moving up point!

  • I was squatting and went to far down and my physical education teacher said that I was because I went to far down, do you think these will help she it the pain where I pointed to was in my groin.

  • hi there,i am a squash player(5 sessions wkly) and am finding that i am very lightly pulling my groin on court on a regular basis including when i swim brest stroke, its the big kick action that causes slight pain for about 1 day but its happening alot now.please advise what to do and when or should i just go through it.
    ivano dimarco

  • Hi, what doctor should i visit in regards to a possible pulled groin? Originally thought it was my hip flexor but now the pain seems isolated to the groin, i also feel lower back pain. I overused the muscle running and weight training. Went to two different physical therapist (they only used e stim and massaged my back which did not help) and a chiropractor (he said it was a tilted hip/pelvis) but the pain hasn’t subsided. It’s been three weeks and I’m still limping.Tried your stretches but want to make sure I’m not aggravating it, thanks in advance for your response!

  • Okay so I suffered a pretty bad strain a while ago, and I’ve been icing and compressing it for a few days, can I start with these exercises now? Could somebody answer this for me please??

  • I had right side inguinal hernia surgery 10 years ago. And now, there is chronic discomfort in my right groin. These exercises suggested?

  • The worst pain I have ever felt was in my inner left thigh about half way down. I tried every position to try to get some relief. The one you showed was the one that made the pain begin to subside. Now when it happens I drop to the floor immediately and get in stretch position. Great video. Many thanks!

  • Hello Melissa. Thank you so much for this video I was having this very painful groin cramps in my left thigh in the mornings when I get up. The pain is excruciating. I tried your stretch and it helps a lot. Thank you very much I like your video and your explanations are very clear and thorough. Too bad I came to your YouTube channel a little late. I wish you would continue to make more YouTube videos. Thank you again and all the best.

  • Thank you for your advice, I’m 47 an my pelvic area inner thighs hurt terribly. I’ve started today stretching, I am hoping that the stretches will help.. thank you for making video

  • I’ve had groin problems for around 4 years now (I’m 14 years old) and I’ve been to see a physio and the problem won’t go away. It’s whenever I put my leg in an awkward position it makes a sharp pain in my groin and I don’t know what to do it feels like the pain will never go away

  • I have a question for you doctor?
    I have a pain and buring sensation just on the side of my testicles(left side) there is a warm sensation and my whole leg is having a little numb sensation
    What might it be doctor???

  • I pulled my groin playing football last year and mostly played through it and gave it about 10 months and felt no pain but just pulled it again a few days ago and it’s not excruciating pain it’s just uncomfortable but I don’t want to return too soon and injure it. What should I do?

  • That is the worst list of bullshit, non-scientiffic rehabadvice for an adductor tear. Just deaload->reload it and address weaknesses in pelvic, core and hip musculature.

  • i cant even get my doctor to refer to specialists let alone give me steroid shots… fucked….been in pain for years now and its only getting worse…

  • Thanks for posting this, I have a groin strain that simply hasn’t healed with rest
    One question: on the third exercise (which I’m hesitant to call the ball squeeze… ;-P ) you state the knees should be shoulder width apart (is that starting position?) but how far apart should feet be: together or inline with knees / shoulders? Thanks

  • How many times do you do it? I’m having inner thigh groin pain that keeps me from walking normally and sometimes there’s shooting pain when I can barely walk at all. It’s been intermittent but has now gone on for days and my lower back is hurting. I’ll try to see a doctor but I’m looking for some immediate relief so I can walk. It’s painful just to pull my left leg into the car. Thanks.

  • I’ve had severe groin pain for over a year now, I’ve tried some exercises but I haven’t been consistent through it.
    I’ll take this more seriously now, thanks Doc Jo

  • I’m 38 and always been fit. No problems, no broken bones. All a sudden, My groin hurts any time I do push ups now or walk on a steep incline. No bulge, left side of testicles. Even sex with my girl in top feels really awkward sometimes. This has been going on for a year. Like I said no bulge. One doc said oh, a hernia. 2 more said no. This is very aggervating

  • any advice on a pulled groin recovery….I play guard on offensive line (American football) ans it’s been killing for a few months.

  • I have inner thigh pain and rested for 3 weeks. I was only doing ab exercises and started feeling inner thigh pain. I started very mild exercises after 3 weeks because the pain had almost gone. But now it has started again. What should I do?

  • Water on tiles in shop. Slipped so bad lost conciousness for a few seconds. Slipped with right foot which is the painful side. 12mths today and still major pain. Not sure what happened exactly to leg when I fell.

  • what is the difference between the three stretches?can you please tell me which adductor do we stretch in every different stretch?

  • Hi Doctor Jo. I’m doing the exercise where I roll my leg out and then lift it back up however sometimes during this exercise it feels sore and tender. After the exercise it can feel tender too. Is that normal? Should I stop doing the exercise or keep going with the exercise daily?

  • I just recently started workout out again and I pulled my muscle on my inner thigh and I didn’t notice until 2 days later I just thought I was sore but it pops everytime I try to get back up so it’s feeling more uncomfortable the more I start walking more what do I do

  • i pulled my groin and it hurts so much that i am laughing in my bed..i cant sleep and barely move. i will try this. damn this shit hurts.

  • Thanks for sharing your excellent advice for a pulled groin. I have been trying desperately to strengthen my muscles that are,athropede because of spinal injuries and R/A. But I overdid my exercises for my sciatica I got from exercising. And now I am icing it down and taking an anti-inflammatory. I feel like I am way too young to fall apart and want desperately to be able to get better so I can return to work one day. Being on disability benefits alone is very hard and I want to have a life again. I used to be so highly active in swimming, water skiing, hiking, mt climbing etc, and rheumatoid arthritis and spinal injuries have kicked my butt. I thank you for your time to make these great videos. I hate running to the Dr. For every thing. If it gets worse, after icing it down and your exercises. Then I will have no option. Very swollen groin muscle. Have a great day today and always and keep the great work of your YouTube channel.

  • Ran Wed. morning.  Felt a slight twinge in the R groin.  Slowed down and ran for another 40 minutes.  No pain.  Thurs. all day at work felt sharp, annoying pain. Pain scale 3/10.  Thurs. night had a lot of difficulty changing positions while sleeping.  Even hard to get on to the bed. Pain still sharp. Pain scale 5/10.  Fri. at work pain is still sharp, radiates a few inches towards inner thigh and a few inches toward appendix.  Had to do on and off toe-touch wt. bearing throughout the day.  Fri. night was too painful to change any positions in bed. Woke up Sat. and could barely walk.  Pain scale 7/10.  Was able to straighten my posture the longer I was up and moving, but after even brief sitting, the pain and bent posture returned.  I’m never pain free.  Tried ice, bio-freeze and 800 ibuprofen with fair results.  Need to get back to training big charity race this fall, but I can’t even walk normally, esp. upon rising. Plz help.

  • I teared my groin both sides of my nuts hurt my nut when I would start walking
    its healed now. But every so often I feel it when I walk. Did that last year. Still effecting me would these be ok to do

  • I don’t know if this is a groin strain, but I’m a dancer and we do splits then there this time I got adrenaline rush during performance, everytime I get a rest for a day without stretching then the next day it’ll be the same pain again:(( pls help

  • ProМusclе Fit will nаturаllу booоost уоur tеstоstеronе levеls, еnаbling yоu to build morе musсle, FASТER…

  • Hi Dr Jo! I’m a subscriber who’s super happy to have found your channel, because every video I’ve tried by you WORKS! I’m currently doing the pinched nerve in the neck series, and the ulnar nerve series, and those have really sped up my healing and given me so much relief! I’m so thankful for you and for your channel <3
    My question today is, I feel some pain that comes from some area in my hip, especially where the leg joins the crotch area, and then it extends into the middle of my belly on the left side and goes up to my waist (the true waist, I mean, where high-waisted jeans hit). I suspect it might be a strain, an inflamed nerve or something similar, because I’ve had a very similar pain on my right side, did a CT scan and other tests and nothing was found. This pain flares up especially if I’ve been sitting too long (about 1 hour). I feel relief if I sit with my left leg in the “butterfly” position you showed in this video, but then my back has to be super hunched, which I’m not happy about. Also, I have some knee stuff, especially the left knee, so if I just bend my leg like in the butterfly position for too long, it also hurts.
    What’s especially annoying about this pain is that, unless my legs are really spread open when I sit, it flares up and bothers me. I meditate while sitting, so that pain makes it hard to sit in the same position for a long time, which is what I want when I practice meditation.
    So, finally, my question is: I know you cannot diagnose me or even guess what I have, but could I ask if you think these exercises in this video might offer me some relief, or is there another series on your channel that you would recommend for me? The pain is an annoying dull discomfort in the hip area, but it gets more pronounced when it comes up in the belly area.

  • I was dancing yesterday and the next morning when I woke up I realized I pulled my groin on both legs. It’s been hurting all day and it really hurts if I walk, go down stairs and when I bend down. What should I do?

  • great info. i’ve had two groin strains in the last month. although i do foam rolling and static stretching, i’ll add some dynamic stretching and direct adductor training as well to strengthen the groin muscles..

  • I recently got an injury in my groin and also feel the pain in my lower abdomen, I was doing wear house work and now I’m doing light work.. I hit the clinic and the doctor said it’s not a hernia luckily for me, but I still feel the pinch so what can I do or do you think those are symptoms of a hernia? Because it has been about a month and the pinch is still there..

  • My groin pain is on my right side. What if it’s hard to even do the stretches because it produces pain in my lower right side back? Lately, My lower right side back and right side groin pains, makes it almost impossible to walk.

  • I thought you were supposed to rest?
    But anyways, is it safe to do this about 4 days right after I pulled it? I pulled my groin from overstretching my groin(I was aiming for leg flexibility) I think. So is it a good a idea to do this or should I wait until the pain gets a little better?

  • i fully dont understand how there are even dislikes on a video that people have looked up on youtube to help a pulled groin injury…. just saying…thanks for the vid:)

  • Playing hockey today I pulled my left groin and then pulled my right groin 15 mins later. Feels like a grade 1 injury so I will rest the legs today and do these exercises tomorrow.

  • It has been 2 & a half years. It happened during my university tournament, still I continued playing Football. It has reduced but still I feel an uncomfortable pain every time I shoot the ball with power, or when I make an effort for a long pass. Any medicines that can help me? Or any other suggestions?

  • Hi! I had the groin strain due to lifting heavy objects. It’s been 2 years since that happened. My groin strain diminshes but when I start physical activities like cardio, dancing n stuff that that, it reappears causing slight discomfort. Will the stretching help? Kindly reply.

  • Ok so I’m doing the leg tuck stretch and do I continue to push as the pain comes or just hold it for a small period of time then repeat

  • Hi doctor I have severe pain in neck from c2 to c7 and in back L4 and L5. I have also groin pain. I have occasionally have numbness and tingling. If I follow your groin exercise will that help other parts too. Give me advice please.

  • Dr. Jo, I had pulled my left groin muscle in march 2018. I went to the hospital and it took some time to recover and then I was fine. And I can still do exercises with ease. But the problem comes only when I am in a straddle stretch and middle split. It feels so uncomfortable in the left inner thigh, as if I am putting too much strain on it. It feels tight when I am stretching my left side (special focus on stretching the inner thigh muscles). But I don’t feel the pain afterwards. So, I don’t know what to do. Should I stretch or not? It feels as if my left groin muscle is stopping me to move any further in my stretches.

    But when I do other stretches, like downward dog, etc, where I am only focusing on the hamstring, it doesn’t feel weird at all and I can stretch with quite ease.

    Can you please help me?
    Thank you.xx♥

  • I am 65 and was very athletic a long time ago. Now down the road I have groin pain so bad that at times I can’t move. I am now doing chair yoga and learning some very good groin stretches. Hopefully it will all help me.

  • I have a groin injury, that is affect through my abdominal muscles, when I cough or sneeze my inner tendon hurts; do you know how much time do I need to recover. I had this injury playing football.

  • Hi I am a regular tennis playerpushing/rotating off back foot for forehands. I have had a pulled groin for a couple of weeks. I can honestly say that within 2 stretch sequences, I’m cured. Fantastic. Thank you.

  • Thank you for this video I just had a basketball game and my groin was really bothering me I did these stretches and it helped me a lot

  • I’m dealing with that I’m pretty certain is a groin strain.  I’m a runner and I started having pain in my left groin about 2 weeks ago after doing a 5 or 6-mile run.  The pain never really completely went away.  I took a little over a week off from running to let it heal and I did a 5-mile run on the treadmill yesterday and now the pain is back in full force.  My regular stretches don’t seem to be helping it, so I’m going to give this a try.  I really need to get rid of this since I’m training for my first marathon in a few months!

  • Wow, now this is PT on the web. Thank you for not wasting peoples time with some long useless intro. Im going to try this stretch and hope for the best, thanks!!

  • My groin has been hurting for an mouth The doctor said that I strained my groin.I did after pushing carts for 8 hours then I run 5.5 miles.Thank you for doing this vadioe it will help Thank you aging.

  • Im a wrestler and i pulled my groin today was wondering how long would it take to heal? I hurt my groin not wrestling but stretching (probablywrong) well yeah just wondering what else i can do because i can barely walk it hurts that much

  • I fell down by hitting my right back strongly….i was having a deep pain in the groin…cant even walk for that day….i didnt consulted any doctor…used pain killing sprays…..the next day i got relief and can walk……but having pain when lifting the leg… continues…i cant play….can u help me through anything???

  • thanks! i subbed my right groin area was hurting anytime i would walk or pull it up to lay or sit. The ball one is what helped me the most, you help people in more ways then one. Thank you so much

  • I pulled my groin in soccer and it was pulled for three months and I pulled it again about a month ago and it still hurts and than a week ago I pulled my other and they both hurt what do I do

  • Thanks for sharing! But I have a question that why is it better to rest one knee on the floor than have both knees off the floor? Appreciate!

  • I recently damaged my Sciatic nerve and had severe Glutial damage for months due to this. Its finally healed, but now Ive pulled my “V-Muscle”. The doctor claims this is due to muscle loss from the previous injury. What can I do to get this new injury fixed please?